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Arachnophobia Headcanons

-An Alpha trying to get their Omega to go to bed with them and being very thrown off when the Omega stubbornly refuses to go. Thinking maybe they’ve done something to upset their mate, the Alpha asks why they refuse, the Omega than mumbles something about how they saw a spider earlier and they are now afraid to go in the bedroom. The Alpha is torn between laughter and fondness as they observe the Omega’s anxious expression…they sleep on the couch together that night, just to make the Omega feel better

-An Alpha returning home from work and realizing that the house reeks of fear and distress so they rush off just to find their Omega crouched on the kitchen counter clutching a frying pan and staring intently at the floor. The Alpha is immediately like, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” and the startled Omega instantly becomes very red faced as they slowly lower the frying pan and sheepishly explain, “I was making lunch and I thought I saw a spider so…” a pause and then, “Lunch…? Its after eight at night.” another pause, “…I really don’t like spiders…” after thoroughly searching the kitchen the Alpha confirms that there are no spiders anywhere and the Omega just feels like an idiot

-An Alpha freaking out over a tiny spider and begging their Omega to kill it for them and the Omega is just, “Why are you scared? Its way smaller than you are.” and the Alpha is like, “Yes most things are. Now, less talk more squish please.” and the Omega just gives a fond eye roll before quickly squishing the unwanted house guest

-A pregnant Omega making their Alpha knock down a spider web for them because they are terrified of spiders…but after it’s down they promptly dissolve into tears because they just destroyed some innocent creatures home and how can they possibly raise a child when they are such cold and cruel people…and the Alpha is left standing next to the fallen web like, “…what just happened here?”

-An Alpha low-key panicking because they saw a spider go behind the couch so they turn to their mate like, “You’re small, crawl back there and kill it pleeeaase!” and the Omega is just, “You think it’s gonna hurt you but you don’t mind sending me near it?” a slight pause, “….yes?” the Omega just stares at the Alpha for a minute before reaching down to remove their shoe, “Alright sure, stay here.”

-An Omega meeting with a potential Alpha and being asked if they thought there was anything the Alpha should know about their expectations right off the bat and the Omega’s expression instantly becomes very serious so the Alpha assumes they are about to hear something really important…only to be thrown off when the words, “You kill the spiders.” are the only thing the Omega says before immediately switching back to their relaxed cheerful state once again and the Alpha is like, “Okayyy then…”

-An Omega spotting a spider in their nest so they have their Alpha take it all apart so it can be put back together somewhere else in the house. The Omega being low-key distressed about having to move it from the very specific and comfortable spot they had originally chosen, but they don’t want to risk more spiders invading their source of comfort…and possibly crawling on them while they sleep…

-An Alpha hiding plastic spiders around the house as a joke, not realizing how badly it would scare their mate, and instantly regretting it when the Omega panics and then gives them the silent treatment for two weeks after realizing the spiders were fake

-An Omega being afraid of a little baby spider and their Alpha laughing their head off about it until the Omega is just pouting like, “You’re the Alpha, stop laughing and act all concerned and protective dammit! Stick to the fucking stereotypes for once!”

-An Alpha choosing to watch Spiderman on one of their first movie dates with an Omega, not knowing the Omega is beyond terrified of spiders and being very confused when the Omega ends up practically in their lap, clutching the Alpha’s shirt in their hands and ducking their head against the Alpha’s chest when they get scared. The Alpha embracing the situation and just thinking, “Oh I guess I don’t need to try the horror movie thing after all, Spiderman is just as effective apparently.”

The whole Valentine!Magnus looks tricky. Let’s see what happens, what the writers have for resolving the freaky friday plot.

And that casual-hello-chaste kiss was lovely. Of course I wanted it to be a little bit longer but beggars can’t be choosers.

Forever hoping that this part of the season has more Malec without cuts. Crossing fingers

everytime I listen Taeyong’s line “chew up” from Mad City, I only hear the swear word “shibal” which means “f***k” in korean…I think he used it on purpose! 

Show those haters how you don’t give a fu about them!

