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Matt and Pidge headcanons

  • Pidge was born premature and actually had throat issues the first few years of her life which led her to eating more soft foods for a longer time, thus her obsession with peanut butter
  • Speaking of her peanut butter cravings Matt used to share her love for the damn food until he ate so much nutella he barfed all over the kitchen counter
  • Now he can’t even look at a jar of peanut butter or nutella the same way without shuddering
  • Matt actually hates seeing Pidge cry, it is the worst thing for him and he feels like a monster every time he sees her in tears. It’s one of his biggest weaknesses
  • Despite both of them terrorizing each other their relationship is extremely close, and it consists of the basis ‘Yeah I can tease you but if anybody else does they’re fucking dead’
  • Their dog is actually a rescue pup!! They found her when she was a year old on the street and fell in love with her instantly
  • Matt talked so fucking much about Shiro back at the house that Pidge would start teasing him endlessly about it
  • “Matt and Shiro sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G-”
  • Holding back the temptation to stab himself with a fork right there “ Katie shut uP”
  • Matt’s voice has a tendancy to crack when he’s trying to yell and Pidge doesn’t let him live it down
  • When Matt figured out he was bi the first person he told was her because sibling solidarity
  • She confides in him later in return that she’s ace
  • Now they won’t stop making jokes and everyone around them either hates it or loves it
  • “Guess you’ll always be all bi yourself matt”
  • “Haha nice one you damned pokemon”
  • When Matt first saw Pidge in her current attire he thought he had somehow met an alternate reality version of him and nearly had a heart attack
  • “Katie-? What are you- Are those my fucking glasses?!”
  • They both wholeheartedly believed in aliens on earth and are both psyched together that they’re real even tho matt found out in not the greatest of ways
  • If the other gets hurt you better start running for your life they’re coming for you and everything you hold dear
  • They know the actual cannibal shia lebouf song by heart and no one knows why
  • Little do people know they sang it in a school talent show together when they were in primary and it was one the greatest moments of their lives
  • Matt was what inspired her computer skills from an early age, he showed her how to hack into peoples facebooks for the heck of it and now he’s created the delightful little monster we see today

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Could you talk more about Stanford stereotypes regarding literally anything (idk majors?) bc they way how you explain them is literally so funny/good

lmao aw ily, you can always come to me if u want my opinion related to anything stanford (stereotypes about dorms, sports teams, greek life, a cappella ??) because i have A Lot Of It - i only wish i was more integrated with the school cuz most of my opinions are hearsay instead of personal experience

major stereotypes….hmm thats hard cuz there are So Many majors but i can just go with the most common ones and group some together, etc


  • aero/astro - small department full of space nerds, most of them are in SSI, drones, i personally consider them very brainy and if i were better at engineering i would be aero/astro cuz i think it’s the next frontier. there should definitely be more women in it for sure
  • bioe - my ex was bioe, they’re a bunch of nerds but they have good enough hearts. they care about curing diseases and shit
  • CS - oh boy. ohhhhhh boy. here we fuckin go. honestly CS is barely even a sterotype at stanford cuz its such a dominant culture…..the people who decide what stereotypes even are, are probably CS. it’s gotten to the point where if i meet someone and they aren’t CS it’s worth noting. it’s gotten to the point where, in my psych/literature/communications/education classes, i expect the other people to be CS. i have so many Opinions on CS Boys because CS Boys are such!!!!a!!!type!!!! (and different from just, a boy who does CS). they worship the trinity of google, facebook, and microsoft. their junior summer internship is at least one of these. they buy into all silicon valley startup culture and they love elon musk and talk about venture capital when its really not welcome. they love talking about how much work they have and how little they sleep. all INTJs. probably virgos. there is also a subgenre of CS boy who didnt come into stanford wanting to do CS and ended up switching because its easier to be a CS Boy at stanford. they criticize the culture all the time. to this you can say, “it’s all right, craig, i know you just want to make money.”
  • CME - people major in this when they dont love themselves
  • design - i personally think this major is fuckin cool and considered it before i realized physics was a pre-req. the d school is thought to be d for douchey though because their whole shtick is so ~ideate~ ~prototype~ ~We Are Quirky and Put Post-Its On Walls~ but i dug it as a frosh. they can be kinda condescending, but theyre by far the most interdisciplinary dept in the engineering major (although its also full of white men who think theyre hot shit cuz they can use photoshop)
  • EE - again for people who lack self love, its supposed to be so fuckin hard
  • MS&E - white frat boys who glorify jordan belfort
  • ME - similar to design. live at the PRL. stay up till ungodly hours carving wood. somehow this is enjoyable. also white male heavy

who knows how the f to categorize this:

