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I actually want to piggyback off of @navy-spew‘s idea about the Winchester house. Because, while I know a lot of people in the clue crew complain about CUR and TRT being too confined to one place and they wish we were given more locations to explore, I actually think it’s a strength for the games. Mostly because that sense of claustrophobia is really good for psychological suspense. But the Winchester house would be like if both of those games had a child and that child was also raised by MHM. Because tldr version, house is big and haunted and has lots of weird things that lead to nowhere and there were lots of seances and shit there during Sarah Winchester’s life. 

Sarah Winchester is in herself a mystery. Like aside from the little portrait her when she was young, this is the only photo we have of her (to my knowledge)

How fucking creepy is that? She was intensely reclusive. We also have no idea why she built the house the way she did (look into it it’s super fucking weird because it was meant to “confuse the spirits”) but the story goes that after the deaths of her infant daughter and husband she was so devastated and grief stricken she consulted a lot of spiritualists and mediums to try to get in touch with them/understand her loss. Because her husband was the son (?) of the guy who invented the Winchester rifle, one medium told her that she was basically being cursed and haunted by the ghosts of those who had been killed by the rifle and the only way to life the curse was to move, build a house, and never stop building. The good spirits supposedly would tell her what to build and if she didn’t then the bad spirits would haunt her forever and she would die. I think it’s got just the right amount of is it haunted? is it grief? is it something else? for the typical HeR take on a ghost game. They also keep finding strange new rooms? I think the mystery of the house, the hauntings, and the mystery of Sarah Winchester herself would be a really cool premise to base a mystery on. 

Nancy Drew: Trapped in the Winchester House

One of the tour guides at the Winchester Mystery House has contacted Nancy.  The tour guide says that visitors claim to see ghosts and experience paranormal phenomenon all the time, but they do not believe in any of it.  Weird things seem to be happening whenever this tour guide is working lately and they think something’s up.  It’s up to Nancy to explore the Winchester Mystery House without getting trapped within its walls and to find out what’s really going on.   

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: the final challenge of danger by design makes absolutely no sense if you think about it. why is minette only capable of throwing about ten punches before collapsing to the ground and blacking out? Does the tea she takes really relax her THAT much? Or is she actually THAT stressed? Or is she just unspeakably weak?? Why does Nancy know that this will be the case, as she starts taunting minette about being tired after blocking the very first hit? Why does Nancy know that this will work, so only blocks the designer's hits? Is she suddenly super hellbent on being a pacifist that she's not willing to fight back against a woman who is attacking her already AND plans to compromise United States national security? Nancy? Who was responsible for knocking a culprit out with a giant metal air tank? Who dropped an entire massive chandelier on a man? Who held a goddamn gun to Dillan HVAC's face?? WHY WILL NANCY ONLY BLOCK??? And why does it WORK??

Stranger Things x Sugar Sugar

  • I had so much fun making the last one I decided to make it even better!!
  • this is also an EXTENDED CUT 

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give me headcanons abt Nancy and Barb being cute gfs!!! ✨

- they use sleepovers as a guise to make out and cuddle. Karen’s used to laughter carrying from her daughters room she Just doesn’t suspect it’s for another reason. Barb tells Nancy the best bedtime stories and oh boy could Nancy listen to her forever. Barb has the best voice for telling stories it’s slow and gentle and makes you feel calm (Barb has always made Nancy calm and her heart a little wild) Nancy loves to nuzzle into Barb and feel the rumble of her words. It’s enough to make her fall asleep every time. After a while Barb will notice that she is now talking to herself look down at the sleeping girl cuddling her, smile and close her eyes.

- Nancy loves Barbs short hair. She loves to run her hands through it and place soft kisses among the red curls.

- Barb drives Nancy everywhere even after Nancy gets her license what can she say she likes being with her girl. She drinks up every moment with Nancy especially the quiet moments in the car where Nancy will turn to her occasionally and smile and the car is warm with the sun streaming through the windows

- occasionally Nancy gets insecure about her body and Barb loves to kiss every inch and whisper why she is the most beautiful girl in her ear.

❤️❤️❤️ i love my girls