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Hi! Could I please have option 1, where Jasper thinks he’s the biggest Bellarke shipper, but surprisingly it’s actually Murphy, or if you have too many prompts maybe a gifset with Bellarke and Wicken parings? Thanks!

hello, Eponine! yes ofc you can have a fic =D



Jasper Jordan is many things. 

He’s rash and impulsive. He’s energetic and enthusiastic. He swallows without chewing when he’s hungry. He can be oblivious and selfish at times, but he always has good intentions. He’s loyal, but he holds grudges. He’s a little too into High School Musical, in a way that precariously toes the thin line between ironic and unironic.

But the one thing Jasper Jordan is not, is blind

He’s seen it ever since the first day of college — when he’d walked onto that courtyard, and saw a small, curvy blonde scowling at a broad-shouldered man with a head full of dark curls and a lazy smirk.

Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin are meant to be together.

“No, you’re not blind,” Monty had said in their dorm room later that night, “but it’s possible you you’re just a little too optimistic.”

“Aha!” he’d yelled, one finger jabbed towards his friend. “You said I’m not blind!“ 

What? The important thing was, he’d been right.

And he still is. Because after four years of him telling everyone that Bellamy and Clarke belong together, he’s finally being proved right. After four years of scheming to set them up on impromptu dates, of poorly disguised hints and pointed suggestions that were really only translucent at best, of being told to ‘shut up, Jasper’ whenever he crows over their obvious mutual attraction and respect and adoration, Jasper Jordan is finally receiving his vindication.

Because they finally are together!

Well. They’re living together, at least.

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ANIME NORTH DAY 1 2 3 DONE~ had lots of fun with everyone and our cosplay squad YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST ; v ; / till our next con!💕

@mlim8 @konekat @right—meow @kenbrah @ookamarii

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Saw you were taking prompts. Could I ask for a Fitzsimmons + 4??

Thank you for the prompt! Hope you enjoy! (Want one? Pick from this list.)

#4 - Come here. Let me fix it.


“There’s nothing to worry about, honestly!”

Jemma sat on the edge of the bed in their shared apartment listening to Fitz’s occasional groans coming from their en suite. She truly didn’t understand why he making such a fuss about his current predicament. To give him credit, it was a strange night, to be sure. For once, instead of the two of them preparing for a night out, with him usually waiting somewhat impatiently for her to finish getting ready, Jemma relaxed in her loungewear rather enjoying herself while Fitz struggled to decide on his wardrobe for the evening. And unlike other nights, Jemma wouldn’t be joining him at their favorite restaurant around the corner.

Half a dozen neckties were thrown haphazardly across the duvet as Fitz’s nerves made decision-making nearly impossible. Jemma found it rather humorous, as he was never one to care too much about his appearance, but she did admire how much effort he seemed to be putting into the occasion. To help him along, she decided the blue one was the best choice, as it was a favorite of hers and hoped it would bring him some luck for his mission.

She heard another groan from her boyfriend, and dropped her head in her hands.

“Easy enough for you to say,” he said, his voice echoing in a defeated tone. “You’re not the one asking for permission.”

Jemma huffed. “Technically, you’re asking for the both of us. It’s not like I don’t have a say in this. And what do you think he’s going to say? No?

“I don’t know. He’s your father!” He paused for a moment, and Jemma heard him throw something on the bathroom counter. “Shit,” he muttered softly.

Jemma scrunched her face, trying to decipher his change in tone. Yes, he was being a bit ridiculous with his worry, but now he sounded quite upset, so she scooted herself off the mattress and made her way to the bathroom. She paused once she reached the doorframe, not wanting to startle him. “What is it?” she asked, her voice full of concern.

Fitz stood in front of the mirror, his head bowed toward the sink. The blue necktie was half-hanging off the edge of the counter, having thrown it down in defeat. But what caught Jemma’s attention was Fitz’s hand trembling at his side, causing a lump to form in her throat.

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You're a Sehun mum? How about we just come together and create an EXO mum's committee.

That is actually the best ducking (since we’re cool mums we have to keep language under PG) idea I’ve ever heard. Here’s my proposal:

                                The United EXO’s Mums (UEM) Charter    

                                                 Article 1: Purpose

To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of loving your bias in EXO like how mothers do, PURE, no sexy business.

                                              Article 2: Membership

Membership in the UEM open to all other peace-loving mums which accept the obligations to shower their bias in EXO with PURE love.

A Member of the UEM which persistently violated the Principle of PURE love may be expelled from the Organization by founding mother of EXO, Kim Junhee.

                                      Article 3: Ratifcation and Signature

The present Charter shall come into force upon the deposit of ratifications by members. Please sign on comment.

DONE at the twenty-ninth of May, two thousand and seventeen.

IN FAITH WHEREOF the representatives of the UEM have signed the present Charter. 