  • education - if i could do stanford over i would major in this. usually very diverse, woke, often come from underprivileged backgrounds so they want to make it better for other people and reach communities that arent currently benefited (unlike silicon valley or wall street :) ) i respect them because they do what they love and not to make $ although if educational engineering were a thing im certain people would jump ship. it’s also not in the humanities dept so i feel like theyre Above the stanford hegemony and i love that
  • earthsys - i considered a minor in this. usually sweet, earth-friendly people. white but woke. possibly queer. granola loving hippies and maybe some frathletes who want an “easy” major but not sure (im not shitting on easy majors. i have one. love ‘em)

generally i like girls in any of the engineering depts because they are dealing with sexism and doing it. the boys are oftentimes extremely self-congratulatory and will usually say something dumb about the humanities. even the girls will hit you with the “oh i wish i could study that!” about any non-engineering discipline, and it’s implied that what they’re really saying is “but i care about my future too much!” 


  • AAAS/chicanx studies/asian-american studies/CSRE - woke poc who use lots of buzzwords and say things like folx
  • art - the people who major in art are usually more quiet than you’d think. we have an Artsy Type at stanf that are kind of extra (theta chi/EBF types, also very woke QPOC) but i dont think theyre art majors for the most part. i barely know any actual art Majors. lots of engineers just do art on the side
  • bio - i love bio majors because they are sciency but also get shit on by engineers so we’re in solidarity. they are sweet and study all the time and just wanna make the world a better place. there’s also the pre-med kind of bio who i would hate if i were also pre med but since im not i just kind of admire and fear them
  • chem - i like chem people much more than i thought i would. again a very small major and they just live in lab and have varied non chem interests. this year i accidentally became friends with like 6 people from the chem fraternity and i was surprised how much i liked them
  • complit/english - i was this major! english in creative writing are usually chill, interesting people. complit and english in literature…….it’s a shakespeare circlejerk and they hit you with the Discourse. overly educated white people. avoid the boys specifically but the girls can also be incredibly self-satisfied. maybe 50/50. but if you take a creative writing class instead of a lit class, the CW kids are usually awesome
  • taps - our drama department. they’re nice, but extra and intimidating. (also stanford theater is…..okay….not really as good as they seem to think it is yikes that was mean but) however, like with english, take an introductory class and you’ll meet very cool non-taps majors.
  • econ - oftentimes wonderful people! outside of class that is
  • femgen - same people as the AAAS/CSRE crowd except whiter. queer girls with undercuts. upperclassmen are intimidating to many. everyone shares their opinion even when its not warranted. my honors is in this
  • film studies - this was almost my minor and if i werent CW i might have doubled in film and comm! i dont know any film majors but if they arent a cole sprouse im sure theyre fine (they are probably a cole sprouse)
  • german/italian/french/spanish language or studies - spot the person who studied abroad!
  • history - like english, can be cool, more likely pretentious
  • humbio - the other premeds! actually humbio gets shit on alllll the time for being easy or having a fluff major, bio majors think they’re soft. thus, i like them. their course catalog is awesome and its a huge major but all the scary pre meds are straight up bio and humbios are softer but in a good way its a lot of sweet girls
  • intl relations - one of my favorite majors. usually very down to earth, the best of the IR/poli-sci/pub-po trinity. however, they can also be self-congratulatory for being So Woke and also they love to educate you when You Didn’t Ask
  • linguistics - weird, diverse people. very small major. similar to anthro, my old major. i love small majors they always have cute dinners together
  • MCS - a hard fuckin major. not as “Look How Smart I Am” as a bad CS. mostly quiet and stay in and study their ass off
  • math - love to wax poetic about the beauty of math. fun when drunk. not when sober
  • philosophy/MTL/classics - avoid. classics can be okay if it overlaps with archaeology because theyre just a bunch of nerds and they get really excited and its cute. phil majors would rather just educate you about how free will is fake and youre like tim can you please just get out of the way we’re in the dining hall and you’re blocking the cornbread
  • physics - Avoid. they think all other sciences are lesser. women and POC are ok
  • poli-sci - hit or miss. generally pretty friendly. very talkative. fun to talk to about Not Politics
  • psych - the best major hehe. generally liberal and woke and often queer. however, non-psych people in psych classes can be a nightmare (unlike english, taps, etc) and problematic as fuck. also sometimes psych majors are extra (exhibit a: me)
  • pub policy - probably in student government. im biased against it, but go in with hesitation. student government is by and large not as effective as they seem to think (however, a “woke” person in pub po might be cool because they will campaign for sexual assault awareness and economic diversity and good stuff)
  • STS - ohhhhh man. probably the major that gets most shit on at stanford. i think engineers think it’s fake. (humbio, design, and STS get shit on the most i’d say, because they are interdisciplinary STEM majors, so engineers think that they’re for people who arent smart enough to do hard majors. whereas with english or IR, engineers know they couldnt do it because they havent written an essay since 2009, so they offer grudging respect) a frathlete major. i personally like it because i dig interdisciplinary shit, but i don’t dig frat boys or athletes so i avoid. some of their courses are great but it does seem kind of scrapped together as a major and i dont know how people outside of stan see it
  • sociology - a small major, seems cool. stigmatized but not by stanford because stanford students dont know it exists. “dont you mean psychology?” no
  • urban studies - skaters? who knows. i respect them tho. i think they care about….like….architecture? and city development? its a very niche thing and i feel like it’s pretty hip n happening

