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everytime I listen Taeyong’s line “chew up” from Mad City, I only hear the swear word “shibal” which means “f***k” in korean…I think he used it on purpose! 

Show those haters how you don’t give a fu about them!

These are the only two times Fitz wears red. When he falls in love with Jemma and when he asks her on a date. 

Have y’all noticed that he wore lots of colors before FZZT? Then after, he only wears blue. Incidentally, the same color Jemma was wearing when she jumped from the Bus. Okay, occasionally he wears black or gray (usually when he’s going to fight with Jemma or something else awful is going to happen) but is this supposed to be him (in canon) subconsciously only wearing “her” color. Or is this just supposed to be some grand coincidence? Or are we just supposed to know that the costume designer became smitten with his eyes? I have so much more I could say on this subject but I feel it’s a tad unhealthy.

Just curious what y’all think though. 

The Belle Wants To Murder You Masterpost

Some time ago I was looking at Disney merch and I made an alarming realization.

When it comes to bad sculpts of figurines and toys, you’re going to get a wide variety of starting expressions and dispositions with widely-known and popular characters. However, when it comes to poorly-made Belle merchandise, you’re only going to get entry upon entry that all figure into one sinister theme:

Belle wants to kill you.

Right now you’re thinking, “how bad can it be? If you throw half of the face in shadow, of course it’s going to look freaky.”

But I’m telling you here and now, there are no exceptions…


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