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The Notebook Ch.1

Title: The Notebook
Character: Lin X Reader
Prompt: When the reader runs into Lin in the airport, (literally “runs” into him), an accidental notebook swap occurs in the confusion, and they go home with each other’s work.
Word Count: 2,859 (wowie)
W/T: none???
A/N: wow it’s been a while. Two things; 1, this is literally a dream I had. 2, I blame @secretschuylersister for wearing off on me enough to write this.


The blinding lights and bustling streets of New York only seem like background noise to you at this point in your life. You’ve lived here since you graduated college, and it hasn’t been as bad as you’d originally thought. Sure, the towering skyscrapers and ceaseless shouting or honking outside of your apartment was much different than the silent cricket chirps outside of your family’s home back in Missouri, but it was a much needed change.

In fact, living in New York has changed your life completely. You were still the same kiddo from the small country town back home, aspiring to do great things. You still said “y'all”. You still lived off of sweet tea. You still had all of your little traits you’d gained from growing up there. But once you hit New York? “Culture Shock” was really the only way to describe it.

It seemed like you were never alone in the “City that Never Sleeps”. The streets were never empty, the lights glaring from the billboards outside of your window were your new night stars, and you always saw something new everyday. It’s was probably one of the best places for you to be with your dream job; writing. A new thing seen on the side of the street fueled a new song lyric, a new poem, a new story, and new something. You were constantly jotting stuff down in your favorite black notebook, usually adding to your current project; a musical.

“Hey, Y/N, do you want me to go get you something before you leave for the airport?” Your roommate’s voice inquires from the opposite side of the dining room table, her head resting in her hand defeatedly from her work. You don’t even bother to peal your eyes away from your page, frantically scribbling down yet another lyric for one of your main characters. “Nah, I’ll probably just grab something quick on the way to the airport. Thanks though, Ky.” She raises an eyebrow at you, obviously doubting that you will. “Uh huh. Like all of those other times that you’ve said that you’ll get something to eat on the way out, and proceed to not go out, continue to write in that stupid notebook of yours, and stay up until I wake up the next morning?”

“Okay okay, you’ve got me there.” You breathe, allowing for her to pull the black leather bound pages away from you. “But what can I say, Ky? I’m basically a writing machine, I just can’t help it. There’s too many ideas locked up inside of my mind to not write them all down. I wanna share them with the world!”

“You can keep writing about those silly little characters you’ve got after you eat something, Y/N. There’s my leftovers in the fridge I’ll let you have if you eat them right now.” Kylie offers, gesturing to the stainless steel door behind her. “Yeah yeah, okay. No need to blackmail me here.” You retort, rolling your eyes and nudging her aside. Slipping your hand around the cool handle, you yank the door open and pull out the white styrofoam box, ready to devour it in order to keep writing. “You never talk to me about anything besides your stupid musical now, Y/N. I wanna talk about other stuff.” Kylie huffs, flopping into the wooden chair across from yours at the table.

“That came out of nowhere.” You chuckle, settling back into your spot, this time eating instead of writing. “I know, but I feel like you’ve just been kinda distant lately. I don’t think you’ve actually talked to me about your life for at least a month-oh my god you’ve never talked to me about your love life. Tell me. Now.” Kylie gushes, her eyes widening at the thought of not knowing. “I’ve never talked about it because it’s non-existent.” You joke through a mouthful of a quesadilla. “When was your last relationship?” She questions, her eyebrows furrowing slightly with concern. You simply shrug. “Last kiss?” “Never had one.” “Last time you were in love?!” “Does the kid I hated in 1st grade count?”

“Oh my god, why have you never told me that you’re helpless?!” Kylie cries, flailing her hands around frantically. “I didn’t realize that my love life was a big deal to you?” You snort, suddenly reconsidering if you should’ve just lied to her and said you had a boyfriend. Wow, that actually did make you sound really lonely. Nice going. “Um, hello?! Being in love is one of the-no, IS the best feeling in the world?!”

“Love is a choice, not really an emotion, KyKy.” You correct, gently pointing your fork at her in correction. Or at least, that’s what you’ve always known it as. Throughout high school, you saw relationship after relationship go strong for a solid three months, and then crash and burn because the “feeling just wasn’t there” and they’d already moved on to a new lover. You never understood how people could just hook up because of “a feeling”, and then not try to fix it if they thought it was that important. It’s always seemed like it should be an effort from both parties, not just “run with this instinct”. That and everyone in your school were a bunch of idiots.

“Wow. Okay I need to take you out with me sometime, you’re going to get a boyfriend to call your own.” Kylie breathes, making it sound like it’s going to be a hassle. “Hey! I’m perfectly lovable, thank you very much.” You snap, narrowing your eyes at her. “Oh are you now, little Miss No-Love-Life?” She throws back just as quickly. “By the sounds of it, you really aren’t.”

“Well it’s not just that nobody’s ever had a crush on me, I can name off a couple. It’s a matter of them not sharing the same ideals and such as me.” “Oh, please do go on. I’m curious of what these ideals could possibly be.” Kylie teases, leaning into her hands playfully.

“Simple. None of them have ever understood my love for writing, how I need to throw my thoughts onto paper, how I want too make something out of thin air.” There were a couple of people from high school you can remember having a bit of a thing for you, but at the same time you can remember how you cast them away way too quickly when you got to know them. In retrospect, you were probably kinda cruel to them, but you’ve always stood by what you learned from growing up. Your stubbornness wasn’t about to give in on the one thing that you’ve always loved.

“Oh, so you want someone who’s just as insane as you about writing, so that you two can die together because you forgot about your needs for survival? Got it.” Kylie laughs, still in disbelief that guys had crushes on you. “Whatever, Ky. Just give me my notebook back already, I’ve gotta get going.” You fume, shoving the empty takeout box at her from across the table. “Okay, geez. Didn’t know you were such a crabby person when you’re away from your paper.” She sighs, handing back your notebook. “Most people would get upset if you held their child hostage.”

“Wow, you really are obsessed with that thing, aren’t you?”

“Goodbyeeeee Kylie.” You draw out, wrapping your hand around the handle of your luggage, and tossing your backpack over your shoulder as you head for the front door. “Waitwaitwaitwait.” She fumbles, racing towards you. She wraps her thin arms around you, embracing you tightly. “Stay safe, Y/N. And find yourself a boyfriend while you’re at it.” You roll your eyes jokingly and hug back, the resentment from moments ago melting away.

“Okay, now get going you lug. I want the apartment to myself for as long as I can get.” Kylie finishes, gently pushing you out the door and into the complex’s hallway. “Whatever. I’ll see you in two weeks, you snot.” You call back, rolling your bag towards the elevator.

Tucking an earbud into your ear, you bury your phone into your pocket and pull you pencil out from behind your other ear, already jotting some more stuff down about your main characters and their backgrounds. Maybe have them meet at a party? No, that’s too High School Musical-y. Maybe in the park? Meh, cliché. What about if they just run into each other somewhere-literally run into each other? That’s a good one, adds to the comedic effect. Would their best friends push them back together? Is there going to be a huge fight, or will there be a tragedy for one of them that makes the super withdrawn? Why not both? Will one of them die in the end? Will one of them leave and fall for someone else? Will there be a happily ever after-ew no. Happy endings always happen by happenstance, and it’s just not logical. That doesn’t happen in the real world. No happy endings.

Thoughts continue to flood through your mind and onto the paper as you hit the outside of your apartment building and whistle for a taxi, hoping that one stops within the next five minutes. Luckily, the first one manages to see you and pulls over, letting you climb in the back. The driver’s gruff voice calls to you, “Where ya headed?”. “JFK.” You quickly respond, scratching something out on another page just to rewrite the idea. “Ya don’t sound like yer from ‘round here, little lady. You headed back home or sometin’?” He asks curiously, his voice rather warm and inviting, like your favorite uncle or something.

“Is it that easy to tell?” You laugh, forcing yourself away from your journal for a little bit to keep a conversation with him. “Trust me, lil’ lady, I’ve had ma fair share of outta-towners in this her’ girl. Ya sound kinda southern, but not really. Midwest maybe?” He guesses, tilting his dark sunglasses down to look at you from his rearview mirror. “You’re good.” You nod, smiling at his correct answer. “That’s what I thought.” He smirks, pushing his sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose. “Anytin’ in particular yar’ leavin’ for?”

“Nothing more than returning home for a couple of weeks at this point. Maybe busting with some old friends, who knows.” You answer distantly, the thoughts of what could happen at home overcoming you for a moment. There’s so many people you haven’t seen in what feels like forever. And you haven’t seen your dog in ages, either. “Simple 'nuff. Wish I could go back home fer’ a lil’ bit, ya know? Get ta visit with ma Nana again, see how she’s been doin’.”

“How long has it been since you’ve gone home?” You question, taking in his features as you do so. A bit larger, receding hairline pretty evident, dark sideburns, and an impressive beard to match. They all seem to fit his voice perfectly. “Uh, let’s see her’. Probably when I graduated, so… Eleven ye-nah, that’s too short. Probably somewhere closer ta fifteen or so, s'uppose.” He draws out, scratching his curly beard. “Fifteen years?!” You instinctively blurt out, instantly regretting it. “Ya, I’ve been stuck up her’ in da Big Apple fer’ a long while now, ya know? I just haven’t really given myself a chance ta get outta her’. Glad ya can, doh. Helps lift ma spirits a bit, seein’ ya off.”

