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Alba: "Oh my what lovely feathers you have, so very soft and shiny. It must be quite a task to keep them in such a condition for I too have difficulty keeping my tails just as fluffy."

Aingeal: Aaaah, thank you so much! And I see what you mean, your tail’s are SO FLUFFY!!!

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ok ok so I think about ppl w/ wings a lot, not like angels just regular people, and something I think about a lot is dance and how dancing/dance styles would evolve w/ wings like !!!! ballet with wings, which takes ten times more balance since it’s so easy to overbalance, breakdancing with wings that involves a lot of scuffed feathers but it’s so much fun because you can use your wings to swing yourself around, sWINGDANCING WITH WINGS!! just!! it’s so cool and I think about it a lot.

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#7 (tickle spots) for your favorite cm characters, as many or as few characters as you want

Emily - Tickle her behind the ear and she will crumble into you.

JJ - The sides will absolutely kill her, but unlike most, she’ll never give in and tap out of a tickle fight.

Spencer - He’s ticklish behind the knees and at the crook of the elbow. He’ll slap your hand away at first, then again, then again, and then he’ll attack you right back.

Derek - He’s convinced he has no ticklish spots, until you day when you jump on his back, your hair grazes the back of his neck, and he feels like it’s a spider and throws you onto the ground. Oops.

Hotch - Another who’s convinced he has no ticklish spots. One day, when you’re over at his house, Jack is using a feather duster to help around the house, and he runs over Hotch’s feet. NOW YOU KNOW AND HE IS NOT SAFE.

Rossi - Actually pretty ticklish all over, but he has mafia connections so you decide not to test that shit.

Garcia - Ticklish under the chin and under the arms. Will absolutely tap out in two seconds spending the rest of the day trying to figure out yours.


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Can you do a high school au where Lumiere take Plumette to prom?


Lumiere is the batshit theatre kid, of course. He’s been the lead in so many of the shows—Chicago, The Fantasticks, he’s done them all. He wears natty vests, and half the girls are convinced he’s gay. His senior prank was to replace all the fluorescent lights in the cafeteria with chandeliers. (where he got them, no one knows.) everyone feels like they ought to hate him, but they can’t. He gets that shit-eating grin on his face, and he starts singing, and everyone melts.

Plumette is in theatre, too, but also ballet and gymnastics. her locker is covered in feather boas. you come into the auditorium after school and she’ll be perched up in the back, stretching one leg or the other, working out the kinks and trying new steps. her perfume is soft and gentle and she wears ballet flats every day.

Cogsworth, Lumiere’s best friend, is actually gay but no one’s caught on yet. Cogsworth doesn’t like to be on the stage, as much, but he’s a magnificent stage manager; he stands backstage and cues the others on. When they do Shakespeare plays, he mouths the words; he knows all the lines by heart.

I haven’t told you all of this for nothing.

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All I Want~ Alex Shelley Imagine

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Smut Ahead
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No one in the business dared to piss you off not even the slight less calling you a “ bitch” or that would earn them a broke nose or a black eye. You couldn’t help it after everything you have been through, you were like this. Every one knew you as the “ Badass Chick Around.”

It was part of your gimmick where you were like a Rose with her thorns. One man had caught your eye, he was part of the Motor Machine Guns with Chris Sabin as his partner, Alex Shelley. 

You never thought that a man like him would stand a chance with you so you brushed off every guy that even dared to shoot you a glance. Even Daniel’s stopped flirting with you and Dalton with his feathers and his boys. 

You had a long match which resulted in bruises. Being thrown around and being put through table to table wasn’t as nice as it looked. Maybe be badass to your fans who think a chick like you could take anything that came to her. This match took longer than you expect and you just wanted to go home and rest. 

“ Great match badass” Dalton patted on your shoulder while everyone from Jay Lethal, Marty Scurll and the rest clapped. 

“ Thanks guys” you waved them off with a chuckle as you looked around. Alex stood there to the side next to Dalton clapping, he had a cute smile on his face. You looked away feeling a blush making it’s way to your cheeks.

