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how do you thing RFA + saeran/V would react to a MC who's super physically affectionate? Like hugs and kisses and cuddles the whole shebang ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


  • he lives for it
  • seriously, he lives for it
  • he adores hugging and cuddling up to MC
  • he melts whenever MC pecks his cheek
  • every single time
  • he feels so much more happier when hugging MC or holding their hand at all moments


  • at first she doesn’t know how to react to it all
  • she isn’t too used to this sort of innocent lovely dovey affection
  • but it’s not as if she dislikes it
  • at first she’s supper embarrassed and fidgety
  • but as time goes on she becomes more affectionate and starts just kissing MC’s forehead randomly
  • or taking their hand when walking around


  • he sometimes makes jokes that MC’s tempting the beast but? it’s jokes
  • in reality he can feel just, genuine soft love from those actions
  • he feels so complete when hugging MC, so safe and warm
  • if it were up to him, he’d kiss MC’s cheek every few minutes without even thinking about it
  • he thinks the whole public image thing is super annoying because he knows MC likes to hug and kiss, and hold hands, but it’s hard to do so in public and it makes him sad too


  • also kind of new to this sort of happy puppy love
  • most of those romance books focus so much on sheer sexual love, it’s almost as if he forgot there was a soft and tender part to loving that was just happy and sweet
  • and honestly, he realizes how much he was missing out on
  • he had never realized how much more a hug and a kiss to his forehead recharged him more than a glass of wine could
  • he spends so much time cuddling to MC at night, enjoying every little kiss and relishing on the affection 


  • he finds it adorable
  • makes jokes that MC runs on hugs and kisses like a robot runs on electricity
  • most days he’s super up for it, always wrapping his arms around MC and giggling while he kisses their cheeks
  • whenever there’s a day when he feels less affectionate he always makes sure to tell MC beforehand so he doesn’t end up making them feel bad
  • but, soon he realizes those days where he wants isolation start to decrease more and more as he spends time with MC


  • at first he’s very touch-adverse
  • he doesn’t know how to express it, but MC gets the clue
  • and as he slowly moves with his life, he starts realizing he… might like that affection
  • MC knew he wasn’t really for that, and had abstained from hugging and kissing him too much- and he’s too shy to downright say he’s ready now
  • so he takes it to initiating cuddling, or randomly hugging MC to let them know
  • he absolutely adores the happy look on MC’s face when he kisses their cheek


  • he can be fairly affectionate, but he’s absolutely sure MC is much more
  • which he finds absolutely cute
  • he’s like a big teddy bear, so easy to hug and so nice to kiss, MC is in heaven when near him
  • and there’s nothing that makes him feel safer than the warmth of MC, so constant hugging is a big plus for him too
  • his favorite times to cuddle are when he’s sitting on the couch, listening to the TV or radio and MC is right next to him, arms wrapped around his shoulders

Hey you might never see this but I wanted to draw your character ‘cause he’s p cool. This took 2 hours I kept on messing up heh. Anyways I’m a fan of your au and characters and I hope you like this ówò. (Sorry for the bad quality, I’m using my phone and sorry that this is long >^<.></.>

——– ——– ✏️Dude Pockeyyyy This is an AMAZING bust, GOSH I love your thorough ✨attention to detail✨ and that expressive face!!😌 The way the hood envelopes his head is so cool; everything’s so flowing and your style has such a charming appeal to it! Your art would be AMAZING in a comic I’d bet- the expression is just so big!! Characters would be so easy to read from afar!!!! On another note, Pockey:: I’m SO sorry this took me a million years to get back to. It’s an honest to goodness shame this had to sit in my inbox for so long! 😰💦

body language analysis series;

(1/7) Jeon Jeongguk ;

The way he carries himself; with Jeongguk in particular there’s a big difference between the him off today (YNWA era) and let’s say, Debut era, because he was just lil baby back then. So, he hadn’t yet developed his personality quite as strongly, he was still growing into himself quite a bit.

Jeongguk’s current day body language is the only thing I’ll be addressing because it’s the most relevant and actuate of his adult/developed personality.

Anyways, Jeongguk’s body language is CRISP, oh boy he’s super duper easy to read. This is pretty heavily due to the fact that he’s a physical person in general, less verbal, he tends to rely on physical intent and expressions to communicate his thoughts and feelings. So when/what he’s feeling, it tends to light up like Christmas lights, even if he isn’t saying how he’s feeling verbally, it reflects so super clearly.

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Deal With It (Let’s make this interesting) 1/2

Rival Poker Players AU.  Guys, you know what inspired this. Modern AU, but with a kind of Captain Wench flavor. Rivals to Lovers. Heavily influenced by the 1994 movie Maverick, but you don’t need to know anything about the movie or really very much about poker to hang with this. 

Rating: T for this chapter (mostly due to language), but M for the next part and I’m not chickening out this time

Summary: Emma Swan, poker hustler with more than just card tricks up her sleeve, meets Killian Jones, a fellow gambler, at a shady little casino down south. After a memorable first encounter, they seem to keep finding each other, but are they really ready to gamble with their hearts? Emma just doesn’t know if she can deal with it. 


Emma hates this place. Over her years of hustling poker, she’s become accustomed to the bleeps, dings and 8-bit digital “music” (sarcastic quotation marks very much intended) that make up the constant, mind-numbing background noise in a casino. She can handle the smell of stale cigarette smoke and human bodies that could use a break from gambling to, you know, actually shower or something. Even the watered down cocktails don’t bother her. Hell, those are probably a blessing in disguise - keeps her mind sharp without her having to order something non-alcoholic which might tip off her marks.

But this piddly-dink river casino hotel on the outskirts of Nowheresville, Louisiana? Really bringing her down. Maybe it’s the general air of despair and decay. Maybe it’s the humidity. She’s already regretting not putting her hair up. It’s starting to do that weird wavy thing it does sometimes, a few tendrils sticking to her neck. Not to mention her skinny jeans - great for attracting a mark, but not exactly comfort wear - are clinging unpleasantly to her legs, making her want to squirm.  Or maybe she’s just still pissed that she nearly broke the heel off of her favorite pair of fuck-me pumps on a ripped spot in the tacky patterned carpet. It’s all just so irritating and depressing.

She could’ve gone someplace nicer, true. Then she’d be spending too much of the money she’s trying to win off these poor bastards to pay for her lodgings. Or she could sleep in her car. Again. On this wet, drizzling mess of a night. Yeah, no. Fuck that.

Oh. Hey, look. She won again.

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Little Monster part 4


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: A couple bad words? Mentions of drugging someone (e.g. date rape), mentions of sex but without explicit content. If this isn’t your cup of tea, please skip this part!

Word count: 1950

Summary: Y/N and professor Rogers have their first meeting. Steve finds himself aligning with a surprising ally.

A/N: I’ve been suffering from serious writer’s block. All I can seem to get on the page is crap. This is my attempt at restoring the balance and getting myself out there again. Hope you like it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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48.8%! A prompt where they're not dating yet and one accidentally sends something embarrassing or inappropriate to the other and their reactions, I don't really care what happens just thought you could write something funny about that :) Thanks for doing this btw, a smart way to get people involved in the voting!

thank you for voting! keep voting for malec

“how the fuck do you unsend a text.” was the first thing alec said as he slammed through izzy’s door, looking irate and terrified, his hands shaking and his hazel eyes wide. she stared at him, her dark eyebrows pulling together.

“big brother, you can’t… unsend a text.” she replied after a very long moment and she was doing that thing with her mouth that made it clear she was trying not to laugh at him. but there was some kind of pity in her expression at least.

growling in frustration he turned on his heel, stalking across her room and dragging his fingers back through his hair. “this is horrible. like really iz, how do people do this. how does ANYONE do this? i hate this. he’s never going to speak to me again, he’s definitely going to laugh at me and i’m just such an ass because i meant to send it to you and this just—”

his monologue was cut short by the dinging of his phone and immediately he scrambled into his fitted black utility pants, dragging his phone out of it to check his messages. his expression changed instantly from completely horrified to something izzy couldn’t really read, his eyebrows raising slightly and his lips parted.

then after a beat he raised his hand towards her just as she was about to speak. “ignore what i just said… i’m good.” he said distractedly and then just as fast as he appeared, he was gone.

izzy sighed, staring after him but her lips were pulled into a big easy smile.

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What do you think sex with jimin is like ??

Fucking intense

Let’s analyse 

He’s very touchy, so his tiny hands would probably be all over you the entire time. He also seems like the kind of person that would lick and kiss a lot during sex since he’s so affectionate. I don’t think he would let you have control over him during sex, he would be the one to take care of you mostly. Also, i think he would be very focused on getting you were you need to go as he is a perfectionist, judging from what I’ve seen in video’s. 

He probably likes to have sex while having slow music played in the background. He would experience sex as something much more than just fucking.  Moans would be a big turn on to Jimin as it will feed his fragile ego. Also i think he loves watching your facial expression everytime he thrusts himself into you. 

