this is for you my children

Ashi has officially become my fav!!

Love this episode having some of the characters from previous seasons making a comeback and encouraging both Ashi and Jack. And I’m seriously looking forward to an extended version of Olivia’s “Samurai” song!!

“Aku enslave the children with his beats from hell.
But then He came and fought the Evil Way

It was the Samurai
The Samurai.
We’ll never forget you,
‘til the day we die!

  • Mr Kubdel: Jalil is kinda irresponsible, I'll give the watch to Alix instead
  • Alix: *breaks watch within an hour and goes on a murder spree*
  • Mr Kubdel: Why are my children like this

*as always click for better quality*
So I thought “what if Gaston and LeFou had children”
The girl is the younger one. Just like her dad (Gaston) she’s very brave and full of herself. And angry. Basically all the time. Say anything bad about her family or friends (especially Gastons and LeFous past) and you’ll probably die.
But usually she’s the cool kind of girl. Like this kind of cool - B)
(I don’t know if that says much but you get what I mean)
The boy is older. He’s complete oposite of his sister. More than hunting (it’s his sister thing) he prefers a good book. Yes, he can read so LeFou and Belle are very proud of him. He isn’t awkward or antisocial but sometimes he’s just weird. Usually new people in the village don’t know what to expect from him. For example, he can just stare at you for an hour with no specific reason. Mabey he just likes being this one weird guy in the place, the world may never know.
Oh, and if you tell something wrong about Papa or Dad… I don’t think running will help you.
They both loves to dance but the boy got the sick moves while the girl is the better singer.
I don’t know how it is even possible for them to exist because I don’t want to make mpreg out of this (not that mpreg is something bad!) so… MAGIC I GUESS????
(I’m going to do Belles and Adams kid too. And mabey Stanleys too. I’m thinking about Stanfou version or Stanley will just get a nice guy on his own)
Oh and I don’t have names for them, so I would be more than honored if someone would find some beutiful French names for them. I’m really bad at this.

I wanted to tag Stanfou but I’m afraid of hate so I’m just gonna tag stanley.

  • what she says: oh i'm not THAT into wash, i'm cool with him on the back burner
  • what she means: it's been 84 years since i heard my son's voice... where is he? what is he thinking? how is he feeling? you don't understand. my crops are dying. my children are starving. when will he Speak

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"Of course Sam liked that pic- those are his feet so cleverly, and obviously, cropped out of the left of the frame" I'm lost! and reading other blogs I see they think those are Cait's feet. Can you elaborate about your theory please? Ps: I found really intriguing Maril's answer about not outing OL bts loves, marriages or children been born yet.

The feet you see in Cait’s pic are indeed Cait’s feet. My caption was only implying that the way the short vid was framed left the other side of that bed, daybed, lounge, or whatever she was reclining on out of the frame- which would mean that the feet of any companion whom she may have had upon that piece of furniture would be out of frame and not visible. Which, of course, leads me to wonder that there might indeed be a pair of feet located out of the frame to Cait’s left- and given the antics that Cait and Sam got up to at around bedtime in SA during Maril’s Q and A which clearly suggested that they were sitting there together: Sam speaking for both himself and Cait about not looking forward to giving up the sun and warmth of SA, not to mention Cait’s showing of what looks very much a bite mark on her upper thigh which was got during filming the Turtle Soup scene (one of the more passionate sexual encounters in the book), Sam’s cheeky answer to Cait, and then Sam’s thumbs up to Maril’s advice that it was time for bed. -I don’t think it’s too far out on a limb here to guess that any unseen feet, if they exist outside the frame of that shot, would belong to Sam. Sam who incidentally was implying by making it obvious that he was in Cait’s company so late on a work night that he just might live in the same flat as she- or at the very least he’s implying that *ahem* he doesn’t have “anywhere else” that he should be that late at night *ahem*, or anyone else he should be with .