 You made your way home dropping the suitcase by the door not even rolling it fully into your home before running yourself a shower and heading to bed.
The following morning, you were sore that you didn’t want to roll out of bed but you had to get your morning coffee. It was maybe three times a year that you were home and got yourself a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Groaning, you rolled out of bed and getting dressed for the day putting on leggings, a tank top with a sports bra and putting your hair up in a pony tail before grabbing your wallet and keys with your phone. 

Today was really nice out so you decided maybe a small jog would be okay even if you were really sore. Opening the door to the familiar coffee shop with the smell of coffee hitting your nose. 

“ I miss this” you mumbled heading inside. The line wasn’t long as you stood waiting scrolling through your phone on twitter. When you got tapped on a shoulder from behind suddenly, turning around looking up seeing a man had wanted your attention.

“ Would you mind emptying your pockets? I think you have stolen my heart” He says. You roll your eyes turning back around to stand in line as it moves up. 

“ Oh come on, you wanna know something? I just got out of the shower. How about coming over and helping me get dirty again?” 

“ She’s not going anywhere with you pal” you were shocked to see who came and stood right next to you. It was Alex. Since when does he come here. Not once you saw him here. 

“ Back off pal, I saw her first” the guy that was flirting with you had said to Alex taking a step towards him. Alex snarled putting his arms around your waist pulling you flush to his body. 

“ I said, back off my girlfriend” Alex growled pushing the guy back then he looks down at you. 

“ Baby, is he bothering you?” you nod. Alex head shots back to the guy, “ You have 10 seconds to get your ass out of here before my fist connects with your face.” The man put his hands up backing up from both of you.

“ Huh? Girlfriend?” you asked with a smirk on your face as you move up the line. He shrugged but held a smile on his face. 

“ You look like you needed a hand with him” chuckled, you playfully pushed his shoulders before you heard “ Next!” 

You moved to order your coffee when Alex beats you to it ordering for you and himself and when you go to pay, he slides his card to pay for both of you.
“You didn’t need to do that. I could of paid my own coffee” 

“ I know but I wanted to” He shoots you a wink before moving aside brushing his hand against the small of your back sending a tingle up your spine. This man was making you crazy, as you stood to wait and feeling Alex’s eyes at the side of your head, it was making you blush. How did he find you? 

“ How did you know I would be here?” 

Alex shrugged, bite his bottom lips before he mutters, “ Feathers.” Ah, so Dalton told him where you were. Dalton and you were close friends, he was nothing like his character. 

“ That explains a lot” he nods before grabbing both your coffee’s as you two headed out for a walk. 

“ Thanks, you know about with the guy back there” you motion with your hand as he hands you your coffee. 

“ Not a problem, happy to help” He smiles down at you making the butterflies erupt in your stomach once again. What was this man doing to you? 

You two walk through the park near the coffee shop catching up on things, you two are friends but your feelings for him grow stronger as you got to know him better. He was a sweet guy and you were surprised when you found out he was single. How could a man like him be single? 

“ Do you remember when Dalton had this huge crush on you? When he asked you out, you nearly knocked him off his feet?” Alex asked, chuckling remembering the moment. You nodded, taking sip of your coffee almost spitting it out due to the flashback you just had. 

“ yeah poor feathers fell on his ass” Alex laughed. You watch the way he laughed, it brought a smile to your face. This man was perfect in your eyes, he was the definition of it. 

“ Alex?” you asked. He stopped to sit on the bench with you sitting right next to him. 

“ What’s up?” he asks, taking a drink out of his cup before turning is head towards you. When he sees that your face is no longer smiling and holds a serious expression, his face changes into worry. 

“ It’s nothing bad..” you begin to say but sigh to yourself as you look up over to the swings that the kids were swinging on. They looked so happy.
“ I was wondering, why are you single? I mean it’s been so long since you had a girlfriend” 

There was paused in what he would say next, he didn’t want to hurt you what he had to say or say something wrong. He seen before when the guys talk about him to get himself a girl already, he seen the way your face changes into sadness when they mention it. 

