this is from like four songs and i had to choose some moments to not take

Billboard: Niall Horan Braces for Stardom Outside One Direction, With Advice From Justin Bieber & The Eagles

When Niall Horan decided to move from London to Los Angeles in early 2016, it’s no surprise that he chose a house in Laurel Canyon, the epicenter of ’60s folk-rock culture. Horan was the one ­toting a guitar in One Direction, the British boy-band juggernaut that was just then going on a hiatus, and he’s got the soul of a singer-songwriter: He’s charismatic, witty and sensitive, but also easygoing and no-nonsense. Viewed alongside his bandmates – born rock star Harry Styles, “sensible one” Liam Payne, “funny one” Louis Tomlinson, moody R&B prince Zayn Malik – Horan, 23, is sort of like the middle brother: the most ­approachably handsome, the second-most popular across social media (29 million Twitter followers; 19 million on Instagram) and the most likely to lust after a gig at the historic Los Angeles rock club The Troubadour. “Playing for, like, 500 people. What more do you want?” says Horan. “I’ve had some good moments with screaming ­teenagers, but I like when the room is completely dead. It’s a ­different kind of respect. People are actually listening.”

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Beautiful In White (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Adorned in an exquisite ivory A-line dress, you’re the most beautiful Jungkook has ever seen you. After all, it is your wedding day.

Word Count: 7,182

Genre: Angst (?), smut

A/N: I originally planned this to be an angst but then my thirsty ass ended up incorporating some smut into this. Please let me know what you think about the angst though, did I do it right? I would like to improve so any constructive criticism would help! Oh and everything in italics are flashbacks.


The only word that could come close to describing your mere presence as he watches you weave your way through the round tables. You’re being pulled into an awkward hug every second by guests as they try to figure out how to overcome the barrier that is your dress without ruining your hair and makeup. He watches as you converse animatedly with the guests, some of whom he does and does not recognize.

You tuck the strands of hair that frame your face behind your ear, only to have them fall back to where they were just seconds ago, but he gets a brief view of your face. Your cheeks are stained with a light pink tint, your lashes expertly curled in a way that showcased the eyes Jungkook fell in love with, face properly contoured – a term which Jungkook unwillingly learned after having to watch too-many-to-count make up tutorials with you – and your lips, smothered in god knows how many different brands of lipsticks. The end result of four hours of makeup was nothing short of perfection. Jungkook mentally curses the stupid rules and superstitions that forbid him from seeing the bride before the wedding day.

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Seventeen, Chill Songs, and Headcanons


1. Pick a boy
2. Read the headcanon
3. Close your eyes and press play
4. Live the headcanon

A/N: this is a new concept, so let me know what you think, okay?

S.Coups: Me And Your Mama by Childish Gambino

Imagine sitting around the kitchen table, a big window on the wall, but it’s too late at night to see outside. It’s the first few chilly days of fall, meaning you haven’t quite convinced yourself to turn on the heat for the year. Instead, you and S.Coups sit next to each other at the table, sharing a blanket while you both lazily munch on popcorn. Nothing seems relevant, but this song playing quietly around you and how your body curves into Seungcheol’s.

Jeonghan: 졸려 Sleepy by Sodam

Despite all the curtains open painting the bedroom in a white film, despite how many times you had previously tried to wake Jeonghan up, he refuses. You would pull the covers away, only to see that that didn’t bother him. You would try everything, but somehow he would always find a way to grab your hand and pull you back into bed, wrapping his body around yours tightly. The alarm would still be going off, as it had been for ten minutes. When he pulled you into bed for the final time you would settle after hearing the radio from the alarm play this song. The world had a funny sense of humor sometimes.

Joshua: Nano (TK Kaleidoscope Remix) by Spangle call Lilli line

Maybe you knew the words to this song, maybe you didn’t; within the moment though, but when you listened to it with Joshua you felt as though these lyrics, this beat, the tone of voice was made specifically for this moment. You had been trapped with Joshua in this recording room for a few hours, however you weren’t really trapped, either of you could have left at any time. It just didn’t feel right to. When this song played, when you rested your head in his lap and laid out your body on the cold hardwood floor, his fingers laced in your hair, you understood why you were trapped. It felt as though the universe had kept you two together to live out this moment, a moment where everything was truly perfect.

Jun: Night Time by The fin.

Just like the lyrics stated, it was the middle of the night. When you would look back at this day in the future you wouldn’t be able to say why you were out in the first place. You had taken a break from your late night drive in the middle of nowhere, stopping at a gas station. This song would play over the system and for some unknown reason, the moment it started Jun would look at you with such passion in his eyes, such youthful excitement. He would grab your hand and dance with you in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, a smile on his face that matched yours the whole time.

Hoshi: April by In Love With A Ghost

You hadn’t remembered putting this song on your phone, and maybe you didn’t, maybe one day the sky looked down at you and Hoshi, smiled, and gifted it to you. You were walking down the sidewalk of some suburban neighborhood, a car whizzing by you every few moments. One earbud in your ear, the other one in Hoshi’s. This song would play and even though you had never heard it before it just felt… special. Your arms would brush against each other, the bare skin mingling. You felt as though whatever higher power there was above, it had handcrafted you this moment.

Wonwoo: Oh My God by Rheehab

Hearing this song wouldn’t be a one time deal, in fact it was Wonwoo’s favorite. It had the perfect mix between hip hop and a chill vibe. Every spare moment you two would spend together, every lazy day, every few minutes you could scavenge together would be spent holding hands, resting on each other’s shoulders, lazily sleeping with this song on repeat in the background. Every time you would hear this song you couldn’t help but smile to yourself.

Woozi: F*ck Me and Feed Me by Rendezvous At Two

You two would both be laying in bed, the day just falling into the cusp of evening. You would have your head resting on his shoulder, one of his hands would be lazily gliding over your arm while the other would be scrolling through music on Youtube. It moment seemed perfect the minute he opened up this song, despite the words to them the soft beat and the melodic voice would pull the both of you in. He would rest his head next to yours, and for the next four minutes it would feel like you were the only two people in the world.

Mingyu: So Faded 텅 빈 by BEVY MACO

The soft lapping of the warm water in the tub would be the only sound besides the beat that this song was creating. You would be resting against Mingyu’s chest in the bath, only this moment wouldn’t feel like a moment of sexual tension, but rather a moment of comfort and sweet intimacy. You felt completely at home in this small bathtub next to the love of your life as a beautiful, beautiful song played ever so innocently in the background.

DK: Peach Pit by Peach Pit

Imagine driving down an empty road much faster than you should with the car radio and it’s shitty sound system pumping out this song. It’s way too hot out, the windows rolled way down, DK’s sweaty hand clasping around yours with his other hands on the wheel. You two would share a peach lemonade, with only one straw because DK forgot he was supposed to be cute and get another. You would just close your eyes, feeling the wind in your hair and your hand in DK’s. What bliss.

