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i spent over an hour looking at your blog and art. i'm so in love. do you have any tips on anatomy, poses, and expressions? what have you used for references? keep up the good work!!!

thank you anon ;;w;;!!!!!

im not an expert at these sorts of things…. im still learning myself lol!!! although its really just a matter of trial and error and years worth of practice for anatomy… i posted a tutorial about anatomy and proportions a little bit here. but to elaborate, something that will REALLY help with anatomy is familiarizing yourself with muscles and their form, that way its easier to portion limbs etc. 


this can help with things like shading and cloth folds, trying to imagine them as 3d shapes rather than something flat.

also, its crucial to not focus on one thing while your drawing when youre in the sketching process. its good to step back from your artwork and look at it as a whole to see how things are unified etc. if you concentrate too hard (i.g. the face) you end up tunnel vision-ing yourself and as a result skew your proportions to some degree (although some artists can sketch a face and nail their proportions still lol). i like starting off with basic shapes like squares and cylinders to sketch limbs and the like, and then fill in details as i go. now you can draw all the poses you want lol!!! (there is a bit of perspective play here, but thats another subject all on its own)

as for expressions, i have another tutorial here lol. 

the key things here is details to portray a strong expression. its really hard to portray an expressions strongly without body language, so thats a crucial thing to pay attention to also. kind of like tense shoulders for emotions like anger or sadness, maybe a slump for more intense expressions like grief. make use of things like eyebrows too!!! for angered and sad expressions, furrow the eyebrows more than you usually would. and eyebrows sitting higher to represent surprise or happiness. adding wrinkles really makes it convincing, dont be afraid that the expressions will look ‘ugly’ because of wrinkles NO YOURE DOING IT RIGHT!!! here are a few emotions (there are so many emotions and varying degrees lol)

for references, i like looking at other artists that i follow to see their style and method to go about expressions and proportions lol, and practice multiple times to draw it correctly. in the end, it really boils down to practicing for countless hours and times drawing what people think are naked people lol to really refine drawing anatomy, expressions, and proportions lol… hope that helps!!!

How to make quality video

Hod do the splickedylit way.

super importo

  • hit Beat

also for bonus points

  • don’t hit too many beat let the clip be the clip you dont have to put big white flashesevery time the drummer hits a drum just pick your main beats and GO FOR IT
  • if you want feelings have themes???? people connect better if ur not all leapfrogging around the whole goldurn show it works better if ur like 
    • pointing out similarities 
    • or telling a story 
    • or applying a whole verse or the whole song to a character 
    • or something imjussayin
  • save ur finale/top 10 kickass shots for the bit where the song gets epic at the end don’t waste those motherfuckers
  • easy on the sound-dips pls they are so hard to do right and so easy to mess up BIG-TIME
  • have love in ur kokoro mi amigo
  • srsly tho pick ur beats and fine tune those suckers until u want to put ur head through the screen
  • the less you got mouthflaps/talky bits going on the better??
  • channel ur hate and rage and also passionate lo ve that’s make an A++ video
  • you’re welcome now u know