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I bet Ollie's a bit of a hero in the Septic household. I mean, he saved them all and nearly died from doing it.

When Anti and Oliver glitch into the Septic Cabin, the others are, as usual, shocked at their sudden appearance. Schneep, Chase, and Jackieboy are all in the living room, and Marvin is in the kitchen washing dishes. He drops a plate when Anti appears, shattering it, but with a few muttered magic words, he puts it back together.

Though… it’s in the shape of a triangle now. Marvin shrugs and puts it back on the shelf with the other plates.

Jackie stands and puts himself between Anti and Schneep who winces when he sees Anti. “What do you want, glitch?” Jackie asks in his deepest, raspiest voice, his hero voice.

Anti shrugs. “’m just showing Ollie around.”

The others look at Oliver, at the wounds on his face and the way he smiles sweetly at them, and are completely puzzled as to why he would be here with Anti. Oliver waves. “Hi.”

Anti whisks Oliver away before the others can start throwing questions at them. He shows Oliver around his attic space which is mostly full of half-finished wood carvings and posters from metal bands that he’s stolen. A broken bed is huddled in one corner along with a pile of decimated cranes.

Anti shows Oliver all of his carvings, and the two of them stay up late into the night talking. Anti even lets Oliver try his hand at carving, though the robot isn’t very good at it. Eventually Ollie falls asleep, and Anti makes sure to plug him in so that he’ll charge before conking out himself.

Jack Maynard Imagine- “I don’t remember that!” “Are you hitting on me?” “Was I really that drunk?” “Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night!”

Wow that’s a lot of prompts 😂💗 Hope you like this Imagine 💗💗 Also I just wanna say thank youuu to @iheartbuttercream for answering my dumb question earlier 💗😂

You woke up at 3am from your phone blowing up with texts. You groaned and rolled over to see who was texting you.

Jacky Poo: You know how ligers (lion and tigers) are a thing, don’t you think that’s so weird.

Jacky Poo: Like lions and tigers did the thing like wtf!?

Jacky Poo: I just think that’s so weird.

Jacky Poo: OMG I just found out chihuahua and Great Dane mix is a thing.

Jacky Poo: That is the definition of fucked up!

This ladies and gentleman is what it is like to best freinds with Jack Maynard. You had about another 15 texts from him about how disturbed he was about these thing.

Y/n : WTF Jack! Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night!

Jacky Poo: Well actually it’s early morning soo.

Jacky Poo: Do you want to come to the club with me tonight? None of my other friends can come.

Y/n: Wow so I’m your last choice thanks so much.

Jacky Poo: Whatever. Is my name still Jacky Poo in your phone?

Y/n: Possibly.

Jacky Poo: Change it!

Y/n: Hahah never!

Jacky Poo: Y/n! Change it!!

Y/n: Goodnight Jacky Poo.

Jacky Poo: Not funny.

Y/n: Hilarious*


You were stood outside the club waiting for Jack to turn up in a stunning black dress that hugged all your curves perfectly.

Just as you were about to text Jack to ask were he was you saw him get out a taxi.

“Hey” You greeted him.

“Hey!” He replied, you felt his eyes scanning over your body.

“My eyes are up here Maynard!” You laughed.

He blushed slightly.

“Lets go get drunk!” He exclaimed as you both walked into the club.


“Heyyy hot stuff!” Jack slurred.

He was very drunk currently.

“Dude you reek of alcohol!” You said.

“Your dress is hott!” Jack slurred completely ignoring your comment.

“Are you hitting on me?” You laughed.

You were rather confused by the situation. You had no idea Jack found you attractive at all.

You weren’t sure if he was complimenting you because he was drunk and horny or what but his compliments gave you butterflies. That you were trying to pretend weren’t there.

“Sure ammm, why don’t you come back to m bed.” He winked.

“Come on lets get you home.” You laughed and dragged him outside.

You woke up the next morning to find yourself on jacks sofa basically laying on top of him. Your head under his chin and his arm was wrapped around your back.

You got up careful not to wake him and fetched water and headache tablets.

As you put they down on the coffee table you saw his eyes slowly flutter open.

“Good Morning” You said quietly.

He groaned and rubbed his eyes.

“My head hurts so muchh” He grumbled.

“Here drink water and take tablets” You said handing them to him.

“Thanks” He mumbled.

