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“Lemonade” & “4:44″

So I listened to Beyonce’s Lemonade and Jay-Z’s 4:44 together (one Lemonade track and then one 4:44 track, in that pattern to the end–I mean, I took out “Daddy Lessons” because—I’m sorry, but I just can’t take any semblance of country twang, even if it’s by Bey) and it was…an interesting and surprisingly emotional experience to see how both experienced and perceived their marital and relationship struggles and more, such as empowering black people and speaking on this country’s current political climate. A very personal and political contrivance for both of them and I love it. And they both stand alone pretty well too. Lemonade is still full of bops and soul and honesty and rawness and remains Beyonce’s magnum opus! And 4:44 is fresh, feels like a renewal and a recognition of past wrongdoings with that old smooth and classic Jay-Z flow and I was surprised how much I actually liked it…now…

I do find it a bit problematic how 95% of you guys are taking a black man’s open vulnerability, honesty (as dirty and ugly as it is) and his baring of skeletons in which he admits all of his wrongs and tries to be capable of forgiveness, and turning it into a sideshow drama that you can pour all our of projected feelings of rage and disappointment into. I know we live in a culture that loves to feed off other people’s drama, particularly the drama of celebrities, but this is artistic expression that deserves more nuance than just the reactionary sentiments we’ve seen thus far. And don’t get me wrong, Jay is a real piece of shit for what he did and not just because Beyonce is Beyonce and is such an icon…any man who does this to their partner is trash on sight–and yet…the strength it takes to take all that pain and turn it into something people can experience and maybe learn from, heal from…that takes courage and some genuine soul searching. I mean, he doesn’t have to deal with it in the same way Bey had to at all–and his confessions are minimal when weighed against the feelings Beyonce expressed in Lemonade, but they are a indelible and invaluable piece of this artistic flourish showcasing black pain and black renewal and black forgiveness in all of it’s complexities–and that shit ain’t easy and it’s ugly and real cute to disparage from afar, but there is so much more to it than a state of rage and fury.

And sure, big celebrities such as Jay-Z and Beyonce have all the resources to do so, but you can’t deny their talent and I’m proud of them both…Beyonce particularly, finding a way to turn her pain and anger into beautiful art specifically to validate the complex feelings that come with someone you love betraying your trust, especially as it pertains to black women.

In this way I like to think of Lemonade and 4:44 as a compilation piece of a relationship gone through turmoil and trying to find peace again. And I honestly don’t like how so many fans (either from the Hive or of Hov) are turning their soul-baring art into just another gossip travesty to gawk and whisper about, with all the lame memes and weird reactionary posts damning Jay-Z to hell and conspiring about Bey’s pregnancy. Like, get outta here with that…

That said, this world already makes it hard for men, particularly black men, to express their vulnerabilities, insecurities, and demons without ridicule or dismissal–expression that could in the future open up more healthy communication in loving relationships which could directly avoid things like infidelity and ego overriding one’s love for their significant other and their family. 

And then there is the material that is bigger than them and their celebrity couple status, which already has so much relevance in current pop culture: The black uplift in both albums–the importance put on legacy, forgiveness, and excellence within the black family, the personal and political introspection of how America and the world in general interacts with black bodies whether or not they are wealthy and famous or living in the “ghetto” doing their best to get by with whatever means they have, be it legal or illegal. That is what I think I take most from this–they take their specific position and perspective and circumstance, wrongs and nuanced feelings and make it universal for black people—and I don’t like the fact that we reduce all of that down to the juicy gossip of “Oh shit, how is that dusty nigga Jay gonna take his ass out and cheat on Bey?!” Which is not to downplay their personal pain and struggle and not only a reconciliation–but a rare healthy black reconciliation–but I think we ought to observe the nuance of their situation and expand on that to a bigger, more imperative narrative, as them as artists, them as black artists telling their truth, and encouraging other black people to do the same. 

“Kill Jay Z” is a great song about knocking down that toxic male ego to get to the vulnerability necessary to rectify past wrongs and prevent future missteps. “The Story of OJ” is…well, it speaks for itself. And like much of Jay’s new album, I think it is critiquing a lot about black male insecurities and how we try to overcompensate with all the money and ego and women and status symbols and how a lot of that is a result of how America disparages black male bodies which is not a forgiving excuse to do that things a lot of black men do but still an interesting expression of these issues and how it ends up having a deleterious effect on black women…how it all trickles down and attempts to ruin the black family. So the renewal and reconstruction of trust and love is something I do like to see in the black community, and for Beyonce and Jay-Z to be such big icons and to highlight that, I think it is a positive thing–and their artistic expression through music expresses so much more than the usual cynical crap that is meant to keep black men and women in a single simplistic state of mind. It’s time to move beyond that…it’s time to think and be better, and use that rage and confusion and hurt to fortify something that will be lasting and encourage and inspire others. And that is what Beyonce’s Lemonade and Jay-Z’s 4:44 do for me.

BTS Reaction to your first time ( with each other)


It had been a while you’ve been in a serious relationship, so to say you were sexually frustrated would be an understatement. You and Namjoon had been dating for 5 months now and you too still haven’t had sex.  You were somewhat relieved that he didn’t rush things but you had thought it was about time that things went further than just extended make out sessions. Last night was a result of your ambition to get into his pants and you were far more than pleased with yourself. Being with him couldn’t compare to anyone else you’ve been with, you felt a new sensation that you wished you would’ve  discovered earlier. After last night, you had only wanted to ever be with Namjoon.

“We are definitely doing that more often”

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Being with him made you feel extremely cared for. You two had finally had sex and unlike your past boyfriends, the amount of love he put into his every action was almost overwhelming. He cherished your body and made sure you were comfortable with everything. He would constantly remind you how beautiful you are and how much he loved your body, especially the feeling of yours against his. You loved it too and more importantly you loved him, which only made what you both did even more sensual and meaningful to you and him. He made you feel things you’d never felt before and he completely changed the way you viewed sex. He helped you to realise that sex was more than physically pleasure; that it held an emotional connection that was very hard to break when you were with someone you truly cared about.

