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CONGRATS ON 300!!!!!! May I please request an hc for when alpha Bakugo, Todoroki, and Kirishima are scenting up their omegas before she debuts in the Sports festival. Like really clingy like and other people are looking on like, "wow, damn that's cute"!

Thank you! (you can tell how long ago this was requested ;-; im almost celebrating 800 now!) I really enjoyed writing these! (They got a little steamy, sorry anon!)

Warning!: a bit of steamy stuff, nothing too bad.

Bakugo Katsuki

  • Drags you to a secluded area; ain’t no way is he going to let anyone see you the way he’s going to make you quiver.
  • Very rough with his scenting. You were going up against Todoroki after all, he needed to show that half and half bastard who you belong to.
  • Knee pushed between your legs as a hand in your hair tugs your head back, his lips attacking the side of your neck right on where your bond mark would be, no, will be.
  • “Don’t get yourself killed, dumbass. Icy-hot got nothing on you. But don’t let that shitty Alpha get anywhere near you, understand?”
  • His hips push a little bit further into yours as he’s pretty much pinning you against the wall now, his scent glands rubbing all over you. Low growls escaping his lips as his other hand grips your hip with a dominance that leave your face steaming.
  • Although, he reminded you of a cat, the way he was roughly rubbing up against you, but you would never tell him that.

Todoroki Shouto

  • He finds no problem with scenting you in public, on the way to the drop off zone he might just stop you in the middle of the bustling hallway.
  • Hey, Y/N… Come here.”
  • He sounds pained at first; anxious even.
  • His hand slowly comes up the to side of your neck, crooning your head as his fingers delve into your hair, thumb massaging the glands behind your ear as he kisses your cheek softly. Your body now flush against his hard chest, you side stepped out of the way of the traffic, people now watching the number 2 hero’s son scenting up his own omega.
  • “…As expected of a Todoroki…” “…They are so adorable!…” “..Young love..”
  • Hushed whispers as people began rubber necking at the two of you, your content hums of approval sending other Omegas into a blush.
  • “Bakugo is dangerous. Be careful out there.”
  • His kisses travel down the side of your neck, tongue gliding over the skin of your collarbone. He wasn’t going to lose you.

Kirishima Eijiro

  • Super flustered boy. He doesn’t want to seem clingy or over protective, but holy crap he needed to scent you.
  • An aggressive Alpha like Bakugo could easily snatch you away (not that you would let him of course), but he was just so insecure that you might leave him and..
  • You were just about to leave the safety of the stadium to enter the arena, but he grabs your wrist quickly.
  • “Kirishima-”
  • You were cut off by his mouth covering yours hungrily, hand caressing your lower back as your body presses up against his toned one. He couldn’t help a soft growl escaping his lips as you whimpered quietly beneath him, his other hand holding the back of your neck as he essentially made out with you in front of millions.
  • Coos and aws (as well as wolf whistles) hollered from the crowd as he regained his composure, face turning a dark red before he scent marks you quickly, before letting you stand up again. (your knees were wobbly to say the least.)
  • “Go get ‘em, babe. I love you.”
Colorful Soulmate

request: Hi anon bout Soulmate AU! So what if 1 person in the couple sees in black & white until their soulmate touches them so its up to that person (aka Shawn) to tell Y/N that theyre soulmates except Shawn cant figure out who it was & he has like 1 month to figure it out before he sees black & white, so slowly the colors get dimmer. Turns out Y/N is like a photographer or stagehand on Shawns tour so they never really interacted that much except when Y/N got caught in a crowd trying to move supplies?

Shawn laughed, finishing the beer he was drinking. “Y’all ready?” He asked, putting his hand out. The rest of the team put their hands in, chanting. Everyone screamed and let their hands back, and Shawn took a breath in as his world exploded into color.

“Shawn? You ok?” Geoff asked, seeming to be the only one who noticed his change in emotions.

“Y-yeah, it’s just so beautiful.”



Geoff wanted to ask more, but Shawn was shoved on stage, starting the concert.