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The hosts watching horror movies with their s/o

Since you asked this on to my ohshc-obsessive blog, i’ll post here, but i’ll answer the other anons who sent me scenarios on this page on my scenario page. (It’s called ohshc-scenarios)

Mwahaha >:) Thanks for the request anon! I love these kinds of questions as much as I love horror movies. (That’s a lot! lol) Hope you enjoy!

Also, hope you don’t mind, but this post is super long!!


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These are the only two times Fitz wears red. When he falls in love with Jemma and when he asks her on a date. 

Have y’all noticed that he wore lots of colors before FZZT? Then after, he only wears blue. Incidentally, the same color Jemma was wearing when she jumped from the Bus. Okay, occasionally he wears black or gray (usually when he’s going to fight with Jemma or something else awful is going to happen) but is this supposed to be him (in canon) subconsciously only wearing “her” color. Or is this just supposed to be some grand coincidence? Or are we just supposed to know that the costume designer became smitten with his eyes? I have so much more I could say on this subject but I feel it’s a tad unhealthy.

Just curious what y’all think though. 

The Belle Wants To Murder You Masterpost

Some time ago I was looking at Disney merch and I made an alarming realization.

When it comes to bad sculpts of figurines and toys, you’re going to get a wide variety of starting expressions and dispositions with widely-known and popular characters. However, when it comes to poorly-made Belle merchandise, you’re only going to get entry upon entry that all figure into one sinister theme:

Belle wants to kill you.

Right now you’re thinking, “how bad can it be? If you throw half of the face in shadow, of course it’s going to look freaky.”

But I’m telling you here and now, there are no exceptions…


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Jealous //h.s. AU// no smut

I didn’t live in a commune and that was a fact, though I knew it was unusual to live like we did. It was just that Harry’s mother and my mother had been best friends since they were little. They had grown up together, just like how Harry and I had grown up right next to each other all the time. We lived on the same property and always had. I thought it was a normal thing to do, but I knew that no one around lived like we did.

I stepped through the doors of our house, which was very big. We weren’t rich or famous, but having four people that could provide for me had it’s perks. I walked down the hall to find my way to the kitchen to get a snack. I took a handful of chips from the Lay’s bag, and popped them into my mouth one by one. I recognized the flavour as the BBQ Lay’s Harry picked up this weekend at a random market. I emptied the bag and threw it out immediately, to rid all my traces.

I hung around the living room on the couch as I waited for Harry to get home. He was the funniest part of this place. I loved to tease him like crazy and play games with him.

Almost ten minutes passed before he finally got here, and I was bored out of my mind. I saw him mindlessly parking his car through the window. He got out of the car, locked it and walked to the door. He didn’t knock, he just walked right through the door and announced his arrival.

“What took you so long?” I yelled back at him and began getting up from the couch to greet him more properly. He kicked off his shoes and threw them to the side of the hallway.

“I was just picking up this from Cole,” he said and his lips displayed a cheery, wide grin as he waved a little plastic bag in front of my face. It contained something white and powder-ish. I wouldn’t know what it was for sure in particular, but my best guess would be cocaine. I knew Harry did drugs every once in a while, and I also knew he had never tried cocaine. He had talked a lot about it lately, because he wanted to try it and he might get a deal out of our friend Cole. I had no idea how cocaine worked, to be honest. And I really didn’t want to find out either. Drugs weren’t my thing, and I didn’t like Harry doing them either. It scared the hell out of me every time, but I’d never admit that.

“Oh, when are you going to do them?” I asked him dumbfounded, curious and a little bit nervous. Harry looked at me with concern in his eyes for a moment, and I wasn’t sure why. Was he concerned? I was concerned.

“I don’t know, on Friday maybe…” He mumbled and shoved the bag down his pocket. He walked past me in the hallway and up the stairs to his room. I followed him the whole way up, expecting him to want to hang out with me. We usually did that. I stood in the doorframe watching him as he settled on his bed pulling out his phone.

“Are you just going to stand there?” He groaned at me expectedly. I rolled my eyes, annoying, little kid. Though he was older than me.

