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tutoring sessions — peter parker (part two)

read part one: here

prompt: continuing your tutoring sessions with peter, you convince your mother to let him come over and help you out with algorithms at your house, with days left until your makeup exam 

warnings: more fluff tbh, some curse words, use of the word “stupid” 

notes: thank you for the amount of notes on part one! i really appreciate it. and to those people who requested requested this: @theperksofbeingyourmum, @captainveromendes, @legendarydazekitten, @fridgeisle, @tiny-friggin-human 

“Hey, are you feeling okay?” 

Peter turned his head, his right arm sore and surely bruised, and his entire back aching. He was healing—that much he could feel, and he felt a lot less like the Hell he did a few days ago after stopping some guy from shooting down a bank—but he still felt like he was dying right now, and he hadn’t been focused at all. 

“Yeah,” he lied, “I’m fine. Just tired. Aunt May’s been making me do some extra chores.”

The two of you had been sitting on the floor of your living room, working on some practice tests to prepare you for the real deal that was quickly approaching. This had been one of the many meetings you’ve had during the week, but this was the first that had taken place out of school and actually in your home. 

You could tell Peter was nervous, his leg bouncing and his fingernails constantly drumming against the wood of your coffee table, and you didn’t know what to do to make him calm down. He had been like this for about forty-five minutes and he barely talked unless it was to explain something or you, yourself, tried to make causal conversation—like the small, playful banter you two had during the first tutoring session. 

The both of you had talked more during school and gotten to know each other better, and the sight of him looking as uncomfortable as ever made you frown. You were really beginning to wonder why on earth MJ had even thought to pair you up together, especially considering how miserable he looked. 

He had seemed somewhat joyful when this whole thing had started, and you bit your lip at the thought that he was only trying to be polite. You knew that he was the type of person to do that, after all, and he wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings by refusing so it could’ve been likely that he was only doing this in order to spare you getting offended. 

You sighed to yourself.

Well, shit.

You finished the last equation on your third practice quiz and listened to the scratching of your pencil. 

Peter had taken a strange easiness in simply shutting up and watching over your shoulder as you did things and the fact that he analyzed you—well, maybe he wasn’t just checking out the work—so closely made you very aware of him; and without a doubt it made you five times more anxious. You solved the problem and backed up, accidentally bumping into his chest and he let out a gruntled sort of sound. 

“What happened? Did I elbow you or something?” You looked up at him and glanced at his pained expression. 

Peter shook his head, but he knew it wasn’t fooling you. “No, it’s—it wasn’t you, don’t worry. I just got really sore from, uh…gym!” 

You raised a brow. Really? That was his lie. If you hadn’t been so worried about him, you could’ve laughed. “Peter, you know MJ told me how terrible of a liar you are.” 

“Hey, I wouldn’t say I’m that bad of a liar, you know,” He starts defensively, and you cross your arms and pretend like you believe him when suddenly he pauses. “Wait, you guys talk about me?” 

Peter rolls his eyes at himself and clenches his jaw, shaking his head as he takes a moment to go: Wow, you gigantic spaz. Nice going. He wants to hurl himself out of your house’s nearest window (to be honest, he knew he wouldn’t get hurt anyways, if he really tried) because oh my God, why did he say that?

It was official. You were never going to talk to him after you take your test and finish it—and let’s face it, you were going to pass, he had the utmost confidence in you (but then again, when did he not?)—and he would lose any slim, one-in-a-million-chances he had with you. 

Seriously, it would be so much easier to talk to you in a mask. Karen would be great at advice right about now. 

Then, he sees you blushing—and it’s quite literally one of the most adorable things he has ever seen beside a cute dog video Ned had showed him once. He’s staring at you—wait, sorry, admiring, and you don’t mind it. Sure, your heart is racing like it’s trying to win first place and your palms are beginning to sweat, but it’s fine. He knows that by now, he should break eye contact, but he doesn’t want to. You’re looking insanely beautiful, and he knew that though he had only been around for a short amount of fifteen years, he’d never seen beauty like yours before. 