The8: Sad and Boujee (Remix) by elijah who

Even though the lyrics to this song aren’t exactly the nicest, the moment he decided to play it in the dance studio you felt as though you had never heard a song as sweet. You two had been in the dance studio for hours, you happily watching and talking to Minghao as he danced every now and then. He would just look at you with a big smile as this song created the most wonderful vibe in the room, even if you hadn’t wanted to dance before you would want to now.

Seungkwan: I Kissed a Girl She Kissed Me by Kid Bloom

You would be waiting for your flight to arrive and take you back home in the airport, clicking on whatever song caught your eye as you passed the time. Seungkwan’s head would be resting in your lap as he tried to pass the time by sleeping. At one point, he would take the phone from your hands and pick out this song to show you. His eyes would stay locked yours trying to gage your response to it. Seungkwan had the kindest gaze and when the song mixed with it, you could feel nothing but warmth inside.

Vernon: Is feat. POP ETC by Kanno Yoko

It had been a day at the beach, the gritty sand had stuck itself under your feet, only you didn’t seem to mind. Vernon had hooked his phone up to the speaker so the only thing you could hear besides whatever song played was the crashing of the waves on the beach. You were sharing an ice cream with this song began, the day finally coming to the end. You would watch the sun set over the beach and hear this song play in the background as Vernon playfully fed you ice cream.

Dino: Chippoke na Ai no Uta (Music Box Version) by Sakurako Ohara

You two had just returned home from a day of sledding in the first snow of the year. Both of your cheeks were stained a deep rosy red as Chan tried to warm your hands in his, every once and awhile blowing hot air into his hands that cupped around yours. This song would play from the other room, probably from one of your roommates choosing to listen to it. The sweet melody of the song would warm you up as you two could do nothing but smile at one another.


Sansa, Smart

So. Sansa. I hear some people think she’s not very clever. This is a view shared by several characters in the books.

But there’s no reason the readership should share those views. Sansa is a very clever individual who makes increasingly good use of several skills she started the series with, and develops greatly as an observer and an actor over the course of the story.

Putting everything under a cut, for reasons of four books of brainpower.

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Bound II

A/N: THE STRESS LEVEL IS THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF. I had to re write this entire thing bc my computer shut off and deleted the draft. I promised you guys part two today soooo here it is! Thanks for all the love! We’re almost at 300 followers, yall! Thats the craic lol. Enjoy!

Y/n is lying in her bed, still only dressed in a purple blanket but the biggest grin is plastered on her face. She and Harry had formally introduced themselves to each other; they found out that they actually live in the same town. Y/n began to talk about how insane this all was but the conversation quickly drifted off to irrelevant topics. Now, she’s listening to him blabber on about his week and she can’t help but wonder how or why she’s come to enjoy this.

How did she somehow normalize the fact that she can talk to somebody through her mind? How could she actually be interested in this guy’s personal life after knowing him for less than two hours?

“So..I got it fixed but now I feel like I should just buy another car if the engine is gonna keep failing, ya know” he shares, but she’s too caught up in her thoughts to realize he asked her a question. “Y/n, you there?” he chuckled. She snaps out of her daze and apologizes. “I’m so sorry I was stuck in my head” she breathed.

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Here’s an updated list of all my work in one easy to find place! I was having some problems with the links on the old one so hopefully this one works a little better!

*          *          *          *


Choices: Part 1 - AJ’s girlfriend works behind the scenes on SmackDown. The two have always kept personal and professional separate but when AJ’s emotions get the best of him, and he decides to confront Shane in the parking lot, will he lose more than just his job? Angst.

Choices: Part 2 - AJ attacks Shane in the parking lot even after you begged him not to. You confront him, and he has to face the consequences of his actions. Angst.

Choices: Part 3 -  AJ catches a bartender flirting with his now ex-girlfriend, and his jealous side comes out as he tries to win her back. Angst. Smut. WARNING-Daddy Kink

A Little Too Tipsy – AJ is out for a few drinks with Anderson and Gallows when a cute girl at the bar catches his eye and tries to make a move.


Nerves - Baron is going to dinner with your parents for the first time, and he’s extremely nervous at your house. Fluff.

Space - You and Baron are dating, and you have to kiss AJ Styles as part of a romantic storyline for TV. You get into a fight and break up, and then he sees you with another Superstar. His jealous side comes out. Angst.

Just a Friend - You and Baron have been friends for years but when you bump into an ex-boyfriend, will Baron’s true feelings for you come out? Fluff.

All I Want – You have some anxiety and Baron comforts you and makes you feel better. Fluff.

Tension You’re Corey Graves’ little sister but you secretly have a crush on his best friend Baron Corbin. But Baron seems to hate you and you are always arguing. He wins his first championship and runs into you backstage where another argument begins before some sexual tension is relieved. Angst. Smut.

Work It OutReader and Baron hate each other. The tension between them gets to be too much for Corey, and so he locks them in an apartment and tells them to work it out. Angry sex happens. Angst and smut.

Wanna Try That AgainYou and Dean Ambrose go out for a few drinks as friends without telling Baron. Baron finds out, and his jealous side comes out. He takes you to the hotel and you argue before having a little dominant makeup sex. Then fluffy cuddle time after the sex. Angst. Smut. Fluff.


Happier - Braun is out with some friends when he sees his ex-girlfriend with another guy. He realizes she looks happier. He finds her walking alone in the rain later that night and takes her home.(Based off Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’) Angst. Smut. Fluff.


Drunken Calls - You and Dean are best friends, and he calls you in the middle of the night when he’s drunk and needs someone to come pick him up. The following morning Dean’s true feelings come out. Angst. Smut. Fluff. 

Come Find Her - Baron makes his feud with Dean personal by kidnapping the one person that means everything to Dean, his girlfriend. Fluff. 

What’s the Magic Word - Dean comes over to your place for a movie night. It’s his turn to pick the movie, and he chooses a horror movie. The two of you wrestle over the remote on the couch. Fluff. 

I’m Sorry - Dean sees Roman kiss you on the cheek, and his jealous side comes out. Dean snaps at you and makes you cry, and he tries to make it better. Make-up sex ensues. Angst. Fluff 

You Love Her - You and Dean are riding with Roman and his wife. Roman catches a cute moment between you and Dean in the car and asks Dean if he loves you. Dean admits he’s fallen hard for you. Fluff. 

Don’t Leave Me - Dean gets into a car accident, and you fight with everything you have to save him. Sad. Fluff.


Prize of a Lifetime - You are married to Enzo Amore and are the little sister of the Bella Twins. You have your first match at Wrestlemania against Lana and Rusev and finally get the Wrestlemania Moment you’ve always wanted. Fluff.


