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After what Trump said about Sweden, people have started posting links to articles about there being a huge increase in rape and sexual assault in Sweden, and Swedish cities with large immigrant populations being overrun with crime. Is there any truth to these claims?

Timely question, Anon!  We were just about to post something about the effects of such a large number of refugees arriving in Sweden!  Which we’ll get to in a minute…

1) For those who don’t know, Trump claimed there was a recent terrorist attack in Sweden and linked it to the amount of refugees Sweden has taken in - more per capita than any other country.

The only problem is that, like the “Bowling Green Massacre” that only Trump aide Kellyanne Conway seemed to know about, no one anywhere had heard of any such terrorist attack.

But it turns out there was a terrorist bombing, in Gothenburg Sweden last month that left one person seriously injured.

Why did no one hear about it?  Because it was a bombing of a refugee centre by white supremacists.  And as we all know, when neo-nazis commit a terrorist attack, it does not get the same media coverage that a terrorist attack by racialized people receive.  

For example: a recent media study examined U.S. coverage of two terrorist attacks in Canada: the 2014 shooting that left one person + the shooter of Muslim background dead and the 2017 shooting that left six people dead and seventeen injured when a white supremacist stormed a Québec mosque and opened fire (the latter being another white supremacist attack Team Trump used as a justification for their own Islamophobia!).  Turns out the attack by the Muslim shooter received 6x more media coverage in U.S. media outlets, even though the attack by the white supremacist killed 6x more victims.

But we digress.

2) Is there any truth to claims of a huge increase in rape and sexual assault in Sweden?  

Some bigots would expect - and even hope for - an alarming increase in sex crimes so they can point their fingers at refugees and immigrants and shriek about kicking them out.  But sorry bigots, it’s just not happening!

Sweden took in 162,877 asylum seekers in 2015.  Between 2014-2016 alone Sweden took in 273,116 refugees (x; x).   This is the highest proportion of refugees taken in by any western country.

So let’s look at figures for 2014, the year before all these refugees arrived in Sweden:   

2014 reported rapes: 6,700
2014 reported sexual molestations: 9,640

Then 2015, when 162,877 refugees arrived, one would expect an 1.7% increase in these crimes, given the 1.7% increase in population and assuming that they are as likely to commit crimes as Swedes are.  Hmm, let’s see now:
2015 reported rapes: 5920 = a 12% drop 
2014 reported sexual molestations: 8840 = an 8% drop

Now the latest figures:
2016 reported rapes: 6560
2016 reported sexual molestations: 10,500

So: reported rape and sexual molestation cases actually dropped by 12% and 8% respectively the year that 162,877 refugees arrived in Sweden.  The next year, reported rape cases were still 2% lower than they were in 2014 (before the arrival of 162,877 refugees) but sexual molestation cases increased by 8% over 2014 levels.  

Why would one category of sexual violence go down and another go up?  No one is sure at this point but we’ve yet to hear a coherent explanation or see credible evidence that establishes “foreign hordes” as the cause of the increase in one category but simultaneously discounts them as a factor for the decrease in the other.  And the xenophobes haven’t been quick to point out that an 8-to-12% drop in sexual violence occurred in 2015, the same time that 162,877 refugees came to Sweden.

Actual criminologists like University of Stockholm professor Jerzy Sarnecki, point out that “what criminologists do is to look at the 10-year, 20-year development. Then we can see the trends. Year to year, it’s impossible to judge why changes occur.”  Not only is there is zero evidence of any wave of sex crimes committed by refugees; the available evidence indicates that they are as-or-less-likely to commit these crimes than native-born Swedes.  Sorry bigots!

You’ll see the same thing in Germany despite what hysterical xenophobes would have you believe.  The UK actually experienced a drop in crime related to the number of migrants coming in.  In the U.S. a study that was just released found that refugees had a huge effect in substantially reducing crime rates.

When people start screaming about a wave of sexual violence committed by refugees that is simply not supported by the crime stats; and when it’s clear that the sexual violence rates were higher when there were fewer refugees, it’s not hard to figure out that the concern and outrage is less about sexual violence and more about xenophobic scapegoating.

3) Back to the news we were going to tell you about what effect this large wave of refugees is having on Sweden! Just two years after taking in 81,000 refugees, Sweden is riding high atop its largest economic boom in five years!  Lower unemployment rates and economic growth topping 4.5% as the economy benefitted from more workers.  

