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i love yall and like at the end of the day it’s chill if u dont read my rules before following and if u save it for later but truly u should check them out just 2 skim who im exclusive w. bc that does mean im not gonna be following more of that character 

okay sorry for the delayed answers but yk shit happens. but im back and heres the answers to the first 20 legit questions i got in my inbox.

1. How long have you been on tumblr?

since 2009 so 9 years. i feel old. I’ve had 5 blogs and my current personal account has been active since 2010. 

2. Would you ever take the time to get to know someone random on tumblr?

absolutely! ive gotten to know several of you just from talking through chat and you’re all so lovely <3 

3. What’s your personal blog url?

god damn how u gonna play me like that bby? ): i guess its time i expose myself. here you go. 

4.  I was the 17th person to like tge post, is this the 17th question?


5.  A CACTUS smash or pass?

hella fuckin pass. smashing a cactus where i live can get u jail time. stay woke. save the bees. dont smash cacti.

6.  Whyd u decide to strt this blog?

I wanted a place to keep my favorite memes bc saving them on my phone was taking up too much space. so i decided that i would put them on tumblr so other people could enjoy them too

7.  When is your birthday?

november (11) tenth (10) nineteen-ninety-six (1996), this makes me 21 

8.  What do you think the world will be like in 2040?

probably better than it is now bc trump wont be pres anymore. unless he fucks us over in his time here that 2040 will still suck major ass. either way idk but i hope its better than it is now. 

9.  How old were you the first time you ate red fish

ive never eaten red fish. 

10.  Hello I want to ask you… Are you happy? And what makes you happy?

for the most part yes, but everyone has their bad days. theres lots of things that make me happy. my family, my boyfriend, MY DOG MOST OF ALL (and my cats too), basically just animals in general, cloudy days, rain, coffee, tea, seeing other people happy, making people laugh, nature, bugs, so many more. An easier question would be what doesn’t make me happy bc that list is way shorter. 

11.  Favorite dessert? If you don’t have one then favorite foods?

founders favorite ice cream from cold stone without pecans. if u have cold stone where you live go order founders favorite without pecans (or u can leave them if u like them). also i make the best brownies in the world no joke. fav food is subway. or sandwiches in general. or anything with chicken. 

12.  Do you believe in god?

Absolutely! I’m a christian but I believe in not belittling other people for what they believe in. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and I will not judge you or treat you differently because of your beliefs. I also believe in not shoving my religion down peoples throats. I know that Christians kind of have a bad rep in todays world, and the ones that have a bad rep because they do shitty things (like hate on LGBT+ for example) are not true Christians. So I guess I’m more of a “modern day” Christian. I believe in loving everyone and treating everyone with kindness. <3 

13.  Do you play video games? What’s your favourite?

not really mostly because i dont have any consoles besides a pc. so the only game i ever really play is league. and thats rare. also im not very good.  

14.  Marry fuck kill Oprah Zuckerberg Kanye

marry oprah, fuck kanye, and kill zuckerberg. 

15.  What’s you favorite color!

green! neon and mint. more into mint lately. 

16.  What music do ya jam to?

my future hubby, eminem, blink182, sum41, three days grace, 90s-00s pop, and some modern pop too. 

17. Favorite movies?

1. Dead Poets Society

2. School of Rock

3. Breakfast Club

18.  Fave way of cooked egg? (Hard boiled, scrambled, fried, omelette, etc)


19.  Aside from memes, what else do you take a passion in?

Literally everything but mostly music and chemistry. I play trumpet and was in marching band throughout high school and for my first year of college. I’m studying chemistry, currently taking organic chemistry. Everyone I know hates ochem but I love it and it’s so fun to me. 

20.  What is your dream job?

Forensic technician (thats fancy talk for crime scene investigator) for the FBI and that’s what I’m in school to do. 

Update on my reporting the four posts (one of which was my redraw art post, the others were screencaps with my captions copied) to instagram because the user kakashi._.master4 reposted them there without my permission …has run into a roadblock.

