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Here’s this Fall 2016 semester edition of how to save on textbooks! Here’s a list of promo codes and deals going on. Plus, don’t forget to sell your old textbooks as well.


Better World Books:

  • 10% off 2 or more books. Use code: BOOKS4GOOD (Limited time offer)

Bigger Books:

  • Daily Deals Coupons found here. There’s a new one every day.
  • $5 off $100+. Use code: BIGGER100 (Ends 12/31)

Book Byte:  

  • 7% off when you use code: GOOD7 or 7BBSave  (Limited time offer)

Campus Book Rentals:


Places to Send Your Textbooks for Cash:

Hope this helps all my fellow college students out there :)

I was looking at our pictures together and I couldn’t help but notice how the dark brown haired girl always had such a big smile next to you, so I went blonde hoping that I wouldn’t recognize her face in tears in front of the mirror.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #42

anonymous asked:

Here's a study question for you. I know the social and physical sciences kinda differ when it comes to note taking, but do you have any strategies when it comes to when you gotta take notes out of your text book?

I write in my textbook. I bought the damn thing, I might as well get my money’s worth. I do a lot of stuff. I fill in missing steps to derivations. Add some more context to what the text book is saying. Make tables to represent differences in two concepts they introduce. Outline some definitions I don’t know, or add in extra context.

Here is some examples, from my optics reading I did earlier (not the prettiest, but what can I do?):   

Then after reading, in a notebook I rewrite all the relevant concepts & equations (with their physical meanings again). I like doing this so I can make notes on figures without redrawing them all

You could do the same in your notes too! Following a similar style, I just don’t like to recopy too much stuff

Challenge Your Shelf Day 236: Quotations

One of my favourite quotations is in Chamber of Secrets when Ron says ‘that’s what Hermione does- when in doubt go to the library’ so when I saw a shirt with that printed on it I had to get it! I wear it running all the time now!

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castelia-cones  asked:

hello there! this is a weird question, but you mentioned in one of your (very pretty) FE art post that you picked up some flower arrangement books from amazon, so I was wondering which books were they? :) your art is beautiful btw!

Hiya! These are the two books I got! 

They should be available on amazon which is where I got them from.

They are made for home decorating but I find them really useful for drawing too. There is a ton of good photos and information on the plants that they use.

And Then There Were None sentence starters
  • Have you anything to say in your defense?
  • It's the end, you see--the end of everything.
  • It would take a lot to send me off my head.
  • I feel quite sane at the minute, thank you.
  • Be sure thy sin will find thee out.
  • Why make me say it when it's on the tip of your own tongue?
  • Fits too damned well to be a coincidence.
  • I'll be dangerous when I get a hold of him.
  • Always carry that about with you?
  • Many homicidal lunatics are quiet, unassuming people.
  • It's true, isn't it? We're all waiting for the end.
  • It's only in books people carry revolvers around.
  • Do try and restrain your feelings.
  • I'd stake my reputation on your sanity.
  • You know, that's a clever idea of yours.
  • Sleeping the clock round, shows you've got an easy conscience.
  • That's hardly proof of an unbalanced mentality.
  • The trouble with you is you know too much.
  • I can't feel that you've got enough imagination for this job.
  • I was brought up to keep my head and never to make a fuss.
  • The damned fool, he believed every word I said.
  • My god, she's dead!
  • It's mad! Absolutely mad! We're all mad!
  • Somebody must have taken it!
  • Of of us is a murderer.
  • I'll be damned if I'll give up my revolver!
  • Suspicious devil, aren't you?
  • I'll tell you it's been stolen from me!
  • Remember, if we separate, the murderer gets his chance.
  • A question of time? Time? We can't afford time!
  • You've got your wits about you, even if you've been scared half out of your life.
  • How can you tell such a wicked lie?
  • Don't be a damned fool.
  • It's damned odd.
  • When did I lay claims to being an honest man/woman?
  • One feels safer here, out in the open...
  • Isn't it very risky?
  • One has got to trust someone.
  • We've come to the truth now, and it's the end.
  • The whole thing might be a dream.

All packed up and ready to go on what would no doubt be an eventful trip, Leo had called to have his loyal steed, Krieg, brought over so that he would be hooked up to escort his personal carriage. 

