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Best and Worst BB Players for Each Placement:

Not Including BB9 (which would fill the list), BB7 (good players all around), and BB1 (different format)

(Winner) Best: Dan Gheesling/Dr. Will | Worst: Jordan Lloyd

(Runner-Up) Best: Danielle Reyes | Worst: Natalie Martinez/Ginamarie Zimmerman

(3rd) Best: Janelle Pierzina/Vanessa Rousso | Worst: Adam Poch

(4th) Best: Nakomis Dedmon | Worst: Caleb Reynolds/Corey Brooks

(5th) Best: Shelbey Stockton/Eric Stein | Worst: Howie Gordon/Ragan Fox

(6th) Best: Danielle Lickey/Elissa Slater | Worst: Christine Brecht/Chef Joe Arvin/Roddy Mancuso

(7th) Best: Amanda Zuckerman/James Rhine | Worst: Matt Hoffman/Lydia Tavera

(8th) Best: Daniele Donato/Britney Haynes | Worst: Paulie Califiore

(9th) Best: Helen Kim/Becky Burgess/Bridgette Dunning | Worst: Scott Dennis

(10th) Best: Kaysar Ridha/Jackie Ibarra | Worst: Jase Wirey

(11th) Best: Da’Vonne Rogers/Shelli Poole | Worst: Casey Turner/Dominic Briones

(12th) Best: Amber Borzotra/Steven Diagle | Worst: Mike Dutz

(13th) Best: Jason Roy/Brian Hart/Brittany Martinez | Worst: Cornbread Ligon/Joe Barber/Lori Valenti

(14th) Best: Audrey Middleton/Dominique Cooper | Worst: Jeremy McQuire

(15th) Best: Nick Uhas/Paola Shea | Worst: Jozea Flores/Jillian Parker 

(16th) Best: Da’Vonne Rogers | Worst: Joey Van Pelt

(17th) Best: Cameron Heard | Worst: Jace Agolli

Do you agree of disagree with any of my choices? Please let me know

this isn’t necessarily a goodbye post but more of a “reflecting on this season” kind of post, these past few weeks in particular have been really fun for me and i just want to say some things as a way to kinda wrap up this blogging season

i really, really mean it when i say that i have so much love for the tag. i’ve been blogging bb for 4 years now and the community this year is so nice, inclusive, and welcoming and i’m just so glad i was able to not only witness it but be a part of it. i really have never felt so included in the bb community before.

for most of the summer my interaction with the tag had been limited to reblogs, likes, the occasional tags, but ever since the discord chat was made i’ve really grown to love everyone in it and develop friendships with people whose names i barely knew a month ago.

every single bbsim, bbmafia, bbdiscord, -gate, you name it, has been so much fun to watch & participate in no matter how crackedt some of them were (and some of you guys are fkshjs) and i really hope we can continue blogging together for cbbus/bbcan6!

and not to copy @sindysnguyen or anything but i want to thank the following people for being amazing

@sindysnguyen @nomination-wheel @bigbrothermusical @jackie-ibarras @flopkingbb @dominiquecoper @davonnebb @hoh-robe @natalieskicks @sexologii @normani-x-kordei @thebeautifulevanpetersass @lyss6a @mrjenkins-4-allstars @pauls-replacement @bugguhl @vanessacries @spencerhqstings @pacer-power @negrotti-natalie @audreysusbb17 @momma-day @bbstan @bbdaniele @cancelledtkevin @lesbianbigbrother @slutforbb @bbhatchets @ika-rogers @lickeyrogerswong @sunsign @davonnelickey @kaitlinbarnaby @tims-reality-blog @itbecameunlit @bbad-orwell @bb-i-guess @bblunatic @bbjoshmartinez @p-of-v @huntyhex @muvaship @shaolinbynature @mitchellmoffit @sirdippinghotsauce @brookecamhi @youaregoinghome also rip @daddy-jek-deactivated20170917 

i know for a fact that i’m missing some people but it’s nearly midnight and my mind is blanking right now 😭 just know that if we have interacted at least once either via tumblr or discord i fucking love u and u were meant to be on this post

Thanks beauties! dksjsksk

anonymous asked:

If you were in the BB house who in the tag would you align with? Showmance? Rival?

