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Let’s Talk about Rika and V

I think “Let’s Talk” is gonna be a series here, do you guys want that?

Anyway, though, here we go. (I’m sorry for any typos that may be in here) From someone who, as I’ve mentioned before, went through an ordeal similar to V’s (minus all the cult shit), there’s a few things I would like to say. I am fully aware this may start a bit of discourse. 

I’m gonna clarify, though, as I did with the Jumin post, I am not saying V is perfect and did absolutely nothing wrong. He is not perfect and I know that. I’m just gonna do my best to give you an insider’s view on this kind of relationship. (I am not going into detail on my personal experience, I’m only giving opinions on V and Rika’s because that’s the focus here)

1. I see a lot of people getting mad at all of the hate Rika gets, but I haven’t seen a good, solid reason as to why. One of the only reasons I’ve seen is “She was mentally ill!!” No, no. That does not work here.
Correct: Rika was mentally ill. That does not excuse what she did. She was capable of making decisions for herself, she wasn’t completely helpless and I think this is where people get confused. You can’t look at a serial killer and say “He’s mentally ill! He didn’t know he was killing people!” Often times, serial killers are pretty fucking aware that they’re murdering people. Rika knew what she was doing, and if you’ve completed what the game has to offer so far, you would know that and you would know that she’s even acknowledged this.
She knows that she’s hurt people, she knows that she’s ruined people. I would even go as far as to say all that “I wanna help them” shit was a scam too, and that brainwashing was her intention from the start.
As mentioned in the post I re-blogged about her, she was going to a therapist and then chose to stop doing that. It is not and never was V’s job. Rika was a grown woman and that’s the decision she made, knowing full well that she was making it.

2. Her and V’s relationship as a whole was not healthy when this began. From my experience, here’s how this goes: You fall in love with this person. This person starts to turn into something you never thought they would become. You try to speak up, you try to help, and they do not listen. They guilt trip you, they make you feel like this is your fault, they say everything they can to get you to stay.
Now you’re their toy. Now you’re wrapped around your finger. You can’t just go anymore because it’s become something more and your mind is in a constant battle, trying to figure out what to do and trying to get those gears to turn. You know this isn’t good for you but you just can’t go. You can’t. You’ve been mentally, emotionally, verbally, and maybe even physically or sexually abused at this point and you are completely lost. That is basically what Rika did to V. Did V make plenty of questionable, even wrong decisions? Yes he did. Did V’s limbs allow him to get up and walk out of that? They damn well could have, but so could mine and both V and I, in a time of confusion, chose to stay because we thought it was our duty to help. 
You are not in the right frame of mind then. You have been manipulated and you do not know how to properly function anymore. That is exactly what she did to V and Saeran. She also did it to Yoosung and Jumin, but it was more mild. You think that without this person, you will lose all purpose in life. You think that without them, you’ll be lost forever. Everything they do comes with an excuse, a reason, and you take it like it’s set in stone when it isn’t. Because when you questioned them, they got upset. They lashed out, they cried, they threatened and maybe they beat you. Your brain tells you that shouldn’t happen again and so you become this person’s pet. It is hard for you to leave now.

I understand both sides. I really do. I stop agreeing when her mental illness becomes an excuse for what she did. I know there are gonna be quite a few people that might attack me for saying that. I am not saying that every single person to ever stick up for her in any way has used it as an excuse. I’m not saying that. I’m saying that’s almost all I’ve personally seen. 

I’m also not painting people with mental illness to be these terrible monsters, as I suffer from it myself and I know that isn’t true. The case isn’t “mental illness made her do this” and unfortunately a lot of people look at it that way, most commonly in the forms of:

“Mental illness made her a horrible creature”


“Stop hating on her, she was mentally ill”

It is something in-between, and I tried to explain that here.
Looking at the secret endings really shows a lot, and I feel like not enough people pay attention to those and really, really look at them before stating something.

This blog believes in, supports, and promotes asexual aromantic Artemis.

I have no problem with people seeing her as gay, ace, trans, etc.