It’s not that surprising given that a third of Syrian refugees brought university educations with them to Sweden and that countries like Australia, Canada, GermanyKenya, the UK and the U.S. have all found that migrants are economically-beneficial.

So Anon, we hope you’ve learned two things about Sweden’s migrants: they’ve had either no effect or actually reduced crime rates while being a huge boon for the economy!

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Sasuke never kissed sakura :S

Yeah, okay, look, I wasn’t going to bother with this message; but seeing as i’m getting these type of messages recently makes me wonder if its just the same troll begging for attention. If thats the case, then congratulations you’ve accomplished it. If you’re that stupid to believe that Sasuke has never kissed Sakura then go right ahead and think that.

But let me ask you something, anon. Does this:

look like a man that’s never kissed his wife?

Pftt heck even Sakura gets all fluttered by the thought of remembering:

So yeah stay in falala land anon. Im very much happy in canon land ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Are you still into Danny Phantom? I recently got back into the show and when I was looking at fan art on Pinterest I saw some of your beautiful work! (PS. I put this in before it's just I hit the back arrow and wasn't sure if it went through. Sorry!)

yess I haven’t watched it in a while but I still like that series! 8′)

(and np about the double ask lol)

Anon: Lmao here’s a suggestion: Tulio from Road to El Dorado? I just finished watching the movie for the first time and I was like “wow gee I wonder if Sunny drew anything from the movie” BUT MAN I THINK HE WOULD LOOK GREAT IN YOUR STYLE??    

ommg thank you but I never really thought about drawing something from that! ;v; haha

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hello! i was wondering if you have any links to the fish meta about castiel? or if you wrote any yourself? i can't seem to find it

Hey! well I don’t remember reading anything specific recently, as I thought about it during my review for this episode after seeing this post cross my dash and having a good giggle. But when Cas was first called a fish by Rowena in 10x22 (Dabb episode) I think there was stuff floating around. I wasn’t actually active until season 11 started so I don’t have any archives of meta from around that time, however from my own memory about Cas and fish we have these lines from 6x20:

“I remember being at a shoreline, watching a little grey fish heave itself up on the beach and an older brother saying, “don’t step on that fish, Castiel. Big plans for that fish.” 

“Those first weeks back in heaven were surprisingly difficult. Explaining freedom to angels is a bit like teaching poetry to fish.” 

and this line for 10x22

“You’re just fascinating. An angel that rejected Heaven. That’s like a fish that wants to fly, or a dog that thinks he’s people.”

“ I’d be happy to kill her, she just called me a fish.”

(obviously these callbacks to 6x20 just go hand in hand with season 12 as Dabb is clearly as big a fan of 6x20 as we are. 

I THINK these are the only two instances pre Season 12  but please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Interestingly there is conflicting symbolism here. In 6x20 BOTH humanity and angels are referred to as fish. Humanity at first as the whole “big plans for that fish” implies that it would evolve into humans, but Cas refers to angels as fish as well in terms of how they cannot understand freewill. 

In 10x22 Cas is really insulted at Rowena calling him a fish, (compared to humans? or Angels?) but Rowena had a point. Cas has been described (I think by Edlund) as the “fish out of water” by being the angel who rejects heaven and tries to be human. He doesn’t quite fit in, but he still tries. From 6x20s symbolically connecting fish to both Humans and Angels it makes sense that Cas is the “fish” in this respect. He is both Angel and Human in a way, or at least, he is the Angel of Humanity at this point.

I think 12x12 explored that imagery with Cas being the fisherman’s “catch” and I don’t think it was a random connection. 12x12 is FULL of references to 6x20 and therefore it just fits. Cas is the fish. Still desperately struggling to crawl onto the shoreline, to find his place in this new scary dry world full of new dangers. Just like humanity did long ago on that shoreline, Cas is finding his place. Thankfully by the end of 12x12 he had his place confirmed. There is no doubt anymore in his mind that he is a Winchester, and that he has a safe place to call home.