I’m guessing Jimin is more into love making than just plain fucking. However after pampering you with sweet kisses and soft touches he won’t go easy on you when he’s finally inside.

Assembly Required


Raven looked up from her book, eyeing her husband curiously. He was grinning like mad as he knelt before a now completely assembled crib, pride and joy popping off of him in explosive colors. Garfield’s attention turned to her, and his already big grin widened. 

“See, Rae? Told ya’ I’d get this thing together.” 

Raven smiled, resting her book on her swollen stomach. “I never said you couldn’t,” she said with a laugh. Garfield huffed, hauling himself to his feet. 

“You say that…” His lips drew into a pout, and he shot her a halfhearted glare. The expression was adorable, and Raven had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. 

“I mean it.” Raven clamored out of her chair, huffing as she did so. Moving around was not exactly easy while twenty-six weeks pregnant. But, she managed. 

Garfield looked up at her from beneath his lashes, his pout faltering as she waddled over to him. “After all, you’re a fast learner,” she murmured, rocking forward onto her toes to peck him on the cheek. Garfield blinked, his pout wavering. He peered down at her, and Raven watched as his pout melted into a soft smile. 

“Dammit, I can’t stay mad at you.” 

Raven snorted. “Well, I guess we’re even then.” She turned to admire Garfield’s handiwork, when a pair of strong, warm arms encircled her waist. Raven leaned into his touch, humming contentedly as his thumbs rubbed her stomach. 

“Mmmh. I love you,” he murmured against her ear. Raven smiled. 

“I love you too, Gar.” 

Here, have some cutsie BBRae to counteract the shitty posts floating through the tag. <3

Welp… This is weird, I’ve been reluctant to post this mostly because it’s very depressing looking, It’s what happens when you draw one of your most pathetic characters when you’re having a nervous breakdown about your birthday.

Anyway! Here’s James, yet another of my RP characters, a practitioner of demonic magic based around maths (he can basically “alter quantities”, turn one into many, turn many into one, things like that). He started as a super edgelord character with somewhat OP powers and more serious than sasuke uchiha, and he got boring to play quickly BUT! at some point he began to get the stinky end of the poop poked stick and I started playing him more as a nervous wreck with absolutely no social life, he tried to help people because people was being nice to him, was killed by a big boss and came back swearing revenge, Obtaining his first friend who brought some easiness to his heart and allowed him to develop new powers in the name of friendship.

I really love him, but, I guess what I’m trying to tell is, his expression amuses me, Aside from the nice people who sent me nice messages, My birthday week was really awful, and I wanted to vent several times but decided against it. and All those bottled emotions just got transmitted into… just the most sorrowful expression I could muster, both in this drawing and my own face. I can perfectly hear him sigh.

Excuse the texty blabbery, It wont be a common thing, I promise! have a nice day!

The Queen

Hi! So this is my first fan fiction! It’s between Negan and reader! 

Some things to note before reading:
It may take a while to get to the smut, but when it does, it’s going to be rough, dirty, and have a massive daddy kink, because its JDM and how could you not?
Glen did not die in this AU (BC HE IS TOO PRECIOUS)
And anything else worth noting I’ll mention as I go!

Chapter one

Originally posted by wildling-heart

 It was like falling asleep in the Garden of Eden and waking up in Hell. 

  As you made your rounds around the camp last night, you couldn’t help but smile at the beauty. Small, hand built huts lined the trees. Staying above ground was how you tribe had made it this far. Candles flickered in through the cracks of their foundations. It wasn’t perfect, but for more than a year, it had been home to a dozen people you had met since this whole shit show started. You owned a greenhouse before the virus struck, and used those skills in your community. Three of the suspended huts were green houses, and while you would occasionally send out two or three people to hunt small game, your community was quite self sustaining.

  Your name was widely known through out the apocalyptic world. You were a kind leader to your tribe, and always welcoming to new people. Your strategic, quick thinking allowed you to not only survive, but thrive. However, your enemies knew you under an entirely different light. To them, you were an insane, sneaky, and evil force to be reckoned with. Most of them chose to stand clear. However, Negan wasn’t like the most.

  Over a year ago, your tribe, at the time consisting of over twenty people, crossed roads with his entourage. Demanding an immediate surrender, you obviously fought back. Without warning three of your people were shot from behind. The man you always had trailing the group, Gabriel, sniped all three before your people even hit the ground. Five more of your people were then attacked, however, you all quickly gathered yourselves, and of his thirty some people, you had taken down twelve. Negan called for a retreat, but Gabriel rounded from a distance and cut him off. They were then gunned down, and we had them in a circle. 

 You walked through the thin wall the remaining people of your tribe had formed around the group of roughly fifteen. You could see Negan’s slight discomfort, he wasn’t used to being on his knees like this, but he wasn’t about to give you the satisfaction of thinking you were winning this.

  “Negan,” you grinned, “I liked this shirt,” you shook your head, acknowledging that you were now covered in blood, “And then you went a fucked it up. You and all these little shit heads.”

  “I’d offer you mine, but I feel like the moment we start taking off our clothes we’ll forget what’s really going on here,” he winked at you, you felt yourself blush. Douche bag or not, he was devilishly handsome, and it’s not like you were a saint.

  “You’re misreading my generosity,” you replied, a flirtacious smile dripped from your lips as you sternly responded, you looked over at the pile of weapons your people had removed from them, and there she was. Very top of the pile. You licked your lips and winked at him, “Is that her?” I nodded at the bat, “The real legend?”

  “Don’t go playing with things that aren’t yours,” Negan warned.

  You ignored him, and walked over to the pile. Delicately picking up the bat, dripping with the blood of god knows who. You smiled and returned to the circle, squatting inches away from him, you could hear the guns cocking behind you, you couldn’t be safer.  “Now,” you leaned on the bat, Negan’s frustration growing as he let out a low snarl, “How cute would it be, if I finished the whole dance with your special little lady?”

  “If you think this is over once you leave me behind dollface, you couldn’t be more wrong,” he growled.

  “Easy daddy,” you clicked your teeth, you watched his Adam’s apple bob in confusion, he was torn between wanting to fuck you, and wanting to murder you, a line you loved to dance on, “Who said anything about letting you go?”

  “Everyone knows about the lamb,” his low voice responded, “You, being the lamb. You go about, killing and stomping and throwing your little bitch fit, but you also know how to keep your people safe. You wouldn’t do anything to put them at risk. And, I know you’re smart. You know I have more than a hundred people at my camp. It would only be a matter of time before they sniffed out the rose gardener. These people mean nothing to me, but I mean everything to them. And you know that.”

  You giggled, “You think I give a shit about your little gang? We can handle ourselves. However, you are right about one thing. I’m getting a bit of a reputation. The last thing I want is for people to think I’m going soft. How the fuck am I supposed to build an empire with that type of name following me around. And since you’ve basically given me permission,” you stood, pointing the bat at five people you watched take shots at you and, take down two people, “Gabriel, line them up for me, wont you? It’s been a while since I’ve played ball.”

  “You put that fucking bat down.” Negan demanded, his tone a bit more stern that you would have preferred.

  “I went to school, before this whole thing,” you sighed, leaning on the bat as the five people were being arranged, “I was an anthropology major, but I took a course in psychology, specifically the psychology of psychopaths. Psychopaths like you, Negan. Madmen have always kind of turned me on, so I wanted to know more about them. The most interesting thing I learned, was how some had these priorities that were just,” you let out a loud laugh, “well, psychotic. Listen, daddy,” you smiled at Negan again, “I’m about to fucking murder five of your little babies. Here they are, all lined up. I can’t guarantee it’ll be painless, or quick, or how I want to even go about it. And you’re over there shitting your pants over this?” you bounced Lucille up from the ground and suggestively ran your hand down the handle, “You’re a fucking psycho.”

  You shot four of them, quick and easy. Despite the speech, you liked to avoid inflicting pain where you could. The fifth one was one you watched shoot two of your people, so for him you used Lucille. Negan watching with an expression you’d never seen before.

  “Still got the swing,” you giggled, “I used to play, years ago. Boys, tie them up and knock em cold. Whatever happens after that is their own damn fault for being so damn easy,” Negan’s hands were bound behind him, his salt and pepper hair in his face as he watched your every move.

  “This isn’t over,” he snarled, god, you were so turned on by him.  “Well, I sure as hell hope not,” you smile, blowing him a kiss and tossing Lucille onto the ground near him, “Thanks for playing.”

Back to present 
The smell of smoke burned your nose. You sat cross legged in the same spot you had come to in. You knew they were still here. You fought tears as you took in the total destruction, refusing to give them the satisfaction.

  “Not a sound?” a voice laughed from the trees, you could hear guns point at you, “You really are a fucking heartless little bitch.”