“You’re so beautiful y/n, I’m so lucky to be with someone like you”

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What you and Yoongi did the night before was something you would never forget. You’ve had sex before but with Yoongi it was a whole new experience. Yoongi was known for being dominant and he didn’t let this attribute dwindle when it came to sex. You being under his hot body with him guiding every move giving both you and him pleasure. Of course you didn’t mind, your muscles were to weak and your body was too consumed with pleasure for you to top. The pleasure you felt couldn’t compare to the one time you had sex before, Yoongi made it feel like this was your first time experiencing such things and this not being your first time he didn’t take things easy. Although he wasn’t as gentle that didn’t stop him from expressing his feelings, his sweet words contrasted with his hasty actions making the experience even more unforgettable. 

“Sorry about being a little rough babe but damn you felt so good”

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You had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like years. You two had finally had sex last night, and boy were you glad you waited. In your life and relationships, you had a kind of love hate relationship with sex, which was why it was such of a big deal for you to wait until you’ve really gotten to know your partner. You and Hoseok had waited almost 8 months; the furthest you two had gone intimately was very frequent heated make out sessions. Seeing Hoseok’s smile directed towards you the morning after give you shivers. The adoration that the smile he directed towards you made your heart pound. The way his arms wrapped around you so lovingly made your head spin. The multiple forehead kisses he had bestowed upon you in the last 3 minutes both astounded and gratified you. You loved him. You were sure of it. 

“Now that we’ve taken that step, your mine forever”

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Jimin would be extremely sweet and gentle with you, he knew this wasn’t your first time but it being your second he was still careful knowing you would still be quite new to the feeling and it being so long you were. He was determined to be your best and he did just that.  The way his movements matched yours and the way he knew exactly what to do to make your feel the right amount of pleasure before leading you to your climax made you forget about the world around you and just focus on him and how your bodies tangled perfectly together. Jimin focused on you and made you feel like you were the only one that mattered, he made you feel special with the way he kept praising your body or by the way he kissed you with so much passion as your bodies moved together; it was pure bliss.

“I love you jagi and never forget that”

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Wow. That was all you could possibly think of when you woke up, limbs entangled with Taehyung’s. His face was absolutely radiant as the early morning sun shined down on him, illuminating his long eyelashes and the faint freckles that doted his face. Looking down, you saw little reminders of last night session of love making. Your very first time making love to him. Your first time experiencing the feel of his body brushing against yours. The feel of his heart beating against your back as he bit your ears. The feeling of ecstasy he gave you and in return, the feelings you gave him. You blushed softly at the thought, gently cuddling back into his chest, breathing in his slightly musky scent,  enjoying the moment for as long as possible before you were had to leave.

“I want to wake up to the sight of you every morning”

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Jungkook would be a little cocky about the situation the morning after earning a lot of eye rolls from you. The night before was your first time having sex with each other and you had to admit that he was the best you’ve ever had, not only because the pleasure you felt was like no other but your love for him and his love for you made it even more special and sentimental. Sadly you had physically admitted to him that he was your best and you regretted it immediately when it got to his head, making him into a smirking idiot. You were happy and satisfied inside although your face was set in a hard glare towards the cocky boy, you knew he was nervous last night and a little worried about living up to your past experiences so you secretly didn’t mind him being confident about how he made you feel.

 "I bet no one ever made you moan their name as loud as you moaned mines last night"

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body language analysis series;

(1/7) Jeon Jeongguk ;

The way he carries himself; with Jeongguk in particular there’s a big difference between the him off today (YNWA era) and let’s say, Debut era, because he was just lil baby back then. So, he hadn’t yet developed his personality quite as strongly, he was still growing into himself quite a bit.

Jeongguk’s current day body language is the only thing I’ll be addressing because it’s the most relevant and actuate of his adult/developed personality.

Anyways, Jeongguk’s body language is CRISP, oh boy he’s super duper easy to read. This is pretty heavily due to the fact that he’s a physical person in general, less verbal, he tends to rely on physical intent and expressions to communicate his thoughts and feelings. So when/what he’s feeling, it tends to light up like Christmas lights, even if he isn’t saying how he’s feeling verbally, it reflects so super clearly.

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how do you thing RFA + saeran/V would react to a MC who's super physically affectionate? Like hugs and kisses and cuddles the whole shebang ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


  • he lives for it
  • seriously, he lives for it
  • he adores hugging and cuddling up to MC
  • he melts whenever MC pecks his cheek
  • every single time
  • he feels so much more happier when hugging MC or holding their hand at all moments


  • at first she doesn’t know how to react to it all
  • she isn’t too used to this sort of innocent lovely dovey affection
  • but it’s not as if she dislikes it
  • at first she’s supper embarrassed and fidgety
  • but as time goes on she becomes more affectionate and starts just kissing MC’s forehead randomly
  • or taking their hand when walking around


  • he sometimes makes jokes that MC’s tempting the beast but? it’s jokes
  • in reality he can feel just, genuine soft love from those actions
  • he feels so complete when hugging MC, so safe and warm
  • if it were up to him, he’d kiss MC’s cheek every few minutes without even thinking about it
  • he thinks the whole public image thing is super annoying because he knows MC likes to hug and kiss, and hold hands, but it’s hard to do so in public and it makes him sad too


  • also kind of new to this sort of happy puppy love
  • most of those romance books focus so much on sheer sexual love, it’s almost as if he forgot there was a soft and tender part to loving that was just happy and sweet
  • and honestly, he realizes how much he was missing out on
  • he had never realized how much more a hug and a kiss to his forehead recharged him more than a glass of wine could
  • he spends so much time cuddling to MC at night, enjoying every little kiss and relishing on the affection 


  • he finds it adorable
  • makes jokes that MC runs on hugs and kisses like a robot runs on electricity
  • most days he’s super up for it, always wrapping his arms around MC and giggling while he kisses their cheeks
  • whenever there’s a day when he feels less affectionate he always makes sure to tell MC beforehand so he doesn’t end up making them feel bad
  • but, soon he realizes those days where he wants isolation start to decrease more and more as he spends time with MC


  • at first he’s very touch-adverse
  • he doesn’t know how to express it, but MC gets the clue
  • and as he slowly moves with his life, he starts realizing he… might like that affection
  • MC knew he wasn’t really for that, and had abstained from hugging and kissing him too much- and he’s too shy to downright say he’s ready now
  • so he takes it to initiating cuddling, or randomly hugging MC to let them know
  • he absolutely adores the happy look on MC’s face when he kisses their cheek


  • he can be fairly affectionate, but he’s absolutely sure MC is much more
  • which he finds absolutely cute
  • he’s like a big teddy bear, so easy to hug and so nice to kiss, MC is in heaven when near him
  • and there’s nothing that makes him feel safer than the warmth of MC, so constant hugging is a big plus for him too
  • his favorite times to cuddle are when he’s sitting on the couch, listening to the TV or radio and MC is right next to him, arms wrapped around his shoulders
Someday Your Child May Cry

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23. Mourning

It takes Mulder a moment, as confused as he still occasionally is, to process that Scully is walking away from him, down the hallway, towards the elevator. There’s a momentary flash of annoyance- how can she just leave after a confession like that? But it’s tempered, quickly, by the realization that they’ve both been through a hell of a lot in the past few weeks. It’s perfectly understandable that she might be at least a little uneasy around him for a bit.