Instagram was quick to respond but says they can’t be sure the original posts I provided from my blog here are me/mine. I get that, but how do I confirm this account is mine, then? I asked if screenshots of account/email attached to this tumblr and my email would work, and now I think I should have suggested a screenshot of the email also attached to my instagram account? I don’t know… I just don’t know how to get this resolved now. :(

I’m not so attached to the booty redraw to die on this hill, but that account reposted A TON of art from legit artists here on tumblr and if little ol’ me and my kakashi booty redraw can’t get some justice… :((

Hope they respond with something I can do to prove I’m me. I’ll let you know if there’s something I can do and thus something others can do if they run into this problem, too.

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i LOVE your words so much, you write so well. i tend to become fascinated by older and mature fans, i love their answers to the various questions they get, i end up checking their blogs (and in your case twitter too) everyday. in fact i turned on notifs for your blog yesterday and today i got a heart attack when you posted something but i read it as "reblogged YOUR photoset" (you don't even follow me so it was even more ridiculous) and my heart jumped

Thank you. Ahahaha, awww, that’s so cute.

It really is surprising to me how much attention I suddenly got with this blog. My thoughts are just my thoughts, they come to me naturally so it’s a bit baffling to see how so many people can apparently relate to them or find something useful from my words. If anything I’ve ever said has ever helped even a single person out there, I consider all the hate and angry messages worth it. Thank you guys for your support.

New Moon, New Lapis 🌸✨🌱

I cut all of my hair off in an attempt to free myself from the negative energy i just COULDN’T shed. It WORKED! So well infact, That i think i’m gonna share my new hair {and face} to you guys… But don’t get used to it 😽🌑 I try to keep my blog faceless for the most part, For confidence & witchy reasons. I want this blog to be all about teaching you guys what you want to know about witchcraft, and educating you guys on the craft, NOT about myself. So here is my one personal post: My hair has never been shorter than my armpits so.. It really is a new me :-) Its a mess so. Yeah.

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Hi! I'm a hufflepuff and I absolutely ADORE your blog! My girlfriend, who is also a hufflepuff, is starting to worry that she's fat even though she's looking weight... I'm really worried that she's developing an eating disorder... She's very upset about my anorexia and I'm worried that she is gonna go down the same path as me... I need to convince her not to do this to herself but when I try she calls me a hypocrite. Any advice?

Thanks for the love, you know I ADORE all my fellow Hufflepuffs and the other lovelies that follow my blog…

But, as a person that is in recovery from anorexia and bulimia, I gotta tell you a couple of things about it… Both of you, actually. It is the scariest thing that happened to me, but also the thing that made me the happiest. At first, you don’t know who you are without your eating disorder. It is all-consuming, as you know. It becomes a part of you that actively controls you. The journey of self-love looks scary and hard and I am not going to lie - it’s very hard AT FIRST.

How I got here, you ask me, the ever self-loving trash that I am? Fake it til you make it. Your disorder will scream at you, it will promise you all the things you know are fatal but ever so tempting… WHACK IT WITH A BROOM, MATE! All of the things that voice in your head says - lies. All of them. And when it says: “But you’re doing this for you; your body, your rules; you’ll love yourself more…” No. You are NOT doing that for yourself, you are doing it because your disorder is controlling you and it wants nothing but your death. Eating disorders don’t only affect you, they affect your family, friends, partners… Almost all of my relationships were ruined because I was moody, depressed (more than before, I’ll explain later) and I had no energy to maintain them. No, no, no, don’t be like “but it shouldn't be a burden for you to hang out with friends, you don’t love them if it is”. When you’re tired all day, do you really want to go out with your friends? When you’re afraid of food, do you really want to go out for drinks/McDonalds with them? When you’re so starved, can you really listen to their problems and give solid advice?

As my eating disorder got stronger, my life was slipping away. I was a good student, talented as I am, but I almost flunked the year because I missed half of the second semester. Why? I was in the hospital. I was unable to get out of the bed. I was unable to focus on my studies. I was running on a limited supply of black coffee and a bit of bread my darling got into me. I was being forced into recovery, my parents were making fun of me, I was crying and crying and crying and destroying my body in any way I would. Drinking myself to a blackout in front of the school? No problem. Smoking despite my darling actively protesting and me not really liking the choking sensation? You got it. Doing god-knows-what in my room and cleaning it up with tissues? Yeah.

