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Alternative Press -  “ Ash Costello x Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Makeup Tutorial”

btw. if you’ve never seen Ash with no makeup before now you have a chance :D

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btw idk if you have already answered something like this, im fairly new, but do you have like parent/siblings headcanons for like the until dawn crew (apart from the washingtons... of course)

Okay so I have sooooooo many headcanon about them.

Mike’s and only child, and his father is a major asshole. He’s supper successful and because of that he expected the same for Mike. Mike’s parents only married for superficial reasons, and so they have a loveless marriage, and whenever they fight, his mom’s too meek to stand up for herself, and Mike craves his father approval so much he doesnt defend her, even thought he wants too.

Josh, Beth, and Hannah have a pretty slight forward relationship. Their parents are always busy and borderline neglectful, and Beth is the one who looks after everything while Hannah is babied and spoiled (as she is the golden child) and Josh being a partying frat boy who is probably looking like he could have a drinking problem.

Sam’s parents are Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher. There is no reason for this other then, because i want them to be. I have this big long back story planed out, but im not gonna share it because i might write it into a fic one day. But basically, Nate and Elena have a kid, and eventually have to go into Witness Protection, thats why her last name is Giddings.

Emily is a first gen Japanese American. I go back and forth on whether of not she’s the eldest of and only child (cause i can see both) if she is the eldest, she is defiantly the one who her parents put the most presser on to succeed. Her parents constantly fight, and expect Emily to be perfect, which is too much pressure on her. So much so she often sneaks out while Mike (while their dating)

Matt is probably from a lower class family, but has the biggest most loving family. Like he probably lives next door to his grandma and just visits them all the time. He’s probably an alter boy and his family is at every football game and practice cheering him one. They love and support him so much and are basically the perfect famaily, even if they don’t have much.

Chris is an only child, and has a single mom. He’s never met his dad, and really isn’t sure if his dad knows he exists. He loves his mom more than anything, and she’s the coolest mom ever. Like “you can tell me anything about this topic and you wont get in trouble i want you to be safe”.

Jess is also a single child, and her parents are divorced. She’s from an upper middle class family, but her parents HATE each other, and so they shower her with gifts to try to buy her love and turn her against her other parent. Jess realizes this and plays them both for fools, even thought she secretly hates it and it makes her feel insecure. 

Ashley is… I go back and forth on Ashley a lot. I normally go with the one @cochisehartley did in his fic series Until Proven Guilty basically, single dad, and an older sister. Her sister is a selfish prick, and her dad and over religious strict man. She doesnt get along well with her family, and they cause a her so much anxiety. It’s a really good fic, if you’re new here, I highly recommend it.

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I don't know if you'll have any idea about this, and it's kind of a dumb question, but I'm writing a fanfic where it's tagged as a specific character x reader but I kinda want to change the character it is without disappointing my readers. Any advice? Btw the first chapter is already published.

You could make a post explaining that you’re changing the character. You may have some people be disappointed, but that’s okay. It’s your story. After you make the post, then you can just change your tag.

No questions are dumb, love

-Ashley ❤

ashley headcanons

idk why im making this but i have a few i just wanted to get out there

  • ashley went through that phase. you know. that phase. that scene/emo phase where she wore nothing but black beanies and band tees and wrote bad poetry in notebooks that she filled weekly. she hates all of it and was going to burn them before her mother scolded her and said “ashley you should always keep your past work to see how you’ve improved”
  • she has a tumblr blog where she takes writing requests for fandoms and posts random stuff shes working on. shes gained quite a dedicated fan base.
  • despite this ashley much prefers writing with pen and paper because it makes her feel more accomplished to fill up an entire notebook
  • ashley writes smut for her friends. mostly jessica. actually, exclusively for jessica because shes the only one whos ever asked. its actually pretty hardcore stuff but ashleys weirdly okay with writing it for her and will just pass her small stacks of paper in the hallway like “oh btw heres that thing you wanted, ill have the next chapter to you next week”
  • ashley is the queen of trivial pursuit. all that useless knowledge from watching too many quiz shows comes in handy.
Mistletoe. (Chris x Ashley)

Prompt; Could you have some sort of ‘Washington Christmas Party’ before the prank where everybody is happy and having fun and Chris and Ashley get trapped under mistletoe or something? Like Josh and Sam set them up so they can finally kiss? Btw, I love your writing!

