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When Lea Surana and Zevran visit the Tellari swamps and find the Surana settlement dilapidated but as intact as something like that abandoned for 20 years can be.

Lea’s mother was the first to succumb to Lea’s curse misfire, the Keeper, his father, was the fifth (no one ever really found out what happened to Lea’s mundane older brother but after a while any records there are of the dead cease to be as giving the dead back to Mythal’s Mother and the rapidly dwindling population created enough chaos).

But there was a shrine to the dead, on which the ceremonial headdress with the famous ‘black feather’ that Lea later takes from himself is hung along with mementos from the other dead. By that time, Lea has already deduced from the Surana tapestries who he, Lea, was.

And when Zevran asks if Lea ever wonders what would he have become, what he’d be like if none of this had happened, if he’d lived a life among the clan instead of the Circles. And Lea just takes his father’s headdress, idly looks at it, removes the feather, tosses the rest of the headdress back, shrugs and without much feeling at all, casually replies

no one worth remembering, really

and begins loading any salvage they’d gathered from the Surana settlement back into their boats.

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Sing me a lullaby!

He sings to you in soft voice

With blackened feathers
and darkest rage
the hollow bird
tore from her cage

Her wings spread wide
Against the Night
She raised her voice
and sang of her plight

The song rang loud
across the land
Of how she suffered
At the dark King’s hand

Enraged was the King
when he heard the song
He hexed the sky
and cursed the dawn

His mightiest spells
he did cast
But still she slipped
out of his grasp 

And still she flies
singing her song
To remind all who hear
to resist and say strong

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Hi! Could you analyse winged horses feather/tails as cores? The non-omen ones. If it's too much and you are still using the three asks rule, could you do Abraxan, Granians and Areionan?

No I can absolutely do all of these - you’re asking after a type and a solidly defined type at that. You’re in the clear. First of all I’m going to give you a baseline for all winged horse cores, and then I’ll give you individual quirks of each one.

Winged Horse cores are lively and strong, with a more placid attitude than a core of Unicorn or Dragon. Where a Dragon is fierce at heart, and a Unicorn decidedly well-meaning, a Winged Horse core is not as strong as dragon, being only about as strong as Unicorn, but is not so decidedly turned against the Dark. They are steady and stable casters, however, and some wandmakers prefer them to Unicorn Hair, for they are much less likely to result in a wand which wilts or “dies”.

Abraxan Hair - While Feathers are infrequently used from these creatures it is their hair which is more easily harvested and more commonly used. Strong and steadfast, an Abraxan-cored wand will never falter, no matter how much strain and stress it is under, and are one of a very few wands that can survive and be mended from a break, provided the core is utterly intact. Few wandmakers know this, however, and much of the lore has been forgotten or made myth, and so many wixes have had to give up a well-made Abraxan wand that broke after many years of long, hard and loyal service.

Aethonan Hair - Again, it is more common to see a wand cored with the hair of an Aethonan than a feather. An Aethonan cored wand is also a hardy one, but also an excellently quick learner and wonderfully swift to respond. In this regard, a wand cored with Aethonan hair may make up for a more stubborn wandwood, and may help a wix who has difficulty learning new spells.

Areionan Feather - It is the metallic feathers of Areionans that carry more of their magic, and so it is their feathers that are used for wand cores more than their hairs, as they can channel more magic. An Areionan cored wand is often a wand decorated, as they are one of a limited number of cores that take no issue whatsoever with metal or stone adornment, while other wands may complain somewhat and be more contrary. Areionan cored wands are also uncommonly popular with weather wixes - those few who have skill with altering the weather to some degree, though whether this is because the core shows affinity for their spells, or it is simply some sense of an Areionan’s weather-hardiness showing through is hard to gauge.

Asperatan Hair or Feather - A spectacularly graceful caster, Asperatan cored wands demand attention and affection from their masters, wanting regular polishing and oiling, and gentle treatment. Given these things, though, an Asperatan cored wand will never fail in it’s master’s hand, and will perform all spells with a decidedly lovely flair.