I was desperate. I was losing everything I cared about. I was suicidal. My grades, my family, my love… Everything was slipping through my fingers. Then I found her.

One of my thinspo blogs changed into a recovery blog. She was scared but ready to take it on. I reached out to her through an anonymous message saying how I am afraid too, but ready to change my life for better. I was sick of being a ruined life, a child who destroyed the happiest years of her life by being controlled by a disorder that was about to kill her.

In the reply, she told me not to be afraid and to feel free to reach out to her if I want to. I knew that I was too weak to carry on with the recovery all by myself. I knew that I would relapse without anyone’s help. So I sent her a message saying how I am that anon and we started talking. Turns out - we are the same age, we have the same name, we have so much in common.

Without her, I wouldn’t be the self-loving shit that I am. @fight-it saved my life, and in the process became a really good friend. We still talk; we’re actually planning on meeting this summer…

This is my story. I hope it made you realize that you’re not alone. Nobody is. Please, please reach out to me because: a) I am as curious as a squirrel and I want to know how it goes with your love, and b) I want a new friend.


It actually makes your other mental illnesses worse. (My depression got unbearing because of it.)

1000 cal diet was used as a torture method on prisoners. (One guy chopped off 3 fingers and didn’t even know why, hmmm…)

It is more effective in killing you than actively trying to kill yourself. (16% more successful!)

It is never too late/early to start your recovery. No matter how high/low your BMI is, no matter if you’ve been restricting for years (like me) or months (like her). We are all in this together.

First of all, sorry for a long read, but this subject hits so close to home that I just… had to, ya know. Second of all, please do reblog this because people out there are fighting their battles and some of them might need this message. Lastly, I love you all…

(Oh, and Ana, can you boost this on your blog, too? It’s me, Ana! Hah)

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Hey this is gonna sound weird, but could you tell us a bit about yourself. I've been following you for a while and I value your blog and insight so much but I don't know much about you! Are you from the US? Whats your fave color? Favorite food? Favorite hobby? And anything else that makes you the great person you obviously seem to be!? :)

Hi Anon,


Are you from the US?  Yes, I’m in the Western United States.

Whats your fave color?  Pink

Favorite food?  French Fries

Favorite hobby? Reading/spending time with my family

And anything else that makes you the great person you obviously seem to be!? 

I am a mom in real life and married my best friend after nearly a decade of friendship first.  I consider one of my greatest strengths my patience and ability to keep calm in high pressure situations. 

I sold my first live mice today!!!!! Someone posted in a group yesterday asking about mice in the Lakeland area (I live about an hour and a half away from there) and it just so happened that I had to drive my mom there today for a meeting. It was meant to be! I sold Hash Brown, Quiche, Fork, Feta, Mozzarella, Amy, and Charmy ^-^ The person I sold them to is very nice, I know they’ll be well taken care of!

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Why haven't you watched the meme vid?

tbh i just couldn’t bring myself to watch it? so many of my friends got in the viddy and i’m so so proud of them don’t get me wrong.
but the thing is, oftentimes, i’m much more harder on myself than i probably should be. it’s not like i felt like i had some kind of right to be in the video or deserved to be, but my brain kind of saw this as a personal goal/merit thing? (kind of like getting first place in class if you’d be willing to look at it like that) being a blog that mainly makes meme contents esp on tumblr, the main recognition this kind of stuff gets from dnp is getting on this particular vid, as opposed to an art blog which has the chance to frequently get their posts liked/reblogged by dnp. 2017 in general hasn’t really been the best year for me ngl but tumblr was like the one thing i felt like i was doing quite decent at. so even though i was literally always making all the posts on my blog for the community to consume and not to like get noticed or whatever, my brain kind of saw not getting in as like a huge not good enough and basically shoved me back in the hole. i couldn’t even think about the video without crying and/or zoning out and wanting to go fucking die in a hole yesterday lmao

captainhotass  asked:

do you have any suggestions for new simblrs starting a legacy? my simblr is plumbobpancakesyt!