But for the content on my blog and my posts, I use her and see her as a form of asexual pride and positivity for me and my followers.

Please refrain from adding your personal beliefs. There s a time and place for everything. If you see her differently, then make your own post.

Don’t derail and harass my posts or me and my followers, especially when used for positivity.

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(1/2) First, i'll thank you for this blog! It's the first time i found a writing blog who talks about the dificulties of writing from a mentally ill person's perspective (i'm depressed as hell all the time, and none of the usual tips helped me at all), so, have in mind i really apreciate your work!

(2/2) 2nd, i would love to hear what you have to say about working on longer projects. None of mine can pass the planning stage, mostly because i find really hard to rethink my own ideas.Once i have one, i can’t challenge it, as they become so ingrained in my mind. Since longer works takes a lot of rethinking and brainstorming, i always reach a point in which my work becomes too solid, too deviated of the original idea, and i lose motivation. Taking a break from the project doesn’t work either.

First of all, you’re welcome! I’m always so glad to hear someone’s getting something out of this blog. 

Your problem is actually something that happens to me too…or at least something similar happens to me. I’ll write a few thousand words, then get stuck, realize something earlier needs to be reworked, but then instead of going back and actually reworking it, I’ll just polish the beginning endlessly and never end up moving forward.

Depression may actually have something to do with this. I was reading recently that depression tends to make people especially unwilling to take chances or risks because they anticipate failure so vividly. This then becomes a self-perpetuating cycle because they limit their experiences and opportunities to succeed at things and just get more depressed and less willing to take chances. This is a particular bummer for depressed writers, since writing involves an element of play, of experimentation, and thus requires us to take chances. So, that rigidity you experience might be a consequence of depression. I can’t swear to this cuz I’m not a psychologist, but for what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure it’s true for me.

And this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it! I’m going to give you an exercise to try. Think of it as a way to stretch your creative muscles. Take a story you’ve written, old or new, and pick a turning point in the plot (major or minor). Now imagine the most outlandishly different way that turning point could have gone. It doesn’t need to make much sense; it can be “and then aliens landed.” Now sketch out how the story might go from there. Play it straight, even if your new turning point is kinda out there. No matter how bizarre it is, that’s just what happened, and matters must now proceed from there.

Another similar exercise you can try is simply to take a story, old or new, and re-plot it with one major element completely changed. Take out or add in a major character. Set it somewhere different. Change a major event in the backstory. Whatever, as long as the change is big.

Basically I’m encouraging you to experiment with making big, huge, wild changes to your story, or at least to sketch them in and imagine how they’d play out. Once you’ve loosened your brain-muscles a bit, you can start to think about the more moderately scaled changes you might make to an existing work in progress.

If you try this, let me know how it goes! I might give it a go myself!

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I just want to say that I love this blog (and the lack of boob chest plates)!!!

Hah, thanks. I must admit boob plates aren’t completely absent from this blog, just very rare and… strongly discouraged. :p

Basically, if I find a picture awesome in general tone, I can overlook certain disappointing details. Of course there are no hard and fast rules for that, it’s entirely subjective what’s a deal-breaker and what’s not, and under what conditions. I just do my thing and hope that my personal taste happens to coincide with others’. :)

Glowvern design giveaway! Starting July 24th to 31st.

1 reblog for entry! Likes will NOT count for an entry. This means each person gets 1 entry total. Winners will be chosen via

Le rules

  • Pokeaskblog/daily blog only. A semi-ask/personal blog will not count. If you reblog from a personal blog, you MUST specify your askblog via mention like so: @occasionallygrovyle
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  • Please credit me for the design at my artblog @crankycorvid​. The only exception is if the character is used for ns/fw content. Do not link back to me if you do so.
  • A png. image file without the watermark and with the color palette will be sent to the winner via imgur link.
Snk headcanon/rp/fanfic/imagines writers!!!