“ Just haven’t found the right girl, I guess. Why?” you shrugged, “ Nothing important.” 

“ Must be if you brought it up Y/N” you looked away from him not wanting him to see the way you were acting. It hurt to not know if there was a chance that you would be his girl and only girl. A hand cupped your face bringing you to face him, he frowns seeing the sadness in your eye. 

“ Talk to me” he pouts sending you this look that you couldn’t look away from.
“ I..Just.. I …” you sighed closing your eyes as you said the next words carefully “ I’ve been in love with you since I walked through the doors and you were the first person to greet me. You took me under your wing, showing me the ropes and you told me to come to you for anything” 

His eyes go wide as you say “ L” word to him. His heart is racing and he couldn’t believe that the woman he wanted all along felt the same way about him. He pulls your face close to his, his breath hits your face as your heart starts to race. Alex places his lips on your kissing you softly cupping your cheek with one hand. You grabbed the back of his neck, holding him as you kissed back. Finally, you had him. 

He pulled away from you, pecking your lips once more before saying, “ Let’s go back to yours or mine and I’ll show you what we missed out on?” you nodded standing up throwing his and your empty cup int the trash before he follows you.  

You push him into his house, pressing your lips against his. It doesn’t take long for Alex to respond, the two of you begin with massaging your tongues together. He closes the door behind him with his foot turning you around backing you into it.

 Pinned against his door, with his body flushed against your own and the only thing running through your mind is that you want him.  You love the way his lips felt against your as his hands travel up and down your body, almost liked he couldn’t get enough of it. His hands go from your hips to your ass, squeezing causing you to moan into his mouth. His lips go down to your neck, biting and suck leaving his mark on you. Alex kisses your neck to your collarbone where he bites down, finding that spot that makes you dig your nails into his back. He smiles against your neck continue to bite on that certain spot, you moan grabbing his hair. 

“ Alex, please..” you moan. Alex picks yup up so that you are straddling his waist. As he carries you to his room, his lips don’t leave your sweet spot. You could feel how hard he was against your stomach. 

 He lays you on the bed, crawling on top kissing you with passion. He pulls away for a moment to remove his shirt over his head throwing it somewhere in the room. You slip off your sneakers, and sit up as you do the same. Alex leans down and kisses you again, but his hands go to your sports bra, pulling it over throwing it over his shoulder. 

He begins to work on your breasts, kissing the valley on your breast then taking one nipple into his mouth biting on it gently, and sucking on it. Your fingers go into his hair, slightly pulling when he bites down on your nipple. His lips travel down, pulling your legging and panties together. Alex opens your legs and runs a finger or two over your clit.  

He groans at how wet you are for him.

“ Fuck, so wet of me baby” he smirks up at you. You giggles before pushing his head down letting him know you wanted him to taste you. Alex doesn’t hesitate as he goes down. His tongue licks up your clit, closing his eyes loving your taste. 

“ Alex” you moan as his tongue flicks again. His tongue works it’s magic, doing figures and pushing his tongue in and out. You gasp feeling him suck and bite on it gently causing you to tug at his hair. Alex smiles pushing two fingers into you, his long fingers pushing in and out.

“ Like that sweetheart?” Alex asks. He looks at his fingers as they disappear inside you, covering in your wetness. 

“ Fuck, yes. God, yes” you say as you get louder as he curls his fingers hitting your g-spot. 

“” Alex, fuck!” you yell grabbing with the other hand at the sheets with lifting up your hips as you moan. 

“ Cum for me princess.” Alex commands, pumping his fingers faster. Your toes curl and your stomach feels like it’s on fire as you cum, your hand grabs onto his hair, pulling it pushing his face and your hips against his mouth. Alex removes himself from between your legs, licking your juice all over his lips before he grabs a condom to put on his cock. He had removed his pants and boxers sometime in the middle of eating you out. 

