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I finally tried bullet journaling for the first time, but once my senior year starts I know I definitely won’t be able to consistently do it :(

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If someone sees a trans person on tv talking about how they don’t ID with their assigned gender and go “Wait you can do that? I want to do that!”

it’s probably


they’re fucking trans!

If you see something on tumblr or youtube or the news or whatever that makes something click and you realize you’re trans that’s fucking great and don’t let anyone tell you different!


the tumblr mob mentality

I had a bad experience yesterday. 

I was discussing characters from a popular new fandom, and I happened to express a controversial opinion about one of them. When I had that discussion, it was with a set few people I’d been talking to, and it was part of a wider conversation. I didn’t tag it in the main tag, I explained my reasons, and the people I’d been talking to either agreed with me or said I had a valid point, even if they disagreed. 

Then, someone who doesn’t follow me and wasn’t part of the conversation reblogged one post, without its tags, and out of context. Anyone who doesn’t know me or my blog might therefore look at it and draw conclusions about me that are quick and unfair. It was actually reblogged with the addition of ‘I hope you die’. 

Interestingly, this person didn’t choose to reblog any of the in-depth and reasoned discussions I’d had about the character, or the replies where people were discussing the topic: they chose the most out-of-context, attention-grabbing post in order to incite hatred and drama. 

It was like tabloid media: they didn’t care about the truth, they cared about attention. 

Worse: people reblogged that post from this person, attacking me in it, and I suddenly got 60+ nasty anons on a range of social media platforms that ranged from, ‘lol shut up you fucking phobe’ and ‘I hope you kill yourself’. 

That went on for 9 hours. 

Not one of those people bothered to visit my blog and read the discussion. No one bothered to consider my profile or read my other posts to get a balanced view of the conversation. They all just cruelly mocked, insulted and attacked me, revelling in their perceived moral high-ground. 

As much as I hate to say it: this site is renowned for that. The ‘Tumblr Mob Mentality’, people call it. Up until now I’d never been a victim of it, but let me tell you how fucking awful it is. It’s horribly unfair that people still keep reblogging the posts mocking me without reading the full conversation, or considering the motives of the person who attacked me in the first place. 

So, before you reblog a call out post, make sure you have the full story. Don’t be reduced to a Tumblr Rent-a-Mob member - don’t let someone whip you into a hateful frenzy without making sure you know what’s really going on. 

There is never a reason to cruelly mock, attack or insult someone - it’s not ‘smart’, it’s not ‘witty’, you’re not ‘fighting the good fight’ - you’re just being awful, and you’re better than that. 

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Some of you had questions about bi- or pansexuality, so here’s a quick FAQ! 

“What’s the difference between bi and pan?” 

Bi means “attracted to two or more genders”. 

Pan means “attracted to all genders or regardless of gender”. 

“Those definitions are a bit confusing to me!”

That’s okay, there’s nothing embarrassing about asking for clarification! 

I’ll use some examples to explain them further: 

Bianca is attracted to men and women. She identifies as bi. 

Billy is attracted to men and nonbinary people. He identifies as bi, too. 

Polly is attracted to people of any gender - except for men. She could identify as poly (attracted to multiple genders) or as bi (two or more genders!).  

Penelope really doesn’t care about gender. She’s attracted to people, not specific genders - Penelope is pan. 

Pete is attracted to girls. And boys. And agender people. And nonbinary people. And.. Oh, they are attracted to every gender. They are pan! 

“Isn’t bi only for people who like girls and boys?”

Back when people weren’t really aware that nonbinary genders exist/that gender is a spectrum and not just two set categories, bisexuality was often defined as “attracted to girls and boys”. But nowadays we, as a community, are aware that gender and attraction is not as black and white as people used to believed and so the definition of bisexuality got broader to be more inclusive.

That’s why we now define bisexuality as “attracted to two or more genders”. Those genders can be binary or nonbinary! 

Long story short, bi can mean “I like girls and boys” but that’s not the only possible meaning. Remember: Labels are made for people, not the other way around. 

“I’m dating a nonbinary person, does that mean i have to identify as pan?” 

No. People can date nonbinary people and identify with any label. 

“Technically i fit the definition of pan but i feel more comfortable with the label bi. Is that okay?” 

Yes! Your label is yours and only you can decide which label is the right one for you. 

Many people feel this way because they used the label bi before they learned what pan means and now are already out as bi or already feel so comfortable with the label bi that they don’t feel the need to correct it. That’s fully okay! 

Other people prefer bi because the term pan is less commonly known and they prefer to not have to explain their label over and over again. That’s okay, too! 

“Can i be bi/pan and asexual at the same time?” and “I met someone who identifies as bi/pan and asexual! Is that even possible?”  

Yes. Some people are romantically attracted to two, more or all genders but feel no sexual attraction. That’s not a contradiction! 

A term to describe that is “biromantic asexual”/”panromantic asexual”. However, some people prefer to just say “bi asexual” or “pan asexual”.  

Some people also experience fluidity in their level of attraction and might sometimes feel no sexual attraction and at other times feel attraction to two, more or all genders. That’s another possible explanation why someone might identify as bi/pan and asexual. 

“Someone told me pan people are also attracted to animals and now i feel gross for using the term.” 

That’s just something people say to insult lgbt+ people or to paint them as evil. Neither gay, bi nor pan people are attracted to animals. 

“Attracted to all genders” (obviously) means “attracted to humans of all genders.”. Don’t let any lgbt+-phobes run a perfectly harmless label for you, my dear. 