  The voice came around, along with six other men, all armed.  You let out a small laugh, “Seven armed men, just for me?” you stood, spinning around ensuring that was it, you took a step towards the one doing the talking and their guns all shot up, pointing right at you. You smiled and put your hands up in a mocking way, “Easy boys. Just wanted to check who these flowers are from, but I’m gonna guess that I already know the answer.”

  "You’re fucking crazy,“ one of the men, much younger sounding, expressed.  You smiled and stuck out your hand, "Nice to meet you.”

  "Ben, grab her,“ the ‘leader’ commanded, a big man approached you. Right as he grabbed you you pulled your dagger out of your Jean’s side pocket and dug it into his neck, his blood coating you before he collapsed. Two other men stormed you, you took down one and brutally sliced the face of the second one, but he managed to punch you in the face and knock the dagger out of your hand.

  "Come on boys,” you dabbed your nose with your finger, blood pouring from it, “I was unconscious and you didn’t think to pat me down? Didn’t wanna touch any of this?”

  Suddenly it was dark. 

  When you came to, you were in a small cement room. Your arms were handcuffed so tightly that thin droplets of blood ran down your hand. Your legs were tied together by what looked like a T-shirt, you effortlessly shimmied the ties off.  Suddenly, the door opened. Blocking most of the light was a man’s figure, you didn’t need to guess who’s.

Chapter two will probably be out either tonight or tomorrow!

Breaking My Wall

Request: Hiya could I request (if they’re open) where you’re from another group and have been taken by Negan to be his wife but you won’t so your in a cell and Negan tells Dwight to “break you” and change your mind and he starts to care for you and Negan teases him about it. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.

Originally posted by onlydarylnormanfic

Originally posted by neganfreakydeaky

A/N: First off, you made perfect sense so don’t worry. And my requests are always open unless posted otherwise, so if you want to request another story or anyone else does. My personal inbox and my ask is open, so feel free to do so. As I say in all my requests, i hope I did it as you wanted and you enjoyed it. I had to do a lot of writing tonight and this is one of my later written ones, so i’m quite tired but don’t worry, I still put a lot of effort into it. Please enjoy!

Requested by Anonymous.

WARNING: Some, slight, minimal torture. Actually, a lot of torture. Plus, basically Negan.

“You’re responsible for the fucking idiot, Dwighty-boy.” Negan chuckled, lightly patting Dwight’s shoulder. “She quite stubborn or stupid, haven’t quite figure it out myself. So, be fucking resilient.”

You had been stuck in the dark, musty and dirty cell for what felt like forever but couldn’t have been more than a day. You slightly regretted your decision, but refused to let yourself go after you’d been dragged and restrained by a man who wanted you to open your legs for him. It wouldn’t have been as bad, hence as, if you hadn’t known he had plenty of other woman more willing to do so.

This ‘Negan’ man sickened you to your core and made you want to throw up thinking about it. But you knew, just from the moment you’d been dragged in his place he held all the power, he held fear over all these men and even some of the women.

This man held too much power and it was getting to his head.

You were glad it had been only you he’d found, you never wanted him to come into contact with your group knowing that this man was more that sick, he gained from watching people be belittled and die. If he found your group, you didn’t know what you’d do, maybe then you’d become what he wanted you to be.

With a groan, you held your breath, forcing yourself to breath through you mouth hating the stench of the room. They’d ripped you of your clothes and you sat bare and naked for the world to see. Only you were stuck in a room where you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face.

You were hungry and cold, as well dirty. And all you wanted was to be back home, or at least the closest thing to home now-a-days.

“we’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet…” It must be morning you realized, since they’d played in the morning you’d been thrown in here. You mumbled a curse, holding your hands to your ears already becoming sick of the song.

The music didn’t stopped until you heard a loud click, and it was gone. Then light flooded through and you were blinded for a moment as you gather yourself, only to see the same man who had thrown you in here. From what you caught, his name was Dwight and he was just as gross as Negan was, you thought. He seemed to be Negan’s dog or something, a bitch he had to order around seeing as he did most of the dirty work.

Part of you felt bad for him, but a even bigger part of you hated him.

He said nothing, fixating you with the same dead expression as before, when he threw a sack of clothes at you and slid a plate towards you. You glared at him to which he just closed the door.

You couldn’t see the clothes, but from the material they were heavy and filthy, not much of anything but a pile of fabric sewed together. You hastily threw the outfit on, it was two sizes too big and definitely stunk from something. With a sigh you grabbed the plate, smelling it before realizing it was dog food.

You huffed, annoyed, before tossing the plate at the door. “Assholes…” you muttered.

“we’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet.”

“we’re on easy street, and it feels so sweet.”

It had been a week, you’d counted every morning the song played. You hated seen an ounce of sunlight in a week. Drank a full cup of water in a week or eaten in a week. You’d refused every day to eat the piece of shit they fed you.

You’re stubborn attitude you realized would kill you, but you didn’t care. You’d rather die then be broken by these sick fucks.

Again, same time everyday the door slid open and you were faced by Dwight. He never spoke to you, and without looking you waited fort he familiar sound of paper sliding across the floor. When you heard nothing, you turned your head hesitantly to the door. Shocked to see Dwight now kneeling down, staring at you.

And for the first time he spoke. “you haven’t ate.” His voice was rough and cracked. No where near healthy and he sounded as if he’d been silent for months.

You blankly stared at him, your eyes flittering to the pile of plates sitting in the corner.

“You need to eat.”

You blinked. Was he dumb? You knew that, you weren’t stupid. “I know.”

“Then eat.”

“I refuse to eat food made for dogs. I’m not yours or Negan’s bitch.” You sneered, glaring at him. “You can take your dog food and shove down your own throats.”

Dwight said nothing but stood up, closing the door behind him.

It was a while later when the door squeaked open. You never got two visits a day, so shocked you turned to the door. Gasping to see Dwight there with another paper plate. Sighing you realized he was only here to deliver what he hadn’t this morning. “I told you…”

Dwight walked in the room, crouch again before you before setting the plate down softly. You looked cautiously at him, shocked to see actual bread and meat, meat meant for humans, and lettuce and cheese. And you felt your mouth water at the sight. You never thought in your life that a sandwich would look so good, but you hadn’t eaten in weeks and you could feel your own bones,

Without thinking, your reached for the sandwich, snatching it. Before you stopped, holding it before your mouth. You turned to look at Dwight who had an expression you couldn’t read. He nodded before standing and walking out the door, locking it.

With a sigh, you began eating the sandwich. Savouring the taste in your mouth.

“we’re on easy street, and it’s so sweet.”

You were fed sandwiches from that day on. You still were never allowed out of the cell. But sometimes, for quick short moments, Dwight would come sit in and watch you. At first it disturbed you, un-eased by the abnormal behaviour. But after a while you gave up fighting with a silent man, and let him watch.

The door clicked open, and with practiced ease you sat criss-cross waiting for Dwight. You’d learn never to say anything and would eat the sandwich in a comfortable but odd silence.

Today felt different, and for some reason you hesitated eating your sandwich. You stared shyly at the ground a hand running through your greasy and unkept hair, hating the slick feeling against your finger-tips.

You opened your mouth, closing it immediately.

“You can speak.” Dwight suddenly spoke, you gasped before seeing him staring directly at you.

“Why.. why-”

“Why is my face like this?”

“No,” you interrupted. You didn’t care or wonder why his face was burnt, you truthfully didn’t care and it didn’t shock you. You figured Negan was the one to do that, and though you’d only meant Negan that one time, it seemed like something he would do. You didn’t care, because whatever he did you knew he didn’t deserve that.

Taking a breath in you continued. “No, why. Why do you sit here? Why did you give me a sandwich that day? Why do you watch me?”

Dwight made no movement staring at the ground. You blinked, realizing he most likely wasn’t going to answer. You sighed, frustrated and berating yourself for thinking he would actually answer. With a frustrated grunt, you grabbed your sandwich.

“it’s because you remind me of her.” Dwight suddenly spoke, stopping you from taking a bite of your sandwich. “You remind me of Sherry.”

You remained silent for a minute before softly asking, “who’s Sherry?”

“She is… was my wife. But she isn’t anymore.” Dwight mumbled before standing up, you rushed to stand up grabbing his arm. He snapped his head to you and you quickly pulled your hand away, scared he would hurt you.

“Get back down.” He ordered and you shook before glaring. Not wanting him to scare you.

“Why isn’t she your wife anymore?” You asked, holding your chin up high. He glared, smacking you across the face. You gasped, holding your cheek in furry. Turning to him, you glared defiantly.

“Was it Negan?” You asked just as he turned to walk away. With his back to you he shook his head, a small dry chuckled coming out of his lips. “He killed her, didn’t he? Why do you work for him if he killed the one you love?” You asked confused, you wanted him to react. You wanted him to do something. Anything. You needed human contact, human connection you couldn’t bare to sit in the room alone anymore.

You didn’t want him to leave, again.

