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Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Finished 24/03/2017

I’m a sucker for a fairytale retelling and this darker look at Alice in Wonderland fully delivered.

In the same fashion as Wicked, Heartless tells us the tragic story of the Queen of Hearts and her life before Alice fell down the rabbit hole. It’s got everything you could want from the genre, forbidden love, nods to the original story, and an inevitable ending, though that doesn’t stop you from wishing your predictions will be wrong.

It was also surprisingly pleasant to journey into Wonderland with a much more substantial plot than the original story holds. I understand that Wonderland is this weird and wonderful place, but I definitely appreciated following a story rather than a series of scenes which was the feeling I got from Alice. 

No it’s not perfect, and I could have done without the insta-love, but Heartless is a nice and easy read that gives you a new perspective on a classic tale.

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teddy bear

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REQUEST: Sebastian reactions when he finds out that you STILL sleep with your teddy bear 😊💕😙😙 

WARNINGS: fluff 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I am not ashamed to say that I, too, had a little sleeping buddy. It was just a little pillow that I’ve had since I was like maybe 2???? But I recently threw it away because it was just… it was coming apart and there was no way of bringing it back to how it looked before lol. ANYWAY, enough about me. 


You double checked your bag and made sure you had everything in it. You were about to embark on a little trip to Europe to visit Sebastian while he filmed his new movie. 

You got a ride to the airport from your friend and then you were off. You busied yourself with a book and music as you soared through the air. When you touched down in Europe and once you got your bag off the conveyer belt you spotted a man holding up a sign with your name on it. You smiled and walked over to him. 

“Sebastian’s told me much about you.” 

You blushed. “Oh! Well I hope it’s been all good things.” 

He tucked the sign under his arm and helped you with your bag. Once you were settled in the front seat of the SUV, you two drove off to the hotel where you would be staying at. 

“Sebastian should almost me done,” the man looked down at his wrist to check his watch. “I’ll let him know you’re here.” 

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The best merch is the type you make yourself.

Last semester was when I got into Sailor Moon, and this was entirely due to a book redesign project in my Typography class. It was the typical “redesign a classic novel” spiel, but I argued for how we could define the term classic. Some professors are the coolest. 

I always wanted to get into Sailor Moon, and this project was the perfect opportunity. I’ll upload concept designs soon, cause my initial ideas were much different from the final. 

*Unfinished* (Because I don’t like it and I don’t really want to finish it…)

What if Mikleo wrote a book about their adventure wich got translated and re-published a lot in the past 500 years so it ended up sounding more like a Love-Novel than a story about the adventures they had. Due to the reason that Mikleo was writing from his point of view people weren’t quit sure if Mikleo is supposed to be a girl or a boy. I also imagine that Mikleo never told people that he was part of the seraphim-team wich travled with the Shepherd. So when they made a movie adaptaion they asked Edna about what the Shepherd and his Waterseraph looked like… Edna had fun with that….

When Sorey wakes up again he finds this nice DVD, Mikleo is already like “Meeh I’ve seen worse” and enjoys Sorey’s reaction. (send help)

I never really saw myself loving anyone. I couldn’t even love myself. I never felt connected to anyone, even as I got older, even though I had my fair share of lovers. I just couldn’t find that connection. I felt isolated. I felt like I didn’t belong, and as hard as I tried to get close to someone, I just never could. I wont deny I hurt a few people in the along the way, but I could not, for the life of me feel like I could be with anyone. I felt alone and I just didn’t feel like wasting my time, or anyone else’s anymore. I didn’t want to hurt anyone else, including myself. So I gave up, and for some time I was doing just fine on my own…Then came you. And you flipped my whole world upside down. You taught me how to love in a way I never imagine I was capable of loving. With you I felt a connection, not only with you but I felt connected to everything around me. You gave me a sense of purpose. You made me feel alive. From our random road trips, to a simple night of looking at the stars. Because of you I learned to love the parts of me I hated most, because of you I saw life with color. I hope you never leave, I hope you stay.

Sometimes being is just not enough. It’s not the same as living. I’m not falling in love or laughing as much anymore which all in all leads to less smiles, less pictures with friends and family, less memories. I’ve got a list of books to read that is longer than my patience for myself, if I could I would leave myself in the other room or maybe in the next town over because we aren’t on the same page anymore. I go to sleep without clothes on so that I don’t have to strip anything off in the morning; I feel like I have been ridding myself of layers for so long- who I was, who I am, my dreams, and all of the possibilities fall to the floor like yesterday’s clothing. I want to help, but I can’t help myself. I want to live, really live, but the effort it takes to just keep breathing is becoming a burden.


It’s me!

As I said I was on the Leipzig book fair with some friends last weekend and @rasenberger and I were cosplaying Shadow Bonnie and the Marionette/ the Puppet from the game Five Nights at Freddy’s! (sadly we couldn’t find a black bowtie for my friend but the red one looks fancy as well) :D It was a lot of fun! 16 people or even more wanted to take pictures of us, a fangirl really wanted to hug me, I got candies and a kid also started crying… (But Shadow Bonnie made it smile again)

My mom just got back from a business trip to China, and she brought me presents and I love them!