“Speakin’ a which, her’ ya are, lil’ lady! The famous plane port of da Big Apple!” He presents, parking the cab along the curb next to the front entrance. You blink a bit, taking in the sudden appearance of the airport and its towering parts. “Oh wow. We got here fast. How much do I owe you?” You start pulling your wallet out of your backpack, but a gentle, calloused hand sets itself on your shoulder. Slightly confused, you turn towards the front seat, only to be greeted by the same smiling face as before.

“No charge fer’ ya, lil’ lady. It’s been a bit since I’ve had a good ol’ conversation with someone, ya know? Ever'one her’ is always in a rush and snappy, wantin’ ta get somewhere quick. Thank ya for given ma a good laugh today.”

You don’t know how to respond. Your mouth has opened to try and deter him, but nothing comes out, which only makes his grin wider and more toothy. “Now get a move on, lil’ lady. Don’t want ya ta be a missin’ dat flight of ya’s cuz’ I’m bein’ nice.”

Flabbergasted, you slowly climb out of the backseat and onto the sidewalk, bag and notebook in hand, and watch the dandelion yellow taxi pull away, leaving a thin cloud of exhaust in its wake. You glance down at your watch, the minute hand hovering over the 6 is all the indication you need to start booking it to your gate.

Weaving between as many people as you can while still jotting stuff down about that taxi driver in your notebook, you hurry across the airport, trying to multitask and catch your plane all in due time. It’s not as hard as you thought it would be, considering everyone was clearing a path for you as you plowed towards them.

Well, except one person.

Your notebook goes clambering to the glossy tile floor as you topple to the ground, your backpack slipping off of your shoulder and your luggage rolling out of reach. Your back crashes against the hard ground, and your lungs collapse in on themselves for a moment on impact. Thank god you had the wind knocked out of you for a second, because if you hadn’t, you probably would’ve said something utterly embarrassing about the rather cute guy on top of you, his face inches from yours.

“Oh shi- I’m so sorry! Here lemme-uh-…” He fumbles, trying to push himself off of you as quickly as possible without making it more awkward. He manages it, (somehow), and offers you a hand, which you take, a bit dazed from the impact still. Wow, he’s stronger than he looks. “Uhhh…” He sounds off, awkwardly brushing some invisible dust off of your clothes. “Sorry about that. I get kinda caught up in my head sometimes.”

“No, it’s fine, I do too. I should’ve looked where I was going in the first place.” You apologize, leaning down to pick up your notebook. “Oh, let me get that for you.” He instantly states, snatching it up in his hands. “Huh, this one looks like the one I have.” He chuckles slightly, patting his pocket for a second before going into a panic. “Wait, where is my notebook?” He stammers out, spinning around to look for it.

“Oh, is this it?” You ask, picking up an identical notebook to yours next to your slightly rolled away luggage. His face immediately softens at the sight of it, his eyes almost brightening. “Wow, we really are a mess, huh?” He laughs nervously, swapping notebooks with you.



A single best of silence passes between the two of you, before your watch beeps at you. You glance down to it to see that your flight leaves in five minutes, and panic washes over you. “Sorry Lin, but I don’t wanna miss my plane. Nice talking to you!” You shout over your shoulder as you take off in a dead sprint for your exit, which is now within sight.

Frantically waving down the flight attendant like in the movie Home Alone, she graciously reopens the door to the plane for you, and you quickly take to your seat, pushing your carry on into whatever overhead space you can find.

The seatbelt light flickers on overhead, and you try to settle into place. Luckily, not many people are on the flight to St. Louis, so you have the row to yourself. The flight attendants flow into the isle to do their normal routine of safety, but you tune them out and set your notebook on your lap, digging out a pencil from your backpack, ready to write again. That taxi driver really gave you a new idea for a character that helps advance the plot of your musical.

Flipping open to a random page, you skim over everything, trying to find the right area to start again. Let’s see, Laurens and Hamilton have a thing for each other, Angelica has a thing for Hamilton, Jefferson is a magenta ass-wait. Since when did you have a Laurens? Or a Hamilton? Or an Angelica? Or a Jefferson? When did they all develop a thing for each other? This handwriting doesn’t look like yours, it’s too nice for scribbles.

You thumb through the other pages, becoming more and more frantic as you see the same penmanship sprawling across the other yellowing pages. Where did all of your work go?! When did it get replaced with this- this- what do you even call this?!

Then it hits you. The clumsy yet cute man that tackled you. The awkwardness of the encounter. The panic over notebooks.

Oh no.

Lin has your notebook.

And you have his.


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The Definition of Insanity - Chapter One

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results… 

Fairy Tail are holding another S-Class trials after the problems that occurred last time… but can they expect anything to change this time around? 

Rated M for occasional smut. 

Collaboration with @gajeelswoman (go check out her other stuff if you haven’t already!)

Disclaimer - This has been rated M for occasional smut. It starts off straight away. You have been warned.

Also (I promise the story starts under the read more) this story is based in the same universe as my other fics, Iron and Paper & Soul Squared. Reading them isn’t necessary, but there are a couple of references to it.

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Cheats (Jimin Angst)

Cheating. It’s such a harsh word. I hated using the word, but after him, it was never the same. His eyes when he looked at her when it happened. It was all behind my back, but at the same time so obvious. Love really does blind you in the worst ways.

His name was Jimin. Jimin was a sweet guy, really nice and funny. I just loved him, I was head over heels. We eventually started dating about two years after we met.

At first, he couldn’t let go of me. We were inseparable. We were perfect for each other. Not a single thing in the world could change us.

Then, he got less passionate. Which is normal, except he started transferring it to another girl.

My. Best. Freaking. Friend.

Her name was Victoria. She was a snake. I always knew that. She had these beautiful green eyes and silky long black hair. She was thin and pretty, the thing everyone wanted.

I was also pretty with beautiful eyes and long nice hair. I was also thin, and everyone liked me. But the only difference was I actually had a good personality.

I remember the warning signs. They were so obvious.

Phase one, was how he kept leaving more often saying it was just practice for the next concert. Or how he just started ignoring me. The only time he talked to me it when he was really in the mood for some kisses or affection. I was so dumb for not seeing it.

Phase two, was more secretive. The way he didn’t look at me the same. The way he left during the middle of the night when he thinks I wouldn’t notice. Oh, I noticed. But I blew it off. I never once said anything.

Phase three, the boys started warning me. The way Yoongi looked at me sympathetically and jerked me away from Jimin. Or how Tae kept diverting my attention from him. But still, I was convinced that he wouldn’t do anything like that.

Phase four was when it started getting serious. He stopped talking to me completely, and never once let me talk to the boys. He always hung out with her, my then best friend. The way I saw them stealing glances at each other and even touching each other under the table right in front of me.

After that I broke. I still remember how it happened. The way it crumbled my reality into a harsh hissing wasteland.

I walk into the familiar dorm. Letting myself melt into my surroundings.

“Y/N!!” Tae cheekily smiled, his eyes darting to Jimin’s door and back to me.

“Y/N is here? Really?” Yoongi said nervously, staring at me shakily.

“Yeah, I told Jimin an hour ago. He didn’t tell you?” I ask, my face melting into an expressionless façade. Namjoon’s eyes glazed into a nothing less void it seemed.

“He blocked you a long time ago. He said that you were ignoring him.” Yoongi stated, watching my expression. I started shaking. I was ignoring him. Me? ME? Oh! Oh, that’s how he wants to play. He’ll get what he wanted.

I stormed past them, an undeniable anger pulsing through me. They tried to block me, but I pushed past them.<br>
No remorse even made its way through the fury.

I pushed the door open. Watching them as they kissed each other, their backs heaving from a lack of breath.

“H-hey Y/N” Jimin cockily smiled, sure that I wouldn’t leave him. Her in the other hand, she saw the fury. The way my eyes darted between the two of them.

“You worthless, PEICE OF CRAP! I HATE YOU. YOU LITTLE IDIOT, JERK FACED WOMANIZER!” I leaped onto him, his face contorting into confusion from my words. I could see that they stung.
But it made me happy. Seeing him like this. My mind was purely anger.

“AND YOU!!!!” I say, stabbing my finger into her face. Letting her try to back away, but I pulled her right back. “You little beach, can’t you keep your hands off of one guy for a second!” I hissed, tears stinging my eyes.

“Y/N calm down. It’s not like anything happened, and-” Jimin tried, my eyes snapped to him. A new level of fury taking over my mind as I tried to make sense of what was happening around me.

A shrill shot through the air. My voice shrieked and sobbed and screamed. Tae bursts in, looking at Jimin with disgust. Tae grabbed my flailing arms, tears soaked through my shirt. I looked like a mess.

“Calm.” Tae whispered. I couldn’t though. My heart pounded I wanted to scream even louder but I couldn’t. Jimin looked at me in horror along with Victoria.

I give them a cruel smile, making Jimin back away. His eyes brimming with tears from the spiteful words that flew out of my mouth.

“You like this. Don’t you?” I laugh dryly. He shook his head, sweaty hair shaking from side to side. A look of shame spread across his face. “Yeah. You do. You did this to me. So you meant it. You wanted to do it.” I stated, looking at his face in mock sympathy.

“No. I don’t.” Jimin cried. Looking T the mess he made of me. The tears that never stopped streaming down my face. “I’m sorry. Y/N. I really am.” He begged reaching to touch me.

But before I started to scream again. Yoongi charged into the room, hitting Jimins hand away before he even got close.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” He growled. Making Jimin take a step back. “You did this. You coward. Now you can’t fix it. Get. Over. It.”

Jimin looked around. Seeing nothing but hateful glared burning into his soul. Veronica looked ashamed. Rightfully so. Her usually bright eyes are filled with embarrassment and resentment. Her body shook with self-disappointment.

