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Black Lives Matter launches tool that lets you mark yourself “unsafe” and black in America

  • The Black Lives Matter Global Network is giving Facebook’s “safety check” feature a twist, allowing black users of the social media website to mark themselves “unsafe” for being black in America. 
  • BLM activists are calling it the “Unsafety Check” and shared its website,, ahead of its official launch on Tuesday.
  • “From slavery to Jim Crow to prejudicial and deadly policing, America has never been a safe place for black people,” BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a statement. 
  • “We need to take action to continue to raise awareness about how racism impacts our families and communities.”
  • The feature is meant to be symbolic and is not meant to be a replacement for reporting an emergency to local authorities, BLM said. Read more

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Okay guys. We have one chance left. Next Sunday is the last episode of Eyewitness. The only way we can ensure a season 2 is if we boost the ratings and that means we need help from EVERYBODY. That’s right, all of you.
You have a week. If you can, please catch up to the show on a traceable device, preferably through the USA Network site or the app and watch The show on Sunday at 10/9c I promise you it’s worth it.

If for whatever reason you can’t do that, please help in the following ways.

1. Watch the show live on mute

2. Watch the show on the USA live stream on their website on mute

3. DVR the show and watch it after it airs

4. Watch it on USA website or app

5. Tweet using the hastags #Eyewitness #Philkas and #wewanteyewitnessseason2 AND tweet these at USA Network on twitter

6. Request for Eyewitness to be put onto Netflix through Netflix’s show suggestion service

7. Recruit other people to watch in inventive ways or just generally spread the word

Doing more than one of these things is even better. While I watched the episode tonight, I had the live stream running on my computer and was actively tweeting.


So please, if you like the show or not, please support us this week. We really don’t want to see a show with such potential burn out so quickly.

Love you all,
The Eyewitness Fandom

a brand new network dedicated to draco malfoy, the boy who had no choice. it’s time to spread the love!!


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  • share your creations and selfies (and anything else really!) using the network tag (#draconetwork)
  • editing challenges to keep the love alive!!

and that’s it!! if you have any questions, feel free to ask

Just to be clear, all of these episodes were officially released on the Cartoon Network app, and if you have a cable tv account, you can watch them in full and support the creators NOW. Which you should do. This is a screen shot from my own app, they’re all up and available legally. This isn’t some big scandalous leak.

the “queer women’s community” is not a concrete thing, it is not a society people live their day to day lives in that has set dynamics and goals and hierarchy. 

Where is this community? 

is it our activist groups or organizations? our politics? the human rights campaign? outright? lgbt youth homeless shelters? is it our protests and lawsuits? 

Is it in our literature? our movies? the documentation of lesbian history?

is it in academic clubs or public organizations? your high school gsa? your universities pride alliance? your town’s kickball league? the gay bar a 3 hour drive from you? the loose network of gay and bi women you happen to know through exes or mutual friends?  

is it on the internet? your preferred dating app? sites like autostraddle? sites like reddit? sites like tumblr? even within these sites there are a variety of subgroups with different politics and backgrounds and goals and within those different cliques.

the vast majority of these things are elective and form temporary bubbles of inter-connectivity between women who actively create those spaces. I have no choice but to be a lesbian in greater society, the legal and interpersonal discrimination I face as a lesbian follows me wherever I go. As such I am part of the specifically lesbian and generally lgbt community bonded through common experience.

but which lgbt people I engage with, which lgbt spaces I engage with, the ones I establish and maintain - these are things I have the power to choose. Acting like you can concretely discuss power dynamics within something as amorphous and self selecting as the “queer women community” is patently untrue. 

Either “gay privilege” exists or it does not, everywhere or nowhere. If you are going to make the argument at least be honest about it.

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Has anyone checked Sherlock: The Network??? It's been pulled from the App Store I think. I scrolled way back through my purchased apps but can't seem to get the page to load, downloading the app now though. Not sure what I'm looking for tbh

Update: Google play hasn’t updated the app since January 6th 2015, I can’t find a date for Amazon, and apple have pulled it from the App Store. Which is odd seeing as it’s available elsewhere? When I found a link that sent me to the App Store page it told me that the game wasn’t available in the UK but told me to change to the Russian store in order to view it. The Russian store told me to change to the UK store. I’m not sure if this is significant but at least worth sharing just in case lmao

Oh that’s really strange! Maybe try contacting the Sherlock Network game on twitter and see what happens? ;) I would check my app but it’s on my dead kindle lol- Sherlock the Network had so many cool clues in it like:

Here- one of the horses was named Inigo Montaya- a character from The Princess Bride.