And I, like you, anon, am also intrigued by Maril’s answer to the marriage and children question. First, that she chose to respond to it at all. And second, that the answer she chose to give to it was everything but a ‘No’. There certainly would be no need for such circumspection or privacy if It was that a second AD and a groundskeeper had got together, or if a makeup artist and an electricians assistant had just welcomed a new baby…

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I was at a used bookstore with some friends the other day. I can't remember the name of the book, but there was a book about vampires and it looked to be about as close to porn as you could get it and still put it in the children/young adults section. Anyways, I saw it and was just like "If I were here with Tumblr mom, I would get this and beg her to read it with me. Can't be worse than vampire nail nipples. ... Can it?"

Literally nothing, and I mean nothing was worse than that era of my life.

Which I inadvertently brought back and can now never escape thanks to the internet. 

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Hi! I just wanted to tell something really nice that happened to me, because I love you: Today I was talking with a friend and I told her that I'm bi, but my little brother heard me. When I called him to beg him not to tell our parents (yet), he just stared at me with a serious face and said: "Jimena, I am not treating you different just because you like girls like boys do. I understand it. Don't be afraid, I support you." I cried. He's 11. (Tbh, I didn't know he knew what a bi person was)


but honestly ahhh this is so cute and im so happy for you <333 children are honestly the best bc theyre so pure and im glad ur brother accepts you no matter what!! give him some reeses pieces he deserves it

Celebration 2017 Last Day Debrief

Writing from my phone again! Disregard typos!

We knew it would be a special day because Ghost Prince gifted us with this perfect circle Halo Rainbow over Paisley Park.

 There were no other clouds and it was not raining! Also Rainbow Children was playing as we walked inside! Thank you Fairy God Boyfriend!


Lovely reflections by Damaris :

“Weird is a word to define things we don’t understand.”

“If you tell me that I am weird that means I am not like you. Say thank you.” 💜🕊️

Concert was Tokyo 1990, one that is “in rotation” as it were but a TIME on a 30-40 feet tall screen. Precariously positioned body suit that defied the laws of physics and all. It thankfully stopped before the Question of You performance…😩

NPG & 3rdeyegirl Panel
(Shelby J, Donna Grantis, Adrian Crutchfield, Kip Blackshire)

Origin Stories:

Shelby sang background for Anthony Hamilton. While on break, she auditioned to sing with Larry Graham in Minneapolis. Didn’t realize it was at Paisley until she arrived. Gig was at 3121 in Vegas… she didn’t realize it was P’s club. Practicing at the club singing “Higher Ground”. A voice told her to keep singing the song again and again. Larry leaned over and told her “I think this is your audition.” P came “floating” down the aisle toward her dressed to the nines and she was in a baby phat jumpsuit! He asked her “Where have you been?!” She said “I’ve been working!” 😂 Went home to NC after the gig.

Got a call 3 days later to come back to Vegas…And to learn 11 songs. “What day? Like Friday?” “No tomorrow morning.”

First show with him NYE 2006. After the show he came to see her and asked her to be in his band. She of course accepted. As he was walking away he added “We start rehearsing for the Superbowl next week.”

Donna got an email from Josh Welton inviting her to jam with P. She googled him to make sure he was legit. He was, had a call with him and Hannah and was given 6-7 songs to learn. Got a one way ticket to Minni…Arrived and went straight to work jamming with Hannah, Ida and P. Stayed for a week… the Bambi and Screwdriver videos were filmed a week after they first started jamming.

They also did not know what 3rdeyegirl was for the longest…Is it P? Is it some abstract concept? Is it art? They didn’t know it was the name of their band until they were introduced that way on Jimmy Fallon, their first public performance.

Kip was friends with Morris Hayes. Invited to hang at Paisley while P and Carlos were jamming in 1999. Didn’t want to be in the way. Half heartdely shooting hoops. He hears a guitar clang and before he knows it P is standing in front of him with his hands out. He feels bad like “oops”…But P takes the basketball and hard checks him in the stomach with it. Really ready to play! 😂 Kip declined saying he wasn’t dressed for a game…And P invited him back the next day to play for real.

Next day Kip was singing in the bathroom absently. P heard and complimented him…And invited him to jam with P and Larry. He did…And P then invited him to sing on Uninvited from Rave. The rest is history.

