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Matt/Rolo but everytime Rolo visits Matt at the castle Hunk takes every opportunity to lowkey shade him. H: So who was it that told you you're good enough for Pidge's older brother. R: ...Nobody? H: So you agree! Glad we had this conversation. :)

anon i fuckign love this

  • matt: hey hunk, has rolo gotten here yet?
    hunk: yeah, he stopped by to say that he’s a rotten jerk and he’s breaking up with you for your own good
    matt: hey lance, has rolo gotten here yet?
    lance: no, he just called to say he’d be late
    matt: thank you
    hunk: come on, lance!!
  • coran: would you mind throwing this in the trash for me?
    hunk: sure :) [fuckign nails rolo in the face from across the room]
  • rolo: i know you’re still mad at me for what happened with the blue lion, but i’ve changed
    hunk: so do the seasons but they always change back :/
    rolo: [to matt] what the fuck is a season
  • hunk: [walks into the kitchen] ugh, coran, what are you cooking? something smells rotten.
    hunk: [makes direct eye contact with rolo] oh, nevermind.
  • shiro: hunk, matt is a grown adult, he can decide who and who not to trust.
    hunk: didn’t you say that matt accidentally joined a gang in high school?
    shiro: …we have to do something.

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I WANNA SEE RECEIPTS. And not bc I don't believe it but bc I just wanna see more shy namjoon 💕💕💕💕

okay !!!!! so, this is just a small cursory list of proof i found for namjoon just wants to to be loved (this could be?? 2 pages long) :

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Gentle moments of Matthina. No one talks about them 😞

don’t worry, i’ve got you ♡

  • they truly have this impervious support of each other. he goes back to ravka with her despite all at stake
  • they spend a lot of their time studying nina’s new powers—the causes, the potential, the vulnerabilities
  • and when they’re not, they’re devoted to plotting ways to undermine the druskelle
  • matthias wakes her up to breakfast in bed, waffles, coffee, a vase of freshly plucked flowers
  • there are plenty of sweet, syrupy kisses and laughing in between when sticky mouths get stuck to each other’s skin
  • there are tons of foot rubs
  • matthias blushing whenever she so much as grabs his hand in public
  • sneaking away to private corners because they can’t keep their hands off each other
  • matthias’s hair growing back out to its lovely, golden waves and nina loves running her hands through it
  • and styling it—which embarrasses him but he can’t help but indulge her
  • and matthias, who finally has time for hobbies, realizes how much he loves reading
  • he’s captivated by poetry, often reads them aloud to nina
  • nina likes to cuddle, pulls him down at random moments and wraps herself around him
  • she actually gets him hooked on sweets and during dates watching sunsets that’s all they eat, taking turns trying to catch candy in their mouths…it actually turns into a competition

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Could you do a itty bitty prompt of maybe the big three finding an old tape of Tony, when he was young and a punk playing in a band, blown away by his singing voice. That we all know RDJ has in real life. XXXX

I read old tape and I’m doing old tape and these boys won’t know what hit them.


Finding the tape had been a complete accident. They had been in a middle of raiding the old stacks of ‘ancient’ boxes that Tony had unlovingly stashed away in the deepest and most hidden closet to ever exist to search for the elusive pictures of baby Tony that they knew existed somewhere. Tony had refused to hand them over or revealed their locations and had forbidden Rhodey from offering any of his own pictures of teen Tony during their time at MIT.

Not easily diverted the three decided if Tony wasn’t going to offer them willingly, they would go on a massive hunt for them, all secretly of course. They couldn’t risk Tony burning them as a last retort. After some careful inquiring and a bribe or two they managed to learn about the stacks of boxes that haven’t been touched in years and the possible locations for it. Believing the closet to be the most obvious they quickly went through a treasure hunt to find it and were rewarded with four cardboard boxes covered in dust and taped shut. Steve and Bucky didn’t even bother to find a sharp object to cut through the tape, tearing it open with their hands.

They were positive Tony would’ve swoon from the sight had he been there to see it.