I stared at him. My heart thumping wildly when I saw him out of pure hatred instead of love.

“Get out.” Namjoon says quietly. Pointing towards the door. Jimin was dumbfounded by the demand, rooted in pace from shock. Veronica on the other hand was scrambling to leave the tension filled room.

“Wait. You guys. It was nothing. You guys are being a little rash-” He begged trying to save himself. Interrupted by Jin’s voice.

“NOTHING! YOU CALL THIS NOTHING!! YOU DIRTY LYING PIG GET OUT OF THIS DORM BEFORE WE CHANGE OUT MINDS AND LET Y/N HERE OUT TO GET YOU! GET. OUT. NOW.” Jin barked. His usually kind and soft voice, now harsh and cold. Jimin looked at us, leaving in his shame. Trying one last time to touch me, but everyone made a shield around me protecting it from his touch.

As he slammed the door. Just when I thought there were no more tears to shed. Waterfalls came practically outing out of my eyes. I fell to the ground. Accidentally landing in a pile of broken glass making me shriek from all kinds of pain flooding my body.

From that day I never looked at him the same. That cheater. The one who cheats.

Dauntless: Jealous Much?

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, Violence, Smut

A/N: I couldn’t help myself, I had to write a chapter about Eric being jealous over Camille. This has nothing to do with the main fic I’ve actually been finished with it for a while, which is why I couldn’t fit this chapter in anywhere without changing like ten different updates to accommodate. So, this has nothing to do with the main storyline, this is just a side chapter to make me (and a anon) get our jealous fix in. I really like writing about this series, so I couldn’t help but add another chapter, I feel like it ended too early for me and my writer flow. Enjoy!

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Snapped. Pt Three, Infinitesimal - smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+
Words: 6072, seriously it is like impossible for me to do anything under 4k.

Notes: Hello, part threee woot. I hope you are liking the collab so far. :)

Parts: CaptivatedFlustered 


  • indefinitely or exceedingly small

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Glass Elevator//Josh Dun

Requested: Hi! I love your imagines! Could you do a Josh one where you two HATE each other with a passion but you’re both best friends with Tyler (you’ve been best friends since you were nine) and Tyler takes the opportunity to set you both up on a blind date with each other after building up how great the other is. Thank you! <3


               “Aren’t you full of yourself Mr. “I’m a drummer so I’m better than everyone.” You snapped at Josh; who was easily the bane of your existence. His stupid attitude, his cocky stance, rude comments. Everything about him made you want to take his stupid snapback off and shove it down his throat. Maybe then he would stop talking.

               A snort and a cocky smirk was all you got in response; his comeback cut off by Tyler walking in, arms crossed as he shook his head at you two. You felt bad for Tyler when it came to tour; having his drummer and photographer fighting tooth and nail must be hard. Especially when he’s best friends with both and refuses to choose a favorite.

               “Can you two please get along? Please!” Tyler groaned, walking over and pushing the two of you apart from each other. Neither of you intended on violence, but you did manage to get chest-to-chest. “I love you both to death and I hate the constant fighting!” Tyler was raising his voice, as he usually did when lecturing you two. Though everyone found his random bouts of screeching quite comical. “I want to have a fun tour where Josh likes Y/N, and Y/N likes Josh. Or at least have you to stand each other. I don’t want to constantly get pulled away from video chats with my family because a crew member is scared that you two will start throwing punches!” The look on the singers face screamed exhaustion, which was to be expected. He was always the one keeping you two apart; or finding ways to keep the two of you from fighting. Not to mention desperately trying to spend an equal time with both of you, in fear that you guys would fight about that too (which yes, it had happened. Not your fault Josh is possessive).

               “I’m sorry, he was being rude and I don’t stand for that.” You shrugged, about to walk away when Tyler grabbed your shoulder. “Ty.” You started, a feeling of fear building in your stomach when he just let go of your shoulder; waving you off.

               “Just go. I’ll figure something out so you won’t have to leave.” Leave? What is Tyler talking about leaving?

               “You stupid asshole!” You didn’t know what came over you, but for some reason you knew Josh was to blame. “You’re possessive over Tyler so you have to fight me and you’re trying to make me lose my job. I hate you. You’re so.” You paused, arms flailing as you swore you saw red (and not just Josh’s red hair).

               “Amazing?” He laughed, causing the adrenaline to pump through your body as you pounced. You had no muscle whatsoever, so your jump did nothing besides knock him off guard—resulting in the two of you landing on the floor; your arm in a strange and painful position. “What the hell?” Josh whispered, quickly shifting to let your arm free as you felt tears brim in your eyes. Why did you just do that? “Y/N.” Josh started, obviously shocked by how fast your mood had changed.

               “I’ll pack my stuff and book the first flight home. Bye guys.” You mumbled, standing up and running toward the bus. Good job Y/N. Good job.


               “Hey.” You heard Tyler whisper from the front of the silent tour bus; you were currently curled up in your bunk softly sobbing as you looked at flights. You knew nobody would let you stay, especially not after your irrational decision. “Y/N.” He sighed, opening the curtain slowly as you shifted closer to the wall, encouraging him to slide in beside you. Which he happily did; wrapping his arm tightly around your shoulders. “Why? You aren’t violent so I know you wouldn’t have hurt him. But why get physical?” His words caused a pathetic whimper to pass your lips. You felt your hands slightly shake as you went to book the first flight you saw pop up; only to have your laptop closed slowly over your fingers. “Enough of that, talk to me now.” Tyler grabbed your chin with his thumb and forefinger, turning it so you were looking at him. His once lively brown eyes now filled with exhaustion.

               “I don’t know. I’m an irrational idiot who just lost her job and just wants to go home.” You felt like a lost little girl who was beyond homesick. Tour was fun and all, but the way Josh scowled at you, and the rude remarks under his breath as he passed by made it a torture sentence. The two of you had gotten along on past tours; but now he was just being impossible. “Just let me book a flight home and I’ll be gone.” You mumbled, trying to turn your head and open your laptop. Groaning as Tyler wouldn’t let you.

               “Thing is, I’m not letting you get fired. Nobody besides the three of us saw what happened. It didn’t take much for Josh to realize that you’re about as violent as a kitten. We both want you to stay—but we want to know what got into you.” Josh believed his words without much fight? Sure.

               “I got pushed to my limit which is why I want to go home.” You snarled as Tyler sighed once again.

               “We’re stopping at a hotel for a couple of days in the next city. You having your own room will have to be the closest thing to home.” He shrugged, causing you to pout. “Don’t be like that.” He hugged you closer, now resting his chin on your head. “Josh isn’t a bad guy you know. He just doesn’t know how to warm up to people properly. You have to get past his mean outer shell before you get the nice, soft cuddly inside.” You rolled your eyes, Tyler had to be kidding right?

               “Yeah, right.” You growled, sliding so you could lay down in your bunk. Resting your head on Tyler’s stomach.

               “I’m serious Y/N. How do you think I put up with him for so long? He really is sick as frick. He kind of reminds me of you when we first met. Little 9 year old Y/N was scary, and mean.” You laughed at the memory of your first conversation with Tyler. You made fun of his weird haircut and shirt, to which he made fun of your “ugly girl face”. From that day on the two of you were inseparable. “I talked to him and he would be fine with this, but will you please join us for dinner. A nice, slow paced one with Mark and no mean comments. He said he’ll try to open up for you; and I want you to do the same for him. So please come along?” You sighed, knowing tour would be pretty hard if you didn’t at least give the idea a chance.

               “Fine. When and where?” You looked up to see Tyler with a wide smile across his face who began to blabber on about the plan him and Mark had devised.


               Two days later you were in front of the mirror running your fingers through your hair. They had said dress casually-nice. So you decided on your nicest shirt and jeans; not like you were dressing to impress. You knew none of the guys had thought of you in that way, and no way were you going to hook up with a random dude.

               “Downstairs.” Mark directed as you passed him in the hall; he was in the clothes he wore earlier. Wasn’t he supposed to be joining? Before you could ask, he was gone. Probably in his room. You shrugged, maybe he was just changing.

               “Oh, Y/N.” You heard Josh mumble as you walked up to the hotel restaurant doors; it was only Josh and you so far. Him in a button-down shirt with jeans; which looked nice on him


               Did you seriously just say that?

               You internally shook it off and looked around for Tyler or Mark; neither of which seemed to be coming down anytime soon—so the two of you decided to be as mature as you could and begin eating before them. Not like they would have waited for the two of you if roles were reversed.

               “So, why did you choose photography?” Josh asked, rubbing the back of his neck after the two of you sat in awkward silence for a minute or two.

               “Um. I don’t know actually.” You laughed to yourself, “It just kind of came to me. That’s like asking why you chose drums. There isn’t a real answer.” He nodded, sending a small smile your way. Maybe the night wouldn’t be so bad after all.

               The two of you went on to talk about random topics together; about everything and anything that had come to mind as you ate. It was weird; for once you felt comfortable around Josh—you didn’t want to snark at him, you weren’t awaiting the moment when the two of you would part ways. You were having fun with him; and secretly didn’t want to leave his presence.

               “You know, you’re not as scary as your little pounce the other day said you were.” Josh laughed, causing your face to turn red. “No need to blush; I found it sort of cute. You were like an angry little kitten.” Your face blushed harder.

               “You found that cute? Even after I screamed in your face and claimed to hate you?” You couldn’t help but laugh. Before the conversation could continue; the waiter walked up.    

