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Do you think percy and annabeth kids would like Sally and Fredrick

Sally obviously will be the light of their lives and they call Frederick Frederick or Mr. Chase

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If percabeth had kids wouldn't they look like Fredrick and Sally more?

I am pretty sure the godly gens are stronger than the mortal genes and since Percy and Annabeth look more like their godly parents….(except it seems the blonde chase gen is strong so there is that too) also this are headcanons. For me the kids look like their parents, who also looks like their godly parents, but if you want them looking like Sally and Frederick, go for it.

Percy and Annabeth kids will look like a mix of Percy and Annabeth.

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“It’s OK baby, I’m here for you.” lightning/sally

Ever since Doc’s death, Lightning was doing terrible. He wasn’t the same. He was different.

The red race car sometimes refused to talk to anyone, or at least his usual self was not at its normal peak.

When he addressed someone, his voice was monotonous. There was no source of welcome or comfort within it. It was all dead and blank.

Lightning’s sleep schedule had also been thrown off course. Instead of going to sleep at the time everyone else did, he would stay up much later, driving around the empty streets.

The distant sounds of him talking to himself quietly could be heard by only those who were lucky enough to deem themselves still awake. To a bypasser who didn’t know who he was, it was seen as creepy. But to the residents of Radiator Springs, they only saw a deep black pit of sadness.

The car that was worried the most was Sally.

Of course, being his girlfriend could’ve been a reason used for it.

But that wasn’t the case at all.

The Porsche was concerned for Lightning. She knew how he got when he was upset, but this was far much worse than what she imagined.

Sally had been tidying up the Cozy Cone Motel before she closed it for the night. Everyone else was in their own homes, fast asleep.

A car at night, or at least a car in Radiator Springs, wouldn’t expect anyone to be up at such a late hour.

Sally, on the other hand, almost knocked over a pile of cones from fear when she noticed red taillights looming down the main road.

She realized it was only Lightning, but that did not make her feel any better about the situation.

“Stickers…?” she started softly, hoping that he would look at her.

The red car paused in the middle of the street, kept his eyes straight ahead, then continued slowly driving.

“Stickers,” Sally tried again, this time a bit louder. She wheeled towards his direction, and was disappointed to see that she still got no answer.

She flinched as Lightning blindly brushed against some metallic poles, a static-like sound coming off as his paint was scraped slightly.

He was so bad he didn’t even care about his appearance anymore.

Not to mention how tired he looked. Sally could guess he hadn’t gotten proper sleep for the past week, with all the lonely wandering he’s been doing at nighttime.

Surely Sally knew how Lightning was feeling. The whole town wasn’t done grieving as well. It just so happened to hit Lighting the hardest. Taking care of him will only add more pressure into taking care of herself and everyone else, but she was willing to do it. For Doc.

Caught up in her thoughts, the blue car didn’t notice Lightning drive onto the sidewalk and into the gas station, and he parked himself right in the middle of it.

Sighing, Sally silently drove toward him. After a moment, she slowed down, now being a couple of feet away.

“Hey…” she whispered, looking up into his eyes, searching for anything that could mean an invitation to a conversation. Nothing.

“I…I came to check up on you. How are you feeling?” she continued. Still, no answer.

“Lightning…I’m sorry. I really am. I don’t like this any more than you do, and..I hope you’ll understand that everything will be okay and–”

“..nothing’s okay..anymore…” Lightning murmured, barely a whisper. He lowered his eyes to the ground, refusing to look at anything else.

“It will be. I know it’s a lot to take in, but…I’m…” Sally trailed off, reconsidering her thoughts.

“Look..I’m worried about you, stickers. You haven’t been doing alright this past week. You’re not sleeping right and you aren’t yourself…I don’t think you’re taking care of how you look, too,” Sally explained as gently as she could.

“What does it matter…? It’s not important…I have better things to do than take care of myself…”

“And look at where that’s gotten you. Please, Lightning. This’ll be a lot much easier to cope with if you at least tried sleeping some more…it’ll take off some stress and take your mind off things…”

“I don’t want to sleep…”

“But you have to, stickers. You’ll feel better.”

Lightning looked up, connecting gazes with Sally for the first time since last week.

“I miss him, Sally…”

The Porsche paused, sorrow overtaking her. “I know, stickers, I miss him too.”

“He’s..never coming back,” McQueen whispered, and it was then that she noticed tears starting to form in his eyes.

“I know…” the blue car whispered back, taking this as an opening, and she drove up fully to his side, pressing against him gently for comfort. “I know…”

“It’s okay to cry,” Sally said, noting how he was trying not to do just that. As soon as she finished her sentence, he relaxed and lowered himself until the underneath of him touched the ground, and the urge to cry had never become so great in his life.