Once he was backstage after the show, Geoff tugged him off to the side. “What were you talking about before the show?”

“They’re here.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

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Imagine getting married to Sebastian. You’ve been primping for hours, and you’re finally ready - your hair is perfect, your corset cinched tight. Your father pulls the veil over your face as you hear the string quartet start to play. The doors open, and you immediately lock eyes with Sebastian, the man who is about to be your husband. The nerves you felt just moments ago all wash away; nothing has ever felt as right as this.

Requested by anon <3

SVT react to idol! girlfriend slipping in rain onstage

anon requested: “SVT react to idol!girlfriend slipping in rain onstage (pray for idols who slip on stage in terrible conditions)”

Seungcheol- Leader-nim would not care WHATSOEVER that there were a bunch of fans and cameras and media outlets there watching him as he sprints onto the stage. He’d run over to you past all your group mates even if they were still trying to perform or trying to help you and pick you up in his arms and make sure you’re not hurt anywhere. Probably give you his jacket too and be your personal bodyguard from all the paparazzi. Doesn’t give an ef later even if he gets scolded for the company or if your relationship wasn’t made public yet, all he cares about is making sure you’re ok after slipping.

“It’s ok, you’re ok I got you now. Everything is going to be ok, just don’t be hurt, please, please, please.”

Originally posted by lunarjun-archive

Jeonghan- Would want to run up on stage immediately too like Seungcheol, but he’d rely on your group mates to make sure you’re ok because he doesn’t want you to get in trouble or get scolded by your company for his rash actions. BUT AS SOON AS YOU GET OFF THE STAGE, he’d legit run over to you and hug you in his arms and refuse to let go and ask you a billion questions about how you feel and whether or not you were hurt and just baby you the whole time. Give you his jacket, hot beverages, ice packs, would massage your legs, literally do anything just to make sure you’re ok.

“If you got hurt because of the rain, I would have fought the rain for you, but luckily you’re ok so I’ll just hug you instead.”

Originally posted by koraenpop

Joshua- Svt’s freaking gentleman, he would be panicking as soon as he saw you slip and he’d need a few other Svt members to hold him back to keep him from running up on stage to help you. But he’d probably end up walking on stage and bending down to block you from the cameras and to just make sure you’re ok. He wouldn’t care that he stopped the concert/show dead in his tracks, he’d make sure you’re not hurt first and offer to give you a piggy-back ride down stage for you to rest before continuing. Even if you were perfectly fine, he wouldn’t let you out of his sight until you had water or tea or something.

“Your fans will understand you resting for a bit, you have to get your strength back and I have to make sure your 100% ok. So rest a bit, ok? Let me be worried about you.”

Originally posted by gyushua

Junhui- He wouldn’t even watch passively from the sidelines if a fan threw a teddy bear at you, how could you expect him not to overreact when he saw you slip from the rain? Granted, he’d probably want to run up on stage (like all of Svt would) but he’d keep to the rules provided by the company and wait until you walked off stage before running to your side and literally keeping one arm around you for the whole time. He’d keep asking if you were ok and would carry you around in his arms if you so much as hinted your legs hurt. He’d get everything for you, water food, whatever even if he’s in the girl’s changing room.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” “No Jun you’re in the freaking girl’s changing room!” “Does that really matter I just want to make sure you’re ok! That’s too bad really because I’m going to stay here until I know for sure you’re ok, and everyone will just have to deal.”

Originally posted by wonnhuii

Soonyoung- The softest thing when it comes to you, you can literally expect to hear him scream from across the stage if you slip and fall because of the rain. Again, no exceptions really, him and all of Svt would want to run up on stage immediately and stop everything just to make sure you’re ok, but since he can’t, he’ll watch from the sidelines, basically going crazy and having his heart practically ripped into pieces watching as your group mates try to help you up and ask if you’re ok. And once you go backstage, lol good luck, even the security can’t stop Soonyoung as he leaps over any obstacle in his way to get to you faster to hold you in his arms.


