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I dare you to make a post about ALL the panels stating and emphasizing that Touka is cute/beautiful since chapter 1 of part 1

Mod K:

HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I WAS JUST ABOUT TO DO THIS??? Damn, son. Okay. Challenge accepted!

Let me know if I missed some!

So, many people have spoken about or emphasized how beautiful is throughout the course of the series. Here are the panels that stick out in our minds the most when we think about our gorgeous queen!

Hide is the first person to acknowledge how cute and pretty Touka is! He takes the initiative by flirting with her first!

Next, Ken also acknowledges that Touka is definitely cute as well in the first chapter, even though he is primarily focused on Rize.

Some random dude also notices Touka’s beauty when she is taking Kaneki to have his mask made. Look at that little blush!

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Can you draw the Golden Goddesses please? (Pick all three or your fav.) Congrats!

I understand that these are the oracle designs, but well, the goddesses dont really have canon designs anyway do they? right? they look like emmy awards. Nayru turned out my favorite. 

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it feels really biased that you only reblog art and fics from your friends. it doesn't help smaller authors get noticed. I wish you'd spread your net wider and include people outside your little bubble.


This is what happens when Im not shy

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hEY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW ME SOME LANCE YO please 😍 idk maybe playing a video game? or him just being lance bc lance is good but ily

i got a little bit carried away……….. :D

Tired heroes having a well deserved rest. ヽ(´ー` )ノ
Has it gotten even a bit colder? I wanted to draw them in warmer clothes for fall. They’re wearing each other’s colors! 

I’m doing Garnet +4 other gems, she’s the most done so far! : ]

I drew a boyfriend for my boy [x]

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yuri!!! on dragons??

“morning flight”

I’m probably the least qualified person to be creating dragon aus, but I really wanted to give it a try ;7;;;

for @yoiauweek-2017!


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