Snk headcanon/rp/fanfic/imagines writers!!!
Thank you so so so much for all your hard work on the headcanons/rp/fics/imagines etc you guys are awesome!
They’re all amazing and I absolutely love reading every one them (the nsfw ones too haha)
Seriously they’re the highlight of my day
Just wanted to let you guys know I appreciate it even though im one person lol

(Btw this is my side blog my actual one is pulppfiction 👍)

Edit: uhh the tagging worked for the first two idk if it’s just not showing up in my end?

Edit: fixed it

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I'm 22...... I feel like a granny

No you’re not haha, you’re still bts’s age

Anon 2:  No baby, you’re not the oldest because i have 20 lol

Not very far from me tho haha

Anon 3: 22;;;;;

(To anon 1) See, you’re not a granny!

Anon 4: Fear not, I’m 20 ((I may be the oldest one so far)) 

NOPE haha

Anon 5:  really?? you’re the oldest you’ve met?? it seems like some of the most common ages of armies on tumblr are like 19 or 20 (:

Haha no I’m not the oldest that I’ve met, but every person that answered were younger than me ^^ tho I’ve mostly met ARMYs that are like 16?

Anon 6: I’m kind of embarrassed to reveal my age around blogs about BTS because most of them are like 17 and here I am, turning fifteen around September.

Don’t worry! There’s a lot of people even younger than you here! Please don’t be embarrassed :)

Anon 7:  I’m 25! For a few months more, at least 😬

Yay! It makes me happy to see someone here in the mid twenties  ^^

Guys! I’m so sorry I can’t answer any more asks regarding this and I’m sorry that I didn’t answer everyone! Please reply to the post instead ^^

simple graphic is simple because i’m super tired

     When this comes out I’ll be at work, so I won’t be here personally to celebrate for about two and half more hours, but I wanted my thank you to post when I thought a lot of people might be on! At first, I wanted to post a follow forever, but I’ve made so many friends here over the three years since I remade Kairi ( and even some of you from the Kairi blog I had before this one ) that I was afraid of leaving someone out by accident.

     So, here, have this overly sappy thank you to each and every one of you who have stuck by me, offered encouragement, watched from afar, spoken to me, written with me, and literally just existed, even if we never interacted.

Keep reading

hey hippo campus fans, stop fucking exposing people. in the past like, three weeks, ive heard WAY too many stories about the band members or people associated with the band seeing shit they weren’t supposed to see and its seriously not cool. unless its your original content or you have permission from the person that made it, don’t tweet or DM stuff to the boys. i dont care if it’s memes or he said she said’s, either way, it’s going to get someone’s feelings hurt. personally, i would feel very embarrassed and betrayed if any of my content from this blog was sent to the boys without me knowing about it. like, to the point where i would probably delete and unstan, too. 

this fandom is still pretty small and it’s still a relatively safe and happy place, especially here on tumblr. so don’t ruin that by exposing people. this has been a psa thanks bye

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How do I get my ask blogs to actually get asks?

{Ah yes okay here don’t mind me if I go on a rant. So first of all this isn’t my first ask blog, far from it, this is my sixth ask blog I believe four of which are batim related.

Okay so ways to get asks:

-[Be a nice person] if you’re a nice person then people are more likely to flock to your blog

-[Dodge being toxic] there’s a lot of blogs out there that have been consumed by toxicity, don’t end up like them or people won’t want to speak with you

-[Bring yourself out there] make yourself noticeable, if you speak and send in asks to other blogs then people are more likely to go and check you out

-[Ask for promos] there’s so many people willing to give promos, myself included, if you just ask then people will spread you around

-[Draw fan-art or just art in general] this is how my first blog got really popular, I drew a whole bunch of bennys, tagged them and they liked and reblogged it and people followed me and just art in general is a great way, because people are going to want to see what your art style is and how you draw

-[Make your characters unique] no Mary Sue’s, no one likes those at all, give them a special background and a special design, like how on this blog Rainy is constantly crying and lots ask about the tears

-[Join Discord servers] this one is iffy but I got lots of asks because of one of my friends on Discord because I said my inboxes were empty