Originally posted by infinitblaq

Wonwoo- Probably not the one to freak out as much as the others would. Which doesn’t mean he doesn’t care just as much though, he’d just be really quiet and not scream or say too much about it because he doesn’t want you to worry about it and just recover to your best capability. He’d still want to run up onto the stage almost immediately after seeing you slip, but he won’t and instead would make eye contact with your from wherever he was and express everything he wants to say to you with just one look, concern written all over his face, enough that you think he might combust, and seeing you later backstage to verbally express it.

“I don’t want to see you crying over this ok? You did great, all your fans will understand, don’t panic or do anything. Come here and just let me check to make sure you’re ok. //holds you in his arms// You’re going to be ok, I’m right here.”

Originally posted by visual-17

Jihoon- Is practically fuming and very emotionally high-strung because he’s hella worried but he doesn’t show it for fear of the trouble that could cause. He might accidentally yell at someone before apologizing right after just because he’s worried about whether or not you got hurt, maybe at  himself too, or at the sky and the rain. And he’d just feel really frustrated because he wants to be the one running towards you and helping you up and making sure you’re ok and trying to scold the rain for you. Might walk in circles while waiting for his chance to check up on you backstage and practically bursts through to get to you.

“Honestly the weather report said there’d be rain, the company should have planned this out better all your fans would have understood and you should be more careful and I’m just glad you’re ok, if you were hurt… it doesn’t matter you’re not hurt and that’s all that matters.”

Originally posted by mc-gyu

Seokmin- He’ll be staring wide-eyed and basically going crazy just like Soonyoung with worry over you, practically running from one side of the concert venue to the other just so he can leap over stuff to find you and help you, even if there are a bunch of fans and cameras pointed at the two of you. He’d wrap you up in his jacket even if he gets soaked and keep both arms on your shoulders and help you get up and get help from the staff to check and see if you’re ok and not injured. Literally would still be worried sick by the time they cleared you of any injuries and you were completely fine.

“Are they sure? Your legs don’t hurt or anything right? No ringing in your ears? How many fingers am I holding up? How many suns are there in this solar system. YOU CAN’T SAY TWO I DON’T COUNT THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR JOKING I’M REALLY WORRIED HERE.”

Originally posted by jongindiaries

Mingyu- Although the guy can do basically everything, he can’t stay calm after seeing you slip. The giant puppy would literally try to do everything and anything to help you, but would feel bad if he was bothersome or got in the staffs’ way so he’d probably just stand in a corner waiting for you or a staff to tell him you’re ok. Might even start low key panicking if he doesn’t get updates like every minute about what’s happening to you. When he does find out you’re perfectly fine, he’d deflate like a balloon, sighing in relief and going to your side right away to check up on you and make sure your recover and eat snacks and drink water.

“I’m not leaving until you eat all of your ramen. Of course it’s good for you!!! I’m going to hold my breath until I keel over and die if you don’t. Do you want me to die? No? So eat!!!”

Originally posted by rappershua

Minghao- Probably like Wonwoo in the sense that he won’t say very much but more show concern for you with every fiber of his being. He’d literally feel like he was burning even under the rain because he’s going crazy with worry but he can’t seemingly do a damn thing. Would run over to you once they brought you backstage and would literally fight anyone and everyone who doesn’t let him get close to you, before holding you in his arms and checking every inch of you to make sure you’re ok. Super protective afterwards too. Won’t let a goddamn soul near you unless you tell your dragon of a boyfriend it’s chill.

“Who’s that?” “The head of security, Minghao stop omg lol I’m fine.” “I could take him.” “Stop, omg!” “I’ll fight anyone for you if you want.” “You can’t fight the weather for me Minghao.” “Watch me.”

Originally posted by dokyuml

Seungkwan- Don’t be surprised if he’s literally crying after seeing you fall, he is not ok whatsoever and nobody would dare stop the guy as he comes running towards you, freaking a billion medical supplies in hand just so he can administer first aid on your nonexistent injuries. Would be hecka extra about it as always. Not letting anyone else help you up, insisting you lean on him for support if your leg hurts, or just letting you lean on him just cuz he wants you to. He’d practically smother you with how much he worries asking “are you ok” every twenty seconds, even when you’re cleared of all injuries.