Damaris - Modeled for 12 years previously. Got tweets saying someone’s artist wanted to work with her. Ignored the tweets…Then got a text…Then a call…It was P’s manager. Met backstage at a Welcome 2 America aftershow. She’d danced hard and P invited her to join his tour. She declined. He asked again a few weeks later and she accepted and joined him for the Welcome 2 Australia tour.

Adrian was in competition to staff his horn section with Phil Lassiter (sound vs movement). P joined both factions to form the NPG Hornz.

Other thoughts :

“Prince saw me before I saw myself.” - Damaris 💜🕊️

Prince Live
Robert “Cubby” Colby (81-89 Live sound engineer) David Z (Bobby’s bro…Sound engineer for P from the very beginning through the 80’s)

Cubby - P enjoyed teaching. One time Fink was having a bad time. P went slow teaching him…And did this, playing the part from the back of the piano (essentially playing the part perfectly upside down on the keys.)

David Z - On the early days he’d record himself humming on a recorder and then recreate the sound in the studio with instruments since he couldn’t read music.

On Little Red Corvette “I just did that to get on the radio”.

Early mistakes punched through to correct. Later he’d just say “I meant to do that.”

Paisley Park originally was to be a whole neighborhood. A kind of “live/work/play” model.

He was a dirty b ball player. Stepping on toes and things, but he was the fastest.

Cubby only took breaks when P did and didn’t take lunch with the rest of the staff to be on hand for P’s noodling. Every day, Cubby would bring a Pay Day candy bar to eat and would leave it in his console. A few days in the row, it went missing. He saw P eating it one day and says to him “Hey man that’s my Payday.” And P goes “Payday ain’t till Friday.”

On P making mistakes…

In a soundcheck and P was singing The Ladder. P’s voice cracked and Cubby laughed….Then tried to smother it. P stopped the whole band and said “I don’t know if you’re going to fart or throw up. Rehearsal is over.”

NPG Concert

I don’t know how to convey how INCREDIBLE this was. They started with Sexy MF, went into Love 2 the 9’s, dipped back to Uptown with Andre Cymone…back to Cream with Marva King, a third of SOTT, back to Money Don’t Matter Tonight, Call the Law (whatever y'all it’s a jam!), ARROGANCE FROM THE SYMBOL ALBUM, BILLY JACK BITCH, HOUSEQUAKE!!!! YALL I DANCED SO HARD I DIDNT CARE THAT I HAD RUNNING MAKEUP PROBABLY GO SEE THEM IF THEY TOUR!!!!!

Also to close it all, they piped in P singing over the live band playing. 2011 Madison Square Garden P led us through Kiss. Me and @stephaniejuhnay were ready to see him take the stage like “siiikkkkeeee” his voice was so present…

They then showed him doing the breakdown dance part on the screen…yaaaaaassss boyfriend!

Next they had him singing Purple Rain to us…And displayed him from that same show in a stylized way. Not a dry eye. It was beautiful.

There was a weird moment at the end where they tried to make it happy again with an instrumental, but it didn’t quite translate. Everyone was dazed and in their feelings with seeing him and hearing him in a way that made it feel like he was there….It was special and we didn’t want to lose that feeling….

Overall though. AMAZING close to an AMAZING experience!

Stay tuned for a final reflection! This entry is long enough!

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me: hmmm I'm gonna make a series! • also me: every character is the same age and nobody is related. do not bring gross incest or pedo shit close to my children?

•• no but actually I wanna make somethin but one of the Important Characters is a teacher so do I. do I rly wanna talk abt this this to anyone bc teacher/student is gross and I Know people will do it if this gets anywhere


I KNOW HOW THIS FEELS GOOD GOD and then when u express concern people get mad at you for it???? someone LITERALLY said i harass my fans over ships when all i did was express concern like

hooooooly shit

This is my main oc Alyssa Jane Montgomery. As you can see she loves flaunting her body much, especially her pudgy stomach. She’s about 16 years old, has mild Asperger’s and ADHD, loves science math technology and engineering, confident, is disgusted by romance and not interested in it at all, enjoys taking things apart to see how they work, has her drivers license and drives an old Chevrolet Blazer two-door SUV 4x4 with a stick-shift. She doesn’t like children but she acts motherly towards her friends. She’s very empathetic.