“I’m bi/pan and currently in a girl/boy relationship, am i still lgbt+?”

Yes! People who identify as bi or pan are part of the lgbt+ community, no matter who they date. You don’t need to be in a same-sex relationship to be allowed to identify as lgbt+. 

You are not “betraying” or “invading” the lgbt+ community. I know you’ll sadly encounter people who say such mean things but they are wrong. Your idenity is valid regardless of your relationship status or dating history. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Cishet aro/aces

Who the hell is the gatekeeper to the LGBTQIA+ community? Whom? May I speak with them because apparently cisgender heterosexual aromantics and cisgender heteroromantic asexuals AND non cishet aro/aces are being exluded from the community and celebrating Pride Month.

The discrimination within the community is absolutely disgusting. I love and hate how Pride Month exposes all the aphobes, biphobes, and every other LGBT-phobe. If you think you have the power to determine who can or can’t celebrate pride or identify with the community you should sit your ass down b/c nobody wants you around.

The A in LGBTQIA is for asexuals and aromantics for a reason. They are not “basically straight” and the hate you’re giving them (even non cishet aro/aces) puts you in the same box as homophobes and transphobes.


Very common stereotypes about each sign

Aries; short tempered, really loud, aggressive and hard to control

Taurus; lazy , very stubborn and hungry 24/7

Gemini; two faced , unreliable and fake

Cancer; very crabby , whiny and clingy af

Leo; being a narcissistic , vain and a attention whore

Virgo; a nerd, clean freak and having no personality

Libra; spacey idealist and crazy


Sagittarius; players , commitment-phobes

Capricorn; boring, emotionless , intimidating ( listen here bitch I’m one of the most fabulous capricorns you will ever fucking know in your life, boring this pillsbury dough dick in your mouth (; )

Aquarius; dull , distant and emotionless

Pisces; needy , messy and a drama queen

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Reasons why some may not like "Blessed Be"

1,) It’s history:

Wicca is a fertility religion. The fact that “Blessed Be” stems from a ritual referencing sex and fertility should not be surprising. But for those who do not know where the phrase stems from, it comes from this ritual called The Five-fold Kiss:


The High Priest kneels before the High Priestess and gives her the Five Fold Kiss; that is, he kisses her on both feet, both knees, womb, both breasts, and the lips, starting with the right of each pair. He says, as he does this:

"Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways.
Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar.
Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be.
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty.
Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names.”

For the kiss on the lips, they embrace, length-to-length, with their feet, touching each others. When he reaches the womb, she spreads her arms wide, and the same after the kiss on the lips.


The High Priestess kneels before the High Priest and gives him the
Five Fold Kiss; that is, she kisses him on both feet, both knees, phallus, both breasts, and the lips, starting with the right of each pair. she says, as she does this:

“Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways.
Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar.
Blessed be thy phallus, without which we would not be.
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in strength.
Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names.”

For the kiss on the lips, they embrace, length-to-length, with their feet touching each others. When she reaches the phallus, he spreads his arms wide, and the same after the kiss on the lips.“

Even if you don’t realize you’re referencing this, people can be reminded of it simply by you saying "Blessed Be”, and it can make them uncomfortable. In this case, listen to them and don’t fucking say it.

2.) They are uncomfortable with unsolicited religious blessings

Undoubtedly, Blessed Be is a blessing tied with religion. People who are not part of that religion, or are without religion completely, may not want to receive any sort of blessing from a religion that is not theirs. Same goes for people who say “God bless” to those who are not of an Abrahamic religion (since God inevitably is tied to YHWH in the west). This is just rude to do

3.) Its ties to the Wiccan God and Goddess

Like the “God bless” example listed above, many people associate “Blessed Be” with a blessing from the Wiccan Lord and Lady.

If someone is dedicated to a deity, and only wants interactions and blessings from that specific deity, then the blessing of deities from another pantheon would be unwanted and intrusive. This can be supremely annoying when one wants NOTHING to do with the Wiccan Lord and Lady.

So if someone says they would prefer you not say “Blessed Be” to them: listen to them. They’re not being “Wiccan-phobes”. They likely have a valid reason to request you refrain from blessing them. Just fucking listen to them

And remember, a secular blessing like “have a nice day” works just fine.


1ST HOUSE: Incredibly self-aware; strong-willed; gets their way

2ND HOUSE: Looks for comfort; possessive; nostalgic

3RD HOUSE: Communicative; intelligent; cannot keep quiet

4TH HOUSE: Nostalgic; great memory; ultra-familial

5TH HOUSE: Fun-loving; commitment-phobe; creative

6TH HOUSE: Prone to OCD / ED / GAD; worrisome; nervous

7TH HOUSE: Needs love; self-unaware; allocentric

8TH HOUSE: Prone to SI; reflective; never fully content

9TH HOUSE: Philosophical; imaginative; hates dishonesty

10TH HOUSE: Goal-oriented; determined; successful

11TH HOUSE: Friendly; collaborative; forward-thinking

12TH HOUSE: Self-unaware; imaginative; can’t focus

Something exclusionists don’t seem to get is that privilege is highly conditional and exclusive in nature. If someone is heteroromantic but not heterosexual (or vice versa,) they’re not going to be seen as fully straight. They’re not going to be seen as fully human. Because guess what? Privileged classes are not looking for reasons to include people, they’re looking for reasons to exclude them. Because the more they exclude, the better they enforce conformity, the better they maintain the status quo, the better they maintain their privilege. Exclusionists see the privileged class as inclusive and the oppressed class as exclusive, but that’s not it works! Quite the opposite in fact!