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“Harry,” Ron tugs at his sleeve, “Harry, how do I ‘reblog’ on Instagram?”

Harry swipes left on a brunette girl with pigtails and answers, “You don’t.”  His best friend makes an exasperated sound and Harry looks up to see him turning the phone Harry has bought him to the side as if to find the reblog button there. “You only like things on Instagram.”

“No, no,” Ron assures, “I want to reblog them too.”

Harry rolls his eyes. “No, I mean, you can only press the hearts, you can’t put them on your own wall.”

Ron looks annoyed. “But how are my followers going to see the things then?”

Harry chuckles and turns back to his phone were a too good-looking-to-be-good Theodore Nott has come up as a potential match. “You don’t have any followers,” he says and swipes left. Ron, muttering, doesn’t contradict him.

They’re on the tube, because Harry doesn’t have a connection into the Floo-network (and Harry’s with Ron because he doesn’t dare to let Ron ride by himself, despite protests from him that he ‘can do it by myself, I’ve gone by tube for years now!’ because although it is true, he has also always been with Hermione).

Leaning over, Ron asks, “Can I get Tinder, too?”

“Mate, it’s only a dating app. Nothing else.”

“Oh,” Ron says, “that’s a no then,” and he moves back to Instagram. Harry swipes left on seven people in four seconds and tells Ron he has enough apps as it is anyway.

Harry had been reluctant to get a Tinder profile in the beginning but somehow Ginny of all people had convinced him.

“I won’t meet the love of my life through a screen,” he’d said.

“Yeah, well you’re missing out on a lot of fun and have absolutely no way of meeting them if you sit in your flat and do nothing all day, either,” she’d responded. There had been no good argument after that and she’d “helped” him with his bio by typing “magical fingers and messy hair” and then swiped right on the first five potential matches before Harry had managed to get his phone back.

At first, he’d been meticulous. Gone through people bio’s and photos and really given everyone an honest chance as well as swiping right on a large number of people. After a couple of very awkward conversations, he changed tactics to not swiping right unless it really felt good but after awhile it got too much to invest himself in everyone so deeply. Soon enough he was not only addicted to swiping left, he also didn’t have the energy to care about anything but the first picture. Nowadays, it is more mindless than anything and there goes another three to the left.

It’s always the one’s that he doesn’t immediately swipe left on that he swipes right on. The one’s who makes him hold up, like this girl with rainbow coloured hair. Something that catches Harry’s eye and then he’s off again. Left left left left left Draco Malfoy. With a posh looking picture…

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anonymous asked:

Where can I meet Korean men online that aren't fuck boys.. I feel like I'm going to feel so secluded and inferior when I go to SK next year bc I'm chubby and short. I kinda just want to be loved ya know? *cries internally*

Ho, boy. I feel like I am going to give a pretty negative answer from quite a cynical perspective/experience. Let me preface this by saying I know people who have met their genuine long-term boyfriends through apps (and nightlife,) so I know it’s possible, but let’s all be real here and admit that it’s not p-r-o-b-a-b-l-e. Don’t be commenting on this saying like “WELL I MET MY BOYFRIEND THROUGH TINDER,” girl, okay, but like, the majority of the trash on Tinder is not boyfriend material. No one is going to recommend Tinder to find a real relationship even though it’s possible.

Honestly, the majority of meet-up/dating websites or apps are going to get you fuckboys or guys just looking for a one-time hookup. That is the reality. There are of course bound to be nice people among them (*hell, you’re there and you’re nice!), but you’re going to have to sift pretty hard.

*this is what I tell myself, hah.

The reality is that by meeting someone online or through apps, you have no other social connection to them, meaning that even though they act like an asshole, no one’s going to know about it once they block and delete you from all of their social media. It’s not like you can talk to your mutual friend about it and ruin his reputation. Clean cut. Snip snip. Ghosting is super common here, for girls and guys, to Koreans and foreigners alike.

Think about it. Why are they using the apps? They probably have a solid network of friends and acquaintances that they have known since elementary school and still contact on the regular (very common in Korea) who could introduce them to someone to date. This is generally the norm here. So why are they there?

