this is from my dvds too


“The first draft of my vows - which I wrote the day after we got engaged - clocked in at around seventy pages. But I don’t have them with me today… Here’s what I’ll say, then. The things you have done for me - to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy - go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.” 
“I love you and I like you.” 


I’m doing a Sherlock give-away! 

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. :)


Jun-chan, happy 41st birthday!!!! (11.22.75)

Hehehehe. Thank you, really, for voicing my childhood, Ryoma. Ryoma, and only him, will always be my unchageable favorite charcter that belongs to my favorite show. Also, for Yoon & Ren, thank you for them too ^^ Now, I hope you will always be healthy and get along with the others from TeniPuri especially Konomi-sensei. Don’t cry too much now, Onosaka-san and Naru-san will tease you too much (I love seeing that though XD) I’m not sure if there’s a DVD release of the new TeniPuri event but if there is then I’m looking forward to it. I wanna watch Konomi-sensei’s oh-so-famous surprise time XD And based on the reports, they said you were tearing up again. Anyhow, may your career flourish more and may you always be happy. Happy birthday again, Jun-chan~~!!


I did a side by side comparison between Kenji-sensei’s choreography and the final result. Tried to sync it the best I could but some discrepancies were unavoidable. This is my favorite program in YOI (and best animated, imho), and it looks stunning irl too!

Choreography footage is from Bonus DVD Vol. 1, the animation is from Episode 1.

To those that have seen Mamo live

I feel like I might lowkey offend someone with this, but I would really like to hear the answer to the question at the end of this post from someone who’s seen Mamo live in concert. Not on DVD, but in the flesh.

Earlier I had this conversation with my sister while I was listening to Frontier album in the car.

Her: “A lot of these songs sound a lot like some western songs. Like this one (New Order) sounds like Ciara’s “Love Sex Magic””

Me: “Well, nowadays it’s hard to make something that doesn’t sound remotely like something else.“

Her: “Don’t you think that these songs are also quite autotuned?”

Me: “No, not him.”

Her: *gives me this look*

Me: “Well, his albums are edited a bit, but he sounds really good live.”

Her; *still giving me this look* “Yeah “live””

Me: “It’s true!”

Now, I’ve always been incredibly amazed by Mamo’s live performances and his amazing vocal range and abilities. But considering I’ve only seen videos, which are by definition not live, I was ill suited to add a reply that would have enough weight to get back to my sister. And that bothered me.

So I’m asking you, fellow Mamo fans who’ve actually managed to see him live, how Mamo sounds without being recorded. I’ve only heard good things about his live shows, and I have no doubt he’s amazing, but I would still like to hear it from you.


Daft Punk’s commentary on their video for Fresh, from the D.A.F.T. DVD.

Thomas: “We were pretty apprehensive but it was quite an experience. The day of the shoot was the most stressful day of my life.”

Thes pose is from the first bluray/DVD cover. I changed their clothes, their faces ( I did both thinner, Yuuri’s specially was really a pig face and a little Victor’s too ). I added the gold medal ( I hope with all my streight he’ll win it ) aaaaaaaaaaaand… Look their hands( pssss the fingers! )
I’ll finish this for the Epic Con, in Frankfurt. An middling  italian was been invited in Germany. I still can’t believe it. 

Good night. Wendsday is coming!!!
PS: I can put all the effort making their eyes but nothing, I’m not able to draw them properly T_T


2016 - A year in review: FAVORITE RELEASES (date of release order)