Dwight opened the door, and just before he closed it he uttered under his breath. “She isn’t dead. She’s his wife.”

The next day, Dwight didn’t come back. Or the day after that, you were stripped of the right for food and water and you feared you’d crossed a line that day. You wanted to die so badly at first, but now you didn’t and you feared that was what they were doing.

You were slumped against the corner in despair when the door cracked open. In misbelieved hope you turned, expecting to see Dwight only to see two burly men come stomping and drag you to your feet.

You struggled and kicked as you were dragged out of the room. The light killed your eyes and it took you moments before you adjusted. It felt as if your skin was burning in the new-found light.

When your vision finally regained, you felt your jaw drop and your breath freeze when you saw Negan in front of you. The biggest grin upon his lips as he chuckled at you. “Hello, doll.”

You were dragged across many hallways, before being led to a room where you were tied down. Your heart was bumping and you thought for sure they would rape you. Or beat you, you weren’t sure. But you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

You searched for Dwight, your only solace and hoping he would be there. But it was only you, the two men who’d dragged you and Negan himself.

Despite the fear, you stuck your chin out and glared up at the man. You noticed the barb-wired bat on his shoulder, and held down a shiver.

“Ready to satisfy me, fucking willingly, sweetheart?” You clenched your teethe, clicking them together.

“Go to hell.”

Negan chuckled, “I’ve given you so many fucking opportunities, doll. And you fucking fuck every single fucking one of them up.” He suddenly glared, his expression turning serious. He clicked his tongue, leaning down to your face and tracing his finger across your cheek.

You tilted your head, trying to ignore the panic in your gut. He smiled proudly at you, before gripping your t-shirt, rag thing and pulling on it. You thought he would rip your shirt off, but he only pulled you closer to him. “Nah, I don’t do that shit.”

You let out a breath you didn’t know your’d been holding. “Now, I don’t normally enjoy beating woman. But you’ve tested my patience, sweaty. Give it to her boys.”

You braced yourself as the two much larger men came stomping towards you. They threw hits and punches at you. Your face and chest being prime targets. You gargled and spat out blood, moaning in pain as you felt all the air leave your body.

It seemed as if they wouldn’t never stopped before a voice shouted out, “STOP!”

With shock, all four of you snapped your head to the voice, coming face to face with panicked Dwight. You right eye was swollen but you could you make out a blurry image of the man and was sure that he was actually there and you weren’t just imaging him. You let out a breath of relief. You weren’t sure why.

The man worked for Negan, was just as evil as Negan rightfully but for some reason you felt hope that he wouldn’t hurt you. Or hurt you any worse than these man had.

“Excuse me, D?” Negan’s sharp voice cut through the shocked silence. You felt your breath quickening in fear of what Negan would do. And looking into Dwight’s, you could see he feared the same.


“I-I,” Negan imitated. “I think you just interrupted what was originally your damn job.”

With another wave of shock and a gasp, you snapped your eyes to Dwight who looked guiltily at the ground. This was originally his job..? That meant he refused, your heart swelled and you felt yourself growing tired. Did that meant he actually cared for you?

“I’m sorry,” Dwight whispered. “I can do it, now. I’ll do it.”

Your eyes narrowed. Feeling sudden betrayal flood within you.

“Oh, oh, oh.” Negan smirked. “Really?”

Dwight nodded, and you squirmed in your seat. You stared at Dwight, hoping he would see the pleading in your eyes. He made eye contact but only stared blankly at you. “Well then, Dwighty-boy. I want you to take lucille here and bash her head in.”

You snapped your head to Negan, panic. You didn’t want to die. You wanted to see your group, your family again. You struggled in your chair, your screams of panic coming out in mumbles with your busted lips.

“But, sir. I thought no one-”

“I’m letting you now.” Negan said, handing lucille to Dwight. Dwight shakily took it, walking up to you.

“Please…” You whispered, “please don’t.”

“Listen to her, guys. Fucking pleading. She wasn’t pleading me, must like the burnt freak.”

Dwight shook his head, weakly raising lucille over his head. You stared fearfully at the bat, turning your head in fear and clutching your eyes shut. You braced yourself for the hit when nothing happened. “I-I can’t…” Dwight suttered, dropping lucille.

You let out a breath.

“Thought so.” Negan dryly said, grabbing lucille back from Dwight. “Now, does D here actually like Y/N here? Because normally your not so soft.”

Dwight stared at you, silent.

“Mmm,” Negan nodded. “You care for her. Fucking god, I entrust you and you fucking fuck fail me.” Dwight shook, nodding his head.

“Well, boy, you’ll pay for that one. Throw her in the cell.” The two men grabbed you again, untying you and dragging you off. You missed what was said but faintly caught Negan’s last words.

“Now, if only you fought this hard for Sherry.”

Well there you go! I enjoyed writing this very much, hope you enjoyed reading it!

Some Helpful Art Tips on Submitting Your Demo/Portfolio to an Animation Studio

So last semester I attended a lecture by one of the recruiters from DreamWorks Animation. I recently uncovered my notes on the presentation and figured it might be of use to post them here so others can benefit from this information too.


+There must be a beginning, middle, and end

+Never end your storyboards/shorts with “to be continued” it gives them the impression that you have not finished your idea.

+Including grid planes (sky and ground) are a plus to help the viewer understand the space they are in

+Use a variety of tones to establish space, depth, and mood. Using color to emphasize an important object is also a good strategy.

+Focus on the beats. This is not an animatic, you do not need to pinpoint every minute action. Include the important frames to create a clear visual interpretation of the narrative.

+Demonstrate that you have a good understanding of cinematography and camera movement (i.e. don’t brake the 180 degree rule, make the visual experience interesting)


+Understand Lighting and color
+Good quality digital paintings with impact
+The work should have an element of “charm and appeal”
+Include process work.

“Shape language” is also important. This refers the stylization which reaches across all elements in a particular story/film/ collection. Shape language applies not just to characters, but to objects and scenery. What are the nuances of color and form that define the style?

Character design is generally the most desired position for any artist, but very few artists will actually be selected to work with character design. No one is hired on at entry level for character design, this is something you can only work up to by proving your skills and building a good reputation within the studio. Most visual developers will work on props, vehicles, scenery, etc. So learn to treat your props as characters! Never underestimate the minutiae. Anything from mushrooms, and flowers,  to posters in a character’s bedroom. Also include variations on these props. Don’t do just one mushroom. Make ten mushrooms. Or twenty! You’ll want to get across that you have a good eye for detail. DreamWorks loves detail!

Finally, understand how your work fits into the grand scheme of things. Know that when working on a feature film, game, or any big creative project, departments will have to collaborate to get things done efficiently. Make sure your work is readable and easy to understand. Something the other departments can work with without having to ask questions.


Human moments/Acting/Nuances of movement and expression (reactions shots are a good thing to include; show that there is a thought process)

The quality of your demo is more important than the length
One format they suggested was to include clips from your thesis film (if you have one) and attach the full film at the end of the reel

If you submit a thesis film, especially one you worked on with a partner/partners, clarify which sequences you were responsible for/what components of those sequences you were responsible for. They appreciate it when notes like these are included as subtitles/captions within the film itself, so they do not have to refer to a separate article while watching the short.

Make your demo entertaining.

If you decide to show off your lighting/surfacing skills, modeling food is a good way to get their attention. You know you have a well rendered piece of fruit if you can make the audience hungry.
Lighting translucent objects (flower petals, thin fabric, etc) is a good way to go.

It is also good to include your work process

Recovered Jonsa Fics #13: Bastard Boy

@qinaliel​ will be especially happy to have this one back!

Another fic repost!

“Come up and see, Sansa.”

He helped her up into the attic of the far Northwest corner tower. This tower, only partially remade, was used for the storage of furniture, hangings, and raw materials. The attic room was wide, encompassing the whole tower, and filled with straw and couple of old mattresses. Two large windows sat opposite each other, the entrance to the room accessed by a trap door and ladder in the middle.

The area was dark and a bit chilled, even in summer, the nights could be a bit nippy up North. Jon sat over the trap door, looking down at the hesitant redhead, a lantern by his side. He grinned as he looked down at her. Despite the chill, Sansa’s plum gown had a very spacious square neckline. Her blue velvet cloak was open enough that from his angle, he could see down her bodice.

He knew it wasn’t honorable, but that wasn’t exactly a sight that was easy to pull his eyes away from. 

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anonymous asked:

I dont think Harry was as innocent in this joke as some'd like to think. He probably didnt think about the implications and knew that he had to sell his heterosexuality one way or another, but he was in on it. I know its easy to put the blame on James because he was the one to ask the question and therefore allegedly started it. But Harry's facial expressions were so BIG and OBVIOUS that I find it hard to believe this wasnt agreed in advance. I think Harry's role was to prompt James' question.

