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Fever Pitch

Anonymous request: Bill and his co-star are doing a “simulated” sex scene, they get aroused, are covered by blankets and decide to do it for real. *So this is pretty long! But if you read until the end, you will not be disappointed! Hope you all enjoy!*

Warnings: s m u t, nsfw, swearing, etc. 

You cup a hand over your right ear in an attempt to hear the person on the other line better, but it’s of no real use. You’re going to have to leave this party to speak to him. “Hold on a second Bill, I can’t hear you.” You inform the man on the other end and snake your way through the mass of gyrating bodies to the outside patio. When you can confirm that you’re actually alone, you continue talking.

 “I need a ride back to my trailer.” You bring the end of a menthol cigarette to your mouth, inhaling deeply.

 The silence is punctuated by an all too audible sigh out of Bill. “It’s fucking 2:47 in the morning on the morning of our final scene together and you need a ride back to your trailer? Where are you?”

 You drop the butt of the cigarette to the concrete floor beneath you and stamp the heel of your buckled boot over it. “Got invited to a crew party about a half an hour outside of the city.” You wait patiently for the expletive that inevitably falls from his mouth.

 “Fuck Y/N,” Bill hisses. “I’ll see you in forty five minutes.”

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Day 17 of inktober!

Today I had to illustrate a good memory from this year.

I loved going to Grad Nite in June with my best friends! We basically just spent the entire night circling around Cars Land riding the same two rides over and over until we were too tired to function, and then we spent the rest of the night just hanging out and soaking up all the time we had left with each other before graduating.

I miss hanging out with these guys every day❤️


Wanna One Kang Daniel Prince! AU (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay, y’all! You can find the first part here, the second part here and the fourth part here. Enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

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  • After that day, you had been even more shy than usual around Daniel, now aware of your deeper feelings
  • You were falling harder and harder for Daniel, but it seemed completely one sided to you; to him it was probably mainly a business deal
  • But regardless, it was still easy to hang out as friends
  • Anyway the two of you didn’t exactly know how to try “dating” other than hanging out as usual with Ong and Jaehwan
  • The four of you frequented a cafe after school, only ordering pastries instead of actual drinks, and played board games or cards together for a couple hours
  • Afterwards, all of you would head back to your homes, Ong always walking you to your bus stop because Daniel had his drivers and Jaehwan lived in an opposite direction
  • You and Ong weren’t friends at first, but he was really funny with an open personality, and got closer to you
  • He’d always joke around about how Daniel hadn’t been friends with a girl since forever, and it was incredible how you randomly popped up
  • Openly told you that he wanted the two of you to get together because it’d be “satisfying”, which was weird he already thought this considering the situation you and Daniel were in lol
  • You and Daniel decided not to tell Ong and Jaehwan for the time being about the “arrangement” because you knew they would immediately start teasing the both of you about it (even more than they already did)
  • Anyway your day was pretty much like this for a couple weeks: going to school, hanging out with friends after school, and then heading back home
  • You didn’t think it’d be this simple, but when you asked Daniel about it, he just flashed that smile and replied that he’d been telling his parents that “you two were going on dates every day after school”
  • This is pretty easy if it counts as dating.
  • But no, of course it couldn’t be that easy: the Queen had asked her servants to check up on how you and Daniel were doing on the dates, and when she found out you two were just hanging out with friends, she was unhappy, to say the least
  • It all went down one day after school… you, Daniel, Ong and Jaehwan were all getting ready to walk to the cafe, but as soon as you exited the school front doors, there they were: the Queen’s loyal servants YAY
  • “Miss (Y/L/N), Prince, please come with us, the Queen requests your presence at the palace,” one of the men said, leading you to the car, leaving Ong and Jaehwan protesting “what about me, oppaaa” to the servants, earning some sour looks (wtf)
  • You and Daniel sat down in the car, and immediately you theorized what the problem was
  • “Oh my god Daniel they know, they know that we haven’t been actually dating this entire time, they’re going to be so pissed at us, what are we gonna do oh my god omghfj sod-”
  • Daniel just laughed because that’s what he does and squeezed your cheeks with one hand
  • “(Y/N), they’re just my parents, what are they gonna do, it’s probably just so we can eat dinner with them today, chill”
  • You glared at Daniel, and silently freaked out for the rest of the car ride; you just had this feeling that something was up
  • The both of you arrived at the palace and were immediately sat down at another large dinner table; different from the previous times
  • You kicked Daniel under the table; something was definitely up, you just knew it
  • A couple minutes later, the King and Queen showed up, and quietly sat across from you, softly smiling
  • “What’s up guys,” Daniel casually asked, you side-eyeing him
  • “Oh, we just wanted to have dinner together!” the Queen chirped, the King nodding along
  • “I told you, (Y/N),” Daniel said, nudging you, “dumbass”
  • You let your guard down, but kept getting the vibe that something was wrong
  • You decided to go ahead and enjoy the food, Daniel also did so, stuffing his face like he hadn’t eaten in… ever
  • After you all finished dessert, you and Daniel collapsed back in your chairs, groaning at how full you two were
  • And finally, the Queen let you know why you two were actually here, the both of you completely dead from all the food
  • “So we’ve heard that you two have been going on some fun dates together, looks like you two are really getting a great taste of what a relationship is like, that’s great for you!”
  • The two of you just stared at her: where was this going…
  • “We don’t think this is enough though, we’d like you two to get even closer. Part of this deal is that (Y/N) learns how to get used to life in the palace, and how to act as the Princess!” the Queen exclaimed, pausing for a second before nudging the King
  • “Oh, yes, so (Y/N), from now on you should eat dinner here, and feel free to sleep here during the night time,”
  • “Oh, that’s completely fine, I’ll be going now, thank you for the meal,” you said, standing up from your chair, before the Queen interrupted
  • “Ah, no, (Y/N), what we mean is that you must eat and sleep here, in order for you to more properly adjust and expose yourself to what life as the Princess will be like,”
  • “But what about my pare-”
  • “We have already notified your parents of this arrangement, and they have more than accommodating of the plans, please be comfortable,”
  • You shot a look at Daniel: I told you so…
  • He shrugged in response: Oh welp lol
  • When suddenly, the Queen made things even mORE weird
  • “(Y/N), it would be ideal if you stayed in Daniel’s room, but for now you can sleep in one of the guest spaces near his room.”
  • Were you freaking out? uHHH yes you were, now you were living at Daniel’s house, at the palace… at the home of the guY YOU LIKED… could this get any more weird for you??
  • And finally, Daniel started showing reactions to this whole scenario, as he started blushing and scratching his face in embarrassment, making you feel even moRe awkward 
  • The King cut into your running thoughts, as he happily proposed that you “could tutor Daniel” in the classes you share, earning a “HEY i’M SMART” protest from Daniel
  • The Queen and King promptly ended the dinner, leaving you and Daniel to trudge up to his room in awkward silence
  • The both of you tiredly looked at one another, silently agreeing to just head to your own rooms for the night
  • “Night, (Y/N)”
  • “Good night”
  • And that was that.
  • You lived at the palace now.
  • You could barely get to sleep that night, wondering if now the relationship between you two would get awkward; how much this would change things because obviously Daniel had gotten somewhat shy that night
  • The next day, you were woken up by a maid, as you forgot to set your alarm the previous night
  • “Miss (Y/L/N), please follow us to the washing room, we have prepared your bath,” one of the servants said, guiding you to a washroom
  • You walked over to the washroom, the maid stopping by the door and telling you to enter, slightly smiling
  • Was that a giggle in her voice? What the hell…
  • You walked into the humongous room, with a sitting area and multiple closets before getting to the actual shower area
  • WeLP the reason for the giggling maid became clear, when you entered the washroom to see shirtless Daniel splashing water over his face, a towel covering his neck and some of his wet hair
  • “Oh… oh my god… Daniel COVER YOURSELF” you mustered out, before dropping to squat on the floor, covering your eyes (oh you)
  • “OH MY GOD (Y/N) WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME… HOW COULD YOU LET YOUR LUSTFUL EYES TAINT MY BODY…” Daniel screamed at you, covering himself up with his hands
  • “Daniel, that’s not how this works. My innocent eyes are the ones that are tainted, turd”, you breathed, still covering your face, turning around
  • “what the hell man I’m not even going to shower today fuck this”
  • You couldn’t help but giggle as you ran out of the bathroom, collapsing onto one of the couches in the washroom’s sitting areas
  • He manages to be this charming and strange even when he’s half naked… someone give this man an award, you thought as you closed your eyes, relaxing on the seat
  • You had been prepared for your relationship to be awkward, just like how it kind of was last night, but everything was… completely back to “normal”, even if that was completely abnormal for most people
  • The craziness… it was comfortable, for the both of you.
  • A couple minutes later, a dressed Daniel walked out of the bathroom into the sitting area, smiling as he saw you curled up on the couch, your phone right next to your face
  • He was about to tap you awake like a noRMAL person would, but then couldn’t let this opportunity to go to waste
  • Daniel barely held in his laughter while taking your phone from right in front of your sleeping face, making sure the phone was not on mute and on the highest ring volume
  • He let a giggle escape him as he hid in the corner of you, calling your number
  • Your phone rang right in your face, extremely loud, causing you to spaz awake, jumping like a monkey to attack Daniel who was literally on the floor laughing, clutching his stomach
  • “ASSHOLE YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS SO BADLY,” you screamed, kicking him before running into the shower room and slamming the door shut
  • I won’t be having a single normal morning from now on, will I…
  • YEP (Y/N) that’s exactly what’s going to happen from now on
  • If your alarm didn’t wake you up, every morning either you pranking Daniel or him pranking you would be sure to do the job
  • From him pouring his cologne-y smelling shampoo into your bottle to you stealing the toilet paper, your mornings were sure to be hectic (if not violent)
  • But you found yourself incredibly enjoying it
  • (and Daniel was too)
  • Both of you loved how the other didn’t take themselves so seriously, despite acting completely normal when it was necessary for public affairs
  • The both of you got closer than even before, if that was possible
  • You, Daniel, Ong and Jaehwan continued hanging out, but there was no way to continue hiding the fact that you and Daniel had this weird arrangement going on, since you went home with him every day
  • On the first day after that dinner, on the walk to the cafe after school, you and Daniel walked in front of Ong and Jaehwan, bickering about who would be the one to break the news to the guys
  • “yeAh but I’m NOT MY PARENTS (Y/N)…”
  • “Tell us what, that you guys are having an arranged marriage?” Jaehwan asked, behind the both of you
  • “heYyyy I thought we were getting married Daniel, you unloyal hoe” Ong joking pouted, cutely punching Daniel
  • The teasing has already started. Great.
  • From then on, you two couldn’t catch a break with them, Onghwan always “ooooh”ing and snickering whenever you even taLKEd to each other
  • “Daniel watch out, (Y/N) is a total gold digger, watch out for yourself bro”
  • “I will hurt you, Ong Seongwoo”
  • But the time you three spent together was just as fun as before, except now you went home with Daniel instead of walking to your bus stop with Ong (which he alSO teased you about)
  • Anyway you and Daniel would do homework together every night, Daniel putting in effort to actually learn from you when you tutored him in math
  • His grades actually increased, to the delight of his parents
  • They were also very happy that even that you two basically ruined the washroom every day, you two were getting closer (which was their goal)
  • Anyway one night while tutoring Daniel, he fell asleep while you were explaining a concept, his head lolling around in the high chair he was sitting in next to his desk
  • You couldn’t bring yourself to wake him up, bringing a light blanket to cover him up, and began to stare at his adorable yet attractive face
  • “I didn’t know what I was getting into for the past few months… but it’s really been a lot of fun,” you whispered, softly poking Daniel’s cheek
  • “I don’t think I would mind marrying you at all, Daniel,” you breathed out, your fingers dropping to his lips as you blushed at the touch
  • But you didn’t have much time to appreciate the quiet stillness when Daniel’s mouth opened, biting the tips of your fingers
  • You yanked your fingers out of his mouth, standing up in shock, knocking over the stool you were sitting on
  • You stared in horror as one side of Daniel’s mouth curled upwards, eyes still closed
  • Your own mouth dropped open when he asked the dreaded question with the completely obvious answer, his eyes mischievously opening, giving you a look that made your heart beat even faster than it had been already
  • ”(Y/N), do you like me?”