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Hi! Have you heard anything about Timothy Omundson having a stroke? I'm worried about him but there are no official news

According to a source on a psych facebook group, and others I know to be reliable, yes. Tim had a stroke at the Tampa airport. He’s had surgery and is currently in hospital. That’s all we know. It seems like people are trying to keep things relatively quiet, though I’m sure there will be some update from the family or PR person soon. Sending him all the healing prayers and good thoughts.

On this, the 16th 25th of August

By Aizayah (Instagram: @aizaiyah)

By 1999, she was undisputedly one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars, ascending the heights of fame and success faster and clearer than her peers in the notoriously competitive climb of Tinsel Town’s music scene. ‘Romeo Must Die’, her debut into the film world, opened that year to critical acclaim – and most of that acclaim was arguably for her. “This is something that I’ve wanted for a very long time,” she told CBS in 2000. “I’m very happy.”

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dude on facebook who took intro to psych in high school voice: this entire argument is laughable. there are so many fallacies from both sides that i don’t even have time to list them. i’m contributing to the conversation and people like to be around me

An Open Letter to the Heneral Luna Fandom and it’s Hate Blog; Part 2

To the mods (?)  @mabinaldo-isdead

Good Evening!

Since you do not realize the damage that you have done; and as I see in your posts, are gleefully doing, I think this open letter will help. A heart to heart from a tumblr and fandom veteran in particular, ika nga. 

You must be wondering why no one is actually contacting you personally. I see someone who did, and you just treated them flippantly. You are also scoffing at how the older ones in the fandom are accommodating the newer ones and helping them cope (again and again I may add). That’s the reason.

For someone who claims to be nationalistic, I think you forgot that Filipinos tend to be tender-hearted and thin skinned. You forgot that this is a new fandom, that most of these people are not actually aware of gender issues and social awareness, especially here in tumblr. You forgot that we are Asians, and Filipinos, and sometimes the western way to do things is not the most effective way of getting a point across. Hence, you being so outspoken and aggressive, without listening to anyone or giving them a chance to breathe and speak and ask what is wrong, alienated and scared a lot of people. You could have just been patient, and gently tell them off one by one, or roll your eyes, and let things slide because these people are new. Instead, you chose to bully (yes bully, because you actively seeked out the crack tag that people made to distance themselves from the historians and gif makers) people into looking into your perspective of things, and damn the consequences. Right? 

I don’t think you realize or want to accept that you actually have hurt a LOT of people. They may not have talked about it in the tags, but it poured out in Twitter, in Facebook and in Skype. That instead of gently easing them in and explaining social relevance, you decided to lump everyone in the fandom as “disgusting” and continue to keep doing it. You decided to ignore that there are budding lawyers, students, geologists, biologists, psych majors, archaeologists who also are brilliant artists and writers, and more importantly human, and are bound to make mistakes. Honestly, I’m impressed at the speed of the damage that a couple of young girls can do to a community.

Oh, but you are young! And minors! (one of you is 15, if I am correct) and you’re getting anon hate mail in your blog and your main! Just because you are the only one getting hate mail because of this, does not automatically make you the victim. I’m sorry, but you cannot hide behind your age, or issues, or mental health. If you have the brain capacity and the energy to make a hate blog, you are then mature enough to face the consequences of such actions. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities.