This is what I mean about not feeling like Harry is an innocent here. From what I have been told about the show format, lots of it is scripted. And even if it wasn’t, I’d find it hard to believe that James wouldn’t have cleared something like that with Harry when he is NOTORIOUSLY tight lipped about that kind of thing. So yeah, I think Harry was in on it and made some value judgement that it was either ok or not worth the fight.

Do I believe he knows better? Absolutely. Am I shocked at even my own reaction to the initial joke? You bet. Because I brushed it off. I am not a Kardashian fan (although I actually have no problem with Kendall) and so inherently I was like, meh, I don’t care. But that is part of the problem. That these ideas are SO ingrained in our culture and our society that even the most aware will brush off the gross-ness. I want Harry to demand better. But I also recognize that it’s not that simple. 

I am MORE upset at James than Harry. And I’m also upset at the stuff that’s come out today. It’s all gross and seems to be getting grosser. 

A hot English night study session…with Yuta, the most popular guy at your school

Yuta’s smutty/love story, requested by a dear friend of mine, from far far away. 

And for all of you guys who love Yuta soooo much..I saw you going crazy because of his abs so I took notice of that too :p 

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Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word count: 2294

Warning(s): None, really. Mentions of the reader’s past and cursing but that’s pretty much it.

a/n, just a little drabble i came up with a while ago and posted on my wattpad account.

“The hell are you doing up there, woman?” you heard a gruff voice call. You peered down from your high perch in the tall tree and rolled your eyes at who you saw. “I done told you not to roll your eyes at me, girl. Don’t you know nothin’!”

“Dixon, you can’t even see my eyes all the way up here so I know you can’t tell if I rolled ‘em or not!” you called back to him. You proceeded to sit back on your branch with your head against the tree and sighed contentedly. You could hear him muttering to himself. “What was that!” you called.

“Nothin’, dammit! Rick sent me down here to get you because no one else will!” Ah, that’s why he was so ill.“ I trekked all the way out here and I ain’t going back empty handed!” You heard a noise and look down at the jack ass of a hunter. He was pointing his crossbow right at you. “I’ll shoot ya down if I have to!”

“Ya wouldn’t dare!” you shouted back. You could see him raise his brow. Of course, he pulled the trigger right after you said that. You squealed when you felt the arrow zip by your head and got stuck in the tree. You untied your legs and packed all your stuff back in your pack, including the birds you had caught. You put your bow back over your shoulder.

“Can ya grab my arrow for me?” You could hear the smirk in his voice. You scowled down at him. Before you started down and you grabbed the arrow, broke it on your knee and threw the pieces down to him. He was seething by the time you got to the ground. “What did ya do that for!”

You shrugged. “You shot at me,” you said simply before turning around and headed towards the prison.

Daryl shook his head after you left. Crazy bitch. You were seriously starting to make him regret picking you up out of that barn all those months ago. You had been burning up with an infection from a recent gunshot wound. He didn’t have it in him to just leave you there.

So you’ve been with the group ever since. There weren’t many people that actually liked you, to be honest. In fact most were scared of you. Daryl didn’t know why. You were about as scary as a wet kitten to him. You never said how you really had gotten shot. You changed the story every time, each new story more ridiculous than the last. He once called you on it but all you told him was, “Gotta keep you on your toes, Dixon.” The only people that did like you were the group that Daryl had came here with. They all saw you as a little sister or a crazy cousin. You were family.

Daryl wasn’t sure how he saw you though. Hell he hardly knew shit about you! Even if he wanted to know more he wasn’t going to fucking ask, because he knew your type. You would see it as “an eye for an eye” type deal, and he wasn’t about to let you go digging through his head for nothin’.

He was brought back from his thoughts you called his name. “Daryl get down!” He ducked down just as you shot an arrow through the skull of a walker that had snuck up behind him. You grabbed his wrist and yanked him towards the now open gate to the prison. “Come on, ya crazy shit!”

You both made through the gates just as walkers were closing in on you. You put your hands on your knees, trying to catch your breath. “What the hell-” you breathed “-was that!” He just stormed past you, bumping into your shoulder as he did so. You shrugged it off and went inside to find Rick.

“Y/n,” he called out from one of the cells. You looked in to see he was feeding Little Ass Kicker.

“Hey Rick,” you said quietly. “Daryl said you needed me to come down for something?” You scratched the back of your hand.

Rick nodded once, slowly. “Yeah. Well you didn’t have to come all the way up here. I told Daryl to give ya the message if he was goin’ huntin’.”

You smacked your face. “Fuckin’ son of a bitch….” You ran a hand through your y/h/c hair. “Okay so what did ya need me for?”

You could see him, struggling not to grin. He knew exactly what Daryl did. “You’re on watch tonight at sundown.”

“Is that it?” you said.

He nodded. “Yeah, you’re good to go.”

“I’ll be there for my shift. I’m gonna go walk the perimeter.” You stalked off grumbling to yourself. “Dumb redneck… smug bastard… wring his neck….”

Rick finally couldn’t hear you anymore and he smiled down at Judith. He knew he didn’t need to worry about you hurting anyone, especially Daryl. Neither of you might have noticed, but you’re the only two who haven’t. Y/n Y/l/n and Daryl Dixon were too much like each other in personality, that was the only reason you clashed so much with each other.

You wanted to go up to Daryl and smack the shit out of him, but you didn’t want to scare anyone again. Most everyone already thought you were a freak, although you didn’t really care about what the adults thought. You just didn’t want to scare the kids that were around.

Instead of doing what you wanted, however, you ran up to Carol when you spotted her. You took out the string of birds from your bag and gave them to the older woman. You smiled at each other and you went walking along the fence until the sun was almost covered by the horizon.

You ignored all the people sitting around eating supper and relieved Glenn from his watch.

“You okay, Y/n? Have you eaten yet?” he asked.

“I’ve got it taken care of, honey,” you lied. “Go on and get you something to drink, you look flushed.”

He patted your back and nodded. “See ya later then.”

Daryl watched as you climbed up the guard tower, not even bothering to come and eat first. Stubborn woman, he knew you hadn’t eaten that day. He grunted and grabbed another plate for you. He went over and climbed up.

You turned, startled, as you saw a plate of food shoved your way. Daryl glared down at you. “Ya gonna take it or not? I ain’t gonna stand here all night.”

You took it wordlessly but put it down in front of you. “I’m not hungry, but thanks anyway.”

“Whatever,” he mumbled. “Ya need to eat. Keep up your strength.”

“I will later,” you said. You were thankful when he dropped it.

Looking back through your binoculars, you started chewing on your thumbnail. Daryl had finally had enough. “Ya need to fucking get out of my head!” he yelled suddenly.

His outburst startled you, but you didn’t show it. You put down the binoculars. “Excuse me?”

“You’re the reason I wasn’t payin’ no attention today! I don’t need some girl constantly in my head, makin’ me miss things I shouldn’t be missin’, like damn geeks coming after me!” he continued ranting. “I don’t even fuckin’ know you, so get outta my head!”

You snapped back at him. “Well none of you people have ever bothered to get to know me! And as for being in your head that’s not my fault, Dixon, so don’t even start!”

You glared at each other hard for a few moments. Finally Daryl backed down some and broke the silence. “What did you do before all this?”

 Sighing you said, “I was a waitress at this shitty little Chinese restaurant.” He let out a small chuckle. “What?”

“Nothin’,” he said. “Just thought you’d have done somethin’ more… excitin’.”

You smirked. “How do you know that I didn’t? Ya gotta ask the right questions if you really wanna know. I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine.”

He knew that was coming. “There’s some I won’t answer. Understand that.”

You nodded nodded. “Got any tattoos?”

“I have a few. Do you?” he said back.

You lifted up the jeans on your leg and he saw a weird shaped blob just above your ankle. “A camera?” he asked.

You picked up your plate and nodded. “I loved reading, writing, video games, but my favorite thing to do was take pictures. Do you ever wonder what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes? That’s what a picture is. Seeing the world the way someone else does. And the best thing about pictures? Maybe the people who were in them change, but the pictures themselves… that’s a memory frozen in time. The photographs can’t change. They’re amazing.”

Daryl just stared at you for a long moment. That was the most he’d ever heard you say to… well anyone. He wasn’t sure how to feel about him being that person, but he didn’t hate it. “Never thought about it like tha’ before.”

She just grunted and that was it for conversation. You both ate in comfortable silence.

The next morning Daryl was woken up by the door slamming shut in the guard tower. It was Maggie climbing in for her shift.

Daryl didn’t realize he’d fallen asleep up here. “Where’s Y/n?” he asked groggily.

“She went huntin’. Said you were right behind her when we tried getting someone to go with her.” Maggie looked concerned.

“Ah shit,” Daryl groaned. He packed up his crossbow and quiver and climbed down to go after you.