He doesn’t think he ever will again. 

Dude, shut up, he tells himself, wanting slap himself across the face; no, wait—say something, say it out loud. Be cool, be witty, be—



You chuckle. “Wow, straightforward. I’m still not letting go of that terrible liar thing, just so you know. Okay, so I finished this last problem. Please tell me it’s right, or my brain will melt. Plus, if it isn’t right, my dad will think the two of us haven’t been doing anything important, which isn’t true and…and I’m going to stop talking right now.”

Peter leans over hesistently and you slouch backwards into the bottom of your couch, breath hitching in your throat. He’s holding your pencil, scanning the problem for any mistakes and he purses his lips. 

“Well, it looks pretty good. But you kind of messed up here,” he points to what he’s talking about on your paper and you watch carefully as he erases some things. “You forgot to cancel and terminate this—easy mistake, I do it a lot—and it messed everything and you got the wrong solution.”

“Well, I’m going to fail and I’m going to have to go to summer school,” You lament and you turn around to make sure your parents are still in the kitchen to say, “I don’t know how I even got into an advanced math class.” 

You wanted to groan. You had numerous AP classes and a high GPA to keep and you could lose them just by your own silly mistakes. You turn your head when Peter places his hand unsurely on your knee, trying to comfort you.

“No, you got this. You completely got this. I, one hundred percent, believe in you. You’re going to get a great grade on your exam and it’s going to be awesome. We’ve got, like, what? One more study session? That’s all you need to pass this,” Peter begins to ramble, but you smile at him and his heart practically gives out. You bite your lip to hold back another huge grin that’s screaming to be shown as you realize something.


This is why MJ paired you guys together.

And you don’t know why, but for some reason your mind can’t think straight and you feel so warm and—and you’re suddenly hyperfixated on the fact that his hand has yet to leave your knee.

extra note: i’m thinking of writing a part three and four of this, but only if it’s requested enough! thank you for reading. 

"This is the weird little instrument that we used to write the song "Props & Mayhem." It all started with this riff on a Kalimba I bought in Switzerland a few years ago. Crazy how it developed into a full song just from this one riff. PS this is my favorite sounding instrument of all time I think, it's so unique I could listen to it all day 🎶🎹🎶"

Hi! Hey! Hello!

My names Liam, I just turned 16 a few days ago, and I am from California! 

My hobbies include binge watching Netflix, FaceTime/Skype, procrastinating really badly on homework, and photography. Tbh I fuck with all kinds of music, except country (sorry lmao), But Lana del Rey, Halsey, Ariana Grande, and Melanie Martinez are my favs, but I love so many bands/artists you could literaly pick a random one and the chance that I like some of their music is very high. My favorite TV shows, music, and youtube videos that I like to watch constantly change so I love hearing about what other people are watching or listening to.

I super sarcastic and ½ of my texts include kim kardashian or New York memes. Where ever I go, drama seems to follow so I have like 3-5 rants a day about how annoyed I am or what made me laugh on that day. I love hearing about what other people went through on that day. I love friendships where we plan trips and our lives out with each other, and it’s going to actually turn into something that’s more than “what’s up?” for a month. I hope that we can can whenever, have a million inside jokes, interact on all social medias, laugh together, cry together, and grow up together. I speak english and I’m learning Spanish (I know conversational basically)

  I love those 2 am texting friendships and honestly as long as you’re not a hateful person, we’ll get along great. I am 1000% fine with any Age/Gender/Sexuality  etc; and i want to meet all types of people.  At first I may be awkward af, but in a week ill probably be telling you all my secrets lmao, and I got some shit to spill😂😩🐸☕️. 

