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  • Hey!! I’m Luiza but i prefer if you call me lu haha when someone calls me Luiza i think the person is mad at me, anyway, I’m on my last school year studying to get in med school so I decided to make a official blog to post what i do! I looove studyblr for a long time but I never had the courage to post something here :) I hope you guys like!

Facts about me

  • I’m from Brazil so english is not my lenguage but I love that like it is
  • Biology is by far my favourite subject
  • I’m a huge Harry Styles fan ( I love all the guys from 1D tho)
  • I’m stressed with study stuff so i love everything that makes me feel peaceful while I study (like classical music)

Favourite tumblrs

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dragontrainerdaenerys  asked:

Give us your top 5 (wait it was top 5 or 6?) kogkag tropes

OOOOO Luiza!! this is such a good one!! sorry it took me like. an hour to reply lmao i got excited and couldn’t just give simple answers ajknfjnfdsa i’ll do 5!

1. One head taller - i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove height differences!! and see, i found this tweet that had the iy character heights and i’m taking it as legit and kagome’s listed as being 158.8cm (…she’s STILL taller than me can u guys belie) and koga is 170.2cm SO BAM

2. No sense of personal space - tbh i’m on the fence with this one just because i hate it when ppl i don’t want getting in my bubble get in my bubble BUT i do think it’s cute how he started grabbing her hands when he sees her do her little hand motions

i scream over this one tho because kagome genuinely doesn’t seem to care that he just throws his arm over her shoulder:

(so begins the shift in her feelings!!)

3. NURSE KAGOME - koga gets his butt kicked so often but u know who always shows up to patch him up? Nurse Kagome. and of course he doesn’t need it but on when would he ever say no to kagome?

Nurse Kagome put those bandages on his face…. how lucky for koga to have such a cute attentive nurse! which leads me to-

4. koga calling kagome cute - one of the things i absolutely HATE is when the male protagonist says that the girl you know he’s gonna end up with isn’t attractive LIKE that’s such an ugly thing to say and my god does it make me angry! but koga doesn’t do that. koga’s like

and of course, his famous “and her beautiful cheeks which are usually so rosy” speech kinda tells u all u need to know. also in the filler where he meets sesshomaru he calls her pretty and it makes me so happy because she is and koga isn’t afraid to let everyone know that.♥

5. there’s probably a specific name for this trope but like. just the fact that it’s the ray of sunshine + this guy who’d probably be a gang leader in modern times lmao i’m WEAK FOR THAT. he’s obviously a ruthless demon but he softens so much around kagome like basically everyone else does and it’s just SO SWEET. that tender gaze of his truly only comes out for kagome, and as cliché as it is, i👏🏼love👏🏼it👏🏼‼️ i’m mad koga never got to experience the Kagome Smile™

imagine if he had seen this. he would have died.

misssophiachase  asked:

Hey, Luiza! Are you still doing those fantastic song prompts? It's possibly a little unknown but I love the song I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow, it's one of my fave inspired Klaroline songs, would love to see it in one of your drabbles, only if possible of course : )

I’m sorry it took me a million years to do this. I hope you like it!

“You don’t get to do that to me,” Caroline said as she stormed into his room… No. Not his room, she realized. His painting room, judging by the Hybrid standing in front of a canvas, sleeves rolled up and Henley stained with paint – well, at least that shade of red seemed too bright to be blood, she thought.

Klaus didn’t take his eyes from his painting, his long fingers holding a brush with precision as he stroke colours into the canvas. “I’m not in the mood, love.”

“Yeah, most of the time I’m not in the mood for you either, but that’s never seemed to stop you,” Caroline snapped.

Play with me, she mentally begged. I need this right now, please.

This time he looked at her and she saw the anger in his eyes, the burning fury directed at her for the first time. Because she had doomed them all without any regrets, but worse than that – she had said awful things about him, repeatedly told him that she’d never be with someone like him, someone so dark and twisted… Only for her to murder twelve people without a second thought. Her characteristic hypocrisy was beginning to tire even her.