Okay so the cast of 16 would be

@dumbeatrees @slutforbb @huntyhex @jackie-ibarras @audreysusbb17 @bblunatic @sexologii @versacethotty @keeshasmxth @matthewxclines @matthewdaddyclines @lickeyrogers-wong @sirdippinghotsauce @theparttimemisanthrope @spunkyspy and me 

then let’s pretend that this season has the same bb19 twist that let a vet come back into the house if you press a button, and that vet is @shaolinbynature

@matthewxclines  would be the first to press the button and win the money while getting away with it and @theparttimemisanthrope @audreysusbb17 @bblunatic would be the three nominees with @theparttimemisanthrope being the first evicted for being very aloof. 

@shaolinbynature , the vet, would replace him and the entire house will fall in love with her because of her strong social game and performance in the previous season. They would love her so much so that all of the alliances formed, would be formed revolving her. 

here’s how the alliances would form:

everyone else would be either a floater or coaster and absolutely every single person would be up @shaolinbynature ‘s ass (probably even me) and everyone who notices gets evicted.  

If I were to win HOH I would try to split up that @spunkyspy and @lickeyrogers-wong  duo because even though I like them a lot, this is a game and they’re a cunning threat in the way of me winning the $500k 

Ika and Demetres finale

Neda- Ika
Sindy- Ika
Bruno- Demetres
Jackie- Demetres
William- Ika
Dre- Ika
Dillon- Demetres
Kevin- Ika

I hope she has 0 comp wins just to prove you don’t have to be a comp winner to win bb

THE SIGNS AS THE PEOPLE I KNOW (that have that sign)

Aries: Zachary// loud, not that much eye contact, smiles a lot and laughs 24/7, doesn’t stop fighting, says your name in their sentence a lot when arguing/fighting/talking, loves sports, wears a lot of red and jerseys, has a pencil AND an eraser with them bc he likes to take the eraser off his pencil lol

Aries: Kryll// laughs a lot, low-key competitive, doesn’t like to be embarrassed, likes to keep everyone happy, anger = ??? with her, wrong answer = help or sass from her, really sweet and warm, average height, likes rapping their fingers really quietly on their desk

Taurus: Nathan// fit, really nice eyes (hazel), tallish, wears a lot of sports stuff (Champion), likes being right, nice eyebrows, funny, smiles at everything and when he laughs his face gets all red and it’s just really funny to me, admits things

Taurus: Melissa// curvier than you, really sweet, shares their music with you, interested in almost everything, cheeks that have “invisible dimples”(almost there but kinda hidden), their laugh is really loud, can be a bit invading, loud and quiet at the same time, food = their life, is sisters with my scorp best fren

Gemini: Ethan// my best friend and he’s into music and photography, never lets me down and is always there for me, took me a few months to gain his full trust, the one i go to when i’m bored or need to talk to, protective of his younger brother, can be a bit scary when angry, fit, really touchy

Gemini: Nicole// i thought she was a bitch at first, but she’S THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF ONE, really nice and v pretty, cheekbones that are visible, nice personality, likes to make people laugh and includes everyone, idgaf attitude, smart, likes fashion, looks like she puts really gr8 effort in shit while she’s just trying to get by in life

Cancer: James// won’t talk to me because I called him things (I’m screaming cause he still talks to me but keeps saying “no, nope” every time I yell his name in the hall lmao), funny, does things for you even when they say no, social, likes smiling a lot, a centimeter taller than me, likes getting shit right, talks with everyone casually and easily

Cancer: Carly// nice af, tall af, skinny af (she a swimmer), talkative af, pretty, nice, likes laughing and is friends with everyone, fam = #1, looks like a bitch, isn’t at all, has their shit together, when angry, she doesn’t blame herself or you, she blames whatever made her angry, helps you with everything

Leo: Shady// tall guy, annoying to me, can be a bit intense when he’s angry, says fight me and means it to some people, will fight you (if he doesn’t like you), sometimes takes other people’s opinions/advice personally, thinks he’s superior to other people, sometimes dgaf, can have RBF when he’s really bored, many friends but talks behind their backs at times lmao