“Alright, so…”

“While we’re technically on a trip to restock on vital medicines from Macarath, I’ve acquired access to my father’s villa so that we might break from this trying war and enjoy ourselves in this town known for it’s various distractions and entertainment… some of which is geared toward more… adult themes… 

The question is, who’s coming along?”

anonymous asked:

I honestly think your writing is v immature and flat but I appreciate what you're doing for diversity and that you can actually get these published, I'd never read one of your books but I appreciate it

…How the hell do I respond to something like this!?

Seriously there are insults and then there are disguised insults and then there are backwards compliments and then there are compliment sandwiches and then there’s…whatever this is.

I mean you may think my writing’s immature but at least I have a general sense of direction.

These are the four books that I’ve read so far in the Outlander series. What i really love to do is tab my books when I’m reading. I usually tab anything from fav scenes, quotes, or characters making me laugh

Do you guys tab your books?

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Promo Code for Hedwig in SF

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She jumped. Scarlet had moved closer and was standing at the foot of the tank, arms akimbo. She, too, had dark spots, and though there were not as many of them as Winter had, they stood out more on her pale skin.
“The doctor asked you a question.”
“Don’t snap at her,” said Jacin.
“Don’t coddle her,” snapped Scarlet.
—  Winter by Marissa Meyer

I’m so excited for the people who get to meet you!! You’re not coming to Florida which is sad but I’m still so excited for Buffering!! And I’m happy for the people who get to hug you!! I had the honor of doing so at vidcon and its definitely worth it!! Maybe I’ll go to Austin! Who knows Hahah! But seriously guys if she’s going to your hometown or some where near it, gooooo!! Trust me she’s just as amazing in personnnn! Love you Hannah!! Congrats on the show, the book, everything!! Love you and as always loved the video babe!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ @mydrunkkitchen // // announcing book tour! ❤️

Just booked tickets to Bermuda. Your homegirl is gonna get fucked up and she is super psyched about it! Thank god I finished my damn lesson plans so I don’t have to give a damn about back to school until it actually starts. Hallelujah!

anonymous asked:

I feel like Sans kid would get a small cut and he'd act like they're gona die if he doesn't heal it imidiatly his so just puts a bandaid and says he's fine

The sun is setting, cooling off the backyard. Sans had stepped inside to get something to drink, leaving you to read and keep an eye on your kid. They were such a rowdy little skeleton but knew how to keep themselves entertained. You could hear as they giggled and ran about the backyard, playing with an imaginary friend. When it got quiet you looked up, concerned.

 “Hun are you okay?” You called out marking your page and closing the book.

 “I’m good!” They rounded the big pine tree and ran up to you. “I just fell. Look at this!” They held up their tiny skeletal hand to show you their scrapped Scaphoid. 

 “Oh geez. Let’s go get that cleaned and patched up.” You gave your child a smile before rubbing their head. You were just about to pick them up when Sans stepped through the back door. The sound of a plastic cup hitting the ground caused you to look back at him. 

 “OH GOD ARE THEY DYING. SHIT WHAT DO WE DO. THEY’RE GONNA BLEED OUT.” Sans had teleported over and crushed the kid against his chest and was sobbing on them. 

“DAD! Put me down! You’re gonna crush my ribs!” Your child huffed. Sans didn’t even hear them over his sobbing. 

 “Hey, hun. Here. They’re gonna be fine.” You some how managed to get the kid out of Sans grip and on to your hip. You took them in by the sink. Sans tearfully following. 

 “This might sting a bit okay? But you’re a big strong skelly, I think you’ll do just fine.” You gave them a bright smile, which they returned before bracing as you washed the tiny cut. 

 Sans was sobbing at your feet. You huffed and patted his head before getting a band aid and putting it over the tiny cut. 

 “All better!” You helped them off the counter. 

 “Dad. Hey. Dad.” Your child was hitting the top of Sans head trying to get him to pay attention to them. Eventually Sans sniffed and looked up. 

 “See, they’re all good now.” You crossed your arms and leaned back on the counter. 

 It’s sometimes hard to believe your big intimidating skeleton could break down so easy, but then again Sans was so afraid your kid would end up with a low HP like him. Even though you reminded him that his low HP was caused from [REDACTED], he wasn’t born with it. 

 After some comforting words, Sans finally got up and hugged you two. He plopped you both down on the couch, and laid back, allowing you to curl up on his chest with your kid.