#1 - Arch Enemy: War Eternal Tour: Tokyo Sacrifice DVD (although it was a Japan only release, it end up on the internet for anyone to watch it. It was inevitable.)
#2 - Amy Lee: Recover, Vol. 1 EP
#3 - Lacey Sturm: Life Screams
#4 - Nemesea: Uprise
#5 - Lacuna Coil: Delirium (my favorite release from them since Karmacode)
#6 - Tarja: The Brightest Void
#7 - Stitched Up Heart: Never Alone (a good debut album)
#8 - Tarja: The Shadow Self
#9 - Delain: Moonbathers
#10 - Amy Lee: Dream Too Much (a nice surprise, showing once again that she isn’t stuck in one music genre)
#11 - Darkher: Realms (this was one of the nicest discovers from this year. In the line of Draconian or Trees of Eternity)
#12 - Marcela Bovio: Unprecedented (a nice release, showing that she has a future after the disband of Stream of Passion)
#13 - Epica: The Holographic Principle
#14 - The Pretty Reckless: Who You Selling For
#15 - Sirenia: Dim Days of Dolor (although it feels like I’m betraying Ailyn, I always give a chance to the new singers that come to any band. And I gotta be honest and said, that I liked the new singer and the new album.)
#16 - Trees of Eternity: Hour of the Nightingale (this is my favorite album of this year, without any doubt.)
#17 - Lacuna Coil: Naughty Christmas (single)
#18 - Nightwish: Vehicle of Spirit DVD

okay, story time about that text post
I was out shopping with friends today and because I’m always a slut for books we were in a book shop. And it was one of these big ones with leather couches in them and they sell dvd’s and yankee candles, too and you just feel at home there. Everything’s nice and smells good and full with books.
At this point I held a harry potter collection (every. single. movie. for 20 bucks) under one arm and a fluffly violet unicorn diary in the other hand.
So - I see this really cute guy. strawberry blonde fluff of hair, bit nerdy, sitting with a big book on one of these leather couches and as I pass by, I stare at him. naturally. because he’s good looking and well, that’s the only way I know how to cope with that. I’m so goddamn awkward.
And then he looks up, as if I were a truck in the night and he’s the doe I’m going to mow over - and straight into my eyes, which leads to me making a strange, inhuman noise that could come from a startled dinosaur as well, before I quickly turn and walk away. I didn’t even get to see his reaction.

And that my friends is me flirting

Batman headcanon that Tim is talking about Star Wars one day (what else is new) when Damian overhears and doesn’t understand (“Who is this Darth Vader? Is this a new enemy? Why has Father not informed me of this?”) and the whole Batfam stands there in awed silence because this poor, sad child has not seen Star Wars. Tim actually gets tears in his eyes. They go berate Bruce into taking a night off from patrol (“Damian don’t argue with me, listen to your brothers, this is an oversight on my part that needs to rectified. Now change out of uniform and get upstairs, I’ll follow you shortly”) and soon Tim comes downstairs with an armful of special edition Blu-ray DVDs of all six movies in his damn Jedi robes while the rest of the family watches as he eagerly plugs in A New Hope. Damian scoffs, there is no way skipping patrol is worth this.

And yet Damian doesn’t get too far into the first movie when he finds himself leaning forward in anticipation, gripping Grayson’s shirt sleeve and watching wide-eyed as the story unfolds an he entrapped. As they finish the first three movies, Damian finds himself enamored with all the movies, drawing parallels between the space heroes and his own family. He sees Dick’s kindness, determination and faith in Luke Skywalker guided of course by the wise and sad Jedi, Obi-Wan, who seems to resemble his father. In Han Solo’s awkward scoundrel with a big heart he sees Jason and Tim’s mannerisms can be found in Princess Leia’s intelligent but sassy personality. By the time Tim is firing up the prequels, everyone else but him and Damian has either left or fallen asleep on the couch.

Damian and Tim stay up the rest of the night finishing off the last of the movies but Damian finds himself uncomfortable with the focus on Anakin Skywalker’s fall from grace because he himself identified with Anakin. He understood the angry, misunderstood young man being pulled in the direction of both the light and the dark side. He hid it from Tim, but he teared up at the end of Return of the Jedi when Vader redeemed himself to save his family. It gave him hope that one day, Damian can find that kind of peace for himself. He and Tim finish off both trilogies by mid morning the next day and they are both exhausted but satisfied. The family finds them the next day discussing the events of the movies over breakfast, talking, perhaps for the first time, as brothers. From then on out, Star Wars is Tim and Damian’s thing. Tim is constantly borrowing Dami his old, dog eared Star Wars novels and when one or both boys has a bad day, they’ll pull out one of those movies and watch in companionable silence.