Personally, I tend to put more trust into people who have moved to Seoul recently or just moved out of their parents’ house on their own, meaning they’re in a new city/part of town and might be genuinely looking for people to talk to and meet in their neighborhood because they are somewhat cut off from their network. For example, I dated a guy for several months who had moved into my neighborhood who was originally from Daegu and he was nice and real and genuine. But if he was born and raised in Seoul and lives with his parents, why do you think he’s on that app?

Unfortunately, as a foreigner your options of meeting genuine people are a bit limited since Korea doesn’t have a culture of talking to/asking out strangers during the daytime. You can basically meet people through apps or through nightlife. Both have negative implications in this country. If you’re a student you’re lucky because you can meet people at school or through mentor programs or clubs. Maybe then THOSE people can introduce you to their friends, and then you have a link.

Regarding your concerns over your physical appearance, shortness is not a problem (rather the opposite,) and chubbiness is relative. I see many “chubby” Korean girls with boyfriends walking down the street. There are people of all body types these days, especially in the younger generation, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Just realize that as a foreigner you may attract people who want to use you to practice their English, people with fetishes, or people who want to act on their stereotype of the concept of “open mindedness” and want to have an experience with a foreign girl. Stay away unless you just want random sex or to be objectified. Don’t take pictures with these guys (or any random guys who approach you) unless you want them to show you off to their friends as the foreigner they nailed.

Here is my advice—I can’t tell you not to use apps, because I use them too. But I caution you to be wary and realistic. If a guy messages you on an app, check his pictures. Do they look like fuckboy pictures? Is he posting other things that make him look like a fuckboy? Does he have FACE pictures, plural? Does he have information on his profile? Did he just make his profile? Does he have an Instagram? Is there a girl in it? Talk to him for a while before you meet up. Fuckboys will tend to lose interest after a couple of days. Use common sense.

Red flags:

  • Talking late at night/wanting to meet up at night/wanting to meet up in a non-public place/wanting to meet up right away
  • “I love foreigners/black girls/blonde girls/etc.”
  • “Do you live alone?”
  • “Can I come hang out at your place?”
  • “You must be lonely…”
  • Asking for sexy/body pictures/wanting to video chat right away
  • Making sexual comments about your body/asking you about sex/asking if you’ve ever dated or been with a Korean guy
  • Asking to contact you on something other than Kakao Talk

Again, use common sense.

Other warnings: Don’t meet random guys from Tumblr because Korean guys have somehow stumbled upon this site thinking it’s an easy way to watch and spread pornography (since porn is technically blocked here.)

On nightlife: In my opinion, more so than where I’m from, Koreans (mostly) see clubbing as a way to find someone to hook up with. Of course this depends on the person, but tell someone sort of average or “pure” that you like to go clubbing and watch their expression. I bet they’ll have made a snap judgment about you. Meeting genuine guys at clubs is not going to be common. Also, while we’re talking about clubs, are there other foreigners at the club? Has this guy tried to dance/talk to/get with all the other foreign girls too? Hmm.

Rather than clubs, you might have more luck at drinking places where “hunting” is common. It’s very normal to go with a group of friends to these places and have guys come up to you and ask you to hang out together and merge groups. You might be able to find someone in this way. Maybe foreign-style bars are similar to this too (but then you’re risking the fetish thing.)

Also, how long will you be in Korea? If it’s a short time, you may have to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Finally, here’s the apps/websites I know of that you can use to meet people for dating or otherwise: instagram, okcupid, pof, badoo, skout, ublove, meeff, 1km, amanda, Tinder, bumble, scruff, grindr, (+ Hello Talk and italki, language exchange apps, GPS capabilities)

You’ll be more likely to find people who want to DATE on sites like OkCupid than places like Tinder. Again, common sense. 

TL;DR: You basically almost can’t! There are several factors that lead to this including dating norms and how friendship works here vs. other countries. Be careful and don’t be naïve. Try more public things like Instagram.

anonymous asked:

The CW is not broadcasting the show on television the same day. It will be later on in October.

There will be both. The CW is broadcasting the show on their website and app via livestream each night of the festival. The CW will ALSO broadcast a TV special in October.

“Music fans can also watch the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival each night via and The CW app, as well as listen on iHeartMedia radio stations throughout the country. The CW Network will also broadcast a two-night TV special on October 4th and 5th from 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. ET/PT.“

Hi there. 
I’m Kris and I am not a studyblr.