“Scully,” he calls, and she stops, looking back over her shoulder curiously. “Where are you going?” She blushes softly.

“I, uh….” She looks down, fidgeting adorably. “I wasn’t sure if maybe you wanted to be alone.” Her eyes raise tentatively to his. “I mean… she was your ex-wife, Mulder. I thought maybe you’d want me to let you grieve on your own for a little while.”

“Scully,” he says, holding out his hand to her, “get back here.” Her face relaxes into a smile, and she turns fully, walking back down to his apartment door with a pleased flush on her face. He takes her hand and draws her close to him, sliding his arms around her. Holding her close, Mulder backs into his apartment, kicking the door shut behind them. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate the sentiment,” he murmurs into her hair. “But I honestly can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be easier for me to handle with you by my side.”

“I just… I wasn’t sure,” Scully says softly. “I thought that maybe… with what you saw, the life that you told me that you dreamed of on that table… you might need time to sort things out.” Inwardly, Mulder curses himself for ever having told her the details of his bizarre, disjointed hallucinations.

“That wasn’t me, Scully,” he assures her. “There’s no universe possible where I would walk away from you just because Spender told me I had to. If any of that had been real, one way or another, I would have found my way back to you.” His right hand slips down between them, coming to rest on her belly, which is ever so slightly larger now than it had been when this entire mess had begun. “I would have found my way back to both of you.” Scully squeezes him closer, and he hears her sniffling into his chest. “I don’t know where Spender got the idea that I would ever have chosen a life with Diana, but he was wrong. The only part of that dream with any ring of truth to it was the end- where you came in and kicked my ass for being an idiot.” Scully laughs.

“That does sound closer to reality,” she admits. She pulls away from him, discretely wiping her eyes on her sleeve. “I’m sorry,” she sighs. “I know that whatever Spender put in your head wasn’t there because you wanted it to be. I’m being stupid about this.”

“You’re not,” Mulder promises her. “I’d probably be a little uncomfortable, too, if the situation were reversed.” She nods.

“Skinner says he’ll let you know when he finds out about Diana’s funeral arrangements,” she tells him. “Her family is taking her body back to New Hampshire, but there’s going to be a service here first.” She looks up at him, biting her lip. “I could… I could go with you,” she suggests. “If you want.” He smiles, bending to kiss her forehead again.

“Of course,” he says. “You don’t have to get back to the office right away, do you?” She raises an eyebrow at him.

“Probably not,” she says. “I’m not doing much other than paperwork, not until you’re cleared to be back in the field. Why?” Mulder grins at her, leading her further into his apartment, towards his bedroom door. She pulls away almost immediately.

“Mulder, no,” she says sternly. “You’ve been out of the hospital for less than a week. You’re not ready for that sort of physical exertion yet.”

“Who said anything about exerting myself?” he asks her. “I was planning on letting you do all the work.”


“Come on, Scully,” he cajoles her. “I haven’t been allowed to touch you in weeks. I promise, I’ll just lie there. I won’t move.” 

“Just what every woman longs to hear from her lover,” grouses Scully. Mulder focuses on looking as sad and pathetic as possible, and finally, Scully heaves a sigh. “No movement,” she instructs him. “If you start getting out of breath, even a little bit, we’re stopping. Am I clear?”

“Crystal,” Mulder promises.

All in all, he thinks, he does a decent job obeying Scully’s orders. She has to stop, once or twice, until he’s mastered himself… but really, he challenges any man (or woman, for that matter) to keep completely calm and still with a woman like Scully sitting astride him. Mulder is the king of believing the strange and the unlikely, but this is one thing he’s fulling willing to admit is absolutely impossible.


Diana’s service is surprisingly well-attended, given that she had only been back in the country (supposedly) for less than two years. Most of the attendees are fellow agents, from a variety of departments and divisions. Both Skinner and Kersh are among them. Skinner nods cordially to Mulder and Scully; Kersh steadfastly ignores them both.

A few members of Diana’s extended family, those who live nearby, are also in attendance, as well as, of course, her parents. Stephen and Barbara Fowley stand at the front of the church, a receiving line of two, greeting mourners with austere and straight-backed dignity, and Mulder heads straight towards them. Scully holds back for a moment, nervous, but Mulder takes her by the elbow, smiling reassuringly down at her.

“It’s fine, Scully,” he tells her. “I want you with me.” She nods and follows him, aware of Skinner’s eyes on them as Mulder’s hand settles at the small of her back. Stomach knotted with apprehension, they approach the bereaved parents, and Scully reminds herself, as her breath comes more quickly, that this meeting will be far more difficult for Mulder than for her. Not for the first time, she’s thankful that she’s not really showing (at least, not to people who don’t already know her well), because she doubts that Mr. and Mrs. Fowley are ignorant as to the cause of the demise of her daughter’s marriage, and this meeting is likely to be awkward enough as it is.

Diana’s parents both offer a tight smile as Mulder approaches. “Thank you for coming, Fox,” says Mrs. Fowley. “It’s good to see you. Diana told us that you’d been working together again.” She kisses Mulder stiffly, then steps back to allow him to shake her husband’s hand. Mulder reaches out and draws Scully forward with the hand at her back again.

“This is my partner, Dana Scully,” he says. “She’s been on the X-Files with me for the past seven years.” 

“I’m so sorry for your loss, Mr. and Mrs. Fowley,” Scully says. “Diana was an excellent agent.” As she reaches out to shake Mrs. Fowley’s hand, the older woman swiftly looks her up and down, her jaw clenched tightly, and Scully realizes, with a sinking feeling in her stomach, that Diana has, at some point in the past year and a half, confided quite a bit in her mother, at least where her former husband was concerned.

“Yes, Diana mentioned to us that you were… working with someone new, Fox,” Barbara Fowley says, her voice suddenly icy. “It’s good to know that you feel able to give someone what you denied our daughter.” Mulder looks distraught.

