this is for you ok

wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait a goddamn second

so this

totally fine, don’t change it

but this

this has to be changed immediately.

uh huh.

so tell me, wit studio, what kind of toothbrush do you use?

must be hard scraping the shit off your teeth.

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

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Every time i see that new art where Victor has his hat backwards with his fringe out the front I think of CF Victor???? Then my mind swaps out that plaid jacket for frat gear lol I thought u should know love your fics <3

Let’s see what it would look like if we swapped those plaid jackets (original image here) with Psi Omega Iota (from centripetal force) letter jackets….

You know what…………….. we got caught up with the Yuri on Stage event and the movie announcement and totally forgot ITS PHICHIT CHULANONT BIRTHDAY THIS PRECIOUS CINAMONROLL THE CUTEST THE PUREST OF THEM ALL AAAAAAAAAAAH  i love him soo much i mean look at this……… I want to jump and just hug him I HOPE YURI SHOWER HIM WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF HAMSTER AND TAKE THOUSAND OF SELFIE WITH THEM AND YURI <3333333333333 


“After all, it worked out so well the first time.”

(with thanks to moonface84 over on Twitter for this one)

Seriously considering hunting this Aussie breeder/handler bitch down and punching her in the throat. Call my baby dog “nasty” one more time I fucking dare you.

I posted a pic of Marvel and she suggested I “take a steak knife to his tail”. I’m not even against tail docking but like really ? He is a sport dog and has a perfectly useful extension of his spine , why take that away?

Personal responsibility

So someone messaged me to ‘take down’ a post I’d reblogged and said it was “weird I was 4 years back into their archive”…  I wasn’t in their archive.  I had simply done a search for a funny imgur post, and their post came up.  They messaged me, very curtly, to remove it and explained why…  After hearing why, I understand, however, if this video poses such a threat, why is it still viewable and rebloggable by the general public?  This seems like a thing that should have been taken down ages ago.

There seems to be an ongoing pattern of behavior here that’s worrisome. People are holding complete strangers responsible for every trauma that has happened to them.  There’s no way we all can read each other’s minds and pasts.  Most of us are just here for fandom, jokes, cats, and general escapism.  Hell, we all have our own traumas, every last one of us.  If someone misunderstands a post you made, or reblogs a photo or video that brings bad memories for you, we have literally no idea.  You can either continue to message people (in not so nice ways) to alert them to your discomfort, or you can simply remove the thing, block it, blacklist it, etc.  That ensures your well being a lot more than continuing to expect everyone else to simply ‘know’ about your pain.

We can’t hold everyone else responsible for our own troubles, memories, traumas, etc.  Take your own well being into your hands as much as possible, as really that’s the strongest defense you have.  The rest of us might be willing to help, but it’s not a burden that should be forced onto us without us even knowing.

Honestly I don’t like going and block someone, but that tumblr user from last post started spamming me with shit and even guilt tripping me if it was ok to just close their tumblr and everything?

Man, honestly I prefer keeping quiet and never respond anyone when I feel uncomfortable to respond.

electrostatic potential (26/?)

ten/rose. quite adult this ch.
my notes on ao3 are super rambly and emotional, so i will not repeat them here! in short: i worked /really/ hard on this chapter, and i’m scared as hell to post it. thanks to @goingtothetardis​ and @aroseofstone​ for the betas.
summary: as the doctor and rose traverse time and space looking for adventure, they slowly fall victim to a mysterious energy that can manipulate their emotions. though confused and unnerved by the cerebral affliction, neither of them understands its cause, or realizes that it could jeopardize their friendship. what will it take for them to discover the truth?
this chapter on ao3 | back to chapter 1 on ao3

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I have to ask if glasses-don't-interfere-with-kissing person is Asian, because I am and GLASSES ARE THE WORST, omg, my nose squishes really easily, and my face isn't shaped the same way. If Yuuri got his glasses in America (which he probably did, he's lived there for five years), his glasses were likely made for white people and they WILL NOT FIT PROPERLY and they mess up EVERYTHING. Including kisses. The day I discovered Asian-fit glasses was the best day of my life. Sorry for the rant.

(in reference to this)

AHHH that sounds terrible!!! Ill-fitting glasses are literally the worst lmao. Rant all you like, pal <3 I’m glad you found Asian-fit glasses though hahaha

Train To Busan - Astro AU (3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Okay so I highly recommend you watch the movie or read the plot bc it’ll make more sense when you read it

special shoutout for @literal-ktrash @puppycat-eyes for helping me through my writing slump and @mystic-astro-trash for motivating me when I was gonna abandon it

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