this is for ren im going to cry

OKAY BUT LIKE GIVE ME THE ANGSTIEST SCENE EVER that completely parallels Darth Vader’s death, with Rey dragging Ben up onto the Falcon and begging him to just hang on a little bit longer, they’re going to get help and it’ll be okay, and he just takes his mask off and gives her this weak smile because he loves how hopeful she is all the time and he touches her cheek and she’s crying as his hand falls away because she loves him and she cant save him and now she wonders if she can save anyone because if she can’t save him then what’s the point

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers)

So am I the only one who thinks Chewie shooting Kylo (Ben) hurt him as much as it hurt to see Han die by his hand. Because think about it. Chewie probably has know this kid since he was born. This kid probably crawled all over him pulling his fur and being fascinated by him. Chewie watched that kid grow up and to see him do that to Han (his best friend and basically only family) had to hurt not just because of the bond with Han but the one he had with Ben. Watching the kid who used to smile up to him kill his best friend had to hurt worse than anything especially even after he shot him.