“Barb, that’s enough,” hisses Mr. Fowley. 

“Barbara,” says Mulder, “I didn’t- I never meant to-”

“It’s all right, Fox,” says Mr. Fowley, his hand on his wife’s arm. “We understand that there was more going on in Diana’s marriage than what she shared with us.” Barbara Fowley snorts derisively, but her husband ignores this. “We’re just grateful that the two of you were on good terms before this happened.” Mulder nods, thankful for the rescue from Mrs. Fowley’s anger, and he and Scully move quickly away, allowing the next people in line to give their condolences.

“Mulder, are you all right?” Scully asks, as they make their way to a pew near the back of the church. He nods, though he still looks as though he’s likely to either cry or vomit at any moment.

“I just never realized,” he says quietly, as they take their seats, “how much Diana had told them. They always treated me as if I were their own son, when we were married… I guess that explains why they cut off contact completely when we divorced.” Scully reaches over and takes his hand, and he smiles shakily at her. “Guess it’s a good thing your mom likes me so much, huh?”

“My mother loves you, Mulder,” Scully assures him. “And so do I.”

The service is brief, and with Diana’s body headed up to New Hampshire for burial, there’s no procession to the cemetery. There’s no invitation back to anyone’s home for refreshments, either; a small spread of fruit, danishes, and coffee is offered in the church basement, but Mulder and Scully elect to skip this and go straight home. It’s Mulder’s first trip out of his apartment since being discharged from the hospital, and already, his head has begun to ache.

As they’re making their way across the narthex, Scully catches sight of Skinner standing across the vestibule, watching them closely, his expression unreadable. He seems to be scrutinizing Scully in particular, and she nods to him, but instead of returning the gesture, Skinner strides briskly over to them.

“Agent Mulder, I trust you’re recovering well?” he asks.

“Yes, Sir,” Mulder replies. He grins down at Scully. “I’m told I should be back in the office in a week, if I listen to my doctor and take it easy.”

“That’s a big ‘if,’“ says Scully, and Mulder laughs. Skinner, however, barely cracks a smile.

“That’s good to hear,” he says. “Because I’ll need to see you in my office the moment you return to work. Both of you.” Without another word, Skinner turns and walks away, joining the mourners heading for the church basement. Mulder looks nervously at Scully.

“I think he knows,” he whispers, as they leave the building. “Did you see the way he was looking at you, before he came over to talk to us? He looked right at your stomach.”

“It doesn’t matter if he knows or not, Mulder,” says Scully. “He’s legally forbidden to ask me whether or not I’m pregnant, and he’s definitely forbidden to ask me who the father is.”

“Yeah, but this is Skinner we’re talking about, Scully,” says Mulder. “He’s stretched the meaning of ‘legal’ on more than one occasion.”

“That was to help us,” counters Scully, and Mulder laughs.

“Exactly,” he says. “If he’s that willing to stretch laws when it’s to help us, how much further do you think he’ll be willing to stretch them if it’s to kick our asses?”

Hey you might never see this but I wanted to draw your character ‘cause he’s p cool. This took 2 hours I kept on messing up heh. Anyways I’m a fan of your au and characters and I hope you like this ówò. (Sorry for the bad quality, I’m using my phone and sorry that this is long >^<.></.>

——– ——– ✏️Dude Pockeyyyy This is an AMAZING bust, GOSH I love your thorough ✨attention to detail✨ and that expressive face!!😌 The way the hood envelopes his head is so cool; everything’s so flowing and your style has such a charming appeal to it! Your art would be AMAZING in a comic I’d bet- the expression is just so big!! Characters would be so easy to read from afar!!!! On another note, Pockey:: I’m SO sorry this took me a million years to get back to. It’s an honest to goodness shame this had to sit in my inbox for so long! 😰💦

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I've been seeing people say H&L is wayyyyyy more complex than seimei for a while now and I don't really understand what that means? So I was wondering if you'd be willing to do a comparison post? You make such lovely gifs, and your explanations are always so funny and easy to understand, so it would be nice to see the comparison!

Thank you for the kind words, and please strap in for another one of my never-ending rants. At least this time I know it’s gonna be long because this topic is of special interest to me, so I will have the foresight to make use of a read-more link :D

Okay here we go. For a start, I wouldn’t say Hope and Legacy is way more complex than Seimei, for no other reason than the fact that Seimei was already pretty much pushing all imaginable boundaries of complexity. What I can tell you about these 2 programs though, is this:

H&L is more technically and physically demanding. From base value alone, H&L is worth 103.43 compared to Seimei’s 95.79, with the main difference coming from Yuzu swapping in a quad loop for a triple loop. Base value doesn’t tell you the whole story though, because what makes H&L truly demanding is not just in how many difficult elements are included, it’s also in how those elements are distributed. See below the layout with time stamp for both programs (Tumblr doesn’t like anything but tiny text so I have a bigger clearer version of this image here):

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Headcanons when Ben falls in love (like how he would act) *-*

- When Ben is in love, he always tries to be with you as much as possible. He’ll always sit next to you in interviews, and try to spend as much time with you as he can.

- He also gets really giggly.

- You make the corniest joke? He laughs.

- You do something cute? Cue the giggles.

- You get really excited about something? The boy can’t stop giggling bc my god, you’re adorable.

- He blushes super easy when he’s in love. You could do anything from wearing a sweater that was slightly too big on you, to putting your hand on his shoulder and he’s as red as a tomato.

- Ben always buys you random presents, because he adores seeing your face light up when you open it. (You also hug him afterwards, which is a much appreciated bonus for Ben.)

- For your birthday, Ben goes absolutely overboard with your present. He knows you so well, and he buys you a lot of things you’ve expressed even the smallest interest in.

- You tear up a little because he’s so thoughtful, and you wrap him in the biggest hug. You even kiss his cheek, which puts him in shut down mode.

- Will laughs and jokes about how red Ben went when you kissed him, and Ben punched his shoulder in response.

- You go on for Laura one night, and Ben is absolutely losing his mind.

- “I’m gonna have to kiss Y/N. A lot. Oh my god, what the hell do I do?” “Just chill, Benjamin. Try not to freak out too badly.” “Will, that is shit advice.”

- Ben doesn’t know that you are helplessly in love with him, and you’re having the same predicament.