Leo: Kendall// funniest and sassiest person you’ll ever meet, really fit, really pretty but doesn’t think so (she is i swear), has the nicest skin, will fight anyone for you and if they piss them off, there for you, really nice but looks like a fighter more than a lover though she’s both, says what’s on their mind often, when she rolls her eyes it’s really funny because it happens when she detects bullshit or is near a person that she doesn’t like, always on your side

Virgo: Lauren and Jessie// fraternal twins, really nice people, one of them dresses really fashionably while the other is all Nike and Champion, they have each others’ backs and like making people feel comfortable around them. Lauren is more perfectionist while Jessie is more laid-back. Lost your pencil? Jessie will lend you one, but Lauren will probably give you a mechanical one and let you keep it. Jessie and Lauren are equally chill af, but if you hurt one sister, the other will rip you to pieces.

Virgo: Jonah// can be really sweet at times then really rood, we call him marshmallow head cause his hair is powder blond, he’s kinda short-ish, blue eyes, is really smart and likes showing off his skills and doesn’t admit it when he does, best friends with all his teachers, has random moments when he looks up and looks like those seductive male models lol

Libra: Frankie// tall af, broke up with my aqua best fren bc he confessed to wanting to cheat on her (but he didn’t he just told her he did and then after they did he cheated…flippin libras), nice smile, laughs really hard, and one time he fell off his chair from laughing too hard, can be really mean to people he doesn’t like, a bit smart, but sometimes his flippin’ ego can take the reins

Libra: Safa// nice person, gave me so many mechanical pencils to “borrow” and let me keep them, the only person close to having thicker eyebrows than me (angry eyebrow team..tho she dont have angry ones lol), resting nice face, ~charismatic~, smart x100, doesn’t judge you at all, a good friend to have

Scorpio: Will// all Scorpios are so nice aihogkawghslkdgjasd, Will’s the most nicest person in the school, charismatic af, tall, likes being right, has gr9 manners, known him since 2nd grade, dresses modestly (vineyard vines or just a tshirt and shorts tbh), doesn’t like being mean, polite, v v polite, likes including people in stuff, great person, just a really really great person

Scorpio: Mandy// my scorpihoe, i’ve known her since 3rd grade, flirts with everyone (same i’m guilty), she trusts me with everything (;)), has a thing for this janitor (i give him a 4/10) she says he’s Sam and Gabriel’s lovechild (he is tbh), made me find out all the teachers’ zodiac signs and Mr. M (who’s my Libro) helped me and the janitor is a Taurus, hits on teachers, has things for a lot of people, lotta friends, gave hell to everyone i hate, polite, tall affff

Sagittarius: Nick// my other best fren, sassy af, has a nice voice that can be drag queen or seducing (;)), cheekbones 4 daysssss, angry eyebrows, short bean but still intimidating, cute af, there for you, will sass anyone to death, doesn’t like sad things, will stand up for anyone, has a philosophy on anything and is willing to debate to death with everyone including me (tho i usually win ;))

Sagittarius: Jackie// another one of my best frens, average height bb, pennyboards while i skate, loves Meghan Trainor and Bethany Mota and baking, RBF but really optimistic and jumpy and fun, love her to death, will do anything for you, confidence i admire, does anything with me, loves adventure and travelling, rreaallly long eyelashes, cute smile, wide eyes and really wide pupils when they’re looking at someone they like (platonically or romantically) will cut a bitch if they gotta, there for you all the time, has your back, i just love her a lot <3

Capricorn: Tyler// was really annoying to me and Jackie last year bc he just was, ocean eyes, says “bruh” a lot, got chiller once we got to know him, has a little brother, a bit pudgy and tall, popular now (he still chill), i think he has his shit together, doesn’t like obeying (same tho), and likes doing his own work and making friends

Capricorn: Bella// people liked her a lot when she went to our school, chill x1000, she dont gaf about anything, loves her friends, no drama for her, funny af, acts like a Sag at times, can be competitive at times, finishes their shit on time, has a bullshit meter, rbf but mosly rnf

