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Cuddling with the Voyager crew would involve:

Kathryn Janeway: is a secret cuddle monster. You’ll never know until she starts the cuddling; mostly after a tiring day. A fair amount of touching and cute forehead kisses and playing with hair or fingers. There will be reading and tea/coffee involved and it’s just a generally really relaxing time for both of you

Chakotay: also a good cuddler, but a lot less fluffy about it. It’s mostly just laying up against him and enjoying his warmth (Chakotay totally combs his fingers through your hair). But there are times where he’ll be the cuddlee. He highkey loves it when he can just lay in your arms and think about nothing for a while

Tuvok: as a Vulcan, I don’t think there will be a lot of actual cuddling. Maybe Vulcan cuddles?? which involve just sitting close to one another. Reading a book and talking about your day. But Tuvok wouldn’t stop you if you held his hand or something; he knows how humans like tactile contact

B’Elanna Torres: is a secret romantic and as much as she tries to hide it; she likes cuddling. Full-on bear hugs on the bed and intertwining your legs and generally getting as close as possible is her taste in cuddles. Depending on the day, she may or may not talk. But don’t expect to get up any time soon, or B’Elanna will drag you back down

Tom Paris: very much a cuddle monster. When you come through the door, he knows to just open up his arms and just accept what’s going to happen. Is almost always the cuddler; holding you close in his arms and being reluctant to let you go. Definitely talks during cuddle sessions about nothing in particular

Harry Kim: he is the Shy Cuddler. Probably won’t initiate cuddles and waits for you to start them. But once it starts, he definitely gets into it. Cute kisses anywhere he can reach. Likes to run his hands down your arms or back. Is just really into touches, in general. And he is definitely the cuddlee a lot. Finds it very relaxing to be able to just lay his head on your chest and listen to your heart beat

The Doctor: is really cliche about cuddling. Since he has no quarters, it’s done on the Holodeck, where he makes a program with a roaring fire and cheesy music and just things you would find in a bad romance movie. But in a weird way, it’s nice. He can be a good cuddle partner; puts his arm around you and just lets you cuddle the way you want to. He’ll like any position, as long as you like it

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freshwater-tears  asked:

As you're taking prompts, could you a "first time meeting teamiplier" ? but possibly with a male reader ? Pls

  • you joining the team because mark needs more help with all the projects he wants to do 
  • you meeting the team for the first time and getting all giddy and tyler is so warm and welcoming and kathryn is so helpful and ethan makes you smile right away and chica almost knocks you over because she is so happy to meet you!!!
  • “he is really cute wow” “dude i know” ethan and tyler just admiring your attractiveness 
  • all of them making you feel really welcome and ethan and kathryn are great at making you feel more comfortable 
  • amy came late but brought all the great snacks 
  • lots of hugs to make you feel more welcome (especially chica hugs)
  • you realize that they all work really hard except tyler who for the most part dicks around and just loves chica but spouts motivation whenever he feels someone needs it
  • when tyler senses you’re nervous he catches your glance and gives you a reassuring smile !!!

(sorry this is all over the place)


this is so fucking funny