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 4

A/N: Wow look at me being all evil with the cliffhanger LOL

Anyway thank you all so much for all the kind words you’ve sent me during this time, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support and patience 💞

I can see this AU wrapping up in the next part, and I’m so glad you all have been liking it so far!

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Always Yours Part 1- Dean x Pregnant! Reader

Always Yours Part 1- Dean x Pregnant! Reader

Rating: T

Warnings: Mention of a gun.

Word Count: 2,155

AN: @lizwinchester16 requested a Pregnant Reader Insert. And while I was going to write a one-shot I decided to turn it into a mini-series.  There will most likely been three maybe four parts.  I plan to write it all this weekend if Hurricane Harvey doesn’t knock out our lights. :(  I also have two anony requests that I am going to do my best to write as well!  Again as long as Harv behaves!  Happy Reading!  

Wanna read the whole thing?- Always Yours Masterlist 

Tags: @weasleywinchester @jokerspuddincup  @lizwinchester16

And it is always yours
But I am always yours
-Switchfoot from Always

The tiny apartment you had moved into was somber and melancholic.  It fit the mood you had been living since your breakup with your infamous boyfriend.  Living with Dean Winchester had been the bests and worsts times of your life.  It was like a beautiful nightmare- one in which you had seen yourself living for much longer than you had. You hadn’t been born a hunter- no, you were just a girl from a working class family.  The same girl that had found out the hard way that; monsters are real and that they don’t just go bump in the night.  The memories of your parents’ deaths were seared into your mind, but from that had come something else:  Your Dean.

You sighed and ran a hand down your face as you laid in bed staring at the ceiling.  It had been almost two months since you had stormed out of the bunker when Dean had insisted that he wasn’t good for you.  It was a script that you all had visited over and over again for almost two years.  You knew your lines and your role in the play, but this time it had turned out differently.  Something had gone wrong with the little dance that had always taken place and you had felt something inside you snap.  You just couldn’t do it any longer.  

You felt the guilt creep up into your belly as you recalled the look in his eyes when you had finally agreed:  That, No!  He wasn’t good for you.  In fact, he was the worst thing that had ever happened to you.  Words spoken in a time of frustration and sadness.  You inhaled deeply as the heavy feeling returned to your chest.  Of all the things that you had been through with Dean- the mark, his self-hatred, chasing angels, demons and the like.  It was simply too much when he had formed some sort of bond with the being called Amara.  You had only observed them together once and Sam had whisked you away before you could get involved.  The ominous feeling that had gnawed at you, for a week after, had been your undoing.

It was after a failed attempt to contain Amara, that Dean had confessed to you just how strong his growing connection to her was.  That he wasn’t sure he could resist becoming a part of her.   It was then that the pressures, the worry, the anger, and the hurt that came with being with a Winchester had finally destroyed you.  When Dean had begged you to save him from this- you had replied with a deafening silence.  The dam broke and you were going to let him drown. Salty, hot, and guilt-ridden tears slipped down your cheeks.  You had left him and now you didn’t even know if he was okay.  

The guilt, sadness, and loneliness were not the only things consuming you.  There was something at the back of your mind that you didn’t want to put to thought.  It had been an encounter with Castiel a few nights before you had left.  An inconceivable thought, that you didn’t want to form into any kind of truth.  It would be world ending- to your world at least.  

You had been sitting at a table in the library pouring over any lore you could find about the darkness.  There was so little information that any time you came across something that may even had been the slightest lead, you had jumped on it. Your head had began to swim as the low light from the lamps made you feel impossibly tired.  You had looked up when you heard footsteps approaching and found yourself staring into familiar blue eyes.

Castiel had studied you closely for a moment.  His eyes squinting and forming lines around the lids.  You wrinkled your forehead in confusion as he stared.

“Have you told Dean?” He asked still not looking away from you.  Your eyebrows had knitted together in complete puzzlement.

“Told Dean what?” You asked.

“About your pregnancy.”  

The shock that had run through you had been deeper than even when you had found your parents.  You felt your stomach twist into a painful knot as you stared blankly pass Castiel.  His words twisted their way through your mind and you had become instantly sick. 

You had scurried from your chair and into the restroom to vomit into the toilet.  Dean had heard the commotion and was instantly at the door asking you what was wrong.  You had prayed silently to Castiel to not tell Dean anything until you could figure things out.

The rumbling from your stomach brought you out of your memory and caused you to glance down.  The small rounding of it caused you to swallow back more tears- it was getting harder to pretend that this wasn’t just some dream.  Sooner rather than later you would have to accept that you were going to have Dean Winchester’s baby. You sighed deeply and pressed your hand to the growing bump there. Your eyes widening when a little flutter of motion tickled you from the inside.  An uncontrollable sob wracked through your body as the realization hit you like a ton of bricks.  There was a wee little person inside you and they were going to be yours.


A few months later- the morning air was cold and crisp as you made your way to the little diner down the street from your apartment.  You had been working there part-time while you attended a few classes at the local college.  It wasn’t the most exciting life, but you wanted to give the little one growing inside you a good one.  You hummed along to the song that blasted into your headphones as you got ready for the morning rush.  You sighed contently as you passed a hand over your round belly.  Only four more months until your little girl would be here with you.

You smile as you make your way to your tables for the day and are happy to find just a few customers.  Your first stop was a woman with dark blonde hair and a well tailored suit.  She is glancing over the menu and you smile when she looks up.

“Good Morning, what can I start you off with?” You greeted.

She looks at you sharply and an odd smile forms on her face. You feel an unshakable bad feeling as the smile turns a bit sinister before turning to a softer one.

“How far along are you?”  She says in a posh british accent as she motions towards your belly.

“Umm.  Five months.” You stated with a bit of a strain in your voice.  What did this person want?

She eyes you for a moment, before mumbling something just low enough so you couldn’t make it out.  Though you could’ve sworn it sounded like she said something about leverage.  