Aquarius: Jordan// another one of my best frens, funny af, tall, likes laughing a lot, and his laugh is hilarious, makes jokes all the time with me, loves dank memes (same), can be chill at times, wears sandals (#why), when he runs in the halls he turns into Naruto (with the arms), likes to roast himself, rbf, there for you, makes his crush really obvi (she a cap and she really chill and shes one of our frens lmao)

Aquarius: Jazmine// confused lil shit, tall, used to date Frankie, wants to have her shit together but doesn’t, i thought she was a bitch, but literally we’re the same person, sometimes moans in the locker room and people can hear her, her Leo best friend bought her Gucci perfume but she allows everyone to use it, doesnt’t gaf, chill, popular, got your back

Pisces: Nicky// my “son”, is dating this Libra or Scorpio (my daughter-in-law now), wide eyes everywhere, an inch taller than me, soft skin, rbf at times, when he’s angry, he can explode (it happened once in class), doesn’t like being angry, wants to get by in life, can be a bit sensitive, likes jokes a lot

Pisces: Elle// i guess we’re best frens still lol, wide eyessss, soft skin, shorty, smart, gives me answers to homework if i don’t understand it, likes to help people, trust me with her deepest secrets, chill af, doesn’t curse at all, doesn’t like hates people who copy her, cat ears 24/7 (she let me wear them once and she never lets anyone else touch them i’m v special ;)), lil cutie, understands

Add Me In (j.g. & s.w.)

| Requested by stephaniedellarocco: You should do a fanfiction about a love triangle y/n has between Jack G and Sammy



(Sam’s POV)

“So, I’ll call you later?” I smirked at the beautiful stranger.

“Yeah, I hope so.” She kindly smiled back. As she was about to walk away I gently tugged her arm.

“Wait, I never got your name.” She bit her lip and smirked.

Without saying a word, she left. As she walked away she turned around and quickly winked at me.

Damn, she’s something else. But I’m digging it.

I grinned at myself and walked back to my car. 

My mind drifted off to her the entire fucking time. Just imagine those beautiful hands tugging on my hair while her legs are around my shoulders,- wait, I don’t even know her name.

I shook my head and quickly turned on some music to get my mind off her.

“I’m thinkin’ how she rides on it, if she sits on it, if she licks on it
make it hard for me to stand up
as time goes by, attractions getting deeper and
wet dreaming thinkin’ that I’m smashin’ but I’m sleepin'”

I didn’t even notice there was already music on… But now I hear those fucking lyrics.


“no, I ain’t tryna flex, no ceilings you can see who’s in it
if we’re talking about sex, girl, you know that I invented that
and I’m onto the next, that’s unless you bring a friend who with it”


“I usually love sleeping all alone
this time around bring your friend with you
but we ain’t really going to sleep at all”

Alright, so far for music.

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has a post like this been made already
  • Me during pre-season/before BB Takeover: Ugh! Who are these nobodies from The Amazing Race? Who even watches that show anymore? The houseguests won't even know who they are, much less the fans! Bring back a fan favorite houseguest!! What a flop twist if you ask me!!
  • Me now: jackiesus invincibarra died for our sins amen
The Signs as Times you Got Pissed off the Most During BB17

Aries- when Liz and Austin got back together

Taurus- when Vanessa put Jason on the block instead of her original plan, Austin

Gemini- when Liz won the DE HOH

Cancer- when Austin asked Liz to be his girlfriend even though he had a girlfriend at home

Leo- Liz throwing Meg’s belongings everywhere during the Hide and Go Veto

Virgo- Not having a strong female win the Buyback

Libra- the HGs voting out Meg instead of Julia

Scorpio- Meg and James being evicted back to back

Sagittarius- when nothing happened between Becky and John :/

Capricorn- you basically get pissed off at every single thing in the show

Aquarius- when Jackie and Becky were evicted back to back

Pisces- when BB Takeover never happened so the show got boring

Needed to be done.

This is a reality check for delusional Goblins stans who believe that production is why the Goblins have all been picked off.

