this is from another galaxy


These are humans from another galaxy. A Pathfinder.



Maybe the most inexplicable video on the internet. What can I say? No seriously- what can I honestly fucking say about what you’re seeing here? It’s like an alien being from another galaxy saw The Simpsons air once and tried to re-create it (right down to calling it “Bart The General,” an old episode title, rather than calling it “The Simpsons”). This is THAT part of YouTube at its most surreal. But you have to hand it to them- Toadfish may be the most compelling character this show has had in years. And if you get in his good books, he can be a nice guy.

She’s just a cosmic girl
From another galaxy
My heart’s at zero gravity
She’s from a cosmic world

Phew! Here it is! It’s a little bit late, so I’m so sorry, but it took a long time to get right and I wanted it to be as good as I could get it. This is for @yliseryn for her birthday! The big ONE-EIGHT! Keep getting more and more talented and amazing! Here is the prettiest couple in the galaxy! Dancing must really be easy in zero gravity.

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Mycroft's reaction to falling for an American girl who moved to London.

Its not really going  to be any different than if she was a native from down the street.

The heart wants what the heart wants and rarely gives a damn about where you’re from, sound like, look like but understands that mighty NEED to be with them.

I think the only instance you might have Mycroft start second guessing is if the girl in question was either mythical or alien just because ‘how in the hell do you proceed forward with either when science says they don’t exist and you have no idea what to do to impress an galactic traveler.

Regarding the colonialism theme, I thought about it and here’s what I think.

What is most bothersome about Andromeda is that the entire plot - the one shown to us at least - isn’t based on a need.
It’s not “humanity needs a new home,” it’s “humanity and other species decided to go to another galaxy because.”
Because what? It isn’t clear.

If they were running from the Reapers, it would make sense to go to another galaxy and start finding places where they can settle. It would be about survival of entire species… But the way this is introduced to us, this isn’t based on survival or needs. The last video even shows the Nexus looking like a luxury cruise.
I’m seriously hoping the story will take us by surprise, though. Like “You thought this was about that? Well no.”
Perhaps the need - the real one - will become apparent once something goes wrong with the Arks… But it wouldn’t change the original intent. They didn’t come to explore or simply visit. They have pathfinders for one specific mission, after all.

The problem is that I’m not sure that simply having a colonialism theme in the game is a bad thing in itself, what would be a bad thing is them showing up, settling everywhere, taking every resource and you know, the narrative never calling them out on it or the narrative *approving.*
That would be really shocking.

So there is this unease right now, this discomfort, because I don’t know if this is headed this way or if the story will take another form and completely surprise us by rejecting the concept behind the Initiative (Sloane Kelley could have left because of this? PeeBee could have left for that reason?). Perhaps the ending or point of the story is that they shouldn’t have come or tried to settle there, period. There was no need.
Perhaps the writers know this?

Anyway, I am going to see how it develops and what happens in the game, but I’m really not happy about this part. This could be the thing that will ruin Andromeda. I’m also aware that I could rationalize things that would normally be deal breakers because this is about my favorite game. So I don’t trust myself to have a neutral attitude on this. I want this game to be good, I want to like it, to be proud of it. Still, I’m hoping I’ll be thoughtful enough to recognize when they mess up and that I won’t deny bad things when I see them. 
In the meantime, I’ll try to reblog as many different opinions on this as I can, because this is a good discussion to have.

Voyager was a show in which:

An alien from another galaxy died and became a rock.

“There’s coffee in that nebula.”

Harry Kim died twice in the first season alone; did not get a promotion.

Tom Paris avoided criminal punishment because of a dog.

The ship had to be submissive to a frustrated space fish-worm.

Torres literally had a split personality.

Kes ate dirt.

Kes happened at all.

Tuvok and Paris changed rank in the first season with no explanation.

Harry Kim traveled into an alternate time and space dimension; did not get promotion.

Neelix got into a food fight with Paris.

Q turned the ship into a Christmas tree ornament.

“Get the cheese to sickbay.”

The Doctor got beamed into space for five seconds.

Paris and Janeway turned into lizards.

Seven of Nine had nightmares about a bird.

Harry Kim built the Astrometrics Lab; did not get a promotion.

“You hit the wrong ship!” “It wasn’t my fault!” “Well then who’s fault was it, the torpedoe’s? You’re supposed to tell it what to do!”

Tuvok was stranded on a planet with small children.

The ship got transported back to 1996, and was not the weirdest thing around.

“Vulcans do not hydro-sail.”

Paris found a Hirogen head.

Harry Kim saved the ship from the future; did not get a promotion.

A dead crewmember changed species and briefly came back.

Seven had Borg multiple-personalities.

The Doctor had daydreams that threatened the ship.

Tuvok had a dream about walking naked around the ship.

“Alien bugs, or alien fisticuffs. Oooh that’s a tough one.”

“Very large germs” swarmed the ship.

The Doctor secretly impersonated half the crew.

Some kind of fantastic show!

Is that something traveling from another warp pad? Do beams from all warp pads in the galaxy have the ability to occupy this same space? Or is this one on Earth? Pearl said only beings with gems can use the warp pad. So if this is connected to a warp pad on Earth who’s using it? The Crystal Gems implied they are the only ones left on Earth.

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That chart thing you reblogged says Jaal is for fryders only. I thought he was available to both Ryders? I've heard audio from a mryder saying he loves jaal and it didn't sound fake??

#mea spoilers /

yeah theres? a lot of confusion right now im currently. fuckin tRYINg to get an answer from Mike Gamble ??? if Jaal is fuckin het tho thats fuckign ridiculous “yeah im down to fuck this weird fuzzy alien from another galaxy but no homo tho lol” like

okay this has been bothering me since we saw drack in trailers

the krogan in andromeda can’t have had the genophage cure since they left well before me3, right?  so how the hell is that gonna like…work, since their whole purpose here is to resettle on another planet

are we gonna have to decide whether to cure the genophage again? is jarun or however you spell it gonna pull a surprise cure out of his ass like “we’ve had this the whole time!”??

When you wish upon a star


Im sure you’ve seen the post or heard the quote “when you wish upon a star, technically that star is a million light years away and it’s already dead, just like your dreams”

This is false. That star is not dead, it is not millions of light years away! the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years across, so the oldest light reaching us from a star in our galaxy would be less than 100,000 years old (because we aren’t on the very edge). Stars live for millions and billions of years! Sure that supernova we viewed from another galaxy is from a star that had been dead for ages, but the stars you see at night are much closer and very much still burning brightly! 

The light you are seeing of a star is old, but the star itself is not dead and neither are your dreams! 

-this has been a slightly uplifting rant by @jewishdragon (who is peeved by this misconception) 





The expanse was great until they introduced aliens / alien life forms. Like really, i would rather have watched it for the political tension between earth, mats and the asteroid belt but noooo they gotta bring in the dudes from another galaxy or some shit. I loved it because it was so much based on scientific facts, and although it was sci-fi it had very realistic ideas about how space travel and colonization of other planets and mars would look like. And it’s not even set that far apart from now, like that could legit be us, humans, in the future. 

And did i mention how much i love the political tension between earth, mars and the asteroid belt??? I just wanna see some people float around in space with their space ship doing space things, is that too much to ask for? But nooo, Daenarys has to have her dragons. Frikking fantasy bullshit. :c
Just stop Expanse, you can’t pull off aliens, leave it to the other shows, stick to Space politics and James Holden and the Rocinante space/gun ship. 

I leave you with a gif of Captain Holdens face when he discovered there’s good coffee on the ship.