Don’t Let Go - You and Finn go to a water park with some other superstars. There’s a scary ride, and you’re nervous, but Finn assures you that he will be right there. Fluff  

Go Home - You and Finn get into a fight and you go to your parents’ house for the night. Finn waits outside all night to try and win your heart back. Fluff.  

Be Mine -  You are at a bar a couple of blocks away from the hotel everyone’s staying at. Sami drunkenly flirts with you which has Finn seeing red. He takes you back to his hotel room to show you who you belong with. Fluff. Smut.

Runaway LoveYou and Finn are best friends, and it’s your wedding day. Finn has secretly been in love with you but never told you. He decides to leave WWE and go home to Ireland. You race to the airport to stop him before he can get on the plane so that you can tell him that you love him too. Fluff.


Crowd Goes Wild – Sami comes home early to find you dancing in the kitchen in his shirt and your underwear. Fluff and smut ensue. Fluff. Smut. 

Proving It – You’re Mick Foley’s daughter and Sami overhears your dad questioning how much of a man he is. Sami then asks for a fight with Braun Strowman to prove how much of a man he is. Angst. Fluff. 


Just a Dream - You have a bad dream about Seth leaving you and can’t fall back asleep. You call him, and he calms you down until you fall asleep. Fluff. 

Don’t Have to RushBased off the song Toothbrush by DNCE. Seth and reader have had a Friends With Benefits relationship going on but one morning after, Seth and Y/n realize the other person is all they’ve ever wanted. Fluff. Slight Angst. Smut.


Four Years -  You and Tye broke up four years ago when he left to go chase his wrestling dreams. You now work for WWE and run into him backstage and the feelings you’ve been fighting for four years come rushing back. Slight Angst. and little bit of fluff.


More Than Friends - You and TJ have been friends for as long as you can remember. You’ve liked TJ as more than a friend, but he’s never given you any reason to think he feels the same. You plan a date, and when TJ finds out, he tells you his real feelings. Fluff. 

The Center Console Does Nothing to Support You (M)

Jungkook x Reader
Smut (roadhead)
Words: 3,009 (just four more from being a Childish Gambino song)

*A/N: To my handy dandy Jungkook stan @jungshock and Admin Kaycie from @houseofbangtaninternational for encouraging me to write this filfth. Twas fun. PS: who even invented roadhead? o.O*

Lake Shore Drive after Rush Hour is beautiful, empty. That, plus the added late night summer air rushing through rolled down windows, it all makes you feel weightless, free, adventurous.

But tonight’s adventure is not really one of your own, but your boyfriend, who sits behind the wheel with one hand gripping the tattered leather and the other rubbing at your bare thigh. It’s a situation you two have been in more than a handful of times this summer, sneaking out of the gated community of your north side homes, travelling the half hour path to get to your friends waiting for you on the south side, your and Jeongguk’s safe haven. On eroded streets littered with potholes and weeds growing from sidewalk cracks is where you feel the most at ease.

Electricity thrums from the palm wrapped around your skin. Jeongguk is excited for the race tonight, ready to show his friends how much he has improved since their last race. You truly have no interest, unaffected by your boyfriend’s competitive side. You have been with him too long to care, but also because you know your disinterest makes him work even harder to win.

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Too Late (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Originally posted by mcfucking-lafayette

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Choreographer!Reader

Requested?: ‘hiii! I have a request for a linxreader: Could the reader be the choreographer for Hamilton? So she comes in later in the game when everything has pretty much been written. Lin and she have a connection and get along very well during the staging process. Then on opening night at the Public, the reader brings her boyfriend and Lin acts v weird (cause he’s in love with her). You could decide where to go from there. love your writing! thanks!!!’

Prompt: ^^^^

Words: 2700+

Warnings: Jealous Lin, Sad Lin, angst, :(



Lin didn’t want to admit it. He was in denial and didn’t want to confess it. Nothing would make him talk. Nothing would break him. Nothing would-

“I’ll buy you dinner if you do it.” You state as an ultimatum as you twirled the gel pen between your fingers.

Lin’s determination and shell of resistance cracked and shattered the moment you finished speaking the ultimatum. Lin mumbled a profanity before standing up from the couch. He took a deep breath before doing a cartwheel, or what he believed was a cartwheel. You couldn’t stop laughing at him. How anyone could keep a straight face as they watched a grown man in his thirties attempt a cartwheel and watching him land it by crashing into the couch is beyond you. You felt your stomach hurt and your eyes grow watery. Lin stood and glared weakly at you, mumbling for you to shut up.

“Don’t be like that, Linny.” You said, nudging Lin in the chest as you zipped up your hoodie and retrieved your wallet from the coffee table. “At least you earned yourself some free dinner.” 

Lin rolled his eyes as he stood and grabbed his car keys and wallet. You both walked out of the apartment complex and into the garage. You both entered Lin’s car and pulled out, driving from the building and down the street. The destination was an old stomping ground of yours and Lin’s. A moderately sized family diner only a few blocks away from Lin’s apartment. This was where you and Lin would brainstorm and work on ideas for Hamilton together. A good amount of your friendship was spent at this restaurant. You would work on homework and last minute projects here, take part of Friday night karaoke and work for tips when you were short on funds. This place was, in fact, ran by your family. Mainly your parents, seven other siblings, and six of your cousins. The food served were all (L/N) family recipes and the decor were all hand-me-downs, giving the diner a homey atmosphere.

You and Lin pulled into the parking lot and entered the diner, inhaling the warm scent of country fried steaks and apple pies. Your sister Beth was working the podium so once she saw you and Lin she grinned and immediately grabbed menus and lead you to your favorite spot; a booth directly diagonal from the kitchen door so you could have a clear view of who and what was coming out of the kitchen. Since you were the chosen heiress of the diner, you tried to visit it was as often as your schedule would allow you to. This means a lot of late night dinner with Lin and falling asleep with a cold cup of coffee and being woken up when your parents went home (the diner runs 24 hours). Although your name was soon to be on that deed, you were discussing with your father about how the heir should be some who worked and wanted the restaurant. But, that’s a story for another time.

Your mother walked out of the kitchen and she noticed you and Lin, smiling although she was tired. “(Y/N)! Lin!” She strolled over to you two and gave you side-hugs. “It’s good to see you two! What can I get you?”

You and Lin scanned through the menu you both know by heart. Before Lin could speak you placed your menu down on the table and looked up to your mom. “We’ll have our usuals and two coffees.” 

Your mom scribbled down your order on her pad of paper and winked at you. “I’ll bring out sugar and cream for you, hun.” And with that, she walked back into the kitchen. You took this time to look around the restaurant and noticed how empty it is. You and Lin were the only ones eating, besides a couple of hungover and stoned teenagers sitting at the bar. Normal Saturday night for the (L/N) Family Diner.