“ Do you want my cock baby?” he asks taking his cock in his hands as he brushes against your entrance. 

“ Please… Alex.. yes..” you begged as he takes the tip of his cock and continues to rub against your clit. 

“ Let me hear you” he pushes the head of his cock into your entrance teasing you. 

“ Shelley for fuck sakes, give it to me! I want your thick cock inside me!” you begged him, he smirks slamming inside of you. He pushes himself out and slams back into making you scream his name. Alex can feel you clench around him, he knew you were close once again. 

“ I can feel you baby, you are so close. Am I right?” He asks, leaning down brushing his lips against yours.  “ Yes” 

“ Cum for me” he orders you slamming into you harder and bringing his hand down, is thumb pushing down on your clit.

“ Scream my name, tell my neighbors who makes you feel so good” Alex says, thrusting in and out of you bringing you to your orgasm. Alex thrust in a few more time before throwing his head back as he cums inside you, filling you with his cum. 

He pants, hanging his head down before he raises his head smiling down at you before slipping out of you as he collapses next to you on his bed. 

“ See what we missed all along?” you laughed, panting turning your head towards him. 

“  You’re lucky I love you” 

He smiles kissing your shoulder before leaning up kissing your forehead.
“ I will never get tired of hearing you say that” 

“ Good” you smile closing your eyes. “ I love you too Y/N, I always will my badass chick” you laughed pushing his shoulder before cuddling up to his chest fitting right into his arms.

Just some morning bs with Frisk and Sans

Frisk groaned loudly into her pillow as her alarm went off, she got up lazily looking around with very messy hair.
Sans sat up tiredly looking at Frisk only to start laughing upon seeing the birds nest that was her hair. Frisk glared at him as he laughed holding his angry morning monster in his embrace.
Frisk mumbled angrily but hugged him with a small sigh,“ bone head.” She looked at him only for him to grin,“ birds nest.”
Frisk’s face turned red as she got out of their bed and to the bathroom for her shower with Sans yelling and laughing playfully,“ oh come back kiddo I was only Egging you on! Your temper is usually as light as a feather!” He laughed as she groaned loudly.
“Sans I’m gonna throw something at you!“ //Inspired by a post by @remaining-head-spirits

You wake up with two small lumps on your back, just around your shoulder blades. Your friend has a similar dilemma, however, theirs are on their forehead, and look like zits. Small horns protrude from theirs, while feathers come from yours.

Within a month, you have large, white, dove wings, while your friend has long, curly horns. Turns out, you’re an angel, they’re a demon, and you’re supposed to fight. But you both’d rather just go see a movie.


I had this idea for awhile, that Star tapes (Ok maybe not tape but connects) feather wings to her mewberty wings and she can actually fly. Not for long In distance and height since the feather wings are heavy but the more she practices the better she gets.

Art by me, Gif made by- @svtfoevalhalla 

Parrot Keeping

I don’t get it.

People want to get a single parrot because if they get two then the parrot won’t like them as much.

But then they don’t want the parrot to view them as a mate.

What did you expect? You got a pet in which most species mate for life. Their lives revolve around their mate, preening their mate, feeding their mate, having sex with their mate, raising babies with their mate, driving away competitors from their mate, and yes, spending their entire life with their mate.

You prime them for this situation by you or a housemate being the only ones available, and then freak out when they want to do this to you. It’s natural. It’s not bad. Your parrot isn’t misbehaving, it isn’t a bad bird just because you are keeping a wild animal in a captive situation where it just wants to do what every feather on its body is telling it to do. Stop treating it like such, stop punishing them for displaying mating behaviors.

Do what you signed up for by getting a single bird or work to get your bird a feathered mate. That doesn’t mean buying the first bird at the pet store you see and throwing them in a cage together and wondering why they don’t like each other. That means becoming a match maker and setting up play dates, or even consider rehoming your bird to someone who can.