“Excuse me?” You said trying to be as polite a possible.

“ Oh nothing dear.  Just reminiscing.  Now how about some coffee?  When in Rome as they say.”  

You nod your head as you step away from the table and try to forget about your odd encounter.  You only just left behind a life of immense and constant danger.  Which of course, failed to compare to the fact that you were once very important to a Winchester and currently carrying a Winchester. The look on your face must have spelt out volumes because your manager took notice right away.  Gladys was a nice older woman and she had taken you under her wing.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”  She asked in a voice of concern.  You turned your head to look at her with a sullen expression.  You certainly couldn’t tell her the truth, but maybe a little lie wouldn’t hurt.  

“I just got a text from my sister…  Her car broke down and she needs a ride. Would it be alright if I left?”  You answer.  

“Oh no honey!  Don’t worry I’ll get Barb to cover your table.  We’re pretty slow today anyway.” She stated as she gently clapped you on the shoulder.  

You expressed your thankfulness and then slip out the door- hoping that you don’t attract the attention of the woman.  Your boots clacked loudly against the concrete as you made your way as quickly as possible to the bus stop.  You knew the 10 o'clock bus would be there in just a few minutes.  The route would take you a bit further to get home, but it would give you time to think about what to do next.  The notion of calling Dean filled your mind, but your mouth became dry at the thought.  How would you ever explain everything to him?

You slouched down onto the hard bus bench as your mind raced.  You could also call Sammy, but again your stomach lurched at the thought.  You were just now settling into a life without them both and you stubbornly clung to the idea.  Breathing deeply, you try to relax as you feel your little girl kicking forceable against you. You bring your hand down to press your fingers above the motion and smile briefly.  You couldn’t help but feel that she was reminding you that she was indeed more important than your pride.

With a very heavy heart, you reach into your pocket for your phone.  Hesitating for a moment, you scroll through the contacts and push on Dean’s name.  Bringing the phone to your ear, you let out a shaky breath as it begins to ring.  Your stomach does somersaults as you wait for the other end to be picked up.  It only takes three rings and a low rumbly voice is whispering through the phone.

“Y/N. Is that you?”  You heard Dean murmur.  Tears welled up in your eyes as you tried to keep it together.  

“Yes, Dean.  It’s me.”  You said.  Your voice broke as the tears now flowed freely.  You began to cry softly as you hear Dean softly coo your name.

“Don’t cry sweetheart. Please don’t cry.”  He said soothingly.

“Dean…  I’m in trouble…” You managed to get out between your sobs.  You could almost feel the turn in Dean’s demeanor over the phone.

“Where are you?” He asked.  His voice was much harder than before.

“Greenbrier, Tennessee.” You mumbled.  

“I’m a few days drive from there.  Get somewhere safe and I will be there as soon as I can.” You heard him say with a hitch in his voice.

“OK.” You replied meekly.  You were about to pull your ear away from the phone, but Dean’s voice stopped you.  His words caused your heart to hammer in your chest.

“Please just be safe, Y/N. I love you.”  With that the phone beeped to let you know that the call had been ended.  You stared down at it in your hand and swallowed thickly.  The screeching of bus brakes caused your head to snapped up and you breath a sigh of relief.  You stood to board the bus, but someone calling out your name stopped you.  You turned slowly on the heels of your boots to find the woman from earlier smirking at you.  You hear the cocking of a gun and you glance behind her to see another brunette woman standing with a gun pointed at your belly. Your breath became shorter as your heart raced in your chest.

“Well. Well. Dear girl, I think it would be best if you came with us.” The blonde woman said with a chipper sound in her voice.  You nodded slowly as you hear the bus pull away. The woman approached you and grabbed you by the arm.  She roughly yanked you over to the brunette woman and pushed you forward.

“Now, Ms. Watt, here, will be taking care of you for now.” She said as the brunette woman yanked you over by the arm.  You scowled at her and knocked her hand away.

“Who the hell are you people?”  You snarled as you turned to your captier.

“Oh how very rude of me.  It is always polite to have a proper introduction isn’t it?”  She paused for a moment to again smirk at you. “My name is Lady Toni Bevell and this is my associate Ms. Watt.”  She stated motioning between them.  “We are here in a regards to one Mr. Dean Winchester.”

“Never heard of him.” You snapped.  Toni rolled her eyes at you and gave a stock laugh.

“Oh darling please, we know all about you and the hunter swine…  Though, I must say: I was rather surprised to find that you are pregnant.  I don’t remember reading that in my briefing.”  She mused.   Your eyes darken at the mention of the baby and your hand ghosted over your stomach.  

“Now come along.  We have appointments to keep.”  With those words, you were forced into a black SUV.


tell me what child
has not responded to the question,
“how was school today?”
and didn’t, at least once, respond with,
“it was fine.”

now tell me what child’s mom
responds to the “fine”
with a scream so loud it creates
a hurricane,
the ocean waves make their way to the car ride home from school and
you are drowning and
drowning and
drowning underneath
her screams.

and then - radio silence.

my mom can go
weeks, months, and months and
months and months
without saying one word to me.
without touching me, talking to me,
loving me.
loving me.

my mom is an all-star
love withholder.

when I was in fourth or fifth grade,
my mom was filled with
red-hot rage and I cannot remember
what I did to fill her body with it.
but I can see her in my mind,
an empty outlined body
overflowing with red crayon colored in;
she was so angry. so angry.
and I am not sure if I was the one
with the crayon in hand, or
if she is the one who put the crayon
inside of my palm and
closed it tightly and then
convinced me that I was the one
who did something wrong.
that I was the one
who caused her to become dried out of all her love.
from hurricane to desert,
body outline on paper colored in with red and
in this memory I am not sure
that I even knew there was water
or a drought.

but during this period of,
“I’m angry so I don’t love you anymore,”
there was a day when
instead of arriving 45 minutes late
to pick me up after after-care,
she arrived 45 minutes early.
when I saw her walk through the gym doors
my face became alight with glee at
the sight of a mom being there;
the sight of MY mom having
cared for me enough to arrive
on time. earlier
than on time.
and I ran from the edge of the gym to
the door which she came through
and into her arms,
I grabbed all of my weight and
at her I threw myself. I hugged her hips
and smiled and smiled and
as my arms stayed wrapped around her,
hers stayed stick straw next to her sides.
never once did she raise
even a finger,
never once did she even THINK
about hugging me back.
when I realized I was alone in my love
I let go and I searched her face
for at least a tiny shred of,
“I love you, I’m just angry.”
but came up empty;
I always came up empty.
she grabbed me by the wrist and said,
and I felt my light face fill up with shameful pink and
I shut my eyes so tight I swore
the skin would rip;
I kept them shut, shut, shut
until the world was so dark I could have sworn that I saw stars
because I didn’t want to see anyone
look at the way I was unloved
after sharing so much of myself.

my childhood
went like this.
this. this was it.
I only received love from mom
when I didn’t want
to be touched.
when I didn’t need
to be loved. when I didn’t

my mom used the silent treatment
when she wanted me to know
that she was angry /
my mom was angry when I did something
that anyone my age
would have done /
my mom told me that
if someone doesn’t say that they love you
at least twice a day,
that means that /
they /
don’t /
love /
you. /

everyday my mom reminded me
that if you do not allow your tired vocal cords
to vibrate the words, “I love you,”
at the people you care for,
they will DIE
and when they DIE
they will DIE thinking that YOU DIDN’T LOVE THEM.

when my mom was angry at me,
she would not tell me
that she loved me.
when my mom was angry at me,
she would not speak to me at all.
when my mom was angry at me,
she become the epitome
of a child in a fight with another child
and she would go into
Silent Treatment Mode;
I would cry at her feet until she decided
to give me mercy.
I would tell her
how sorry I was, how truly
sorry I was for taking that crayon
and coloring her in red,
how sorry I was and
how much I didn’t mean it.
how much I didn’t
mean “it”.

and finally,
with tears seeping into my cheeks
and my face turned pink in a deep
guilty shame, she would say,
“okay.” and then I would beg,
I would plead with my red, tear-soaked eyes,
“I love you!” “I love you!” until she would take the bait and finally say,
“I love you, too.”

and all was well.

until the next time:
until the next “fine”
until the next hurricane,
until the next drought.
until the next time I grab the red crayon
and color her outline red all over again.

that was all it was.
it was nothing more than the crayon
because I never really knew
why she decided she would go silent.
there was never an explanation,
there was only the,
that was it.

my mom is an all-star
love withholder.
so don’t be surprised when
I am holding onto your feet
as you try to walk away and
you drag me on the concrete because
you say you need a break and
I cry onto your shoes until
you remind me
that you love me.

—  LOVE WITHHOLDER (han hyland)
Nothing’s Wrong with Baby

Nothing’s Wrong with Baby Dean x reader

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters

Warnings:  Smut NSFW (This is my first attempt at smut as always feedback is appreciated)


Dean had just walked out of the bunker in his grease stained jeans and black t-shirt he always wore when he was going to work on the car. You told him yesterday that you heard a weird noise coming from Baby yesterday when you were riding in it and he decided to spend the day trying to find the source. Little did he know you had a plan for today and it wasn’t watching him work on the car all day. He laid down on the creeper seat and rolled halfway under the car. His lean muscled body was sticking out and his shirt had risen up and you could see a sliver of his toned stomach above the hem of his jeans. You smiled to yourself and stood up from where you were sitting and walked quietly over to him. You placed your feet on either side of him and leaned over toward the engine. Your outfit of choice was a jean mini skirt and a blue button up blouse with no underwear.

