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First Person Shooter (Jason Todd x Reader)

@cuddles-for-cassie : “it’s Kori and I have a challenge for you! Write a drabble of Jason with this sentence: ‘I can’t believe you did that.’”

Schninner: Err… I tried to make this fluffy, but I think it turned out really cheesy, sorry!

(Reader is a girl)

Warnings: again, probably some grammar mistakes,  so if you’re easily triggered by improper grammar, do not read.

Word count: 499

Master List

The sounds of gunshots sounded throughout your tiny apartment.

Your boyfriend Jason Todd’s voice rang out in panic.

“[F/N], I swear to the gods, if you kill me, I’m breaking up with you!”

A devious smile spread over your face, “I’m sorry Jay, but I have to, I can’t tarnish my reputation! I would be considered a softy if I let you live!”

Jason let out a grunt of frustration, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and his mouth formed into a scowl.

“I’m not kidding [F/N]! I will get a divorce! “

“Well it’s a good thing we aren’t married!”

The finishing shot sounded through your living room. Jason eyes grew wide in disbelief as the words on the TV screen flashed “Game over. [F/N] wins! Jay Bird Loses! “ he dropped his remote on the ground and groaned.

You on the other hand, were pumped. As soon as you beat Jason, you had jumped up from the couch and did a small little victory dance.

“Ah Yes! Eat virtual lead ‘Jay bird’!”

“I can’t believe you did that.” Jason said, his face dead serious.

“You killed me, my own girlfriend killed me.”

You rolled your eyes, “Come on Jay, don’t be such a drama queen.”

“That’s it,” he said, he turned toward you, his face dead serious, “[F/N] [L/N], we are getting a divorce.”

You crossed your arms, “Jay, hun, again, we aren’t married.”

“Well not anymore. Remember,  the divorce?” a small smile made it’s way across his face.

You mirrored his smile and played along, you let out an overly dramatic gasp and contorted your face into one of shock. “Oh no! My dearest Jay bird, the love of my life, whatever can I do to win back your love and trust?”

His smile widened more, and you plopped back down beside him on the couch, with a look of mocked despair.

“Well… you could let me me win…?”

The mask of a heartbroken lover that you wore immediately disappeared, replaced with fits of laughter. Jason’s eyes widened slightly in surprise at your sudden outburst. Once you finally got yourself together, you sat back up, with a big goofy grin on your face, you leaned over and gave your boyfriend a short sweet kiss on his lips. You parted and looked lovingly in his blue eyes.

“Oh Jay, I love you, but that’s never going to happen.”

You kissed him lightly on his nose, before hopping over the side of the couch.

“Now, do you want some popcorn to eat away your shame while we watch stranger things? Or do you just want to wallow in your failure?”

“Yeah, sure,  I’ll have some popcorn.”

Your lighthearted teasing placed a grin on Jason’s face as he watched you grab a bag of popcorn and put it in the microwave. Sure you constantly teased each other and you would always destroy him in video games, but he loved you, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dauntless: Daddy, Dearest

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language

A/N: CURSE YOU @pathybo

Dauntless (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, ​Part 8​, Part 9​, ​Part 10​, ​Part 11​, ​​​​​​​Part 12​​, Part 13​​, Part 14​​, ​Part 15,​Part 16,   Part 17​, ​Part 18,​Part 19​, Part 20, Part 21)

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Eric POV

“Listen here, you motherfucker,” Camille snarled, glowering at me from across the table. “So help me if you don’t pick one fucking name, I’m drawing them out of a hat!”

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harry hook x reader

as requested, here is the part 2 to harry cheating on you with Uma. (i rlly need to start naming my imagines omg)

warning: angst lots of angst and i lowkey channelled my inner klaus mikealson for the last lil bit lmao.

Six months into being on Aurodon and you were loving it here. You had made friends, doing well in school and had moved on from Harry and started dating Jay. It’s not like happened straight away, more like 4 months after. Thought it was clear Jay liked you and he didn’t shy away from it.

Though when you looked out too the Isle, you heart still wrenched for Harry even though he hurt you you still cared for him.

“Y/N?” You heard Mal call out to which you replied with a ‘yeah.’

“Ben’s bringing more kids over from the Isle. Including Harry.” She told you.

You swallowed your feelings, “Well thats good. I’m happy for him.” You faked and Mal could see right through it.

“Y/N, it’s okay if you don’t want him here. I get it and we’ll help you avoid him?” She suggested.

You shook your head, “No it’s not that. I’m scared I have still feelings for him. And I love Jay so much, he’s amazing. It’s just-”

“Harry was your first love. But don’t worry, when he gets here you’ll see how much of a dick he was and you’ll be so happy you got out of that and got with Jay.” She remined you and you smiled and hugged her.