And here- Beth’s Pool & Mary clue.

So the game is certainly also part of ‘The Game!’ ;)


I know a lot of you are streaming the show on the USA Network website using a VPN app and log-in data from someone in the US. Unfortunately, from what I gather this may only count as 1 viewing if you all use the same log-in. Because of that it may not help with ratings … :(

HOWEVER … there is a way to help the show even if you don’t live in the US, and that is by creating an account on the American version of iTunes and buying the episodes there. VoD purchases of the episodes will count towards ratings! If you are in Germany you also have the option of buying the show on Amazon Video but this does not seem to be available in all countries.

Here is how it works:

  1. Google the address (and phone number) of any random McDonald’s branch in any random city in the USA
  2. Download iTunes and basically tell it that you are American. Use the address you googled to create an account. If you already have an iTunes account in your own country you will need to use a different e-mail address. If the iTunes software tries to “redirect” you to local settings for your country change it back to USA. Do NOT add any credit card or bank account information - instead choose gift voucher as payment option.
  3. Go to and buy a gift voucher for US iTunes (just search for “US itunes voucher” or “us itunes gift”). You will receive a code via e-mail (usually within 12 hours after making the purchase).
  4. Log in to your account on US iTunes and redeem the code.
  5. You can now make purchases on the american version of iTunes. This means you can buy a season’s pass for Eyewitness legally and it will count towards ratings!!!

The season’s pass currently costs 14.99 US$ in SD and 19.99 US$ in HD so buying a 25$ gift voucher (or a 15$ one if you only want SD) on Ebay is more than enough (no need to buy one with a higher value)!

Please reblog and spread the word!!!
Let’s keep this show going so that we can have another season with Lukas and Philip (cause for those who haven’t heard yet - showrunner Adi Hasak has said he will continue the Philkas storyline if they get a season 2!!!).

For any Scooby-Doo fans out there with a PC, be sure to go in the Microsoft App Store and download the “Scooby-Doo” app! My boyfriend found it the other day and it is amazing! Download the app for free and have access to ALL the Scooby-Doo episodes between Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! and A Pup Named Scooby-Doo!

The only episodes missing in that span are eight episodes from The Scooby-Doo Show that you can purchase on iTunes. This app is truly amazing! Though it only works when you have a wi-fi connection and you have to pay a one-time fee of  $6.99 if you want the advertisements removed permanently, this is truly an awesome app any Scooby fan should have on their computer!

With this app, I now have access to every episode of Scooby-Doo ever released (in America at least)! :)

Attention all NCT fanfiction writers! Have you ever wanted someone to brainstorm with? To scream about your OTP’s with? To share prompts and alternative universes with? Well then this is the network for you!

A group chat will be made using LINE Messenger (or another messaging app if suggested!) in order for us all to get to know each other more ♥ If the group chat is successful then I would like to make a tumblr to share writers work as well as giving challenges and prompts for people to choose from! I haven’t decided on any rules/number limit so it will hopefully be discussed with members soon!


Please reblog this post to spread the word and submit this information to me:

  • Your Name
  • Age
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  • Preferred Pronouns
  • Favourite Ships
  • Writing Account (ao3/aff/if applicable)
When her best friend died, she used artificial intelligence to keep talking to him
When the engineers had at last finished their work, Eugenia Kuyda opened a console on her laptop and began to type. “Roman,” she wrote. “This is your digital monument.” It had been three months since Roman Mazurenko, Kuyda’s closest friend, had died. Kuyda had spent...
By Casey Newton

In February, Kuyda asked her engineers to build a neural network in Russian. At first she didn’t mention its purpose, but given that most of the team was Russian, no one asked questions. Using more than 30 million lines of Russian text, Luka built its second neural network. Meanwhile, Kuyda copied hundreds of her exchanges with Mazurenko from the app Telegram and pasted them into a file. She edited out a handful of messages that she believed would be too personal to share broadly. Then Kuyda asked her team for help with the next step: training the Russian network to speak in Mazurenko’s voice.

The project was tangentially related to Luka’s work, though Kuyda considered it a personal favor. (An engineer told her that the project would only take about a day.) Mazurenko was well-known to most of the team — he had worked out of Luka’s Moscow office, where the employees labored beneath a neon sign that quoted Wittgenstein: “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” Kuyda trained the bot with dozens of tests queries, and her engineers put on the finishing touches.