Stop buying parrots and expecting these wild animals to be pets. They’re not. We’re on the way to domesticating birds like budgies, cockatiels, love birds, Indian ring necks…but we’re still so far from being able to keep them happy and healthily easily like we are with chickens and pigeons who thrive with us. Hell, starlings make better pets than parrots since at least they often choose to be with us.

And please, when you’re researching any animal don’t do a quick google search. Talk to as many people as possible, both new owners and experienced owners.

Witchy Items for Your Altar

I share a very small room with my sister, and obviously don’t have much room for an altar. I use most of my space for my Hellenic shrines and altar. I keep my witchy stuff on my shared bedside table. Here is what I use, and how I store/display it. This is element based, but you can use it however you like.  

North (Earth)

  • Small Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp - This is a tool I use all the time. It detoxifies my room, and cleanses the space. I feel so much more at ease with it on, like it’s washing everything away!
  • Crystals - You might want to move these or switch them out depending on what spell you’re doing, as all energy contributes to the working, but while you’re in your room, or even while you’re away, you can leave these here to represent Earth. 
  • Salt - Little packets of salt work, or you can place a bowl with some salt in it on your altar. I use my rock salt lamp. 
  • Dirt - A literal baby jar of dirt works, or you can put a plant on your altar if it’s by a window. I have a succulent!
  • Earth Imagery - A mini globe would be pretty cool! Or even a little eraser or what not. Having an actual picture of the Earth would be amazing, especially if the clouds were visible, and maybe if it had the sun in the background. Then it could be all encompassing of the elements.
  • Herbs, Flowers, Plants, etc -  As with the crystals, you may want to change these out or put them away during spells, or switch them out. However, they would look really cool as you went with the seasons!
  •  Fossils - I think fossils are awesome Earth representations. They have been in the ground for a very long time! I used to have some really cool fossils I used to represent Earth on my altar.
  • Tree Slice - Have you ever seen those little wooden slices that come from a tree stump? The ones that definitely had huge roots? Those would be perfect to represent Earth! 

South (Fire)

  • Birthday Candles/Tea Lights - You can colour code! These are great for short workings, or even to call the elements. To make these stand up, place them in a bit of clay and let it harden. 
  • Matches -  Double whammy here-  light your candles and have a representation!
  • Ash - I used to have volcanic ash, which was perfect. It got spilled, but for the while that I had it, it was awesome. Collect ash from incense, a fire, etc, and use it (just wait for it to cool!!!)
  • Charcoal - I always thought charcoal looked kinda witchy. I think a dish of it would make a good rep.
  •  Charred Wood - If you have a bonfire, or just so happen to light a piece of wood on fire, you could let it cool and use it for your altar. 
  • Lamp - If you have a secret altar, a little lamp could be an inconspicuous representation for fire, as it does produce light and heat. 
  • Lantern - You can buy super cute mini lanterns at the Dollar Store. I love them, but haven’t gotten one yet. I think they would be fun to use for Fire.  

West (Water) 

  • Glass of Water - You can use whatever type of water you’d like; moon water, rose water, purified water, gem elixir; take your pick!  Just make sure it doesn’t get moldy and stay moldy. Change it out each day/week. 
  • Sea Shells - You can get these in super small sizes! Or, you can get them big and bulky. 
  • Sea Glass - These little stone-like fragments are so pretty! They look just like crystals, and can be found on the beach or in the store!
  • Sea Salt -  Sea Salt could work to represent Water, especially if you pour it into a seashell or add in sea glass to it. It could be like a little potpourri of water related objects!
  • Rain Cloud - You can create clouds out of things like stuffing for toys, cotton balls, and sometimes led lights. It could be a fun project, or you can buy one of them off of etsy.  
  • Mermaid Image - I have a mermaid book mark made of metal, and it sits with my other water-related objects. I feel like it adds that feel of majesty to my water representation. 
  • Drift Wood - This is so pretty! The pieces are smooth, have a fun shape, and definitely capture the essence of water!
  • Sand - If you go to a beach, collect some sand, and place it somewhere on your altar! Be sure to put it in a bowl, though, because it is hard to clean up. 
  • Sea Weed - You can hang this somewhere, or put it directly on your altar. Either way, it looks great.
  • Coral - If you find some coral, you can place it on your altar. It looks so neat!
  • Starfishes/Sand Dollars/etc. - These are a little harder to find on the beach, but if you do, place them on your altar. 