Hearing leaves crunching behind you caused you to groan. “Daryl, I am fine!” you said without looking at him. “It’s day time, bright and sunny, and I can defend myself against any-” you finally turned and saw a walker a foot away. You quickly shot an arrow through its head, but there were about 6 more behind it. You tossed the bow and went for your knife you had hidden in your boot. You managed to get two down before another pulled your hair and tried going for your neck. You screamed when all of the sudden it dropped, with another person’s arrow sticking out of its eye. You and Daryl took down the remaining three quickly.

He turned on you. “Do you have a fucking death wish!”

“I was handling it just fine,” you said curtly.

“The hell ya were!” He was screaming in your face. “You should have brought someone else out here to watch your damn back! Unless you really are just wanting an easy way out! I’ve saved your ass at least three times now, the least you could give me is a damn thank you!”

You flinched away from him, about to express that you actually were grateful to him until he said, “Probably wasn’t even worth the damn trouble to get you outta that barn anyway and saving your ass the first time! More trouble than your worth.”

Your demeanor changed then. You couldn’t have felt more angry. “Maybe you fucking should have left me then,” you spat.

You began stalking back to the forest and Daryl didn’t follow. He needed to cool off. 'Course he didn’t mean what he said, but you didn’t know that. He was just pissed that he almost lost you right as he was getting her to open up to him. He chewed his thumbnail before deciding to go back to the prison. He’d send someone out here to get you; there was no way you’d come with him now.

A week had passed with no change. Both you and Daryl were more moody than ever and never spoke to each other. You just didn’t speak much at all, really.

Glenn, Daryl, Bob, one of the teenagers Zack, and a few others were on a run to the Big Spot. The inside didn’t look like it’d been touched much at all. Daryl saw Glenn stopped in one of the aisles staring hard at something.

Daryl’s eyes widened when he saw what it was, and he and Glenn grabbed a couple of them each. That was then the ceiling caved in and the screaming started.

You had finally calmed down enough to try and sleep after pacing back and forth worrying for God knows how long. They should have been back by now. Not that you really cared or nothin’…

You jolted awake when a gruff voice yelled, “Dammit!” You looked up and saw Daryl rubbing his head which he had apparently bumped pretty hard.

With a sigh, you shook your head. “Let me see, tough guy.” He winced when you felt around his skull. “Just a bump. I think you’ll live. If not, I’m getting the vest and the crossbow.”

“You already have your own bow,” he grumbled.

“But it’s not a crossbow. What are you doing in here?”

“Well it was supposed to be a surprise…” He rubbed the back of his neck before deciding to give it to you anyway. He grabbed the bag from behind him and tossed it.

You caught it opened it up to reveal several polaroid cameras, the kind that develop as you take them. You looked up at him wide-eyed. Grinning widely you stood and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Thank you!”

“I don’t hate ya, girl,” he said. He hugged you back. “Just hate that I’m worryin’ about ya.”

“Ya know,” you started, “it wouldn’t kill you to admit you care about someone Daryl. More than you normally care for people. I care about you more than I probably should, even though you’re a mean old son of a bitch.”

He grinned at you and sat down beside you. “Wanna go take some pictures? The moon looks… kinda cool tonight.”

You looked at him like he was crazy. “Are you out of your mind? Taking pictures of the moon is a bitch. But we can go in the morning and catch the sunrise.” You smiled and leaned your head on his shoulder, and sighed when you felt his head rest on yours.

Feverish Pineapple

This takes place a little after Birthright Chapter 16. If you haven’t played Birthright then mild SPOILER WARNING.


“Okay Big Sister, j-just crush the leaves like this.”

Sakura demonstrates how to crush the green herbs by forcing the mortar in her hand down into the bowl. Her brown eyes focus upon the task at hand, showcasing the signature determination of the Hoshidan royal family. Her pink hair is pulled back into a tiny bun upon her small head to keep it out of the way.

Kamui watches her little sister work while trying to follow her quick movements. The Hoshidan princess is a very skilled healer, even though she constantly denies it. The albino woman snorts lightly as she fails at copying Sakura’s actions. Her little sister may not be that confident, but her actions spoke of how much she truly cared for their army.

“Sorry Sakura I’m not that good of a healer.” Kamui laughs as she puts the half crushed leaves down on the table.

“Oh! T-that’s okay! You’ll get better at it!”

Kamui smiles brightly at the young girl before putting her hand on her pink head. Sakura’s cheeks redden a little as she pauses in her crushing to look up at her older sister. The admiration and love that the dragon princess sees in the Hoshidan princess’s eyes makes her heart swell.

“You are more skilled at this than me Little Sis.”

“Oh um t-thank you.” Sakura gives her a timid grin as her cheeks darken further.

Kamui watched her continue to crush the leaves with a fond smile. She forced herself to smile for her sister’s sake, even though her darker emotion of worry was gnawing at her insides. They were currently situated in the Nohrian town of Macarath, and the army wasn’t going anywhere for a few days.  

Her eyes glanced briefly at the golden band sitting on her ring finger; it was proof that everything was going to be okay. At least she hoped that it would be.

Sakura glanced at the dragon princess as she added a darker herb to the paste. She watched as Kamui’s fingers stroked the ring absent-mindedly. A small frown tugged at her lips and she cleared her throat.

“Big Brother is going to be okay Big Sister. We have the medicine.”

Kamui’s head snapped up and her flabbergasted expression made Sakura giggle politely. It didn’t matter that Kamui wasn’t her real sister, in the Hoshidan princess’s mind the dragon princess would always be her sibling. Especially after her older brother had recently proposed to the albino woman.

“I’m not worried about Takumi’s health. It’s his attitude that worries me.”

“Oh, is Big Brother being stubborn again?”

Kamui rolled her carmine eyes towards the ceiling and Sakura giggled into her hand. Her non-verbal answer was the only response the young girl needed.


Kamui made her way towards the back of the castle that the Hoshidans were currently residing in.  Most of her army was patrolling the area to make sure that Iago and his minions would not attack while the royal family cared for their younger brother.  They had made sure to knock out and imprison any Nohrians who remained in the castle after Iago fled.

“Lady Kamui!”  Kamui turned towards the sound of her servant Felicia approaching.

“Felicia, how’s Takumi doing?”

“Prince Takumi is awake now, but he refuses to stay still.”

“Oh great.” Kamui felt her eyes travel towards the heavens before focusing on the maid again.

“Princess Hinoka is trying to keep him trapped in bed.”

“Oh doubly great.” The dragon princess pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a draconic snort.

“What about my big brother?”

“Prince Ryoma was last seen patrolling the area.”

Kamui could only imagine the eldest Hoshidan prince marching before the door with his mighty Rajinto in his hand. Ryoma was highly protective of his younger siblings and the dragon princess found the idea of him overreacting to Takumi’s sickness highly amusing. He reminded her so much of Xander that her heart ached. Kamui rubbed her armor above where her heart was in hopes of easing the pain.

“Felicia, I may need your help. Do you think you can use your ice magic?”

“Well of course milady! But what for?”

“Takumi has a fever correct? Your ice magic may serve more than one purpose.”

The mischievous smile developing on her mistress’s face made Felicia bite her delicate finger. Kamui may not be the smartest tool in the shed but her ideas almost always involved a worrisome amount of creativity.

“Brother, can’t you just try to go back to sleep?”

“No. We have to get moving.”

“Not with you basically turning into a steaming pineapple.”


Kamui and Felicia approached the servants quarters by following the sound of Hinoka and Takumi yelling. The dragon princess spotted Ryoma standing by the door with his arms crossed and a grumpy scowl plastered on his usual serene face. She snorted into her hand and tapped Ryoma on the shoulder. Her brother’s body stiffened slightly before he glared down at her, his chin armor making his face far more menacing.

Felicia let out a small squeak and cowered behind her mistress. Kamui patted her strawberry blonde head in comfort.

“How long have they been going at it?” She asked amusedly.

“Since Takumi woke up.”

“And how long ago was that?”

“30 minutes.”

Kamui couldn’t help but laugh at her brother’s discomfort; the future king of Hoshido was annoyed by something as small as a sibling argument. Ryoma’s brow twitched but he remained impassive.

“Don’t worry Big Brother, Takumi’s wife is here to save the day.”

Ryoma’s expression softened slightly at the mention of her recent engagement to his younger brother. Takumi had always been hard on himself, the younger prince was not known for his high self-esteem. To know that he finally found someone who could bring him the comfort he needed made the future king happier than he let on. Even if that person was the woman Ryoma had lied about being blood related to.

“Just go easy on him Kamui. He still needs his rest.”

“Of course Big Brother.” Kamui bowed dramatically before entering the room with Felicia following behind.


“Sister, let me up.”

“No you are going to remain there.”

Kamui entered the small room to find Hinoka sitting on Takumi’s chest with his hands held above his head. The eldest Hoshidan princess turned towards the women that entered and saluted. Takumi’s expression was far from amused, but his eyes lit up with hope when he saw his future wife.

“Kamui please tell Hinoka that we need to move on.”

“No, Kamui tell Takumi that he is sick and needs rest.”