THIS IS SO CUTE. And thank you for your kind words lovely anon (:

“Merry Christmas you filthy animals!” Josh greeted his friends at the door to his home, stepping aside to let them all in. “Hope you are all very excited for the festivities tonight.”

Jess threw her coat on a hanger and skipped over to Josh. “Show me where the beer is and it’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, super fine.” Sam quipped in, following after the other two, keeping her cardigan on feeling a little chilly from the cold December air.

Chris and Ashley stood together by the door, hanging their coats up. “I’m so happy we can all have a little party together before Christmas.” Ashley smiled as she spoke, her eyes wandering over the christmas decorations the Washington’s had put up. 

It was easy to tell that Beth and Hannah were in charge, everything looked so elegant and beautiful with twinkling christmas lights across the top of door frames and along the walls. Little tea lights on top of cupboards and tables. 

“It looks so magical. Like our own little south pole.”

“You mean north pole Ash.”

Laughing, she took Chris’ hand and started pulling him in the direction of the living room. “Come on, let’s go see what the christmas tree looks like!” It was no lie how much Ashley loved Christmas.

In the kitchen, Sam and Josh were huddled close together. Jess, with the help of Mike, had grabbed enough alcohol to keep them going for the next few hours. 

“So, I got some mistletoe.” Sam held it up in her hand, smirking as she glanced over at Josh who was nodding his head.

“Great, so we’re just going to hang it over the door and make them kiss?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Sam bit down on her lip as she thought. “We could get Mike to get them cornered somewhere and the mistletoe could be like, just there?”

Josh nodded his head. “Okay, follow my lead.”

Nodding once, and with determined looks on their faces, they left the kitchen and went into the living room where all their friends were sat hanging out. Matt was wearing one of his gaudy christmas sweaters. Even Emily had a little tinsel in her hair. They were going hard on the liqueur.

“Hey Chris, could you come over here dude?”

“Yeah sure, bro.” Chris stood from his seat next to Ashley and walked towards Josh who tried to hide the smug smile that was threatening to creep on his lips.

Sam glanced over to Ashley and stood behind Chris, near the stereo, the mistletoe in her hand. “Hey, Ash, I’m really sorry but could you help me pick some music?”

Jess practically jumped up. “I’LL HE-”

“Jess, I asked Ashley.” Sam turned her attention back to Ashley who stood up, her eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

As Jess walked toward Sam, Sam herself moved over a little so Ashley would be stood by Chris. “Thank you so much, I just can’t decide.”

Josh cleared his throat and Sam looked at him as he nodded his head. Chris felt his body get pushed slightly, Josh’s hands had quickly grabbed onto his shoulders and was nudging him into Ashley who in turn was being held captive by Sam.

“What the fuck guys?” Chris whined out, his eyebrow raised as Josh started laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Look up cochise.”

As Ashley and Chris looked up,they noticed mistletoe being suspended above them by Sam who had a proud look on her face. “Hey guys, look, Chris and Ashley are under mistletoe!” She cried out so the others could turn and look.

“OH MY GOSH!” Hannah squealed out, hands over her mouth.

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” The group started chanting together, pumping their fists in the air dramatically.

Ashley and Chris stared up at each other, their cheeks flushing a brilliant shade of red. As he looked down at her, a smile suddenly spread across his lips; now or never right?

Chris wrapped his arms around Ashley’s waist and shuffled closer to her so their bodies were touching, the heat radiating between them. Ashley blinked at Chris a couple of times, tentatively reaching up and wrapping her arms around his neck, taking a deep breath and standing on her tiptoes, their lips meeting in a soft, sweet kiss.

Their friends started cheering loudly. Josh and Sam high-fived behind them.

“Maybe we should play matchmaker more often?” Sam giggled, putting down the mistletoe as she and Josh walked away, leaving Chris and Ashley in their embrace.

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How about one where the Matsubros make their crush laugh, like doubled over snorting kinda laughing for the first time?