(submitted by @thevisuallearner94)

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Congrats on the milestone!! As for a prompt, if you're ok with angst how about Keith and Pidge where Keith has been rendered out of commission (taking a hit for Pidge?) and Pidge is left trying to get them out of whatever bad situation they're in by herself while carrying/dragging Keith, or something?

thank you my dear! I’m happy to provide ;)

Pidge paused, gasping for breath, and gathered herself for another heave. She was crouched, arms hooked under Keith’s armpits. The rest of him was flat on his back. By some small blessing, the corner of the Galra ship they were in was, for now, empty. But they had gone too far from any sane evac point in their search for prisoners, and getting back out was going to be…challenging.

“For the record, you picked a really great time for a nap,” Pidge griped as she threw her whole body weight into moving Keith another inch down the hallway.

Keith ignored her. Keith was probably unconscious. Behind them was a chaotic trail of Pidge’s bootprints slipping and smearing their dark red outlines. The dark red in question was leaking from the smoking hole in Keith’s armour.

She wasn’t going to let herself think too much about what it was. How much of it there was. How much of it would be too much.

How much of it was her fault.

Her foot slipped again, and her butt thumped hard to the floor. Keith’s arms flopped limply over her thighs, and she curled tightly over him, breath a scraping pain in her chest.

“Guys,” she said, trying to press the fear from her voice. “We really need that evac.”

A crackle was her first answer; Pidge recognized the sound of Hunk’s bayard firing. They were on foot, then. Coming after them. Shiro’s steady voice was the one that answered. “We’re on our way, Pidge. Just get somewhere safe.”

“Oh, sure. No problem,” Pidge said, but nobody answered. She twisted around, looking for some kind of temporary cover, but it was just a dumb hallway: long and open and well-lit. “It’s a good thing Galra bones aren’t made of concrete or this would be really difficult right now.”

Then Keith’s body shuddered in her arms, and her head snapped back down.

He took a wet, bubbling breath. “I regret saving you,” Keith croaked.

Pidge’s eyes stung with relief, and she hugged him tight for just a second. “Too late. No takebacks,” she said. “Besides, I’m the one saving you, in case you haven’t noticed.”

She bent for another heave, dug her heels in, and hauled them both another half a foot. When she looked up again, one of Keith’s hands was raised just far enough to deliver her a righteous middle finger.

A laugh hiccuped out of Pidge before she could stop it, and she kept hauling him, an inch at a time, towards safety.

I’m celebrating a follower milestone! Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a mini fic!

For anyone “annoyed” by my critical posts of psychiatry- I was more than annoyed when I was commited 7 times against my will. I was more than annoyed when I was forced to take drugs that I did not want, that made my symptoms worse, and which everyone told me I needed to take or I would be court ordered to do so “for my own safety”.

I am trying to raise awareness about a violation of human rights. You all jump to share and pay attention to issues like racism, trans and homophobia, sexism and bigotry, and rightly so, as those issues are important as well and deserve all the attention they get (and more), and yet you remain silent as thousands of people get forcibly detained and drugged with NO DUE PROCESS OF LAW every. single. day. Even to children, as I was a child during all my admissions.

You cry about the injustices of tainted water in Flint, the golfing of the President, and just about everything under the sun EXCEPT for this! How frustrated and annoyed do you think I AM that no one seems to give a damn about the abuse I suffered, and the abuse millions of innocent people routinely suffer? Fuck you and your blissful ignorance. There is no greater power than the words of activism, especially on social media, yet no one uses the power for this issue, an issue which KILLS people.

People kill themselves from the trauma of forcible seclusion and restraint.

People die early because no one studies the long term effects of neuroleptic drugs on the brain.

People die while IN restraints in institutions, and it gets swept under the rug, unless it happens to a black person by police while in custody.

