this is from starkid

Draco: Where are we supposed to go?
Harry: Um, I don’t know, Pigfarts?
Draco: Hahaha 😄😂. Now you’re just being cute 🙃💋. I can't🚫GO to Pigfarts 🐷💩.It’s on Mars 🌐👽. You need a rocket ship 🚀❕. Do you have a rocket ship 🚀, Potter?⚡❓⁉.Yes you do❕‼❕‼❕‼.You know not everyone of us🚫 can buy out NASA 🚀🚀🚀💰💲 when our parents 👫 died 💀🗡🐊

Watch them!

You won’t regret it! 

If you want original, full-length, hilarious musicals; here’s a few by Team Starkid (and Tin Can Brothers). From Harry Potter, to DC, to Disney and the creation of fire. There’s a show for every mood!

A Very Potter Musical

Me and My Dick

A Very Potter Sequel


Holy Musical Batman

A Very Potter Senior Year


Trail to Oregon!

ANI: A Parody 



Spies are Forever - Tin Can Brothers


Poe Party - Shipwrecked Comedy - there’s Starkid members in there too and is really awesome

Flop Stoppers (short film) - Tin Can Brothers

These guys are the reason I am doing a theatre degree at University!

Harry Potter 20th anniversary

In honor of this celebration here are a few of my fave moments from the 3 parody musicals by Starkid. In no particular order.

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That’s all I can think of for now.

Happy Harry Potter Day everyone!

Favourite Starkid scenes

Just a heads up that none of theses gifs are my own … these are my top 10 favourite scenes from any of the Starkid productions:

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I can’t even think of this video without laughing 

Just in Case You Were Curious

because after seeing Trail to Oregon I know I sure was. Here are the names the awesome audiences gave the characters on various showings (based on Starkid’s tweets). They are funnier to me now that I have a context for the names. Here we go, on: 

P.S. I’m making this a “read more” thing because this will get pretty dang long.

P.S.S. EDIT 6/8/15: Now including the names from NYC!!

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[Tumblr’s Top Ten Heartbreaking Moments] - #9 Harry First Sees His Dad

I open at the close…

starryniiight  asked:

so you've mentioned before that twisted is your favourite starkid musical, but what is your favourite song from twisted? (i know, tough question) (hope you're having a nice day/evening/whatever the time is when you read this) :)

Oh man, that IS a tough question…. I love how catchy “Follow the Golden Rule” is, I find myself singing that all the time. I love just WATCHING the number “Twisted” with friends because all the characters coming out always elicits the BEST reactions from them! And “No One Remembers Achmed” is SO FUNNY. But man… the show’s torch song, “If You Believe In Me” has got to be the top number for me and Dylan Saunders is SO AMAZING in it, ugh I’m gushing lol

*warning Spies are Forever spoilers*

If you haven’t seen Spies are Forever, here’s everything you need to know:

-it’s a musical

-mostly people from Starkid, plus you’ll recognise a few of the cast from Poe Party

-Lauren plays two (2) women which I’m pretty sure is a record for her


-protag spy dude has two possible female love interests, but he doesn’t get with either of them bc he’s gay

-turns out the real love story was between him and his spy-buddy Owen

-who happens to be Joey Richter so who can blame him

-guys a spy musical that destroys the Bond clichés and has a gay protagonist and manages to treat the female protags as actual characters rather than Bond-guy’s next exploits

-the gay is pretty subtle and a kiss would’ve been nice but hey I’ll take it

-maybe a sequel at some point

-amazing soundtrack

-Lauren says “fuck” a lot