By the time the new movie comes out, Dami has acquired his own Jedi robe and a green lightsaber (gifts from Tim for his last birthday, Dami breathes to no one that it was his favorite gift that year) and they both show up in costume for the premiere. The two of them don’t stop talking about it for days and while Bruce will complain out loud that Damian is encouraging Tim’s fanboy behavior, he’s glad the two are getting along and Damian has found a normal hobby to engage in.


I think I can pretty much call my Pip-Boy 2000 finished! I have the strap made but I’m just trying to find the right “sling rings” for it. I tried my hardest to not spend any money on this but, I had to buy 2 light bulbs to use as vacuum tubes and that was only 4 dollars so, not too bad. Now to list what I used. Scrap green sintra, various wires from my scrap electronics bin, a flip switch and light cover from an old wave length indicator, a female VGA connector, the screen is packaging plastic from a toy that I vac-formed , a sense from a trash Xbox connect sensor, balloon lights, a spare gear from a DVD player,various small screws, science fair poster board display lights, a magnet and some craft foam. I will take a video of it later on. I hope y'all like it as much as I do!

I just got back from watching the new Beauty & the Beast film

Spoiler free thoughts: Visually fantastic! All the costumes were beautiful, and I thought Belle’s dress looked simple and lovely. It wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it would be, and I thought there were moments in the film where the transition from one scene to the next felt too sudden and choppy, but overall I can safely say I really enjoyed it!!

Unfortunately had to watch it dubbed (in Spanish) because the only friends I have who also wanted to go and see it didn’t want to watch it in English. Some of the dialogues felt really awkward dubbed and I regret not being able to enjoy it in its raw format, so I’ll either have to wait for the DVD or go watch it again on my own (probably). Still, I don’t think my overall opinion will change much after watching the original.

Some spoiler thoughts below the cut! (though really, if you’ve watched the original there’s not much to spoil)

Keep reading

  • Griffin: But this Yahoo was sent in by Amelie Belcher, thanks Amelie. It's by Yahoo Answers user-
  • Justin, cutting him off in a high-pitched voice: Amelie?
  • Griffin: What was that?
  • Justin: That's my impression of Amelie-
  • Griffin: From the movie Amelie?
  • Justin says 'Amelie' again
  • Travis: That's not an impression...
  • Griffin: It's about a young girl who can only say her own name.
  • Justin in the same voice: I cook an egg with a spoon, Amelie!
  • Griffin, laughing: She cook an egg with a spoon?
  • Travis: Jesus.
  • Justin: Fall in love again with me, Amelie, now on DVD. You miss that new relationship so maybe fall in love with me, Amelie! Don't look for me on Blu-ray, I'm not on Blu-ray yet. I'm on DVD. I'm too small to fit on the Blu-ray, they lose me; I am Amelie! I'm hiding near the spindle, I am Amelie! This laser disc is gigantic, I am on the edge of it.
  • Griffin is absolutely dying of laughter in the background
  • Justin: Helloooo! It is like a plate for my egg dinner. Delicious! I am Amelie! I am inside your pocket, you have enough money to buy my DVD!
  • Griffin: You have to stop, or it'll be the whole show!
  • Justin: I miss VHS tapes because I would get in the little holes and spin around.
  • Travis: Is Amelie a borrower? What's going on?
  • Justin: Yes, I live in a hole with a mice king. I'm married to the mice king. My staff is a lollipop, Amelie!
The Theme Park Incident with Sousuke, Rin, and Rei
Free! Eternal Summer Volume 6 DVD
The Theme Park Incident with Sousuke, Rin, and Rei

Did a brief translation of an excerpt from the latest Free! Eternal Summer Volume 6 DVD’s Drama CD (あの夏のロングスローディスタンス第6話) because it was super interesting (Rei met Sousuke and Rin when they were children!!). Enjoy~!


Nitori: Rin-senpai hasn’t come back yet.

Sousuke: Yeah…

Nitori: B-but, I’m sure he’s fine! Probably just taking shelter somewhere!