East (Air)

  • Wind Chimes - These add a little decoration to your altar, as well as give you an air representaiton. You can even listen for the tinkling of bells to see if any fae are around!
  • Bells - If you ring a bell, it disperses stagnant energy, and helps to cleanse a space. Having one on your altar is a great way to keep it fresh!
  • Feathers - This is a pretty obvious one, an oldie but a goodie. If you have some feathers, you can use them, but make sure there are no laws against collecting them in your area. Alternatively, you can use fake ones from a craft store. 
  • Empty Glass or Bottle - Air is all around us. Use that to your advantage! 
  • Dandelion Puff - This is what I immediately think of when I picture the wind. You can collect some puffs and put them in a glass. 
  • Bird’s Nest (fake) - You can buy or make a fake bird’s nest. They look pretty real, and have this awesome rustic naturey vibe to them!
  • Leaves - They were once high in the sky! Collect them during the fal season or after a storm. 
  • Incense - Another well-known one. You can burn this and use the smoke. 
  • Tornado Making Jar - You know those little jars that you can shake up, and they make a tornado? Those would be a fun water-air duo!


  • Small Jewelry Box - This can store crystals, herbs, essential oils, etc. I use to use mine to cleanse my crystals becuase it played music!
  • Multi Colour Light-Up Candle - I found mine at Five Below! It lights up in tons of different colours, but is pretty large. However, it takes up a lot less room than a bunch of different coloured candles.
  • Your Wand - Having your wand on your altar makes it a sacred, special tool. It will be charged by the witchy items you have there, and will feel natural inn the environment. 
  • A Mini Besom or Real Besom (Broom) - I use a paintbrush as a mini besom, as I can’t have real one. However, it would be nice if I did, and I’d keep it near my altar!
  • Your Grimoire/Spellbook/BOS/etc - If you aren’t hiding it, you could keep it on your altar! 
  • A  Fire-Safe Dish or Cauldron - If you water scry, burn things, or just like to include your cauldron in your spells, you can keep it on your altar. 
  • Incense Tray - Incense can’t be burned without somewhere to place it. Keep your incense holder handy!
  • Altar Cloth - This ties everything together! It can be switched out for sabbats/festivals/seasons/spells. 
  • Chalice - I’m not Wiccan, but I use the chalice in my workings every once in a while, usually for water-related magic. You can get these beautiful metal ones at antique stores, or regular old wine glasses at the dollar store!
  • Mortar and Pestle - For practical use and an awesome vibe! You can keep this near your herbs.
  • Coloured/Enchanted Salts - They display beautifully,and are really good to have on hand.  
  • Spirit Vessels - These can go in their own little corner if you like. They could also be the center of your altar, especially if you work mainly with spirits.  
  • Tarot/Other Cartomancy Cards - Find a nook for your cards to be kept safe and clean. They will be charged by the other objects all around it, which makes it an awesome idea to have on your altar. 
  • Scrying Mirror - Make this the main attraction, or perhaps just a piece of the puzzle. If you have an ornate mirror, it could be a very drawing part of your altar! 
  • Crystal Ball - Like the scrying mirror, it could be a background piece or the focal point. 
  • Runes - If you cast runes, you can keep your bag or box of them on or near your altar. 
  • Other Divination Tools - You cans store these, or just la them throughout your altar. Whatever you choose, having your tools close by will be awesome! 
  • Twig Shapes - You can make sigils out of twigs and hot glue! Add a ribbon or piece of twin in the shape of a loop, and you can hang them above your altar as decoration and as a little energy booster!
  • Circle (Embroidery Hoop) - I know most people use salt to cast circles, but I actually use an embroidery hoop. I cast one around myself, and one around the items I am working with (ex: what’s in the hoop).
  • Knife - If you use a ritual or practical knife in your workings, it’s good to have on hand. I can’t have one, but I like my wand better anyway, personally. 
  • Fae Garden - You’ll have to have plenty of sunlight near your altar for this one, but it will definitely be fun to have some Fae living on your altar!
  • Spell Supplies - Random bits and bobs, like egshells and ribbons, can be kept on your altar as well. 