You can talk to me at:

Snapchat: liam_awesome100 (yes I know it sounds like a 7 year old made that username, i made it so long ago and I don’t have the energy to make a new account)

kik: crimsonword (also made when i was young af, you can see that recurring theme of aged usernames here lmao)

tumblr: lana-del-ayte


Instagram: liam.canniffe

PS: Holy shit did you really get to the end of that long ass paragraph?!? Good for you boo!👏🏼👏🏼

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Jumin headcannon if MC stayed at the apartment (let's say the whole penthouse situation never happened) and ends up being almost kidnapped by Unknown and finding out. I really adore your blog and Jumin going into protective mode over the ppl he love \(^_^)/


I love this idea so much! And after you someone else sent me a similar request and omg I like this so much so I’m writing both because I didn’t realise how much I needed this until now. 

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my blog. 

These got really long. I’m not sure how good they are, sorry. I ended up taking a long break and it’s another one that’s kinda more like a fic in headcanon form, sorry.

Hope you like it!

Warning: there are so many spoilers here for like, every route tbh I don’t know where to start. 


  • He knew it was irrational to want MC to want to come stay with him, even if it was for their own good. They’d only met a few days ago and even then it was only online. 
  • Surely, from past experiences, especially experiences that happened less than a week ago, they should know better to trust people they meet online when they’re told to go to a stranger’s house. Even if they had spoken over the phone, they’d never seen him face to face, even in a video chat and in turn, he’d never even seen their face. 
  • Even thinking about it that way, it wasn’t logical to invite someone you met less than a week online to come and stay with you and they never asked if they could come
  • Not to mention the fact that even Seven seemed to be working his ass off to make sure that they were safe in that apartment. He knew about the cameras, the fact that the hacker was always watching to make sure everything was safe for them. Surely everything would be okay with someone constantly keeping an eye on them 
  • Even if MC came to stay with him, they’d be alone all the time. He still had to work and he knew, even with how much he loved her, that Elisabeth 3rd wasn’t the best company when you were completely alone all day…
  • So reluctantly he stayed quiet, put on a brave face and acted as happy as he could ever time he messaged MC in the apartment. Even if his calls became more frequent, more emotional in general he didn’t let any if his fear show. Nobody knew the hacker’s intentions for leading them to the apartment in the first place, but they hadn’t heard from him since and it had already been nearly a week, so it was possible that was it. 
  • Then the emails came, and everyone had had the same assumptions that they were just spam until it was clear that the one one of them to not get the email was Seven. 
  • Things only got worse from then on. 
  • Seven came into the chatroom in the middle of the night in a complete panic, not making any sense, but saying that MC was in danger and that they couldn’t leave the apartment under any circumstances. 
  • And he knew it was all his fault. If he’d tried to talk to them, tried to get her to come and stay with him, than he could have protected them, but he didn’t and they were in danger and  the hacker had resurfaced
  • And Seven was refusing to answer any of his phone calls no matter the fact that Jumin knew that the other constantly had his phone within arm’s reach in case something happened or MC called.
  •  MC was in danger and he had no way to help. He didn’t even know where the apartment was, let alone how to help her get somewhere safe and he didn’t even know what kind of danger they were in
  • V refused to answer any calls 
  • When he got the call he could hardly breath because all he could hear on the other end of the line was MC’s panicked breathing and the fact that they were sobbing so hard that they couldn’t speak 
  • After he finally managed to help them breath they managed to tell him just how afraid they were of everything that was going on and that they didn’t understand
  • The next day when Seven finally told everyone about the bomb was even worse. 
  • He took the day off from work. Instead he went to visit Seven’s house, barely containing his anger as he demanded to know where MC was, but Seven refused to say another word. 
  • Countless calls to V all in a row, scattered throughout the day, whenever he could, but there was still no response. He couldn’t help but think that V was avoiding him on purpose. 
  • It was nearly three in the morning, Jumin couldn’t sleep from the fear that something would happen to them, when he got the call from Seven. 
  • It was a quick call and he could hear the exhaustion in both of their voices as the spoke, as Seven gave him the address, begging him not to go there in person Or MC would be in even greater danger. Still, that was all he needed to know to get guards to the apartment. 
  • It wasn’t as much as he wanted to do, but it was something. 
  • Ideally he’d be there with them, somewhere safe, but he wasn’t. They weren’t. 
  • He got a call from one of the guards a few hours later, early enough in the morning that he’d started to think that nothing would happen, that there’d been someone in the apartment, that they’d tried to hurt MC and that they were okay, but they were in a complete panic 
  • He didn’t hesitate to hurry to the apartment and get them out of there. 
  • He brought them to the penthouse with them. it didn’t matter that they’d met a week ago. it didn’t matter that they’d only spoken online and through their phones. He cared about them and almost losing them like this terrified him more than he thought was possible. 