i made a ridiculously long post here kdsflm i’m not consistent at all w/ my legacy, i’m only playing a challenge, so i don’t think i’m good w/ advice. what i can say is, again:

- for your blog remember to tag everything, the usual tags (sims 4, ts4 legacy, etc) so people can find your blog and also your own tags that will allow your blog to have a better navigation for your followers. a link to read your legacy from the begining, tag important sims, generations etc. it’s also good to have some sort of schedule, i personally am really bad at it lmao, but a blog that is always updated is the best, we all want our dashes moving yk!! so try to find a certain amount of daily posts that is good for you. it can change depending on your real life schedule, so dw about it. 
- as for the game, that’s where my suggestions get worse bc i personally suck at finding the courage to open my game lmao but start a legacy you think you can continue (be it a challenge or your own version of a challenge), set up goals for each gen, add different sims to your game (like sims from simblrs you like! i did that recently and it’s so nice having other people’s families around your save), play around with the townies a little and make improbable couples, idk! have fun and don’t worry too much, we’re all just playing sims and every blog no matter their following has a period of being bored with their gameplay or even their style, so if you ever feel like taking a break or changing things around it’s fine! <3

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name: Amber

nicknames: Monkey and Ammie

height: 5'4"

orientation: Pansexual

nationality: American

favorite fruit: Raspberry

favorite season: Autumn

favorite flower: Peonies and lillies

favorite scent: Vanilla

favorite color: Purple

favorite animal: Chinchilla

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Tea

average hours of sleep: 0-7 depending lol

dog or cat person: I like both but I’m more of a cat person

favorite fictional character: The doctor from doctor who

number of blankets: All of them, like 2-5

dream trip: Somewhere tropical like Bermuda

blog created: 2014

followers: 777

a random fact: I have a scar in the middle of my left hand from my brother taking a nail gun to it when we were little

tagging: @mommylogicreblog @echeveria-elliegans @munster-mama @babylump @canarydown

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okay but consider that authors sometimes DONT reply to comments on fic because it inflates the number of comments on a fic. we use comments as the largest metric as "is this a good fic?" and ao3 adding author comments into the numbers kind of skews it. i appreciate authors who don't comment back for this reason, especially when they have their Tumblr easily linked where i can interact with them!

I think it depends on where you’re looking at the numbers? In the stats page on AO3 you don’t see total number of comments, you see total number of comment threads (ie. originating comments). 

From what I’ve been reading through this blog (tags, reblogs, asks), different people use different judgements when trying to decide what’s a “good” fic. Some people use comments, some kudos, some hits, some bookmarks. Personally, I go by recommendations. 

But then, my fandom is smaller. I can always just go in and do a search for my ship or for a particular tag (like “fake dating” or something like that) and find a reasonable number of fics to read summaries for. Then I just go with whatever sounds good. 

Not everyone has a tumblr account, just like not everyone has an AO3 account, so we all just interact where we can. 

Thanks for a new view on things that I haven’t seen much of. 

anonymous asked:

You seem like a really good person?? Like honestly you seem really nice and wise gah ;; I really look up to you and how you can acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them to become a better person, I think that's really respectable! I feel like most people just deny and ignore them which isn't healthy at all.. Sorry if this sounds kinda jumbled but yeah I hope you keep doing what you're doing ^^

oh anon.. not sure how to even respond to this tbh, thank you so so much. 

How you define ‘a good person’ is intensely personal… But as you can probably tell from all my personal replies and texts, I don’t think too highly of myself. I’m an incredibly lazy hypocrite who fails to see what’s really important at hand. 

I started this blog 3 months ago at my darkest times - and honestly, I’m still trying to run away from my problems. I’m becoming a type of a person who I hated in college. I seriously did not think that I’d be stuck where I’m at right now, just 1 year ago. I haven’t responded to my friends irl for 3~4 months, because I was ashamed of what I had become. I’m sure they love and care for me but… it’s tough, I can just hear the whispers, things like ‘what happened to her’ and ‘things really fell apart for her didn’t it’. Change was inevitable but I still couldn’t accept it. 