Originally posted by seungkwa

Hansol- He’d probably stare in shock for a few minutes registering what actually happened, not believing what his eyes are seeing. But once he realized it’s for real, he’d probably run to you also and probably would slip and fall plenty himself but not care because he’s more worried about you and whether or not you were ok. An absolute dork, he’d probably be tugging on your arms to help you up and hugging your arm and be super clingy once he realized you’re ok and wouldn’t let you go until it was time to go. He would have worried his head off and would just want to hold you in his arms and escape reality.

“Nothing bad can happen to you while I’m hugging you because I’m literally blocking you from anything dangerous, even the rain, so I’ll just hold you, don’t mind me.”

Originally posted by lonexsamurai

Chan- The most worried maknae ever, he’d try his best to stay calm and let the staff and your group mates handle the situation first since he’s pretty mature and serious especially since he knows the rules the company has said about dating and he wouldn’t want you to get scolded for something he did. But it would slowly drive the kid crazy having to wait for news so he’d charge into the backstage area and immediately take you into his arms and check you himself to make sure you weren’t seriously injured before giving you the “worried boyfriend” lecture and how you should be more careful

“You already tend to trip on stuff even when friction isn’t lessened by the rain, so you have to be very careful! No I’m not saying you have no balance!!! I’m saying you should have been very careful- ah stop hitting me I’m only worried about you ack!”

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ANON REQUEST: Hi! Could you please do a BTS reaction where they find out there S/O has sleep paralysis? It’s something I’ve always struggled with so who needs sleep anyways, heh. Thank you. 😋


Jin would hear you scream while he’s cooking. He would immediately turn the stove off and run to you. You would look at Jin all scared and pull him over to hug him. 

“Babe, Its okay. I know you struggled with it but you need to fight it!”


Namjoon would stay in the same room as you so you know he’s still there. He would cuddle you to sleep so you wouldn’t have those bad experiences again. 

“Jagi, its fine! Look I’m still here!”

External image


Hoseok would literally called the hospital just to make sure you were fine. He would offer to call the ambulance even when you reassure him that it’s because you don’t get any sleep.



The guy who gets alot of sleep probably never experienced with sleep paralysis. At first, he didn’t think it was that serious until it got to the point of you not being able to communicate but end up screaming at the end.

“HEy HEY, It’s your mind playing tricks on you!”


Jimin would be too shy to ask why you have sleep paralysis. You always told him that if you end up shaking in bed, it’s not because you have a problem or something, it’s the lack of your sleep. 

“BAby HEY, Are you okay?” *Violently shaking you to wake up*


This poor baby wouldn’t know what to do. He would talk to you just to make sure it was okay and that you got it checked out. He would let you rest on his chest until you fell asleep peacefully. 

“Here, let’s cuddle you to sleep! I heard it relieves stress


Jungkook would look at you shocked. He would wait for your paralysis to be over and he would run over to you. He knows it’s not safe to wake a person up when they have sleep paralysis.

“Jagi, baby, it’s okay. Just, come here” *hugs you tightly because he was scared*

I dont own any of the gif , credits to the owner!


Hickies- Adam McQuaid

Originally posted by weekendatbergysblog

Ok so this one covers two different prompts and I changed them both a bit so I hope this is ok for both of you! If either (or both) or you want me to rewrite it let me know, but I’m happy with how this turned out anyway! :) Enjoy guys!

Warning: coming out?

Anon Request: HI KATIE! So could write an imagine where your teenage son is gay? Where his parents know already and maybe he introduces his new boyfriend? Any player is good❤️❤️

And: Hey I absolutely love to read everything you write. Can I request an Adam McQuaid (bruins) has a son who comes home with hickies or something along that line and McQuaid asks him about it. And then he finds out his son is gay and meets the boyfriend? And he acts like the typical over protective dad but he is totally okay with the whole gay thing. (And the son is actually happy McQuaid is being over protective because he didn’t think McQuaid would be okay with it)


              “Hey, uh, mom?” You looked over your shoulder at your son and his best friend.