She was right, Harry was a dick and he’ll prove it and I’ll move on, for real.


You walked through the hallways, your hands in Jays.

“Well what do we have here?” The familiar accent rang through your ears.

You slowly turned around and saw Harry standing their with the same stupid smirk.

“How’s life without the hook?” Jay laughed. Harry was forced to surrender it upon entering Aurodon.

“Shut up, I thought I told you stay from Y/N.” Harry recounted and you eyes widen.

“You did what?!” You exlamined.

“Yeah before we left he tackled me and shit, and threatening me. But like I’d ever listen to you.” He said to Harry whom just rolled his eyes.

“Can we talk in private, love?” He asked you, his voice much softer now.

You nodded and turned to Jay, “I’ll see you later.” And you kissed his cheek and walked off with Harry.

“What do you want Harry?” You asked as soon as you two were in a empty class room.

“I miss you Y/N. So much. I want you back.” He confessed and you hate that your heart warmed at his words.

“Harry we can’t. I’m with Jay and you cheated on me.” You reminded him.

“Why? Why Jay? I thought if anything you date one of the princes here.” He said.

“Jay was there for me when I needed him. And I-”

“Don’t say it. Don’t say you love him when I know you still love me.” Harry pleaded.

“Harry I will always love you but it’s over for us. I’m with Jay and you don’t need to pine over me, you could have any girl at this school.” You told him.

“But the only girl I want is dating some low-life.” He said.

“Harry! At least he didn’t cheat on me!”

“Stop using that as an excuse! Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t love me and you don’t want to be with me and I’ll leave you alone.” He said, his eyes boring into yours.

“I have to go to class. Bye Harry.” You said to him, avoiding the question which just made him smirk.

Now you avoided Harry at all costs but he made it very difficult as he transferred to all your classes and his locker is three down from yours.

Harry saw you at your locker all by yourself and was going to go talk to you when Jay showed up, kissed you, took your hand and you walked off with him, smiling.

“Let it goooo.” Gil sang laughing, “but seriously dude. She’s moved on. So should you. I heard Aria has a crush on you.”

“I don’t want to be with some mermaid, I want to be with Y/N. And she still wants to be with me, I know it.” He stated.

Gil rolled his eyes, “Then why isn’t she with you?”

Harry just slammed his locker shut and walked away.

Jay was in the lockeroom changing after a game when Harry walked in.

“Hey Jay.” Harry spoke though Jay could see right through the niceties.

“What’s up?” He asked packing up his bag.

“So you know, Y/N still loves me right?” Harry asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I know.” Jay replied and didn’t seem to phased about it, “She told me and she also told me that she will always love you but that she loves me more and that she’ll keep choosing me. I’m just the better choice for her, Harry. You need to move on, man.” Jay gave Harry a pat on the back before walking out of the lockeroom.

Within the next few days, Harry switched lockers with Gil and moved away from your seat in class and didn’t approach you.

You knew it was for the best he wasn’t in your life anymore but you were selfish and wanted him in your life, even as a friend.

After class you went to your locker to empty your books and pick up your homework when you saw a note fall out,

To my dearest, Y/N.

It seems despite all my efforts to to make you mine once again, your heart belongs to another now.

So I will move on and let you live your life without me as I will you.

Though you will forever live in my heart.

⁃ Harry

Holding back your tears, you put the note back into your locker and made your way to where you and Jay were supposed to meet after school.

Little did you know, Harry had watched you read the letter and put it away. He also had to hold back his tears.

“Harry! There you are! Are you ready?” Smiled Aria.

“Yes, my dear. Let’s head off.” Harry smiled back at her and took her hand as they went on their date.

Break Time

This is dedicated to the first person who befriended me on this website, my dearest @soinlovewithbandguys . I hope you have an amazing birthday.

Your sock clad feet pad softly into the study, pausing to press your frame against the doorway and take in the scene laid out in front of you. Kiseok, on his computer, lips pursed in a frustrated pout.

‘You know I can hear you from the bedroom, right?,’ A frown set’s itself on your face. His incessant sleuth of curses had lead you here, their steady increase in frequency beginning to worry you. ‘You woke me up. Come to bed.’

‘Sorry. I’ve been trying to deal with this file Jay sent me and it’s not doing what I want it to… I’ll try to keep it down.’ His eyes don’t leave the computer, his hands still clicking furiously against the keys as he tries whatever he was attempting again.

‘You’ve been in here for hours. How about you take a break and come back to it? Get yourself some new perspective? Sleep, even? It’s three in the morning.’ He throws his hands up in the air in sudden irritation as a warning message appears on screen, a sharp exhale deflating his chest in frustration. He takes a deep, relaxing breath and drops his hands to rest on the top of his head.