Before he could get his hands dirty you said “Baby can you come out here for a second there’s something I want to show you.”

“Y/N I just started…” His reply died when he rolled out from under the car and saw straight up your skirt. You could almost feel his eyes on you making you wet. After a minute you feel his hands caress your calves and trail slowly upward. He softly massaged his way up to your mound but before he got to close his hands started moving back down. You groan in frustration. You were so wet and so ready for him and yet he wasn’t giving you what you wanted. Suddenly he removed his hands and started kissing his way up your left leg. When he reached your apex he blew on it sending shivers down your spine.

“So wet. Is this all for me?” He lightly brushed his finger over your folds. The moan you let out was answer enough.

He brushed over your clit and you screamed “Dean!”

“Mmmm that’s it baby scream my name.” He said rubbing your clit a little harder and faster. He removed his hand and you let out a whimper before you felt him spread your legs a little wider and run his tongue from your hole to your clit. Your legs were already shaking when he inserted one finger inside of you licking your clit roughly. You could feel your orgasm coming fast. Dean knows you are getting close and sticks a second finger in your dripping pussy. He feels you start to clench and latches on to your clit sucking and licking pushing you over the edge. He sticks a third finger in prolonging your orgasm. With shaky legs you move so he could get up not missing the sizeable bulge in his jeans. He looks at you smiling as he stands.

“Y/N there’s nothing wrong with baby is there?”

You smile coyly “Nope not a damn thing.”

“Well in that case I know what I want to do the rest of the day.” He lunges at you “Come here you.” He throws you over his shoulder and heads toward the bunker after smacking your ass once.

Don't Tell Me What To Do

I work at what is essentially a hardware store. This particular store has a policy that all animals are aloud inside on a leash, so not only do we get dogs and cats, we also get tons of farm animals like goats and pigs and once in a while a mini horse. All the employees love it and carry treats in their pockets and management doesn’t care if we pet or play with the animals as long as we aren’t ignoring other customers and they actually encourage it because it’s good for building customer relationships

Anyways, I had a closing shift today and the store was dead. I literally only checked out 50 people, when the daily average is closer to 300, so everything was cleaned and put away and ready to go super early. My dad stopped by to say hi on his way home from work and he brought my dog with him because she loves car rides and gets super excited every time she sees me at work. So it’s 3 hours to close and I was petting my dog and deep cleaning the counters and talking to my dad and I literally had not had a customer in an hour.

Cue two guys marching in the store and messing stuff up. They walk through my dirt piles and track mud and manure all over the store and spill feed and mess up the bulk hardware. They mess up the clothes that I had just fixed and leave piles of jeans and shirts on the floor and walk all over them. They pick up a dozen bags of blasting grit (you know how when you go to the beach you find sand in your crevices days later? That’s basically what the blasting grit does) and they lug them around the store. The bags are always leaking so they leave a trail of grit through the entire store (and it’s a nightmare to clean up. It’s like glitter and sand had a child that was raised by Lucifer himself). After a couple hours they finally come up to the register and I start ringing them up. They are super rude and obnoxious and I’m trying my hardest not to lose my temper and they keep calling me ‘baby’ and 'sugar’ and standing too close and they keep touching me and being awful. All of this combined is making me super anxious, which my dog picks up on (I’ve trained her to notice and help when I have panic attacks) so she walks over and pokes her nose through the gap between the register gate and the back and whines. While I’m waiting for the guys to swipe their card I reach over and pet her nose to let her know that I’m ok and one of the guys glares at me and shouts 'Don’t you dare pet that dog! You can’t pet that dog!’ And I just lost it because wtf? I dropped my fake smile and my customer voice and said “That’s my fucking dog and I can pet her whenever the fuck I feel like it.” They huffed and left and they called the store after to complain. Fortunately my manager had seen the whole thing and he is really reasonable and knows that I never lose my temper like that ever so I didn’t get in too much trouble. He just said that if those guys came in again I had to call someone else to ring them up because they “never wanted to see my face again” because I had been so “incredibly rude and obnoxious” Cry me a river tick turds.

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Prompt: Mulder shaves Scullys legs in the bathtub.

It turned out longer than expected. Special thanks to the lovely @greekowl87 for having done an awesome beta job. All typos, grammar and such are mine. English is not my first language. @today-in-fic

Setting: Post All Things

The water had been hot at first, but now was properly cooled. It was soothing the aches and the pains she had suffered from this three and half hour plane trip and the two hours car ride to the crappy motel he had chosen for them. Scully closed her eyes and held her breath before sinking down deeper into the clear water. She stayed at the bottom of the wide bathtub for a few seconds before emerging from its depths and sitting up. Her eyes were still closed as she let out a sigh of contempt.

Scully prayed to God that the case Skinner had practically hurled at them would be solved rapidly. The AD had wanted to punish Mulder who had failed to show up at a department meeting. She had reasons to believe that the sudden disappearances of Millie Ash and Robert Down weren’t due to an attack by a mythological creature. Her partner had try to convince her of this scenario on the plane. Scully was certain the two kids had eloped together and were daring their parents to try and find them. Nevertheless, the urban legend of a lonely werewolf living in the wide forests surrounding the village the two FBI agents had been sent to had been enough to fuel her spooky partner.

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The Mechanic - A Roman Reigns One-Shot

An impromptu trip to a service station leads to an encounter with a sexy mechanic. Her car isn’t the only thing he works on. Roman Reigns/OC.

Comments will be greatly appreciated!

“No, no! Not now, goddamn it!” Anya smacked her hand on the dashboard, which was showing her bad news. The check engine light had come on out of nowhere, and before she knew it her car had stuttered into a complete standstill on the side of the road. “Great, just great,” she griped. 

Her 2005 Chevy Impala always seemed to have one issue or the other. In the past year, the alternator had given up, then the air-conditioning had died on her, and now it was obviously the engine’s turn. The car was just a goddamn mess, and her former quack of a mechanic hadn’t helped matters either. But berating him was not going to solve her current dilemma. She still had a couple more errands to run, and she was yet to get her grocery shopping done. But now, the car wouldn’t crank anymore, and worse, it was a Sunday. She didn’t know many service stations that were open on Sundays.

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YAY REQUESTS! Could you write a spence x reader where the reader is a badass, and introduces spencer to her friends which makes him really nervous about their relationship since he’s such an adorable lil geek? THANK YOU ILY  -Anon

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Word Count: 1929

Warnings: none really

A/N: I kept most of the requests from the old blog and will be doing them here. I have been working on this one for a while and since school is over, now i have some time to myself to write. I hope you guys like this, and share it with your friends :)

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The Quiet Game

Request: Oh my god. I just found out your prompt list and totally fell in love with this - Your bias confesses through text message while sitting next to you. Can you pleeease make that one with Kihyun? It would suit him so damn hard :D Saranghae authornim <3

16) Your bias confesses through text message while sitting next to you

Member: Monsta X’s Kihyun x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I smacked at Kihyun’s hand as he reached past me, drawing small designs in the fogged window of the van we were crowded in. I rested my head once again on the cool glass, trying to ward off the impending bout of carsickness I knew would be coming on, and shut my eyes. 

“Yah, what was that for!” he hissed, retracting his hand to his chest dramatically. “I was trying to write something.”

“You were squishing me,” I muttered, readjusting on the edge of the seat. 

“Because you weren’t already being crushed before?” Kihyun chuckled. 

I cracked my eyes open slowly, giving him my best annoyed expression as I surveyed the van. When the Monsta X boys had asked if I wanted to go to the beach with them today, I was more than willing to get out of the house. That was until they were shoving me in the back seat of their transit van for a two hour ride with seven very different, and very loud personalities. 

“Aigoo, noona!” Changkyun screeched from the opposite side of our bench seat. “Can’t you scoot down anymore? I can’t feel my legs.”

“We’ll have to leave you in the car then,” Kihyun sighed, adjusting to take up more of I.M.’s room than he had previously. “Pity. We’ll crack the window for you.”

“You aren’t funny hyung,” Changkyun grumbled, pouting out of the opposite window. 

“I never claimed to be,” Kihyun bit back, shooting me a wink. 

I rolled my eyes, leaning forward to set my chin on the seat in front of us. Minhyuk and Jooheon had discovered the auxiliary chord that Wonho had so desperately tried to hide, and were now cycling through their respective playlists, turning the car into a mobile karaoke facility. 

“Can’t you do anything?” Wonho yelled over the bumping bass separating him from Shownu. 

Shownu stared blankly back at him, a small smirk on his otherwise vacant face. He pointed helplessly to his ears before turning around, continuing to bop to the music. 

“Aish, Kihyunnie,” Wonho sighed, spinning around and nearly elbowing the sleeping Hyungwon in the head. “Do something.”

