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Do you ever watch tv? Which are better, modern tv shows or old time radio dramas?

they’re very different things. modern tv–or at least a good chunk of it–is focused around scandal, which isnt something i really care about. also theres lots of dramatic background noises to increase how dramatic things are, but mostly i really cant take it seriously. i like to watch fantasy or scifi stuff, though. and steve and i like to watch sports. (we’ve been very carefully keeping him away from any extreme sports and the xgames. the last thing we need is steve trying to use the Deathbike to do stunts).

i like to watch cutthroat kitchen. it’s basically exactly what happens when more than one avenger tries to use the kitchen at the same time, except i dont have to help clean up afterwards. 

the old radio dramas were fun. campy by modern standards, but we used to really enjoy them. tony was nice enough to get old recordings for stevie and i, so we could hear how things ended for our favorite characters. be warned: tony is terrible to listen to radio with. he gets easily distracted and starts talking. 

steve and i used to have HUGE arguments about what certain characters looked like as kids. he would draw what he thought they looked like, and i would draw what i thought they looked like, and steve would always win because nobody ever looks like what i draw. humans dont work like that. 

i am not good at drawing.

SO! 14K HUH?

dayum dawg, das a lotta hoomans watching my nonsense blog.

but anyways yeah!, thank you so much for the follow y’all :D 14k! didn’t think there’re gonna be so much peeps supporting me and my art! like, its buhzonkers <<is that even a word? it is now.


y’all are probably wondering, “who the fuck is that guys next to ye?” “and why is he calling u a fish?” well, he’s a school friend of mine! or should i say my bro/home boi. recently, he told me that he is going to a college that is waaaaayy beyond where i lived. that being said he’s going to rent somewhere there, and i can’t really do much about it, other than cry because i’m both happy n sad. i am very grateful to have a such supporting and accepting friend like him, the best 3 years of broship, and i wish the best of luck for him. :)

P.S. his name is chips. we’re both called “Fish n Chips” in our school…. dunno why-


So, I was tagged by @darkestknights and @mc-mt to do this 7 selfies of 2017 thing

I tried to go in order of ones I liked.

It’s been a hell of a rough year, learned a lot about myself and life. I plan on getting better and improving!

I’ve already seen a ton of people tagged doing this so I’m not sure who to tag, so if you haven’t been tagged yet or just want to do it, please say I tagged you!

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What do you think it is about Dean and Cas' interaction in 9x09 that gives Sam his 'huh' moment?

The fact that they’re flirting outrageously, all winks and smirks plus Sam knows all of Dean’s flirting skills, he’s been witness to them for YEARS

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have ever made it to 7000 followers. I can’t express in words how grateful I am for everyone that is here in my life even if we may not talk much. I know my blog is a huge mess of fandoms and shit posts but I am lucky all the same to share it with you guys. You are the reason I am still on this mess of a site and still making shit content. All I can say is thanks so much for making my days so much more enjoyable and interesting. You guys are the real heroes here. Anyway I am bad at talking about this stuff for too long so let’s move onto the list of some of my favorite bloggers. It’s going to be a long list because almost everyone I follow is special to me in a different way so I hope you can stay with me through this long list. Lastly I am grateful to everyone who is following me through the bad times and the good times this blog goes though. This wouldn’t be possible without you so have my thanks from the bottom of my heart!


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A Love Story
  • <p> <b>Scorpius:</b> *reading a book*<p/><b>Albus, flops down next to him:</b> Hey<p/><b>Scorpius:</b> What's up?<p/><b>Albus:</b> Wanna marry me? *holds out ring in hand*<p/><b>Scorpius:</b> Sure.<p/><b>Scorpius:</b> *catches the gold ring Albus tosses at him*<p/><b>Albus:</b> Cool beans<p/><b></b> ...<p/><b>Rose, years later:</b> And that's how your father proposed to your other father.<p/></p>

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Writing a fan-fic and I felt that I need to consult an expert with this. What genre of music do you think Anakin would be into, if any?

Oh man. Whatever it is, it’s angsty, that’s for sure. Well, some of it is. The rest of it? TOTAL PURE POP SAP. Anakin is ALL ABOUT the songs about True Romance and Being In Love With His One And Only and Missing His Beloved so on. 

He maybe tries to keep this under wraps, but then Obi-Wan finds his secret stash of boy bands and 80s power ballads.

Some more Maria while I desperately try to figure out this texture stuff