Sousuke: Now that you mention it, there was a storm during that time as well.

Nitori: What do you mean by “that time?”

Sousuke: I was talking about when we were in elementary school. We came to this lake to camp with the Sano SC.

Nitori: Sano SC…you mean the place that he attended before…?

Sousuke: Yeah. During our free time when we were camping, Rin and I decided to go to the theme park that was close by, but it started raining on us. Since we didn’t have an umbrella, the two of us had to take shelter under a tree. Luckily, a child from a family that was passing by lent us a single umbrella, but all the roller coasters and ferris wheel that we wanted to go on were closed. It was pretty terrible…

Nitori: Ah, I’m sorry that happened. So that theme park is now…

Sousuke: Yup, it closed down.

Nitori: Yes, that’s what I heard.

Sousuke: Rin, don’t tell me you’re taking shelter there yet again…

Sousuke: The Long Throw Distance of that Summer…Episode 6

Rin: A storm huh. Now that you mention it, there was a storm when Sousuke and I came to this theme park back then. Because of it, Sousuke and I had to take shelter somewhere here and then a boy with his family passed by and lent us his umbrella.

Rei: What…hold on one second! You don’t mean…!!!

Rin: Eh, what’s wrong, Rei?

Rei: I remember I also came to a theme park when I was a kid with my family…and I guess it was this theme park!

Rin: Are you serious??

Rei: Yes, and I remember seeing two boys who were drenched because of the rain, so I handed them my umbrella!

Rin: Wait, it was this umbrella with a kind of hero character from a TV show on it!

Rei: From the Chouzetsu Gattai Doppleganger Show**


Nagisa: So you mean that you met Rin-chan and Sou-chan before?

Haruka: So did you ever give back the umbrella?

Rin: Well we wanted to give the umbrella back but didn’t have a chance. Our coach came to pick us up by car and then brought the umbrella back to the theme park and told them to give it back to the boy who owned it if he ever came back.

Nagisa: So did you guys not write notes as well?

Rin: I…don’t remember.

*flips pages*

Haruka: It’s here!

Rin: No way…

Haruka: Right here, on the next page where we wrote our own notes.

Makoto: Wait a minute, you mean we all came to this theme park on the same day?!

Nagisa: “It’s a shame we couldn’t ride the roller coaster. We’ll definitely ride it next time! - Matsuoka Rin.”

Rei: “I want to thank the boy wearing glasses who lent us his umbrella. - Yamazaki Sousuke.”

Nagisa: Did you not write anything, Rei-chan?

Rei: I don’t remember. But I feel like if I did write something it would’ve been during the time before it started raining so…

*flips pages*

Makoto: Wait, it’s right here on the page in front of where we wrote our own notes!

Nagisa: “I’m super glad I was able to come here with my family! - Ryugazaki Rei.”

Rei: That’s definitely my name!

Rin: But then, I wonder why we all forgot that we wrote notes down on this.

Nagisa: Well, I definitely remember! Isn’t that awesome?

Makoto: But this is totally an insane coincidence! I mean, we didn’t even know each other yet but we all were here same place, same time!

Rei: And then figuring this out 10 years later is really a huge feat!

Nagisa: But no one would believe us if we told them, huh?

Haruka: They probably would think we are making it up.

Makoto: That’s right. Maybe we should just keep this our own secret.

Rin: *chuckles* You’re right. I’ll try telling Sousuke though.

Rei: I wonder if Yamazaki-san would believe us.

Nagisa: That’s right! Let’s record a video to document this~!!!

Notes: I can’t seem to remember where this Chousetsu Gattai Doppleganger appeared previously in a Drama CD before…

Also, to summarize what happens afterwards, the Iwatobi Gang and Rin record messages to each other to document this moment and then Nitori notifies Ama-chan-sensei and Gou that Rin hasn’t returned and Sousuke went to the theme park alone to go find him. Ama-chan-sensei freaks out for some strange reason and drives to the theme park, leaving Gou and Nitori. The rest will be continued in the last DVD Volume 7.