“I don’t need rest.”

“Yes you do.”

“Do not!”

Kamui put the medicine that Sakura had made on the small table in the center of the room. She turned towards her sister and future husband and just watched the two of them go at it. Takumi was weak at the moment, and he could only wiggle helplessly underneath Hinoka’s strength.

“Big Sister sitting on his chest will just make it worse.”

“How else am I supposed to make him rest?”

“I can take over he will rest for me.” Kamui smirked slightly.

“Hey…don’t talk like I’m not here. I can hear you.” Takumi whined.

Hinoka glanced at her younger brother, his cheeks were flushed with fever but she could make out the beginnings of an embarrassed blush. She smiled deviously before lifting her weight from his body. Takumi let out a deep breath of relief and tried to wiggle his hands out of her grip.

“Felicia if you would.” Kamui whispered to her maid.

Felicia approached the Hoshidan siblings with a slight frown. She lifted her hands and generated ice around Takumi’s wrists, binding them together with her magic. Hinoka let go of his hands before she was hit and Takumi let out a startled yelp. His wrists fell into his lap and he stared unhappily at Felicia.

“I’m sorry Prince Takumi.” She bowed quickly before fleeing the room.

Hinoka removed herself from the bed and stretched out her sore limbs. She turned to Kamui and shook out her hands while rocking her head back and forth.

“Do you want to take over? I could really use a break.”

“Sure thing Big Sister.” Kamui nodded in affirmation. She was already busy preparing the medicine for her fiancé.

Hinoka smiled at the dragon princess and patted her little brother on the head. Takumi grumbled unhappily in response.

“I’ll be back in a little bit. I think Ryoma can use a break as well.”

“That’s a good idea. Have Oboro and Hinata take over.”

Hinoka gave a thumb up and left the room, Kamui could hear her talking to Ryoma before the pair’s voices faded away. She glanced at Takumi who was trying to sit up and shook her head. He really was bad at staying still.

“Kamui.” He whispered. The Hoshidan prince only opened up like this when they were alone and Kamui smiled sweetly at that knowledge.

“Yes Kumi?” Kamui grabbed a small washcloth from the nearby basin and bent over him. The nickname she always used made Takumi shift in the sheets.

Her fiancé was laying in the bed with the blankets piled around his waist in a way that made him look small. His silver locks were splayed over the pillows instead of being up in a ponytail, and his eyes shined with the brightness of the fever. He was dressed in a sleeveless tunic instead of his usual heavy fur robes. Kamui noticed the golden band still sitting on his ring finger and placed her hand over it.

“We can’t stay here, King Garon could be sending troops after us as we speak.”

Kamui hummed to herself as she wiped his brow with the cloth. His brow furrowed and he pouted at her willingness to ignore him.

“Kamui let me up. We need to go.”

The dragon princess stirred the medicine in the bowl and brought it to his lips. The Hoshidan prince stared at his fiancé but opened his mouth to allow the crushed paste in. He coughed slightly when the bitter taste hit the back of this throat. Kamui automatically helped him to sit up and rubbed his shoulders. Her fingers kneaded into his skin making Takumi let out a stilted groan.

“I’m fine.” He insisted as he tried to wipe his mouth with a shackled hand.

Kamui hummed non-committedly and Takumi’s frown deepened when his fiancé eased him back without giving a vocal response.

“Kamui.” His voice was hoarse and dry, but he tried to get her attention nonetheless.

She placed the cloth against his forehead and pulled up a wooden chair next to the bed. Her fingers fiddled with his silver locks as she finally made eye contact. Shades of carmine glowed only with pure affection. She wasn’t looking at him like an invalid or like a little brother who needed protection. The amount of love her warm gaze displayed made Takumi swallow against a lump that had formed in his throat. This was one of the many reasons why he had fallen for the dragon princess. It was also the biggest reason, not that he would admit it.

“Takumi.” She smiled slightly as her fingers lightly scratched his scalp.

“Oh now you acknowledge me?” He quipped.

Kamui let out a hearty laugh before poking him in the flushed cheek.

“Only because you finally stopped whining.”

“I am NOT whining.”

“You know you are unable to fight right now. Moving around will only make you sicker.” She smiled and poked him again.

Takumi nipped at her finger with a scowl and turned onto his side. His long hair hid his face from Kamui’s view and his wrists ached from being kept in a locked position for too long. He slouched down into the covers, his body growing smaller against the straw mattress.

“Takumi?” Kamui’s head tilted in that reptilian way that only she could manage.

“Mmm…” He grunted from beneath the covers, his words muffled by the blankets.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you Honey.” She teased.

“You weren’t here when I woke up…” He mumbled loud enough for her sensitive ears to pick up.

Kamui’s heart stopped in her chest and her smile dropped into a faint frown. Ever since Takumi had professed his feelings for her he had become increasingly comfortable around her. He would eat with her at supper, he was much more gentle while he taught her archery, and he almost always held her hand when they walked. He always came to her when he had a nightmare, eventually he moved into her treehouse to make it easier for him to sleep at night. Takumi wouldn’t ever openly say it, but he depended on her support as much as she depended on him.

Waking up without anybody in the room probably alarmed him especially when his last conscious thought had been of being in enemy territory. Being bedridden must have made him feel doubly useless than he normally felt, that must be why he was so insistent on getting out of Macarath.

Kamui bent over and gripped Takumi’s face in her hands; she put her forehead on his sweaty skin and let out a small sigh.

“My Kumi.” She whispered affectionately.

Takumi’s cheeks blossomed a bright shade of pink, his hazel eyes widened slightly and he wheezed through his nose. Kamui placed a tender kiss on the tip of his nose and put as much love as she could muster in her grin.

“You take such good care of me. This time let me care for you.”

She kissed his sweaty brow; she placed a kiss on his dry lips and then a kiss on the tender skin on his neck. Takumi let out a soft moan at the sensation, his cheeks grew 3 shades darker and his wide eyes drooped with exhaustion and unspoken love.

He tried to free his wrists to wrap his arms around her torso, but the icy shackles dug into his skin and he glared down at them with indignation. Kamui laughed lightly before putting her hands against the ice, her increased body temperature melted the ice easily.

Takumi folded his arms around her torso and pulled her closer. She could feel his feverish heat radiating from his pale skin. Kamui remained unaffected because of her dragon blood; she simply nuzzled his neck and purred.

“You need sleep.” She purred lightly.

“I’m not tired.” He argued while trying to stifle a yawn.

Kamui put her fingers back into his hair and stroked his scalp; the Hoshidan prince let out a pleased groan and instinctively sunk back into the pillows.

“Not tired you say? I beg to differ my Dear Prince” She teased.

“Shut up.”  His eyes closed against his will and he nuzzled her fingers.

The dragon princess laughed silently to herself and waited for Takumi to fall asleep. His breathing evened out and his expression receded peacefully. Just as she was about to stand Takumi’s hand shot out and weakly grasped her wrist.

“Kamui…” His words were light and needful, a gentle shockwave made Kamui shudder down to her toes.

“Yes?” She turned and used her thumb to stroke the back of his hand.

Takumi shifted a little in his half asleep state, his eyes remained closed but he turned his head towards her voice. His messy hair surrounded his cheeks in a soft halo of silver and Kamui could feel the butterflies threatening to fly out of her mouth.

“Would you lay with me?” He asked sleepily.

Kamui swallowed back a small squeak and climbed into the bed beside her future husband. He turned towards her chest and wrapped his arms around her hips bringing her closer to his body. Their legs tangled together and he buried his head into the space between her breasts. Her soft heartbeat was powerful and soothed his feverish mind. The albino woman’s fingers scratched at his scalp and the Hoshidan prince couldn’t feel any more peaceful if he tried.

“I love you…” He mumbled.

“I love you too Kumi.” Kamui’s vocal chords rumbled gently against his ear and Takumi sighed happily.

His breathing slowed down and he fell into a deep restful sleep. Kamui watched her fiancé sleep, her carmine eyes fell shut as she followed suit. Their arms remained wrapped around each other. There would be no nightmares tonight.


Outside of the servants quarters 5 pairs of eyes were fighting to watch the couple through the small crack in the door.

“Hinata get your elbow out of my face!” Oboro grumbled as she tried to look in.

“I can’t move! Tell Felicia to get off of me!” Hinata whined.

“I-I’m sorry! I’m stuck!” Felicia exclaimed.

“They are really cute together don’t you think Big Sister?” Sakura happily sighed as she placed her hands against her heart.

“They sure are Sakura. But maybe now you could get off of us?” Hinoka’s hands were pinned under her as her little sister sat on top.

The three retainers and the eldest princess of Hoshido were piled on top of each other with Sakura on Hinoka’s back. They had been trying to watch Kamui and Takumi for the past half hour with very mixed results.

“Excuse me but why are all 5 of you out here. You are disturbing their rest.” Ryoma approached the pile with his arms crossed.

