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scott pilgrim, canonically:

  • has a friend group almost entirely made up of bi and gay people
  • plays and sings in multiple rock bands
  • won’t get their hair cut because the last time they did it made them feel like garbage even though others thought it looked cute
  • has to confront deep-seated denial about what kind of person they are, most of which seems to date back to high school
  • said this shit in both the comic and the movie:

Draw Your Own Conclusions Is All That I Am Saying



On the back of Hoseok’s ‘YNWA’ photocard, he wrote “아미바라기” with a little drawing of a sunflower. It says, “ARMY’S HOPE”. Our beautiful ray of sunshine. ♥

Please do no reupload my photos anywhere else. Thank you.

If during the 90 minutes on Thursday Robert doesn’t have at least one small breakdown over losing his husband the day after their wedding for 12 months when he was so sure it wouldn’t be that long then me and Emmerdale are having words. I want tears. I want pain. I want devastation.

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shoutout to that one guy i blocked for being a nasty ableist asshole who followed my deviantart months later to check if i would block them there too, thats still one of the creepiest things thats ever happened to me because of this blog


checklist: dasey + favourite underrated scenes [4/10]

“That’s great, do your worst. Now there are a few conditions.”

Okay but can everyone shut up about the voice actors?
I’m pretty sure that they were chosen for their voices okay? I get it, people are mad but honestly does it truly matter to the point where you have to get pissy about it? I understand people’s anger yes, but they did an amazing job and without them the characters wouldn’t be themselves so please calm down about it. No one hate on me, I just want the movie to be accepted for what it is and what it is is an amazing masterpiece that I’m obviously obsessed with

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drink – water
call – sister
song i listened to – who’s that- got7 
time i cried – two days i think??

have you ever:
dated someone twice – nope
been cheated on - yes
kissed someone and regretted it – yes
lost someone special –  yes
been depressed – yes
been drunk and thrown up – yes

in the past year, have you?
made a new friend – yessss
fallen out of love – nope
laughed until you cried – yes, everyday bc im a dork and i cant laugh like a normal person
met someone who changed you – nope
found out who your true friends are – yep 
found out someone was talking about you – nope

how many people on tumblr do you know irl –  anyone :(
do you have any pets – 2 dogs
do you want to change your name – if i could yep but i dont think i can haha
time you woke up this morning – 11:05 am 
what were you doing last night - i was watching my shy boss until i fell asleep
name something you cannot wait for - mmmm maybe got7 comeback ?? or exo’s tho
have you ever talked to a person named tom – nope but in my country the tom is called tomás (?)
what’s getting on your nerves right now – my hair is falling down a loT :((((
nickname – vic (?)
zodiac sign – aquarius
pronouns – she/her
fave tv show –doctor who and sherlock 
college – school of medicine
hair color – light brown
do you have a crush on someone – PARK JINYOUNG
what do you like about yourself – i’m very calm and i like to take things slowly
righty or lefty – lefty

surgery – never
piercing – 7 but in the ears
best friend – yep, 2
vacation –now im on summer vacations ??
pair of sneakers – keds!!! thank you taylor swift!!

eating –  nothing :(
i’m about to – reblog some stuff (?
listening to – angel - elo
want kids – nope
get married – nope
career – doctor!!

which is better:
lips or eyes – lips
hugs or kisses - hugs
shorter or taller – taller
older or younger – older
romantic or spontaneous – spontaneous
sensitive or loud – loud
hookup or relationship – both ??
trouble-maker or hesitant – i was a trouble maker but now i think i’m hesitant

have you ever:
kissed a stranger – yes
drank hard liquor – yes
lost glasses or contacts – luckily not
sex on the first date – nope
broken someone’s heart – i think ???
been arrested – nope
turned someone down – yes
fallen for a friend – nope
do you believe in:

yourself – kind of
miracles – no
love at first sight – idk 
heaven – nope

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So apparently the people that worked on Bangtan’s upcoming comeback song are highly anticipating it. According to them, it’s not just going to capture the fans’ attention but the attention of the general public as well. 

They’re saying this is going to be the best comeback yet. ©


NEWT gazes at TINA – awkwardly affectionate. He gently reaches forward and touches her hair. Lingering for a moment, they stare into each other’s eyes.

A last look and NEWT suddenly moves away, leaving TINA standing, raising a hand to touch where NEWT stroked her hair.