I’m making this Masterpost because I am intent to make my last year in high school a great one (I’ll actually settle for decent).
I have major depression, anxiety, and several other mental illnesses so I understand more than anyone how tough (to put it simply) school work, and school in general, can be. I have already taken a few steps towards having a more positive attitude going back to school; such as changing my self-image to make myself feel more confident, like cutting/dying my hair, buying nicer clothes and makeup, etc. As well as setting up a desk full of school supplies in a small room off of my bedroom, which will be my study room, and also buying a huge book on how to do well on the SATs. 
Another way on having a calmer attitude is figuring out what you’re going to be doing after this year is done (for me it’s my senior year, I know this won’t be applicable to all). I know it is a hard and stressful subject but having a plan, no matter how small, in place will help a lot. Also, writing positive/motivational letters to yourself to look at. 
I have recently written a short letter called “Dear Past Me” which contain things that I wish I knew in 8th and 9th grade. But it is applicable advice to anyone really. Here it is.
Whenever You’re Feeling Sad/Anxious/Stressed/Bored (Websites & Games, Art, Music/Sounds, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Self-Care, Comfort Food)

I have faith that you will all do well this year. I wish you all the best of luck. 

New Year, New Start, New You

  • New (School) Year Resolutions
  • Goals for 2015
  • 3 Steps For Creating a Powerful Self-Image
  • Personal Image & Appearance (Highly Recommend)
  • Self-Image Makeover
  • How to Change Your Image
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More Help/Tips/Advice


Based on the recent schedule changes for next week on Cartoon Network via @cnschedulearchive, I made up some alternative “ideal” schedules with a ton more variety, surrounding the recent changes.

Some shows from Boomerang (both from the lack-of-an-HD channel and from the app, like SD:MI), have time slots on CN. As well as CN’s classic cartoons taking up the 6am hour on one of the schedules.

Both regularly have Steven Universe as reruns to build up the hype for unannounced new episodes. But both also have Teen Titans GO! as the number 1 spot because children love the show.

Everything after 5pm stays the same for both of them.

anonymous asked:

i wonder who is the person who narrates all the su promos..i like their voice..

I wonder that too!! It’s someone different from the “voice” of cartoon network who talks on the app and stuff normally, I wonder if they have a different voice for each franchise or something? That would be cool

Top 9 Animated Shows of 2016

I don’t wish to mince words.  2016 sucked.  It sucked a lot.  In addition to losing several beloved celebrities, including Alan Young, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, just to name a handful, my family lost two pets in as many months, and dealt with several other personal losses that, I’ll be honest, has really dashed my holiday spirits this year.  

It’s been a rough time, but one of the reasons that I adore animation is that it is the window to the fantastic, a mirror of the soul whose only restrictions are the imagination of the writers and artists.  They are my escape, and my passion.  I believe that a good story and good animation can take you on a journey that can rival any book.  I believe that with all of my heart.  

And while 2016 definitely sucked in many, MANY respects…It did not in the Animation department.  With several incredible films including  Moana, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Zootopia, and a strong stable of Animated Television shows as well.  And so for this list, I’m going to included my Nine Favorite shows from 2016.  I will also include the best places to watch said shows online, if you feel like checking them out for yourself.

Without further adu:

9) Kulipari: An Army of Frogs

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: A stellar voice cast including Josh Keaton, Keith David, Charlie Adler, and Mark Hamill–just to name a few.  Character designs by Greg Guler, and snappy writing and direction from Tad Stones.  This is an all around strong show that is tons of fun to watch.  It’s biggest weakness is it is a touch formulaic (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) but the writing, characters, and animation make up for it.  

8) Milo Murphy’s Law

Where Can I Watch It?: Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney XD App

Why is it worth my time?: From the creative team behind Phineas and Ferb comes the series about Milo Murphy.  The descendant of Edward Murphy, Milo is a afflicted with his curse.  For Milo, anything that CAN go wrong, always WILL go wrong.  What makes it interesting is that Milo goes about his life crazy-prepared, and with an infectiously positive attitude.  Not hurt by the fact that the titular character is voiced by non other than “Weird” Al Yankovic.  With the writing team of Phineas and Ferb, and a star like Weird Al on your billing, naturally many episodes have a fun musical number.  This show is sure to lift your spirits if you’re just having a Milo Murphy kind of day.  

7) Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Where can I watch it?: Disney XD, Disney XD App, Hulu (Season 1 only, as of 12/25/16)

Why is it worth my Time? This fun little show has really started growing the beard since its debut last year.  With an ongoing mystery about Star’s family history underlying the second season, one definitely gets the feeling that much more is going on beneath the surface.  

6) Voltron: Legendary Defender

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: I was never a fan of the original Voltron.  It was before my time. But hearing Josh Keaton–One of my favorite voice actors–Sing the praises of this show over and over again on twitter got me hyped.  Nor was I to be disappointed, for this show was a treat.  There’s distinct nods to the Classic show–Which again, I never saw, but I NEVER once felt like I was missing anything important.  Indeed, I enjoyed every second of this show’s first season, and the amazing cliffhanger it left us on.  I never had any doubts that it would get a second season, and I can’t wait to actually catch that season next month.  

5) Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Where can I watch it?: Nickelodeon, iTunes, Netflix (Starting February 14th) 

Why is it worth my time?: I hadn’t heard of this show before a few weeks ago, but now I feel like I seriously missed out.  After after asking some friends, they heartily recommended this French Cartoon.  I dove right into it.  The show is very formulaic, but makes up for it with a great mythology, fun characters, and a downright adorable two-person love square (in which the titular heroes are in love with each other, but due to being ignorant of each others secret identities are in love with the wrong personas, preventing them from actually hooking up) Season 2 drops in May, and promises a shakeup of the status quo dominating the formulaic nature of the episodes, and I can’t wait to see it.   

4) Steven Universe  

Where can I watch it?: Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network App, Hulu

Why is it worth my time?: This show continues to grow an already impressive beard, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  It’s become rather famous within Nerd Circles for the clever writing, long term plot planning, and amazing cast of characters.  

3) Star Wars: Rebels

Where can I watch it?: iTunes, Disney XD, Disney XD App

Why is it worth my time?: This show has been getting better and better each season.  The scrappy crew of The Ghost actually makes me give a crap about Star Wars, in ways I never expected.  As they face down the Empire, while exploring the deep, rich mythology available in the Star Wars Universe.  Bonus points in having some of the scariest villains on TV.  Darth Vader’s appearances on the show actually show why he was an effectively scary villain, delivering a curb stomp battle on our heroes every time he meets them.   And General Thrawn of the current season actually makes me feel like the Rebels have lost ground every time he appears on screen.  Bonus points for fans of the recent film installment Rogue One; that movie is littered with easter eggs and references to this series.  Most obviously?  Look for the Ghost fighting in the battle above Scarif.

2) Trollhunters

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: From the brilliant mind of Guillermo del Toro comes a coming-of-age story that, Quite frankly, is everything I look for in a fantasy series.  This is the show that I want to watch when I think I want to watch a fantasy series.  Starring the late Anton Yelchin as Jim Lake Jr, this show features an all star cast of multi-faceted heroes, villains, and lots of…Grey areas.  I cannot praise this show enough.  It only arrived on Netflix two days ago (as of the writing of this post) and it is one of the best animated shows of the year.  The season finale had me in tears at the end.  And the cliffhanger promises even more great fantasy in the next season (which I very much hope we get, even if del Toro will have to recast the lead due to Anton Yelchin’s sad and unfortunate passing.  Every episode is dedicated to his memory) 

1) Gravity Falls

 Where can I watch it?: Hulu, iTunes

Why is it worth my time?: Gravity Falls remains my second favorite animated show of all time (Though Trollhunters came very close to knocking it down to third.) and it came to an incredibly satisfying conclusion in the early part of this year.  Creator Alex Hirsch chose to end the show on a very high note, closing all of the major story arcs, while still leaving quite a few mysteries left for the fans to decipher.  (Literally in many cases) This is a show about Family, with amazing writing, awesome voice work (much provided by creator Alex Hirsch himself) and a deep, rich inner mythology, this show will be one that I return to again and again.  

And that’s it.  Those are the Nine Shows I enjoyed the most from this hellhole of a year known as 2016.  I hope that these little blurbs encourage you to check out at least one of these shows.  Or even all of them.  And I hope that they bring you the same joy that they’ve brought me this year.  

