this is for you anon!!

That’s also Patience. She stayed with Toriel until she found out aged boss monsters ,like Toriel, can’t grow old without having a child. So she went out of Ruins and searched for Asgore. And well, you know what happened next.

Justice’ determination overpowered Integrity’s just like how Frisk’s overpowered Flowey’s from the start of the game.

I’m surprised I’m getting fanarts when there’s no story about them, or even Frisk and Chara- But sure! They never fail to make me smile :’)

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Okay but Consider This: Lance....... loving himself................... and actually feeling like he's good enough.... like he really does deserve to be part of this team...... Yiss

now this is a concept i can get behind,,
imagine: Lance being happy and secure in his role as a fundamental part of Voltron. He knows no one wants him gone and that he’s an exceptional asset to the team, besides being a delight to be around, also because all of his friends keep telling him in backhanded compliments and praises. “Nice shot,” Keith calls into the comms, and Lance can feel the smile in his words as the others whoop in agreement. He grins and pumps his fist in the air, dodging another ship coming his way only to turn back and bullseye it with an ice ray. In the castle hangar, Shiro pats his shoulder amicably and says “Good job out there, Lance” to which he replies with a snarky one liner on the gist of “I kinda missed the smell of galra’s kicked butts.” Everyone laughs genuinely, and Lance is still grinning as he takes a long, hot shower, humming some indistinguishable pop song to himself under the spray.

He still misses home, but the hollowness it leaves in his ribcage is filled with weird altean game nights and the feeling of belonging to a new mismatched family. They’re doing this together, for better or worse. And when they’ll have saved the universe and come back to earth, he’ll have cool scars and amazing stories to tell. Maybe he’ll write a book and they’ll get an apartment all together, maybe he’ll be able to tell his mom that he’s fallen for an unruly boy with a mullet and a heart of gold, that they want to get a dog and adopt children. He’ll bring alien stuff to his nephews only to see their eyes light up in awe, their little faces rapt in wonder as he recounts the tale of the salvation of humanity and everything beyond. He’ll tell them that he was there, with the bravest companions he could ever desire, and they fought back to back by the skin of their teeth against a tyrant with a will as strong as steel. He’ll tell them how he saw cities crumble and raise from the ashes, a testimony of just how strenuous is the instinct in all living beings to keep fighting for good. He’ll tell them, at last, how the light will always shine brighter in the darkness, and that there is always hope for a better future.

There are a lot of things that he didn’t know at first, and even more that he still doesn’t. The road is long, and bumpy, but he’s ready to learn, and see where it takes him.

That night, as he laughs at something Hunk said, Keith entwines their fingers under the table and squeezes gently. One thing, he definitely knows. Lance squeezes back, and knows that they’ll be okay.

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*whispers into void* I'm having some anxiety rn could you make some jamilton hcs pls? Sorry for bothering I'll leave now bye

:o sure! Hope you feel better, don’t leave! Come take a seat. 

  • Thomas takes Alexander shopping at some big places
  • Keep in mind Alex doesn’t care much for his appearance unless it counts, but he’s always up to look like he’s worth a billion dollars (Dresses like new Money ;))
  • Thomas tries to get him into things like slacks or something
  • Alex disappears and comes back with skinny jeans and an Italian Blazer
  • Thomas is literally on his knees praising how good small Ham looks in nice clothes
  • Thomas lowkey starts taking Alex shopping because he likes the idea of spoiling Alex
  • Plus anytime Alex wears something fancy Thomas can lean in and go “You look nice, your welcome~” 
  • Eventually Alex starts affording his own things but Thomas still insists they shop together
  • (Sidenote: They argue over Thomas buying ANOTHER purple-tone shirt when he has so many already. Thomas argues this shade is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the other 50 he has) 

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Just want to congrats you. You did a great job and I hope that you'll continue story to the end. And even if I'm happy, it's also pretty sad. Snowdin was and still are one of my favourite locations, so it's sad becouse we are going to leave this place with it's awesome characters.

This ask cheered me up so much <3333 I feel the love!!

Yes, I’ll miss Snowdin too, not the friggin trees but it is one of my fave places too! Luckily, Waterfall is nearby and I LOVE Waterfall. I can already predict it’s gonna give me lots of problems with lights and crystals and water BUT! I’ll do my best to keep you guys satisfied <3

I still have some pages to draw from Snowdin, so I’ll focus and bring you good stuff >:3c

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I did not know you existed five minutes ago but WOW those accents~~~!!!!! Aaaah extra skydancer wings!!! And jewelry for boggies!!! And ridgbacks!!! and I have NOT ENOUGH GEMS!!! But wow! ^_^ I hope you're having a great day! (I'm fyaridragons, but it's not my main, so I randomly decided to hit the anon button!)

Thank you :D! And my day has been pretty good, hope you have a great day too!

Speaking of the extra skydancer wings:

It looks like this now! it needs some more details and stuff, but it’s getting somewhere, I think. Not sure if this is the final colour but eh, gold for now. For that one dragon that needs a ridiculous amount of wings and probably can’t get into any apparel at all.

(also a dark version, mostly for one of my own dragons - that will be awful to get approved)

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Okay but... imagine Cole tearing the sleeves off his fancy white gi because he really does refuse to wear anything with sleeves


Like the ninja get honoured by the city because of all they’ve done to help and it’s a big deal but Cole is just like, sweating, wanting so bad for his arms to be free

And he just aaaaaaAAAAAAAAA and rips them clean off

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Your Greed gif is so cool!!! (I kinda wish it was slower so I could get a better look at your kickass drawing and animation tho(: ) congrats on being awesome!!!

Thanks so much!! and thanks for the feedback, I was wondering if it was going too fast to tell what was happening, I’m hoping it’ll fit w the music but here’s a slow version so u can see all the frames :)  

this is only like a tenth of what’ll hopefully b a finished thing so I hope I finish lol

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But before he can even take his lighter, she's gliding a finger under the band of his boxers to grab it. Jyn takes her cigarette, resting between her lips, red lipstick tainting it, and brings it to his mouth. "We can share." She lights the cigarette with a smirk, and Cassian's gaze is fixed on her mouth like he could devour it. He doesn't have the time to take a drag, because she's already taking it back for a puff. Jyn brought her mouth just close enough for him to inhale the smoke. "We can."

(part 1)