Only a small percentage of the Roman bot’s responses reflected his actual words. But the neural network was tuned to favor his speech whenever possible. Any time the bot could respond to a query using Mazurenko’s own words, it would. Other times it would default to the generic Russian. After the bot blinked to life, she began peppering it with questions.

Who’s your best friend?, she asked.

Don’t show your insecurities, came the reply.

It sounds like him, she thought.

anonymous asked:

i sent you an ask earlier, but idk if you got it :( i wanted to ask a question...i was just wondering if you, by chance, happen to remember how we registered for vlive? like was it through another social network, or did we just sign up through the app? i got logged out during the LIVE and i can't get back in and it makes me really sad bc i was at Level 5 and i had the ch+ :(((( and if you don't know i'm sorry for bothering you!

there are a lot of options for vlive to login. line, facebook, twitter.. try all of those and check~ or check your emails if you had notice from vlive before for signing up?


Neural Assisted Painting

Proof of concept demo from Michael Carlon lets you create images using “brushes” which are based on neural networked trained data (ie - if you select the ‘cat’ brush, your input strokes will have cat-like features):

“Painting” conceptually via the use of neural nets. 

There is very little info about the project other than a Reddit thread which states that the project should be released in a few weeks - [Link]

I was randomly scrolling through the internet last night - as per usual - and I stumbled upon an instagram where they basically make fun of things people post on Twitter in terms of food. And when I wasn’t too busy cracking up over the fact that ‘bone app the teeth’ is actually a thing, I was balking at some of the things posted. There was a picture where someone had put ‘leftover sushi from the gas station last week.’ WHY? My insides screamed for them. Do people actually eat gas station sushi? I may not be a culinary genius, but c’mooooon. Aside from some lunch plans, I think I may spend some time watching the food network to help restore my faith.


“If cyberpunk had a cute kid sister who was secretly better at hacking,” it would be cybertwee.

This digital collective explores the intersection of femininity, technology, and community through browser-based projects and performances. “We create platforms for an underrepresented femininity in the culture surrounding technology,” say cofounders Gabriella Hileman, Violet Forest, and May Waver.

For their first Kickstarter project, the cybertwee Deep Web Bake Sale, they showed backers how to buy homemade cookies on the TOR network — posing the question, “What happens when something cute and innocent takes place on the deep web?”

Now they’re funding the cybertwee headquarters, a virtual reality art gallery and an incubator “for all things cute + tech.” They’ve teamed up with twenty-two cybertwee artists and the cyberfeminist collective VNS Matrix to curate a diverse show exploring themes related to identity and technology. They’re hoping to turn the experience into a mobile app, so that anyone can experience the virtual HQ from their smartphones.

“We are committed to using the app to create platforms for artists to work in digital mediums that have been historically male-dominated, and to claim a space for an underrepresented femininity in the new media arts, the tech industry, and online,” they say.”

Help make this project a (virtual) reality here.


❤💝Happy #Valentinesday 💝❤️

I want to thank Alyson Roy @nolchashows for inviting me ! 🙏🏼

Yesterday I was able to use Periscope Producer for the 4:30pm Show featured two “Made in NYC” brands: #SamanthaLeibowitz (men’s and women’s ready-to-wear), #ACIDNYC (men’s and women’s by husband & wife design duo), as well as #LavanyaCoodly (where all materials are sourced in the #USA and hand-embroidered in India).

The 8pm show closed with a special presentation by @promgirlxo and PromGuy Hosted by Randy Jackson and a live performance from rising latin star, #SammiSanchez

The show featured “Real Teens” walking the runway including Kalani Hilliker (Dance Moms), Madeline Stuart (the first #model with Down syndrome & an advocate for inclusiveness)

You can watch it on replay on #Periscope app @tigerwonnyc and later on @UHETV cable Comcast network

#Regram #NYC #dress #prom #teen #tuxedo #runway #feburary #randyJackson #Singer #nolchashows #NYFW (at New York, Manhattan, Usa)

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Android users can now harness the power of neural networks to alter faces
Last month we told you about FaceApp, an iOS app that uses neural networks to tweak peoples’ facial expressions. Now, it’s available on Android too; you can download it here from the Play Store. The app is similar in technique to Prisma, which also uses neural networks to change photos; adding artistic filters in the style of famous painters or paintings. But while Prisma produces some pretty fantastic images, the changes it’s making are only superficial — it doesn’t actually alter the content of the photo, like FaceApp. … Read more