God Bless, and have a Merry Christmas,

~~The Disney Wizard.  

I have to talk about this!!!

First of all, if you go through Chase’s replies, they really don’t have anything like this.  They’re not Wendy’s.  They’re not responding to random tweets about pop culture.  So I can only imagine how this conversation played out in the social media office or whatever between the Black woman who OBVIOUSLY knew this would get traction and the white management who doesn’t know Black Twitter or Insecure.

Janeen:  Todd?  Can I run something by you?  I think we should respond to this tweet.

Todd:  Who is Tasha?  Is she in the news?   This situation isn’t **whispers** racial is it?  Doug, do you know Tasha?

Doug:  I don’t think so.  Isn’t there a Tasha in the mailroom?

Todd:  No it’s Tamara.

Doug:  No, Tanisha.

Todd:  No wait, I think her name is Tawanna.

Janeen:  Her name is Marie, but focus please.  Tasha is a character on an HBO show called Insecure.  It’s pretty much the biggest conversation on Black Twitter this summer.

Todd:  Is that different from just Twitter?  Is it in the app store?

Doug:  I don’t have it on my phone.  What’s the icon look like?

Janeen:  It’s just regular Twitter guys, but it’s a bunch of Black people, most of whom are linked to the same general network of influencers and conversation starters.  If we respond to this tweet, I guarantee it will get traction within a tight circle of visible users.

Todd:  What should we say?  Is the Insecurity Show any good?

Doug:  Oh I know.  We can say “Tasha don’t work here!  Girl bye!” and include a gif of Linnethia Leakes.

Janeen:  Actually…I think understated is best?  Any reference to the show will be enough to make our social media footprint.  We don’t have to, um, blacken it up.

Todd:  Doug?  Thoughts?

Doug:  I think…I think let’s try it.  Let’s defer to Janeen on this one.  Do what you think is best.

Janeen:  Thanks guys.

Todd:  Oh and tell Tamika in the mailroom we said hi.

I mean, that’s how I see it in my mind anyway.  And it definitely got the intended reaction from Black Twitter, so props to Chase.

But also, props to Issa Rae tho!  I can only imagine how tickled she must be for this kind of random ass shoutout.  Everybody is winning today.  I’m here for it.

Here’s something I wanted to try… here’s the most viewed Cartoon Network programs from Monday, July 31 to Sunday, August 6.

The schedule being… well… awful last week didn’t affect TTG premiere ratings at all. In fact, Friday’s Teen Titans Go! is the highest rated premiere of anything on Cartoon Network since the start of the year. However, TTG didn’t achieve 2 million like Island Adventures and Steven Universe’s “Bismuth” did almost exactly 1 year before. According to Nick and More, 7 out of 10 of the top 10 premieres so far this year are now TTG episodes, with the only other shows ranking on that list being Steven Universe and Regular Show.

OK K.O. is doing pretty decent right now, 1.345 million for the first episode. The lowest rated episode last week, “I Am Dendy,” with 1.005 million, is still better than a lot of CN premieres this year (sadly). With the heavy promotion (even heavier than the TTG miniseries, believe it or not), I would have liked a little higher, but eh, that’s fine.

Also… keep this in mind. Cartoon Network is HEAVILY pushing their on demand services. TTG’s “Chapter 1: I Saw You Dance” and the first 6 episodes of OK K.O. have been on demand for 1 or MORE months. With all the early releases CN has been doing since the start of the year (as well as making their streaming app available on Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku), it’s pretty obvious that they’re wanting people to watch through the app. It’s easier to support the network that way, they get the exact viewer stats (compared to how network TV uses the Nielsen system that everyone agrees is super out-dated). Even better for CN, they don’t HAVE to release the viewer stats from the app! They brag that their on demand service is one of the most used out of all the networks, so if you get disappointed that an OK K.O. episode gets 1,005,000 on TV, maybe it got even more on demand! It probably did.
Lea Michele’s New Song ‘Hey You’ Reads Like a Letter to Cory Monteith: ‘Songwriting Is a Form of Therapy’
The Scream Queens star opens up about her personal new album Places

When it came time to write and record her new album, Lea Michele got personal — and she says creating the album was a cathartic experience.

“This is exactly how I’m feeling in my life right now,” Michele, 30, tells PEOPLE of her sophomore LP Places, out now. “I want the world to hear it.”