- After If I Could Tell Her, you both have this dopey smile on your face. You found it very hard to act disgusted after that first kiss.

- Towards the end of You Will Be Found, you and Ben end up kissing for a lot longer than you were supposed to.

- At intermission, the two of you talk to each other and end up confessing in an awkward, slightly rushed manner. Ben kisses you, and you just melt, because this is Ben kissing you, not Evan kissing Zoe, and you nearly miss your cues for Act 2 because you’re making out.

- There was very little acting needed in Only Us. Everything Ben sang to you he meant, and you got a little misty eyed towards the end.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Boxer!Cocky!Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1750ish

Warnings: some cursing (not too much imo), sexual tension, sexual innuendos, implied sex afterwards

Summary: Two words. Boxer Tom.

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There’s something so therapeutic about consistently punching and kicking a punching bag; the noisy thumps that were emitted every time your fist or foot connected with the bag and the aches that settle into your muscles when you get home were weirdly comforting. Screw paying for a therapist, this is where it’s at. A downside though, was the sticky sweat that covered your skin until you were able to shower and the ragged breathing you got after every session; though today, you’re not sure if it’s from the exercise or how pissed off work made you today. Now that you thought about it, this is the most relaxed you’ve felt all week. The next punch on the bag was harder than the previous ones.

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Little Monster part 4


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: A couple bad words? Mentions of drugging someone (e.g. date rape), mentions of sex but without explicit content. If this isn’t your cup of tea, please skip this part!

Word count: 1950

Summary: Y/N and professor Rogers have their first meeting. Steve finds himself aligning with a surprising ally.

A/N: I’ve been suffering from serious writer’s block. All I can seem to get on the page is crap. This is my attempt at restoring the balance and getting myself out there again. Hope you like it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Deal With It (Let’s make this interesting) 1/2

Rival Poker Players AU.  Guys, you know what inspired this. Modern AU, but with a kind of Captain Wench flavor. Rivals to Lovers. Heavily influenced by the 1994 movie Maverick, but you don’t need to know anything about the movie or really very much about poker to hang with this. 

Rating: T for this chapter (mostly due to language), but M for the next part and I’m not chickening out this time

Summary: Emma Swan, poker hustler with more than just card tricks up her sleeve, meets Killian Jones, a fellow gambler, at a shady little casino down south. After a memorable first encounter, they seem to keep finding each other, but are they really ready to gamble with their hearts? Emma just doesn’t know if she can deal with it. 


Emma hates this place. Over her years of hustling poker, she’s become accustomed to the bleeps, dings and 8-bit digital “music” (sarcastic quotation marks very much intended) that make up the constant, mind-numbing background noise in a casino. She can handle the smell of stale cigarette smoke and human bodies that could use a break from gambling to, you know, actually shower or something. Even the watered down cocktails don’t bother her. Hell, those are probably a blessing in disguise - keeps her mind sharp without her having to order something non-alcoholic which might tip off her marks.

But this piddly-dink river casino hotel on the outskirts of Nowheresville, Louisiana? Really bringing her down. Maybe it’s the general air of despair and decay. Maybe it’s the humidity. She’s already regretting not putting her hair up. It’s starting to do that weird wavy thing it does sometimes, a few tendrils sticking to her neck. Not to mention her skinny jeans - great for attracting a mark, but not exactly comfort wear - are clinging unpleasantly to her legs, making her want to squirm.  Or maybe she’s just still pissed that she nearly broke the heel off of her favorite pair of fuck-me pumps on a ripped spot in the tacky patterned carpet. It’s all just so irritating and depressing.

She could’ve gone someplace nicer, true. Then she’d be spending too much of the money she’s trying to win off these poor bastards to pay for her lodgings. Or she could sleep in her car. Again. On this wet, drizzling mess of a night. Yeah, no. Fuck that.

Oh. Hey, look. She won again.

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48.8%! A prompt where they're not dating yet and one accidentally sends something embarrassing or inappropriate to the other and their reactions, I don't really care what happens just thought you could write something funny about that :) Thanks for doing this btw, a smart way to get people involved in the voting!

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“how the fuck do you unsend a text.” was the first thing alec said as he slammed through izzy’s door, looking irate and terrified, his hands shaking and his hazel eyes wide. she stared at him, her dark eyebrows pulling together.

“big brother, you can’t… unsend a text.” she replied after a very long moment and she was doing that thing with her mouth that made it clear she was trying not to laugh at him. but there was some kind of pity in her expression at least.

growling in frustration he turned on his heel, stalking across her room and dragging his fingers back through his hair. “this is horrible. like really iz, how do people do this. how does ANYONE do this? i hate this. he’s never going to speak to me again, he’s definitely going to laugh at me and i’m just such an ass because i meant to send it to you and this just—”

his monologue was cut short by the dinging of his phone and immediately he scrambled into his fitted black utility pants, dragging his phone out of it to check his messages. his expression changed instantly from completely horrified to something izzy couldn’t really read, his eyebrows raising slightly and his lips parted.

then after a beat he raised his hand towards her just as she was about to speak. “ignore what i just said… i’m good.” he said distractedly and then just as fast as he appeared, he was gone.

izzy sighed, staring after him but her lips were pulled into a big easy smile.

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What do you think sex with jimin is like ??

Fucking intense

Let’s analyse 

He’s very touchy, so his tiny hands would probably be all over you the entire time. He also seems like the kind of person that would lick and kiss a lot during sex since he’s so affectionate. I don’t think he would let you have control over him during sex, he would be the one to take care of you mostly. Also, i think he would be very focused on getting you were you need to go as he is a perfectionist, judging from what I’ve seen in video’s. 

He probably likes to have sex while having slow music played in the background. He would experience sex as something much more than just fucking.  Moans would be a big turn on to Jimin as it will feed his fragile ego. Also i think he loves watching your facial expression everytime he thrusts himself into you. 

I’m guessing Jimin is more into love making than just plain fucking. However after pampering you with sweet kisses and soft touches he won’t go easy on you when he’s finally inside.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 257: Just and Proper

This is what I like from Haikyuu and Furudate-sensei. Everyone has their chance to shine and to develop as a character. This time is Kinoshita’s turn. Look at his expression before stepping on to the court and after stepping off the court. (even Suga and Narita are intimidated)

Give a big applause for Kinoshita!  He has come far.

Ukai being a good coach (once again) by putting things into perspective for Kinoshita. (and I think it’s also worth mentioning that he remembers not only his team’s but also the opponent’s name and age?)