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Hi sorry I'm a bit lost here Is it true that the new concept is based on true stories submitted by the fans? I've been hearing it for a while now but some fans don't seem to talk about it that much so I was wondering if the info is real?

i don’t think so. the talk starts from the event post at the testesso naver blog right? the event post was uploaded on july 20th, while the blog was only discovered by fans less then 2 days ago. that event was that people can email a story that contains their feelings which they couldn’t express because they had no courage, along with their names and phone numbers until 10pm aug 15th, then the flower shop will select 7 people and deliver their stories in their place. a concept can’t be prepared in such a short time, from july 20th to aug 15th. therefore, it’s unlikely that the concept is based on true stories submitted by fans.

however, i believe that this concept is inspired by stories fans as well as other people share with them (not submit ❌) through letters, sns posts and real life talks. bts has talked about how they want to tell the stories of others and not just their own from a long time ago. the concept is not limited within certain stories submitted by certain people. i think it will turn out to be a little abstract? but still detailed, so that even though we have different lives and stories (unintended reflection reference lol) each of us can find a piece of ourselves in the stories they tell.

A/N: I said I would post a few days ago but I’ve been pretty busy since then so oops. Anyway I hope you like this one! I’m not too satisfied with it tbh but oh well. I’ve gotten two asks for this scenario so might as well do it first hehe. There will be a Part 2 and 3 to this also, and maybe a Part 4 or an alternate ending :) Hope you guys enjoy!

“Jongin, what is this?”

He looks up from his phone lazily, making eye contact with you. His eyes briefly gaze over your outstretched hand, where the disgusting article is open on your phone. He doesn’t bother trying to read it, even if you’re shaking and your eyes are wide - he doesn’t seem to notice. Or maybe he doesn’t care.

“What is what?” he asks, clearly unaffected by the way you seem so distraught. He goes back to looking at his phone, fingers rapidly tapping the screen. He cracks a small smile, one that hasn’t been directed to you in a long, long time. You’ve always wondered why - was it you? Were you doing something wrong?

But no, you weren’t. You aren’t doing anything wrong – it’s all Jongin’s fault.

“Texting your girlfriend, huh?” you ask hatefully, glancing at the headline of the article you had just found.

f(x) Krystal and EXO’s Kai revealed to be dating!

That gets his attention. He looks up at you properly this time.

“What are you talking about?” he asks, walking over to you. You hate how this is the only time he goes up to you now, when he had all the time to do so since he’s been at your apartment for an hour now. All he’s been doing is ignoring you, despite your many attempts at striking a conversation with him.

“I’m talking about this!” you yell, shoving your phone in his face. “You better have a good explanation about why you were out with her when you were supposed to come over.”

He takes your phone from you hastily, scrolling through the article. You wait for him to finish reading, your arms crossed. You’re absolutely seething, but you don’t want to yell at Jongin just yet - you still trust him. Even if he’s given you every reason to think that he’s been cheating on you - the missed calls, the unreplied texts, the fact that you barely ever get the chance to see him anymore - you still trust him. He made a promise to you.

Besides, the article could be false. The whole thing could be a publicity stunt, or a way to attract attention.

When he’s finished reading the article, his face pales. “This isn’t going to sit well with SM…” he mumbles to himself.

“Seriously? That’s all you have to say?! Jongin, is it true? What the hell do you think - ”

His phone rings then, interrupting your yelling. Both of you look at the caller – it’s his manager.

He’s about to pick it up, but you stop him. He has to explain everything to you first – it’s your right as his girlfriend.