Now, let’s get to the meat of the problem. In your posts, you accuse the Heneral Luna fandom of being heteronormative, ableist, transphobic, and fostering rape culture. You say this again and again until you start to sound like a broken record. Also you keep asking people to send you hate mail. A lot. That’s counter-productive to your goal, isn’t it?

First off; a big, important question. Are any of you trans? Or at least part of the LGBTQ spectrum? Are any of you crippled, or have actual mental health issues where you desperately need meds. Are any of you physically sick, and are suffering because you cannot afford meds? Have you ever felt a crippling hunger because you cannot afford food at all? Have you ever felt fear in the streets because some twats decided to stalk you and cat call you, even if you are covered completely. Do you live in fear of getting emotionally abused by your usually nice but very homophobic relatives because you’re gay?

Whether just a few apply (my sympathies) or none at all, my reply is the same.

Check your privilege.

This is coming from a girl whose parents migrated to the Middle East because they had no other opportunities, after surviving the Marcos regime. This is from a girl who was sexually harassed by someone she trusted as a child. This is from someone who has skin asthma and has stopped studies because pus erupted everywhere and I had to leave the country to get cheaper medical treatment, and after that treatment is to be continued forever, because it is hormonal. This is from someone, who is working in an industry that is thankless and with no job benefits, because our wonderful government does not recognize artists or writers as human beings, whose pay is below minimum wage but she still stays because this is her passion. This is from someone who is tired of living in fear from homophobic relatives who do become violent at the mention of gay people (I’m out with my immediate family tho haha)

Check your privilege.

I do not know what chip you have on your shoulder to react so violently to these issues, but you do not use your pain and make others suffer for it just because you feel the world is against you, especially if they aren’t aware of it at all.

Yes, I don’t condone some things the fandom does. It’s a bit baffling to me too but I’ve decided to roll with the punches and let them figure out for themselves that some things are wrong. This is what I and what other people in the know have been doing, and not “tolerating” as you put it.

If you are so angry and wish to nitpick every single thing in this fandom; I’d like to give you a list. I’d like you to boycott every single historical biopic that came out in the Philippines before Heneral Luna; for always putting our heroes on pedestals, and making them perfect snowflakes, so unattainable, almost like demigods. And the ones that do portray them as actual flawed humans, boycott those too because the directors decided to interpret them in a certain way. Boycott those interpretative plays of our heroes, like the one where Mabini dances ballet, the steampunk one where Mabini is played by a female. Boycott our historians, like Nick Joaquin, for being too harsh on the heroes in his book, or Teodoro Agoncillo, for not even being a proper historian in the first place and for daring to give his somewhat biased views that are pro- Aguinaldo. I want you to boycott Heneral Luna itself; for villainizing Pedro Paterno, for getting things wrong in the name of entertainment (like the train scene, in which Luna can’t speak English. He can. Remember Nellie Bousted?), for actually giving alternate character interpretations of historical figures so different from the ones we are so used to seeing, for actually daring to not be a normal biopic which is fair to everyone involved. (And this was actually discussed to us and allowed by the History consultants, who taught in UP’S ACLE class, Sir Alvy Campones, and Sir Xiao Chua, who you can totally boycott too).

We can go on and on until we reach the Bard himself (check out how problematic some of his historical plays are especially Macbeth (the Scotts won’t even call it by its name) and Titus Andronicus (rape, rape, cannibalism…ooh rape! And incest)) or Dante Alighieri, for writing a self-insert with him and Vergil (who was also a fanfic writer; the Aenid, is a fanfic of the Trojan War and the Odyssey combined). Historical fiction and alternate character interpretations (especially problematic ones) has and will continue to exist.

Trying to singlehandedly censor everything just because you get offended by a few details is exhausting and meaningless. Armchair Feminism is meaningless. I learned this the hard way a few years ago.

My advice that I can currently give you on what you CAN do, is to make content (no. not spamming a crack tag with posts on how morally wrong they are) that you want to see. Write fanfics or draw fanart, do world building, offer alternatives to things you find problematic. If you can’t do this by yourselves, find someone who can.

For example, my friend, @kittynomore, and I run a Gravity Falls AU blog. For a week, an anon pestered us to draw a “Genderbent” version of our Mabel and Dipper. I would have just deleted that post and moved on but my brilliant friend decided to do something else. She gender bended them alright. Dipper was drawn as trans ftm, Mabel was drawn as gender fluid. It was amazing. She took back that term, and re-purposed it into something more positive.