This might not have been what you were expecting?? I dunno I kind of pulled this out of the air aha -Ashley

Osomatsu was already laughing at his joke, but when his crush began laughing so hard they snorted, he couldn’t help but laugh even harder. It took both of them a while to calm down.

Eyebrows high, Karamatsu kind of stared at his crush for a moment. The laughing was loud, and they were clutching their stomach. From then on he tried as hard as possible to make them laugh like that again

Someone as ethereal as Choromatsu’s crush could laugh like that? The emotion he felt was some mix of shock, confusion, and happiness. Most of the shock came from the fact that they thought he was funny.

Ichimatsu didn’t know how to react. Was what he said that funny? His crush looked like they were about to fall over from laughing so hard, and he had to he was sort of embarrassed at their reaction.

All of the reactions Jyushimatsu got from other people when he did his silly acts were different, and when he made his crush produce such a crazy, genuine laugh, he made it his goal to see them like that as often as possible.

Todomatsu tried to hold in his own laughter at the sight. Their laugh wasn’t as graceful as their “usual” laugh, and he poked a little fun at them when they choked from laughing so hard.


LMAO if you are going to hate on Ashley’s new girl friend you need to sit the fuck down. Ashley is a guy who doesn’t usually have gfs because he prefers to chill with many women, so if he is dating this girl she must be special. ‘but she’s a porn star’ yes, she has a job that hurts NOBODY‘but she’s going to hurt Ashley’ Ashley is fucking old enough to decide WHO he wants to be with, his relationships aren’t decided by teenage girls, he chooses who he wants to spend his life with. You have 0 evidence that she’s a bad person, people are judging her because of her profession (highly sexist of you btw:)) and because of her appearance (highly superficial of you btw:)) Don’t send her hate and DONT SEND HER THREATS. And if you feel the need to do any of that, you just might be jealous:)


This is my contribution to the until dawn fandom!
Why yes! I am climbing class trash!

I found the original artist! Their name is Elissie! You should check out the original art and all of their other stuff! Thanks for giving me permission to use your art!
Ashley now can I start… Thank [you] for never letting my lips look like this. Thanks for always being in a terrible mood every morning. Thanks for always forgetting my sunscreen. Believe it or not I’m totally going to miss your witches brew and I would text you the fucking weather everyday but in London it’s always going to be: fucking shitty. I love you, can’t wait for you to touch my face some more.
—  Jennifer Lawrence’s message to her makeup artist 

Okay people, for real, how old are you all? Bc the things I’m reading suggest that the members of the bvb army are like 12. Every so often Ashley-rumours start to appear, and even though it might be fun for y’all to discuss all these crazy theories IT IMPACTS A REAL PERSON’S LIFE. He has already stated that he is doing great so can the gossip-adoring people, like, chill? You’re stressing Ashley and some members of the bvb army out.

Baltimore, you did it! Just in time for tonight’s concert, you’ve officially become the biggest rainbow show thus far on the North American leg of OTRA tour!

Great job, everyone! Have a lovely, colorful time tonight!

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Lacy Panties

Hey- HUGE fan of your blog btw, your doing a great job, it would be awesome if you could write tourbus smut (with andy and A/Z preferably lucy) but Ashley walks in whilst your actually having sex and has a fit of laughter, and tells the other boys and its jokes for a while afterwards

Stumbling into the tour bus, you didn’t even hear the door being slammed shut as you were already being pressed against the black table on the other side. Andy’s soft lips against yours and his hot tongue exploring your mouth distracted you from your surroundings. Your arms were wrapped around his neck and his around your waist, but they changed their position for a few seconds as he grabbed you under your thighs and made you sit on the table instead of leaning against it. You could feel his erection as he pressed against you and it only turned you on more.

It was no surprise how eager he was to get rid of your clothings as his hands wandered under your shirt while his lips broke away from the kiss to trail butterfly kisses down your neck, nibbling on your skin. Whining quietly as his fingers trailed up your tummy and stopped right below your bra, you wrapped your legs around his to pull him closer, even if it was almost impossible. “Eager, are we?”, Andy stopped kissing you for a second to look at you with a cheeky grin and quickly took the chance to get rid of your shirt, you bra following shortly after.

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