“So what did I do last night?” He laughed.

“Well you did start hitting in me at one point” You explained.

Jack internally face palmed.

“I don’t remember that! Was I really that drunk?” He laughed.

You felt hurt by his words. Did he mean he’d never hit on you if he wasn’t really drunk.

“What?” You asked.

“I mean I was so drunk I was hitting on you.” He laughed again.

“Wow thanks Jack” You said harshly.

Jack realised what he said.

“No y/n thats not what I meant.” He sighed at his stupidity.

“Well then what did you mean?! Am I too ugly to hit on unless your almost passed out drunk?’ You snapped at him.

“No!” He insisted.

“What did you mean then Jack?” You hissed.

“I mean I’d never have the confidence to hit on you if I was sober.” Jack admitted.

You were shocked.

“What?” You said.

“I like you y/n, I like you more than just friends.” He looked up to gauge your reaction.

“I-I I like you to.” You admitted.

He got up, wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close.

“I love you y/n.” He whispered before connecting your lips.

As he kissed you, it felt like fireworks were going off in your stomach

Trivia Thursday

Did You Know…

Now you may know that Christine Baranski will be playing Mila Kunis’ mother in the upcoming movie A Bad Moms Christmas but did you know she also played the mother of another That ‘70s Show cast member?

In 1995 to 1998, Christine Baranski starred in the series Cybill where she played Cybill Shepard’s hilarious, scene stealing best friend Maryann Thorpe. Maryann had a son named Justin. Justin traveled around the world as a passionate environmentalist but did make an appearance in a few episodes of the series. The actor who played Justin was Mila Kunis’ future That ‘70s Show cast mate Danny Masterson.

tagging @aerosmiley219 fellow Christine Baranski fan

I know this is not Red/Kitty related but I had to share this. I haven’t stopped thinking about this since learning Christine Baranski would be playing Mila Kunis’ mom, I used to love Cybill, and Maryann was THE BEST.

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Re-watching the show made me think, can you imagine how different things would had been if Jackie had actually been pregnant? *shivers*


I think Pam would had wanted Jackie and Kelso to get married, while Jack may step in and say no. For how things were back then, he may take Jackie away from Point Place. That way, no one will talk about her, nor them. Shitty, but true. Some families still do that.

More important, both Kelso and Jackie are still freakin’ kids when this pregnancy scare happens in the show. She’s so young and so inmature, I don’t think it would had gone so good for her. But knowing Jackie, she would had make it later.

Kelso, though… he is a kid. Even when he gets Brooke pregnant later, he is a kid until he understands he can’t keep doing this and has to support Brooke. But the difference is that he is not only older when he gets Brooke pregnant, but he has a better understanding of what he wants for him and in a relationship.

Whne he was with Jackie, he didn’t understand what couple love truly is and his so childish, so, so childish. This would had kind of “ruined” his life. I’m not sure he would had gotten to the place he did with Brooke. Because in that par tof his life, a lot of his grow is because of Brooke. I don’t think Jackie could bring that out of him. 

She never did in three/four Point Place Time years.


Jackie: “…Well. I don’t have anything, like Prosecco. I was alone, in the bedroom. I was getting ready to sleep.”

Gin Tonic: “Alone?”

Jackie: “Alone. I just…I just wanted to sleep. Sleep for a little while in total quiet. Without the noise of all this.”

Gin Tonic: “I understand. Did you see anything?”

Jackie: “…No. Just that everyone else was gone too.”

  • otp: both have a severe case of abandonment issues that they don't discuss and use anger or jokes to avoid talking about them.
  • me: yes...
  • otp: hate and annoy each other at every turn and have an overtly antagonistic relationship yet have more in common than they think.
  • me: niceeeeeee
  • otp: form a begrudging friendship that they deny to other people while still obviously caring about each other.
  • me: incredible
  • otp: fall in mutually beneficial love where they subconsciously help each other become better people just by being together.


Decisions decisions… so many to make.

Had quite a bit of fun trying to take more time to make the audio edits sound nice, overall I really liked the comic, so it was fun making a dub of it.
The comic was this one right…..


Which was made by the talented @spatziline​, so thanks for making cool stuff!

That’s right, no one is safe from my voice, haha!

Anyway, thanks for watching!

(Edit:jeezus, can ya’ll stop being such amazing people? Blowin this post up an shizz)