And it works!!

Another coaching moment from Ukai.

He’s blunt and straightforward, making it easy for Hinata to understand what is asked of him. As a result…

Hinata’s first successful stuff in the Nationals!

The surprised faces are hilarious, including Hinata’s own as noted by Kageyama. Hahahahahahaha.

Though Kageyama’s right. It’s a fluke, or likely a beginner’s luck since Hinata doesn’t manage to repeat his success. Osamu keeps getting past Hinata’s blocks.

While  Hinata has grown leaps and bounds, and has managed to block Ushiwaka in Tsukishima’s stead. His defensive ability is not as good as his offensive.

As fast as a learner Hinata is, experience still has the advantage over him, which Osamu has in excess. Not to mention Hinata simply sucks at battling at the net. It is Kindaichi who points it out. Truly, the training camp really makes the first-years close and know each other well.

I’m still surprised that Tsukishima doesn’t show any reaction/objection towards Hinata. His sarcastic remarks seem to lose his bite. These two have really become closer since the training camp.

Once a Miya, always a Miya. He is as capable of provocation as his twin. 

20-18, will the first set end in the next chapter? I’m not surprised if Karasuno lose the first one and get the second. They haven’t really hit their stride. Of all the spikers, only Asahi who consistently scores. They haven’t found a way to score, once they do, they’re likely to turn the tables.


Of course Tsukki is too cool to join the festivity. Or it won’t be Tsukki, I suppose :D

The Bet - Part 4 Final Chapter

Daryl Dixon x Reader / Maggie Greene x Reader

Warnings: Canon Divergence, smut (mostly implied in this chapter), Language, NSFW (ALSO - some Beth hate. Deal with it or don’t read it), Violence, Character Death(s)

Plot: Circa Season 4 - So there are some strong similarities to stories from the show, elements of season 4 from early and later in the season. Not all plot points used, but fill in the blanks accordingly… MAJOR Canon Divergence… no direct dialogue from the show.

Word Count: 8242

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“He thinks I’m pregnant,” you sighed and steadied yourself against the wave of nausea that rolled over you.

“What?!” her eyes were big, a grin threatening on her lips. “Seriously?!”

“Shhh, Maggie… please,” you begged her, “I haven’t taken the test yet. But…”

“But you are. You know you are!” she playfully smacked your shoulder, but when she noticed the expression you carried, she toned down her response. “You’re thinkin’ bout the boys, right?”

You nodded. The boys… your boys that had been lost at the beginning of it all. The ones that were taken from you because the last man you trusted had been misguided.

“Oh, Y/N. I’m sorry, I know this can’t be easy.” Maggie moved to hug you, but you put up a hand to stop her.

“It’s ok, really. Right now, there’s more important things happenin’. This can wait… long as I know I don’t have that,” you pointed towards the prison, “I’m ok.”

Maggie nodded and picked up the bucket. She refused to let you help her carry the rest of the way, and you were suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude that you had Maggie in your corner.

“Be safe, and stay with Maggie, ok? Be sure to keep a knife and gun on ya, you don’t wanna get caught and not be ready,” Daryl was nervous. He was never usually nervous leaving for a run, but this was different. His group was going out far for meds, and there was no way of knowing what kind of trouble they were walking into or when they would be back.

Michonne and Bob were loading the car, while you and Daryl said your goodbyes. Tyrese finally arrived and they were ready to go.

“I know, I got this… Maggie and I got this. Plus, Glenn, Carol and Rick are here, so is Hershel. Just go get what they need and get back,” your hand absentmindedly went to your stomach. Daryl didn’t notice, too fixated on making sure you were prepared to defend yourself.

“Ready Daryl?” Tyrese asked before getting in the car.

“Yeah, one second,” Daryl turned back to you. “Remember what I said last night?”

You smiled and nodded, “How could I forget?”

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The Queen

Hi! So this is my first fan fiction! It’s between Negan and reader! 

Some things to note before reading:
It may take a while to get to the smut, but when it does, it’s going to be rough, dirty, and have a massive daddy kink, because its JDM and how could you not?
Glen did not die in this AU (BC HE IS TOO PRECIOUS)
And anything else worth noting I’ll mention as I go!

Chapter one

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 It was like falling asleep in the Garden of Eden and waking up in Hell. 

  As you made your rounds around the camp last night, you couldn’t help but smile at the beauty. Small, hand built huts lined the trees. Staying above ground was how you tribe had made it this far. Candles flickered in through the cracks of their foundations. It wasn’t perfect, but for more than a year, it had been home to a dozen people you had met since this whole shit show started. You owned a greenhouse before the virus struck, and used those skills in your community. Three of the suspended huts were green houses, and while you would occasionally send out two or three people to hunt small game, your community was quite self sustaining.

  Your name was widely known through out the apocalyptic world. You were a kind leader to your tribe, and always welcoming to new people. Your strategic, quick thinking allowed you to not only survive, but thrive. However, your enemies knew you under an entirely different light. To them, you were an insane, sneaky, and evil force to be reckoned with. Most of them chose to stand clear. However, Negan wasn’t like the most.

  Over a year ago, your tribe, at the time consisting of over twenty people, crossed roads with his entourage. Demanding an immediate surrender, you obviously fought back. Without warning three of your people were shot from behind. The man you always had trailing the group, Gabriel, sniped all three before your people even hit the ground. Five more of your people were then attacked, however, you all quickly gathered yourselves, and of his thirty some people, you had taken down twelve. Negan called for a retreat, but Gabriel rounded from a distance and cut him off. They were then gunned down, and we had them in a circle. 

 You walked through the thin wall the remaining people of your tribe had formed around the group of roughly fifteen. You could see Negan’s slight discomfort, he wasn’t used to being on his knees like this, but he wasn’t about to give you the satisfaction of thinking you were winning this.

  “Negan,” you grinned, “I liked this shirt,” you shook your head, acknowledging that you were now covered in blood, “And then you went a fucked it up. You and all these little shit heads.”

  “I’d offer you mine, but I feel like the moment we start taking off our clothes we’ll forget what’s really going on here,” he winked at you, you felt yourself blush. Douche bag or not, he was devilishly handsome, and it’s not like you were a saint.

  “You’re misreading my generosity,” you replied, a flirtacious smile dripped from your lips as you sternly responded, you looked over at the pile of weapons your people had removed from them, and there she was. Very top of the pile. You licked your lips and winked at him, “Is that her?” I nodded at the bat, “The real legend?”

