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The season three Blu-Ray & DVD of Disney XD’s “Star Wars Rebels” comes out on August 29th!

In addition to getting to relive all your favorite episodes of the season, it will include fun bonus features like FIVE audio commentaries from crew members like Dave Filoni and a segment on how the formation of the Rebel Alliance seen in “Star Wars Rebels” ties into the ROGUE ONE storyline!


Look at these quality blu-ray edits from volume three posted by soukatsu!

  1. Improved crab. Extremely significant, of course. Animator Itou-san actually asked everyone to pay SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS CRAB on twitter.
  2. Yuuri’s tie that Victor wants to burn! Instead of just being light blue. It has a pattern on it now. I do think that makes it uglier, but I don’t know, Yuuri still kind of works it.

Apparently other things to pay attention to when watching the blu-ray/dvd are Phichit’s eyelashes, Yuuri’s eyebrows (?), Minako’s face, and of course more/better skating. 

The blu-ray also has Kenji Miyamoto’s performances of Minami’s Boogie, Shall We Skate, Still Alive, and Intoxicated, so a lot of them on this one! 

BLU-RAY 1080P | BTS Live on Stage: EPILOGUE

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Concert Practice
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MD Shooting Film
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Poster and Bridge Shoot
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Moana Had Brothers?! Meet 'em in Exclusive Deleted Scene From Disney's Animated Blockbuster

How far did Moana go from the initial drawing-board version? Fans who snapped up $565 million worth of tickets worldwide might not recognize the story of the plucky teen wayfarer as originally conceived.

With the Oscar-contending animated hit heading home (the Digital HD version arrives Tuesday while the Blu-ray/DVD hits shelves on March 7), Yahoo Movies has an exclusive deleted scene (watch it above) that shows how the title heroine evolved as a character.

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As they set up the clip, directors Ron Clements (the one with the beard) and John Musker reveal where it originally had fit in the film.

“This is a very early scene in the movie, where Moana had six older brothers,” says Clements, “and this was a showcase for Moana’s sailing proficiencies and how she really kind of outdoes her brothers.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

“We lost her brothers and wanted to make her less proficient when she was sailing so this scene went away,” adds Musker. “But it’s a fun scene.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

“The scene went away as did her six older brothers,” says Clements. “Somehow she became an only child and probably is much happier as an only child.”

(Courtesy of Disney)

The “Lost Brothers” deleted scene is one of seven included on the home edition, along with a Lin-Manuel Miranda tune, “Warrior Face,” that also wound up on the cutting-room floor.

(Courtesy of Disney)

As Musker and Clements explained earlier to Yahoo Movies, they ultimately decided the film is about Moana’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment and the story was streamlined accordingly. For example, the directors said an early iteration of the story had Maui performing more heroics in the climactic battle, but, after discussing with some female coworkers, the filmmakers realized Moana didn’t need Maui’s help in defeating the vengeful goddess Te Kā. Likewise, the subplot with her battling a half-dozen brothers for the attention of their chieftain father felt superfluous.

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Disney is notorious for its intense story-vetting process, with many films undergoing radical changes, and Moana is no exception. Musker and Clements, whose joint credits include Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and The Princess and the Frog, told us earlier that the heroine’s breakout sidekick, the daft rooster Heihei, was almost excised from the film because they had trouble figuring out how best to organically fit him in the story.

In addition to the excised scenes and song, the Digital HD and Blu-ray versions of Moana will include the Maui-Moana short “Gone Fishing,” the theatrical short “Inner Workings,” music videos, making-of featurettes, director’s commentary, and a guide to the film’s Easter eggs.

So the sales for the final Yuri!!! on Ice DVD/Blu-Ray (Volume 6) came out…. and the numbers are…

18,591 DVD’s and 44,858 Blu-Ray’s were sold, totalling 63,448. To put these enormous numbers in comparison, the first volume had a collective 50,878 sales. If a series gets 10,000 sales total, it’s considered a big success. The fact that volume 6 sold 63,000, is insane. In fact, it puts Yuri!!! on Ice at the 6th highest average sales from the 2000′s

Osomatsusan season 2 ad movie (2017)

are you ready for Osomatsusan 2?

in the screening event premiere, two new episodes were shown.
one was an outtake of the X'mas episodes.
in the episode, Totoko appeared as a competiter of that quiz in the men’s public bath (she wore clothes), and answered all “whose is this?” questions correctly.
at the end of the episode, Osomatsu asked her what she wants for X'mas.
“all i want for X'mas is…a cool boyfriend!”
Totoko and the naked sextuplets started crying there in front of the people in the men’s bath.