The first box didn’t give them anything worth the effort. The second box was no better. The third at least had some old Captain America merchandise, masks and action figures that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time and gave them something to tease Tony about. The fourth box, however, was a gold mine. Inside were chains and belts and thick leather bracelets with spikes and even a pair of boots that seemed to go up to the knees. The find in itself was enough to make them coo and aww at the idea of Tony wearing what was referred to as ‘punk’ style, but it was the two items hidden under the boots that had shifted enough after Steve yanked the box out of Bucky’s arm that that had them itching to hear what was recorded.

It was an old tape and a cassette player. On the tape the words “not worth it” was written on it in chicken scratch that didn’t belong to Tony. The player, to their surprise, still worked and whirred to life, clicking open after Bucky had pressed a button on it. The three exchanged looks, agreeing it was now or never and understanding what they were getting themselves into.

They placed the player in the middle and carefully inserted the tape, fearful that one rough move would cause the entire thing to combust. T’Challa was silent assigned as the button presser and started the tape. They were instantly assaulted by the sounds of a very loud crowd in the distant. People were screaming and cheering and chanting words they couldn’t distinguish. For seconds it continued like this until eventually a voice was heard loud and clear, yet still somewhat obscured.

“You better be grateful for this, Tones. I swear I saw this chick with more piercings than bracelets and she had bracelets covering her entire arm. There needs to be a limit there.”

The three gaped at hearing the voice that could only belong to James Rhodes. It was clear he was the one recording the tape, but what in the world was he doing in an environment he obviously didn’t want to be at?

Another moment of screaming. “Finally, you’re coming up.”

The crowd, in what seemed as an impossible feat, hushed down to murmurs and stomps. The three held their breath, waiting for what was to happen. It had to be something big, considering it was recorded by Rhodey and was hidden in a box instead of thrown away so it had sentimental value.

None of them were ready for what was actually on the tape.

It started off powerful and rough and slowly grew and grew, overtaking the murmurs and causing the speakers of the player to tremble slightly.

Steve, Bucky and T’Challa all saw each other’s mouths drop when they realized… Tony was singing.

Tony’s starting note continued to rise until eventually it broke as he reached his peak and began his vocals, fast and confident and it drove the crowd crazy. They cheered again and there were faint noises of hard things hitting the floor that sounded suspiciously of bodies doing so. Possibly fainting, they concluded. Had they not been in so much shock themselves they probably would have fainted on the spot as well because, holy shit.

“Louder, Tones! Bring the roof down!” They heard Rhodey scream.

Steve and Bucky scrambled to grab the player, wanting it closer. They struggled, bit and kicked and put up a heck of a fight only to have T’Challa snatch the player right out of their hands and hold it above them.

Tony released another note, one that really did cause them to clutch their chest and lie on the floor as they no longer could support themselves.

“Shit,” Bucky whispered while staring at the ceiling.

“Agreed,” T’Challa began questioning his life.

“We need to find Tony,” Steve managed and while the three nodded to the plan none of them made the effort to move and search for their genius.

Instead, when the recording stopped, “Play it again.”

They lost track of how long they were in that closet for, but after Tony found them hours later, rag dolls on the ground and clutching the player for dear life, they decided they didn’t care. It was all worth it.

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Seemed fitting to include this right here

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(Hi, anon who read your mind yesterday here) Lol thank you for that lovely explanation, you expressed what I wanted to say perfectly! Tbh I'm kinda not over that moment, I'm still stuck at the "wtf just happened" stage. But you're right tho, Jungkook looked really submissive. He could've moved away or stop Jimin altogether, I mean he has hands, he could've used them but he just bared his neck and went all pliant and soft like asdfghjkl...I'm sorry. I'm trash. I can't get over this.