It’s really weird. I think Osomatsu san was sort of an escape-from-reality for me because there was a character that I could really relate to. When I made this post about Osomatsu, I was sort of… talking about myself in some sense. The worst part is that I acknowledge all my mistakes and flaws, but don’t try hard enough to fix those problems.

Sorry this kind of took a dark turn haha I just never thought that I’d be a ‘respectable person’. However, I’m really really glad that you found some comfort in my words. You make perfect sense by the way, do not worry! I was very very happy to receive your kind words. Because of this message, I’ve worked on a new comic! It’ll be out tonight in like 3 hours c:

I think I’ll message my friends tomorrow too. Properly apologize for not having trust in anyone.

I hope to come to terms with reality. To mature and grow. For myself, friends and family. And for my adorable cat haha.

happiness of the day

day seventy four:

you guys are my happiness today. i’ve made so many cool friends on here and i want to thank you all for being so kind to me and being so positive and supportive on my blog. thank you from the bottom of my heart. it means so very much to me and i probably would have given up on these posts long ago if it wasn’t for you guys 💕 (an extra special thank you to those ultra cool beings that send me cute animal pictures throughout the day, you all know who you are 😊 virtual high fives for you.)

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name: Rebekah

nicknames: Bek, B, Boo, there’s too many to list

height: 5'7″

orientation: Striaght

nationality: Australian

favorite fruit: Grapes 

favorite season: Summer 

favorite flower: Pansy and Lisianthus 

favorite scent: natural scents - woodfire smoke, freshly cut grass, and the smell of rain on dirt; synthetic scents - dragons blood, 

favorite color: Any shade of green, but emerald green has a special place in my heart

favorite animal: Giraffe

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: COFFEE

average hours of sleep: I have no idea, it’s broken a lot at the moment, maybe 6ish???

dog or cat person: Both

favorite fictional character: Oh fuck, um, how do I only choose one? Probs Hermione from Harry Potter

number of blankets: Just the doona in the summer, and a doona and light blanket in the winter

dream trip: Sydney to Hawaii and back 

blog created: this one was created last year (???) I think, my original blog was created November 2015.

followers: No clue - must do a look through and see if I need to block some

a random fact: Both of my parents were self employed and worked from home while I was growing up. 

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I've been reading a lot of commentary from writers and it's been eye opening! I must say as a fan fic author, I cherish and value every person who not only took the time to read my work, but was kind enough to leave a comment, and I love replying to them. These interactions bring the fandom to life, and someday when our shows are cancelled, we're going to remember how these exchanges make us feel. So glad you're running this blog!

I love the friendships I’ve made through fandom, as well. And comments/replies is just one way that I’ve made them! I’ve also been lucky enough to get tagged in memes and sent asks, and since the messaging feature rolled out I’ve been getting more people contacting me that way and just starting up a conversation. 

Fandom as a whole and each little corner of it in particular can be a great place. I’m glad you’ve found your niche in it :)

Hi lovelies,

So listen, following the recent tyren performances, I have quite a few very hateful asks about tyren and ty in general in my inbox and I’m not even going to let them see the light of day but I think some people have the wrong idea about the type of blog this is.

Let me go on record as saying I do not and will not endorse any negativity about tyren. To me, there is a very clear difference between making observations/ light hearted jokes about PR/management etc. and actually spreading hate about someone who you do not know personally. I will continue to refrain from making any judgements about ty bc I don’t know the guy so who am I to say anything bad about him? 

So don’t get it twisted.. I might make light hearted jokes about management/PR but I am in no way ever going to support anything mean being said about ty or tyren or anyone for that matter… this ain’t that type of blog. 

From my experience, most of the people I know in the community are on the same page and I hope maybe the ones in my inbox who are spreading hate will join us and realise that whether it’s pr or not, it’s really simple…

anonymous asked:

Why do you think yoonminions are not as aggressive as TKers regarding Jikook , considering they're just as big ??

Well thats just from my personal experience i guess because ive never have a fight with any yoonmin shippers?

Like with t/k stans… well u know whats happening to my blog and ive seen TONS of them on twitter fight with jikook stans, making fun of jimins body and etc

While i never have those kind of experience with yoonmin shippers, soooo