It just so happens that one episode prior to Cas being “the fish” Dean said this:

(gif source

Its just such a damn coincidence don’t ya think? :P

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(in response to the last anon) As a fellow bisexual I definitely experience attraction to different genders differently. I've always described it as an 'ohhh' vs an 'ahhh' to help people understand. But my co-worker and I were talking about this recently and he said something to the degree of ,'Take a ballerina and a quarterback, they can both twinkle their toes, but its gonna feel a hell of a lot different' which I thought was hilarious lol


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hello fellow makoharu shipper! do you happen to know any good makoharu fic recs - multichapter or one shot? i miss these two

Helloooo!! ahhh I am not a big fic reader, I read some from time to time ;)) so for my fav MH fics, they are not all very recent but I hope you won’t mind? >////<

When Haru met Makoto ; this is my favourite, very LONG fic but the romance is slow but well build. It’s an AU where instead of Rei, it’s Makoto who is the new teammate of the club and it follows the episodes of s1 with this new view^^

The Palace That Rose From the Sands  ;  an other long AU fic xD it’s based on the arabic AU from the ending. The writing is amazing, everything is so detailed, it’s really immersive <3 (and there is a sequel *0*)

Saltwater ; it takes place in tokyo after s2, it’s Haru comforting Makoto so basically, a lot of fluff =v=) <3

Dolphin Kick  ; I have this thing for Myth’s fic, she always creates stories with so much warm feelings in it <3 It’s  Makoharu and their professional and couple life ^^


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I think Alec definitely proposed to Magnus. He would be really nervous and blushy and would do something super simple and sweet, like proposing to Magnus at the restaurant where they had their first date on their anniversary. He would be a little worried that Magnus would want something more flashy, but Magnus would LOVE it. He would be so surprised, and they would both cry a little. Alec would consult Izzy to help get him a really good ring, because Magnus deserves the best. <3

He goes to Izzy to get advice on proposing (since she recently proposed to Clary), and asks her if he should stick the ring in the cake or in the champagne. Izzy tells him, “No Magnus wouldn’t want that cliche shit. He may like extravagant things, but Magnus loves you for you. Keep it simple and sweet. Make it special, but keep it true to you.” 

So Alec decides on their anniversary, after cooking dinner together and sitting on the balcony with wine glasses in hand, to propose:

“Magnus Bane, you are the love of my life. You saved me when I thought I wasn’t worth saving. You opened up my heart when I shut the world out. You stuck by my side, even when the world collapsed around us. And all the while, you remained the most incredible and loving man I know. You never give up on anybody, and you help those around you even when they don’t deserve it. You love with your whole heart, and this world is a far better place because you’re in it. I want to spend every last day of my mortal life with you, and I hope you’ll allow me to mark this portion of your life with love and family. It is the biggest privilege of my life to love you, so Magnus Bane, will you marry me?”

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Alfred headcanons? Pretty pretty please?

Anything for you, anon! 

- He spends most of his time that’s not spent cleaning or taking care of his family watching soap operas on television. 

- Alfred worries about Bruce and the batkids every single time they go on patrol. He doesn’t show it of course, but he does. Especially after what happened to Jason and then Damian, he’s just thankful they’re alive every time they return to him safely. 

- He recently started using the time out system in the manor, and at least three kids are sent to the time out corner a day. 

- He sends Jason food once a week, leaving them at his doorstep with a note that says a new book quote every day from books he and Jason have read. It’s their own inside thing, one that Bruce is still unaware of. 

- He refuses to tell anyone how old he is, and when he does he just makes it up. Bruce thinks he’s 68, Barbara thinks he’s 74, and as far as Damian is concerned, Alfred is immortal. 

- Once Bruce was sick, so Alfred snuck out as Batman instead. Nobody noticed the difference, except for a few thugs who were way more terrified of Batman than usual and insist it was some kind of demon or evil clone. 

- Alfred is the Gretchen Weiners of the Batfamily in that he knows everything about everyone and is the king of gossip in Gotham. 

- He sometimes resorts to drugging Tim’s coffee in order to get him to sleep, and he regrets absolutely nothing. 

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Julia you don't think this is somekind of damage control?after GG tweetfest and T2 bts in dunure, When cait recently in London he's all cricket,remind me of Monte Carlo they started to open again and this happened

I don’t know what to call it. Sam and Cait being lovey dovey and engaging on SM doesn’t and shouldn’t call for damage control. Fans love them together, why not just leave it at that? But this, this trying to force shippers to think they’re not together with subtle hints dropped in inboxes and fake significant others brought up by trolls, is a pattern I will never ever understand and it needs to stop. 