               “You guys won’t need to pay tonight. The gentleman from that table took care of the bill for you.” You and Josh shared a confused look before turning to see where the waiter was pointing. Toward a table with Mark and Tyler giving the two of you cheesy grins and thumbs ups.

               Those little shits. They had it planned. You took a breath after the waiter left; not realizing you were holding it. Thanking Josh for the night quickly before standing to go to your room; shooting a glare at your best friend as you walked quickly to the elevator. Not realizing Josh was on your heels.

               “Hey. If it’s any defense of mine, I thought they were joining our table too.” He mumbled, walking in the elevator with you. “I’m sorry if that ruined everything. I had a really good time; and don’t want it to end.” You felt your face flush, you sort of felt the same way. Didn’t you? “How mad would you be if I kissed you?” Josh whispered; before snapping back into reality and turning bright red; obviously speaking before thinking. You bit your lip; studying his features as you acted on impulse, leaning in to press a gentle kiss to the drummers lips. Pulling away a second after smiling.

               “To get any more, you need to take me on a few more dates.” You winked at him, leaning back against the elevator wall as the door opened to your floor. You had parted ways with Josh; entering your room before checking your phone to see a text from Tyler. It was sent only a couple minutes ago.

               “AWEEE. That was cute. Mark and I did well (just saying, before you two start sucking each other’s faces off; make sure it’s not a GLASS ELEVATOR”

hiddenpolkadots  asked:

CONGRATS LANA YOU BEAUTIFUL GLOWING SUN GODDESS!! you deserve all those followers and then some <3 can i get jily drabble? just some snarky fluffy totally not dead assholes in love (and maybe a few cliched fic tropes thrown in there for fun because that's my jam) (i almost typed 'that's my james' and figured you needed to know this) <3 <3


One snarky fluffy Jily assholes ft. “is she dating my best friend?” and pining and James gets drunk

“You going out with Evans again?”

Sirius stops in his tracks, frowning at James. “Yeah, told you. We’re going to see that play.”

“And since when are you into plays?” James finds himself asking. There’s a note of bitterness to his voice but he can’t stop himself. He’s been in love with Lily Evans ever since they were thirteen and she shoved his head in the sand on the playground for being a prat.

And now Sirius seems to be dating her.

James’ best friend grins at him, all cocky smiles and a leather jacket. “Since they have badass queer characters and dragons.”

“That’s fair.”

So he’s left to his own devices again, trying not to be an idiot who is jealous of his best friend and a girl he’s never had claim on. Obviously, the only thing he can do is get ridiculously drunk.

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In Your Eyes (Part Three of Four)

Pairing: MinKey! (side OnTae)
Rating: PG
Length: 4.7k or so.
Crossposted: AFF

They live on opposite sides of the country, but are able to see and feel what the other does - despite being strangers. Kibum and Minho share senses, but begin to share much more than that.

Part One


Part Two

Kibum woke up incredibly late on this particular Saturday, making up for all his lost hours that were stolen away by the deadline for next month’s issue. As he squirmed around on his bed, he spotted his alarm clock glowing a bold 12:47 pm. He groaned loudly at himself, since he was supposed to get up and go to the gym today. He’d promised Minho.

Thinking of the other man, an image of an ugly sweater appeared before his eyes, projected onto the ceiling he was watching.

“What the fuck is that, Minho?” Kibum asked, disgusted.

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Imagine #15 Brett- Taken

Request-  Imagine being Scott and Stiles’ childhood bestfriend and coming back to Beacon Hills. They are both attracted to you and both want to ask you out but to their surprise you agreed to go out with Brett

A/N- I changed this one up a bit to where you’re already in a relationship with Brett, but that’s about it. Enjoy!

“Scott!” Stiles called as the alpha pulled off his helmet, tucking it under his arm.
He walked, more like flailed forward, and began to tell Scott the news he had heard. “We got another new girl,” he said excitedly.
“So?” Scott asked. “We get new people all the time. Which is pretty weird considering the amount of murders in this town. I mean, you’d think there would be more people leaving than-”
“No time!” Stiles cut him off. “The girl, guess what her name is?!”
Scott raised his eyebrows, at a total loss as to why Stiles was acting like a total spaz. Well more of a spaz than usual, which he hadn’t thought was possible.
“Y/n Y/l/n,” Stiles stated.
“Y/n Y/-from the third grade?” he asked.
“The one and only,” Stiles told him. “She’s back dude. God, I had it so bad for her.”
Scott scoffed. “You had it worse for Lydia.”
“But that was only until after Y/n moved away,” Stiles pointed out. “Where did she move anyway?”
Scott frowned, trying to think, but suddenly the shrill bell signaling classes cut through his thoughts. “I don’t remember, but I have to get to biology. See you at lunch.”

You payed for your lunch, exiting the line and looking for a table to sit. You mentally cursed yourself for standing there like an idiot, but since you hadn’t made any friends in any of your new classes, you had no idea where to sit. Being the new girl was always hard, but the last time you had moved was sixth grade.
At least it’s not middle school, you told yourself, as you slowly walked down the aisles, picking up bits and pieces of different conversations.
“…think he’s going to ask me tomorr…”
“…coming to the scrimmage? I heard it’s…”
You hadn’t recognized anyone at all until you passed a table with only two a couple seats free.
“…again?!” a strawberry blonde girl was exclaiming, jumping up from the table. “Really, Stiles? You picked picture day to spill yogurt on my shirt? Not to mention this is the second time in a row!”
You tilted your head. Stiles? You knew that name, and it had only belonged to one person you had ever known. You concluded it had to be the same boy, and you turned to the table.
“Um, sorry are you Stiles Stilinski?” you asked a tall guy with messy brown hair, as he profusely apologized to the strawberry blonde.
“Y/n?” he asked, his face widening into a broad grin.
“You remember me!” you exclaimed, your lips turning up.
“How could I forgot the girl who gave Jackson Whittemore a bloody nose?” he asked. He turned to the rest of the table, introducing you to everybody.
You definitely remembered Scott and Lydia, who had now gone to the bathroom to try and get the pale pink splotch out of her new top, but there were a few new additions. Scott introduced you to a pretty Asian girl named Kira, and a tall brunette with close cropped hair named Malia.
There was also Liam, a short blonde boy with bright blue eyes, and his best friend Mason, but Scott told you they were only sophomores. They invited you to sit down, and to your surprise it wasn’t awkward at all. They treated you as if they had known you forever, and you had never been more relieved in your life.
Too soon, the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. “Well, I guess I’ll see you all later,” you told them. “It was really awesome to see you guys again.”
This part was directed at Scott and Stiles, and the boy grinned at you like idiots. “You know,” Scott said. “There’s a lacrosse scrimmage today. You could come and watch. We’re both on the team, and so is Kira.”
“That’s perfect,” you said brightly. “I was already planning on going so that’ll be fun. It’ll give me a chance to get to know everyone a little more.”
The pack dispersed, leaving Scott and Stiles walking back to U.S history by themselves. “So Y/n…” Scott started, once they were sitting in the classroom.
“She got hot,” Stiles remarked.
“Stiles,” Scott complained.
“Come on dude, like you’re not thinking it too?”
“Okay, she is pretty attractive,” the alpha admitted. “I think I’m gonna ask her out today.”
Stiles laughed. “No you’re not,” he said.
“What? Why not?” Scott demanded.
“Because I’m asking her out,” Stiles informed him. “Okay?”
“Not if I get there first,” Scott told him, eyeing the clock.
Stiles’ eyes flicked upwards, seeing that there were only fifteen minutes left to class, and then school would be over and you would be waiting to meet up with them on the bleachers. Needless to say, as soon as that bell rang, Scott and Stiles were the first two out of the room.
The two boys raced down the hall, but as Scott pushed open the giant blue doors, Stiles took a left turn. Scott’s brow furrowed. Was he taking a shortcut that Scott didn’t know about?
It didn’t matter, he decided, because he had the speed of an alpha. He did end up getting there first, catching sight of you leaning against the edge of the bleachers. You waved when you saw him, a bit confused as to way he was sprinting towards you. “Y/n,” he said between breaths. “I was wondering-if you- wanted to-”
Suddenly Stiles slammed into him, in what looked to you like some sort of weird best friend hug. He patted Scott on the back roughly.
“H-hey buddy,” he said, then he turned to you, talking faster than you thought humanly possible. “Y/nareyoubusyfridaynight?”
“What?” you asked with a small laugh. “Sorry I didn’t catch any of that.”
“I wanted to know if you wanted to-”
“Go on a date with me?” Scott finished, his hand now firmly clapped over Stiles’ mouth. The human’s eyes widened furiously and he ripped Scott’s hand from his mouth.
“He means me,” he said, glaring at Scott. “He’s asking for me.”
“No I’m n-”
You cleared your throat loudly. “Stiles, to answer your question, I am busy Friday night.”
Scott’s face fell as Stiles stepped up with a grin on his face. “Okay then what about Sat-”
“I’m busy because I’m going on a date with my boyfriend,” you clarified.
“Wait, what?” The words tumbled from Stiles’s mouth before he could stop them. “Since when do you have a boyfriend?”
“Since last year,” you told him. “He goes to Devenford, my old school. You might know him actually-”
“Wait, you used to go to Devenford?” Scott demanded.
“Yeah?” you said, raising an eyebrow. “You guys know I only moved across the county right?”
Scott scratched the back of his neck. “Uh…we might have forgotten.”
You laughed. “Well yeah, I didn’t think you would remember. The last time I saw you was third grade.”
“Hey cutie,” another voice said.
You looked behind you just as Brett Talbot wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “These losers bothering you?” he asked.
You rolled your eyes. “No. And they’re not losers they’re my friends.”
“Well, as long as your ‘friends’ know you’re taken, I’m cool with that,” Brett told you his eyes narrowing. “Don’t you guys have to get ready for the game?”
“Yep,” Stiles said, grabbing Scott’s shirt. “That is exactly what we have to do and we should probably go do it. Right now, Scott.”
“See you later, Y/n,” Scott said, turning away and looking like a kicked puppy.
“I’m never going to make any friends if you keep scaring them off,” you grumbled to your boyfriend after they were gone.
“What can I say?” Brett asked. “I want everyone to know I’m dating the most gorgeous girl in Beacon Hills.”
You rolled your eyes, shrugging off his long arms and kissing his cheek. “Go win me a lacrosse game, you loser.”