Instigate change you want to see. Go to the heads of your school, start a club that supports culture, start a support group for LGBTQ people (Goddess knows that we need more of them, and I definitely would have benefitted from one badly) that is free from the stigma that religion gives them, protest and suggest better ways your disabled classmates can get around school (ramps, elevators).

And lastly, immerse yourself in your culture. If you aren’t aware of the social, political, and historical problems of your own country (like rights and representation for us LGBTQ people, rights to mental health treatment, rights to a medically safe abortion, etc), what right do you have of instilling and talking about western sensibilities and ideologies to people?

I’m not sure if you have bothered to read this far, but if you have, thank you for listening. I can recommend a few easy films (as a film buff and actual videographer) you can watch to help you on your way:

Historical Films

  • Jose Rizal (1998) by Marilou Diaz-Abaya (3 hours long but worth it because you can see the progression and character development of Pepe); 
  • Bayaning Third World (1999) by Mike De Leon (where it questions historical accuracy and more importantly, if it matters in the long run, Joel Torre is BRILLIANT); 
  • Dahling Nick (2015) by Sari Dalena (Life and times of National Writer Nick Joaquin (King of Salt) (I added that) It will be shown in Trinoma this Wednesday! And a number of places after that).

Social Films: 

  • On the Job by Erik Matti (talks about the cycle of corruption and how it affects everyone, especially people who are in jail, where even there, there are hierarchies); 
  • Ka Oryang (2011) Sari Dalena, (a feminist making a stand at the time of the Marcos Regime); 
  • Dekada 70 by Chito S. Rono (based on Lualhati Bautista’s book about the sufferings a middle class family experienced in the Marcos Regime); 
  • Magnifico (2003) by Maryo J. De los Reyes (about how a sweet boy enriched the lives of everyone around him with the little things he does); 
  • 3 Idiots (2009) by Rajkumar Hirani (not a Filipino film, but I think it is relevant because it talks about how you should not cave to rigid societal pressure and expectations in education, and excellence is achieved by people who strive for it, not because you are required to).

Good luck in your research, and I sincerely hope you have a good week!

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Muggle AU: Jily (and the Marauder's) at college.

alright so I did imagine college but I also took this in a friends vibe too, you’ll see, I hope you like it 

Honestly, it was better than she could’ve hoped for. Even before freshman year was over, she knew she didn’t want to live on campus for another year, I mean bloody hell, her dorm was a literal hell. She was stuck in one of the only two buildings without air conditioning, and the 7 fans constantly whirring gave her a massive headache. However, being a college student also meant being massively in debt, so she knew that she would likely live in the sketchiest, dirtiest, smallest apartment. However, instead she got her own room, a living room with a kitchen! For college, it was luxury. Things couldn’t have gone any better. 

I mean, her roommates were a little weird. At first she thought they were gay, she had never met two guys who were so incredibly in sync. They even finished each other sentences, they reached a whole new level of close that she hadn’t achieved with her own sister. That thought changed when she had walked into the apartment finding Sirius and his date in the couch in a compromising position. She was a bit disappointed, she thought they would be a cute couple at first. 

It was funny too, how exactly things worked out. I mean she had been searching for apartments for months, checking the newspaper, the Facebook page, everything. It wasn’t looking good, considering that the only places she could afford were miles away from the campus, and she couldn’t even afford a parking pass, meaning she would have to walk. She was complaining about her search to one of her friends in her psych class, and instead of receiving understanding nods and pats on the back, Remus actually said he might know how to help. 

“Erm … you seem to be struggling and this situation probably won’t seem ideal to you but I actually just had to back out of a lease with two of my friends, I was planning on moving in with them but Peter and Frank got a 3 bedroom apartment and they needed a third and I prefer to have my own space, and between you and me, I’m not sure I I would be able to live with them, they’re a wild pair. But I know they were complaining all day yesterday about how they just moved into the same room and ‘Remus what are we going to do with these bunk beds now’” he mimicked their whiny voices in a way that made Lily giggle behind her hand, as their professor kept giving them side glances. “Anyways, I’m going there after class so if you want to tag along, maybe scope out the place and meet them, I’m sure they’d love to have you sign for it.” he stared at her hopefully. As soon as they started talking, she reminded him bit of James anyways, and it would certainly be interesting to see them together, they would either hate each other or become the best of friends, at the very least the two of them meeting would be rather interesting.