Cambuscan Feather -  Fast and powerful when bonded to the right wood, Cambuscan wands, have a surprisingly excellence when it comes to Defence Against the Dark Arts and the Dark Arts, and are not uncommon in the wands of Mongolian Duellists and Aurors.

Chollima Feather -  Chollima cored wands are among the tricksiest, and will be often contrary to their master’s decisions and must be “won” almost as though in a duel. Thus, it is common for many with Chollima-cored wands to enter Duelling young, in order to bond more strongly to their wand, or for them to have won the wand in a contest. Once properly bonded, however, they are spectacularly responsive wands.

Ethiopian Horn - Known for their temperamentality, Ethiopian cored wands be unpredictable if incorrectly matched, and have been known to “buck” a prospective master off, flying out of the hands of a wix they are not pleased with. While usually this happens at the choosing stage, there are still stories of wixes who’s Ethiopian-cored wand flew out of their hands in a fit of temper, never to return.

Granian Hair -  Often subtle and gentle casters, but surprisingly quick, Granian cored wands tend to cast spells with oddly muted colours, a quirk which many an Auror and Duellist has used to their advantage, as well as those who wish to keep the spells they used secret.

Haizum Hair -  Spells cast with a Haizum cored wand are often able to get through shields and can find things even when well hidden. Likewise, a Haizum-cored wand knows when it’s master steps into it’s presence, and has been known to make itself known at that time.

Shabdiz Feather - While wands cored with Shabdiz feathers may seem weaker at first, their endurance and constancy, their unfailing understanding of their master, has made them superb for those in work which requires long and exhaustive casting. For Aurors on especially long jobs, for master duellists, for Cursebreakers, wands cored with Shabdiz have a focus that only sharpens even as their master tires, making them remarkable helpmeets when it comes to spellwork that may take hours.

Shabrang Hair - It is an ancient piece of wandlore that a wand cored with the hair of a Shabrang will never burn. Wands cored with Shabrang hair have rested on the greatest of pyres and come out unscathed, unsinged, and ready to be laid to rest, intact, with the bones of their masters. The truth of this resistance to fire goes the other way as well; few wands cast fire as spectacularly as a wand cored with Shabrang Hair.

Sleipnir Feather - Always risky to pair to lightning-struck Laurel, wands cored with the feather of a Sleipnir are subtle things, and gentle, and surprisingly quick. When bonded to Willow or to Rowan, Sleipnir cored wands are known to be spectacular healing wands, surpassing many expectations for dealing with emergencies and first aid.

Stiarnahross Hair - Possibly one of the more average cores to come from Winged Horses, it is cores from Stiarnahross’ that have helped to to finally identify the standard for Winged Horses. That said, they do have one quirk: they are known for remarkable stubbornness in the face of danger and risk, and those with wands cored with Stiarnahross hair have been known to face down vast threats with nothing but their will and their wands - and to persevere.

Tenma Feather - Like Stiarnahross, Tenma are something of a standard example of Winged Horse cores, an almost perfect example of the ideal. While some few wands may have specific quirks, Tenma cores tend to bring only their power and a very small piece of personality to their wand, with the wood making up the greater part.

Tulpar Feather and Hair -  Marginally more powerful than most other winged horse cores, Tulpar cored wands are exceedingly rare and are known to work in excellent tandem with their master.

Undulatan Feather - A relatively new breed, Undulatan Feathers as wand cores are not yet fully understood, and many say that the preference for the feathers is folly, as the magic which colours them fades on death and on separation from the horse. All the same, many wandmakers prefer it - if something can hold additional magic in life, it’s strength in death as part of a wand core is often more.

Volucens Hair - Prim and almost precise, Volucens cored wands are quick and adaptable and will bond readily to many woods, making it a little harder to see the individual traits of this core.

Dating a harpy can be a wonderful thing.