While her debut album (2014’s Louder) was more of a pop departure for the Broadway veteran, Michele returned to her theatrical roots on Places, flaunting her Streisand-esque pipes on soaring anthems and tear-jerking ballads.

The lyrics of one of those ballads, “Hey You,” read like a letter to her late boyfriend Cory Monteith, who died of a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol in 2013.

“Final days were the hardest / I didn’t think they would be your last,” she sings on the emotional album closer. “I know you had to go away / I’ll tell you every day I miss you.”

Michele won’t confirm the track was inspired by Monteith, saying, “I like to keep certain things private,” but adding: “Songwriting is a form of therapy.”

The Glee actress cowrote “Hey You” with songwriters Ali Tamposi and Wrabel and says it serves as a follow-up to “If You Say So,” a song from Louder which she wrote with Sia. (In 2014, she told Billboard “If You Say So” was about Monteith, telling the magazine: “It will always represent the most devastating thing that’s every happened to me in my whole life.”)

“I love it. I think it is such a beautiful song, and it has such a beautiful message,” Michele says of “Hey You.” “Despite it being about a more sensitive subject matter, when I listen to it, my overall feeling that I get from it is just joy and love.”

Indeed, Michele says she’s in a very positive place in her life these days.

“People have a perception of who I am and where I’m at right now,” she says, “because of everything I’ve been through … But I am so happy. And I feel so strong.”

Watch the full episode on Lea Michele, streaming now on People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to, or download the app for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xumo, Chromecast, Xfinity, iOS and Android devices.

Hi guys! This is Zenab from nebulaestudy! I’m really excited to join the studyblr community here and on Instagram. 

About me:

·        I’m studying English Literature and Creative Writing 

·        I attend a university in the UK. 

·        I’m 19 years old and in my second year of uni.

·        At uni, I’m a peer mentor and a Make a Difference ambassador - this means I go through training such as child protection but I also get to network a lot and try new things like apps for augmented reality.

·        I love kpop and my favourite band is BTS.

·        I also love kdramas and I’m still crying over Scarlet Heart.

·        I watch One Piece with my family and we watched every single episode this summer.

·        My sport is archery and I completed a course last year so I can shoot at any club in the UK. 

·        I’m an Aries and a Slytherin.

·        I can’t dance or sing but you can bet I enjoy doing both of them.

·        I don’t ever stop talking - I even talk in my sleep!

·        I can speak around 4 languages!

·        I love cacti and succulents and have 8 in my window - 2 are fake (shhh don’t tell them)

Units I will be studying this year:

·        American Spaces

·        Remake/Remodel

·        Manchester and the City

·        Prose

·        Poetry

·        Edlab

Units I studied last year:

·        Critical Dialogues

·        Story and Structure

·        Language and Technique (poetry)

·        Approaches to Narrative

What my studyblr will be about:

·        My rough and neat notes for my lectures and seminars

·        I’m starting to learn Korean so I’ll be documenting my journey on here and sharing my progress with you guys.

·        My summer journal which has some elements of a bullet journal.

·        Book recommendations and reviews - most often with spoilers.

·        Stationary I have!

I love pretty aesthetic notes but my work won’t necessarily be so. I’ll be focusing on being neat rather than calligraphy for example. I want to encourage more people to be proud of their work whatever it looks like. 

Of course to make my own studyblr I’ve been following more than a couple of existing ones! @studyquill @studysection @emmastudies @softtblanket @academic @studylustre @cactaestudies @ghiblistudyy @k-studynet @iridescent-studies @areistotle @classicalstudies

I love these blogs and a lot of others I haven’t written but I hope to meet you all!

I'm taking a blog break.

I thought that giving it a day to settle would make things a little bit better. So I came back on here tonight to address some of the asks I’ve gotten, and try to work through what this blog is now after that finale.

Honestly though, it’s apparently way too soon.

There’s a lot of bad feelings and triggers for me tied up in this finale, and consequently this entire series. I have no good memories of this show now, because my love of it was not character driven but mystery driven. And as it turns out, there was absolutely no mystery at all.

I feel so bad for feeding into this shows continued existence. I actually convinced people to watch this show. I feel guilt, because this show perpetuated so many awful concepts, and I enabled that by being not only a loyal viewer but a loyal blogger.