“Answer me before you take that!” you shout. “At least tell me if you’ve been cheating on me with your supposed best friend!”

He stares at you for a while, the ringing of his phone being the only thing that breaks the silence between you.

And then he answers it.

You suck in a breath - you can’t believe him. Shouldn’t you be the first person he explains everything to?

“Hello? Ah, yes manager-hyung…yes, I saw it…alright, I’ll be there in a while.”

There’s no yelling on the other side of the phone from what you can hear, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods. At least not with you.

He hangs up, looking at you for a brief second.

“I have to go, Y/N,” he says quietly. Just your name. Not ‘jagiya’ or ‘yeobo’. “I have to explain things to them.”

“Shouldn’t you explain things to me, first?” you all but yell. “Are you seriously cheating on me with Soojung, of all people? You said I never had to worry about her because all you would ever be was friends!”

He’s quiet again.

“Damn it, Jongin, answer me! You can’t just keep shutting up every time I fucking ask you to explai - ”

“Yes, okay?!” he yells back, his voice raising for the first time. “I’ve been cheating on you with Soojung, so just shut up already with your yapping!”

Immediately, tears spring to your eyes. You can’t believe he’s just said that to you - who says something like that to the person they’re supposed to be in love with?

“Oh, don’t start fucking crying on me, Y/N, you already knew.” he says, as if he’s fed up. As if he’s tired of you.

“Just because I knew doesn’t mean I had to believe it!“ you yell. You can’t believe this - you can’t believe him. “I trusted you, Jongin!”

“Yeah?” he sneers. “Well, you can stop. I have to deal with SM, I don’t need you on my case too.”

You’re hurt. You’re so hurt and you honestly can’t believe that the man in front of you is Kim Jongin, the love of your life. The one who had promised that one day, he would marry you because he would always love you and only you. After all these years you’ve stuck by his side, all he can give back are hurtful words and betrayals.

“Jongin,” you say, trying your best to be angry and demanding, and not as hurt as the way you’re feeling right now. “I spent years with you, supporting you and loving you. And all you’ve done for me is date another girl that you always said was only your best friend! I can’t believe you!”

He rolls his eyes. “Just stop trying to make me guilty already, Y/N. It’s not working. I don’t love you anymore - in fact, I don’t think I even like you as a person. All you do is yell at me when I do something you don’t like. I’ve had enough of that - enough of you.”

You’re speechless. Is this really Kim Jongin?

“Jongin…” you mumble. Is this how he’s thought of you all this time? Has he always thought of you as a mere nuisance? All those days you spent supporting him in his trainee days, those days you spent cheering for him in his concerts, those days you showed him nothing but love and support and concern - did he never care? Did he never love you the way he said he did?

“Don’t call me anymore, Y/N,” he says, picking up his phone, his wallet, his keys. “We’re done.”

And you can’t move. You can’t scream at him like you want to. You can’t tell him that he’s wasted your time, that he’s betrayed you, that he made you a promise. You can’t do anything because you’re so hurt, so heartbroken and it’s all because of the man that said he would never hurt you.

It’s only when he shuts the door behind him that you collapse. You cry and cry and cry because not only has Kim Jongin cheated on you, he’s also completely destroyed your heart.

-Admin Nyx

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Hi, do you have any idea about who cole has hooking up in last year? I heard about two girls (one i know that's almost confirmed) but i'm not sure about the other so i'm just asking you know something

I suppose you’re talking about Daniella Filer? (pictures taken from Instagram)

I know Cole has photographed her and that’s everything I know about her and I honestly think they’re just friends. I don’t see them holding hands on this picture and he’s rumored to have hooked up with literally every female friend he has, which is obviously ridiculous and in reality we know nothing about his rumored “hook-ups”.

This is nothing against you and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t curious, but I think we all need to chill. Lately, many people (including me sometimes tbh), have been too obsessive of Cole’s personal live. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Sprousehart shipper and 100% convinced they’re dating and I think there’s nothing wrong with freaking out about the cute pictures from Canada Day or the fact that they went on a date in the nature, right after cole arrived in Vancouver etc., BUT sometimes people take it too far. For example, a few days ago they were shooting outside of a school and Betty and Jughead were kissing and some people immediately made it about Sprousehart even though it was just them shooting a scene which has nothing to do with their personal relationship?!