“Please,” I nodded, giving Kihyun an encouraging nod. Normally I had an overwhelming amount of energy to devote to not killing MInhyuk and Jooheon, but I was feeling more and more nauseous by the moment. 

Kihyun watched me carefully for a moment before leaning into my ear. “Are you okay?”

“I’m a little more than a little carsick,” I groaned back, rubbing my temples. “And if I have to listen to ‘It G Ma’ one more time, I think I will vomit.”

Kihyun’s face turned serious as his eyes began to cut across the car. In one swift motion, he reached into the seat before us and grabbed the auxiliary chord. He gave it a hard yank, causing it to unplug and come flying in his direction. Before Minhyuk and Jooheon even had the opportunity to whine, he had already wrapped it up in his hand and set it far out of their reach. 

“Yah!” Jooheon shouted, spinning around in his seat to better argue with Kihyun. 

Kihyun pursed his lips and arched his brows, waiting for Jooheon to speak. Jooheon licked his lips, giving an unsure glance in Minhyuk’s direction. Minhyuk looked over his shoulder, a pout heavy on his lips. 

“Why did you have to spoil the fun?” he grumbled, crossing his arms. 

“I have a better idea. Let’s play a game,” Kihyun said slowly, his words deliberate. He gave a cautious glance to me before continuing to speak. “The Quiet Game.”

“Well that sounds boring,” Jooheon sighed. “Isn’t that where the one who doesn’t talk for the longest amount of time wins?”

“That is precisely the one,” Kihyun continued. Wonho looked back at him, a large grin on his face as he nodded along with him, urging him to continue. 

“Hyungwon is actually already winning,” Kihyun smiled, jutting his chin out at the sleeping member. “So we should start - one, two, three, go!”

Jooheon looked to Kihyun with large eyes as he spun in his seat, remaining perfectly still. i tried to hush the giggle coming out of my mouth, but only managed to sound like a deflated balloon as I watched the boys before me. 

“Not to sound pretentious, but you’re going to lose.” read the text message that appeared on my phone screen. I looked up slowly at Kihyun, a serene smile plastered on his face as he looked past me and out of the window. 

“How do you figure?” I texted in response. 

“All I have to do is let you in on one little secret, and boom, you lose. i’ll wait though. i’m a very patient person.”

I furrowed my brows as I looked up at him again. As much as I loved Kihyun, he could sound a lot like Jigsaw sometimes.

I rolled my eyes and leaned my head against the window once again. I felt Kihyun stretch beside me, wrapping his arm gently around my shoulders. I opened one eye, then the other, as he pointed to his shoulder. I nodded, slowly adjusting in my seat to lean against him and sighed. He was so warm and soft, I knew it would only be a matter of moments before I was lolled off into a comforting sleep. 

“I didn’t!” Jooheon screeched, waving his arms around dramatically. 

“You did!” Minhyuk yelled back in return. 

“What in the hell are you two arguing about?” Hyungwon croaked, rubbing sleepily at his eyes. I sat up from Kihyun’s shoulder and did the same. 

“He spoke! He lost!” Minhyuk shouted. 

“And so did you, idiot,” Changkyun sighed, shaking his head. “And so did I, fuck.”

“Wait, were you guys playing the silent game?” Hyungwon asked, thoroughly confused as he looked around the vehicle. Both Kihyun and I nodded, still in silence. 

“So I’m guessing it’s Kihyun, Y/N, Wonho, and Shownu left?” Hyungwon asked as Jooheon and Minhyuk continued to squabble beside him. 

“Huh?” Shownu asked, pulling an earbud from his ear and looking with wide eyes at his member. 

“What I meant to say was Kihyun, Y/N, and Wonho,” Hyungwon nodded. 

Kihyun gave me a side eye as he picked up his phone, the maniacal grin growing on his face by the moment. He typed on the screen rapidly and smiled as he locked it again, placing it facedown on his knee. 

Not even a full minute later, Wonho took in a sharp breath of air and spun, giving Kihyun the dirtiest look I had ever seen come across his handsome face. “Take it back.”

Kihyun waggled his brows, a smile pulling on the side of his lips. 

“You lost,” Hyungwon yawned, rolling toward his member and nuzzling his face into his shoulder. 

“Take it back!” Wonho screeched, shaking his head back and forth in anger. 

“What did he say hyung?” Changkyun whispered, looking sadly between them. 

“He texted…he texted me…,” Wonho hissed sulkily, he looked to his phone and began to read verbatim. “Go get your hair done. Roots are for trees, bitch.”

Hyungwon leaned back from Wonho’s shoulder and let out a loud cackle. Kihyun wiggled his shoulders, sitting further back in the seat, and smiled to himself. 

“So that leaves Kihyun and Y/N,” Changkyun sighed. “Until hyung turns on her too.”

“It’s only a game,” Wonho pouted. “Words hurt.”

Kihyun rolled his eyes before lifting up his phone and typing lazily into it. After a few moments I felt my phone vibrate. I took a deep breath, trying to prepare myself for whatever words I was about to read. 

“ready to lose?”

I cocked an eyebrow and looked out the window. Initially I had assumed Kihyun had brought up The Quiet Game as a way to calm down the vehicle. I thought for a moment he may genuinely care about my well being and how I wasn’t feeling well in the backseat. I should have know that his competitive side would inevitably come out and he would sabotage as many members as he could. 

“should i just air some of my own dirty laundry now and call it a day?”

“i wouldn’t do that to you. that’s not part of the plan ;)” 

I stopped the groan that almost escaped my lips as I looked at him. He continued to look out of the window, a placid look on his handsome face. 

“fine. what kihyun. please indulge me.”

Kihyun smiled as he looked down at his screen and began to type quickly, deliberately. 

“i’m completely head over heels and incredibly in love with you” 


Kihyun’s eyes shook as he looked down at his screen and back up to me, shock evident on his expression. He couldn’t be serious…could he?

“lol? do you not believe me?”

I began to grow nervous as Kihyun watched me, his mouth slightly ajar. 

“y/n. i loved you before i even knew i loved you. you have completely captured me. my attention is yours. my heart is yours. my future is yours. make what you will of it, but please…just don’t leave me here wondering.”

“all of this to win a game kihyun? really i thought much more of you than that.”

Kihyun blinked in shock as he looked back and forth from his screen to me. He licked his lips slowly, biting on the bottom as a thousand different thoughts flew through his mind. He turned slowly, angling his shoulders to face me before pouncing, taking my face in his hands and kissing me deeply. 

I found myself closing my eyes, relaxing into his kiss. His touch was fire against my cold skin and I honestly thought I may have stopped breathing at some point. He pulled away from me, an anxious look waiting in his eyes. 

“I’m all in,” I nodded, a small smile coming to my face with my whisper. “I care about you too.”

“Good,” he smiled, setting his forehead against mine. “Because I care about you so much, I’ll choose to ignore that you lost the quiet game.” 

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policeman!jihoon pt.2

a/n; special thanks to bff jupiter @chaeyolks for the pretty pretty moodboard once again,, also! this is a collab w @alliwannado-w1, her installment for woojin is coming up this weekend so do look forward to it^^

policeman!jihoon pt.1//policeman!woojin

warning: slight alcohol mention+slight violence, however characters are written when they are of adult age

“you’re illegal, why are you even a police officer?”

