this is fricking amazing

night in the woods is over… what do i do with my life now??? ;A;

heh im gonna rewatch the series ;P

@therealjacksepticeye MAN i loved that game, the soundtrack the characters, so fricking simple and amazing

i didnt know how else to express my feelings about the series as a whole on paper so i decided to make my own human version of Mae X3 hope you like it !!!!

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I said no way the US can beat Domican Republic and they did I said no way the US could beat Japan and then they fucking did. You would think I would have learned by this point but no I said" no way the us can beat PR “ well I’m glad that I’m horrible at predicting baseball games because this team beat 3 of the best fricking ball clubs in the world in a row and they’ve won their first WBC. What an amazing fricking WBC can’t wait till 2021.




FC Bayern living the friends life, 

y'all are complaining about tfp here let me give you a list of the things in that episode that were amazing

-Moriarty wearing those sunglasses
-and dancing
-guys we got new moriarty content
-Mycroft character development
-the beautiful skill of Eurus
-the acting talent behind her omfg
-“do you have cannibals here”
-Sherlock considers John family
-that weird thing with the glass that was cool
-Eurus/moriarty glass sex thing what even was that
-“I love you”
-guyyssssss moriarty came back
-Eurus has really pretty teeth
-the fact that Sherlock and Eurus were so similar it was gorgeous
-the acting it was oh my god I can’t
-the scene with John about to kill the dude
-this man was a soldier and he couldn’t even kill a desperate man
-anyways it was aesthetically pleasing
-I’m sorry but moriarty is a FRICKING AMAZING DUDE
-“I want to see you interact with people who are close to you”
-John the gun geek
-Mrs. Hudson being sassy to Mycroft
-John being sassy to Mycroft
-Sherlock being sassy to Mycroft
- “soldiers today”
-Sherlock is willing to die to save his friends
-tumblr was actually right with the Redbeard-is-a-person theory omg
-like when had tumblr been right before
-the ending it was emotionally painful
but super heartwarming
-frickin violin music was beautiful
-Sherlock re-shot the wall
-John and Sherlock being Rosie’s gay dads

feel free to add on I thought it was great

I admire all of these people who take the time to analyze and sift through every moment of a Supernatural episode, take the time to write out their thoughts, and then post it. 

Because, I can’t get past “Oh my God, Dean looks fricking amazing, even covered in blood” or “Holy shit, they put Dean in the good jeans this week” or “He licked his lips, I can’t wait to find that gif.”


May contain spoilers for Sherlock.

I feel like half the Sherlock fandom went into this season convinced the johnlock was going to become canon and it didn’t. Now everybody is going around screaming about queerbaiting and how the episodes were terrible and not what they wanted.

Well I’m glad it wasn’t what you wanted because I think this has been a fricking amazing season. Every time I thought I knew what was happening there was a little twist (or a big twist) and it went somewhere I didn’t expect.

And to the sherlolly people. Did you actually watch the 3rd episode at all. He tried to save her life. Because she is his FRIEND. He saved John’s life heaps because he is his FRIEND. Doesn’t mean they are going to be together forever. It means he has feeling and isn’t the sociopath he claims to be. He just cares about his FRIENDS. If some crazy person told me I had get my friend to say something to save their life I would do whatever I had too. Like he did.

This is my favourite season and I feel like all the setlock pictures I saw that hinted at things really helped to throw me off what was going to happen. The people involved in making this season did a great job. Stop being babies that it wasn’t what you wanted and enjoy something that you have waited YEARS to see.

noahshain  asked:

What are your thoughts on twin suns?


it was great!! I’m not going to spoil anything though…

So all I’ll say is that it was amazing! The story and the FREAKINGMUSIC.