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Hello! Could you do a hoseok mermaid au please? I just really find that concept real cute :)) and and i just wanna say i love your bloggg !

really felt like writing some hoseok,,,,so here you go!!!

  • is a merman,,,,but his lower part is smooth and not scaley,,,it’s more similar to a shark than to a fish 
  • he has double fins near his hips and some scars around them because he’s always trying to get up close to new coral and new fish that he hasn’t seen before and his friends jin and yoongi always tell him to watch himself,,,,,but hoseok kind of lives for adventure and never listens so,,,
  • his skin is a golden tan but once you get to the gills near his neck it turns slightly blue like his tail with small speckles running from below his jaw up into his cheekbones
  • wears shark teeth earrings that taehyung made him
  • when he smiles it’s like ,,,,,,there’s sunshine underwater????? rumor has it it reflects up into the sky???
  • but also when he smiles u can see that some of his teeth are super duper sharp compared to a normal mermaids 
  • you actually work at a small seaside cafe during the summers that sits right on the boardwalk to the ocean
  • and on some mornings the owners trust u with opening up the place but,,,,that’s like super early around 5am,,,,,and some people are out mostly those who jog on the boardwalk and all that
  • but the beach is practically vacant but one day ur sure u can see the figure of someone sitting in the rocks close to underneath one of the boardwalks bridges
  • and u think,,,,,for a moment,,,,,that u have to be hallucinating,,,or maybe the person ur seeing spent the night there????
  • worried u grab some food from the cafe,,,,and head out to see if the person might be hungry in case they’re homeless or something
  • but as ur climbing over the sharp rocks you accidentally scrape your arm which somehow makes the boy a couple yards away react 
  • (maybe it has something to do with a sharks keen sense of smell,,,esp for blood)
  • but he turns and for a moment u just freeze because,,,,he’s too far to hear u??? right??? but u wave awkwardly either way,,,wincing when u realize ur hand has started to bleed 
  • but you just clutch your fingers into a fist and try to make ur way over and the boy,,,,,once ur only three feet away,,,,is still looking at your hand
  • and u notice how handsome he is,,,,but theres some kind of discoloration in his face,,,,and u see something that looks like fins on his neck and ur like wha-
  • but he reaches out before u can say anything and takes ur hand thats still in a fist, gently prying it open and then?????? bringing it to his lips
  • and ur like ?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1? UM but when he pulls back he smiles and u see his teeth and ur like even more confused but he just keeps grinning and goes
  • “u should wrap the cut with seaweed, it’ll stop ur bleeding” and ur like caught between being at a loss for words because did this stranger lick your wound? why does he have gills? his eyes are such a pretty sparkling brown? what is going on?
  • and hoseok suddenly splashes his tail which diverts ur attention and ur like OH MY GOD MERMAID 
  • and hoseok bursts into laughter and is like “yep!!! sometimes people say sharkmaid,,,,sharkman,,,,but yeah!! my names hoseok by the way!!”
  • and he sticks his hand out like it’s the mOST casuaL Thing
  • but the only words u can blurt out are “people know about you?” and hoseok blinks a bit and laughs again and is like “not really!!!! but i realized u were hurt so i couldnt just slip away into the water.” 
  • his smile settles on his face again and ur still standing there pretty sure ur in bed dreaming rn
  • when hoseok points at the bag and is like “for me???” and ur like “y-y-yeah but it’s a- a- -t–tuna–tuna- s-sand-sandwhich i-so-sorry-didn’t know-kn -know u wer-e a m-mermaid-shark-sharkmaid-mer—me–merma”
  • and hoseok seems a little shocked by your shaking voice and he takes the bag anyway and thanks u and asks if u wanna sit beside him he’s going to leave soon since people are going to start coming out but since u already know he’s here ^^
  • and u do,,,knees basically giving out because ur still looking at him like this- what-
  • and up close u can see his gills better and the long,,,blue fins near his waist and where his ears should be,,,the shark teeth swaying from them every time he tilts his head to give u a smile
  • and u dont know what to even ask or say all u can think of is “are u,,,,a prince?? like in little mermaid she’s a princess so-” and this cracks hoseok up again
  • and he’s like no no im normal,,,,just like you
  • and you’re like no no no u have a.,,,,,,tail,,,,,,,,a shark tail,,,,,,i just have legs
  • and hoseok is like this is true but hey we both have eyes and a nose and look ur cute!!! i cute too!!!
  • and ur like kjsdhfgfds oh,,,,yes,,,u are cute,,,,,but im n-
  • and hoseok puts his finger to ur lips and is like “nope! ur cute. ive seen some humans before,,,,,none as cute as you”
  • and the compliment makes u flush and u look down at the water 
  • and hoseok thinks to himself that are all humans this shy,,,,,it’s even more endearing than he thought,,,,
  • when suddenly a boats horn passes by and hoseok slips into the water off the rocks and it startles u
  • but he pocks his head up above the water and is like “thanks for the,,,,,,sandwich u said??? i liked meeting u!!! let’s see each other again!!”
  • and u get up and lean over a bit so u can be closer to hear him
  • when hoseok takes off his earring and outstretches his hand to u and is like “here!! so u can remember me cute human!!”
  • and with that he smiles one last time,,,,the sharp teeth don’t even bother u because u feel like that smile ,,,,,is somehow the warmest smile u have ever seen 
  • and disappears into the ocean
  • and u stand there,,,,holding the shark tooth earring,,,,wondering if ull see him again,,,,,,,,,,,or if ur seriously still dreaming 