Harpies can sing with the voices of humans and birds both at once, and they will, often, words of songs half-overheard from flights across fields and trips to the supermarket mingling with chirps and trills from every species they care to imitate. Harpies understand your need to migrate. Harpies will wrap you up in their wings at night, iridescent feathers enfolding you like living blankets, keeping you warm. Harpies will fly two towns over and carry back coffee for you clutched in their claws. Harpies are soft and jagged and wild and kind, and they can give you so much to love, if you let them.

On the other hand, if things end badly, they’ll also fly around after you and shit on your car. So watch out for that.

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Alright, harry and Elton john having at least a one night stand if not a relationship has to be canon at this point right?

Elton John gay up told Harry Hart that if he saved the world he could have sex with him. And let’s just fucking point out who was the one to put in the code to release the antidote.

Harry motherfucking Hart.

Harry Hart put in the code, released the antidote, saved hundreds of millions of people, ultimately saving the day, just so he could get down with Elton John.

Reginald Kenneth Dwight, AKA, Sir Elton Hercules John (both are bitchin ass names BTW, go you Elton), took down five henchmen while wearing platform shoes and feathers, then his gaydar sensed Harry motherfucking Hart was in danger and ran over to the bowling alley to help him and then, in the ultimate power move, after helping this weird one-eyed man in a suit take down an evil dog, on what he assumed was a rescue mission for himself, Sir Elton Hercules John gave him a kissy face and walked away like nothing had happened.

And do you know what Harry Hart had done?

Motherfucking smiled and stared at him and checked him out.

And who was at Eggsy’s wedding? Up in the balcony? 

Motherfucking Elton John.

But why would Eggsy invite him to his wedding? He doesn’t seem like the type to say “hey we should invite Elton John to our wedding, Tilde. It’d be super cool.”


He was Harry’s plus one.

Harry’s date.

So not only did Harry go to Elton’s concert and go backstage and have sex with 70 year old Elton John and live the gay dream.

Harry Hart is Elton John’s motherfucking side hoe because, lest we not forget, Elton is currently married to David Furnish.

I think that one of my favorite things as a kid was right after a powwow my ma and I decided to go with her then fiance to an ice cream shop with some of our regalia and leathers still on. Out of nowhere a little girl comes out, points and yells:


My ma without missing a beat turned around, pointed at her and screamed, “LOOK JEFF! A WHITE GIRL!”

And I think about that moment a lot.


I had this idea for awhile, that Star tapes (Ok maybe not tape but connects) feather wings to her mewberty wings and she can actually fly. Not for long In distance and height since the feather wings are heavy but the more she practices the better she gets.

Art by me, Gif made by- @svtfoevalhalla 

Parrot Keeping

I don’t get it.

People want to get a single parrot because if they get two then the parrot won’t like them as much.

But then they don’t want the parrot to view them as a mate.

What did you expect? You got a pet in which most species mate for life. Their lives revolve around their mate, preening their mate, feeding their mate, having sex with their mate, raising babies with their mate, driving away competitors from their mate, and yes, spending their entire life with their mate.

You prime them for this situation by you or a housemate being the only ones available, and then freak out when they want to do this to you. It’s natural. It’s not bad. Your parrot isn’t misbehaving, it isn’t a bad bird just because you are keeping a wild animal in a captive situation where it just wants to do what every feather on its body is telling it to do. Stop treating it like such, stop punishing them for displaying mating behaviors.

Do what you signed up for by getting a single bird or work to get your bird a feathered mate. That doesn’t mean buying the first bird at the pet store you see and throwing them in a cage together and wondering why they don’t like each other. That means becoming a match maker and setting up play dates, or even consider rehoming your bird to someone who can.

Stop buying parrots and expecting these wild animals to be pets. They’re not. We’re on the way to domesticating birds like budgies, cockatiels, love birds, Indian ring necks…but we’re still so far from being able to keep them happy and healthily easily like we are with chickens and pigeons who thrive with us. Hell, starlings make better pets than parrots since at least they often choose to be with us.

And please, when you’re researching any animal don’t do a quick google search. Talk to as many people as possible, both new owners and experienced owners.


Prompto and Ignis join back up with the others after a day of adventuring.

im not here to make friends, which is good because historically my friends are all idiots

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