Kim Junhee, founding mother of EXO
@exo–sexo mum representative of Byun Baekhyun
@sehuntiago mum representative of Oh Sehun 

The UEM Anthem: MAMA

….because EA never messes up their crap. ;)

Anyways…..Wip - Possible Future Project. Been thinking about doing something with a mod that would require me to mesh something sort of advanced. Once I get my bearings in Maya I’ll elaborate more. It involves that object but not in the way you think. And that’s all the bread crumbs you get for now. :P

Oh and Mel’s Cruddy Bits drop tomorrow at 10am. So stay tuned!

A fan that watched the paparazzi run in with justin and selena (may 27, 2012)

“Okay! So I’m so sorry I took so long to finally get a chance to write this, but a lot of you were asking to know exactly in detail what happend today with Justin and Selena in LA. Yes, I was there and I’m going to tell you guys what I saw exactly! So my friend Mel had texted me telling me she heard Justin and Selena were shopping in the Calabasas/LA area (that’s where we live), so we were going to go down there and say hi and maybe get a picture. When we got downtown, we saw some paparazzi hanging around so we asked them if they knew where Justin and Sel were (kinda a stupid question). Justin and Sel then came out of a store and were going to their car to drive away, when a couple of the paparazzi guys stood infront of their car and were taking pics of them. Justin was clearly telling them to please move over because they had to leave, but the paparazzi guys acted like they didn’t even hear them. So that’s when Justin got out of his car and ran around to the front (he was really pissed). The paparazzi continued to take pics of justin and was trying to have a convo with him. By now, there was a group of fans basically watching along with me and my friend. Sel then got out of the car and was trying to calm Justin down. The paparazzi asked Sel about the “herpes” on her lip..when clearly it was not herpes. Justin was already pissed, and now the pap was saying rude comments to Sel, so Justin went to shove the pap (almost slaped the camera out of the paps hand)and the pap made a huge deal basically what looked like nothing. It didn’t look like that hard of a shove or anything. The pap brought his wife..or some lady with him, and she then started going off on how there was no reason for Justin to hit him. Justin than ran around the car (that’s why his hat fell off and his shoes were loose). Sel was talking to the lady, defending Justin. Sel picked up Justins hat and was trying to calm him down but justin still wanted to tell the pap how rude he was being. Sel then came over and stood next to me and apoligized to all of the fans. (I actually started talking to her about how sorry I was that the paps wouldn’t leave her alone and she was so sweet about it!) So then they got into their car (because the paps were sitting on the sidewalk after he got shoved). A lot of the fans stuck around to watch what was going to happen with the pap because he had said the police and ambulance were called. A couple minutes later the van came back and Sel came out and walked over to where the fans were standing and asked if we had seen her drop her phone anywhere because she can’t find it. Nobody seemed to see it. We all immediately started looking for it around the area. They could only stay for a couple minutes when they came back though. A couple minutes later she was like “Alright I have to go..Love you guys and thank you so much for all of your help!” After Sel and Justin left for the final time, me and my friend Mel along with some other girls stayed around and tried to look for it. But we didn’t find it anywhere. I just hope nobody found it and kept it. As of right now I can’t confirm she has her phone, because when she left she didn’t say if she had it or not! -Well basically that’s what happend today & yes I was actually there. I just wanted to confirm what actually happend because I heard so many stories about something whith a shoe & NO JUSTIN DID NOT HIT THE PAP WITH A SHOE!Just to clear that up haha. So, if you have any questions feel free to tweet me them to me, @thenicolettex0x And I just wanna say thank you so much for all of the sweet comments I’m getting. Overall I got to meet my two idols, even if it was a very crazy situation! xoxo”

                                                             -    @thenicolettex0x (May 27,2012) (x)  

okay so you know that scene in guardians of the galaxy II with the planet they’ve crashed on? there’s like 5 seconds in which there’s 4-5 full moons in the background. and like. do you kno how unlikely???! all of them!! must travel at speeds together around the planet in order to do that!!! or this event is extremely, extremely unlikely and Should Be Noticed!!! like, you know how rarely we get solar eclipses?! think how rare for 4-5 objects to be in exactly the right place to reflect the light (and made of materials of similar reflectivity, as regolith) of their star(s), whilst orbiting a planet! and they affect each other gravitationally too, so their orbits are weirder!!! this is some once-in-a-galaxy planetary event shit!!!!! if i were an astronomer on that planet id be SCREAMING!!!! i mean yeah yeah whatever this movie is based around unlikely situations, but marvel, this is too far, i need to address this amazing important celestial event, what the heck guys,

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Do you, personally, think that Mel has a daddy kink?

Me? No. My aesthetic is misconstrued for that as well and I can say honestly that just because someone is childish/likes a certain aesthetic does not at all mean that it’s related to that. However that’s a lot of personal life experiences mingling in with how I answer, i have a hard time feeling impartial towards the subject

-Admin Emma


“Yes, of course we still love her, and we’re always thinking of her…”

“I know you both needed someone who knows what you’re going through…”


Started from the bottom now we’re here


-George Saunders

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Maybe a lil Davekat since I've never seen them in your style?? :00 (you can more than likely tell who I am, I don't even know why I have anon on tbh)

the more i draw dave, the smaller he gets and the fluffier his hair gets