Besides having a favorite diner that worked at a meeting place for meals and study dates, you and Lin go way back. You two graduated from the same high school, you graduating two years after Lin, and you guys stopped talking until four years ago after you graduated college. You came across Lin while touring Aaron Burr’s house and you two picked up your friendship where they left off. He told you about this project he was doing called the Hamilton Mixtape. You were a huge American History nerd so you were excited to hear about it. Some time later, Lin started working on a hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, who happened to be your favorite founding father. You had a Bachelor’s degree in Dance so when you heard ‘musical’ you thought of the dancing and ensemble members of Broadway. When Lin decided to make you the Choreographer for Hamilton, you saw stars. You were positive that Hamilton was going to be a Broadway hit so you immediately accepted his offer. So, for a course of the next few years, Lin would run you through the songs he wrote while you demonstrated the dances you put together for each song. You also helped Lin pick out actors and actresses for the cast and you took it upon yourself to choose the ensemble members. It might have been Lin’s musical but he always said it was a team effort.

You and Lin proceeded to talk about ideas and new changes for Hamilton songs and dance numbers. Your food and coffee were served some time later and the conversations did not cease. After the food was eaten, coffee was drunk, and the conversation lasted for about two hours, the bill found itself onto your table and you paid for it, leaving a good tip for your mom before you and Lin got up to leave, hugging your mom and your sister before leaving the restaurant. You and Lin went back to his apartment and you two ended up having a deep one-in-the-morning conversation about life since that’s how your brain functioned when you were an insomniac and still running on those few cups of coffee. At about three am, you decided to leave since the next day was the premiere of Hamilton. You hugged Lin and wished him a good night before leaving. You lived in the same building, but your apartment was three floors above Lin’s.


Night of the Premiere ~

The theater was packed. The show sold out not that long ago and it was heart-racingly exciting to see all these people and Broadway veterans filling the Richard Rogers Theater. Thank god you weren’t in the main cast or else you’d be having a panic attack and insist on leaving. You were not just the Choreographer but you also was an ensemble member that performed in both acts and even had a singing part in The Election of 1800. You also lend a hand in helping cast and ensemble members get in costume and makeup since you took a class for theatrical costume and makeup in college. When you weren’t helping or going over last minute practice with the ensemble, you were loitering in Lin’s dressing room, helping him calm his nerves.

“What if I miss my cues?” Lin asked, mainly to himself as he fiddled with the sleeves of his shirt. “What if I make a complete fool of myself?”

“Lin, calm down,” You said for the hundredth time that night. “You’ll be fine.”

“But what if the spotlights go out?” Lin continued to be nervous. “What if everybody doesn’t like the show? What if-”

“Lin, oh my god, calm down!” 

Lin looked at you with wide eyes. You stood up from the couch and was grasping Lin’s shoulders, looking him dead in the eye. “You, Lin-Manuel Miranda, are a brilliant man. You wrote this musical in seven years and you had to deal with me forcing you to practice dancing during those seven years. You mastered the dances, you’ve mastered the songs, and you can do anything you put your mind to.”

“Yeah, but-”

“No buts, Lin! Now you go out there and do your best! If you get nervous or anxious, look for me. If I’m not on stage, I’ll be in the wings.”

Lin smiled and hugged you. “Thank you, (Y/N).” He said, kissing you on the cheek, making you blush. “I’m not wasting my shot!” 

You laughed as he finished his hair and finished getting ready. You mess with your hair before the five-minute warning comes over the P.A system. You and Lin hug again and you go your separate ways and take positions in the opening song. 

The musical goes on without any problems. When you weren’t performing on stage, you were watching from the wings. Lin would glance at you ever so often but you’d flash him a smile and a thumbs up. During the intermission, you snuck off and Lin didn’t see you until the first song of Act Two. Act Two brought you to tears and you were silently crying when Alexander died. The audience were brought to tears and enjoyed the show very well, calling for an encore during the curtain call. You disappeared from the stage and Lin went searching for you. He had something very important to tell you.

Four months ago, Lin came to the realization that he loved you. It was at a rocky point of his life when he realized this. He had just finalized his divorce with Vanessa after four years of marriage and they decided to share custody of their baby son, Sebastian. Besides working on Hamilton, Lin was a mess and wasn’t getting enough sleep. You’d force him to sleep and make sure he’d eat. You cared so much about him, just like you did in high school. You were loving, witty, funny, beautiful, and very talented and smart. Lin couldn’t help but fall in love. He didn’t think he could after his divorce but he did.

Lin scanned through the group of actors and ensemble members for you but to no avail, you weren’t found. Lin asked all the actors he saw and they all turned up with nothing. Then, Phillipa said she saw you in the lobby. Lin thanked her before racing to the lobby, still in costume. As he made his way to the lobby, he went over what he was going to say to you. He mentally cursed and finally made it to his destination. Lin scanned the crowd and saw you but his heart stopped once he saw him.

You were standing up against an empty part of the lobby wall. You were still in your ensemble costume and the blue and red coat you wore during Yorktown. Your hair was still in its braided updo and your makeup looked to be touched up recently. Your arms were crossed against your chest and your head was tilted every so slightly to the side. The guy you were talking to was about Daveed’s height, with curly blonde hair and he was dressed in a white dress shirt, a navy blue blazer, black slacks, and brown loafers. His neck and cheeks were covered in freckle patches. His hands were making motions as he spoke, making you laugh once and a while. 

You see Lin in the corner of your eye and you smile. “Lin!” You called him over, motioning with your hand. Your ‘friend’ turned around and he had an anxious smile on his face. Lin felt a pit form in his stomach as he walked over to you. His hands became clammy and he expected the worst from this guy he never saw before being all friendly with you.

“There you are, (Y/N),” Lin said, forcing a fake smile on his face. “I’ve been looking for you.”

You smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of your neck. “Sorry.” You nudged the blonde guy in his side as you stood up straight. “This cutie has been distracting me.” The blonde guy blushed and stepped closer to your side, placing a hand on your hip and you leaning into his touch, leaning your head on his shoulder. Lin’s speculations were confirmed. And it broke his heart.

You had a boyfriend.

Lin tried his best not to look hurt and heartbroken. He wanted to look oblivious and happy. His forced smile looked convincing but he was breaking on the inside. When did you start dating this guy? Why didn’t you tell Lin about him? Does Lin know this guy? He did look kinda familiar. Maybe a guy from your high school? Lin didn’t care. He instantly hated this guy. This guy took you away from him. Lin could make you happy. He could satisfy you. If he was able to, he’d make you a happy person.

“(Y/N), who’s your friend?” Lin asked as he balled his hands into fists. 

You smiled and blushed. “This is Grayson Peters.” You explained, Grayson extending his hand for Lin to shake. “We went to high school with him. He was in the marching band with me.”