  • “you’re going to do undercover duty with y/n.”
  • “again?!”
  • “unless you want me to–”
  • “yes sir”
  • so here he was, groaning at his impeccable luck
  • he needed to get back at daniel for making him buy that drink LOL
  • “hello, im inspector park jihoon, please take care of me”
  • you looked up, being greeted by jihoon, in a light blue button down and ripped jeans
  • with that lanyard that has his name and picture??
  • usually staff id pics look like mugshots
  • but hey his pic deadass looks like a shot of those models for some fashion show
  • “hello, i’m sergeant y/l/n,” you smiled, sticking out your hand, “i hope we will work well together.”
  • at that moment jihoon fell for your brown eyes
  • and dimples when you smile
  • whatever he said about having zero interest in girls was thrown into the gutter
  • jihoon was tasked to shadow you for your duties for a month
  • he was pretty sure he was gonna get sacked for falling for his superior LOL
  • anyways
  • your first day of working with jihoon was nothing big, just typing out some reports
  • it was a little weird because an inspector from the violent crimes department in a street crimes(idk what its called pls forgive me) department? typing out reports of a lost puppy??
  • anyhow your female colleagues from the other departments will ever more often drop by your desk just to see jihoon
  • it was getting annoying how theyre actually paying more attention to jihoon
  • so you asked minhyun to dispatch you for more undercover duties LOL
  • “i thought you loved writing reports”
  • “not until the female sergeants from other departments come to my desk to see inspector park??”
  • “are you jealous?”
  • ngl you were but you arent gonna let it show
  • especially in front of minhyun
  • he would f l i p
  • “try having 3 colleagues flocking to your table every 2 hours to see your co-worker instead of talking to you, and also distracting you from doing work.”
  • “fine”
  • undercover was boring, you would normally drag sergeant!baejin along with you
  • but this time he wanted to stay in the office because he doesnt want to be the “third wheel”
  • you and jihoon would go to the same club everyday to do undercover duties
  • and the both of you manage to bust some sleazy dudes
  • since the whole thing was already under control the both of you soon don’t need to go to the club
  • and actually do night patrols
  • it was fun, because jihoon would entertain you by pulling funny faces and treat you to ice cream
  • contrary to your expectations, jihoon was actually quite nice to be around with
  • but then something in your mind went off about him
  •  you remembered the fuckboy senior that played with girls’ hearts in high school
  • it was jihoon
  • you were well aware that you were a position above him despite the 2 year age gap
  • but you couldn’t let yourself fall for someone who breaks hearts
  • so you decided to build a invisible wall of friendship to prevent yourself from falling for him
  • i mean how couldn’t you,, he was good looking, good at his work, and had a faint protective vibe which you liked
  • like whenever you were feeling only a little chilly at the cool breeze jihoon would not hesitate to drape his jacket over you
  • and also let you walk on the inside of the pavement
  • besides, minhyun would fall off his chair at the thought of his sister dating someone from the violent crimes department
  • but that didn’t stop you from having fun
  • the both of you would sit at swings and play at the slides
  • there was once jihoon was stuck at one of the slides and you had to help him LOL
  • but ended up pulling out one of his Stan Smiths and nearly called the fire brigade
  • day by day, the both of you got closer
  • and you told jihoon not to call you “sergeant hwang” bc that sounds rlly formal
  • one day the both of you were just talking about random stuff and you mentioned that you wanted to pick up martial arts
  • “i can teach you if you want!^^”
  • “really? what martial arts do you do?”
  • “i have a six-don black belt in taekwondo, i do teach little kids in my spare time as well”
  • so here you are, standing at the back of jihoon’s taekwondo class
  • you felt very over-aged learning taekwondo with a bunch of white-belt kids
  • but they were really good, and jihoon told the kids you were his assistant for the time being
  • yeah, assistant with a white belt
  • and just saying, jihoon looked rlly rlly hot in that taekwondo uniform
  • with slightly sweaty bangs and all
  • when he just stands aside for the kids to practice and adjusts his belt
  • bOI
  • ok moving on
  • you learnt some basic moves and jihoon barely needed to coach you to get them right
  • so all those years of fighting with minhyun was worthwhile
  • jihoon would shift you up to a yellow belt in two weeks because you were that good
  • so one day your eyes obviously wasn’t doing you good
  • you kept messing up the sequence throughout the lesson, maybe your condition wasn’t good
  • jihoon could see it and asked you to rest for a while
  • after the lesson ended, you took your street clothes and accidentally walked into the men’s changing room
  • and you walked into a topless jihoon
  • luckily, he was the only one inside
  • you could see his toned abs, and defined arms
  • not to mention that killer jawline
  • and in taekwondo pants????
  • jihoon noticed you staring slightly and then fumbled to find his taekwondo robe
  • and you noticed you were in the wrong changing room
  • “oh shit im so sorry i–i”
  • just as you were about to get out of the changing room jihoon blocked the door
  • without his robe
  • “y/n, did you enter the wrong changing room to see,,,”
  • “see?”
  • he pointed to his abs, “this?”
  • you could only laugh, “i would never do that, i can easily see them on the internet”
  • he raised his eyebrows, “so you watch porn?”
  • “no??” you rolled your eyes, offended, “do you think i’m that kind of person, inspector park?”
  • “n-no–”
  • “i’m sorry i’m not like those girls you played with back in high school, i’m not after your body–”
  • “you’re driving me crazy, y/n”
  • “what?”
  • “your eyes, your nose, your lips, drive me crazy.” jihoon stared right into your eyes, making you blush
  • “hey inspector park–”
  • “why don’t you call me ‘jihoon oppa’ anymore? is our relationship strictly work-related now?”
  • “i just…” you sighed how something small could escalate to something big like this, “i like you, jihoon-oppa”
  • you slightly cringed but you continued, 
  • “but we cant do this. minhyun will get mad, and there goes my job.”
  • “b-but–”
  • “sorry, inspector park, i’d have to go.”
  • you pushed jihoon aside weakly, then going out and into the ladies’ changing room
  • you felt hot tears trickling down your face, in reality, you just didn’t want your heart to be broken
  • the next day, you and jihoon went to work like a normal day
  • just, no patrolling and writing of reports the whole day
  • the office could sense a tension between the both of you, even your female colleagues stopped coming over
  • “hey y/n,” baejin stopped by your table and handed over a file, “you gotta go undercover again for that club, the perverts are striking again.”
  • “again?” you sighed, “okay i’ll go.”
  • “do you need me to go with you?” baejin leaned against your desk, “ you seem, off, today”
  • “i-”
  • “i will go with her, sergeant bae.” jihoon spoke, “it’s my last day here anyway.”
  • so fast, a month has passed, you thought.
  • “thanks inspector park. i’ll get going then.”
  • you skipped dinner, all you did was to write reports continuously throughout the day
  • until jihoon slammed your laptop shut, and stared straight into your eyes
  • “we need to go now, sergeant hwang.” his lips stretched into a straight line.
  • you unwillingly got up from your seat, as you shrugged on your coat and headed out to the carpark to wait for jihoon
  • the car ride was quiet, with you staring out of the window, not talking to jihoon
  • though it was jihoon’s last day, and you were sorry he had to spend his last day like that
  • you had to stop yourself 
  • though the club was playing upbeat music, all you could do was to stare into blank space
  • just then, some sleazy dude came up to you
  • “can i buy this pretty lady a drink?” he winked
  • “no thanks, im with someone else–”
  • “ey, that someone else can wait.”
  • “i really do have someone–”
  • “i said i will get you a drink alright?!” the man’s rogueish smile appeared, grabbing your wrist, “i know you’re here to do undercover duties, sergeant hwang–”
  • just then, a fist was sent flying to the man’s cheek, as he stumbled backwards
  • you saw an angry jihoon, his face was red with anger
  • “if you ever touch sergeant hwang again, you’ll end up in the hospital.” jihoon growled.
  • “wow, sergeant, i didn’t know you were into flowery pretty boys like–”
  • jihoon sent another punch across the man’s face, making him fall to the ground
  • you had to physically stop jihoon from hitting that sleazy dude, or it would’ve turned into a full fight
  • jihoon-oppa,” you held his arm, which weakened at your touch, “let’s stop, minhyun wouldn’t be happy if he saw this.”
  • jihoon scoffed, putting the dude in handcuffs
  • “you’re under arrest for sexual harrassment, you have a right to remain silent, unless with witness that will support your innocence.”
  • after that dude was thrown into jail, jihoon immediately hugged you
  • “are you okay?” he then took a step back to analyse your frame, “he didn’t hurt you, right? i was so–”
  • you then cut jihoon off with a kiss, shutting him up effectively.
  • jihoon kissed you back with more assertion, to make up for the time he didn’t get to talk to you throughout the day
  • “what was that, y/n?” jihoon smiled, ruffling your hair
  • “don’t tell minhyun about this”
  • boyfriend!jihoon in the police station is super sweet, leaving you a sandwich for breakfast, then dragging you out for lunch
  • minhyun soon found out about it, “i knew the both of you had something going on”
  • and jihoon wasn’t the asshole you expected him to be
  • he only had eyes for you, and it was really endearing
  • the both of you would go on night walks, and then sitting on the swing set, talking about random things
  • overall, the sweetest crime-busting couple in Gangnam Police Station
  • “I don’t know how you became a police officer, your looks are illegal, you’re my illegirl”

lowkey stole that from dimple by bts sorry im lame
i hope you guys enjoyed this as much as i liked writing this,,my request box is always open, so do send in requests!

la douleur exquise (4)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10


I’ve always known that Baekhyun was a good guy, having spoken to him multiple times before. He struck me as the type that you could just tell everything to and I felt comfortable around him. I was a bit hesitant at the beginning when he asked me to join him for dinner, but Jay persuaded me to go instead, postponing our earlier plans for another night. Part of me was really happy for that. Spending time with Baekhyun made me forget everything that happened today and I felt very thankful for his presence.

I was very shocked earlier today when he told me that he was aware of the past that Sehun and I had, after all I was really hell-bent on keeping the whole thing quiet. He doesn’t know much of what happened, and he assured me that nobody else knows of this which made me feel a bit better. 

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The new girl -volume 10- Whats your poison?


The kids and Billy x reader ???

note: Y/n means your name and Y/Ln means your last name

word count:669

THIS IS THE 10TH PART. YOU CAN READ THE PREVIOUS ONES ON MY TUMBLR. it’s a series so if you don’t read the previous ones this one can be a bit strange…maybe you won’t get it….but do yourself…read whatever you want.

1       2         3        4        5        6       7      8      9

I am walking down a street not really knowing where I am, but it looks like I’m getting near the city center because I see some kids hanging out and the big sign arcade.
I intend to walk past it but some kids start calling my name. “What in hell?”
I think to myself and turn around. I can see a group of 13-year-olds, that seem somehow similar to me and as they run towards me I can see why… that’s Lucas, Will, Mike, and Dustin.