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Originally posted by insane-angels

Pairing: Chris x Reader
Hello can you please write a Chris Evans imagine where you’re a “non-famous/regular” person and he falls in love with you but you guys are 13 years apart and somehow make it work? Thank you
cursing maybe? the word sex like once. None really.
Thank you to the anon who requested this! I’m sorry it took a little bit for me to write, it was kind of a hard one because I had so many idea’s for it, but this is the one I liked the best, so I hope you like it too.

It was the specs of light shining just right through the curtains, that woke Chris up. He absolutely cherished moments like this. Just as the sun was rising, before the stress or the world seeped into his brain, with you curled up on his chest sleeping peacefully; these were the moments he lived for.

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Summer (Part One)

Requested by anon

Hi love, just wondering if you would be willing to do a Harry hook imagine set in neverland where the reader is peter pans daughter and meets Harry but they don’t know who each other are (Harry is without his hook for some reason etc) and they fall in love but discover who each other are after it’s too late? Love your writing so much!!!

Summary: You had always wanted to go to Neverland and when you’re father refused you decided to take matters into your own hands. Little did you know that on that island you would meet the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Characters: Harry Hook, reader (daughter of Peter Pan)

Warnings: none i’m pretty sure

Word Count: 2579

A/N: Can I just say I loved this idea so much! I’m pretty sure this is going to be split up into two parts. The second one is actually all finished and queued up for tomorrow but anyway hope you guys like this one!


Requests and tags are always open (find my prompt list here)

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You were determined to make it off Auradon. Well, first you had to find a way to sneak some pixie dust from your dad. Lucky for you, he didn’t keep it hidden. He did however keep it locked up. It wasn’t so much as wanting to leave your home than wanting to prove yourself to your father. His whole ‘never grow up’ thing had kind of hit a rough spot when you came into his life. You knew he loved you, more than anything. It was simply hard for him to act like a real father at times, though. Which was why you set out on this mission in the first place.

It wasn’t hard to borrow the key from Tinkerbell. Technically speaking she didn’t exactly know you had borrowed it. You had a strong feeling she wouldn’t realize it, as they were finishing preparing for the changing of the seasons. Spring to summer was always the most hectic, as they had to watch out for more people.

You waited until your dad had fallen asleep before moving towards the clear glass safe. Four turns forward, one turn back, turn the key. You smiled triumphantly when the box clicked open. After filling a small pouch with pixie dust you made your way to the top of the clock tower.

You had flown before, obviously. It was one of the first things you remember your dad teaching you to do. It wasn’t long before you were soaring up in the air and into the night sky. You were so focused on getting to Neverland that you didn’t notice a small rip on the bag, leaving pixie dust in your wake as you flew over the Isle of the Lost.

Harry had a feeling no one else noticed it. A blur of something golden flying overhead. For a second he thought the barrier had been taken down. But that wasn’t it. Instead he followed the trail of gold until he got to the edge of the Isle. It wasn’t until he stopped poking and prodding at everything that he realized that something felt different. Slowly he made his way to the end of the dock, expecting to be hit by the barrier. But the shock that came with trying to go through never hit. Instead he almost toppled off the end of the boating dock. He laughed before stepping back into the barrier. It was dust. He recognized the shimmer of gold on his hand immediately. The dust had no magical properties on the isle, he’d know. His dad used to have a whole bunch of it. When he found out it was useless he’d thrown it all in the ocean. But not before Harry managed to take a bit of it. He had exactly ten minutes to make it home and get his pixie dust before the magic wore out and the barrier closed again.