Lin firmly gripped Grayson’s hand and shook it briefly before letting go. Grayson’s hand was clammy and cold and Lin wiped his hand on his pants before stuffing it in his pocket. Grayson looked like one of those guys you’d see on Glee or The Office but also has that anxious glee like one of Lin’s fangirls. His eyes were brown like Lin’s and his face is clean, no shadow of facial hair. Maybe you liked men with brown eyes? Clean shaven guys? Musical guys? Lin fit two of those three traits so he had a good chance with you. Besides, Lin knows you better. He could make you so happy.

“How long have you two been seeing each other?” Lin asked, a lump in his throat forming.

“Four months.” You explain. “We’ve been seeing each other online since he worked overseas. But now he’s living in the city!” Grayson planted a kiss on your head and you blushed, making Lin’s heart break even more.

‘So that’s why she’s been online so often.’ Lin thought as he felt his eyes water and the lump in his throat growing. He wanted to pull you away from Grayson and tell him to get lost. He wanted to kiss you and hold you and make you feel special. It took him four months for him to realize how much he needs you and you went off and got yourself a boyfriend. Lin was so disappointed with himself that he took so long. He loves you. He wants you. He needs you. But he was too late.

Lin turned around and walked away, not being stopped or noticed by you or Grayson. He walked all the way to his dressing room, ignoring everyone who tried to talk to him. He locked the door behind him and took a seat in front of the mirror. He stared at his reflection and then looked at the picture he taped to the corner. It was a selfie polaroid you took of you and Lin on your thirty-third birthday, which was six months ago. You both had on those stupid plastic birthday hats and you both held full wine glasses as you toasted to ‘one more year closer to death’, as you put it. You both were smiling, which what made Lin’s heart ache more. He wanted that smile. He needed that smile. But it now belonged to someone else.

And he cried.

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Bold - Steve X Reader



Summary: You have elctrokinetic powers and are a part of the Avengers team. After you have a little too much fun one eveing, Steve takes you out for some fresh air.

Warnings: Kissing.

Words: 1 604

A/N: This is my least favorite thing I have written but I’m freaking out cause I don’t post as much as I want to so I’m posting this in pure, anxious panic :))))

Please don’t unfollow I just hit 300 followers :))

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Y/N was one of the happiest people that the entire Avengers team knew. Give her a drink or two and that happiness doubled, if not even triples. That was exactly what had happened that night. She had only had a cosmopolitan made by Natasha but it wasn’t as much as she was intoxicated as the drinks put her in a good spirit.

Tony was throwing a party. Not a gathering, not a celebration. A party, and it was crazy. Everyone could at some point during the night, both drunk and sober, swear they felt the Tower moving.

It was that night that Steve, Sam, Tony and Natasha found Y/N dancing on a coffee table to Sir Duke with a crowd of strangers laughing around her. Tony had started taking out his phone to record but Steve had intervened. Clearly Y/N was in no state to acknowledge her surroundings, but Steve knew she didn’t like being on camera and decided to step in.

“Hey…” He approached her, pushing through the crowd that had gathered to watch her performance. She didn’t hear Steve over the music, chatter and laughing however but kept swaying her body in her skintight dress. Steve could feel his cheeks heat up and had to continuously make an effort to not look anywhere other than her eyes. “Y/N?”

She finally noticed him and let out an ecstatic yelp and motioned for Steve to join her up on the table that definitely wouldn’t be able to take his weight.

“Come on, let’s grab some fresh air.” He suggested and waved his hand for her to step down. She shook her head side to side along the beat with a grin on her face.

“No, I’m already fresh.” She assured and frowned when the song abruptly ended but was quickly back to her joyful mood as Sir Duke changed into Celebration. God knows who created the playlist for that night, but that playlist and Y/N was a recipe for absolute destruction. “Ease up, Steve. Celebrate good times, come on!

Steve looked back over his shoulder to the others for some help. Sam held his hands up in defense, Tony was laughing and Natasha was trying to make it seem as if she wasn’t as well.

“Y/N, I’m serious. You need to breathe for a moment.” He continued to try and convince her. She just kept dancing when suddenly the song changed half way through it. It wasn’t until then that Steve realized that Y/N was choosing the songs herself.

Shame, Shame, Shame… Shame on you, if you can’t dance too.” She sang loudly, not half bad. Steve was starting to become annoyed however. Her damn abilities would end up being the reason for a lot of regrets that night if someone didn’t stop her. That someone seemed to be Steve as everyone else let her rave completely.

“Alright, that’s it Ms. Electric…” He put his drink down and without warning grabbed her legs and threw her over his shoulder effortlessly. He spun around and began heading to the elevator to get to the balcony one floor above, walking past the others. “I’m taking her out for some air.”

Natasha nodded, not laughing any more as she knew it was for the best.

The lights began to flicker and the speakers cracked as Y/N protested. “You’re out of you mind…” Steve groaned and got into the elevator, pressing the button up. As the doors were half closed, the elevator went dark, not moving even an inch. He put her down and she almost growled at him, pouting angrily as she corrected her hair and pulled down her dress over her thighs.

“You’re such a party pooper!” She practically yelled as she allowed the power to the elevator to be turned back on.

Steve covered his mouth with his hand to stifle his laughter. “Party pooper? Really?”

“Oh screw you…” She frowned and crossed her arms, walking out of the elevator first as they got to the floor above the lounge. She began heading for the balcony with quick steps while Steve sauntered after her with a faint smile. She was crazy sometimes, but he wouldn’t lie, she was entertaining. Whenever he was down she would always manage to raise his spirit, intentional or not.

As he got out on the balcony she was already standing by the railing and leaning her elbows against it, looking out over New York City with the island of Manhattan illuminating her body, reflecting in her eyes.

“You alright?” He asked and paced up to her side. She let out a long sigh, nodding her head.

“Yeah… I just want to let go for a night.” She admitted with a new tone to her words. “We always have to save someone or defend something. It just gets to me in the long run.”

Now he felt bad for pulling her out of the party. “Sorry for ruining the mood, I just thought that you might regret it in the morning when you see all the videos.”

“No, don’t apologize. I’m glad you got me out of there, so thank you, really.” She looked up at him with a faint smile. It was an honest confession, even if Steve doubted it slightly. She had been stressed beyond compare for about four months with continuous missions and no break in between them. She just wanted to let go for one night, but she should have known better than to go crazy like that. No matter how much she partied, the anxiety from her missions would only haunt her in the morning along with a dreadful hangover.

“You okay?” Steve asked, glancing around him as the balcony lights had began to flicker as Y/N had focused on something that clearly had troubled her.

“Oh, sorry…” She looked down at her hands and straightened her back, ashamed. She had the most difficult time controlling her powers in the team, apart from Banner when he was in the mood, and she hated it.

“Don’t apologize.” He said, both realizing that she had just said the same but to him. They both laughed lightly, feeling the air turn lighter.

