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EOS leans against John with a sigh. "John, I was reading the mission logs from the Eden mission, and I was curious about the builder robots. If you find synthetic lifeforms again, I should like to meet them; I have not met anyone like myself before."

“If only they had been friendly enough to bring one back to meet you.” John sighs then, slowly, a funny look crosses his face. “It’d be like…”

“Hel-looo Eos,” John seems to think robot spider impression mandates a silly puppet voice. “I’m Mr. Spider robot and I want to be your frrrrr-iend!”

And remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day! This is a process. When you skin your knee, you need to clean out the wound and expose it to the light of day; the same holds true for emotional wounds. Dare to bring the wound out of hiding, give it some light and air, and you’ll be on the road to healing.
—  Dyhan Summers, MA, LMFT 

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Since I have Friday off of school this following week:

Guess who’s binge watching Over The Garden Wall, Steven Universe S1, Mirai Nikki, Higurashi, Soul Eater, Once Upon a Time, Attack on Titan, at least ONE OR TWO of the Harry Potter movies, maybe Legend of Avatar, IDK, and probably gonna read Hammer of Thor +attempt to finish Lost Hero, this coming weekend????


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Hi , I read your answer about Magnus immortality; about making Magnus mortal. But why not the opposite? in The Bane Chronicles, Magnus thinks about a way to make Etta immortal, even if it means asking his father (in Saving Raphael Santiago) : I quote : "He did not make the offer, but he thought about it, that he could have it arranged. There were ways. Ways one might pay a terrible price for. Ways his father knew of, and Magnus hated his father. But is she could stay with him always..."

Hey! It’s possible Alec may change his mind later on about him (Alec) being immortal. Or Magnus changing his mind about him (Magnus) being mortal. Right now both men want to remain the way they are. But who knows later on. Now that they have children (one of them a Shadowhunter aka Mortal and one of them a warlock aka Immortal), I believe the time will come again where they will have to discuss this.



‘I admire your name, Demelza’.
Where did you get it and what does it mean?’
‘I got it where you got yours, I suppose Malcolm - from my mother.
I do not know where she came by it.
An old gipsy who came to the door once told
me that in the true - Cornish tongue it meant
But he was an ignorant old man and I do not suppose he was right.’
‘Thy sweetness ,Very apt’…….

“This first book prize is more than an honor and a check. It’s a ticket to cities I’ve never been to before, a chance to meet and connect with poets and lovers of poetry. It’s a foot in the door, the door itself, and the footing as well.” —Hannah Sanghee Park, winner of the 2014 Walt Whitman Award

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I have been enjoying your Tony's so much. If you ever do a book, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Thank you for drawing and sharing them!

Ahhh thanks so much, that means a lot to me! I was actually thinking about maybe making a zine or something in the future, probably not just of inktobers but just, like. A collection of Tony’s that I can share with you guys.  XD
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maybetwice replied to your link “Conjuring Affection (Coven of the North Star Book 1) - Kindle edition…”

I have an important question, and that is if you get paid for downloads through kindle unlimited folks? Because if not, I will sign out and buy it :3

I do, but less than the full royalties of a copy being purchased.  With KU, authors get paid by the page read for each download.  It’s a complicated formula that I don’t fully understand, involving a pot of money and the total number of pages available within KU divided amongst total pages read per month, but basically: I do get paid either way (assuming you read the whole book through KU, because just downloading doesn’t do anything), but purchasing a copy is the best for *me*.

That being said: if you’re already paying for Kindle Unlimited, I totally get why *free* is significantly more appealing than $2.99 and will bear you no ill-will should you choose that option.


Nico: Reyna, why are the guys texting me pick-up lines? Even, Valdez.
Reyna: Oh gods, I told them not to disturb you! Those hungry wolves—

Older Nico! Puberty was good to him and he doesn’t know the effect he’s causing. The constant whispers of “That’s Nico di Angelo. The Son of Hades. Prince of the Underworld. The friggin bloody Ghost King. Heard he survived Tartarus. All. By. HIMSELF!” when he passes by–completely oblivious to everything. He just came back from his long stay at the Underworld so he visited Camp Jupiter only to be flooded by messages, and he’s so confused. He has no idea how kids flirt these days. Bless his old soul. Based on this.