“Duh, yes, all night long.” I told him sarcastically. Of course I wasn’t going to stand there all day and look at him. That would be freaky.

“Go get me something to eat already,” he demanded and looked at me shortly with a spark in his eyes and a cheeky smirk. He expected me to be his servant, of course he did. I rolled my eyes at him.

“What do you want then, you prick?” I answered him annoyed with him, and he knew it. All I did was amuse him, and it was the same every day.

“Chips, please.” He said tilting his head to the right side, and he gave me an innocent smile. He shifted around the bed to find a better position, and he revealed that he was on Snapchat. I didn’t know why that douche of a boy even used Snapchat, I thought he was too cool for that shit. Apparently not. He probably just used it to chat up hot girls and trade nudes. That would be the most obvious excuse.

His answer hit me, and I realized the mistake I had made. I had eaten his last chips. Too bad for him, I couldn’t care less.

“I ate the last chips, twat.” I said to him and I finally got his attention fully. He looked up at me with an annoyed expression on his face. He got of from his bed and leaves his phone on his bedside table.

“Y/N, you’re such a pain in the ass!” He claimed, and walked closer to me. He picked me off of from the floor and threw me over his shoulder. I wasn’t quickly enough to react and do something about it.

“FUCK, HARRY!” I screamed out, and I tried to fight him, but nothing changed. He had a grip on me.

He ran down the hallway, that we had just walked a few minutes ago. I noticed that Anne’s, Harry’s mother, office door was open. She was sitting behind her desk with a computer turned on. I thought she noticed us too like I noticed her, because after we passed her, I could hear her chuckling a bit.

“Harry, baby! Don’t drop her on the stairs, and remember to use protection!” Anne called out from her office to Harry just messing with us by using the most famous line amongst parents. Harry just laughed at her remark, but she had no idea, that I wished for nothing but Harry to be mine.

Harry ran down the stairs, and I had a feeling I knew where this was going. Harry opened the front door and very soon we were in our backyard. I couldn’t fight him though I wanted to. It was frustrating, but I also kind of enjoyed him holding me this tight, even though it was only my legs he was hugging close to his chest. My head and upper body was dangling from his shoulder, and my head was facing his arse. It was very nice.

“Are you readyyyy?” Harry sang and he was standing right in front of our not-so-big pool. I screamed and begged for him to not throw me out, but he had absolutely no mercy. And he did it anyway; he threw me in the clear, blue water. I felt water surrounding me fully, and my actions were in slow motion. I got above water and caught my breath again. I swam around a tad confused for some seconds before I found Harry standing and laughing of his ass. He weren’t aware of me and that I was already ready to get revenge. Luckily he was standing close enough to the edge, so I acted quickly and on my own. I swam to the edge and grabbed his ankles. I got a solid hold of him, and it took seconds for me to pull him right in the pool with me. Now it was my turn to laugh at him, and I did. I laughed like crazy, because that boy, he deserved it.

I waited a few moments for him to finally catch up with me and get to the surface. He was gasping and choking on water, but I knew he was fine, so I just kept on laughing. He was going to be all right.

When he finally was fine again, he swam in my direction to corner me up. I felt small, and he face held an angry expression. Dark Harry, not scary.

“You’re so funny, huh?” Harry said sarcastically. He worked himself up so his nostrils were flaring, and he was breathing hard. He put a hand on each side of me, so I couldn’t move away from him, nice move. Harry got closer and closer. Seconds passed and I felt absolutely paralyzed.

I couldn’t and nor would I want to move. His lips were in front of my lips, and when our lips finally touched it was like a stone was removed from my chest. I felt relieved, and also very happy.

The rest of the day went by awfully slow, and I wasn’t with Harry. Our kiss we shared in the pool got a bit too heated, which meant me pulling his hair out of frustration because I wanted more. And after we got out of the pool Harry immediately went off to God knows were. He had probably run away from me, to avoid the tension.