Prompto and Ignis join back up with the others after a day of adventuring.


Farkle Minkus | Riley Matthews parallels  

It’s baby animal season!

This is the time of year when wildlife rehabilitation facilities get filled up with “orphaned” babies brought in by well-meaning citizens. While plenty of these babies truly are orphans and need the care of a licensed rehabber to survive, there are also unfortunately plenty of babies brought in that were mistakenly thought to be abandoned. So, what do you do if you see a baby animal by itself? Information provided based on recommendations of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota:

–Squirrels: Female squirrels move babies between nest sites, and during this process babies may be visible outside their nest or even at the base of a tree. If you see baby squirrels outside of a nest, leave them undisturbed and keep your pets contained. Keep an eye on them for a few hours–it may take her a while! If she doesn’t return for them by the next day, then it’s time to call your local rehabber. If you disturb a nest, as is common when trimming branches this time of year, leave them be as long as they are not injured. Again, if they are still alone the next day, take them in.

–Bunnies: If you find a nest, try and keep your pet contained and the area undisturbed for a few weeks while the bunnies grow. You likely will not see mom! You can monitor the nest if you’re concerned, you will quickly see a decline in the health of the babies if mom is not returning to nurse them. If your pet disturbs a nest, bring any injured babies to your local rehab center but leave the uninjured animals alone.

–Ducklings/goslings: Mom should lead the babies to the nearest body of water within a day or two of hatching. Do not try and move mom and all her babies as you will likely just end up stressing and potentially scattering them. If a baby is left behind, you can gently capture them and keep them in a warm, quiet place until you can take them to a rehabber. Be very gentle with ducklings and goslings, and do not handle them more than necessary! These babies are very easily stressed. Unhatched eggs should be left undisturbed–they are federally protected.

–Birds: It is a myth that handling a baby bird will prevent the parents from taking care of it. If you find a featherless bird or a bird with fluffy down feathers, you can gently put it back in the nest. If the same bird keeps getting pushed out of the nest, you should bring it to a rehabber as they may be something wrong with it. If the entire nest has fallen, try and put it back in the same place you found it. If you can’t put it right back where it was, keep it within 5 feet of the original location to ensure the parents continue to care for them. Fledgling birds will spend a significant amount of time on the ground as their immature wings develop. They flutter around, but they can’t really fly yet. Parents will still feed fledglings, so you can keep an eye on a grounded bird to see if adult birds are still in the area caring for them.

–In general: If you find a baby animal alone, leave it be and monitor it to see if mom comes back. Keep your pets away from the area, and don’t try to handle the baby unless absolutely necessary as this can result in you stressing out or hurting the animal. If mom doesn’t come back after several hours, you can take them in to a LICENSED REHABBER. Many rehabilitation facilities want you to call before bringing in an orphaned animal to ensure that they are truly orphaned. Do NOT bring the animal into your house to raise! Most people do not have the time or knowledge to raise orphaned wildlife, and by hand raising them, you habituate them to humans and prevent them from having a chance to be released. Also, it’s illegal. If the animal is injured, it is ok to take them to your local rehabber right away! When in doubt, call your local wildlife rehabilitation facility. They can give you more information about specific species and situations. If you really can’t find a wildlife rehabilitator or the animal is in need of immediate medical attention, you can take it to a vet clinic. Veterinarians can provide lifesaving care or humane euthanasia for an injured animal, before getting them to a rehabber.