People lose decades of memories when they are subjected to electroshock therapy (yes, this still exists.)

Where are our marches for freedom? Where are our 10 page Tumblr posts, our articles shared by Facebook celebrities, our awareness? Why does no one care that this is happening, why is no one DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

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Islam will remain and Expand until the end of the world.. You need to get used to it. And Muslims all over the world, whether in the Lands of Disbelief or in the Lands of Islam, are waking up and realizing your nonsense about "Moderate" and "Progressive" Islam is a code word for "Humiliating Muslims" And there will always be a group of Youth who refuse to be humiliated and would rather chase death, than chase your approval. So forget the previous pathetic comment from the weak self hater.

You know, I’ve had a lot of arguments on Tumblr. I’ve argued with “SJWs”, “anti-SJWs,” neo-Nazis, black supremacists, white supremacists, communists, antisemites, but I genuinely think that you’re my first jihadist. Mazel!

I’m very sorry that you’re upset that there are decent Muslims out there that have moved on from using your religious texts as fundamentalist and insane reasons to go around murdering and oppressing others. I’m saddened that you think “Not throwing homosexuals from buildings” and “Not oppressing non-Muslims” and “Not beating your wife” is somehow “humiliation.” We’re just fans of “secular law comes before any religious law” so we can all try to live together in peace with all of our own belief systems.

You do know that there’s more than one faith than Islam, right? I mean, it’s not strictly true when you say “Lands of Disbelief.” I’m happy with my belief in Judaism, for example, like my ancestors before me. And there are some lovely Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, pagans, spiritualists and a whole host of others with their beliefs in countries all across the world. No offence, but it’s kind of rude to say that we’re in “Lands of Disbelief”? But maybe you didn’t mean it that way, no problem!

I hope this isn’t too selfish, though, but if you’re one of the ones “chasing death,” would you mind doing it elsewhere? In an empty field or something? The rest of us have more important things to do.


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Can you describe the powers of hecate's children or the pros of being descended from hecate?

Uhm I’m sorry this has been in my drafts for god knows how long I apologize profusely? Also yes I am here for this 10000%

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve basically adopted Lou as one of my many children, and I’ve done a LOT of research into Hecate powers. And, I’ve actually mentioned them in this headcanon.


From what I’ve read in the books, I dislike the way Hecate children do magic, which is pretty similar to the Kane Chronicles. So in my view, it’s done in more of a Harry Potter sense of magic.

Children of Hecate have to have extreme control over their mental and physical forms to perform magic. They have to memorize all of the spells and clearly understand the theories behind them to be able to control them, as well as how to manipulate spells.

Wands are not needed to do magic, but they are used to focus your magic and are usually used across more beginner children of Hecate. As I said, extreme control. For younger children of Hecate, they need wands because they do not yet have the control to do wandless magic. To a well-practiced child of Hecate, a wand may be seen as more of hindrance than a help.

It’s not a cure-all. There’s karma. For example, using a spell to draw energy from things around them may cause a child of Hecate’s strength to grow, but it will kill the things they took energy from. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. (My inner science nerd is powering up sorry).

Now, there’s a reason for all of this control that’s needed. With great power comes great responsibility, essentially. They need to learn to control themselves and their power in order to keep not only themselves but others safe. In my mind and writing, children of Hecate are extremely powerful, but that power comes with a cost. With a weight, a weight of not only knowledge but of sacrifice as well. 

Children of Hecate usually work off of scrolls/runes to learn spells, or learn from a master. They have to either have the scroll directly in front of them, or have the move memorized. The more they do a certain spell, the better they do the  next time they cast it.

The magic children of Hecate posses is sectioned off into branches. There’s main branches, destruction, conjuration, healing, alteration, illusion, and alchemy/enchanting. Children of Hecate can overlap, studying magic from multiple branches, but they do not have enough power to study all the branches, and usually only have an innate affinity for one.

