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What do you think about JK saying that he considers himself and Jiminie to be at the same age??? I feel kinda emotional

it’s really meaningful indeed , him thinking of jimin as someone who’s the same age as him . because as it has already been pointed out by satellite-jeon jungkook’s behaviour is very different when he’s with jimin from when he’s with the other members , around jimin he tries to be more mature , acts a little bit tough (the tsundere image thing) , i think kookminwolrd pointed this out too in one of their videos .

like that time jimin was reacting to jungkook’s celebrity bromance video , where he went out to eat meat with minwoo and jungkook was like :” i can’t grill it myself” , and jin said : “when he’s with us , we always cook it for him” and jimin said that jungkook tried cooking it for him when they went out one time , see? he never cooks it when he’s with the other hyungs but when it’s jimin he tries to do it for him  .idk how to say this but he tries to be  reliable for jimin you know ? he wants him to be able to rely on him, that’s the difference of his behaviour when it comes to jimin , for the other members he acts cute and childish but with jimin it’s different, he wants him to see him as a grown man ,just like he doesn’t see jimin as an older guy but as someone who’s the same age as him. 

he even uses banmal language (informal) with him sometimes , and jimin has grown a little used to it by now i think . like that time right before jimin’s performance with taemin , when jungkook shouted : “jimin-ah!”….nothing playful about that!!!!  he was casually calling him jimin-ah , knowing jimin’d be okay  with him using informal language with him .. okay i’m gonna stop right now cuz this is really getting out of hand sorry for the long reply that you didn’t ask for

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little langst for u: lance is kidnapped by the galra and it takes a while for the team to rescue him. in his absence, they realize how much life he gave them and now they miss his winks, his finger guns, his crappy jokes, and his laughter. when they do get him back, he isnt the same: he doesnt goof around, make cheesy pick-up lines, or even smile anymore. he is quiet and obedient, just as the team always said they wanted him to be, and now do they regret it

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Lance always helps Hunk make dinner and they're so synchronized whenever someone passes the kichten, they stop and just stare at the two working around and with each other.

This is such quality content that I want to add my own headcanons for this: 

  • Lance and Hunk make their favourite comfort foods for each other when the other is feeling down 
  • Hunk and Lance learning to make their respective countries’ foods from each other. 
  • Pidge once tried to intervene during their Garrison days because they couldn’t be in the kitchen at 1am goddamit,
    • Pidge still regrets trying to intervene
    • They spent five minutes trying to get Lance and Hunk’s attention away from the food for five seconds and could just not do it
  • Coran tried to cook with them once when they were in The Zone™ 
    • He had made one meal before realising that instead of helping Hunk and Lance cook, he was hindering them, since the two were so synchronised that working with another person threw them off. 
  • Pidge and Keith like to count how long it takes for the two to make a seven-person meal 
    • It’s become a race
    • Their fastest time was 10 minutes. 
    • Let that sink in: 10 minutes
  • Allura learnt how to cook from watching Hunk and Lance cook together. Since she is royalty, she never had the necessity to cook, but now that she wants to learn, her best teachers are Hunk and Lance. 
    • Coran too. 
    • But, surprisingly, Hunk and Lance are a little more patient. 

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I DARE you to draw Curvy!Lance, like seriously, do it. Please. Your Lance artwork is amazing and I just need Curvy!Lance, this fandom is to obsessed with Keith looking girly and there isn't enough Lance being the curvy pretty boy he is

i dare you to not pin body types to what “gender roles” they fit

just because i draw keith with big thighs & hips does not mean he looks “girly” or is more feminine looking lol anon wyd 

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I wish we got blacksmith hiccup in the new season it's one the things I love most about his character.

I wish we got blacksmith Hiccup in ANY season. There’s a whole wishlist of mine, and smithcup is on there. Man, I’m a fan of a man in an apron. Le sigh.

It is sad he seems to be really stepping away from it in the TV show. Maybe now that he’s no longer going insane trying to outmanuever ‘enemies’?

A nice episode where Gobber’s away, or down with the pox, or something, and Hiccup gets called back to Berk as the temporary smithy (leaving the edge to someone else oh wait what edge?) and Hiccup’s back in action taking orders and throwing things together and pulling levers and he’s finding it easier, if a little awkward…

oh and his leg is pinching and he’s hitting his head on this same beam he never used to have issues with and his stress starts to grow with this suddenly unfamiliar environment (and maybe his mind is on the Edge and how it all went wrong) and it takes Astrid pointing out a noticeable limp (and the fact that he’s in pain) for him to slow down and make himself a new leg.

that’s something that I’d like

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i've been thinking a lot abt the scene where Mike puts makeup on El. and wouldn't it have been cute if the boys were all curious about makeup one day? but instead of using the makeup properly, they end up drawing stars on their faces and all write D&D on their foreheads bc they have no clue what they're doing but they think it's fun to have matching face tattoos that show that they're in the club and there's nothing weird about it at all bc makeup is just another crayon to them :D

Hello anon! This is a really sweet idea 💜  Thank you for sending it my way—you’re awesome!

Because I am a sucker for heartbreak, I want to say that Mike is missing El particularly bad one day and wanders into Nancy’s room while she’s not home. He rifles through her makeup brushes and thinks about how concerned El was when he tried to put blush on her cheeks, but how she let him do it anyways. He finds Nancy’s eyeliner as well and, after a moment’s hesitation, draws a little 011 on his wrist, right where El’s used to be.