Hi! can you come off anon, cuz we need to get married man! 

same here , i cannot get over it either , i have watched it from so many angles which made it even more difficult to get over it, so i’ve just kinda accepted the fact that i’m not gonna get over it so i’m just enjoying it on a daily basis now lol

that’s what i’m saying! we all already knew how submissive jungkook is , but this just kind of spilled the tea .. i mean as you said he went all soft and was closing his eyes and not being able to hide his smile which a whole nother thing..  what i’m saying is he literally was “melting” under jimin’s touch .

this whole thing made him so flustered , i mean not only did it make him feel an urgent need to stand up and want something to drink,but it also made him feel so disturbed to a point that he even dropped the phone that jin gave him later on after jimin walked behind him , that’s how much jimin can effect him … my man jimin knows exactly jungkook’s weak spot 

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(au anon) okAY YALLLLL how about the wedding au right,, so how about Isak having no date and hes so pissed off cuz hes literally a uni student who caNNOT get a date and hes gonna freak becz Jonas is def gonna be on his ass and even mAGnus is bringing a date smh so isak is pissed off,,, outside of his dorm room like fuckin hate everything until hot next door dorm guy is like 'dude u ok i heard u punchin a wall a second ago??' and Isak is like okay ask him out okay u got this,, //

(au anon) // but Isak being socially awkward as he is around hot ppl just blurts out ‘ill give u 20 dollars if u pretend to be my boyfriend for the weekend,,’ and even is like shook because he dEFINITELY noticed Isak before and kinda was rlly jealous of those drunk hookups Isak brought back to his room,,, and even is like '30 dollars and ill hold yr hand w loving looks’ and isak just goes its a dEAL,,, but lil does he knows the loving looks r real,,, alright so //

(au anon) // so the wedding right?? its kinda fucked up cuz isak is like hella got a hoT GUYYY walking w mE amazinG and everyone is like 'wow u sure found a handsome one isak!!!’ and isak is like hhahaahh yeaaa we just clicked haha,,, but in the end even just makes up their whole lovestory which leaves isak bluffed bcz its like 'i saw him in our only shared class for the first time u kno,, w his ridiculous snapback nd hoodie,, nd i just knew u knew u kno,, i just knew immediately,,’ //

(au anon) 'and then one time at a party i was just like,, hey fuck it,, like literally (no omg sorry lmao),,’ and isak is like dis boii has no freetime or just a rlly good imagination wtf,,, but thEN later on when the party is fullblown going and they r drunk even is like 'u kno like,,, that last part of the story was a flashforward,,’ and isak is like 'xcuse me u fekn nerd’ and long story short they had their first kiss in the middle of a crowd but they had to play it off like it wasnt,,,

(au anon) also isak got his 30 dollars back and a boyfriend what a hot deal

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Tony either has a series of one night stands with Steve, Bucky, and T'Challa or he's be openly dating the three of them (they know about each other but they haven't met yet). When he learns he's pregnant with triplets he's terrified he'll have to raise them alone. But when he learns they all three want to be there as the other father, he's terrified of them meeting for the first time. They'd Each always thought they'd be the one to win Tony's heart. Now they learn to keep him they have to share

©  I can’t help but picture Tony going to each of them alone in tears cause he’s scared they will be angry that he doesn’t know who the father is (surprise they all are) and he’s afraid they will hate him and they each wrap him in their arms and promise they are going to be with him through all of this and that they love him and those babies no matter who they belong to cause their Tony’s. And Tony goes home in a daze cause oh shit now they all want to be the father regardless.

I like the idea of one night stands with the three. They could possibly know about the others or they could not. Doesn’t matter because they agreed to have sex with no strings attached, even if the three harbor a little flame for the adorable and sexy genius and they wouldn’t mind waking up every morning to the rumpled and adorable bed head of Tony’s and their arms wrapped around him and knowing Tony was all theirs. And in turn Tony may or may not have a crush on the three but believes nothing will come out of it so he takes what he can get, in this case the one night stands where he can imagine he’s in a loving relationship with whoever he’s sleeping with for the night. 

The three either know about each other from friends telling them Tony was seen with so and so, or they put together that no strings attach means that Tony can sleep with whoever he wants, but surely having Tony return to them over and over again instead of chucking them out after the first night entails they mean more than just a warm body. They matter more than the other guy and eventually Tony will realize that and make it official. 

