this is for the cute anon who asked for more kai edits

CrissColfer MasterPost

Now, I have a friend who is having her doubts about Crisscolfer, so I decided to help her out ( Because I am a good friend) Now, because I’m lame, ill be posting with the help of tumblr, some gifs with their sources, but if i cant find the source I’m probably going to use google so bare with me. Just know these Gifs aren’t mine! None of them! Also I’m gonna have a read under the cut for some people who don’t ship CC and I don’t want any shit okay? So just know I warned you. Also there will be some mentions of Chill and Miarren and gifs as well. Soif this is sensitive to some people, don’t read.

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First ask batch 2016!

Anonymous said: i was curious as to why you always draw killua so much taller!! when theyre only 4 cm (a little less than an inch) apart in canon o: not like i’m complaining tho i’m just curious!! ur art is very cute and i love it very much!!!

Mhhh maybe I do draw him a bit taller than what he is,but in most cases he looks taller cause Gon is bending forward like in here:

excedraexshadow said: Hello! I saw you use clip studio paint, right?? I just got the program and if you don’t mind, could you please give some advices on the brushes?? and also how do you do the dots for the backgroung?? Thank you!

Hi hi!I do use CSP but only for final touches,I draw and colour entirely on SAI ;;w;; so sorry I can’t help much haha I suppose that if you want the brushes to adapt to your liking you only need to try and try ;;e;; at least that’s what I did with SAI brushes haha dots?you mean as in the coloring sprinkles I add or actually dot tones?Anyways here you have both possible answers

rest of the questions under the cut uvu

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Arasso [Chanyeol Slight Angst]

When you have a dream about chanyeol shooting a mv and he leaves you for the girl he had to hug(saw the preview for k.wills new mv;’( ) and when you wake up you find out he was in the mv and you were scared that he’s going to leave you now so you avoid him:3

A/n: lol okay this is an old request but I’ve had free time so I’m trying to empty out my ask box that I’ve been neglecting~ sorry in advance lovely anon! this is so much more than I expected much more than a 1k and more worded one shot sheesh.


You tossed and turned not being able to sleep properly that night. Your dreams keeping you up. Okay maybe not dreams, more like nightmares. It was a natural fear of any idol’s girlfriends to think “what if he finds someone better?” but no you were even more scared. Why? Because your boyfriend happened to be the creepy smiling, too friendly for his own good, loud, deep voiced, big eared (which you found oh so adorable which you told him once but only caused him to pout telling you he was sexy not cute completely contradicting his statement), rapping happy virus of EXO. Yes you are correct, Park Chanyeol. The idea of him finding someone else was stupid he thought. Because well you were you, you were everything he needed already. Your thoughts told you otherwise. You checked tumblr looking at all the new activity of the boys, along with other groups as well. Infinite had a comeback which you gladly reblogged. Then there were the posts of bangtan’s latest concert, exom with puppies, heechul kissing another guy, lay’s hip thrust, edits of CL. But there was one post, that caught your eye. Captioned; OMOMOMOMOMO CHANYEOL OPPA! WAE ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME! ANIYOO YOU’RE MY OPPA!

Above the caption were gifs of Chanyeol and a girl. You didn’t recognize the girl at all but you determined one thing, she is pretty. You determined another thing, she is prettier than me.

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