“Let’s just not apologize anymore tonight.” She chuckled and wiped her hair away from her face. Steve agreed, looking down at her as she stretched her arms back to gather her hair. Perhaps his drinks were starting to get to him as well, but he couldn’t help but look at her anymore. He had done his best all night, but his willpower had a limit and god knows Y/N was testing it.

“You’re staring, you know.” She said without even looking up at him. Instead she smiled and kept looking out over Manhattan.

“I- I wasn’t.” He defended himself. “I was just…”

“Geez, Cap.” She turned towards him completely with a big grin. “Are you stuttering?”

“No.” He blurted out all too quickly, causing her to burst out laughing.

“Wow, I thought you had a rock solid game by now, but apparently not.”

“Game?” He was lost.

She turned towards him with a raised brow. “Game? As in how you flirt with girls? Or, well, stare at them creepily. Whatever floats your boat really.” She shrugged with a teasing grin and he rolled his eyes, scoffing.

“I don’t play games. If I like a girl, I make that clear.” He said with determination like he had something to prove.

“Really?” She was surprised. “I always took you for the shy type, not the confident one.”

“I’m not shy.” He tried to justify, cheeks turning slightly pink from her accusation, which only confirmed her belief.

“Alright then, do something crazy, something bold.” She dared him with a playful grin. She wished she could blame the alcohol, but she couldn’t. That entire night she couldn’t blame a single thing on her one glass of cosmopolitan.

“Right here? Now?” Steve questioned hesitantly, looking across the empty balcony like someone would join them at any second.

“Yes, or are you too shy?” She pushed and Steve groaned, not liking to be called shy when he wasn’t. “Maybe little, ole’ Steve is too scared to do something?”

He wasn’t, but just as she requested him to do something crazy, his thoughts became completely irrational.

He quickly leaned in and pressed his lips against hers without warning. She yelped in surprise at first but she would be stupid to not kiss back after all the months of crushing on the super soldier. The same went for him. Ever since Y/N became part of the team he had felt something in between them and as time went by, that feeling only grew.

As Steve had made a fair point that he wasn’t shy, he still continued, and neither of them minded it. Y/N wrapped her arms around Steve’s neck and he placed one hand below her ear and one on her hip.

The lights on the balcony began to flicker again and this time it spread to the point where half of the Tower stood flashing.

“Y/N.” He mumbled through their kiss-turned-make out session. She hummed in response, curling her lips around his bottom one which made him moan quietly. “The lights.”

She pulled away for a second and the lights returned to normal and the hacking music from below turned back on wholly. Steve leaned down to her again, placing his lips softly against hers in a slow and passionate kiss to wrap it up.

“I have to say.” She cleared her throat, peaking up at Steve with a cheeky smile. “That was pretty bold.”

nowforruin  asked:


A/N: This kept wanting to go angsty and depressing, so I’m pretty happy that it didn’t do that. Because fuck hormones.

Summary: Killian and Emma work at a luxury theater and he sets up a little surprise to cheer her up.

It’s no great secret that Emma’s favorite drink in the whole world is hot chocolate with cinnamon on top. She has had this drink somewhere in the thousands of times over the course of her life, and she never thought she would be chased away from it, but night after night of cleaning up the trash from the movie theater’s large bins has stopped her love in its tracks. The smell of hot chocolate mixed with beer and wine has soured her stomach so bad that she’s not sure if she can ever drink her favorite concoction ever again. Her face must give away her thoughts, because Killian is across from her in an instant, helping to lift the over-filled plastic liner from the can.

“I’ve got this, Swan. You’re free to tend to the sweeping if you’d prefer.”

She doesn’t really prefer, but it’s the lesser of two evils, so she grabs the broom and dustpan and gets to work sweeping up discarded wrappers, dropped popcorn, and forgotten candy from between and around each section of seating.

It’s been two years, eight months, and five days since she started working at the Storybrooke Luxury Theater. It’s the only one in the area that sells booze and dinner, that offers plush armchairs in the middle of the moderately-sized theater, beds in the front, and couches in the back. It’s been two years, eight months, and four days since she met Killian Jones, a fellow usher and waiter. His brother owns and manages the theater, but Killian chooses to work the screenings instead of behind a desk, claiming something about it offering him a better quality of life.

Like clockwork, Emma can hear him start humming some tune or another, marking his progress through the trash bins at the entrance of the theater, and she gets lost in the quiet song and the steady work. She knows it’s almost midnight, but time is almost irrelevant to her when she has nothing she’s returning home to. The only one she really cares to see when she’s not working is the person she gets to work with most often, so it’s a win-win situation that Killian is by her side through all of this.

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Merry Christmas! It’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Because exams are so serious, you can enjoy reading something a little light-hearted :)

Study 3-4 weeks in advance of the finals. I feel like once you actually get down to it, after all the touching up to find out what concepts you need to understand or reclarify with the teacher, then starting revision about 4 weeks advance is enough to get you a very high mark in a course. Of course assignments usually take a lot of the time, but if you can manage to start, then you’ll find that everything else kind of falls into place. And you still manage to finish those assignments before the due date.

Form study groups leading up to the exam. Or not. I usually prefer studying by myself since I’m someone who works at their own pace, despite the fact that the times that I studied with others were quite productive. If it works for you, I say go for it.

Study for open book exams too! Because you can guarantee that they’ll ask you questions that make you wonder whether you’ve even covered that even remotely in class. Radiometry, Photometry and Colorimetry exam I’ll forever remember you ==‘

Arrive at the exam place early to tackle exam stress and anxiety. I find that getting to the exam facility early really helps you acclimatise to the environment and focus on staying calm and collected. When I was in first year a lecturer advised us to arrive an hour early just in case any train delays occur, so now I usually arrive more than 40 minutes before an exam. Also don’t freak out in the exam. Every minute counts!

Try and convince yourself that you don’t care anymore. This totally works for any overachievers or people who stress about doing the best that they can like me. Yep, just repeat to yourself, or listen to the song! “I Don’t Care” :) a little 2NE1 never hurts (my music style is more SM Ent though haha).

Study till the last minute. I’ve tried both relaxing the last day and studying the last day. Personally I’ve had one or two cases where studying on the last day led to an extra mark, and I don’t feel any big difference in stress levels, so I always just try and study until the last minute.

Exam staff are so very difficult. Not kidding, even a tiny blue tint and you can’t bring your water bottle in. You can’t wear a watch, or even put it on the table. You can’t write your name after times up, yup, even just your name so they know who filled out the exam LOL. They’re just doing their job, but they’ll get you to pull out your hair wondering who. the. heck. made. these. rules. Taking bets for the next thing they’ll ban! (my money’s on jumpers and jackets)

Collect the massive bags that they give you before an exam. I was literally so sad when they switched over to those tiny plastic bags. The big ones we used to be given that would fit your laptop were made of such good material and you could use them again for many purposes. I did manage to snag quite a few the first few semesters we had them though ;)

That moment when you manage to sit next to your friend in an exam and wave hiiiiiiiiiii (which translates to *heeeeeeeeelp*). Exam seating is random so you get given a card and you follow the spot to your seat. There was one time though that was such a coincidence I was like whaaaa? I was sitting an exam and went in with my friend. When we were about to get the cards, I turned around to go get my ruler from my bag just in case, and the card that I got was literally the one right next to my friend hahaha. 

