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Marvel’s Champions

Cyclops by Carlo Barberi
Ms.Marvel by Joe Caramanga
Viv by Will Moss
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) by Fiona Staples
Nova by Nick Lowe
Totally Awesome Hulk by Afua Richardson

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I'm having trouble finding good books to read, can you recommend me good new adult books?

(sure thing!! i am soooo picky when it comes to na books omg but here are the ones i really enjoyed)

these kinda lean more towards adult books but some people consider them to be na

ones on my tbr list (that i heard good things about)


Pressure and Space Humans

So something that I don’t think has come up is that humans and aliens may be comfortable at different pressures as well as temperatures, so while the halls may be to a certain middle ground the sleeping arrangement may have customizable pressures. Which then got me to this idea.

Human Vivian: (walking into Ooklidian’s cabin and quickly backing out) Holy crap!

Alien Ooklidian: Why are you exclaiming? And do not leave the door open Human Vivian.

Vivian: If I close the door I won’t be able to breathe. What pressure do you even keep your room at anyway? (looks at controls) 310 Kilopascals?!? How is that comfortable for you?

Human Kevin:(walking by and butting in like a normal human) 310 Kilopascals? And I thought you were weird for keeping your room at 101 Kilopascals Viv! Mine’s a comfy 99.

Vivian: With all due respect Kevin, shut up. You grew up in the mountains, I grew up by the sea. Anyway, Ooklidian, I need your small size and flexibility to help me with this repair I’m doing.

Ooklidian: O-oh, that will be no problem. Your atmosphere is so light compared to mine. I did not realize that. Are humans again able to withstand a wide range of pressures but like with temperatures they have a side they adapt better to?

Vivian: Not really, the range is smaller and while we tend to prefer the relative pressure to where we grew up, we all adjust relatively well. Kevin just likes to tease me, but we can go into each other’s rooms without issue. Oh yeah, I forgot that your home is a gas giant which is why you fly more than walk and why you’re so small. Now that sort of pressure makes sense.

(Sometimes humans aren’t the odd ones, but are just as surprised as aliens when interacting)

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Kalias and Viviane on 14 for birth ☺️.

@lysandraghostlepoard this was so fun to write and I hope you enjoy it too!

Pregnancy/Birth Headcanon: 

  • The day Viviane found out she was pregnant she screamed down the bond in sheer joy.

  • Kallias winnowed into the infirmary in that instant with eyes roving for danger. His hands were coated in frost as he readied himself for whatever threat was trying to harm his wife.

  • But then he noticed Viviane walking toward him with one of the biggest smiles he had ever seen.

  • She then took his hand. The frost melted under her touch as she placed his palm against her stomach.

  • Kallias was confused at first, but quickly realized what his mate was trying to convey.

  • “Are you sure?”
    “Yes I am positive my love.”
    “This isn’t a dream right? Viviane are you completely and utterly sure-” Kallias fumbles for words. Something that he rarely ever does, but Viviane tugs his head down and firmly kisses him.

  • Suddenly Viviane finds herself lifted into the air and spinning as Kallias twirls them around with his laughter filling the air.

  • The other fae in the infirmary stare in shock and awe as the High Lord of the Winter Court’s composed demeanor fell away in a wake of smiles and kisses. Their High Lord was laughing. And his wife had joined in as well.

  • Kallias is with Viviane as she is giving birth. The whole time Viviane is cursing and ranting through the contraction.

  • Kallias tries to soothe is mate, but Viviane swiftly turns to glare at Kallias with frigid eyes and her teeth gritted in pain.

  • “I swear Kallias I am about to freeze your balls off in this moment if you don’t stop telling me to keep taking deep breaths.”

    “But Viv the mid-wife said-”


  • Kallias has never been more frightened in his entire life, but continues to brush back his wife’s hair and cool her sweating forehead with his ice powers.

  • When their daughter is born Viviane is all smiles while Kallias breaths a sigh of relief. His wife and daughter are safe. And so are his balls considering that Viviane is currently preoccupied with holding their baby

  • The High Lord of the Winter Court is in awe when Viviane hands him their child wrapped in a little bundle of warm fleece.

  • After a little time passes Viviane will carry her daughter out on walks around the court to introduce her to the little messenger foxes and other animals that assist the Winter Court.

  • And Kallias even brings forth an arctic fox plush toy that his daughter takes with her everywhere.

for klance week

My first collab ever! Big thanks to the lovely viane-art, who coloured the lineart for this and made it absolutely gorgeous (look at that lighting!) Please check out her blog, her art is amazing and she’s also keep in klance hell !

process art x

It was supposed to be a regular mission.

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Vision: I’m not a regular dad, I’m a cool dad. Right, Viv?
Viv: Please stop talking.


Inspired by ‘The Flower that Blooms in You’ by Mitsuya Omi
genre : angst 
Summary : Your twin sister’s fiance is blind and in the hospital, she’s gone and there’s only you left. Surely a white lie couldn’t hurt.

You stood outside the door, prompting your self to walk away. This wasn’t right in anyway whatsoever. You should just walk away right now, jump in your car and let your sister deal with it. It was her fiance, therefore not your problem.  

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