And so she went, and checked out one of the most marvelous apartments she had ever seen. The room (that she got to herSELF!!!!!!!) was about the same size as her dorm was, and there was a bathroom connected to the room! No more flip flops in the shower, no more flimsy curtains and sinks filled with vomit. It was a dream come true. And the price was so low Lily just couldn’t believe it. Walking into the apartments living room, it was clear someone in the house had money, it wasn’t your typical mismatched furniture and appliances, it looked like a room in IKEA. She literally signed as soon as she could, it was only a 5 minute walk from campus! And her room mates seemed nice and welcoming, and excited to live with another person.

They were certainly an interesting group. They actually all spent a surprisingly long amount of time in the apartment, way more time than she spent in her dorm at least. She quickly found out that even though she signed on to live with James and Sirius, the apartment came with many more people. She first walked out of the dorm rushing to class, thinking her apartment was empty after both James and Sirius had 12:00. Instead, Remus, and two other unknown boys were eating  on the couch, watching tv. 

It happened a few more times, and she soon learned it was Remus, Peter, and Frank who while they weren’t living in the apartment, they might as well be. Of course there were more, and when she got back on her second day of living in the new apartment, a girl ran up and hugged her! 

“Oh my gosh, it’s so nice to meet you! I heard the boys had a room mate and when I found out it was a girl, you have no idea how excited I was! The boys have always outnumbered us, I’m so glad you’re here!” a dark haired girl squealed, as she released her from the hug but still kept her hands on her shoulders and squeezed. This girl was literally bouncing with joy, and Lily had never known anyone to be so welcoming! Another shorter, blonde girl popped in. 

“I’m sorry for her, she gets easily excited. I’m Alice, she’s Marlene, it really is great to meet you! Lily right?”, she asked, holding a hand out to shake.

Lily took it, smiling, “Yeah I’m Lily, and its brilliant to meet you guys!”

Immediately they clicked, and she was shocked how quickly these people became her family. 

“Lily, darling, I’m ever so hungry, is there any chance you made breakfast for two?” Sirius asked, his eyes never leaving the TV as his voice traveled from the couch. 

“Oi, whens the last time you made anything?” she grumbled as she simultaneously handed him a plate of eggs, and pushed his feet off the couch to sit. 

“That’s why I need you dear” he smirked as he attempted to pinch her cheeks. She was about to elbow him when the door opened. 

“Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Peter let out an extensive groan as he slid into the armchair. 

“Rough class Pete?” Lily asked, she figured she better ask the questions because one could barely see Sirius’s face due to the fact that it was buried in his mound of eggs. 

“You wouldn’t believe …” and he launched into the latest story about the paleontology class, which both Lily and Sirius tuned out too, although its debatable Sirius was ever paying attention. 

“ … So then, the git stands up and starts telling me that Ankylosaurus lived in South America, how ridiculous is that?” Peter’s face was slightly flushed, and he kept shaking his head, reminding Lily of a bobblehead. 

“Oh for gods sake Pete, some of us are trying to stay awake for their next class, I can’t have you luring me back to sleep with these mind-numbing stories!” James exclaimed as he filled a jumbo thermos with straight black coffee. 

Lily laughed, “Oh yes, as if your story last night was any more interesting, and it lasted twice as long! No one cares about your business class, and no one cares about the slimy git you’re forced to sit next to!”

“Oh don’t even go there Evans, you and Remus are just as bad with your ‘Literature courses’ the blokes have been dead for over 100 years, will you please stop your complaints about Shakespeare? You’re likely disturbing his peace with all the ruckus your making!”

Lily’s green eyes flashed, “He was a drunk and his work is vulgar and meant to be ENTERTAINING, YES HIS TECHNIQUE IS GOOD BUT EVERYONE TAKES HIS WORK TOO BUGGERING SERIOUSLY, HALF OF WHAT HE WRITES IS A JOKE-”

There was a knock at the door, saving James, Peter, and the rest of the apartment complex an extremely long rant on the set-up of education and respecting the authors wishes. 

Remus walked in and grabbed Lily, “How you ever got to class on time I will never know,” he muttered as he dragged her out the door. James, taking this as a victory (it was undeniable that Lily won more of their arguments) did a little dance before he rushed out the door after them, grabbed Lily’s hand and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before he got in his car to get to class. 

Yes, things really couldn’t have turned out any better. 