And I get the impression that I’m not the only person in the Sprousehart fandom that feels like this, just earlier this day I saw this post from @colesprous on my dash:

“wow we all really need to chill in the SH fam, that includes myself. we can’t keep assuming shit and making them uneasy. because say they Are together our constant meddling could drive them apart and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

This also goes for people talking about Cole’s rumored hook-ups, I’ve literally seen people comment on these girls Instagram pages asking about them and Cole, which is invasive and awkward at the same time…

Sorry for digressing and for making this so long :D So yeah I really can’t answer your question and right now I’m just trying to find the right balance between talking about Cole which sometimes includes stuff from his personal life, while still being respectful…

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"Anthony stark is bored. On some level. He supposes the boredom is a good thing. Considering his present environment, the opposite of boredom could very well be life threatening. Perhaps he should be grateful. Perhaps… Nope. Nope, still bored. Impossible to be grateful for being bored. There are too many interesting things going on in the world to tolerate boredom for even a moment.” First 2 paragraphs and I’m in love.

ARE U THE ANON FROM A FEW DAYS AGO??? OMG HI! I’m seriously jealous I want to read that novelisation smh UR LUCKY! Also tbh just reading that paragraph is making me smile because that sounds like such a tony thing ohmygod im crying HAVE THE BEST TIME WITH THEM MY DUDE

I need money please send help

hi everyone. I hate to have to make this post but I have some unexpected car repairs to make but I don’t have the money to make them. 

unfortunately I don’t have the option of using paypal, as I’m blacklisted from using it from some bad ebay transactions a decade ago.

to remedy this, I’ve set up a venmo. my email is if that doesn’t show up, the username is xanaxgirl.

if you’re not comfortable sending money via venmo (I don’t blame you tbh I’d never heard of it until a few days ago) my significant other has a paypal at

I need about $150 in total to buy what I need. anything is greatly appreciated. I am in desperate need of this car as I have no other way of getting to work right now.

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Hi! Thanks for all the work you do maintaining this blog. Can I ask about life under and shortly after Don't Ask Don't Tell? Also, I had a look through your discharge posts, but I wasn't entirely sure - how would a soldier be discharged if they were outed under DADT?

Thank you very much!

I enlisted shortly before DADT was officially repealed, (which was September 2011, though they were working on repealing it in 2010) so I only had to deal with it officially for about a year, although it would be three years before I actually came out to anyone nonetheless. 

It’s hard to explain being enlisted under DADT. I wasn’t entirely sure what would invoke DADT’s wrath, whether they had to have proof or whether just not acting hetero enough was sufficient grounds for an investigation.

I was only 19 and my sexuality was sorta w/e and I didn’t even call myself bisexual at the time because I was going through my “I don’t like labels” phase, but I got really paranoid really fast. I’m still super paranoid about looking or sounding stereotypically “queer.” I used to write fanfiction and I worried that somehow the government was powerful enough to track me down through my deleted work. I even restricted my porn to het only because I didn’t want people finding gay porn on my laptop.

Sometimes while I was bored in the field or at work, I’d write slash fic in a notebook and then either burn it or flush it down a toilet so no one would find it. I remember losing such a notebook once and freaking the fuck out thinking that someone would eventually find it and read it and KNOW, but then again my handwriting is terrible and the worst that came of it was some asshole drew dicks on the sketches I’d made (why ARE straight dudes obsessed with dicks???). I guess I’m sorta lucky I’m bi, if you wanna call it lucky, ‘cause at least I wasn’t completely faking my sexuality; I was just omitting part of it.

I actually knew a guy who was ballsy enough to be “openly” gay (or as openly as was possible at the time) and he even had “the voice.” I worry he thought I was a homophobe because being around him made me uncomfortable; I was convinced “they” were gonna come for him one day and I didn’t want to get roped into it. He was a nice guy though, don’t think he ever got kicked out (somehow). 

