this is for the anon goodbye

hey i decided to leave this account, go ahead, laugh, insult me, call me a pussy, call me pathetic. i can’t believe several cunts drove me to do this. it’s been fun being here, even if it was just several months, i met amazing people here, ones that have kept me happy and actually excited for the next day. but, me literally shaking from being called a bitch, a sociopath, and several other slurs, it’s too much for me. i’m tired of even refreshing notifications, afraid i’ll receive an anon spewing stuff like ‘hope u delete lol :)’ to ‘no one likes you dumb bitch ahahaha’ or a person calling me ‘dumb’ or even ‘dumbass’ for my personal opinion/joke. i’m sorry to all my mutuals for having dealt with me, and i’m definitely not sorry to all the people who threatened me, or insulted me. it’s been fun for the time being, goodbye, i’ll eventually make a new account private for mutuals, but i’m done and, to the people who’ve insulted, threatened, spewed hate, i can’t stop you, and well good day.

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Some people think that their changing content means they're becoming more manufactured, but I believe the opposite. People evolve and so do their beliefs and careers. Change, especially Dan's rebrand, shows that efforts are being made to keep the content new and real, instead of conforming to old standards because that's the normal thing to do. Phil, while a bit more subtly, has done this too. Goodbye innocent branding, hello actual-man-in-his-early-thirties. The content changes with them :^)

the thing is though, even when they do do videos that are ‘in’ at the time like slime vids and playing certain video games, they always do it in their own way. there is always specifically something dan and phil about it and honestly they could sell a plastic coin with their names on it on their shop and i’d buy it and shove it straight up my ass to show my love

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I think if something bad where ever to happen to Loki, Thor would feel it.

Also from an anon: “I think in infinity wars, Thanos will kill Loki in a slow and painful way and he won’t be able to say goodbye to his brother.”

I get a bunch of anons with various depressing infinity wars head canons about Thor and/or Loki dying and I’m beginning to suspect they’re all from the same person.

All I can say is, ok. I don’t think that will happen and I hope it won’t happen, but ok.

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Loving the text messages!! Keep up the good work! Also if you don't mind could you describe darks and antis personalities according to you?

Absolutely!!! Beware though, I’m about to wax poetic because I LOVE these two characters. I’m sorry that this post is so long but I’m NOT putting it under a cut because I worked on this for over a fucking hour instead of writing my history paper and I want at least one person to actually read it. :P

I’m gonna go a little in depth with what I believe is their canon personalities according to my interpretation and then how I incorporate those interpretations into Texts From Dark And Anti. Some of you may be surprised to find that I actually heavily take their canonical personalities into account when I make my edits; it’s not all just dick jokes and memes for the sake of notes. Texts From Dark And Anti is my love letter to these two characters, and I’ve gone to great lengths to portray them in the best way possible.

But enough babbling. Let’s start with Dark.

CANON PERSONALITY: Master Manipulator and Sexual Predator

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Per Mark, Dark is a master manipulator. He’s a snake in the grass, ready to tell you anything and everything you need to hear in order to get what he wants from you.

I’d argue that this often works for him. Obviously he’s a very good actor if he’s able to mimic Mark perfectly in the “Chocolate” ending, so that makes me think that he’s able to assume whatever personality and/or extend whatever favors he needs to to trick his victims into abiding by him.

But it’s also worth mentioning that Dark’s biggest weakness (arguably) is his jealousy. As Mark said, Dark’s extremely jealous of Mark, and he wants everything that Mark has: wealth, fame, success, and devoted fans. I’d be willing to believe that that last thing is what rubs Dark wrong the most.

Evidence? Mark’s fans are exactly what he goes after. Wanna know what’s freakier? IT FUCKING WORKED.

Mark took all of his fans out on a date. All of us adored him for it. Dark got jealous of this, so he infiltrated the date and tried to get us to support him instead. And when Tyler Mark showed up to fight him, Dark didn’t kill him himself. He manipulated us into doing it for him.

And what brings this home is that Dark has had the longest lasting potential out of anything to come out of this video. All of the other memes and references have lost their luster by now, but the resurgence of Dark-related fan art, ask/rp blogs, edits, and memes are still going strong. Dark infiltrated our date and convinced us to love him and worship him the same way that we do Mark, and we fucking fell for it.

So why does he do this? Is it just because he’s a jealous prick? Partially, but I think that, canonically, there’s more to it. I think it’s because he thrives on his ability to hold power over people, which is comparable to–get ready for it–sexual predators.

