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My observations of Ne Vs Ni humour

Ne-Si: Inside jokes, stupid freaking puns, quick quips, comedic timing is precious, either exaggerated self depreciation or boasting is also common, ranting, in a sense embodies Ne- wacky and fun

Ni- Se: Parody, jokes that don’t seem like jokes, obviously incorrect statements, jokes at the wrong time because it seemed okay when you were planning it, may rely on the underlying meaning of a joke- this is partly why people don’t typically find Ni users to be funny. 

sterkeyra  asked:

After reading your awesome headcanons especially the sad miscarriage one for Cor I'd love to read some fluff for the poor guy :D Like maybe it works out the next time and he'll become a proud, overprotective daddy yet he still grieves over what he lost. He might tell awesome good night stories about his possible adventures& might have funny struggles with parenting^^ i know it's shallow but the guy needs some happiness haha^^ Plus he's got some time on his hands after he got cut from the plot :x

Hey pal! It’s finally here- the fluff you’ve been waiting for! This scenario stems off the miscarriage aftercare scenario :D My heart is about to burst from the feels I felt while typing this- THIS IS MY FAVOURITE THING EVER <3 We all need happy, Papa Cor here- why isn’t there more of this around in the fandom?!

It takes three years for Cor and his s/o to finally try for another child. When Cor’s s/o runs out of the bathroom waving a positive pregnancy test around in the air, Cor’s face breaks out into the most beautiful grin. He has to head off to the Citadel for work (his Crownsguard duties have no end), but when he arrives back late in the evening, Cor takes his s/o up gently in his arms and showers them with gentle love and adoration the only way he knows how, thankful for her presence in his life *wink wink, nudge nudge*.

Almost nine months later, Cor finds himself staring with amazement at a tiny little girl who has inherited his steel blue eyes and her mother’s gentle temperament. He absolutely refused to let the tiny girl out of his sight, and he very reluctantly hands his daughter over to his s/o for breast feeding- much to the amusement of his s/o. Their daughter is also securely attached to her father- not making too much of a fuss when he wasn’t around, but breaking into giggles and squeals whenever she was picked up and cradled in the marshal’s large, yet gentle and warm hands.

Cor keeps pictures of his little girl in his office, but they are held in small, black understated photo frames. But the fact that he has four pictures of his adorable, smiling daughter (accompanied by her mother in two of the pictures), gives away the fact that he’s proud to be a doting father- despite his stoic façade in the workplace. A fifth photo frame sits in his top desk drawer, containing a sonogram of his first baby. The baby he hadn’t been able to protect… Cor looks at this picture every day without a miss, to motivate him to be a better person… a better father to his beautiful daughter.

The marshal is usually a very strict man, but he can’t raise his voice at his daughter when she’s done something naughty. He absolutely cannot stand the wounded puppy look she directs his way- so full of betrayal and hurt. Once, when he scolded his daughter for running off to play with Iris in the Citadel without telling him, he had to hide himself in his office for ten minutes to prevent others seeing his mist out of guilt. That little girl is precious to him, and while he doesn’t want to see her get spoiled by his love, he feels like he’s failing at being a good parent because he lets his princess off the hook for just about anything.

When Cor’s precious daughter is around four years old, she becomes obsessed with bed time stories. Cor blames Regis, who indulged his little girl in every request- no matter what time or place. Often, Cor would look all over the Citadel for his little girl, only to find her sitting atop Regis’ knee whilst giggling joyously as the King of Lucis told her animated stories about his past adventures outside Insomnia. All of this, mind you, happens on the throne. Yes, Cor’s adorable daughter is loved by all!

So when his precious little princess begs Cor to tell her a story standing in the middle of his and his s/o’s bedroom, dressed in her tonberry onesie, Cor can’t refuse her. Cor’s s/o would smile affectionately at both Cor and her daughter when this happens. Laying back and relaxing against her pillows, Cor’s s/o would let her eyes close and just listen to Cor’s gravelly voice grow sweetly soft as he recites his old adventures to his reverently listening daughter- lulling both of his most loved people in the world to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Not having the heart to jostle the bed with his movements, Cor tucks his daughter in between his s/o and himself. He gently presses a kiss to his daughter’s soft cheek and sighs. He feels a soft hand grasp onto his night shirt, and stares tenderly at his daughter, who turns towards him in her sleep and trustingly snuggles into her hero- her daddy.

Overwhelmed, Cor diverts his gaze from his darling daughter to his s/o, who is also fast asleep. Cor doesn’t believe in a higher divine power, but he sends a silent prayer of thanks above regardless, for the blessing that is his s/o and his daughter.

Cor Leonis is a very happy man.

Worth The Wait.

So, first, before we even got to the high school, we were stuck in morning traffic together. I was on my bus. He was in his truck. When my bus went towards the school, he kept driving in the direction of the kids’ babysitter. (It was adorable; he’s such an amazing father.) 

Anyway, when my bus got to the high school, he wasn’t there yet, so I headed to his room to wait for him. I don’t mind waiting for him; he’s worth the wait. Plus, I’ve waited 8 years, a few extra minutes ain’t gonna hurt anyone. 😉Eventually, he still wasn’t there when I had to leave. 

I would’ve waited longer, but I’d have missed the bus, and I actually had to be at school today; I’m doing book inventory on an $85,000 bookroom. As I walked out of his building, he walked up. He had his head down and he looked really depressed and tired. 

(He never sleeps on the weekends and I worry about him.) He lifted his head and his entire face lit up. 

“(My first name)! Hey! You’re here!” He whisper-yelled, excitedly. 

He immediately walked closer to me, side-stepping another kid. He stood in front of me and gazed down at me. 

“How are you?” He asked, quietly. 

I grinned. “I’m here. With you." 

"I’m so glad you are. God. I’ve missed you." 

I blushed send giggled which had him shifting closer to me and chuckling. I looked up at him. 

"How are you?” I asked. 

“A whole heck of a lot better now that you’re here.” He gave me that adorable smirk. “C'mon. Walk with me inside." 

"I would, but I gotta go. My bus is about to leave.” I said, sadly. 

He pouted. “Dang. I knew I was too late. I’m sorry." 

"Hey. It’s ok. There’s always tomorrow, right?" 

He nodded. "I’ll see you tomorrow?" 

I smiled. "Of course. I’ll be here." 

His grin grew. "Yay. I’ll try to be earlier." 

He held his hand up. I placed my palm against his, and he gently nudged fingers apart. He wedged his fingers in between mine and just held my hand for a moment, looking like the happiest little boy on the planet. Before he let go, he gave my hand a gentle squeeze and untangled his fingers from mine. 

"I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good day.” He said, sweetly. 

I grinned. “You too. I’ll see you in the morning." 

I left and he went into the building.