In basic training if we hadn’t fucked up during the week, on Sundays they let us have our phones for an hour to call our parents and tell them we aren’t dead. Shortly before leaving for basic training I actually had met a guy (on World of Warcraft, no less) and we’d been flirting, and he was still texting me while I was in basic which gave me like a million anxieties, because my phone was in my drill sergeants’ possession and like all they would have to do is just start going through it, and it was an old phone so it didn’t even have a password lock or anything. Nothing ever came from it, of course. Never texted him again actually; kinda feel bad about it.

The thing is that like, for me in 2011, there wasn’t a witch hunt or anything. DADT was on its way out at that point. It’s not like people were breathing down my neck trying to trip me up. I’m lucky I joined so late in the game because it was a lot worse back in the day. But still, it just felt more suffocating than in the real world, especially because when I first enlisted I intended to serve my full 20 years and it terrified me thinking that my entire life career could be ruined because someone found a Digimon fanfic I wrote when I was eleven. 

For me, most of my stress about DADT came from not knowing what was wrong, and the rest of my stress came from the constant paranoia and worrying about which aspect of my personality was grounds for dismissal. tbh this probably helped set the groundwork for me becoming the agoraphobic neurotic depressed anxiety-ridden loser I am today.

You might consider reading this post from a few days ago regarding how people might try to kick one out for DADT. If you have a more specific question, you can always ask again! Hopefully this post answers your question and isn’t just me rambling.

Edit: life after DADT for me was the same as before: say nothing, hope nobody notices you. At that point it was just easier to keep my head down, partially because there was a major election coming up in 2012 and for all I knew they were going to repeal the repeal.


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I dunno if you saw this, but there's a kid who got beat up at school for wearing a MAGA hat. The post's been going around Tumblr and one popular response to it is "Well black kids get killed everyday" as an excuse to not care. Lemme just say I'm glad I made myself known to not talk about politics cuz I'd clear up a misconception about Trump and the next thing I'd know I'd be on the ground with people sayin' "Well she had it comin'/worst things happen everyday" lol

I saw that post a few days ago; and I’m not even surprised that these people would celebrate a kid getting beat because he wore a Trump hat. Aside from the ‘well minority kids have it worse than him’ comments there were other people who were saying stuff like 'this is what he gets’.

you gotta be a special kind of loser if you’re an adult and applaud this kind of stuff tbh


The Queen of PopCountry is apparently ditching country altogether!? If Taylor Swift can do it, why not an icon like Shania, but I was *not* expecting this at all and I am fully invested in this comeback now.

I’m throwing together a playlist for later today and I just found the latest song from her upcoming album. Y'ALL!!!! I’ve always been on Shania’s team. I was never a SUPER-fan, but she just has so many high-quality singles and I enjoyed all of her albums so I was reasonably excited about a comeback.

I’m *obsessed* with this production and I did not see this musical direction coming from Shania at all. What is this sample! I know one of y'all knows, and I’m sure I can find it on the internet eventually, but the song was just released a few days ago so all the details haven’t made the rounds yet. TBH, it kind of sounds like what The Chainsmokers try to do and miss. Shania basically said “That Don’t Impress Me Much” to their whole style and elevated it.

Anyway, this is absolutely my mid-tempo pop jam of the moment and I’m so excited for her! I hope the rest of the album is just as good.

When ur sitting in dad’s office and u don’t want to make eye contact with the not-yet-bae. ANYWAY I was reading a fic a few days ago (Primary and Secondary, I believe, by Kasuchi on ao3) and there was a scene from Holt’s perspective, watching Jake and Amy as he debriefed them on an assignment, and the prose was so beautiful and painted such a vivid, real, contrasting picture of their respective sitting positions that I just HAD to draw it.