Dark exhibits a lot of the traits we normally attribute to these criminals. He’s attractive, charismatic, extremely manipulative, and sadistic. He says things like, “I can give you anything,” and, “If it’s dinner you want, I can provide.” Provide is an interesting word choice here, because that’s what society has dictated the man in a relationship should do. He even acts seductive: arching his neck, eye-fucking the camera, and he even blows us a kiss (see below). But the way that he grabs and shakes us periodically throughout his mental breakdown betrays his inner sadism and anger issues, also common among sexual predators. I absolutely think that based on Dark’s behavior and what we know about him, he’s totally down to fuck anyone and everyone in order to get what he wants–consensual or otherwise. And I definitely think he’ll enjoy it.

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I wouldn’t necessarily say that Dark is a nymphomaniac. As an otherworldly being, it’s entirely possible he doesn’t even have a sex drive. But sexual predators don’t usually rape their victims just to get their dicks wet. Usually, it’s a power issue; they want to feel like they have mastery over something, and that they are dominant and in control. Given Dark’s obsession with taking all of Mark’s glory away from him, coupled with his violent mood swings and sadism, I would say that sexual assault is probably just one of the many ways he appeases his insatiable appetite for power and manipulation. And I’d even bet that it’s one of his go-to’s.

In Texts From Dark And Anti, I normally portray Dark as a bitter old demon who doesn’t understand memes and doesn’t want to put up with anybody’s shit. But I didn’t just do this for fun; I did it because I could see Dark being jaded in real life. Off-camera, when he’s not trying to seduce us into adoring him over Mark, I could see him being sick of being overlooked. He’s old, even by Mark’s channel’s standards, and up until “A Date With Markiplier”, he wasn’t mainstream in the fandom at all–not fun for someone who craves the adoration of others. So he’d definitely be off-put by Anti’s much younger, more erratic personality, and in a bad mood he’d bitch at him for it. But in a good mood, he’d use it to his advantage to get whatever he wants–sex, souls, and anything else his blackened heart desires, both for the reward and the thrill of not having to do it himself.

Now let’s talk about Anti.

CANON PERSONALITY: Chaotic Psychopath

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Jack has been near-silent on his personal interpretation of Anti (although he’s stated that he definitely has a personal canon that he refuses to share, the little fucker), so all of this is going to come from speculation and what we see onscreen.

While Dark chose to make his debut in one long, continuous, elegant appearance, Anti showed up randomly throughout the month of October, with no prelude and no explanation as to why he was there. Also in contrast to Dark’s smooth, charismatic personality, Anti is visibly unstable, jittery, and psychotic. Both he and Dark exhibit bloodlust, but Anti doesn’t hide it. He doesn’t hold back any of his sociopathic tendencies, going so far as to murder his host on camera for the world to see.

We don’t exactly know what Anti’s agenda is, but that’s just it: I don’t think he has one. At least, not one beyond the psychotic urge to kill as much and as many people as he can. Even in “Say Goodbye”, all he does is laugh at/condemn the viewer for not warning Jack and saving him. The other times he was on camera in October, he was glitchy, with several different appearances (fangs, gauges, blood, etc.) and contorted, unsettling body movements, making me think that Anti is a supernatural being that thrives on chaos and bloodshed.

But  Anti doesn’t just want to cause havoc–he wants to cause havoc and get the credit he deserves for it. That’s why he showed up so much on camera without Jack noticing; he was there for us, not him. Then he made a big deal about us not telling Jack what was going on, condemning us for our failure to make his existence well-known. Then he crashed Jack’s panel at PAX, angry at us for “forgetting” him. He’s not trying to garner our support like Dark is; if anything, he wants us to be terrified of him.

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But personally, if I had to choose between being locked in a room with Dark and being locked in a room with Anti, I’d choose Anti in a heartbeat. Because even though Anti is more obviously psychotic, at least I’d know I would be killed quickly–unlike Dark, who would torture and manipulate me verbally, physically, and possibly even sexually for an indeterminate amount of time. This is Anti’s downfall, I think; Dark disguises his true nature with seduction and charisma, but because Anti’s so unpredictable and surface-level, he identifies himself as a very obvious threat, ironically making him a little easier to understand.

Thus, my interpretation of him in Texts From Dark And Anti reflects this (albeit in a more comedic way). Anti loves memes and silly trends because he wants to stick out in a way that’ll gain recognition. He’s more up-to-date with Internet trends and slang because he’s much younger than Dark–but that also means that he’s more gullible, and a lot of simple things go over his head. Basically all of his emotions are double that of Dark’s, and he makes no efforts to disguise them. He’s also much more privvy to senseless murder than Dark. This speaks highly of his psychotic tendencies and general disregard for any order or secrets he could be bothering to keep. What you see of Anti is what you get: an easily-excitable, always-ready-to-fuck-shit-up killing machine.