Y/N what are you doing here we haven’t seen you in such a long time, where were you?

Dustin asks.

“I’ve been sick,” I add a little bit too harsh, they seem confused because they probably think that I’m angry at them.  so I pretend to be in a good mood and try to be nice.

“anyway, I’m good now, what are you guys up to?”

“We wanted to go to the arcade, but we are still waiting for a friend,” Mike says…not really excited about the fact.

“oh really, what is his name?” I say. Still being concern about this kid, is he ever happy?

"It’s a she, Max,” Lucas adds before I could say anything even more stupid.

“Oh that’s good, anyway how much money have you got.” I try to end this conversation, don’t get me wrong I love these kids but I’m really cold…

and hungry.

“We had some but the bullies took it away from us” will said looking sad.

“Oh I can give you some, I have some change laying in my pockets.”

I go through my jacket pockets and give the kids all the money I can find, and it was a pretty penny.

“wow, do you really give that to us.” Dustin seems the most surprised but others are pretty confused as well.

“Yea, take it, you should have some fun.“ I unintentionally look at Mike.

"thanks, Y/n, you can wait and meet max if you wan…”

And in that second a loud car drives by and almost kills me.

I jump away and the car stops.
Loud rock music playing in the car, a girl, probably Max jumps out of the car and yells something at the driver he yells back and then she slams the door. the kids get inside and the car turns around and starts slowing down as it approaches me.

“Hi, sweets wanna ride?”

I turn towards him trying to cover as much of my skin with my jacket as possible. There in the car sites the single most attractive human being I have ever seen in my life, if today was not today I would probably say yes because who would mind a ride from a guy this fucking fine.
But it is today and I had enough of everything and I can feel that this guy just wants one thing that (right now) I’m not about to give to him.

"Thanks but I’m fine I don’t need a ride,” I say, trying to sound confident.
I have shit going on with just about every guy that gave me a ride in this fucking town.

»acurse you do, you look like you need a drink too, how bout that?“

I stay silent….but my mind s just repeating two words

fuck off,

again and again and again…
while I’m walking as fast as I can, I’m only about 30 minutes away from my street, so I honestly don’t need this right now.

»cmon sweets….”
he is still driving really slowly, right beside me.
I was just about to tell him off but it starts raining, well great that’s just fantastic, I can either get in the car with this hot guy or I can fucking freeze to death out here.

I just open the door and get in.

He laughs and says.
“I’m Billy, so whats your poison?”


Anonymous asked:  Can you write Lysandra asked Aedion to teach her how to kiss before her first date because she was nervous to fuck it up. Thanks ☺️

I have to say, I think this is my favorite piece that I’ve ever written! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Send me a prompt!

Aedion Ashryver and I had lived next door to each other since I was three. The first day we met, he tried convincing me to eat a worm, and I promptly stomped on his toes and stormed off. Apparently, my tantrum had charmed him, and we quickly became partners in crime. We grew up together; squabbling like siblings but telling each other our deepest secrets like best friends.

Fast forward 14 years, and suddenly it’s senior year of high school. Aedion became the star athlete in every sport he played, and although he quickly attained celebrity status in our small school, he never let it go to his head. It was one of the things I admired most about him; he never forgot about his oldest friends.

Currently, I sat in the grandstands overlooking the football field waiting for football practice to finish. At the beginning of junior year, we had worked out a deal: he provided the car, I paid for the parking pass. Thus, I was destined to wait each day after school until he finished practice for whatever sport he was playing that season.

Completely absorbed in my phone (as always), I didn’t notice when it ended early, nor did I notice Beau’s approach until his cleats entered the edge of my vision.

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What you do for the people you love.

***Author’s Note: Hey guys! I’m back with a new fic for you this evening, sorry it took so long but I worked super hard on it. So, I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think! Also, feel free to send in request! P.S. this gif doesn’t belong to me! Credit to owner!!

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“I love you Baron.” I grinned, kissing him a final time before slipping into the locker room.

    I was the shy girl in the company, I guess it came with the lack of friends as a child. Wrestling was my only dream as a kid, the only thing that made me feel like I belonged. So, after many years busting my butt down in the indies, I made my way up to the major leagues of WWE. To start, I was in NXT as a new competitor in their women’s division. My character’s name was Adeline, she was bold, outgoing, and completely fearless. With an attitude like that, Adeline was a simple fan favorite. In other words, my character was the polar opposite of my true self. I barely talked unless I needed too and always feared what others thought of me. The only place I wasn’t afraid to be myself was in the ring. It was safe to say that my shyness keeps me from having many friends in the business. However, as of recently, I’ve been dating Baron Corbin for the past six months. We met when we were both down in NXT in the Performance Center training a little over a year and a half ago. We clicked right away, both of us rather quiet, him being reserved and me being timid. I took liking to him right off the bat and him to me. Baron asked me on a date seven months ago and after a month of dating, we decided to make it official. Baron and I have been through it all together, from late night car rides to moving up to main roster from NXT. Baron always made me feel comfortable and like I didn’t have to be afraid to be myself around him. He always seemed to smile around me, something I rarely saw him do around others. Today wasn’t any different as it was Tuesday night which meant Smackdown Live. I sat quietly by myself in catering, scrolling through twitter on my phone, trying not to look out of place.

   “Is this seat taken?” a voice asked, slightly pulling the chair next to me out. I jumped at the sudden break in the bubble of silence that surrounded me. I turned around, flustered, only to see Baron grinning down at me.

   “Oh! Of course! I-I mean, of course you can sit here, not that it was taken. W-Well, you can kinda see that bu–” I rambled, my face flushing red and my tongue confusing my words.

   “Babe, I get it. Relax, I knew what you meant the first time.” He chuckled, sitting in the folding chair next to mine. Baron always seemed to smile around me, although the very first time I saw him, he was constantly frowning or straight-faced. I nodded sheepishly, my cheeks still burning and my gaze down on the table. “Hey babe, nothing to get all embarrassed over. Besides, it was cute seeing you stumble a bit. No need to be nervous around me.” He soothed placing his hand on my lower back, and using his other hand to gently rest on my chin and guide my eyes to his. The red had decreased though I could feel that my cheeks were faintly pink as I nodded at his declaration. He grinned once more and leaned down at softly pressed his lips onto mine. It was simple and sweet, a loving kiss. I laid my head on his shoulder as we separated, which caused him to rest his head on my head.

   “You have a match tonight?” I mumbled starting up conversation, my hands reaching up and toying with the strain of black hair that fell loose from his beanie.

  “Yeah, not till later on in the show. How about you?” he answered, sliding his hand down to rest on my hip.

  “Second match of the show, speaking of what time is it?” I wondered, trying to map out y schedule in my head.

  “Uhh,” he glanced down at his watch, “ 4:23” he responded.

  “I have to be in hair and makeup in five minutes, wanna walk me down?” I asked, my voice quiet, attention focused on his hair.

  “Sure thing baby.” he pressed a kiss to my head. We stood up from the table, pushing in our chairs on our way out. We walked side by side, not speaking much, just enjoying each other’s company as we walked down the hallway.

   “Hey, uh, Bar?” I spoke in a hushed tone, fidgeting my fingers.

  “Yeah doll?” he replied, glancing down at me.

  “Umm, uh, would it be okay if I held your hand?” I asked nervously, my cheeks starting to glow as my nerves grew.

  “Of course you can, baby girl! You never have to ask. In fact, it’d be an honor to have you hold my hand.” Baron beamed cheerfully, taking my hand and intertwining our fingers. I smiled up at my, feeling my heart swell at his words. He locked his eyes with mine as he lifted our joined hands and placed a kiss on the back of my hand.

  “Thank you, babe” I bashfully grinned, swinging our hands lightly back and forth. Barons face lite up at the word, the first time I ever grew the guts to call him the term of endearment that he always used. I never used it, not because I didn’t want to, but because I was too embarrassed.

  “Babe? I like it.” he smirked, leaning down and pressing a kiss to my head, “But, what exactly are you thanking me for?” he questioned, returning to my previous statement.

  “Uh, ya know, for, putting up with me and my unbearable shyness, a-a-and for always making me feel, ya know, comfortable, a-a-and, uh, not afraid to be myself. So, uh, I really appreciate you.” I fumble over the words that are tumbling out, playing with Baron’s fingers that are still locked in mine.

  “That’s my goal, I always want you to feel comfortable and safe and protected. That’s what you do for the people you love.” he told me, gazing into my eyes with a light grin on his face. I stopped dead in my tracks, completely starstruck at his words. “Why did you stop?” he wondered, glancing back at me from a couple steps ahead of me.

  “Did you mean it?” I muttered under my breath, locking my eyes on the floor.

  “Mean what? That I want to make you feel safe and protected? Of course I did, sweetheart.” he looked confused, still staring at me.

  “N-n-no, uh, that you, um, that you love me.” I whispered, rubbing my finger over his smooth nail.

  “Oh! That! Well, yeah of course. I do love you babe, I thought that was common knowledge.” he said nonchalantly, smiling at me. He took a couple steps back and pressed a kiss onto my forehead. I blushed rapidly as I started to walk by his side once more.