That’s basically it, I’m sure there’s lots of other ways I don’t know of I’ve never had anyone ask me this sort of question so I hope I helped you in some way here, I’m sure if you do the main six then you’ll make it far kid, who knows, you could be Tumblr famous at some point, but don’t let fame control you.}

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mmmm i'm glad i'm not the only person who doesn't like tree bros. like not to offend all the "alive au" people but coNNOR DIED !!! it's like, the main part of the story like -- i don't mind shipping and have some myself, but i feel like tree bros and alive aus just take away from the main lesson and plot in DEH. and even if connor was alive, do you really think him and evan would've worked out in a relationship way?? again i don't hate connor/evan i just don't like it very much personally.

i agree w you entirely!! 

(also @ other people please dont send any asks like defending tree bros or any sort of discoursey asks i cannot handle tree bros discourse on my blog again)

What really sucks is now those stolen art piece are floating around tumblr with no context. People will be liking, downloading, and reuploading that traced artwork as if it’s original.

Then someday, someone will circle back to pumyteh and say she stole it from them.

Art thievery really gets under my skin, especially when you steal Shinachiku of all people. He’s popular, yet so niche. You really have to go digging into NaruSaku blogs or pages to find him most of the time. Whoever this person is possibly took the time to find her artwork and deliberately traced over him, his haruno symbol, and everything else that makes him a NaruSaku child.

I really don’t get it. I just don’t. I’ve never had the urge to copy or even look at the canon children. I truly avoid them as much as possible. Why then, even to this day, do the people who have canon children and probably loads of fanart continue to take our fanart to trace over?

You really couldn’t have found something else to trace???

Maybe people think I’m overreacting, but we’ve had to deal with this over and over and over again since Shinachiku was created. We were all careful to warn each other not to take fanart, not to trace, not to do anything with what is considered canon and I think we did a marvelous job. Yet, without any legitimate or active provocation, they continue to take and trace over him.

First it was a bunch of facebook pages doing it. They claimed we NaruSaku fans were stealing Shinachiku from Kishimoto, therefore, they had the right to take our fanarts and trace over Shinachiku with red hair and white eyes. They were the ugliest edits I’ve ever seen. We spent weeks demanding facebook do something and eventually, they did enough to make the idiots go away. That was basically 2 years ago. Almost 3 years ago.

In between then, we had a few tracers here and there, usually the uglier variety trying to make Shinachiku and Hanami look like demons or even still painting over Shinachiku as their own red haired white eyed child.

And now here we are in the preset and it’s still happening…

It’s not even my artwork that was messed with this time and yet I’m still so upset that it never seems to end.

We are about to hit 3000

When I started this blog back in December I never imagined anyone would even read my stuff let alone get here where I have written around 100 stories. And that I have made friends over the internet from my love of Dan and Phil.  

I really can’t explain how much I appreciate you guys sending me messages and requests. I love that you guys trust me with these ideas that I will do them justice.I also can’t thank you enough for all of your sweet words. 

So to give back in some way I am doing a 3000 follower give away. 

The rules are simple. 

Send this blog an ask or a message saying your First name and your go to soft song that always makes you feel calm. This is more of a personal thing as I am just in the business of finding some new songs.Then I also know you read the rules.

if you have won in the past please do not re-enter. give the others a chance

You have until August 10th to send in your name. I will be giving away things for a first, second, and third place winners. It does not matter where you live in the world I will send you the things you win.

1st place- Both Dan and Phil books, or some items from the Dan and Phil shop that equal about the same price of the two books.You also get any request you want.

2nd place- one of the Dan and Phil books and any request you want.

3rd place- any request you want.

Good luck to everyone that enters! Once again I need to thank you all again for all of your support and love. 