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: The silliest delivery yet

UberEats delivery. I picked up a single egg roll from the restaurant. It’s $1.25. Uber gets 30% of that, so $0.38 rounded up. They also got $5.99 from the customer for the booking fee. That’s a grand total of $6.37 to Uber.

Due to the distance plus a 1.3x boost due to the location of the pickup, they paid me $15.98 (take-home, after the Uber fees) to deliver a single egg roll.

This isn’t really something that can last. Uber really needs to set some minimum for orders. It’s great for me now, but that’s short term thinking. If they keep doing business like this, they won’t be around in a year or two to keep paying me.

Also this dumbass customer paid $8.04 with tax for one egg roll. 😅

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Do you ship Connall and Vaughan?

….Dude r u deliberately trying to find crackships I don’t like BECAUSE YOU’RE THREE FOR THREE AT THE MOMENT I’M SO FUCKING SORRY. 

okay, right, I’m sensing this is a bit of an unpopular opinion???? but…I do not think that Connall is a good dude? That was not the impression that I got from the book at all? I think he’s…unhealthily obsessed with and devoted to Maeve at this point? I think he and Fenrys are almost exact opposites in this? (There’s already some play there with the light and dark contrasts) but I thought it was hinted that Connall…worships/is in love with Maeve in his own twisted way? He willingly serves in her bedroom and is more devoted to her even than Lorcan because it’s in a much blinder, incapable of thinking for himself way. No doubt he’s been twisted that way by Maeve’s abuse but…the fact remains he ain’t someone I really want to ship with anyone else (even Vaughan who we know basically nothing about) 

But I’m getting less and less sure about this because fandom seems to like him and his relationship with Fenrys and now I think I read it wrongly I??? I don’t know. 



Warning: Nothing but fluff. 

Summary: A trip to Los Angeles is going amazing for Y/N, until she’s too entranced by nature, breaks a bone, and there’s seemingly no one to help her. 

Grayson’s POV

I sat across from Ethan, as he was enthusiastically telling me a story about how he fell down a flight of stairs and got a sick scratch from it. Normally, I’d be excited. Normally

We sat in this cafe, a random one Ethan happened to find with aesthetically pleasing decor, so we decided on breakfast here. In my line of sight, just behind him, a girl sat by herself. I held my breath slightly, a wave of warmth flashing through me and I felt nervous. All I’m doing is looking at her. Her hair shining as the sunlight caught it perfectly. She was engrossed in her book, I could see from here, Pride & Prejudice. 

“Are you even listening?! Hello– Oohh…" 

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The Evil Queen got what she deserved. . .

… because David wished for it.

So, yeah, there were plot/logic holes in the entire process, but I’ll accept it for the beautiful moment it was …

Think about it. David went to save his daughter from EQ and wished for the EQ to get what she deserved. When Aladdin did his thing, nadda. THEN, we have the suspicions - Robin hasn’t aged, Robin crossed over, and so on. So, what happens? Her counterpart helps her to develop the ability to love again. Henry writes some vague, inelegant sentence in his book, and BAM! EQ is outside the tavern. 

So, yes, the Evil Queen go what she deserved. 

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I dont get it WHEN MADDIE did not mention Abby in the book everybody was freaking out and hating on her but now that the girls left they are competing against Abby studio and fithing WITH brynn who was their friend just 2 weeks ago everyone is like yeah girls prove abby Wrong i honestly dont get it

People were mad at Maddie because it was Maddie and they bought the entire story line of “Abby made her” and all this shit and think she owes her everything etc. I wouldn’t exactly compare this weekend’s drama with the hate Maddie got when she didn’t mention Abby in the book, it’s a mess either way and I’m honestly done pointing out hypocrisy. If they hate Maddie that much that they start to defend Abby, then that’s just ridiculous. Just ignore it and be glad the Zieglers got away from the show and didn’t have to experience this weekend’s drama. ;) 

Name: Kiomi

Age: 15

Location: Netherlands

Occupation: Student


The things in this picture are one by one very important to me and have great value. My camera is something I bring with me everywhere I go: traveling or just on a small trip. The little Eiffel Tower is a souvenir that I got from my sister when she visited Paris 2 years ago. It means a lot to me. My sister is sick at the moment and this really makes me feel better, because maybe someday I’ll be able to go to Paris with her. My journal has become very important to me recently, mostly because it’s a place where I can dump all of my thoughts and feelings. It really helps me. The book ‘Every Last Word’ is my favorite book ever, it’s really interesting and it makes me think about life etc. Also My polaroid is of a bunch of my friends and whenever I feel sad I look at it and it makes me feel more happy!

listen if you can bullshit you will do fine in college. i got the best possible grade on a paper recently that was supposed to be about comic book history and i went on this tirade about how names are hard to remember and i didn’t really remember the information given to me but here were my opinions on one key part of the article, using the cartoon version of the grinch and will eisner’s comic about fagin from oliver twist as examples, even though will eisner was not one of the comic artists we had talked about. i turned that in and i got full marks. follow your dreams kids