Ex Girl | Pt 3

Ex Girl | Pt 3

Pt. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

“HA! Beat that, blondie!!”

You shook your empty shot glass at a half lidded Minhyuk who was swaying along to the quiet bgm. It was nearing the end of the festivities and the only ones left were your self, MX and the married couple to be.

Mid-party, you were somehow roped into drinking with MX. At first you agreed because they bruised your ego, teasing that you weren’t going to be able to keep up with them (even though they all knew you could drink them under the table).

But as time went on, you kept accepting more and more shots to take your mind off the person who kept his distance but still had his eyes on you throughout the whole night.

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cupcakeblake  asked:

are you taking prompts? if so could you do something with "we're just friends / she is, i'm not" for jily? :D

sorry it took so long <3 <3

It’s kind of surreal being friends with Lily Evans.

For one, James never really thought it would actually happen. Their first meeting ended terribly, with Lily throwing a bottle of water at him and calling him an arrogant toerag which. Well, he guesses he kind of deserved it, simultaneously hitting on her and insulting her in one go.

And to be honest, he didn’t even expect to get as far as friendship with her. He was content to stay in the ‘mostly irritating but sometimes amusing’ category because at least he got to see her, and then whine about how pretty her hair is and have you seen her eyes they’re amazing to Sirius over drinks.

But then they did become friends.

Very, very, close friends.

James isn’t sure if he hates it or loves it. Probably some combination of the both.

Lily lives with her sister, but the two of them are always having some sort of falling out, so she’s always coming over to his and Sirius’ flat, so much so that she has her own keys and her hard lemonade has replaced the coconut water his best mate keeps in the fridge.

They’re very close friends in the sense that she keeps her toiletries in his bathroom because he has the shower with better water pressure, not to mention the actual tub. Not mention that half his closet is filled with her clothes and the first time he found her knickers in the laundry basket (black with a polka dot print and lace trimming which he really did not need to know) James turned bright red and almost keeled over right then and there. It provided fuel for wisecracks for the next week.

Close friends in the sense that her official spot is next to him during group outings, that she’s liable to fall asleep curled into him during movie nights, that she steals his hoodies and makes him race against her in Mario Kart, keeping up a steady stream of smack talk and roughly shoving her shoulder into his while she laughs.

It’s the best.

It’s also the worst.

And James is undeniably, 100% fucked.

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Hogwarts Calum AU: Part 2


Calum didn’t move from your bedside when you were in the hospital wing. Thankfully, due to the spell he cast the speed of the fall didn’t have a great effect but your whole leg had ended up in a cast. He was just glad you didn’t hurt your spine. One crack and you could’ve been paralysed. But sadly, due to the hit in your head, you had slipped into a coma because of your unconsciousness.

Calum took the blame for everything, as he should. Dumbledore didn’t see much point dismissing him this close to his OWL’s but assured Calum he would not be returning to continue his studies after this year at Hogwarts. The only time he wasn’t by your bedside was during lessons. He brought books and homework up with him to revise and occupy him and the house elves brought up food for him as they brought food up to Madame Pomfrey to give to you through a tube(some muggle thing Calum didn’t really understand).

He tried to ignore the whispers. The Slytherin’s calling him a murderer, the Hufflepuffs scurrying from him, his once close friends were now cautious around him. But the worst of all was your house. No doubt about it, they could be very ferocious. He took every yell and rant from your friends, every remark from anyone to go join the Death Eaters, every snide comment in History of Magic saying how he took a leaf out of Voldemort’s book. He welcomed every bit of it. Because he knew he deserved it. Nothing would undo what he’s done to you.

And of course, Calum’s Quidditch privileges were taken away from him too. In his eyes, that was hardly the punishment he deserved. Because of him, he could’ve ruined your chance to ever play Quidditch again, never mind your high chances at being signed onto a good team and making a living from being a seeker once you’ve finished school.

As Calum looked up from his Herbology book, he noticed something he’d never thought about before. How your hair always fell in the same way and how your cheeks always had the same tint to them. Although he couldn’t help but notice everything else. You increasingly losing weight. Your skin slightly paler than usual. Eyelids heavily closed. And your lips that always curved into that familiar smirk were now left, chapped and in a straight line.

Memories flooded his brain, the discussion between you two before the match. Calum couldn’t stand what this jealousy had drove him to do. He couldn’t look at himself in the mirror without thinking of your hurt face when he spat:
“You expect me to shake your hand? There’s nothing friendly about this 

He would be reduced to tears when he thought about your arms and legs flailing about, trying to grab onto something, anything that would stop you from falling. When he compares that look to the one of excitement and giddiness when you walked out onto the pitch it’s like the two faces were, well they are complete opposites. But the face of you smiling and waving wasn’t the one stuck in Calum’s head. It was the one when you realised it was him who had pushed you. He felt like the image was imprinted on his skull, his brain couldn’t escape it. It was silly, but Calum found it comforting to talk to you. When no one else was in the wing, he’d read out random facts about Hippogriffs for you or make a list of who made remarks and defended you that day or little things he remembered from the past. But when he sat down that day it felt different. Everything had become normal, a second instinct to him. The comments, rushing up to you, eating with you. Calum realised that without even knowing he would travel up here to see you. One night it was a Saturday. Everyone else was eating but Calum insisted he stayed up here with you. Of course Madame Pomfrey didn’t question his intentions as seeing him feel so much guilt made her actually pity the boy. And so with nothing but candlelight and the moon to light the room Calum stared at you as he spoke. His feet were resting on the metal side of the bed as he sat back in his chair.

“Sally came up to me again today.” He laughed.
“Absolutely screeched at me outside of potions. And now I’ve swapped seats with Michael so he can sit next to that Hufflepuff girl, I’m left with your ex-boyfriend sitting next to me.” He informs you.
“Acts like he’s still your boyfriend.” He mutters.
“Can you wake up so you can give me permission to punch him in the face? Nevermind, you’ll do that once you wake up anyway because he’s still calling you his girlfriend.” he informed you.
“I know you hate him. Let’s be honest I do too. When he tried to convince you he changed, everyone believed him for a while. But you soon realised the act. Realise, if your a dick who wants to go out with the smartest girl in school, don’t put on an act. It’s gonna be obvious to her.” He told you.

“And then there was that day when you were skating across the lake.” He mentioned.
“You didn’t notice I was at Hogwarts for that Christmas as well. And then in 4th year, we became quite close. You had to tutor me in Transfiguration because McGonagall was giving up hope in ever successfully teaching me.” He chuckled.
“And I’m still top of the class now. Well, underneath you of course.” He said.
“And I was still hanging about with those dickheads. Who told me I couldn’t be your friend. Then when I denied it, they said that they’d bet you I could get into your pants. I told them I wouldn’t take advantage of you but from then on I left you alone. I thought it would be better off because then one of your friends wouldn’t overhear something one of them said and upset you.” He hadn’t even noticed the tear that fell across his face.
“I spent so much time trying not to let them hurt you and then…” His voice quivers for a moment.
“I almost kill you myself.” He cracks. He chuckles for a moment.
“The irony.” He tells you.

“And when I think about you and your curious, wide eyes looking around platform 9 and ¾ when you first came; I realise how much both you and I have grown. Your cheeks no longer get as red as they use to, and you’ve lost weight whilst still being curvy. When you use to remain quiet at someone’s comments you will now stand up to them and correct them, getting them back. When you were afraid to put your hand up in class you now do it with confidence and glee, just loving your life here.” He opens. He laughs to himself again.

“Ya know, for a little while a had a crush on you.“ He confessed, muttering to himself.
“I was gonna ask you to the Yule Ball. I sorta noticed it when I was thinking of who to go with and my mind instantly thought of you. The way your kind, you’re smart, beautiful. And then I saw you hugging him with a rose in your hand. It doesn’t take an idiot to put 2 plus 2 together.” He recounts his side of the story.
“And I sat by and watched you all night, just dance around with him. Other than when his hands travelled a bit too much South and you went ballistic at him.” He laughed at him self, recalling the memory of you yelling at him in the middle of the dance floor.
“It’s strange. One action can affect your lifestyle so much. One action can make you feel so much. One action can be a mistake that changes a persons life for the worst. One action can change the way that so many people see you.” He fell silent for a moment.

“One action can change the way you see yourself.” He finalised.