‘You’re right. I’ve got to stop for a bit.,’ He swivels in his chair, leaning heavily into it. His eyes survey you, lips pursing in their trademark pout as his head tilts back. ‘You, beautiful, are a site for sore eyes. Is that my t shirt?’ Peeling yourself from the door frame, you tug self consciously on the hem of the garment, attempting to make it lower. It barely grazes the tops your thighs despite your effort.

‘My pyjamas are dirty.’ You offer as logic. He sits forward, patting his legs in invitation.

‘Come, sit.’ He requests. You obey, crossing the room before tucking yourself tightly into his lap, your head  leaning against his heavy chest as your legs spread over the arm of the desk chair. His lips press lightly against your forehead as his arms cuddle around you.

‘What are you working on?’ Your head lulls lazily against him, your eyes closing as you feel the soft rise and fall of his breathing.

‘Just some songs. Jay wants me to rework Mommae, and I’m trying to figure out the chorus to a new track for my album.’ His legs push against the floor, causing the chair to swivel slowly, rocking you both. A free hand links itself over your thigh, stroking the milkiness of skin exposed to him. He leans his head, surveying the area, his hand slinking higher with a slight grin on his face. ‘I can see your underwear, Princess.’  His hand pokes your exposed panties, a short chuckle releasing from his lips.

‘If it makes you stop working for a bit and gets you into the bedroom, I’m willing to show you more.’ You say listlessly, your eyes still closed. You open them to peek at his reaction, his lips pursing into an amused smile.

‘Go back to bed. I’ll join you shortly. I promise, okay?,’ You pout, letting out a short sigh before swivelling your legs around, wordlessly standing to move back to the bedroom. ‘3 minutes. I promise. I’ll just close this, okay?’

‘You’ve got 3 minutes. I’m counting. If you’re not in bed by then, I’m going back to sleep.,’ You reason as you stalk across the room, pausing in the doorway to glance back at him. His eyes are focused on your ass, visible slightly by the shortness of his clothing on your body. Your fingers graze under the hem, tugging the t shirt high to expose it fully to him. ‘Which means you don’t get to see any more of this, Mr. Jung.’ Without waiting for a response, you drop the t shirt and walk back to the bedroom, the dim light guiding next door. A sleepy yawn slips from your mouth as you enter, moving quickly to the bed to slide under the covers again. The warmth of your body was still there from before you left, the softness of the sheets lulling you almost instantly back to dreaming. You groan as you feel the mattress sag, only half aware that it’s Kiseok’s weight causing it to dip as he entered from the other side. Your body twists, tugging at the blanket to wrap yourself in it’s warmth, pulling it closer to your body in your half awake state. You weren’t ready to wake up. Not yet.

‘Under three minutes.,’ Kiseok’s deep voice forces you to open your eyes, a single one peeking as he slips his arm coolly over your torso, dragging it under the t shirt, creating a hum of tingles as it grazes your bare skin. ‘What have you got for me, Beautiful?’

‘Nothing.’ You complain lightly, pushing yourself back to snuggle into his warmth. ‘You were like 15 minutes.’

‘I was two.,’ His hands dance across your torso happily, causing a hitch in your breath. ‘C’mon. You can’t come into my office flashing your panties getting me all excited if you’re too tired to follow through.’ His lips press against your ear, the words curling out in his usual baritone, his neediness giving it an added raspiness that physically made you tremble. ‘I want you, Princess.’ A puff of air from his emphasis on the last word in his sentence blows lightly against your neck, caressing the skin and causing a patch of goosebumps to rise.

‘It’s too early for me to play this game.,’ You groan, grasping the blanket and yanking it once again towards you. His hips press forward, the outline of his striking erection rising against you. ‘Kiseok… ,’ You groan, pouting as your head disappears under the thick duvet to avoid his movement. ‘Let me sleep.’

‘Okay, Beautiful.,’ He coos as his hands rise to tug the blanket back, folding it gently past your shoulders. ‘You sleep, I’ll just… play.’ His hips press harder against you, his hand returning to it’s position underneath your t shirt. He slides it lightly down your stomach, brushing the bare skin smoothly. His fingers trap against the waistband of your panties, lingering teasingly before dipping below the elastic clinging to your body.

‘You’re already wet.’ He purrs in amusement as his fingers coarse their way against you, his hand cupping around the most sensitive part of your body. His lips graze over your neck, his tongue sliding against the soft skin, leaving a trail of moistness in it’s wake. ‘You’re telling me you don’t want it, but you’re showing me you do.’ The palm of his hand slides against you, causing a flicker of heat to carry it’s way into the pit of your lower abdomen.

‘Kiseok…’ You whine again, your head falling back into the softness of the pillow in frustration. He was starting something he knew you couldn’t resist.