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So…yeah. That’s pretty much my piece. Told you it’d be long. X’D

But tysm for asking!! And if any of you bothered reading this far, PLEASE reblog or leave a reply with your thoughts on my interpretation of these two characters and how you characterize them personally. I’m super crazy interested in the lore around these two (or lack thereof), which is why I created Texts From Dark And Anti in the first place. ^_^


mmo boys interactions for anon ✩

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omg yoongi clicking his tongue and flirting w jimin reminded me of jimin saying (during the comeback vlive, 14:40) that some people try to act cool when they date :')

……………………………well this explains Everything that’s been happening this era

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To be or not to be - a dilf. Where it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous thirst or rise up against a sea of salt and by opposing make them harass you more... To question- to answer... To incorrectly bastardize the great bards voice in this modern time, and to do it all for the sake of this single overwhelming thought - Would he approve? I say unto you filthy sinners he would, daddy would be proud.

i’m deleting

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👄 neck

“Oh? Did someone say International Playboy?”

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what if for his bday shane gives ryan a complete ghosthunting kit with salt and holy water and sage and a lil cross and a bible and ryan isnt sure if its a gag gift or not but shane says "hey i did some research and if ur gonna take holy water with u why not make sure ur completely covered" and ryan is. touched that shanes treating this seriously for once and for his protection, too

and it was a really expensive kit from a proper magick shop that was all the way across LA and took an hour just to get to and he felt so silly debating which was best with the lady behind the counter but he eventually chose the one that includes a black tourmaline gem that guarantees protection from evil spirits

and when ryan opens the box shane explains the power of the gem as he grabs the necklace and slides it over ryan’s head, a smug satisfaction washing over him as the stone settles against his friend’s chest, knowing he’ll be safe

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In Say Goodbye when the first glitch happens, Jack gets up to check if anything's going on. He then gets back at his table and examines the knife. This part has always rubbed me the wrong way, something about it didn't seem right. It seemed like it wasn't Jack who was examining the knife, rather it was Anti. Why would Jack study a knife for no apparent reason? What if that reason being Anti...just wanted to see if the knife would work on ol' Jackaboy.

I’ve always enjoyed that subtle detail/ foreshadowing:

It’s just enough to make realize something’s up- esp when it happens after Anti’s 1st glitch. I agree with you Anon the reasoning of why it’s in the video.

you made goodbye
your love note and
you left them on
the precipice of
your lover’s door.
who made you so
cruel and heartless
who took your heart
and danced all over it
that you can’t tell the
difference between 
love and hate
love and heartbreak
love and pain

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All I want,,,,, is missing earth with the paladins,, jus give me pidge and lance talking about their favorite show and "man I wonder how many episodes I've missed" and then now they both know that the other likes the show all they do is make references. And hunk and shiro talking about earth food and hunk going out whenever possible to get earth food to make everyone feel a little better and keith talking documentaries and missing earth's horizon and all of them bonding over missing earth please

Yes to all of this.

Give me Pidge and Lance speculating about what’s happening in the newest season of their show back on Earth and eventually creating their own alternate canon and developing their own plot.  

Give me Lance and Pidge trying to give shitty explanations and renditions of what has already happened in their shows to Hunk, Shiro, Keith, Allura, and Coran so they can rope them in to acting out characters/voices in “new episodes” that Pidge and Lance create.

Give me a Hunk who bakes and cooks to cope with his stress and anxiety about being in a completely foreign environment with no guarantee of when (or if) he’ll see home again.  And who shares his coping mechanism with Shiro, who has to deal with the added pressures of being leader and fighting against aliens that are the very cause of his trauma.

Give me a Hunk and Shiro who work together to develop recipes that taste similar to the paladin’s favorite foods back on Earth.  Who teach the others how to recreate the recipes, giving them all an activity they can do and reminisce about together, and who recreate family dinners like the ones they had back on Earth.

  Give me a Keith who is surprisingly good at explaining how things work back on Earth to Allura and Coran because not all of the documentaries he watched were conspiracy documentaries.  Keith rambling about his conspiracies to Coran, who takes him seriously and even tells Keith about weird rumors and theories back on Altea.  Keith telling random facts he can remember from documentaries to Allura, who wants to learn more about the planet her paladins came from.  

Give me a Keith who info dumps what he can remember from his documentaries to the other paladins, who absorb it all eagerly and offer whatever facts they can remember since they’re all scared of forgetting about things on Earth.