He looked upon you now, wondering whether the magic in fairytales counted in the wizarding world. Whether there was the possibility that he was your true love and he could kiss you and wake you of a sleeping curse. But that wouldn’t be true. Of course girls like you never noticed Calum. Not the ones worth loving. Those who just assumed he was like every other popular boy in the year, just looking for a fuck-buddy. Where as Calum was different. But the only reason he caught your attention was because he was the Star Seeker. And if you wanted to win the cup, you had to be able to beat him. You train nearly every evening of the week, and Calum took this as a massive compliment. You were good, but to know you thought you would have to train so much so you could beat him, that made him feel good.
“Ya know, I finally got round to finishing that muggle book. The Great Gatsby. I remember you saying how it was your favourite.” He said.
“Think I’ll leave it here in case you wake up.” He announced before realising what he was doing was stupid. No one was listening, you certainly weren’t.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m so so sorry.” He said, standing up. He didn’t know whether it was too big a risk. Someone walking in, thinking he was molesting or taking advantage of you. But he did. He placed his books back on the chair behind him for a minute and pushed your hair back.

He leant over you body and place his lips on your skin, just in the middle of your forehead, letting them linger there for a few seconds. He pulled them away, his hand still lightly resting against your face, and he brushed your cheek, tears blurring his vision.

He couldn’t stand it. He picked up his things and left.

The Gryffindor boy, now isolated from everyone else within the castle it seemed, was travelling up to your room when the sunset.

Three boys, Michael, Ashton and Luke, all invited him to Hogsmeade with them today, in the hopes to cheer him up.

But he walked in to find your bed was abandoned. The person who he had placed a kiss on every night for the last week was gone. And Madame Pomfrey was nowhere to be seen.

You couldn’t of gone to St.Mungo’s, you’ve already been check over there. He couldn’t see where you’d of gone. But he looked over.

The Great Gatsby book had been taken from beside your bed.

He didn’t understand.

Unless… Unless…you were awake.

Calum ran to everyone and everywhere, frequently asking Luke if he’d seen you in the Ravenclaw common room, double checking the library, great hall, astronomy tower, anywhere and everywhere within the castle walls.

Then he could think of only one place left. And no doubt about it with your hair blowing in the wind in front of an orange sky you were chasing a snitch around on the Quidditch field, your leg was now normal. Calum assumed Mrs Pomfrey took care of it. As she always told Quidditch players
“I can mend bones in a heartbeat.”

Now you were okay. But there was only one question ringing in Calum’s mind now:

Did she hear me confess?

Falling for You [ Mercy76 ]

Decided to do a little one-shot while I work on the next chapter for Secrets. This one-shot is set in a forest as Jack and Ang are supposed to be camping. But, Jack being Jack, got them lost. Things get a little romantic when they reflect on their relationship, as well as their future.

WARNING: As usual, this is another one of my cheesy, silly, trashy Mercy76 fics~!

Falling for You

Backpack slung over her shoulder, she let out another deflated sigh. “Are you sure you know where we’re going?”

“Absolutely,” he stated just as confidently as he had been for the past three hours.

“Then why haven’t we arrived. You said it was, and I quote, ‘Just up that hill, over past that lake, a left at the hollow tr-”

The words halted as his lips brushed lightly against hers. Heart beating at twice its natural speed, her cheeks burned a glowing red color. Averting her sapphire orbs, she nervously reached up to touch her ear. Lightly rubbing the soft lobe, the nerves within her veins fell silent for a moment as she played off the stress-relieving gesture as an excuse to brush back her long, chin-length blonde fringe.

“W-what was that for?” Her cheeks still on fire from the unexpected but completely action.

“To get you to stop worrying about how lost we are.”

Turning on his heel, the handsome blonde marched backwards down the path less traveled. There, smack dab in the middle of his face, sat perhaps the most coy yet cheeky grin she’d ever seen. Upon looking at it, she swooned, completely entranced by him. He was the definition of the perfect date. Perfectly quaff hair, eyes so blue that the Caribbean would be jealous, and a body so well-trained that he could have been the People’s 'Sexiest Man Alive’ poster man for this year. It was a good thing that trashy magazine died years ago for there was no way in hell she wanted to share this soldier’s ruggedly handsome good looks with the world.

Taking note of her stark silence, the radiant beau smirked. “Something the matter, Miss Ziegler?” He quirked a brow, hoping it might coax out the truth.

“That’s Doctor Ziegler to you, soldier.”

Commander,” he corrected with a very tongue-in-cheek tone.

Falling silent, she wrapped her hands even tighter around the mesh material that built the backpack straps. “So,” it was time she play the smug one, “we are lost.” Her eyes dared him to egg her on. “I did pack my Valkyrie s-”

What?!” He was no longer boastfully hiking backwards. Instead, he rushed forward to pat the bag that hugged her shoulders oh-so-snugly. “You promised!” There was a look of sheer disbelieve in his orbs, like she’d betrayed him or something.

“Jack,” she flicked her finger into his taut pectoral. He was doing that dramatic thing again. “We both know that you lose all focus when we’re together.”

“EGADS,” he gasped, hands clutching his face in a melodramatic manner. “I would never,” he cooed in that airy, dry breath of his. “You? Distracting!” He scoffed. “One hundred and ten percent!”

Lips falling back against hers, Dr Ziegler’s laugh was suppressed. With the fleeting kiss ending, she brushed back another strand of loose hair. “You’re a tease, Jack Morrison.”

“Me?” Hand sprawling out on the black material that covered his military-trained and toned body, he smirked. “Have you looked in the mirror lately, Angela should-be Morrison.”

She smacked him.

“I will never be a Morrison.” She narrowed her gaze, intentionally riling him up.

“Oh because that’ll look good. Overwatch’s Strike-Commander, formerly Jack Morrison, changes name at the alter to Jack Ziegler after marrying the smartest, most beautiful, most amazing, sexiest woman alive.” That goofy grin of his snaked up on his curled up lips.

“I think it has a nice ring to it,” she winked before twisting his fingers between hers. “Whaddaya say, love.” She winked. “Are you a one Swiss Angel kind of guy?”

“I think you an Lena have been spending too much time together.” He dropped their hands. “And you know I am an orphaned, Swiss girl who became the world’s most respected doctor kind of guy.” Cupping her cheek into his hand, Jack flashed her a grin. “Gotta make sure my baby doesn’t have to worry about being alone any more.”

Her hand wrapped around his. “So you’re going to resort to stalking me.”

“Nah,” his nose crinkled. “I’ll resort to marrying you.”

“A soldier-correction, a Strike-Commander, settling down with a doctor? What kind of fantasy are you living in?”

“The one where you and I have the best sex day in and day out. Where we have our own little piece of land in the middle of nowhere. Where we’ll raise our thre-”

Two,” she corrected.

“Where we’ll raise our two precious angels. Our oldest, he’ll be just like his mama. Wanna grow up to help people.”

“And our youngest?”

“She’ll be like me.” He punched the air in front of them. “Rough and tough. A real rebel. She’ll want to go into law enforcement, helping people in her own way by locking ’m up.”

Angela took a step forward to rest her head against his broad shoulder. “They sound wonderful.”

“What will we name them?”

A snort came from her direction.

“Wait… wait a minute. Did one of heaven’s angels just… snort?!” Jack gasped while stepping away from his giggling woman. “She did! Oh lord have mercy on my soul for I think this woman just made me a sinner!”

Rushing forward, his hands fell in line against her hips. Scooping her up, Jack twirled Angela around and around in the air until their faces, or rather lips, met again. Swirling coming to an end, Ang looped her legs around his hips while wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. Finally, they were going to have their moment.

“Jack,” she purred, “you’ve always been a sinner.” She ran her hands through his soft, blonde locks.

“No,” he smiled up at his woman, “I only started that when I saw my first angel.”

Blushing, she butt her forehead against his. “You’re a dork.”

Your dork,” he chimed. “Gotta be hella embarrassing,” he teased.

“Oh most definitely. It’s why I had to lie about my whereabouts this weekend. Couldn’t let anyone know I was lusting for the most handsome man to walk into my sights.”

I’ve got you in my sights,” he rumbled, voice deep and gruff, just the way she liked it.

Smile tugging up the corners of her lips, she felt at peace. This was what it was like to be in love. To be happy.

Jack released her butt, allowing her to slide back onto solid ground. “Now,” he adjusted his backpack, “I really do think we’re getting close.”

“Oh heavens, Jack.” She reached for her suit.

“No, no, no.” His hands patted her down. “I got this.”

“Got this?” She snickered. “How? You cannot fl-fl-Jack Morrison! Get down from there! Jack! Jack you’re going to fa-”

“Good thing I brought my pocket healer!”

Ugh,” she growled while watching him climb higher up into the tree. “When you fall, I’m not setting your bones!”

“Uh-huh, suuuuure.” He called her bluff. “You know you love me.”

“I love you when you’re not being an impossible idiot. I am perfectly capable of flying up there to find the cabin. But no, noooooo, Jack has to be Jack and be the hero. Every. Goddamn. Ti-”


Her head shot up to the tree. He had climbed at least a good two stories up, if not more. “WELL?” she cupped her hands around her mouth to help carry her voice up to him.

“That way,” he pointed in the direction they literally just came from.

Jack,” she shook her head. “You’re an idiot.” Pinching the bridge of her nose, she moved toward where Jack pointed. There was no way they walked past the cabin in the woods. They weren’t that oblivious. Where they?

“Oh!” Her hands clasped in front of her chest. “I see it! You were right, Jack!” Apparently they were.

“YAY~” his voice still came from high above.

Turning around, she looked up at the man still hugging the tree. “Uh, Jack?” She started to laugh. “Something the matter?”

“I have discovered I am absolutely terrified of heights.”

“So how do you plan on getting out of that tree?”

“I won’t.”

Jack,” her foot tapped against the forest floor. “Quit bluffing. I’ve personally seen you Halo Jump. I know you’re not scared of heights…”

“But I am scared of falling out of this rickety tree!”

“You didn’t have to climb it. I would have let you borrow the suit.”

