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Langst prompt (or Lanuff whichever way you want to write it, if you want to write it) where Lance has narcolepsy


I found this interesting tbh!!!! 

Growing up Lance found himself constantly tired, no matter how much sleep he got he was always tired. 

Lance found himself falling asleep during the day, even during his normal routine. He couldn’t control them either one moment he’s awake and the next he’s not. 

It also didn’t matter what he was doing, playing a board game with his family? He fell asleep. Playing hide n go seek with his best friend Hunk? He fell asleep. 

No matter what he did he would find himself falling into a paralysing sleep, even when he was awake. 

His muscle would slack, his jaw would fall open and his arms and legs would feel weak. 

He was constantly in a “about to fall asleep/just woke up” state. 


A few months before Lance left for the Garrison he was taken to a doctor and he was diagnosed with narcolepsy. It wasn’t anything bad except that his brain didn’t make enough of the chemical hypocretin, which keeps people awake. Lance was okay with the that, it wasn’t hurting him or anyone else. It just meant he had to take more medicine and try to keep his routine changing. 

Yet he wasn’t okay with the fact that the Garrison almost denied him when he sent in his medical report. Two days after he did a Garrison member came to his house and talked to him about his “issue”. 

Lance and his family assured the Garrison member that Lance would be on top of his game. After hours of pleading and convincing Lance was cleared to go. 


At the Garrison Lance was able to keep himself awake for the most part. Between his medicine and Hunk’s support system he didn’t have much of a problem until he wasn’t on Earth and he didn’t have his meds. 

As time went on with Team Voltron Lance found himself falling asleep more and more. Hunk would usually keep him awake but when it was just Lance or someone else Lance would pass out. 

Of course Lance didn’t mean too it just happened. He felt like he was back on Earth. 

Lance venting to Hunk about his concern that he was bring the team down since he fell asleep inside of Blue while they were heading towards a planet. 

Hunk assured him that, that was not the case and the team just didn’t know what Lance was going though. 

After about a month or so Lance told the team about why he constantly fell asleep. The team understood and the Alteans thought of ways to recreate his medicine. 

Lance grinned at the thought of having his medicine again and was told that he would have them in a week or two. 

In the meantime Lance found himself falling asleep on his team members but when he eventually woke up that person was either reading or sleeping right beside him. Lance could live with this for awhile. 

Sorry this took so long!!!!!

I hope you like it!!!!

Thank you <3 

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you arent a lesbian, gay, bi, or trans. you are not lgbt. don't reblog posts made by and for the lgbt community

Oh sorry, I forgot that the “A” in “LGBTQIA” meant “asexuals not allowed”. My sincerest apologies, anon, for offending you and your aphobe self. Have a lovely day!

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hi there! I REALLY love your character and your artwork and would love to RP bu t... I'm way too fucking shy and I think you're really awesome ; w; have a good day!! ; //w//;

“…oh….how very cruel of you….-”

“Making my heart flutter like this…only to leave me no clue as to who you might be…-”

*Vaega releases a series of sounds, starting off as what sounds like a love struck sigh, before escalating into restless whimpers, and ultimately, cries of adoration as he flings himself upon the anon’s unsuspecting and meek form*

“Oh, My SWEET ANON! I cant stand this INSUFFERABLE distance between us…RETURN to me at ONCE! Find the courage to rend my heart from mine own chest and take it as your own! MY ACHING BODY AWAITS YOU, READY TO BE RAVISHED LIKE A BASKET OF FRESHLY COOKED AND SEASONED POPOTOS!!!!”

((Lets be real for a second though, popotos aside. There is literally no greater honor on tumblr for an ask artist like me…for someone to tell me that they think my character is great and that they like my art and would actually consider rping with me? I screamed for a whole five minutes just looking at your message. Thank you anon, and I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my disgusting and shriveled little perverted heart… that some day you might find yourself in the position to send me your feelings again….but with your beautiful and precious name attached.))

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#9 meeting online AU, everlark!

They should have exchanged pictures. She was pretty sure she wasn’t going to spot him in a crowd with only his Tumblr account photo. Even if they were cinnamon rolls.
Because Peeta wasn’t going to show up with a sign saying “i’m Peeta, aka BreadBoy”, and she sure didn’t come carrying her own “Arrowhead”.

So, how would they recognize each other?
With all the time they’d spent writing to each other, she only knew he was blonde with blue eyes. She knew his favorite color, she knew he liked to draw and paint, knew he was a baker, that her niece just got her first bike - but what he looked like, she didn’t know.

The announcement for his train came out of the speakers loudly.
Suddenly, Katniss wondered if she should stay - would he be disappointed by seeing her ? She was far from being the cover girl for any magazine.
Suddenly, she felt fear threatening to overwhelm her - would she live up to the standards he had fixed ? Wouldn’t he be just pass next to her without seeing her?
Of course, they had exhanged mobile numbers - would he pretend -
The train was there.
Travellers started to get out, passing through the automatic doors, a group at a time.
Men and women, girls and boys all together, with their phones.
Until one man.
Looking around, as if searching for someone.
Her gaze was drawn to his. She wanted to get lost into the blue of his eyes.
He moved closer, walking until he was a foot away from her.
She nodded.

Thank you, Anon ! Hope you’ll enjoy !!!
THank you for sending a prompt :)

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Lo do you still have the bubble wrap cause I think we all need it,my heart broke for Aaron last night he could barely say the word "baby" without crying it was just to difficult to watch.

it took us months to get used to the baby plot, we just gotta give the lad the same time, so that he too can stop feeling like he’s dying inside too 😌

….but yes i’m breaking into the mill and wrapping him up in his sleep.

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This is kind of different than the other gif asks you've been getting, but what trademark harry move do you think people will be impersonating in 20 some years (like Harry's Jagger impersonation on SNL)?

Well that’s hard because he’s a very expressive guy, but I guess it has to be something from his performances since he uses to go wild on stage.. My guess is this would be the trademark move:

Oh wait, there’s the kisses blow too…

Well I hope both are his trademarks because they sum up pretty well his hoe and cupcake personality :)

Harry’s gifs asks

Noodle and 2D hangout on the street curb to have a few smokes, 2D finds it hilarious and adorable how Noodle doesn’t know how to smoke very well(without burning her throat) which ends up with her chewing her cigarette angrily while he rants to her about his problems(She thinks he doesn’t notice, but he really does.) so while he’s talking about his love life, she’s mentally slapping herself in the face while dining with tobacco chunks in her teeth           

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when jj proposes to isabella, no one at the party looks like her. that makes me think that for whatever reason, she has a small family. one day when theyre watching the end of some disney movie, long past all of jjs siblings have fallen asleep on the couch next to jj or on the floor with bella, she casually mentions how she's always wanted a big family, but she never got to meet hers. jj slides down next to her, and softly asks to take her last name to show that hes her family now. She accepts ❤


[nods from the council]