  “Don’t go playing with things that aren’t yours,” Negan warned.

  You ignored him, and walked over to the pile. Delicately picking up the bat, dripping with the blood of god knows who. You smiled and returned to the circle, squatting inches away from him, you could hear the guns cocking behind you, you couldn’t be safer.  “Now,” you leaned on the bat, Negan’s frustration growing as he let out a low snarl, “How cute would it be, if I finished the whole dance with your special little lady?”

  “If you think this is over once you leave me behind dollface, you couldn’t be more wrong,” he growled.

  “Easy daddy,” you clicked your teeth, you watched his Adam’s apple bob in confusion, he was torn between wanting to fuck you, and wanting to murder you, a line you loved to dance on, “Who said anything about letting you go?”

  “Everyone knows about the lamb,” his low voice responded, “You, being the lamb. You go about, killing and stomping and throwing your little bitch fit, but you also know how to keep your people safe. You wouldn’t do anything to put them at risk. And, I know you’re smart. You know I have more than a hundred people at my camp. It would only be a matter of time before they sniffed out the rose gardener. These people mean nothing to me, but I mean everything to them. And you know that.”

  You giggled, “You think I give a shit about your little gang? We can handle ourselves. However, you are right about one thing. I’m getting a bit of a reputation. The last thing I want is for people to think I’m going soft. How the fuck am I supposed to build an empire with that type of name following me around. And since you’ve basically given me permission,” you stood, pointing the bat at five people you watched take shots at you and, take down two people, “Gabriel, line them up for me, wont you? It’s been a while since I’ve played ball.”

  “You put that fucking bat down.” Negan demanded, his tone a bit more stern that you would have preferred.

  “I went to school, before this whole thing,” you sighed, leaning on the bat as the five people were being arranged, “I was an anthropology major, but I took a course in psychology, specifically the psychology of psychopaths. Psychopaths like you, Negan. Madmen have always kind of turned me on, so I wanted to know more about them. The most interesting thing I learned, was how some had these priorities that were just,” you let out a loud laugh, “well, psychotic. Listen, daddy,” you smiled at Negan again, “I’m about to fucking murder five of your little babies. Here they are, all lined up. I can’t guarantee it’ll be painless, or quick, or how I want to even go about it. And you’re over there shitting your pants over this?” you bounced Lucille up from the ground and suggestively ran your hand down the handle, “You’re a fucking psycho.”

  You shot four of them, quick and easy. Despite the speech, you liked to avoid inflicting pain where you could. The fifth one was one you watched shoot two of your people, so for him you used Lucille. Negan watching with an expression you’d never seen before.

  “Still got the swing,” you giggled, “I used to play, years ago. Boys, tie them up and knock em cold. Whatever happens after that is their own damn fault for being so damn easy,” Negan’s hands were bound behind him, his salt and pepper hair in his face as he watched your every move.

  “This isn’t over,” he snarled, god, you were so turned on by him.  “Well, I sure as hell hope not,” you smile, blowing him a kiss and tossing Lucille onto the ground near him, “Thanks for playing.”

Back to present 
The smell of smoke burned your nose. You sat cross legged in the same spot you had come to in. You knew they were still here. You fought tears as you took in the total destruction, refusing to give them the satisfaction.

  “Not a sound?” a voice laughed from the trees, you could hear guns point at you, “You really are a fucking heartless little bitch.”

  The voice came around, along with six other men, all armed.  You let out a small laugh, “Seven armed men, just for me?” you stood, spinning around ensuring that was it, you took a step towards the one doing the talking and their guns all shot up, pointing right at you. You smiled and put your hands up in a mocking way, “Easy boys. Just wanted to check who these flowers are from, but I’m gonna guess that I already know the answer.”

  "You’re fucking crazy,“ one of the men, much younger sounding, expressed.  You smiled and stuck out your hand, "Nice to meet you.”

  "Ben, grab her,“ the ‘leader’ commanded, a big man approached you. Right as he grabbed you you pulled your dagger out of your Jean’s side pocket and dug it into his neck, his blood coating you before he collapsed. Two other men stormed you, you took down one and brutally sliced the face of the second one, but he managed to punch you in the face and knock the dagger out of your hand.

  "Come on boys,” you dabbed your nose with your finger, blood pouring from it, “I was unconscious and you didn’t think to pat me down? Didn’t wanna touch any of this?”

  Suddenly it was dark. 

  When you came to, you were in a small cement room. Your arms were handcuffed so tightly that thin droplets of blood ran down your hand. Your legs were tied together by what looked like a T-shirt, you effortlessly shimmied the ties off.  Suddenly, the door opened. Blocking most of the light was a man’s figure, you didn’t need to guess who’s.

Chapter two will probably be out either tonight or tomorrow!

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I saw JessicaNJpa get asked this question and I'd like to hear your thoughts: do you think the cullens have any running jokes or little familial nuances they bring up that happened like fifty years ago?

Haha ohhh yes. I mean, most of them are more recent, and I’ll start with those cause I love them.

(this is actually something that’ll happen in TLP, but let’s be honest, we can guess this is pretty much canon). Esme,Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Bella (and Edward, because Bella is) are all watching a TV show, when a female character gets killed. She was one of Rose’s favorites, and thus she starts an annoyed rant about all the reasons the death was unnecessary and poorly executed. Edward rolls his eyes and huffs: “ Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic?.” Rosalie snarls through her teeth: “ She was the only one on the show I actually loved!”, and Edward huffs some more. “ I know, but I still think you’re overreacting just a little bit.” Rose starts to argue back, but Emmett just scoffs. “Nah Ed, if she was overreacting, she’d be on her way to Volterra right now, with her shirt off.”  For a second everyone hesitates, like they do after most of Emmetts jokes, but then Bella snorts and starts laughing, Alice starts giggling and Jasper chuckles from behind the couch where he was reading, and Rosalie shoots a satisfied smirk in Edwards direction. He can’t decide who he should be more annoyed with, Emmett, or Rosalie, or maybe Bella for laughing so much. Or maybe, Esme, who reproached Emmett, but whose shoulders were shaking suspiciously.
After that, it becomes a running gag. Whenever something goes awry, Emmett pulls of his shirt, throws it on the floor and dashes towards the doors with a shouted: “NO MORE OF THIS WOE; VOLTERRA, HERE I COME!”