“WHAT?!” The tree started to sway, clearly caused by Jack’s flailing.

“Careful, love, you’ll fall if you keep shaking the tree.”


“I’m just saying,” she shrugged coyly. “So?”


“You’re the 'Commander.’ What do I need to do to get you down?”

“Call Winston. I need that ape to come rescue me.”

“Yeah, no cell service. Not gonna happen.” She said while waving her phone.

“I’m sure Tracer is spying on us. She’ll zip up here and help me down.”

“Hun,” Angela shook her head, “Lena is in London. She’s attending a ceremony.”

“Uh…” Jack was running out of names that could actually help him in this situation. “Okay, so we need Rein to charge the tree and, while I’m falling, you can come get me!”

Jack,” her hand felt the rough bark of the tree he was cowering in, “would you be a dear and come down here?”

“In case you forgot,” he dared to look down at the blonde on the ground. “Oh my god, Ang! What are you doing?!”

She flashed him a sexy grin. “What’s it look like, hot stuff?”

“Are you really stripping?!”

“There’s more where this came from,” she playfully tossed her shirt to the side, completely exposing her lovely royal blue bra. “If you get down here, maybe I’ll let you take this off,” she chewed lightly on the straps of the bra.

“NOT FAIR!” He continued to clutch to the tree to dear life. “A boner AND stuck. Worst day ever. Gonna die.”

Jack,” Angela was really starting to love this side of him, “what do I always say?”

“This hero is so going to di-”

A crack echoed in the still of the forest.

Not a second later, a blue blur flew past her eyes. Then came the loud thud, which was promptly followed by diluted moaning.

“Jack!” She sprung forward to see her partner all twisted in a very leafy bush. “Jack!” Her hands danced feverishly across his skin to find a pulse. Snatching up his wrist, she began to count.

“Angela,” he groaned, “I’m fine. It was just a little fall.”

“Jack,” she squeezed his wrist, “that was not little.”

“Guess you’ll have to patch me up.”

“You’re such an idiot,” she groaned.

Letting him lay there, all sprawled out in that bush, she ran for her bag. Pilfering through it, she finally found a canister. It wasn’t going to be as good as her staff, but it would have to do. “This will sting,” she warned before shaking it and plopping it down beside her still-dazed Jack.

“Have I ever told you how lucky I am?” He wore a weak smile on his scratched up face.

“To be alive? Yes, yes I am aware.”

“No,” he started to sit up. Hand reaching out for her face, he latched onto the taut hair on the back of her head, thanks to that sexy up-do she loved to wear. Pulling her in close, he glided their lips together. For a good few moments, they savored each other’s taste. Smiling, he broke the kiss. “I’m the luckiest man alive because I have you.”

Heart breaking, but in the good kind of way, she leaped right into that bush with him. “Oh Jack,” she cooed, burring her face into the folds of his warm, soft shirt.

God only knows how long they stood their in the warm, numbing glow of the medical canister. They drank in each other, enjoying the peace and serenity that came with being in the vast wilderness. Even the creatures of the area seemed fixated on the couple. The birds sang their sweetest lullabies, the deer frolicked lightly through the nearby meadow. Why, even a proud bald eagle flew above them! It all felt like a scene straight out of a movie, but this was no movie. It was them. It was their life.


Her brows fell together. That name. It’s been so long. “W-what did you say?”

“Leona,” the smile on his face was faint. “I want to name our daughter Leona.”

Fatigue washed over her, causing Angela to falter and fumble into a collapsed mess on the forest floor. Jack, pulling from the bush, rolled over to his crestfallen beauty. In seconds, he was consoling her, making sure she was safe and well.

Hey,” he caught her chin between his fingers.

She pushed him back. Darkness clouded her, plagued her. Consumed her.

Angel,” his voice sweet and full of love, “I know. And I… I just thought that maybe.”

Her tears crashed into the ground around her. Silently, she sobbed, incapable of words or actions. Pain gripped her and drove her into this state.

“Shhh,” he drew closer, holding her against her will. “Angel,” his dry lips graced the tip of her nose. “We don’t have to. I just… I thought maybe…”

Her hand slipped between his. Eyes rolling up, she looked fiercely into Jack’s worrisome pair of baby blues. “It’s…” her voice quivered, “it’s perfect.” The water in her eyes shimmer with bliss despite the sad frown on her face.

He forced a smile, not sure if she was being facetious or not.

Leona Morrison,” she let loose her held breath. “It’s beautiful.” Slowly the frown on her face melted away and was soon replaced by a hopeful smile. Head turning to the blue sky beyond the pine needles and oak leaves, she smiled. “Mother, what do you think? Leona, named after you.”

Whoa,” Jack’s hand fell endearingly around Angela’s. “Let’s not ask your mom for permission yet.”

She quirked a brow.

“If I don’t marry you first, my dad will kill me on your dad’s behalf.” The way he spoke and the way his face turned white made her begin to laugh. “What? It’s not funny. My dad’s a stickler for those kind of things!”

“You’re cute,” she cooed. Hands dipping behind her back, she released the clasp. Not a second later, the plush material of the bra started to sag, revealing a part of her that Jack had yet to see, to explore.

Angel,” he was intoxicated by her. “W-wh-”

She batted her lashes, a less than innocent smile crawled onto her face. “Well…?”

He was still stammering, trying to find the right words to say.

She laughed. “Oh Jack,” she pawed at the ground between them before crawling over to him. “So well spoken,” she teased. As she made her slow approach, he kept his eyes trained on her. How her breasts swayed. How her body moved.

Her hand playfully pushed him back against the earth. Mounting him, she smiled down at her starry-eyed lover. “Always so articulate,” she teased again.

I love you,” he whispered while still memorizing every inch of this newly exposed part of her body.

“If you do,” she dipped into him, “then you’d stop staring and start doing.”

“I-I-I,” his face was completely flushed. She was always sucking the words from him, making him at like the fool.

Jack,” she leaned her forearm against his neck. “We’re both old enough to know we don’t need my daddy’s permission.”


She kissed the corner of his lips. “Whatcha gonna do?” She propped herself up on her elbow, perky breasts just inches from his chin. “Run? Like you always do?” She smirked. “We’re in the middle of nowhere. You’re hurt. We’re technically lost. I think,” she cleared her throat, “doctor’s orders, in fact, we need to stick together. And to make sure nothing’s broken,” she pulled herself up. Hands reaching for her belt, she undid the loop before slipping it off. Reaching for her pant button, she smirked. “I’m going to need to give you a full physical.

His heart stopped. The world stood still.

“Stop running, Jack.” She cooed. “I’m not going to break your heart. I’m not going to abandon you. I’m not going to stop loving you. So,” she pressed her lips forcefully against his, “please,” she begged him, “make love to me.”

The end.

Regarding Angela’s mom’s name.  I spent about 30 minutes figuring out what name to use. Eventually picked Leona.

Leona.  Apparently it’s feminine latin for lion-hearted.  Went with fem latin names because I saw that Angela is a fem latin name.

We know Ang’s parents passed because of the war.  If Ang is anything like her mom, I bet her mom went down fighting, fighting to protect her little angel.

If you recall, Jack mentioned that he wants their daughter to be a fighter, like him  And Jack, being the stalker that Ang called him out to be, did some research.  Looked into Ang’s past and learned who her mother was.  He fell in love with the name Leona and wholeheartedly wants to have his own little Leona.  Not only because of the name’s meaning, but because of it’s relationship to Angela.

So there you have it, the reason behind Leona.

Here’s to hoping Blizzard never releases Angela’s mom’s name.  xD

anonymous asked:

I hate so much when people say that robin doesn't like starfire enough or that he just likes her for obligation, or that she never understand he, can you make a post to prove that robin likes starfire as much as she likes him?

I think I may have already done this at least once?

Buuuuuuut what the hey, the internet could always use more quality RobStar meta. :)

I’ve actually heard this argument before, that Robin was somehow bullied into reciprocating Starfire’s feelings because she’s just so forward about it.

This is of course ignoring the fact that if Robin weren’t sending out signals for Starfire to pick up on, she never would have made the assumption that she was special to him in a way the others weren’t and thus need clarification on their relationship when he tried to backpedal and deny his feelings.

Robin is an emotionally-awkward idiot.  The reason he tries to deny his feelings for Starfire and shut down the possibility of a relationship between them is because he literally does not know How To Do Girls and the best model he had for teaching him about such more than likely drilled it into him over and over NOT to get romantically involved with a teammate.  So here we have this poor confused boy who feels very strongly about this girl, he really likes her and he wants to be around her, but Batman has taught him to ignore emotional attachments in favor of the mission and so he has absolutely no clue what to do about his feelings.  So sometimes he will take on a Batman-like detachment and ignore her to focus on a pressing case, sometimes he’ll bumble all over himself like a flailing stammering dork, and then sometimes he’ll regress into a five-year-old responding to the, “You liiiiiike her.” tease with a vehement, “NO I DON’T, SHUT UP!”

Yeah you do, Robin.  Why u lyin’?

It’s absolutely undeniable to anyone with a working brain that Robin has a crush on Starfire.  She makes him blushy and nervous.  He stutters like a geek around her.  He looks at her with lovey-dovey eyes so full of admiration and adoration you can almost see the hearts in them.

But it runs deeper than that.  Robin feels just as strongly about Starfire as she does him.  Anyone who thinks it’s tilted to one side hasn’t realized that Robin just tends to express his feelings less openly with words and more with his actions.

So what do his actions towards Starfire say about his feelings for her?  Well, let’s take a look.