  • Destruction magic: Magic which destroys others, offensive magic. Spells that are used solely to attack others. Usually a child of Hecate will find an affinity or even just a preference for one basic element, such as fire, water, air, etc.
  • Conjuration magic: Magic which conjures, can be offensive, defensive, or neutral. For example, you can conjure a creature to fight for you, you can conjure a shield to protect you, or you can conjure a shovel because you really need to hide that body but don’t wanna leave your dna all over an actual shovel. One attacks, one defends, and one is simply a temporary tool.
  • Healing magic: Magic which can be used to heal yourself or others. Defensive magic. Healing is pretty self explanatory. 
  • Alteration magic: The altering of something already in the world. Example, turning straw to gold. However, this branch requires a really good understanding of the elements and specific mastery of each type. For example, you want to make glass in a jiffy? You have to find sand and fire, and you need to have a specific idea in your mind as well as a specific spell for that object. Probably the toughest branch because one wrong move and kla-blamo.
  • Illusion magic: Hiding or altering perceptions. Muffling your footsteps, turning yourself invisible. Sure you could put all of your energy into making yourself transparent, OR you could just put like 10% of your energy into blacking out that monster’s sight so they can’t see you. This branch isn’t about actually changing the world, it’s about altering perceptions. Getting into people’s heads through spells cast on specific people or groups. That means they can also detect things like lies, or perhaps even cast telepathic spells.
  • Alchemy/enchanting: For people who don’t like actually casting spells that much. Alchemy is potions, which requires vast knowledge of the world around you, not super hard but very easy to get yourself killed if you don’t have a good teacher and you’re stupid. Enchanting is very hard, not for beginners, very very easy to kill yourself or someone else even if you’re not stupid.

And honestly? I don’t see a lot of pros of being a child of Hecate. You need to be rigorous, you need to be strict in your duties and studies, you need to be ready to sacrifice a lot to Hecate. Sure you get cool powers, but it’s also very likely you’ll kill someone unless you’re careful. 

That’s how I see Hecate, but you can totally just dump this in the trash and interpret her and her powers in another way. But Hecate is insanely powerful, and she’s a minor goddess. I think because of that, being one of her children comes at an insane cost.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>the man in every white heterosexual couple ever:</b> you look so good in that dress *wriggles eyes* but even better with it on my bedroom floor<p/><b>yousef:</b> you look so pretty peeling that carrot, sana. but you know whats even better? you sitting on that chair, relaxing and enjoying the day while i cook for you and talk about how many children you want instead<p/></p><p/></p>

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Hey! I absolutely love every single thing you've made, the Wednesday dress might even be my favorite CC ever. I love both adult and toddler versions, but can I please request a children version? That would be plain perfect. thank you so much

Thank you so much! ❤
I can’t make any promises, but I’ll definitely try to make a version for children, when I find the time and motivation! :)

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connor/evan/jared with connor and evan taking care of jared? maybe hes sick or upset, whichever you choose!



“I can’t believe you’ve done this.” Connor sighed as he helped Jared back into bed. His stupid asshole boyfriend had avoided them all day. Dodged their calls, didn’t respond to their texts all because he was sick and looked gross.

“I didn’t want you to see my face like this.” Jared sighed over dramatically. He always put a flare in everything he did. “My beautiful face is sweaty, and pale and disgusting!”

“Jared you always look beautiful.” Evan told him as he passed the boy a Gatorade and a bowl of soup. Evan and Connor both shook their head about how dumb their boyfriend could be at times.

“Evan you’re a god, be the father of my children.” Jared smiled as he spooned some of the soup into his mouth.

“That’s physically impossible.” Evan told him as he sat down on his left, and Connor on his right. “Plus Connor’s children would be cuter than mine any day.” Evan laughed.

“True.” Jared agreed as he sipped on his drink. 

“Stop it!” Connor blushed as he passed Jared some Tylenol. “Just take this fucking medicine and go to sleep Kleinman.” 

“I will.” Jared yawned as he finished off the soup. Evan grabbed the bowl and placed it on the nightstand. 

Connor and Evan both cuddled into their sick boyfriend and Jared had a goofy smile on his face. “Thank you for taking care of me.” Jared sighed as his eyes fluttered shut.

“Love you Jared.”

“Don’t sweat it Kleinman.”