“I-I’m..I’m a-alone, S-Sally….he’s n-not here, he’s…I didn’t get to s-say goodbye or anything..I miss h-him, I m-miss him…” Lightning panted in between sobs, squeezing his eyes shut hard.

Sally couldn’t help but feel the need to cry too. She hated to see her love like this. It was too much for her.

“I’m so, so sorry stickers…I’m sorry…” she breathed, trying to keep herself under control. “It’s okay…you’re not’ve got your family right here…you’ve got us…”

With this, Lightning only cried harder, tears dripping down the sides of his bumper.

“S-Sally…” Lightning sobbed, pressing more against the other car.

“’s alright, stickers…shh, shhh…it’s okay…It’s okay, baby, I’m here for you…shhh…” Sally whispered, feeling a few tears falling down her own bumper.

That night, Lightning got the chance to sleep in peace, all the while with Sally for comfort by his side.

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What kind of hair dye do you use?

Lol, I usually switch between two brands. 

The Ion Color Brilliance and the One N’ Only Argan Oil. Both are semi-permanent and wash out when I take a shower. (Though you can prolong color by using dry shampoo, cold water when you take a shower, and sulfate free products).

And a lot of it depends on what color I’m doing. Ion Color Brilliance has a lot more of a selection, and a lot more hues, but Argan Oil comes with more dye and seems to stick to my hair better than Ion does. :) Both are good, and you can find both at Sally Beauty Supply, online and in stores.

  • You: Percy likes blue food because it's his favorite color!!!
  • Me, an intellectual: Percy likes blue food because it was one of his and his mother's only ways to rebel against Gabe while they were stuck in an abusive situation. Blue food was an outlet for them to bond and rebel against Gabe in small ways that wouldn't get them hurt.

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Thank you for answering the hair dye question I've been trying to find someone with dark hair to recommend a brand for me. (Lots of people I follow have super light hair)

Ye, dark hair is a struggle especially when dyeing. I should warn you though, I did have to bleach my hair to get the color. The guy I talked to at Sally’s said if you let it sit in your hair long enough, you don’t have to bleach it, but I wanted vibrancy so I ended up bleaching for a better color :)

It Had To Be You

by FullOnLarrie

A When Harry Met Sally AU.

Harry and Louis are strangers who share the drive from Chicago to NYC after college. They don’t have anything in common, don’t get along, and at the end of their trip, they’re both glad to say goodbye. During a chance meeting five years later, they find that nothing has changed, and they part ways expecting never to see each other again. Ten years after their first meeting, Louis and Harry meet once again, but this time they become friends. Eventually, things get complicated.

Chapters: 4/4, Words: 45621
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan/Liam Payne, Liam Payne/Original Male Character(s), Harry Styles/Original Male Character(s), Louis Tomlinson/Original Male Character(s), the OMCs are early on
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Hate to Love, Friends to Lovers, Light Angst, Fluff, Non-Explicit Sex, When Harry Met Sally - Freeform, Please don’t be put off by the OMCs, If you know the movie you’ll know they’re not around long, Infidelity, but not between Louis and Harry

Sally Yates is a Patriot

I have a series of medical tests late this afternoon, so I won’t have a chance to post a recap of Sally Yates’ testimony. Her hearing is about to start now.

Three things:

1) NBC News broke the news this morning that three Obama officials have confirmed that, shortly after the election, President Obama warned Trump not to hire General Flynn, whom he had fired in 2014. And, of course, Trump had to fire Flynn three weeks after he hired him to be National Security Adviser because Flynn colluded with Russia–and Turkey–and lied to VP Pence about it.

2) Strongly urge you to read up on Sally Yates’ career if you haven’t already. She has a long, distinguished legal career prosecuting members of both parties. She’s highly esteemed by peers of all stripes. And Trump fired her in January from her job as Acting U.S. Attorney General because she refused to enforce his first travel ban Executive Order. Let’s note the 3rd Circuit separately ruled that Yates’ legal assessment was the correct one.

3) Yates is about to testify under oath now. In a stupid and venal attempt to deflect attention, this morning on Twitter, Trump both attacked Yates AND falsely blamed President Obama for hiring Flynn.

Let’s pay close attention. Yates has tremendous integrity and pertinent information. Today we learn what Yates knew about Flynn and Russia, what she relayed to Trump, and why she opted to get fired rather than enforce a travel ban she knew to be Unconstitutional.

Sally Yates is a patriot.

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if you have time, i'd love to see sally jackson in your (amazing) style!


here, have a mom and a child bonding while making cookies. You’re welcome! (Also, now you know where percy’s curls come from)<3