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why are you surprised ilvermorny hasn't deleted?

because she was in the big leak when we exposed a chat full of people openly discussing pedophilia and getting off to it. she was in those chats and friends with those people knowing what they did and if i remember well, she sided with a literal abuser because it’s all ‘just online’ (which, no surprise). she’s also really racist but nobody ever talked about it lol. also she ships bru/tim and bat/jokes besides jay/tim. (link to the thing here)

she pretty much disappeared from the dc fandom and went to the harry potter one and now she’s ‘making a comeback’ in the dc fandom. i hate having to see her shit edits on my dash… and not talking about the shit she’s done? she’s such a fake, toxic bitch that stalked my blog and made vagues about me and my friends… and sent hate and talked shit of 14 year olds. also the kind of person that chased you down if you unfollowed. so yup. 

state of the blog

so basically my life right now is a roller coaster shitshow of stress and hospitals and smol childs and i don’t know when things will calm down enough for me to even get a job? so i am posting from the void which is why there are drops screencaps and weirds and little else.

don’t wanna get into the details, no.

but i will be back when i can be. <3

hey all!! so i recently went through an unfollowed some inactive blogs and am looking for some new blogs to follow. feel free to like/reblog this post if you reblog/post any of the following:

  • the walking dead
  • rick and morty and/or bojack horseman
  • photography/art/aesthetically pleasing things (take a look at my blog and see if we reblog similar stuff in that aspect)
  • fashion blogs (from anywhere in the world)
  • LGBTQA+ related content - articles, news, essays, photography, or even if it’s just your personal blog
  • guild wars and/or guild wars 2
  • cats

and i’ll take a look at your blog and maybe follow it!! 

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Look, youre 14. You'll soon learn that in order to get by in this world, you for the most part need to be accepting of everyone. I myself, am bisexual. When you need to get a job, are you just not going to work with straights? You need to learn to get along with everyone so you can at least make it by in this world without getting massacred






          do you like female characters ?? do you adore lady muses who could kick your ass ?? love complex, flawed characters ?? I know I do !! my name is kat, and I run this little multimuse blog over at COSMOSBOUND. this blog has a choice selection of female muses from a variety of fandoms that I personally adore and love to breathe life into (as well as one nerdy old man). muses that can be found currently on this blog are: seven of nine (star trek voyager), courier six (fallout new vegas), jessica jones (mcu and 616), tali’zorah vas normandy (mass effect 1-3), turanga leela (futurama), wendy corduroy and stanford pines (gravity falls). lapis lazuli (steven universe) and jadzia dax (star trek ds9) are currently in the works !! if you’ve got an interest in any of these characters, then this is the blog for you !! come check me out and I’ll do the same. I look forward to writing with you folks in the future.  RP blogs only please and thanks.

anonymous asked:

Why don't you ever answer your asks anymore? or do you have a personal grudge against anons? First you starve us of content, then you just ignore us. It makes me sad... We used to be close friends. I'm even in the groupchat. and then you started ditching me... i thought it was okay. even if you hate me we could still communicate anonymously. That way, we could still have good times.. i just want to not be hated for once....

Look anon, it’s not that personal. I don’t hate any of you. You’re all way nicer than a lot of people in my real life. I have no grudge against anons or any of you. 

Also “starve of content”? I really don’t mean to be rude but i want to make something clear. 

This blog is not my job.

This blog is not my occupation. 

This blog is not my obligation. 

I don’t gain anything from this blog other than it being a hobby. I didn’t sign a contract binding me to this blog. 

I love all of you, i really do. But i don’t have as much fun writing tickle fics as i used to. I’ll do it occasionaly, sure, but this isn’t my passion anymore. 

As for the asks, I’m going to be honest, i’ve been avoiding the blog because it’s a responsibility to everyone and i feel like i have to act super passionate about everything here. 

Also, I have shit in my real life. We’re moving again, I’m taking drivers ed, i’m working with my mom to switch to online school, and I’m getting back into therapy. 

Yes it is wrong for me to keep leaving and being absent without explanation. 

Yes I should communicate more with the blog. 

No this does not mean i’m quitting. 

No This does not mean I’m never writing anymore fanfiction ever. 

I’m sorry if you feel as though you’re not wanted, because that is never the case. I’m not trying to make any of you feel that way, but please remember that this blog is not my life and I need to focus on myself.

 - mod raven