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Chessy!!! I recently got my first job at a local family owned restaurant and tbh I really like it?? I'm just so happy because I thought I would never get a job bc of the Depression but I just got my first paycheck yesterday!! all my coworkers are rly sweet too

im so glad??? like it really is huge getting that kind of structure and regular social contact in your life is so hard but also helps o much i hope things are on the up

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Considering Bree, it makes me wonder how in the world did she ever get to archdemon in the first place. How did she get there in one price without anyone rebelling?

Great question and as usual, I’ve gotten carried away! I’ve put my full answer under a read-more.

Keep reading

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Do you think one of these concerts will become a dvd? ^.^

This will become a DVD, definitely. There will be a WINGS TOUR DVD soon, I’m sure of it ^_^

Anonymous said: Hello Anne! 😁 Ask ko lang kung pede din kaya makabili ng ticket sa kahit saang sm para dun sa upcoming concert ng bts here in ph?

basta kung saang SM may smtickets booth~ kasi un ung for MOA ticketing~

Anonymous said: I think you can see Yoongi yell that thing he said in the recent Vlive (I think it was translated to ‘The best’) in the last gif ^.^

yeah it is what they’re yelling hehe~

Anonymous said: The episode where hansung died aired already but why do people say he’s a spoiler? when viewers know it already?

some people haven’t seen it yet or haven’t watched it even EP1

Anonymous said: Do you have a guess as to when Memories 2016 would come out?

sometime in June ^_^

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To give some perspective for your last anon, by most recent count Victoria has done 103 engagements since Oscar's birth (March 2016-present). By comparison Kate did only 61 during Charlotte's infancy (May 2015-May 2016. Victoria is the hardest working royal of her generation. But I do agree that the Cambridges are held to different standards, and I have a feeling something is going on that we will find out about in a few months.

I don’t think it’s right to compare Victoria- the heir to the throne and a full time royal for one country with 10 million people- with Kate- the wife of the second in line to the throne who isn’t a full time royal in a realm made of 16 countries and 143 million people. There are ways you can look at it that make Victoria look great and ways you can look at it that make Kate look great. I don’t want to compare their actions. 

Also in the first few months after your child is born, women can go through bleeding (including blood clots), pain in the genital area which restricts movement, extreme cramps, painful breast engorgement, cracked nipples, swelling to the hands, feet and face, haemorrhoids, constipation, burning during urination, extreme fatigue, and postnatal depression. Usually after the first few months that all calms down. Some women will be fine and feel ready to start going about their normal life after 2 weeks. Some women will continue to struggle with the physical and emotional impact for months. Until one of us inhabits these women’s bodies and pushes a baby out of our vagina, I don’t think we can comment on how they spend the first few months after their child is born. It’s just weird that Victoria would return to work less than 3 weeks after Oscar was born and then almost a year later decide to take 3 months off. It’s out of character for her to miss State Visits. It’s fine. It’s not going to change anything about what I think about her. I still think she’s an incredible, hard working, dedicated woman but I think this is just an unexpected move from her and if I was her advisor I would recommend she do something else. 

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Sorry I'm doing this on anon but I read the recent post and I wanted to say please don't withhold yourself! Yes the word "rant" is used for many to describe a negative input but I never thought you came off as harsh. Its words like "vent" that would make it seem harsher maybe. You spoke your mind and that is not a bad thing. And when many timelines are held together through the existence of a sans or gaster I get protective too. You are awesome and I enjoyed hearing you. You are kind, its okay.

Thank you for saying that, you’re very kind too. <3 I still regret using the term “rant” and not presenting my opinions in a constructive way, but I’m glad you didn’t feel that I came off as harsh. I honestly felt so shitty about all this that I got sick to my stomach lol, so I really appreciate the encouragement.    

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Hello! I recently fed my ball pythons on Tuesday and on Friday I found a half-digested, seemingly regurgitated (I say this because it still had an apparent tail and some fur) in my females enclosure. I haven't handled her at all since feeding and have left her entirely alone, this has never happened before in the 2 years that I've had her, and she took the mouse fine (as always). It's F/T from PerfectPrey. Is there a reason this would happen; should I be concerned?

I would keep an eye on her for sure, make sure the hotspot is warm enough and skip next feeding day to allow her to recover. :) If it happens again then a vet trip will be needed. :(