this is for my sweet hannah btw

anonymous asked:

fav mutuals? (+ explain why) (sending this around) :))))

alrighty, first mutual i LOVE that comes to mind is hannah (@tadpolehemmings) ,, she is my makeup QUEEN and a literal ball of sunshine ilhsm

@andershea is another one of my favs, shes super sweet and gorgeous and an amaZING writer and just an all around great human?? and i love how cute she is with @cliffovevo like y’all are adorable i cant

i also have a few mutuals i met through a little group chat started by hannah like @starryhoes and @blowjobsattiffanys ((btw i miss talking to u guys!!! i hope ur all doing well)) and theyre all sweethearts i love

@payperviewmemories & @felicityash are both lovely people and they’re blogs are some of my favs and i wanna talk to u!! we’re mutuals but we’ve never spoken and i rlly rlly wanna like be friends w u ok

ive also never spoken to @badluckcharmer but she is sososo pretty and just seems fantastic? not just her writing ((which is bomb asf like pls teach me)) but her entire blog i just love,, its perfection