Signs It’s Time to DETOX Your Life 

Source: Thema Davis, Ph.D

The need to detoxify your life is a direct result of an overworked, over-scheduled and overwhelmed lifestyle that has (somehow) been accepted by most people as ‘normal’ and ‘fact-of-life’, which is far from the truth. We have less time, while taking on more responsibilities.

Materialism and consumerism have also had toxic effects. It’s commonly accepted as truth that buying more leads to more happiness. Changes within industry, business, and finance have systematically altered our way of life. We acquire more stuff, get into more debt, and work longer hours now than at any other time in history.

We’ve achieved a “higher standard of living” at the expense of a lower quality of life. Dr. Stuart Vyse, author of Going Broke: Why Americans Can’t Hold On To Their Money says: “People may have more physical objects and possessions now than they had in precious generations, but many of them are deeply unhappy.”

Yes, consumerism has often led the way when it comes to toxic behaviors…but it’s certainly not the lone culprit. Here are 9 other signs that it’s time to detox your life.

9 Signs It’s Time to Detox Your Life

1. The Presence of too many negative people in your life

The presence of negative people has a draining effect on our psyche. These are the individuals who are constantly judgmental, critical and even abusive. No matter the situation, it always seems that this person has something negative to say.

If that negative person is rubbing their toxicity off on you, it’s time to rectify the situation. Understand this: it’s not your responsibility to bear the brunt of this person. You have the right to live a positive, happy life without negative influence from others.

Don’t talk to or about them, don’t visit their Facebook page, don’t text, email or write; in other words, don’t have anything to do with them. Is this difficult? Yes…but not as difficult as that toxic individual.

2. Spending too much

It’s amazing how many people do not have a monthly budget! When you have no budget, you have no idea how that check is supposed to be spent. There are free spreadsheets available online, apps for your phone, or just use the old fashioned pen and paper.

Another telltale sign that you’re spending too much: excessive use of credit cards. One way to tell is comparing your balance with your available credit. Is it more than half? If it is and you don’t have any plans to pay it off, then you’re spending too much.

Don’t spend more than you earn, folks.

3. Neglecting your body

No need to state the obvious, but the body can become full of toxins. This often happens when we consume too much unhealthy food, drink too much alcohol, or don’t get enough exercise.

Other telltale signs that you’re neglecting your body:

– You can’t fall asleep and night, or have excessive difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

– Your skin is consistently breaking out.

– You get sick often (1-2 times a month).

– You don’t sit down often for a meal; perhaps stopping at fast food joints instead.

– You can’t concentrate on your work.

– Your body often feels sore, stiff, or painful.

The solution? Eat right, get in some (any!) exercise three times a week, and get at least seven hours of sleep at night.

4. Having too much clutter

Then there is “stuff”…meaningless, excessive, pointless “stuff” that seems to just pile up on us. Where is your “stuff” currently? Whether it’s on your desk, in your closet, in the living room, on a table, or in your car, get rid of it.

Usually, clutter results from having an excessive amount of anything – books, papers, toys, shoes, clothes, food, antiques (Mom!) – that occupies space for no particular reason. But it occupies more than just space in your home; it takes up space in your brain.

Physical clutter competes for your attention, decreases performance and increases stress. Do your home, desk and brain a favor by getting rid of it.

5. Being “connected” 24/7

We strongly believe that overuse and over-dependence on technology is toxic. If you don’t believe us, just think: How many people have you seen driving while on a cell phone? Have your kids pulled out a tablet or cell phone at the dinner table? Has a co-worker ignored you or someone else while replying to their 100th text message?

Technology certainly has its role. Advances in technology have resulted in medical advances, educational improvements, scientific discoveries and more. But it’s had a negative impact on our actual connection with each other. Families drift apart, parents bring their work home, kids tap away on Facebook instead of opening their textbook. There’s no real presence of mind with excessive technology use.

Be mindful with how and when you use technology.

6. Having no alone time

Society has placed a premium on the ability to socialize to meet demands placed on both inside and outside of the workplace. Those that value solitude are often seen as outcasts or selfish. There is nothing further from the truth. In fact, solitude is a necessity.

Why is alone time important? Because it…

– Allows your brain to rest.

– Calms down your emotions.

– Prevents burnout.

– Rejuvenates your body.

– Gives time for contemplation and reflection.

At minimum, try to take 15 minutes to yourself at some time during the day.

7. Constant multitasking

As our lives have become busier, time has become a luxury most of us can’t afford. To handle these multiple distractions, someone came up with “multitasking” – doing more than one task at a time in order to “get more done.”