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What about BTS reacting to you giving them the silent treatment?? :0 Like you two are always talking and stuff but then you argued and bam! Not even a goodmorning? Ahshhsydhd

Hey sweetheart~ Sorry it took me some time to make this amazing request lol, I had so many ships/scenarios to start writing up!! I liked this cute idea and had a lot of fun making it ~ Hope you like it~


Namjoon : 

He would be the kind to give space so that you both chill out like mature adults. He knows that you both like each other  too much and that this fight won’t be what break what you built together for so long.He trusts you and your relationship so much.He probably would show up two days later in front of your door with a bouquett of red roses and apologize for whatever happened in a very romantic way . “ Y/N…you know I love you?”, he’d smile cutely at you and you won’t help but melt * damn…We all need a man like him*

Jin :

Kim Seokjin feels like the guy who will bare with the silent treatement for a few days and then have his true nature get over him. He cannot bare the fact that you ignore and avoid him. He wants to get this over with quickly cause’ he misses you and your touches to death. He’d probably lose his mind after crossing paths with you somewhere around campus. He’d push you against that locker and stare at you. “ Was that fight really worth breaking us apart, Y/N? Don’t act like you feel ok about this, cause’ I’m NOT”You’ll talk it out with a kiss that’ll get you weak to your knees * blushes DAMN JIN,BACK AT IT WITH THE WILDNESS*

Jimin : 

Chimchim seems like the type that will try everything to make it better between both of you, but he’ll eventually get annoyed after a while since you won’t talk to him.This boy is short tempered when he gets pissed and he won’t cope up with your behavior for long.He’d probably call you and vent out his anger on the phone . “What am I?!! A wall?! I’m supposed to be your boyfriend!!!You better reply something! The last time I saw you, you had a freaking tongue in your mouth!!! Apart from being used to French kiss with me, it’s also used for you to articulate something and talk so that I won’t go insane!”

Taehyung :

Tae is the kind of boy that would try to make you spit something out of your mouth no matter what.He’d try all possible ways to be able to hear your cute voice again.Even if he’s unable to make you talk , he’s able to bring a smile to your lips and that is enough for him.”Whoah Y/N, your smile is already enough… I mean I don’t deserve to hear your voice”, he’d pout cutely  while pulling on your sleeve. Tae would take it slowly and try to reach your heart again slowly, till you give out, cause he’s too adorbs for you to bare with. Cute smiles and subtle skinship from him that will make you melt and accept his apology.

Jungkook :

He probably won’t be able to get you out of his head till your fight is resolved.He can’t do his stuff without thinking about what happened between the both of you.You’re silent just with him and that’s what’s slowly starting to grow a jealousy monster in him. You talk to all the guys but give him the cold shoulder and it’s driving him insane “Oh…so you talk with Jimin and you ignore me?That’s how you roll,huh… “, he’d say in disbelief “ Do you even love me?SAY SOMETHING”, he’d comment with that hurt look in his eyes. He just wants to have you in his arms and he misses how you used to play with his hair while you both cuddled 

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Hoseok :

The tension would always get extra heavy when both of you cross each other’s paths, cause’ hobie ain’t feeling your silent treatement at all.To tell the truth he’s never been so annoyed in his life.This boy has moodswings and the fact that you’re ignoring him just makes his entire day gloomy and he hates how you’re acting like a brat. “Y/N, we’re not kids!! Stop doing this! I’m tired of it! Why can’t we have a decent conversation?!”, he’d corner you and you’d feel your heart racing. Hobie doesn’t play around when you both fight and he wants to get this shit over with, cause’ he misses how you used to have so much fun together.

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Yoongi :

This kid is chill af with the silent treatement, cause all he needs is that you stay quiet.He remembers how you yelled at him a few days ago and his ears are still hurting from all the screaming. Tbh, this boy got no energy to fight and he’ll just wait for you to be done with whatever you’re planning.You’ll probably get annoyed at his lack of reaction and ask him if he even loves you. “Baby, I love you when you’re quietly sleeping in my arms”. I can sense you sending him the ultimate death glare for being passive af towards you, while he just makes it it up to you by writing a song dedicated to you.

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