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these posts might be annoying, but from the start of 2016 when i started watching and drawing ml to now- this show and this fandom has pushed me to draw so much more than i used to and ive improved heaps because of it, so thank you!! 

Here an edit I made to give you another hint about the new fic series!!! 

♥(please don’t steal this, it’s not worth stealing I promise. Use credit!) ♥

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How you draw such a good genos? Love steamy toaster child

Wahh, thank you Anon!! <3
I don’t usually save WIPs of my artwork but for this particular drawing I actually did so you’re in luck, lol!

For anyone curious, the process behind that particular drawing

Originally I was actually just planning on doing a sketch to test the camera filter, and I made this:

It’s a tricky pose, so I relied pretty heavily on this reference photo. I did some changes though, like modifying the angle of the arms, the body is thinner and shorter to fit Genos’ proportions better etc. The biggest difference is making more of the face visible though, I knew from the start I wanted one glowing eye to be visible.

After I had finished the sketch I decided that I… liked the drawing, and wanted to continue with it. I inked it properly and ended up with this:

Then I was like urghhhh colourssss how do those work again?! I decided I’d try to keep it as simple as possible and work with only a few colours. As part of that, I decided to do all the shading via the lineart and so added a bunch to it:

I do most of my work in Paint Tool SAI usually but for this drawing I wanted to experiment with gradients so I kicked it over to Photoshop Elements so I could do that since SAI doesn’t have that particular tool.

I picked the background colour first to set the mood, then played around with gradients until I found something that I thought would work for Genos. I wanted the drawing to be fairly dark using warm colours, to give the impression of heat.

The glow to his eyes and vents was added in SAI (Airbrush with layer mode set to Lumi & Shade - place the layer above the lineart layer).

The steam is also added in Elements using special brushes, I use this set. I add a bit of Gaussian blur to that layer to make the smoke less “realistic” so it fits in better with the rest of the drawing.

Last back to SAI to flatten everything (make a back up copy that is not flattened in case you want to do more edits later!!) and add a texture to the layer. I work with these textures, my favourites are Dirt 3 and Noise 1 (which is what I used here).

….And that’s how I drew a steamy toaster, I hope that helped XD

i just feel like @staff should give a personal apology to all the poets on tumblr that have the format of their poems ruined bc of this update