Even more impressive (or detrimental), the business world somehow bought into the notion that multitasking was actually possible. If the CEO’s of these companies would have looked at the science behind multitasking, they would have seen that “multitasking” is a serious myth. Here’s why:

– The brain is physically incapable of doing more than two things at once.

– Multitasking is slower and less efficient.

– Multitasking is more stressful and less productive.

Single-tasking – concentrating the mind on one task at a time while minimizing distractions – is the one and only answer. Please understand that minimizing or (even better) eliminating distractions is necessary while single-tasking.

8. Neglecting spiritual needs

Religious or spiritual needs are something that ought not to be neglected. Whether you meditate, read scripture, pray, attend church, enjoy the beauty of nature, or something else, doing the things that uplift your spirit is important to your balance and well-being.

Try to take at least 20-30 minutes a day tending to these needs. If this is not possible for whatever reason, spend 10-15 minutes to meditate, read scripture, or enjoy some solitude before hitting the pillow.

9. Despise work

For most of us, our job is a necessity…it’s a paycheck. We punch in, do our eight hours the best we can, and get out of there. Searching for and finding the ideal job is a luxury that most of us do not have.

That being said, if your work affects you to a point that it complicates thingsoutside of scheduled work time, whereby thinking about work you: can’t sleep, fight with your spouse, irritate your kids (or vice-versa), have emotional breakdowns or something else, it’s seriously time to consider a job change.

If for some reason you can’t change jobs, try changing the environment. For example, if there’s a co-worker that doesn’t leave you alone, consider getting some earplugs. If you can’t stand your boss, look into a transfer. Try finding something that will make your time at work more tolerable.

Shared With Love. Peace & Blessings, Our Journey to Balance

I matched with a guy from Germany who was backpacking in south east Asia for a few months. We started talking on Facebook but I found out he had already left my country for Thailand, we kept on talking anyway because we both loved traveling and he would give me updates on the new places he’s visited or how his day went. Fast forward one month, he tells me he still had some days booked at one of the hostel he stayed in my country and would come back to meet me before he went back to Germany for good. I was pretty psyched as I enjoyed our conversations. We planned to meet at McDonald’s at a train station at noon. We were both counting on each other to be on time as he didn’t have a phone card. I got there at noon, and didn’t see him, so I assumed he was running late. 50 minutes later, still no sign and I was confident he stood me up. He finally arrived as I was about to leave. He asked me if I waited long and I didn’t want him to feel bad so I said no! He only found out I waited an hour for him when he realized he forgot to change his phone time as Thailand is an hour behind. We both laughed it off. Ended up having the most amazing day ever. Went to see Batu caves (one of the famous temples located in a cave in my country), forced him to see the Petronas twin towers (main tourist attraction, even though he wasn’t interested), had dinner and then watched a movie together. What a great first tinder meet up!

Blog Post #2- Kierra Benson

To me, social media is the interaction, whether face-to-face or with multiple parties, of people on digital platforms. I think Rotten Tomatoes is a platform that isn’t considered your typical social media site like Facebook, Twitter, or even Tumblr is. When Rotten Tomatoes is mentioned in the conversation it is often associated with movie reviews from both critics and the average movie-goer of films, both independent and blockbuster.  But the interaction between the critics and viewers work together to influence whether a film gets a good or bad score on the Rotten Tomatoes meter is what makes the website a social platform. I think that some websites aren’t considered social media is because Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been ingrained in our psyche as the main way to interact online.    

Marvel does what DC Won't

Laughing because Marvel spent THREE separate movies moving Black Widow up from the B-List to the A-List, gardening hype for her, and making her a household name in geek culture all in the same time it took for DC to do roughly 3,652 interviews explaining that not enough people know Wonder Woman enough to give provide the hero with her own movie.

Like, seriously.

The general public didn’t know (or care) who the Russian spy was until 4 years ago when she appeared in Iron Man 2. So they worked. their. asses. off.

  • Put her in Iron Man 2.
  • Put her in Avengers.
  • In Captain America 2.
  • In the Facebook Game
  • The Lego game.
  • Marvel Heroes.

Basically building from scratch their primary Leading Lady.

And now a Black Widow movie was announced and people are already psyched.

Four years.

It took four years to hit this point.

Wonder Woman has been a household name for how many decades?

Good on you, Marvel. For not patronizing the public, but with working with them instead.

So excited!