He ran for it. He was in such a hurry, turning his place upside down and throwing things back and forth and into a bag that by the time he left grabbing his hook once more had completely slipped his mind. He ran to the part of the barrier that was open and stepped to the edge again. After testing the dust and determining it worked he covered himself head to toe in it. Soon enough he got the dust to work and realized he was flying. His first thought was to go to Auradon. He’d wreck a bit of havoc then open up the barrier for his crew and everyone else.

But then he looked up and saw the stars. It was one of the only times he had seen them for what they really were. It was nighttime and everything was quiet, peaceful almost. Second star to the right. Those were the words that popped into his mind. He turned around in the air a few times before finding the star he was looking for. He didn’t hesitate before turning away from Auradon and flying in the direction of Neverland.

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Backfire (Happy x reader)

Originally posted by come-join-themurder

Summary: The reader is Happy’s Old Lady. While he’s away on club business, she refuses to go on lockdown. The other Sons try to teach her a lesson but it quickly backfires…

requested by Anon

Word count: 1,363

Warnings: mentions of kidnapping, guns, violence but not too bad


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How would you feel if someone made a companion piece to Leatherbound, maybe from Lisa's point of view? (Of course, crediting you for EVERYTHING about the idea and whatnot)

I would love it??? If anyone(you?) want(s) to do this then pls message me and I can give you the details about the symbolism and what really happens due to the book/curse.

anonymous asked:

HI! I'm the one who sent you the req about Prompto getting married and hoo bOY I LOVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH A GFSHDJ Now can I request Ignis getting married??? ;v; Thank you so much aaaa-

hello again, anon! I loved your Prompto request (it’s actually one of my favorite things I’ve written recently). thanks for sending one in for Ignis – I hope you like it! 

I did marriage headcanons for Ignis a little while ago, too, if you haven’t already checked them out :)

(also I totally forgot about ffxv week, so I tried to throw the theme for day one in here (frozen in time). hope that’s all good)

word count: 802 (fluff)

Fingertips whispered across bare skin, branding unspoken words of love across your cheekbones. A breeze floated through open panelled windows, pulling the music of dawn in and stringing it through your home. He gazed at you, basking in the morning sun, blissfully unaware of the new day it brought as you continued to sleep. His eyes, soft and calculating, counted your eyelashes. They traveled to the bridge of your nose, found a niche in your forehead. He explored every bit of you – was lost in you – became entangled in your hair.

Then he retreated, eyeing the clock on your nightstand, willing the seconds to stop ticking away.

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Prompt: Of course I remembered! (Becca x MC)

Notes: This is for the anon who requested a story based on the prompt, “Of course I remembered!” It…became a lot longer than I thought it would be, so I just moved it onto a separate post for easier reading. I hope you enjoy it, anon! :)

“What’s that?” Becca points to the silver bracelet Alex is fidgeting with in her hand.

“I wear it when I need a little extra boost, or, you know, when I’m about to delay the school paper’s first issue and disappoint one of my closest friends,” she moans, pushing her laptop away and smacking her forehead against the table. 

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Swollen eye

 Pairing : Carlos x Reader

Warnings : mention of a fight, a swollen eye and insults (+ kinda hinted bullying (better safe than sorry))

Summary : You got into a fight because someone said something bad about Carlos and your boyfriend patch you up.

Requested by Anon, thanks for the request I hope you’ll like it ! :) : “Can you please write a Carlos x Reader imagine where he comforts you after you get into a fist fight with someone who was making fun of you and/or him?” 

Originally posted by iiobsessionsii

The ice stung when Carlos carefully placed it on your swollen eye. You groaned because of the pain and your boyfriend stopped moving for an instant, looking intently at you. His eyes full of confusion, fear for you and of another thing that you couldn’t really pinpoint. Ah yes, anger, whoever did that to you was going to regret it, but first, he needed to understand why you were wounded.

“What happened ?” Carlos asked softly, putting the ice gently back on your eye while examining the rest of your body to detect any other injury. He felt extremely relieved when he saw that you weren’t any more injured.

“It’s that boy from our chemistry class, that a…. You know, the one who thinks you’re a villain ?”