the other one was an episode for the announcement of the season 2.
the neets gathered at the fishing pond.
Osomatsu implyed something serious, and teased his brothers before the announcement again and again.
(Karamatsu imagined it could be an announcement about his rock concert, but Osomatsu burn karamatsu’s groin with his cigarette lighter)
only Todomatsu kept quiet from the begining.(his older brothers mentioned Miyu Irino “because the voice acter has gone abroad!”)
but, Osomatsu won’t announce “the important news”, so his younger brothers got irritated, and started beating each other.
and all of a sudden, empty Todomatsu started glowing and announced the season 2.

both episodes were really funny.
these will be included in a new Osomatsusan DVD & Blu-ray, おうまでこばなし. (will be released on June 30)

Selamat pagi! Yuuko here! With less than a week until the long-awaited release of Nichijou: My Ordinary Life - The Complete Series™ on Blu-ray™/DVD™ Combo Pack™ from Funimation, I just wanted to make sure you guys got your preorders in. Featuring 26 jam-packed episodes of non-stop hilarity, this cult comedy classic of gorgeous animation from Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd. is well worth the price of $69.98. However, Funimation is so happy to be able to share it with you that they’re willing to discount it to $52.49 if you order it in advance from their website! (I also heard you can get it for $49.99 from Amazon but shhhhhh.) You’d have to be a total blockhead to pass up a deal like that! So make sure to go out and order your copy of Nichijou: My Ordinary Life today!


Animestyle - issue 011, May 2017
Part 4(out of 5): key frames of Yurio’s EX
(4 pages + some close-ups)

I’m including my own translation for the blurb in the first page (top right image) as well as the original text for reference.

Blu-ray&DVD最終巻である6巻に、完全新作映像としてユーリ・プリセツキーのエキシビション「Welcome to the Madness]が収録される。ここに 掲載したのはそのうちの1カットだ。第一原画を立中順平(たてなかじゅんぺい)が 修正を平松 祯史が担当。A1、A3からA13は平松によるレイアウト修正を原画として使用。A2は立中の第一原画がそのまま使われている。A14以降は他のアニメーターが第二原画を行った。

In the 6th and final volume of the Blu-ray&DVD, Yuri Plisetsky’s Exhibition “Welcome to the Madness” is compiled as completely new footage. Published here is a cut from that. Tatenaka Junpei was responsible for primary key frames*, and Hiramatsu for corrections. A1, and A3 through A13, are layout corrections by Hiramatsu used as key frames. A2 is Tatenaka’s primary key frame that was able to be used as-is. From A14 onward, another animator did secondary key frames.

* 第一原画  (daiichi genga) and  第二原画 (daini genga) refer to the first and second key frames. I translated them as “primary” and “secondary” to express the idea of tiers. Some studios are able to have multiple people refine the key frames before submitting them to the animation supervisor (in this case Hiramatsu-san) who would check them, add corrections, and then send the cut out for in-betweens. The first key frame animators do the actual drawing, and the second key frame animators will clean it up - acting like assistants to the first key frame animators.

Find links to all parts under the “keep reading” as I continue to post them.

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YOI x Animumo A3 Size Clear Posters

Original Release Dates:
Yuuri & Makkachin: January 27th, 2017
(Reward for purchasing YOI DVD/Blu-Ray Volumes 1 & 2 from Animumo)

Yuri: March 31st, 2017
(Reward for purchasing YOI DVD/Blu-Ray Volumes 3 & 4 from Animumo)

Viktor: May 26th, 2017
(Reward for purchasing YOI DVD/Blu-Ray Volumes 5 & 6 from Animumo)

Featured Characters (4 Total):
Yuuri, Makkachin, Yuri, Viktor

It’s pretty unusual to see Yuuri in this type of attire and without his glasses!
ETA: Adding Yuri, who seems to be proud of his style as always.
ETA #2: Adding Viktor, who really seems to be going bald here…

More from the Animumo series

50 years after its debut, a restored version of Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène’s first film Black Girl is now available from the @criterioncollection. Fresh Air critic at-large John Powers says:

“We can all name movies that take place in Africa – from the many adventures of Tarzan to Oscar winning hits like Out of Africa – but these are not movies that actually come out of Africa.  They were made by outsiders looking in.  In fact, I’d wager that most Westerners have never seen an African story filmed from the inside.

There’s no better way to correct this than Black Girl, the taut, moving, 1966 film that’s widely regarded as the first-ever fiction feature by a black African director.  It was written and directed by Ousmane Sembène, a brilliant Senegalese auteur who wasn’t merely the godfather of African cinema but probably the greatest artist it has yet produced.  Now out on DVD, Blu-ray, and iTunes streaming in a gorgeous new restoration from Criterion, Sembène’s debut feels as timely today as it did half a century ago.”

Hear the full review.