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A Peek into the Future P4

—I forgot Tikki… can we just assume she’s sitting on Marinette’s shoulder the whole time?

When Marinette’s panic attack subsided, the two Ladybugs eased into a more comfortable conversation. One revolving around a certain blonde model

“Is Adrien still modeling?”

Of course, the older Ladybug knew exactly where he was. Aside from the small flicker of a smile, she was good at hiding it. “Yes, but he’s drifted into the background of the fashion industry.” Marinette tilted her head in question. “He actually works more closely with his father instead of being the one in front of the camera.”

The girl gasped. She was sure she was hearing it right, but she just had to ask, “He’s better with his father now?”

“Better than ever. Although, I’m pretty sure a certain cat helped along in that.”

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Prompt: naruhina, everyone was happy about the new relationship between naruto and hinata but they can’t stop saying embarrassing things and make them blush”

Side note: Anyone who catches the light Sailor Moon reference in this wins my everlasting adoration.

For as well-known as they were among the villagers, Naruto and Hinata’s new status as a couple hadn’t really received that much attention aside from a bright smile or knowing glance from passersby. And really, they preferred it that way, especially since they got their fill of adoring but awkward attention from their friends.

For Naruto, it had first come from Sakura. For Hinata, it had first come from Sasuke. The two were both surprised and not surprised at all.

It was during a lunch trip to Ichiraku when Naruto bumped into Sakura. Or rather, he was ambushed. Green eyes stared at him with an intensity that made him nervous. Normally, this look would be followed up with them gaining a glint of animosity and a fist in his general direction. Instead, a hand was laid on his shoulder.

“Hi, Sakura-chan?”

“I need to know what month, day, and hour this happened,” she stated, her gaze unwavering. Naruto faltered a bit.


“This!” Sakura repeated, gesturing somewhat wildly. “You and Hinata!”

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Jim and fem!Bones pretend to be married

(I have been so excited to write this one all day. It is like, my two favorite things ever. Fem!Bones and pretending to be married. Fuck yeah.)

There is a lot of shit that Lenora McCoy is willing to deal with. She’s dealt Jim’s terrible roommate etiquette. She’s dealt with Scotty being a handsy drunk. She’s dealt with Chekov’s puppy crush on her. She’s even managed to deal with Spock. She’s done all of this without once raising a hand to any of the aforementioned people. Well, with the exception of Jim. But he deserved it. 

She is not a woman of insufficient means when it comes to her ability to deal with shit.

She’s not sure she can deal with this. Someone is going to get punched. 

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Stiles Stilinski - “Clueless” Request

You have had a crush on your friend Stiles for a long time, and you even end up as his prom date! … but the two of you are only there as friends. Scott has to tell you to be straight forward with the oblivious Stilinski. 


You thought that by going to the prom together, he’d finally get the hint, but that turned out to be untrue. Stiles Stilinski, the boy you had had a crush on for years, was standing beside you in the entryway of the prom as your date. He was even the one who asked you, which made you extremely happy, until he quickly explained that you were going as “just friends,” which is the last thing you had wanted to hear. You glanced around at the party scene in front of you, seeing Scott dancing happily with Allison in the distance. They looked so happy together, and you wished that it would be like that with you and Stiles.

                “Do you think Lydia is here yet?” Stiles asked his voice full of hope. You had to roll your eyes. Oh come on, you thought. You’d spent a long time getting ready, even calling over Scott for advice on how you were dressed or how your hair looked. Scott was the only one who knew that you were basically in love with Stiles. When you first told him, Scott was a bit surprised, but soon accepted it and really started helping you get with Stiles. Yet, even with all of Scott’s help, Stiles was still oblivious to you and in love with Lydia.

                Stiles’ light brown eyes flickered to you, waiting for an answer, but you just shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t really care? Let’s go get some punch, or dance?”

                “Right, you’re supposed to dance at prom,” Stiles muttered nervously, looking at the people out on the dance floor. Lydia had yet to arrive, so you guessed that she’d be “fashionably late.” You took Stiles’ hand in yours, dragging him confidently to the center of the dance floor. “(Y/N), we don’t really know how to dance.”

                Scott’s mom had showed you a few dance moves a few days before, which Stiles didn’t know about. “I don’t know. I’d say I’m a pretty good dancer,” you smiled sweetly, taking his hands and placing them on your waist. “It’s not that hard, Stiles. Just follow me or do your own thing. No one cares.”

                It went decently well, after Stiles finally relaxed and danced like a normal human being. You felt pretty happy, and even saw Scott and Allison staring at the two of you from a distance with little smiles on their faces. You wouldn’t be surprised if Scott had decided to mention to Allison about your little crush. But just as things were going good, Stiles suddenly paused what he was doing, and he was staring away from you. Your eyes followed his gaze, where you noticed Lydia getting herself some punch, looking rather sad.

                “Where’s her date?” Stiles asked, not really to you, though. You had to scan the scene, and eventually your eyes landed on her boyfriend, Jackson, dancing with another girl. You tapped on Stiles’ shoulder and pointed to where Jackson was. Stiles’ jaw dropped at Jackson and he gave you a look, and you knew he was asking for your permission to go to Lydia.

                 "Go to her. I don’t mind,“ you lied through your artificial smile. Stiles quickly hugged you, mumbling a thank you into your ear, before dashing away towards Lydia.

                You frowned, disappointed as he started chatting up Lydia. You had to turn away, not wanting to watch. You ended up just sitting at a table, alone, in the corner of the room. Sadly, you sipped some punch, until someone tapped on your shoulder. You smiled a bit as Scott sat down in the chair next to you.

                "Hey,” you said. “I guess my plan isn’t working out very well.”

                Scott looked over at the dance floor as he spoke, “Stiles is just an idiot who can’t take hints alright? If it helps, Lydia left, just so you know. So now is your chance to go be straight up with him.”

                You cough on your drink. “I can’t do that. It would ruin our friendship. He doesn’t like me the same way-”

                Scott placed a hand on your shoulder and looked you directly in the eye with a mischievous smile playing on his face. “Stiles and I are best friends, remember? That means that I know about every person he’s ever liked, so I’m just going to tell you that Lydia isn’t the only person he currently has his eye on.”

                Before you could ask him what he meant, he ran away from you, back to his date. Could he possibly have meant what you thought he meant? Were you the one that Stiles also had his eye on? There was only one way to find out.

                You chugged back all of the punch, attempting to boost your confidence even though there was absolutely no alcohol in the drink, but you could just pretend that there was. Your eyes found Stiles, dancing awkwardly in the middle of a group. Rolling your eyes at how bizarre he looked, you had to run towards him.

                “Stiles?” You asked, tapping on his arm.

                He stopped the weird flailing of his arms and turned to you, wearing a huge smile. “(Y/N), there you are! Lydia left, and then I was trying to find you but my jam came on!”

                You laughed. He was still bopping his head to the music. “I need to tell you something,” you told him, somehow hiding ever bit of nervousness within you.

                “What is it?” He asked, tilting his head to the side like the puppy he was.

                “I um, I like you. Like, more than a friend,” you told him and he stopped dancing. Before he could do anything, such as reject you, you had to continue speaking. “Like seriously, I always try to flirt with you and sometimes I think you’re flirting back, but I don’t know. You’re so weird. But come on, you took me to go ice-skating over the holidays, just the two of us,  and you even lean on my shoulder whenever we watch movies together at your house. And then you asked me to prom. Maybe those are just normal friendship things and I was looking too into it but seriously-”

                You were suddenly cut off when Stiles grabbed your face and kissed you right on the mouth. It was everything that you had ever imagined. His mouth felt perfect and soft against your own. You suddenly couldn’t hear the noise from the party any longer, or feel the rush of people around you, because you and Stiles were the only two people left in the world.

                He pulled back, but kept a hold of your face. You held onto one of his hands, smiling up at him with a touch of shock. “I thought that you were just being oblivious,” he mumbled. You could feel the warmth of his breath against your lips. “I’ve had such a ridiculous crush on you for so long, but I thought you liked Scott or something.”

                “Scott?” You laughed; your eyes wide and confused. “Oh god no. It’s always been you.”

                “I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner,” he smiled and licked his bottom lip. “Gosh, I must’ve looked like such a jerk tonight as I left you for Lydia. I seriously just didn’t think you were interested. Ask Scott, I’ve been trying to move on from you for so long. I’m so glad you finally told me, because trying to get over you wasn’t really working.”

                You pulled him in for another kiss, holding on tightly to his hand. “It’s funny how things work out sometimes, huh?”

1.3k high school au in which dean and cas live a blink-182 song and are warped tour/hot topic/fueled by ramen/decaydance gang trash. (ao3)

They met, of all places, at the med tent at Warped Tour.

Cas had gotten a nice sized gash on his forehead while crowd surfing, Dean was more than slightly dehydrated after bouncing from pit to pit to pit without water or lunch breaks. 

The workers had placed them next to each other in front of a giant fan and told them to relax. The silence had lasted about ten minutes before Cas turned his head to squint at Dean, “You don’t look like you’re hurt.” 

“Ngh,” Dean had just whined in response and pulled the washcloth that had been on his forehead over his eyes. 

“Ah,” Cas had hummed, the amusement in his voice, “Heatstroke. Rookie move.”

Dean had flipped him off unceremoniously and somehow Cas had roped him into talking for a good hour. When they were finally given the go ahead to leave, Cas had smiled at him and asked if he wanted to watch A Day to Remember’s set together.

“Yeah,” Dean had answered without thinking. “Yeah, okay, sure.” 

Cas had grinned and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the middle of the pit.

And that was how the story began. 

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