Carlos nodded, you didn’t need to give any more explanation, that idiot had told multiple time the white-haired boy that he was a bad person and that he’d never change. Carlos ignored him most of the time and had already assured you that it was nothing and that, compared to the isle, the guy was an armless little worm.

“Don’t tell me…” Your boyfriend started again, afraid to understand what had happened. “Did he attack you ?!” You saw anger boil in his big brown eyes.

“With his words, yes.” You started before wincing because of your eye. “He said horrible stuffs about you and me. How you were going to hurt me, to leave me… How he was going to make you go back to the isle… And he went on again and again and I… Snapped. Then he punched me back.”

Carlos opened his eyes wide, he had never taken you for someone that would get into a fist fight. He didn’t know what to think of it, he was very happy you were okay but he hoped that it wouldn’t cause you any trouble. Above all, he decided it was time to go and talk to fairy godmother about the annoying boy. He didn’t care if that guy occasionally annoyed him but if you were concerned, then it was time to take care of this issue.

“I know it’s bad to fight but… He just… I know how hard it was for every one to believe you and the VKs are good guys. I don’t want him to try and make the others believe that you’re not good. I don’t want you to go back to the Isle. So I… kind of showed him that even children of heroes could punch people ?” You tried to light up the mood but the seriousness in Carlos’ eyes didn’t fade.

You both stayed in silence for a while until Carlos took off the ice from your eye. It seemed to be in a better shape. Taking a step back, your boyfriend put the ice on a drawer before he came back by your side and took you in his arms.

“Thank you for defending me but I don’t want you to get hurt in the process, y’know ?” He said, letting his head fall gently on your shoulder.

“I’m fine, I’m just protective of my boyfriend.” You smiled.

“And your boyfriend is protective of you.” Carlos completed before taking a step back, you hands still in his, while looking at your wound again. “Is it better ?”

“I feel like I have an actual eye and not a big ball. Still hurt a little tho…”

Carlos played with your fingers before telling you about his plan.

“We need to talk to the fairy godmother and to Ben, he’s the one that wanted to give the VK a chance, they’ll do something. We’re not going to let a bully rule our life…” He looked pointedly at your smollen eye. “… or hurt us, or make us expelled… That needs to stop. But before, we’re going to see Mal, I’m sure she’ll have some magic to heal your wound.”

You nodded with a smile and you left the room still holding hands?


 2 Days later, there was 1 student less in Chemistry class. The guy that annoyed you and your boyfriend had been told to stop and his parents had been informed of what he said and did. They weren’t very pleased with it and decided to transfer him in another school, closer to where his family lived. The chemistry class was now a better place.

“We’re a pretty good team together, aren’t we ?” You asked softly to your boyfriend while looking at the professor who was writing something on the board. “Fighting bullies, solving chemistry problems…”

Carlos smiled at you, nodding and took your hand in his. Then he turned his head to the board again.

anonymous asked:

writing prompts question: sentence 1

wow, you and five(!) other anons requested that sentence, i’ve been mulling about that one a lot!

1 -  “I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”


“I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”

Ben looks at his best friend who’s hunched up next to him. Armitage has his face buried between his knees which are drawn to his chest and he’s shaking. Ben has no idea what to do. He’d found him in his closet after he couldn’t find him in his room. Ben’s mom had driven him here so they could do their homework together. Armie was very smart and Ben knew his mother liked that he made friends with the fourth grader. Ben often wishes he were two years older, so he could be in the same class with his best friend.

After he’d looked in Armie’s bathroom and under his bed, he’d found Armie hiding in his closet and had sat down next to him, closing the door. The only light came from the little death star lamp that Ben had gifted him for his last birthday. Armie had immediately put it into his closet because he likes to read in here. And do his homework. He retreats when his parents are fighting again. Or when he’s hiding from his dad. Which is whenever Brendol’s home for a few days.

Ben reaches out and touches Armie’s shoulder. Armitage winces and looks up from his knees. 

“I know,” he says. “I just want to be here a bit longer. When he can’t hear me, he forgets I exist. And then he’s much more tolerable.”