Make sure you don’t drink too much water. Some exams really have you racing against the clock! No time for tinkling in the toilet when you have to tinker with the test whilst the time goes tick tock! (did you like that cause I thought that was pretty funny… no…? okay…)

Don’t leave early unless you’ve racked your brains for the answer twice over. Once I finished an exam early and checked my answers once or twice before sitting back and relaxing (which really means uncomfortably shifting around in a chair with no cushioning). I had about 20 minutes left for the exam, and only in the last minute did I flip over and realise I had read one question wrong. Thankfully I was able to change it and get that extra mark ^_^




First Contact (Rafael Casal x Reader)


Request Queue

Request- This is a fic requested by my girl @jazygirljazzy (she’s awesome and posts a lot of Daveed and Rafa stuff and you should follow her) and it’s based on Rafa’s video series on YouTube “The Away Team”  It’s gonna be a four part series following each episode of the miniseries 

Song- cool girl – Tove Lo (I changed this song like three times)

Words- 2,164

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So basically you can’t talk to @mittensmorgul about anything, or it just goes all

And in this case it’s trying to explain, like, the ENTIRE tangled web behind the whole “crypt scenes” thing and why we even call it that when it starts with a thread beginning in 1x22 with John throwing off Azazel to save Dean, and ends up with me yelling at my screen when a tan-coat-wearing brainwashed dude answering to a heaven-like organisation is waving a gun at some random hunter whose only crime is being adorable and loosely romantically connected to Sam, and declaring it Prime Destiel Subtext.

This is the wire tangle in my brain that explains it :P 

Details under the cut with the image above just so you can visualise all the bits of string, I guess, unless you can read my handwriting (on a browser, anyway, you can click the image to get it in a pop out, then right click, view in a new window, and view it in life size, and I used a LARGE sketchbook for it so life size is big ass spaghetti ramblings), in which case you get a prize. 

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Hide & Tickle! (Bokuaka)

A/N: Haikyuu!! (Bokuaka) -  24. “I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” - Yay this is the I’m back- fic I needed to write, yey hi needs XD

I’ve got many ongoing fic ideas but sometimes it’s easier to just pick up an entirely new one. There were even two ideas that popped up for this one when I chose it, but I let my sweetiepie friend Mia choose ;D Thanks @unpopular-irl-too​ for the prompt sorry I switched their roles /)///(\ 

Summary: Bokuto and Akaashi are chilling in the sun and life is good, Akaashi is feeling relaxed, and he would like to stay like this forever. Of course Bokuto thinks otherwise, he is bored and wants to play a game. Akaashi is playing, whether he wants to or not.

Random headcanon that Bokuto lives in one of those nice houses in Tokyo omg I’ve stayed in one of those during a homestay and they’re a-we-some ok.

Word Count: 1874

The sun felt warm on Akaashi’s face, it felt good. He felt his lips twitch a little into a genuine smile. He was lying stretched out in the grass, head in Bokuto’s lap. These kind of moments, hanging out at his boyfriend’s place all by themselves, chilling in the garden on sunny Sundays, they were the best. 

Tap tap tap - the sound of Bokuto playing on his phone coming from above him didn’t disturb him the slightest bit. In fact, it was calming and reassuring. As long as Bokuto would keep himself entertained, that was all that mattered. Because the longer that would take, the more Akaashi could enjoy this sweet relaxed moment in the sun.

“Akaashi, I’m bored.” Oh, shit. Akaashi opened one eye, glanced up at is lover but then quickly closed it again since the bright blue sky above them, the sunlight and Bokuto’s pretty face were too blinding. 

“Go read something.” Akaashi probed the pile of books that was next to them in the grass with his elbow and rolled a little onto his side, claiming his spot with his head on Bokuto’s lap even more as he cuddled closely. His hands massaged the grass and he hummed, sighing contently. 

“Or homework,” he sighed before falling in a nearly-slumber. 

“I want to play.” That got Akaashi wide awake again. Hearing this, he knew their relax-time was about to be over. But he was not giving in. Not now he was finally enjoying some calm and peace.

“Let’s play hide and seek,” Bokuto suggested. Akaashi opened one eye again and snorted. Of all things…

“I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” He closed his eye again and decided to ignore Bokuto’s silly suggestions.

“I want to play hide and seek. I’ll give you ten seconds to hide,” Bokuto continued. Akaashi shrugged.

“Not playing,” he murmured sleepily. 

“And then when I find you…” Bokuto said, and he glided his finger across Akaashi’s chest, around his shoulders and down his front, tickling him a little. Akaashi squirmed and shook off his hand.

“I will tickle you senseless.” Bokuto held both his hands like claws above Akaashi’s body, and as if he could feel his fingers on him already, Akaashi tensed up and opened his eyes immediately. He frowned.

“Bokuto, no.” He had no energy for his games, not this time.

“Hide & Tickle, we’ll play now. My game, my rules. Ten seconds Akaashi,” Bokuto sang. Akaashi wasn’t taking it seriously, Bokuto was being lazy in the sun too. They weren’t playing.

“Ten, nine…” They definitely weren’t. He definitely wasn’t. Akaashi defiantly crossed his arms over his chest and held his chin high, lying back with his head in Bokuto’s lap and enjoying the warm rays of the sun.

“Eight…” His body started to tingle. Maybe Bokuto was being serious after all.

“Seven…” Bokuto’s voice got that sing-song teasy tone, and Akaashi opened his eyes.

“Six…” Crap, he was so screwed. Zero and hidden or not, he was getting those awful Bokuto-tickles whether he liked it or not, he was very aware of that now. 

Getting up so fast it dizzied him, Akaashi stumbled towards the house. He dragged his bare feet through the grass, and Bokuto chiming “Five… Four…” after him had some remarkable effect: he was now running. 

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Ruined My Lip Gloss- Elias Lindholm

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

Ok I like how this one turned out despite writing it at 3 am! Oh well! So I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you thought!

Warning: none?

Anon Request: Can you write one about jeff skinner and elias lindholm being your friends but elias has a crush on you but doesn’t want to turn things weird in your friendship or something like this… i don’t know if you’ll understand kkk… sorry the poor english


              “Just tell her” Jeff said. You stopped in the hallway, listening.