  “I love you too Baron.” I stated proudly, not stumbling over my words so he knew I was serious. Baron grinned like the cheshire cat and removed his hand from mine so he could grab me by the hips. He leaned down and pressed his forehead on mine.

  “God, I love you. I could listen to you hear me say that you love me for every second of everyday and never get sick of it.” he whispered passionately, taking his hand from my hips and using them to cup my face.

  “I love you Baron Corbin.” I whispered again so he could hear me say those three words once more. The second the last syllable left my lips, he placed his lips on my mine. We molded together like two pieces of a puzzle, my hands flying up to his necks while he griped my hips tighter. I was so lost in his lips I completely forget we were in public, which a makeout session is something I would never do in public. We parted after a minutes, both of us breathing slightly heavier than before.

   “As much as I would love to stand here with you in my arms forever, don’t get me wrong, it would be a dream come true. However, a certain someone is due in hair and makeup in a minute.” he breathed, rubbing his nose against mine. I hummed in reply as Baron gentle pulled away from me and grabbed my hand again. “Off we go, my love.” he lovingly said, as we headed even closer to the makeup section in blissful silence. We were there in a matter of minutes, walking in and seeing a couple of superstars lingering in there. Jackie spotted me right away and ushered me into a chair, Baron trailing behind us.

  “Okay, so what look are we going for today hun?” Jackie asked cheerfully, sorting through her supplies. I shrugged, going red at my lack of an answer. Baron placed a hand on my shoulder from behind and ran it up and down my arm.

  “Whatever you like, I mean, whatever is easiest for you, I guess.” I stumbled, trying to stop the words from falling out. Jackie laughed at my slight fumble and smiled.

  “I gotchu girlie. Now, close your eyes and let’s get started.” she grinned. I gave a light smile and leaned back into Baron’s touch, his hand still racing up and down my arm. Jackie worked rapidly while chatting with the other makeup gurus as I had small talk with Baron. She worked quickly and quietly which I was very grateful for. Within ten minutes, my makeup and hair were both completed flawless and Baron and I quietly hand in hand.

  “I, uh, have to go get my gear on for my match.” I spoke softly, re-starting my finger fidgeting, running my fingertip over his nail.

  “Sure thing, love. Want me to walk you to your locker room?” he asked, lightly swinging our hands back and forth.


  “Anything for you.”

  I blushed at his compassion and headed toward the women’s locker room that was around the corner. We were there in a matter of minutes, pausing in front of the locker room.

  “Well, uh, this is my stop.” I muttered, rocking back and forth on my heels.

   “Good luck tonight babe, make sure you are careful tonight in the ring. I’ll find you after your match,okay?” he smiled, resting his hands on my hips. I nodded and rested my head on his chest.

  “I’ll be watching your match tonight, well, I always do, like really I do, but I want you to know that I watch and, uh, um, be careful tonight Bar.” I stumbled, hiding my face in his t-shirt. He laughed at my fumbles of words, rubbing his hand up and down my back.

  “Will do, baby.” He laughed, pressing a kiss on the top of my head.

  “Uh Bar, c-can I ask you something?” I mumbled.

  “Of course, you can always talk to me.” he reassured, his tone turning serious.

  “Do you want to, ya know, uh, stay the n-night, in, uh my room.” I muttered, twisting his shirt in my hands.

  “I’d be an honor to stay the night with you.” He grinned, gently stepping away from me, then using his hand to guide my lips to his.

  “So, I’ll see ya later?” I asked, double checking.

  “Yep, I’ll see you later, babe. I love you.” He told me, kissing me again.

   “I love you Baron.” I grinned, kissing him a final time before slipping into the locker room. 

Sexier than Doctor Sexy

read on Ao3

At first, all Dean can hear is a ringing in his ears. He’s not used to this kind of hangover and, hell, he doesn’t even remember drinking. In fact, he has no idea what the fuck is going on and he can’t see anything other than blobs of people above him.

Did he pass out? Shit, Sam is always getting on his case about his bad eating habits, maybe the last bacon-cheeseburger he ate was one too many. Apparently, you’re never too young to go into cardiac arrest.

He groans, trying to sit up, when someone’s hand lands on his shoulder. Dean has to focus, hard, but he sees a man standing above him, concern lacing all corners of his face. Dean struggles, trying again to push himself up. He can’t, though, because something is wrong with his right wrist and it hurts when he pushes on it.

As things start becoming clearer, Dean realizes that he’s lying down right by a sewage drain on the side of the road.

“Fuck, I feel like I got hit by a car,” he moans, squinting his eyes in an attempt to get them to focus.

“Oh, thank God you’re alright,” the guy above him says. He has dark hair and strong features and Dean wonders what the hell got him into this position.

“Why wouldn’t I be alright? What the hell happened?”

The other man frowns and helps Dean sit up, the small of his back leaning against the curb. The guy is in light-blue scrubs and as Dean looks past him, he sees multiple other concerned-looking people staring at him.

“I–uh, I hit you with my car,” the man says.

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Jealous- Tom Wilson ft Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by pucksbeforefucks

Requested: Yes 

Request:  “May I request a jealous Tom Wilson imagine?”

Authors Note: Before yall come after me, I know Tyler and Tom are friends. I really could not think of any other player that would do this, I still don't think Tyler would do this. Tell me if I need to fix anything.

Warning: Fighting and Relationship issues 

Ps: Request are open - I love you 

Supporting one another was a key factor when dating Tom. You always tried your best to go to all of his games when you had the chance. Your hours at work had been so crazy this month that you barely had any time to see him. The Capitals finally had a home game against Dallas, giving you the chance to finally see your man in action.

“Happy Saturday beautiful,”  he said while joining you on the couch.

“Tell me why it’s so happy?” you asked laughing at your goofy boyfriend.

“It’s happy because I get to have my good luck charm at my game tonight,” he said with a smile.

“And who would that be?” you asked confused.

“It’s you Miss Y/n !” he yelled happily.

“Also, am I going to see you tonight, or are you coming to the stadium with me today?” he continued.

“I’m coming with you today so we better get a move on it,” you said getting up from the couch.

“Whooh!” Tom yelled with excitement.

“ Your such a kid,” you said laughing.

You and Tom hopped in the car and headed towards the arena. The whole ride, Tom had the biggest smile plastered across his face. Nothing could ruin this day. When you arrived at the arena you walked Tom to the locker room, then went to watch the rest of the boy’s practice.

“ Hey guys,”  you said taking your seat next to Nastya and Lauran

“We have not seen you in forever, how have you been?” Nastya said while bringing you into a hug.

“I have been good, life just kinda took over” you responded

“Well, I’m happy you are here now,” Lauran said with a smile.

Through most of the practice, you guys caught up on everything from kids to what happened this morning. You watched the boys do some more drills until they had a break. You saw Tom skate over to the bench looking for his water bottle.

“ I’ll be right back, I’m going to see if Tom needs anything.” you said excusing yourself.

You walked down the locker room hall looking for the entrance to the players’ bench. When you turned the corner you ran into what seemed to be another human.

“I am so sorry,” you said  apologizing

“It’s totally fine, I’m Tyler, “he said with a smile

“I’m Y/n,” you said shaking his hand.

“ I have to ask, what is a pretty girl like you doing around all these sweaty Big foots? ” he asked you kindly.

“Being my girlfriend,” you heard someone say behind you.

“ Sorry Wilson, maybe you want to keep her close next time. Someone might sweep her off her feet,” he said winking at you then walking away.

“ Don’t worry, I already did,” Tom said giving Tyler the side eye.

“What are you doing  talking to him?” He asked angrily

“I was looking for you and we ran into each other, don’t worry about it. Let’s get you ready for your game hot shot” you said reassuring him.

“I love you, but I don’t want you talking to him,” he said to you sternly.

“Your not the boss of me Tom,” you snapped back at him.

“ I’m just looking out for you,” he said frustrated.

“ We are not doing this now. Go get ready for your game,” you said walking away.

The whole half, Tyler and Tom went going back and forth nonstop. You were up in the family box talking with the rest of the WAGs when you saw two players drop the gloves. All you could see was punches being thrown and a lot of blood. You frantically looked for Tom’s number and when you did your heart stopped. You sprinted as fast as you could to the locker room.

“Tom are you ok, baby what happened?” you asked frantically while sitting down next to him.

“It’s nothing, I handled it,” he said turning his attention back to the Sports Med.

“What happened?” you yelled at him.

“That Seguin kid was talking about you the whole half, that’s what happened,” Tom said flustered.

“What did he say?” You asked confused.

“ He was talking about how pretty you were, and that I didn’t deserve you. Then he said that he was going to take you home tonight instead of me, that’s when I lost it.
You mean the world to me and I’m sorry for the way I acted earlier,” he said a little broken.

“Tom you never have to be jealous of anyone. You are and always will be the guy for me.” You said taking his bruised hand in yours.

“I love you Y/n,” he said pulling you in for a hug.

“I love you too, now go kick some Star ass,” you said giving him a kiss.

“I will, now that I have you here,”  he said walking out of the locker room.