Ben frowns when he hears that because he too is afraid of Brendol Hux. Again, he wishes he were taller, stronger. If both of them were, they could go away from here. Leave Armitage’s father behind. 

“Okay,” Ben replies. He slides closer and places his arm around Armie’s shoulders. Armie sighs and leans against him. 

“Did you think of another story?” Armie asks, eyes closed. “Did the dragon find the wearer of the mask and the sword?” He likes it when Ben tells him the stories he thinks of. Tells him, it’s relaxing. he likes hearing Ben’s voice. He once told him that he’s sure that Ben will have a smooth and deep voice when they’re both adults. 

“Yes,” Ben says and kisses Armie’s red hair. 

“Tell me how he flies away. What does he see? What does freedom taste like?” Armie asks him and Ben makes sure to describe everything in perfect detail. One day, he’ll write all of this down, with Armie’s help, and they’ll make enough money to go away from here. Ben will be the dragon to carry Armie away.


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anonymous asked:

Could you do some headcanons for trans girl Hazel, and possibly also trans boy Frank?

‘Course I can.

(Also I’m trying to get through as many requests as I can before school starts tomorrow so sorry if anything gets a little short)

  • They come out to each other at the same time, both of them being really nervous about it but ending up laughing about it later because of the coincidence
  • Frank (who used to wear a tiny bit of makeup since that had been what his mom and grandma had taught him to do before he came out as trans) started to show Hazel how to do the very basics of makeup, but not before telling her that “she was gorgeous with and without makeup”
  • Hazel helps Frank find clothing to hide his curves and often find clothes she likes as well (so that she can steal his clothes)
  • After Frank gets the blessing of Mars he feels way better about himself since what the blessing basically did to him was not only giving him a more fit appearance, but also lessening his feminine features
  • It’s safe to say that Hazel has a tiny bit of trouble recognising him afterwards, but also being really happy for him, because the amount of dysphoria he feels after the blessing is way smaller, allowing him to focus more on the task at hand (saving the world from Mrs. Dirt Face)
  • After the war, Hazel and Frank come out to the rest of the Seven+Reyna, Rachel, Nico and Will. Both of them expect the confused looks showing that nobody had understood what they said at all, but the complete opposite happen
  • Annabeth comes out as demisexual, Piper comes out as being a demigirl and Rachel and Reyna reveal that they’re dating
  • Nico and Will doesn’t say anything because Nico’s still trying to figure out his own identity, Will is already openly trans (though Hazel and Frank didn’t know that) and both of them are still in that awkward stage of “we’re just friends- no I don’t like him what are you talking about. Stop asking!”

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When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send this to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit by spreading positivity!


1. whizzer makes me very happy ! Everything abt falsettos makes me v happy (mostly, everything. not the whole like. dying thing)

2. Every time someone sends me a request for falsettos i get so happy?? I love drawing my guys n gals they make me so happy, and it makes me happier that u guys like my art asjkdlfa … another thing going under this category, just asks in general? I love talking to all of u so much and it makes me rlly happy when i get anons. yall could send me an anon that said “fuck you your blog is gross and smelly” and id? be honored that u deemed me worthy of hate

3. girls make me so happy they smell nice and they’re so cute n pretty … especially happy thing : im coming more to terms w my sexuality and exploring+understanding it more :)!!

4. random things: book of mormon. pokemon. avatar/legend of korra. guardians of the galaxy. all of my friends. queen. david bowie. firebringer. voltron. my computer art teacher. toucans. cyborg (teen titans). moon (m best friend).

5. @fluffyzor @trinasongreprise @wafflenull @drbagels123 @marvins-giddy-seizures @dallas-cade @jjunniper @gollyollie @raining-static @pinkfluffylion all make me. so happy. some more ppl that im not mutuals with but make me super happy: @.gaywhizzerbrown @.whizzerbrowne @.tuxedoflask @.fading-roses @.flairandpassion @.roartheband (last one: go listen to roar. their music is, so good)