  • Jason should’ve campaigned harder. He slept all week.
  • JJM should’ve voted to evict Vanessa, pull Shelli/John in rather than rejecting them because it’s “too late in the game.”
  • Jackie got a raw deal, but the reason she was put up with Meg is because JJM didn’t put enough effort into forming relationships with Steve and John. John might’ve used the veto on one of them if they hadn’t rejected him when he said he needed a team. They had to face the consequences of their piss poor treatment of those two. They actually thought they could run the house themselves, even though they were only three people.
  • Becky should never have nominated Shelli in the first place. I completely understand what she was trying to accomplish, by letting Vanessa think that she was sticking to the deal they all made. But Shelli is a house target and you don’t want your target sitting next to another major target if you don’t want votes to flip on you. I commend her though because she owned up to this mistake and fought her hardest.
  • J/M STILL decided to trust the wrong people by linking up with Austin and the twins. I totally respect their social game and it definitely kept them safe for two weeks. BUT they did not need to be running every game decision they made by Austwins.
  • Also Meg just has the worst perception of game ever out of anyone. Everything she says is the exact opposite of what’s actually happening and that’s one of the biggest reasons why her “peeps” keep going home.

I understand rooting for the goblins because I have done it every single week. Meg and James are adorable, Jackie was my freaking queen and Becky is everything I’ve ever wanted in a female game player.

But they continue to mess their own game up. Of course I want them to survive every week, but I’m not delusional to think they didn’t do it to themselves. Everyone acts like it’s John/Production’s fault??

I’m sorry but you are all so sincerely wrong about John’s game being bad. “He throws comps, he’s so dumb, he wants to go after Meg, he cried over clelli, he’s overrated because he’s a semi-attractive white guy.” Have any of you actually watched old school BB??? His game IS MADE of old school BB.

He laid low all season and volunteering to be a pawn, risky as fuck. But it built trust between him and Clelli. He was protected as fuck by those two and that’s exactly why he was distraught over them leaving. He also hit the hammer right on the head with Vanessa. He knew before ANYONE that Vanessa was the puppet master this season and he’s actually the one who blew her game up. If he hadn’t told Becky everything, who spread it to the rest of the house, that target that’s on her back every week wouldn’t be there. When all of his allies were gone, he really began to play. He latched onto Steve and tried to create alliances. Yes, he failed. His social game wasn’t as good as Meg/James, so Austwins were more loyal to them. But he campaigned up until 4:30pm on the day of eviction and he presented probably one of the greatest campaigns I ever heard. It would’ve worked in old BB, but because new BB play scared and don’t go against alliances and majority, it didn’t. But it was a very valiant effort. He got evicted like a boss, then EARNED his way back in. And now he’s working with Vanessa because “if you can’t beat em, join em” and he still has Steve. He out-social gamed Meg/James with the Austwins and now they want to keep him safe until those two are gone. But he has a fighting chance now. I don’t see him winning, and I don’t think he’s a mastermind of any sorts. But he played a risky game, it worked for him for a very long time, he is STILL hiding the fact that he’s a super fan and he has everyone convinced that he’s dumb and good “final 2″ material to win against. Meg is his only threat to that, and that’s why he wants to target her. She’s the “pretty pawn” as Da’Vonne said, and you will go home next to her. Meg is actually a perfect target and I’ve been saying that since Victoria last season. You do not want someone who is a competition dud with a good social game dragged to final 6. It’s bad.

Ultimately I hope James wins that veto this week because I would hate to lose him. But please, stop with the delusions.

If James/Meg/Jackie/John become a power alliance and continue on this path they could become ICONIC

we haven’t had an iconic alliance in a long time.



I want a rtv show where I can have a BB vs Survivor battle with:


Vanessa/Jackie/Audrey/(Da’Vonne or Shelli)

(trying to find a pic of these 4 together was… an experience lol / hi there Mel)




Then I can die in peace.


I thought there was an appalling lack of appreciation for my main baes. Let me just bask in their glory as long as I can before Jason probably gets sent home on eviction night. (I don’t own the pictures but I made the collages on PicCollage. Please like/reblog if you like/use them, thanks!)