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Okay, but guys…

Class Miraculous AU where all seven Miraculous users end up in the same class.

Ladybug – Marinette
Chat Noir – Adrien
Volpina – Alya
Queen Bee – Chloe
Turtle – Nino
Peacock – Nathanaël
Papillon – Juleka

Alya and Chloe are the next to get their Miraculous. Alya freaks out because ‘how is she going to maintain the Ladyblog while saving Paris beside them?!’

Next is Nino. Considering that Fu is giving up his lifelong companion, he actually sits Nino down and gives him the lowdown (as well as very firmly telling him to take care of his Kwami, much to Weyzz’s exasperation).

Together, these four manage to fight Hawkmoth. They reclaim the butterfly and peacock Miraculous and give them back to Fu (who is still looking after the box while he teaches Nino the ropes about being the Guardian).

Not long after, Nathanael and Juleka find a small box with their new Miraculous…

Alya is the only one who knows who everyone is. The magic of her suit allows her to see through the cloaking magic of the others. So she knows everyone is in her class, and tries to make excuses for them when she can. She tells Mari who she is because ‘OMG! We’re superhero best friends!!!’ And she tries to matchmake Marinette and Adrien… which is not easy when working with two identities.

Juleka using her powers to sense people who are upset and give them powers to make them feel better about themselves and show them how amazing they really are.

When an Akuma attacks, seven voices suddenly shout out that they need to go to the bathroom. It’s a struggle to find somewhere to transform because they all go for the nearest space. Miss Bustier becomes increasingly bewildered as half of her class are constantly late or missing.

Just… the shenanigans that would ensue if all seven Miraculous holders were in the same class!
Lea Michele and ‘Glee’ Producers on Moving On to ‘Scream Queens’

“Scream Queens” reunites star Lea Michele with the triumvirate that created “Glee” — Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. And while they all still miss Cory Monteith, they say going right into “Scream Queens” helped them heal. “It really has been a gift,” says Murphy. Here, they open up to Variety about saying goodbye to “Glee” — and moving on to “Scream Queens.”

Star Lea Michele on how hard it was to say goodbye to “Glee”:

“It was really hard. But I was so thankful to know I didn’t have to say goodbye to Ryan and Brad and Ian and a lot of our crew. I loved ‘Glee’ so much. I miss Rachel Berry so much. We would be starting our 7th season right now. But I do think I got to a point where I was proud of the job I had done, and I felt very satisfied. I was so happy with how they were able to end the story. I don’t feel that I wish I could have sang that song or danced that dance. I did it all. That was the last song on the show, ‘I did it all.’ We did it all.”

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A couple different ideas for the princess, some grunts and a very big/badass queen to control em all for my “SWARM & SQUAD” assignment I have!!

       The “moles” diet consist of uranium and other gems/minerals that is found deep within the mines of this slow and dusty small town….Over time the uranium they consumed changed their shape and even started to grow on their bodies which act like armor.
      As for this mole “swarm”/“colony”, it consists of 1 queen and maaaany workers/soldiers….The queen was lucky enough to give birth to a curious and friendly little princess “mole” who will eventually grow up to start a “swarm”/“colony” of her own.
      These moles have been adapting, changing, and living for quite a while now without anyone in the dirt town noticing…..but when the princess suddenly goes missing the people above ground are gonna soon discover whats been underneath their feet all along….and they prob. won’t like it….

this is all just sketches and rough concept stuff for my adv. character class so nothing is set in stone yet (haha stone cuz rocks n stuff) but yeah here it is~

- Cinderella doubting her worth
- Cinderella being hypersensitive to criticism
- Cinderella finding it easier to form bonds with animals over humans
- Cinderella who fidgets and can’t sit still for too long because suddenly she actually has free time for herself and isn’t that strange
- Cinderella whose hands shake when someone’s voice gets too loud
- Cinderella feeling guilty about being scared, about standing up for herself because that might be unkind
- Cinderella who jumps and flinches and shakes when she brakes something and “Oh, miss, it’s fine” and “Don’t worry, your highness” don’t seem to help
- Cinderella hearing a lady issues an order to her maid, and Ella turns to follow it before snapping back to the reality of being Queen
- Cinderella worrying a little too much when people become sick
- Cinderella getting panic attacks when Kit gets a bad fever one winter, because she won’t, can’t lose anyone else
- Cinderella as a story actually addressing the mental issues that are caused by years of abuse and neglect