“Ryoma, a little help here?” Hinoka waved an arm at him almost making Sakura fall off with a squeak.

“Lord Ryoma this isn’t what it looks like!” Hinata spoke up.

“Yeah, we were just standing guard like we were told. Then Felicia fell on top of us!” Oboro exclaimed.

“I said I was sorry!” Felicia cried. Her tears fell like shards and a small blizzard started to brew around them.

“Big Brother, the two of them are resting peacefully. And they are so precious!” Sakura exclaimed excitedly as she fell off of Hinoka completely.

The eldest prince of Hoshido closed his eyes in dismay and shook his head.

Kamui definitely owed him for this one.

Early Christmas

A/N: This is short and just chalked full of sexual innuendo. I am shit. 

Warnings: sexual innuendo, language

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1,003

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Clothing Optional

I’m getting a massive amount of Zelo smut requests lately. I’ve already written, what?…four? five? Which is cool, he’s fun. But this is me combining a lot of those requests. <3

Rated N for Naughty Night Swimming

“Jagiya, if you don’t get naked and get in this pool with me right now…”

“What? What’ll happen?”

“I’ll…I’ll tell everyone you still sleep with a stuffed animal!”

“Who cares? It’s a Matoki plush! I’m just supporting you.”

“I’ll tell everyone it’s not even my Matoki. I’ll tell Daehyun it’s hi–”

You cut Junhong off with a squeal of dismay, quickly pulling your shirt over your head and dropping it on the wet pavement. He quieted down, his eyes turning dark as he stood in the water below you, completely undressed. You lost your bra next, and although you could clearly see Junhong bite his lip in reaction, you kind of wished you could see the reaction below the surface of the water, too.

Junhong was waiting silently now, just looking up at you as you stood on the side of the pool, undressing exasperatedly. It was late, and you knew no one would catch you over the tall fence surrounding your backyard, but this whole situation was still ridiculous. Even if Junhong was a borderline nudist, you weren’t, and you would much rather have just stayed sitting on the edge of the pool while he took a spontaneous late night swim. Naturally, Junhong wouldn’t hear of that.

Of course, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t kind of into it, now. How could you not be, with the possessive way he was staring at you, his eyes roaming your curves in a way that clearly told you his hands were itching to do the same thing. You sighed and pushed your panties down your legs, stepping out of them and to the side a bit, shrugging down at Junhong. “Happy now?”

He lifted himself out of the water enough to run his hands down your legs, wrapping his arms around them and pressing hot, sweet kisses across your knees, and just when you started to feel very wobbly and dizzy, Junhong suddenly held you tighter and pulled you into the water with a loud, unexpected splash, letting go once you were safely in.

You came to the surface a second later, sputtering as much with breathlessness as indignance. Once you could see again, you narrowed your eyes at Junhong. “You. Little. Shit.” you muttered, splashing an armful of water at him as he giggled deviously. “What was that for??” Junhong shrugged, still snickering. “You were taking too long.” You rolled your eyes. “God, I actually hate you sometimes, you know that?”

You looked down, sighing in annoyance as you tapped the side of your head to get the water out of one ear. You still weren’t paying attention when Junhong suddenly pushed you back against the wall of the pool, caging you in with his arms as your face jerked up in surprise. “No you don’t…” he said softly, sounding for all the world like the smug ass he definitely was.

Despite yourself, you met his eyes. Big mistake. You lost yourself in Junhong’s expression immediately, one of amusement, yes, but also lust and want and more affection than you were prepared for, as usual. Junhong spent so much time joking around that it was easy to forget how deeply he really did care about you, but somehow, he always managed to remind you in little ways that spoke volumes.

You rolled your eyes, tearing your eyes away from him forcibly. “Fine, I don’t. But you still suck.”

Junhong raised one eyebrow. “That an invitation, sweetheart?”

Suddenly, you were very aware of how he was pressing against you, his whole body flush against yours as Junhong’s fingertips crept up your neck and cupped your cheek, tilting your face up for a slow, sensual kiss. It was the kind of kiss he only deployed when he wanted you badly, the kind of kiss he couldn’t stop himself from giving you sometimes. You moaned into it quietly, resting your hands on his hips for a moment before wrapping them around his waist loosely.

The warm water between you was moving gently, making everything slip and slide over your skin, and Junhong hummed in satisfaction, his own hands reaching back to cup your backside, pulling you even closer. You never answered his question, and he didn’t seem to care. He was otherwise occupied.

Junhong started with your lips, kissing them swollen and pouty, then moved to behind your ears, your neck, across your collarbone, and lower. He held you high enough out of the water to run his lips around each nipple, his tongue making slow, lazy circles across each breast. He was holding you up so easily, with one arm, but you didn’t have time to think about how incredibly strong he was.

Before long, Junhong was pulling you back into the water, setting you down gently on the steps leading into the pool. You gazed at him wide-eyed, taking it all in: how handsome he was, from his chiseled face to his sculpted body, his lopsided smile the only reminder of the silly, sweet boy underneath. Junhong moved closer to you again, his hands slipping under your body. “I want you.” he whispered, his breath an inch from your ear. “Is that okay?”

You would have laughed, if you weren’t so incredibly turned on. “Yeah. Yeah, that’s okay.” you muttered back quickly, and he looked a little relieved, like after all this time he still needed as much reassurance as you did that you needed him. You were more than happy to give it.

Junhong grinned a little when you answered him, moving you the rest of the way onto him, and you gasped when you felt his cock, aided by both the water and how absolutely dripping wet your pussy was, push all the way inside you in one go. Junhong wasted no time starting to thrust, his head ducking again until his lips were pressed against your neck, sucking and licking and kissing and nibbling there, because he knew it was one of your favorite spots. He knew it made you weak, and that was okay right now, because he was still holding you as if you were weightless with one arm.

His other arm stretched out next to you, fingers wrapped around the concrete edge of the pool as Junhong braced himself with it. It gave him more leverage to fuck into you harder, and with every particularly rough fuck, he bit down on your neck. You squirmed and writhed and he just held you in place calmly, never easing up on his efforts. Junhong was always determined to please you as much as he possibly could. It was the perfectionist in him.

You didn’t mind.

You could barely think anymore, let alone speak, so you gave up on both, giving yourself over to Junhong completely instead. You had no idea how he was managing to roll his hips this hard even underwater, but you weren’t about to question it, when it felt so good. It felt so good, and it was making you absolutely gush between your legs, orgasm after orgasm hitting you with no time to recover in between, until you were a shaking mess and he was still going just as hard.

Junhong leaned down and stopped your cries of his name with a rough kiss, his tongue finding yours and invading your mouth as he pounded into you now, water splashing all around the two of you. You didn’t bother stifling your moans anymore. Who cared if your neighbors heard, really? Let them be jealous, you thought to yourself with as much of a grin as you could muster when you were half out of your mind and Junhong was fingering you on top of the fucking and it was too much and not enough all at once.

You whimpered, and Junhong chuckled. “Something else you want, baby?” he nearly purred. Just the way his voice sounded made you grip his shoulders tighter. Junhong would have sounded perfectly in control if you didn’t know him so well. But you could hear the cracks in his voice, the subtle changes in breathing, and it all let you know that this was doing him in too, that he was so close to going crazy. You wanted him to.

You smiled, nuzzling his jawline a little. “Yeah. I want you to cum.” you whispered in his ear.

Junhong made a noise in response that was somewhere between a groan and cry, but hotter than both, before he grabbed your hips with both hands and slammed into you over and over, not letting up even a little when you started to spill again. You felt him grow larger inside you, almost impossibly big, and just when you thought it all might be too much, that you might not be able to take much more, Junhong finally exploded with a loud yell of your name.

His hips rocked against you through his climax, shooting hot bursts of cum into you, and finally they began to rock slower and slower as he came down. You just held on tight.

When he could think well enough through the haze, Junhong’s first response was to kiss you everywhere: your cheeks, your eyelids, your lips, your forehead, until you were giggling under him and he was smiling and blushing. You stayed like that for awhile, just wrapped up in each other in the water on that warm summer night, until finally Junhong lifted you out of the pool and into his arms and carried you inside to your bed.

Our little star >> Jungkook, You

The part two of A beauty like you Enjoy~

A request like this took him some few weeks till he had the courage to talk about it and ask it from you.

He knew how the two of you were so young to have a kid, especially when the two of you just started your new life. He had just always been dreaming of a perfect family and he wanted to make this family with you, with love and a happy smile.

But it seemed like it wasn’t like this for you.

The last time he finally got the courage to tell you about his wish to have a kid, you didn’t give him an answer, until now. You always told him that you were thinking about it and it wasn’t easy to make a decision on something like this so fast.

At first he was sad and upset, the two of you were already married so you should have sooner or later expected something like this, but he still couldn’t forget what you will leave behind when you agree with him.

And it pained him as he saw you getting more stressed and down by the time. He never meant to push you into doing something.

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