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i'm feeling extra Gay today and i'm lovin the "sensitive ear" hc so if you wanna do you thin you can hmu with some Gay Sensitive Ear Headcanons

Of course !! Thank u for this ask anon! Hope u r havin a good & gay day!

Robbie is the only person that lil Sportytort has ever shown his ears 2. It’s not that he only trusts robbie it’s more like,, he’s afraid the kids wouldn’t see him as like just a slightly above average hero. He doesn’t want then 2 think they’ll never be like him bc he’s special he wants them 2 think he’s just a bro and any1 can be like him which is,, tru!! Follow ur dreams kiddos!

They’re suuper sensitive. Like if some1 flicked his ear he would just,, scream. & since they’re so sensitive in the elf society he was brought up in kissing ears is like,,,, a big deal. Like u don’t just kiss people’s ears it’s like,, only the closest people 2 u can even touch ur ears but only ur significant other can kiss em. Otherwise it’s just like , , scandalous tbh ? I have a fanfic related 2 this maybe I’ll post it later? :0 (bonus: they’re kissin and maybe get a little spicyy & robbie just like,, gently swipes his tongue across sportacus’s ear and sportacus just collapses against rob & starts yelling in elf language about how much he loves robbie & then he just like starts crying & asks robbie 2 marry him and robbie is just like I broke the elf call 4 an ambulance,,)

Sometimes the kids plan 2 get sportacus’s hat off his head bc they kno somethins up bc of how secretive he is & robbie jumps in and helps them but then purposefully sabotages their missions bc he’s a sneakie stinker who loves his boyfriend

They,,mooooove they wiggle and when he’s sad they’ll go down or they’ll perk up if he’s interested. Robbie likes when sportacus takes off his hat because he can just,, watch them and the moment it’s off robbie is just like “sportscandy” and Sportacus’s big ole pointed ears are like !! And he’s all :D bless his sportscandy lovin self

He hears,, really well. He can hear Robbie’s tap shoes from miles away & he’ll be like Robbie is coming!!! And like 3 minutes later robbie will appear around a corner & the kids are just??? What the heckie

That’s all I have right now!! If u want u can head over 2 @sportasucc might have more! Thank u for this ask!!

“elounor are SOOO over publicized they always have HQ pictures its so fake”



look at the misery in their eyes. they’re tired of this. they can’t even hold hands right. smh

wtf? no one wears pants that colour if they’re not looking for ATTENTION. modest probably told the paparazzi to look for the girl in the BRIGHT PANTS. wake up america.

liam’s shirt may say christian, but he’s dreaming of going home to have gay sex with his boyfriend, (insert boy here).

u can see true desperation in liam’s eyes. they STILL can’t hold hands right :///


um? what is danielle so dressed up for? why she paint her toenails? its because she was WAITING FOR THE PAPARAZZI

look how miserable liam is :/// tears in his eyes


where u going? to find more paparazzi?

sophia is thinking about how much money she’s going to make from this

they can’t hold hands right either :/// so gay

liam is so drunk he probably thinks that she is (insert boy here) !!!!

whispering in his ear, asking him when she gets her next paycheque. 

thinking about boys

broadways next musical, “FAKE RELATIONSHIP ON ICE”


zayn hates this ://

they expect us to believe this? wtf

then THESE pictures came out ://// look how happy perrie is to be getting attention

what a publicity stunt. just trying to show off the ring :/// (this is a manip or smthg but the point stands)


haylor was SO fake

look at the pain in HIS EYES!! he misses his boyfriend

yet more fakeness

what a JOKE. at least they knew how to hold hands

am i going to mention hendall? theres been like 2 pictures of them and its all been in various range rovers

yeah what the heck


hes a car service lolololololol

when will this end :///

in conclusion: they’re fucking famous of course they’re going to be spotted by paparazzi get over it