The bell rang, and all the kids started stuffing their bags with God’s know what kind of stuff. I was already packed up and ready to leave the classroom when the lesson started. Oh how I hated history lectures and every other lecture. Let’s just say that the teacher at my school was absolutely horrible and boring. I had never been at nerdy person, but it might have had something to do with the fact that I had never been smart. I mean I wasn’t stupid, but back in primary I couldn’t figure out proper grammar, and I wasn’t good at algebra. So my place was not in the books.

I swung my backpack over one of my shoulder, and walked out of class feeling good and carefree. Except for one thing. I wasn’t sure if Harry wanted to be with me at lunch today. We always hung out at lunch. Preferably we’d go for a drive around town, Harry’d park the car at different supermarket every time. Then he or I would go inside, and grab a little something we hadn’t paid for. It was not like we couldn’t afford it, but it was the thrill.

Anyway, when Harry left yesterday after our kiss he never retuned. He wasn’t there for dinner, and he wasn’t there to play Fifa or Counter Strike with me. He was a little sucker, a coward. I did want our kiss to mean more than just a heated moment, but I also would have pretending it meant nothing if Harry would just brush it off. Instead he had to run off like a scared little boy.

I walked down the halls of the school. Blue lockers were on each side of me, and the halls were pretty much empty since every single other kid here was stuck ups who took ages to move their fat asses. I found my own locker, which was next to Harry’s, and I felt a little less cautious when I saw Harry with his head hidden long inside his own locker next to mine.

“Whatcha doing?” I practically yelled at him just because I could. He chuckled a bit, and he eventually got his head out of there when he found what he was looking for. He turned around so his front was towards me, and I stuffed my bag into my locker and closed it again.

“Nothing, wanna go for a ride?” Harry asked and looked around acting a little off. I just nodded, and we went. His car was parked were it usually were. I was sat in the passengers seat. Neither Harry nor I bothered to buck our seatbelts. He ignited the car and drove off with no regrets. I opened the glove compartment and searched the little space from cigarettes. I hadn’t had one since yesterday morning. I wasn’t really addicted; it was just a stress reliever to me.

“Can I have one?” I asked Harry when I had finally found the little box full of cigarettes. I took one out and waved it in front of his face. He reacted quickly and pushed my side.

“Yeah, just take one, but don’t bother me. I’m driving, you retard.” Harry groaned annoyed. I just laughed his little attitude off, like it wasn’t even there, and carried on with my cigarette. I found the lighter and lit the cigarette. The smell filled my nostrils, and the smoke filled my lungs. Who cared anyway?

“We are we going, Harry?” I asked him curiously. I honestly didn’t recognize this road at all, and we had driven for a long time by now. Harry turned the car left, and suddenly I recognized the neighbourhood. We were back on our own street. I had no idea what his plan was, but I could only wait and see for myself.

“Are we going home?” I asked Harry once again, but he didn’t seem interested in answering me.

”Yeah, we’re going home.” Harry said and exhaled loudly.

”Why?”  I asked curiously. I didn’t really care if we weren’t at school or not. My attendance at that damn school wasn’t very impressive. I just wanted to know why he didn’t want to be there.

”Because Dave is throwing a party and it’s a four hours drive.” Harry replied sternly. His eyes were locked with the road.

@lumorie submitted: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DERP!!! <3 


Uh…so I decided to try and outline new Foxy’s endoskeleton by playing with the image settings to make some parts more visible at the sacrifice of others and combining the information. 

I’m sure I didn’t get it totally correct but there is definitely some freaky shit going on here. It kinda looks like 2-4 animatronics smushed together. 

My theory? New Foxy was either not yet installed or uninstalled for some reason and was in storage along with some spare parts. Whatever is possessing these things decided it needed one more bot to work with and cobbled this together by possessing Foxy’s body.

That or this endoskeleton was meant to be some kind of monster or dragon or whatever and it’s just wearing some of Foxy’s cosmetics (mask, bowtie)

 “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and to change the world.“


Err, a wallpaper/photo edit I made while procrastinating college shit. I’m not sure what look I was going for, and it looks pretty freaky to me. Hope you guys still enjoy it though!