He had looked at her with annoyance before, irritation and even with hatred (though she supposed he only hated how much he couldn’t hate her), but she’d never gotten to admire the ire of Klaus Mikaelson up-close, to inspect the hardness in his stare and the golden flecks that sparked in his irises.

Caroline waited a moment, expecting him to yell at her, to exploit every single one of her weaknesses and leave her even more broken. But he stayed silent, taking her in. And she stayed silent, too. Not knowing what to say. Not knowing why she was even there.

She saw as his eyes scanned her face. Once. Twice. They took notice of her vacant stare, her red eyes, her trembling hands. Perhaps he noticed that her hair was messier than he’d ever seen, that she hadn’t bothered with make up.

She saw as his eyes softened – slowly, as if he was fighting it.

Then he sighed, put the brush down and wiped his hands with a piece of cloth. “What is it that you want, Caroline?”

He sounded tired too.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, “I just… I didn’t want to be alone.”

Klaus just looked at her for a few moments – moments that took too long to pass as she stood there, feeling completely exposed and vulnerable - and then he took a step forward and another, until he was right in front of her.

He nodded as if he understood, as if he too had suffered through too many nights where he wished that someone would hold him close. Even knowing that he was not just the monster others thought him to be, she found that so very unlike him she almost laughed.

Instead she sobbed, and he pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her awkwardly enough that she knew that he wasn’t used to comforting people – which wasn’t really a surprise – but even so, burying her head on the crook of his neck as his hand caressed her back soothingly instantly made her feel safe.

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t absolve her of crimes or promised that everything was going to be ok. Nothing was ok and he was still so very furious at her, she could tell.

But he held her for a long time, letting her take as much comfort as she needed. 

Perhaps terrible people weren’t so terrible all the time.

I want to ask you all for a favor

I saw someone do this and thought it was a really cute way of showing love
So, here it goes:

My girlfriend’s 23th birthday is on February 18th
I want to put notes from all over the world together and give to her
All this as a symbol of how much I appreciate her
If you’d like to help me out:
Write a small note that says “Luiza, your girlfriend loves you so much that her love reached *your country*” and then sign it with your name under
Take a picture of the note and send it to me
(Big + if it’s with a pretty background; as nature, buildings)

I would love to get as many as possible
Thank you!

About Sarah and the hateful anon

Okay so I was just ranting about this to @i-put-the-sass-in-assassin and talking to the girls @nessiansmut @runesandfaes on WhatsApp and I felt like I should talk about this.

I will not go into the post Sarah did because I don’t think there’s anything else to be said on that matter. Instead, I’ll talk about coming out to your family as LGBT+ and “not caring what people think”. 

I don’t care what people think of me, except for my close friends who love me and will tell me the truth about how they think I’m doing something wrong because that’s what friends do, but I’m not out as bisexual to my family and I don’t tend to go around saying that I am bisexual all the time. 

But Luiza you just said you don’t care what people think! How can you hide you’re bi then? 

It’s very simple, actually. I’ll explain.

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NHL players coming out to Georgia “Will affirm all sexual identities” Martin (part 3)

[part 1] [part 2] [Ao3]

Luiza Silva-Martin loved her wife very much. That being said, she was ready to pull her hair out with Georgia being home all of the time.  It wouldn’t be a problem if George wasn’t fussing so much about baby prep. She had repainted the nursery 3 separate times, each time a slightly different shade of green,  and had 2 different cribs set up because “What if he doesn’t like one of them, Lu?” What had once been the hall closet was now filled with more diapers than an entire aisle at Babies R Us.  While Lu loved having George around, she wanted to go more than ten minutes without hearing the words “I read on the parenting blog…” George was halfway through a rant about the importance of keeping your newborn on a schedule when Lu just couldn’t take it anymore.

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I… I told the current arts professor at my college that I was a monitor for the human figure drawing classes a couple of years ago and he goes like: “!!! Really?? How would ya like to come to one of my classes and take a look at the peeps’ art, evaluate their development?” And I’m liek “……..ok”