Never happens, not when Tony doesn’t want to risk ending their arrangements quicker because his feelings decided to barf all over them, almost literally. When morning sickness kicks in Tony ends up rushing off in the middle of having sex because his stomach would not cooperate, no matter how many glasses of water he drank, and unless he wanted to throw up on whoever he was sleeping with he needed the toilet, now. Sex doesn’t continue, not when they start to worry and the only thing they could think of was taking care of the genius. 

Finding out he’s pregnant is obviously a huge shock, the realization that he doesn’t even know who’s the father is a bigger shock, the revelation that he’s carrying triplets is an even bigger shock and by the time the conclusion of possibly raising three kids on his own manages to make itself known Tony doesn’t have any shocks left to give. He’s downright terrified of telling the three the news. How would they react? “Hey, so turns out I’m pregnant, but I have no idea who’s the father between you and two others. Surprise!” 

When he does eventually tell them it’s nerve wrecking, but nothing could’ve prepared him for their actual reaction. Them wrapping their arms around him, whispering words of encouragement, telling him that he doesn’t have to do it alone and they’ll be there to help, and promising to love the children, no matter who the father is. And now Tony is in a pickle because all three said this, all three want to be present and be fathers and all three seem very determined to come out the victor in the end and win his heart and possibly his hand. 

And considering the three don’t stand down without a fight it’s going to be interesting to see them compete with each other over who gets the honor to stand beside Tony in the hospital. Who changes diapers faster? Who has better taste in color for the nursery room? Who can work around their clock to always include time for their kids? Who is the lightest sleeper and can wake up over the smallest noise from the baby monitor? Who is faster at fetching Tony’s craving for the night? 

The entire thing is brutal but they’ll eventually learn to share. 

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headcanon that ryan continued to wear his mask around the crew for a long time before they ever saw him without it, and that the first time he took it off in front of them it was when ray offered him a brownie and he made the most delighted noise and pulled the mask off without hesitation to eat it

The Vagabond may struggle with human emotion, with seeing the line between right and wrong, between torture and a good time. He may be a fucking terrifying black skull roaming the penthouse hiding a sinister man’s face while they only get to hear his velvety voice. He may still scare some of the crew members that have heard the rumors of what he’s capable of. But god damn, does Ryan Haywood love food. Ray nearly shit himself when the mask came flying off and the brownie disappeared from his hand. He was gorgeous (the male model type), even behind the face paint and not at all the killer that the crew expected. They just never knew the way to get him to show himself was to offer him sugary treats

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If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

  1. Yuuri Katsuki
  2. Yuri!!! on Ice
  3. Food
  4. Yuuri Katsuki
  5. Yuuri Katsuki

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Who do you think would play yoonbum and sangwoo if ks were to get a drama or movie?

I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ASK . Instead of putting down who I think would play Sangwoo or Bum, I’m going to put down those I think should play Sangwoo or Bum. I’m going to start off by saying that I have a slight bias because most of the actors that I’m going to list are in dramas that I love,, but I’m pretty sure if you’ve ever seen these actors you’ll maybe agree with me.

So, to start off, it’s really a mix of people. From the actors that I know of, I feel like the ones who could play Sangwoo well would have to be (for those who watch dramas,,, y'all are gonna hate me for this) Shin Sung Rok (pic here) or Lee Soo Hyuk (pic here).

For Bum, I feel like the ones who could play him well are Park Bo Gum (pic here), D.O./Kyungsoo (pic here), and maybe Seo Kang Joon (pic here). I honestly think Park Bo Gum and D.O. could play Sangwoo roles, but they’re more similar to Bum in my opinion.

On a side note, if you haven’t seen the drama “I Remember You”, I highly recommend watching it. In my opinion, there are a few parallels in it that relate to Killing Stalking and it’s a really good story overall. Park Bo Gum and D.O. are in it + a bunch of other great actors and it’s so underrated. For those of you who are interested, you can watch it for free on this app
Viki! I promise that it’s interesting!

