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Just Me, Coffee, & My Big Mouth

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Characters- Sam x Reader, Mary
Summary- You can’t leave it alone, so you have to say your piece. All you can do is hope she’ll listen, and that Sam won’t be too upset.
Word Count- 1,620
Warnings- mild cursing? Also kind of calling Mary out a little on her bs about “needing space”.
A/N- This is for Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k ‘Sammy Says’ Writing Challenge! My prompt was “I mean, what if there’s something…not natural?” I’m sorry it’s a little late, ladies but I hope you enjoy!

You know you shouldn’t be here, and yet you are. If Sam knew, you were sure he’d tell you to leave it be. He’d tell you that it ‘doesn’t matter’. Like hell it matters, you think. You knew it mattered to him. To Dean, too. They were your broken little family and if you could do anything to fix it, you would.

That’s why you were in Oregon. Tracking the phone hadn’t been that hard- the tricky part was setting up the meeting in the old diner to look like coincidence. You angled yourself just right, right at the bar where you knew she’d sit and waited. It wasn’t long until she showed, blonde hair curled nicely and clothes not too unlike what you were wearing. You watched her out of the corner of your eye, her eyes tripping over your own figure before she beelined toward you. You act nonchalant, pushing yourself to act natural.

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ethan cal and emilie at the beach

Cal: On the first date, she suggests they go and see a 3 hour movie with subtitles, and he knows she’s the one. And he proposes on the third date. 

Ethan: We get married in a registry office, nothing fancy, just friends, and then the pub afterwards

Cal: And who’s the best man? 

Ethan: Cal’s the best man of course. And he makes a terrible speech, but he redeems himself afterwards when he tells everyone about [Emilie]. About us all meeting Kate in the cafe. 

We buy a house in Holby and then we have a little girl, and we call her Emilie. And the day she’s born is the most incredible and terrifying day of my life. She goes to med school, she becomes a doctor and eventually, she gets married and she has kids of her own. 

And Cal and I, doddery old men by then… Cal’s on his fourth wife, but we come back here, every year, all together, to this bay. And we look out at the sea, and we make a toast to you and we say - “this is where it all began”.

— well fuck

  • Joven: I can't keep doing this, I'm not your mom!
  • Wes: Wellll...
  • Flitz: You do exhibit rather...motherly behavior, Joven.
  • Lasercorn: So, you're like our mom! Team mom.
  • Joven: ...
  • Mari: Team mom! Team mom! Team mom!
  • Joven: I'm not the team mom!
  • Everyone else: Team mom! Team mom! Team mom!
  • Joven: Sohinki, why are you chanting?!
  • Sohinki: It's a catchy chant.
  • Boze: ...Team mo-
  • Joven: One more chant, and no slushies after the video shoot!

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do you think that aces who are cis & straight (and not aces that arent) can be called cishet aces? just curious, sorry if you get hate for replying to this

If someone is ace, they’re not straight. Being straight implies being both heteroromantic AND heterosexual. If someone is asexual, they experience no sexual attraction. Not even to the “opposite” gender. 

(An ace might still identify as lesbian, for example, if their romantic orientation and/or “if I were to have sex I would prefer this gender I just don’t feel sexual attraction upon seeing them” results in a woman being attracted to a woman, but the concept of being straight doesn’t work like that. Straight implies your orientation is fully accepted by the general community, and missing a “hetero” in there somewhere - anywhere - results in a lack of acceptance.)

Is a heteroromantic ace straight? Nope. They’re heteroromantic but not heterosexual, and therefore not straight. 

A heteroromantic person on the ace spectrum who when they experience sexual attraction is heterosexual, are they straight? That’s up to them if they want to call themselves straight, but strictly speaking no they’re not. 

I’m hetero-quoiromantic and hetero-gray-ace, am I straight? Uh, mostly. For personal identification purposes, I consider myself straight. For discourse purposes, no I am not a cishet ace. I usually don’t experience sexual attraction and I can’t identify romantic attraction, and I absolutely do not have the same life experiences as someone who is Actually Straight. 

So, to answer your question, straight aces don’t exist, so no you can’t call them cishet aces. 

Mod Marie-Rose

So, Yusuke can replicate skill cards by painting blank ones - the last time we saw something similar was with the Demon Painter in P2, who disappears from the series after that point. Going off the dates, P2 is set firmly in 1999, while P5 was supposed to be 2016 before they changed it thanks to the delays.

Yusuke is around 16 or 17 years old. Yusuke, who fate kind of brings into contact with the Velvet Room; Yusuke, who can inexplicably do something only Velvet Room residents can do, if you include Marie being able to register cards.

I’m not saying that Yusuke got part of the Demon Painter’s essence stuck in him when Philemon disappeared, or is the Demon Painter reborn, or even his son, somehow (though he does conspicuously mention he never really knew anything about his father.)

Still, though.

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AD is Marys 3rd baby.Was friends w/Jenna (she knew everything) and was also in the shed the night they blinded her, and AD was also blinded/disfigured somehow.Was in Radley and met Bethany (who also knew everything, explains drawings) killed Toby's mum (for Jenna maybe)met sister Cece who then became A for revenge for ADs sake, she blamed Bethany for Toby's mums death, maybe Bethany was the one who killed Cece (not sure yet) but After her death AD became AD and thought the liars were responsible

I am definitely with you on some of this. Particularly AD being Mary’s 3rd baby. And someone else having been with Jenna the night she got ‘blinded’. 

lol now if only the show would actually give us some answers…

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Hot take: If I'm white and I capture one of the land guardian deities in Pokemon Moon, guardians of a Hawaiian island, is that cultural appropriation do you think

Absolutely. Now say 10 Hail Marys , 10 Lords Prays and fifteen Glory Be’s

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I did what I did because people like my sister and the Hastings deserve to be punished, I wanted to hurt them but I never thought there would be someone else who could be hurt. You come out of hateful act but that does not mean that you are hateful. I’m sorry that you will be a baby born in a madhouse, like a mysterious orphan in an old book, a book filled with calamity and misfortune but perhaps a happy ending. I write this because I am ashamed, I need someone to forgive me, and the only person who might be able to do that is you, someday. Be safe.
—  Your mother, Mary.