All caught up in his thoughts, Mike doesn’t hear the doorbell ring nor the front door open and he doesn’t hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. In fact, he doesn’t hear anything until Will (who has his own key now, because Karen says he can come over whenever and let himself in) asks him if he’s alright from the doorway of Nancy’s room. Mike sort of just sputters and Will notices the mark on his arm, frowning. In an attempt to make Mike feel better, Will offers to “give him a happier tattoo” and Mike agrees, just happy that Will’s back and acting normal. The boys take Nancy’s makeup bag into Mike’s room and sit on his bottom bunk. Will starts to draw designs on Mike’s other arm, outlining them with the black eye pencil and shading with some of Nancy’s sparkly eyeshadows (the ones she never wears).  Eventually, Will runs out of room on Mike’s arm and tentatively moves his hand up to the taller boy’s face. Mike hesitates for a moment before nodding at Will to continue. No matter what, he figures, it’ll be better than when Holly does his makeup for her tea parties. Smirking, Will writes “Dungeon Master” in block letters across Mike’s forehead, drawing little stars around the words. Just as he finishes, the doorbell rings again and, this time, they both hear it.

Both boys bound down the stairs to greet Dustin and Lucas, who take one look at Mike, wide-eyed. Dustin exclaims that he wants his D&D name in fancy letters on his forehead and Lucas, after a bit of prodding, also agrees to allowing Will to ‘tattoo’ him. Afterwards, they all participate in writing and drawing on Will—Mike scrawls out Will’s D&D name, Lucas works on a camo pattern on one of his cheeks, and Dustin draws a dragon (albeit a crooked stick figure one) on Will’s other cheek. 

They play an entire six hour campaign like this, only interrupted once when Nancy comes downstairs for a sweater from the laundry basket. If she notices the drawings on their faces (she does) and if she realizes they were done with her makeup (she definitely does—that shade of pink is from her favourite lipstick), she doesn’t say anything. But she does offer to order the boys another pizza, which they gladly accept. 

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You're trying to bias wreck me. I must stay loyal to Jimin!!!! <P> *Re - reads "Not So Honest" for the third time.* <P> Me: This isn't what it looks like. I'm loyal to Jiminie.



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Although I really love TG, I must admit that things have gone way too far. Either the editor and YJ just want to milk out this series by trying to add more "depths to the story" (they even say on YJ magazine that "the more tragedies, the more better the story") or maybe Ishida just starts to lose tracks of his own story (he is managing too much materials at the same time).

The best tragedies are tight stories, though. Too much fluff and you lose impact. I mean, the classic greek tragedies, the tragedy masters and early theory of tragedy were all about doing as much as possible with as little as possible. It’s about that one arc and those specific characteristics and circumstances that lead to the undoing. 

There is no lack of depth to Tokyo Ghoul and creating a dumb love… what are we at now, quintangle or whatever… and making Mutsuki’s narrative so gratuitous are a fool’s definition of depth. You add depth by strengthening, deepening, or complicating the main story. Not with gruesome side stories. What the Clowns are doing? That’s adding depth. Giving us more on the thoughts of the members of Black Goat would be depth. This is… who even knows.

I don’t know whose fault it is, but the 86 // 98 joke is very Ishida and it was responsible for a lot of the terrible pacing in the Rushima arc. Who knows, maybe he was making the best of what they told him to do.

Look, I want to trust Ishida. He keeps coming up with amazing narrative choices and great character moments, and then following it up with things that are just kind of a mess. Chapters 99 through 110 (and sort of 111) were really high quality after Rushima’s total mess of an arc. 

I’m sure there’s a long term plan here. I want to believe it’ll be great, even if there are some bad chapters along the way.

But I have been burned by serial fiction I thought had a handle on itself before. So let’s just say my faith has to be constantly earned at this point. 

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Do you have any headcanons for Rebel!Matt? I feel like he could be possibly be one of the main hackers of the group or maybe even a medic but I like the idea of him possibly being a fighter too. Like he goes up to this group of larger rebels during training one day and asks if they would teach him and they don't take him seriously at first bc he smol. But he's also observant. Like his talent would be agility / swiftness. Also maybe he fights w. a staff.

hmmm ok i actually do my friend :)

my personal headcanon is that matt like. isn’t actually amazing with computers? he’s average. the most we know about his field is that it has to do with 1) finding life in non-typical locations 2) ice cores. these two combined are more biology things, so i cling to the idea of nerdy little biologist matt.

he’s lucky enough that, unlike shiro, he gets a chance to rest and recover. he spends a lot of time in the medbay, helping out others (even though he shOULD BE RESTING, as an exasperated doctor repeatedly says) and like. absorbing as much xenobiology as he can. he’s in heaven.

but after a bunch of people come in hurt (esp if they were protecting him) he gets seized by guilt and memories of shiro throwing himself into danger for matt’s sake and decides that he needs to start paying back. he marches down to the training deck and pesters the other rebels until they’re finally like “we’ll humor you. briefly.”

matt is a fast learner, as they find out. he does a lot of watching and then practices over and over and once they finally try to actually spar with him they’re surprised by how much he’s picked up.

(like they still kick his ass lmao he’s just a beginner, but he has enough potential)

i’m not sure when matt was picked up by the rebel group – sometime before canon – but by the time team voltron catches up with them he’s able to fight alongside them and that’s how they meet. matt protecting shiro :’)