Back when E/B started dating (before the whole James Drama ) Edward got a call from a sleep clinic. They had received his resume and were most impressed and wanted to invite him for an interview. He politely declined like the good boy he is, saying unfortunately he had found another position already, ended the call, turned around and hollered: “EMMETT”  A burst of laughter could be heard upstairs and a called: “ I thought you were into watching people sleep now, I just wanted to be helpful. High School over soon man, you gotta find a job!”  ( And this whole watching Bella sleep think is not something he’ll live down soon. Say, for the next faour centuries or so.)

It’s not just Eddie though. Back when Esme was freshly turned and Carlisle fell for her and they weren’t together, there were certainly moments of embarrassment for both of them. Edward respects them too much to make fun of them, but he made the mistake of telling Emmett some stories, who harbours no such restraints. For example, freshly enarmoured Carlisle once asked Esme in an attempt to know her better and connect with her past, what her favorite vegetable was. Which isn’t too embarassing in itself, but the fact that he almost breathed the question and simultaneously perched his chin on his hand while asking sealed the deal. After Emmett heard of it, it was practically impossible for him to ask any question with out repeating that little performance.

Which isn’t to say that Emmett got away without his own share of mocking. His besotted “Rosalie Stare” still gets reinacted, but unfortunately, Emmett isn’t as easily embarrassed. There is a story however, that still makes him grind his teeth- from way back when he was still newborn. They were out hunting, and Emmett, very young and full of energy and without any hunting technique, lunged for a deer teeth-first. He crashed through five trees, but the sixth, a big oak, didn’t break. Instead, Emmett hung half in the air, teeth burried in the wood, Of course it was easy for him to break free, but not soon enough for Edward and Carlisle to see him and to start laughing, His expression when he spat out wood didn’t help- nor when Carlisle said: “ Emmett, I do commend your comittment to the cause, but I am afraid you misunderstood when we said we are vegetarians.” Sometimes when he annoyes Edward, Edward just buys him a beaver onesie and tells him to go build a dam.

And then of course there’s Esme’s little crush on Bon Jovi.

Welp… This is weird, I’ve been reluctant to post this mostly because it’s very depressing looking, It’s what happens when you draw one of your most pathetic characters when you’re having a nervous breakdown about your birthday.

Anyway! Here’s James, yet another of my RP characters, a practitioner of demonic magic based around maths (he can basically “alter quantities”, turn one into many, turn many into one, things like that). He started as a super edgelord character with somewhat OP powers and more serious than sasuke uchiha, and he got boring to play quickly BUT! at some point he began to get the stinky end of the poop poked stick and I started playing him more as a nervous wreck with absolutely no social life, he tried to help people because people was being nice to him, was killed by a big boss and came back swearing revenge, Obtaining his first friend who brought some easiness to his heart and allowed him to develop new powers in the name of friendship.

I really love him, but, I guess what I’m trying to tell is, his expression amuses me, Aside from the nice people who sent me nice messages, My birthday week was really awful, and I wanted to vent several times but decided against it. and All those bottled emotions just got transmitted into… just the most sorrowful expression I could muster, both in this drawing and my own face. I can perfectly hear him sigh.

Excuse the texty blabbery, It wont be a common thing, I promise! have a nice day!

Some Helpful Art Tips on Submitting Your Demo/Portfolio to an Animation Studio

So last semester I attended a lecture by one of the recruiters from DreamWorks Animation. I recently uncovered my notes on the presentation and figured it might be of use to post them here so others can benefit from this information too.


+There must be a beginning, middle, and end

+Never end your storyboards/shorts with “to be continued” it gives them the impression that you have not finished your idea.

+Including grid planes (sky and ground) are a plus to help the viewer understand the space they are in

+Use a variety of tones to establish space, depth, and mood. Using color to emphasize an important object is also a good strategy.

+Focus on the beats. This is not an animatic, you do not need to pinpoint every minute action. Include the important frames to create a clear visual interpretation of the narrative.

+Demonstrate that you have a good understanding of cinematography and camera movement (i.e. don’t brake the 180 degree rule, make the visual experience interesting)


+Understand Lighting and color
+Good quality digital paintings with impact
+The work should have an element of “charm and appeal”
+Include process work.

“Shape language” is also important. This refers the stylization which reaches across all elements in a particular story/film/ collection. Shape language applies not just to characters, but to objects and scenery. What are the nuances of color and form that define the style?

Character design is generally the most desired position for any artist, but very few artists will actually be selected to work with character design. No one is hired on at entry level for character design, this is something you can only work up to by proving your skills and building a good reputation within the studio. Most visual developers will work on props, vehicles, scenery, etc. So learn to treat your props as characters! Never underestimate the minutiae. Anything from mushrooms, and flowers,  to posters in a character’s bedroom. Also include variations on these props. Don’t do just one mushroom. Make ten mushrooms. Or twenty! You’ll want to get across that you have a good eye for detail. DreamWorks loves detail!

Finally, understand how your work fits into the grand scheme of things. Know that when working on a feature film, game, or any big creative project, departments will have to collaborate to get things done efficiently. Make sure your work is readable and easy to understand. Something the other departments can work with without having to ask questions.


Human moments/Acting/Nuances of movement and expression (reactions shots are a good thing to include; show that there is a thought process)

The quality of your demo is more important than the length
One format they suggested was to include clips from your thesis film (if you have one) and attach the full film at the end of the reel

If you submit a thesis film, especially one you worked on with a partner/partners, clarify which sequences you were responsible for/what components of those sequences you were responsible for. They appreciate it when notes like these are included as subtitles/captions within the film itself, so they do not have to refer to a separate article while watching the short.

Make your demo entertaining.

If you decide to show off your lighting/surfacing skills, modeling food is a good way to get their attention. You know you have a well rendered piece of fruit if you can make the audience hungry.
Lighting translucent objects (flower petals, thin fabric, etc) is a good way to go.

It is also good to include your work process

Cherchez La Femme: A La Folie A

A/N: It’s late, I AM AWARE, BUT ADULTY THINGS GOT IN THE WAY. Also, I wasn’t kidding about the angst hitting right away. And yes, I am also aware of the slightly egotistical line in here, but that’s the kind of thing I wish a boyfriend would say, if I had one.

Warnings: Breakup, swearing, angst, angst, angst. Drina’s a straight up bitch, okay? Okay. Bittersweet Bucky and Steve.


TRACK: Chasing Pavements: Adele

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