this is for you because we should consider fitzsimmons a birthday present

WELCOME TO TEAM ENGINEERING’S FIRST TEAM EVENT! what better way to kick it off than by celebrating the birth of our favorite unappreciated genius, leopold james fitz, who will be turning 30 on august 19th. we’d like him to get everything he’s ever dreamed of, one wish for every year of his life, and that’s where you come in.

over the weekend we took submissions for fitz wishes, any and everything you thought past, present, or future fitz would wish for on his birthday. these have been added to a list on a new tab on the team spreadsheet, found here. to participate, all you have to do is:

  • go to the team spreadsheet
  • choose a wish from the list
  • add it with your name/url to the column on the left near the date you wish to post
  • if you have a wish in mind and it’s not in the list, feel free to add it

once you’ve chosen your wish, you can use it as a prompt to create anything you like, be it a fic, gifset, fanart, etc. however, please keep in mind the requirements set out by EvB. by nature, all of these works should be fitz-centric, but we do want to be mindful of what counts, points-wise.

with 30 wishes as the goal, and more than 30 team members, we realize that the ratio of wishes to team members isn’t even, and that’s perfectly okay. team members aren’t limited to only one wish, and wishes aren’t limited to only one claimant. as noted above, if you have a wish that isn’t on the list, just add it. it may be just the inspiration someone needs to spark their creativity. consider the wishes a starting off point, and just have fun with it. we only ask that you keep it to one wish per day when picking posting dates. if we do end up having more than 30 entries, there can be double postings, but no more than two posts per day.

starting on his birthday, august 19th, participants will post their work on their chosen day, with the goal of having at least one wish posted every day for the next 30 days, and ending on september 18th, because who doesn’t love month long birthday celebrations?

we hope you all have a good time with this! please feel free to contact us with any questions