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headcanon: shiro likes "traditional" dates (ex: candlelit dinners at fancy, expensive restaurants) but pidge is like "if it requires putting pants on, i'm not doing it" so the majority of their date nights are spent at home watching netflix

OMG THIS IS REALLY CUTE I LOVE IT…. it’s not even the “going out” aspect shiro loves as much as just the act of doing something romantic together? so when he and pidge start going steady it takes him some time to adjust to netflix dates being PIDGE’S ideal romantic activity LOL (sometimes he wares her down into going out to museums and aquariums and stuff like that together tho)

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I want to go into law and ultimately become a lawyer and so I watch a lot of law based television programs, but I'm wondering if the t.v. dramas are anything like real life court??

I have this headcanon that at some point TV producers tried to go to a real courtroom to film “real” cases and upon realizing that courtrooms are only exciting to the small number of people who know what the fuck is going on, decided that TV drama is better. 

Comparing real lawyering to TV lawyering is like comparing a real doctor to a TV doctor. Most of that shit would never happen and if it did, you’d be sued and probably lose your license. 

That’s not to say that court isn’t exciting. But nobody yells. Nobody screams. And you probably will not conduct a full trial on your own until you’re many years past your call date. 

That being said, a LOT of what a lawyer does is outside of the courtroom. A lot of the work we do is written advocacy and strategy. If you can’t imagine yourself sitting at your desk for most of the day, probably being a lawyer isn’t for you. Also go read this post because it will tell you if you should or shouldn’t go to law school (x)

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How do you think Matt would Brotp with Hunk, Lance, and Keith?

with hunk: they’d geek out over plants and species bc i really believe hunk is into xenobiology too?? they’d be cooing over darwin and lance and pidge would just be like. oh geez. there they go.

with lance: cheesy af, all the time, always. they’d make bad jokes back and forth until someone else steps in and points out that they’ve, like. devolved into a really abstract sense of humor that only the other finds funny. they’d have a lot of inside jokes and matt would act as the worst BEST wingman ever

with keith: they probably hung out back at the garrison? like, even if keith and shiro aren’t ~brothers, they definitely spent a lot of time together, and matt and shiro probably did too. probably? conspiracy theories. and also, gay shit.

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You said "Mycroft put up with younger siblings who had a vast array of mental and emotional issues along with his own", what sort of mental and emotional issues do you imagine Mycroft to have ?

For one it would be an immense sense of paranoia considering he’s committing treason, felonies left and right coupled with this hair thin line of keeping one step ahead of those who oppose him and would rat him out in a heartbeat if they had the evidence to spare.

There’s also his superiority (toward those who are not family or his superiors) and inferiority (toward his family as evidence through Mummy and Eurus Holmes about his self worth) that leads to his stress eating, drinking, and sleepless nights.

Its this rotten combination that makes it difficult for Mycroft to be happy even if he exercises because his job makes it exceedingly difficult to find time for such maintenance and his siblings constant movements do not make it any easier.

He may seem omniscient and godly but Mycroft is just a man. A big brother trying his best to keep the family together and out of jail.

The way his family treats him deteriorates his self worth in vast chunks that he finds his only reprieve in surrounding himself with goldfish in order not to feel stupid and unwanted.

He craves that validation that he hardly receives from his family and finds it in his job where Mycroft has made himself irreplaceable.

Sherlock finds Mycroft’s desire for attention to be in poor taste and will bug the shit out of him for it which then leads to self destructive behaviors like over eating and drinking when he should be sleeping.

Trust issues would be another part of his list of problems as well as being an insomniac. This leads him to be forgetful and messy at times and you simply can’t have that in his line of work which leads to more self-loathing and stress related eating.

Whatever Mycroft had for “self love” died with his fencing days and it makes him more upset every time he sees himself naked in the mirror.

With the amount of shit Mycroft deals with its no wonder his hair line is starting to recede.