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Bellamy in Jasper’s Empire (4x08)

We all know the scene. Bellamy and Jasper return to Arkadia, there’s a party going on up the ramp, and at the other side are some people still mourning the people lost in the black rain. Jasper goes up the ramp, leaving Bellamy at the crossroads, and then a lone blonde Clarke look-a-like emerges to convince Bellamy to dance. 

Bellamy and Bree are the two we’re supposed to be focused on in this scene, right? That’s what most would have you believe. I mean the Clarkeness of how they’ve done Bree up can’t be denied, but I think people have focused too much on this because of Bellarke when the scene itself is more about the Bellamy/Jasper relationship continued over from their scene earlier in the episode…and also a bit about the two on their own

Why do I think this?

Well, for me it has to do with the music playing in the background. It’s titled Empire and is by an artist WVM. It’s mainly the music to the song that we hear during the scene, but there are four moments in the scene where this isn’t so. Four lines of the song that are completely distinguishable, almost as if they wanted us to actually hear them compared to the other parts.

The first of these lines are actually the first lines of the song.

I tore down the walls that showed me heaven

We hear these as we see Jasper and Bellamy walk into Arkadia and Jasper sees that the party has already gotten started. Now, even though he is coming in as it’s already gotten underway Jasper is 100% the person who masterminded this party. He’s all smiles as they enter where as Bellamy has no idea what is going on. So, how does this tie into the lyrics? Well, let’s look at the contrast in the two sides of the room. First we have the party. In a way I feel like the party is supposed to be the heaven mentioned in the song. People are smiling, having fun….you might even say there is rejoicing. Heaven is supposed to be a place where there is no more sorrow, and while it might only last for this night, this party is providing just that for the people at it. Compare this to the other side of the room where people are mourning and in pain, which I suppose in a way would make that side of the room hell. 

There’s also the first part of the song ‘I tore down the walls’ Because of being privy to certain information before the others, Jasper is the first to adopt the ‘live for the day’ type of mentality. Whether or not you want to see it as a good thing, for the most part this season Jasper has been all about living out the remainder of the days doing things that you love and will make you happy. Some see this as destructive, but honestly I’ve always had a different take on it, and the previous scene in the forest solidified this for me. Jasper hasn’t given up on surviving because he wants to die. He’s living life with everything he has, and he wants others to do the same. He’s the first to really accept that maybe they won’t survive, and there is nothing wrong with that. He’s torn down the walls of fear of what’s to come to be able to see and live in the heaven that is around him. I also think you can consider Jasper being able to sort of get through to Bellamy out in the forest as him tearing down those walls Bellamy had built up, slowly allowing him to see the ‘heaven’ around him as well.

my love for you will always stay

This is the next distinguishable line from the song. It comes after Bellamy expresses not being sure if he wants to/should go to the party, and Jasper tells him that everyone is going to die and he has a choice in how he goes out. “The ending’s the same, but who says the journey has to suck?” Jasper doesn’t force Bellamy up the ramp to the party, in fact he doesn’t even hardcore try to pressure him into joining. He leaves Bellamy to make this decision all on his own. I think the important thing about this in regards to the lyrics is that no matter what Bellamy chooses to do he is always going to be someone that is important to Jasper. The things he does is not going to change this. Even Mt. Weather didn’t change this. I know some people could argue this, but as much as Jasper lashed out at Bellamy in season 3 because of it, I never thought that Jasper hated Bellamy (or even Monty and Clarke) in a way that meant he no longer loved/cared about him. I think so many people don’t recognize that you can hate someone (or something they did) while still ultimately loving them.

welcome to my empire

We have the whole ‘dance with me’ ‘I don’t dance’ scene. Now, before I get to this moment with the above lyrics, I do want to point out that Bellamy looks up to the party and Jasper before allowing Bree to guide him up the ramp. The fact that it’s after this moment just goes to show how Jasper has gotten through to him in a way that no one else has been able to so far.  

Now as Bellamy (and Bree) walk up the ramp we hear ‘welcome to’ and as the camera moves to show Jasper turning to greet them it goes to ‘my empire.’ This party, this whole way of thinking of the apocalypse is, in fact, Jasper’s empire. In Jasper’s empire you don’t survive, you live, and you live with every ounce of your being. Bellamy makes the decision here to join Jasper in living. He’s allowing himself to take the burden of saving the world off his shoulders, even if it’s only for a little while…now if only Bellamy would take the backpack off his shoulders…YOU’RE AT A PARTY, BELLAMY!!!!

the seeds of your destruction

This is the continuation of the previous line from the song. It’s heard after Jasper hands Bellamy a drink, and as they cheers and drink it down. Now, I know there are plenty of people out there who would take this as a negative thing…mainly people who hate Jasper and will try to twist everything he does into a negative thing, but y’know what? Fuck those people. This moment isn’t about the destruction of Bellamy in a negative way, no it’s the destruction of Bellamy’s way of thinking that he has to keep punishing himself for the things that he did and the people he couldn’t save. It isn’t something that is going to be an automatic 180 change, but Jasper has provided him the seeds of change.

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Superhero!Seven x Villain!MC AU

  Well hello! This is my first writing piece on this account, and it’s just to show you guys what my writing style is like.

  I had been working on this one for a while, so I hope that you guys enjoy it!

  Feedback is always appreciated, as well as constructive criticism, so feel free to message me.

  Remember that requests are open!


Genre: Fluff & Blink-and-you-miss-it Angst

Word-Count: 6,738


   “YOU WILL LOSE NEXT TIME!” You yelled as you ran towards a building across the street, sliding behind it and into a dark alleyway, hiding until the crowd would dissipate.

   It was rare that you used your voice since you had to keep your identity a secret, after all. Even when you did use your voice, you would change the tone, to make it less likely for someone to recognize you. After everything that had happened, you were completely out of breath, with cuts on your face and blood dripping from said cuts.

   Who would’ve thought that you’d end up like this? You were a villain, humanity’s number one enemy, at least when they are derived from its own. The trouble you caused would always appear in every local headline, sometimes even showing up around the world.

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Jane’s Otayuri Fic Masterpost

Welcome to my current list of all the Otayuri fics I’ve so far posted on AO3 since January ‘17. With currently over 207k words down, you could say I’ve been pretty busy so please, for your enjoyment, a whole variety of Otayuri fics to chose from (below the cut cause the list contains 11 fics):

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The Talk - Haytham and Connor

Haytham laid awake, staring at the ceiling. Ziio had drifted off into the in between state of wakefulness and sleep. He, on the other hand, couldn’t find rest. “He never told me.”


“I’m his father and he never told me he was dating!”


“I don’t know what I did wrong, Ziio! I love him and I taught him everything he knows, yet my own son didn’t have the decency to inform me that he was dating… anyone!” Haytham rolled onto his side to stare at his wife’s back. “Did I do something wrong with raising him? Was I at the office too much? We use to have so much fun when he was younger and now he won’t even speak to me!”

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