I have roughly 6500 followers. That’s way too wide of a reach for me to have irresponsibly suggested that this show would make good. And I’m not talking about making good on a decent finale or answering questions. But I rather doggedly insisted that every slight to women, the trans and gay communities would be answered for. That every predator on this show, of which I can count far too many, would be held accountable.

I learned a lot of things from that finale. And one of the most devastating things was that women, particularly young women are not taken seriously, even by shows targeted specifically to them.

I learned that I’m supposed to be placated by attractive actors having sex, and romance at any cost.

I learned that I’m not supposed to ask questions, because I don’t deserve answers.

I learned that I don’t matter enough to actually write a story that treats me like I’m intelligent.

I learned that all that matters for 24 year old women is to move back to their hometown and start a family after college.

I learned that women still don’t respect other women enough to write good stories for them. And networks don’t want them to.

I learned that rape and abuse are fine. Even romantic, as long as the people are attractive.

And I learned that no one gives a shit about right and wrong, anyway. And that morality is subjective, if not entirely absent.

So, as a favor to myself and all of you I’m taking a break. Deleting the app, and just disconnecting from this experience for a while. I’ll still get tag notifications if you need to contact me. But at this point I’m one bad post away from deleting this blog and years worth of work with it. So, I’m gonna let it sleep and come back when I’m over this hurt, shame and guilt. I’ve got too many years and too much money in therapy to not know when it’s time to let go.

andyrandly  asked:

Has anyone checked Sherlock: The Network??? It's been pulled from the App Store I think. I scrolled way back through my purchased apps but can't seem to get the page to load, downloading the app now though. Not sure what I'm looking for tbh

Update: Google play hasn’t updated the app since January 6th 2015, I can’t find a date for Amazon, and apple have pulled it from the App Store. Which is odd seeing as it’s available elsewhere? When I found a link that sent me to the App Store page it told me that the game wasn’t available in the UK but told me to change to the Russian store in order to view it. The Russian store told me to change to the UK store. I’m not sure if this is significant but at least worth sharing just in case lmao

Oh that’s really strange! Maybe try contacting the Sherlock Network game on twitter and see what happens? ;) I would check my app but it’s on my dead kindle lol- Sherlock the Network had so many cool clues in it like:

Here- one of the horses was named Inigo Montaya- a character from The Princess Bride.

And here- Beth’s Pool & Mary clue.

So the game is certainly also part of ‘The Game!’ ;)

Salty Cartoon Network Rant

I’m neutral with Teen Titans Go. It’s fine. Tolerable. Certainly not one of the worst things ever…

What I do hate, however, is how it’s EVERYWHERE! Could Cartoon Network please ease down with Teen Titans Go?! Holy shit, it’s like 24:7 Teen Titans Go is on. Can’t you guys air other shows?

And what the hell is up with your advertising? I just came back from watching Adventure Time Islands and it was amazing! The only problem is that nobody is talking about it because nobody was aware it was on! Adventure Time Islands received 0 advertisements! I’m serious! The only time they did advertise it was during the Steven Bomb! Speaking of Steven Universe…

At least Steven Universe is advertised and is aired from time to time. But what they did with releasing the episodes three weeks before they were supposed to air is awful and a huge “Screw you” to the creators. It’s an awful business practice too. Why would you release episodes on an app nobody has, only to be pirated for other people to watch? Don’t you care about money?! Your main target for Steven Universe is teens and most teens do not want to download the Cartoon Network app!

Also, poor Regular Show. Regular Show was ending and instead of reruning, doing specials, or ,I dunno, doing something a TV station would do to honor one of their shows that helped revive Cartoon Network in all its glory, they decided to say “regular show is ending lol watch it when it comes on.” And when it’s all over, air a We Bare Bears marathon. BECAUSE THATS A GREAT WAY TO SAY THANKS FOR BEING THERE YOU CUCK! I understand the show does not do well in ratings as much as it used to but you can still show a little respect. Or you could air EVERY EPISODE OF TEEN TITANS GO BEFORE THE FINALE.

Cartoon Network, I love ya. But you’re fucking up. The reason why you came back was because you started to air really good shows that everybody loved. But now you’re becoming Nick and that is a terrible thing. Adventure Time is ending and I better expect a good way to end it.