‘That’s my name, baby girl.’ The rumble of his voice against your skin causes your hips to lift involuntarily, the deepness a trait that had initially attracted you to Kiseok in the first place. You still remember the first moment he’d ever spoken to you, the low hum of his voice carrying through the loud music of the party you’d been at. His approach had been smooth, his vocals even smoother, the blush on your cheeks giving away your true thoughts despite your attempt to ignore him. You don’t remember the exact line he’d said to you, but it could have been anything and you’d have still slept with him.

‘Talk to me, Kiseok.’ You request, your eyes closing as his fingers brush against your folds. A smile perks on his lips.

‘What do you want me to say, Y/n?’ His breathy sentence causes your eyebrows to furrow, knitting together at his seductive tone.

‘I don’t care. Anything. Just keep talking.’ Your voice is almost a beg, Kiseok’s smile widening at your eagerness. A single finger slips into your folds, tracing delicately along your sensitive slickness as a reward for stroking his ego.

‘Baby, you’re so fucking wet for me… I bet you’ve been waiting all night, huh?,’ Another finger joins his motions, caressing slowly against you. A whimper of a moan breaks past your lips as his fingers coax a sensation from deep within. Kiseok dots a set of kisses along your jaw, before enveloping the bottom of your ear lobe, his teeth snagging it playfully. ‘Don’t worry, baby. Daddy’s going to take care of you. I promise.’ A lengthy breath leaves your lips as he kisses your cheek, shifting himself to come and press his wet mouth against your lips. His teeth grapple with your bottom lip, tugging it sharply as a single finger slips inside you.

‘Oh, shit.’ Your walls contract around him in excitement as he begins a slow movement, dragging his finger over your g spot.

‘Is that where you want me to go, Beautiful?,’ His puffy lips move against yours as his words growl into your mouth. ‘You want my fingers inside you, huh? You want me to make you cum like this? With my hand?’ Another whimper leaves your mouth as you nod your head desperately, your hips shifting to create more friction.

‘Yes, Kiseok… Please.’ Your voice is a mere mewl of breath. His adam’s apple bobs in a rumble of a laugh.

‘What do you want me to do, Princess?’ His head tilts, his eyes surveying you as his tongue slips out to lick his bottom lip.

‘Please, Kiseok. I want your fingers.’ Your hips shift again, grinding into his palm, desperate for release. In response, he draws his fingers out slowly, an ache of longing causing a groan of disappointment to slip past your lips.

‘Go to sleep Princess.,’ He chuckles again, sliding himself away from you in the bed to create distance. ‘I know how tired you are.’

‘You fucker.’ Your playful anger comes out in a light shove. ‘Don’t do this to me. Kiseok, baby. Please.’ You grasp his arms, grappling with him playfully to pull him closer to your body again. He weakens, allowing you to succeed, his breathing heavy with anticipation. You position yourself, slipping over his hips to straddle him,

‘I’m not a fucker.’ He chuckles, his hips bucking to press his erection into your core.

‘You are a fucker. You’ve been making a habit of waking me up like this lately, you tease. It’s not fair. I need you.’ You lean forward, lips encapsulating his in a rough, hefty kiss. His mouth is heavy against your own, his neck straining to push himself closer to you. In an instant, his hands snap free from your grasp, his overwhelming power surprising you. He grips you lightly against him, and in a swift movement has rolled you onto your back, following to hover over your torso intently.

‘If you don’t like it, I can stop. We can both go to sleep.’’ His hips thrust, his erection barely concealed by the thin fabric of his cotton underwear. You don’t know when during your sleep he’d taken his clothes off, but he had. The involuntary rising of your waist gives away your true feelings. You wanted him. Badly.

‘Please, Kiseok. Fuck me.’ You beg through lidded eyes. His hands grasp hastily at the corners of the t shirt, and you sit forward to allow him to tug it over you, ditching it somewhere in the folds of the bed sheets. With renewed vigour, Kiseok pushes you back down, his mouth dotting light kisses down the middle of your chest, his hands travelling lightly over the swell of your breasts to rub his thumbs gently over each nipple. He hums a moan of approval into your flesh as you hiss out an inaudible sound.

‘You’re dead. You’re so fucking dead, Princess.,’ He pauses, coming to rest on his forearms as his eyes stare yearningly into yours. His tongue pokes out, licking his mouth lightly, before he bites tantalizingly down on his lower lip. ‘Take your panties off.’ His voice is quiet, yet commanding. He shifts off you, attempting to wrestle his own boxers off, and you oblige his request obediently. You tug your underwear down your legs, kicking them off with your feet.

‘Hurry up, Kiseok.’

‘Hands and knees, okay?’ You edge your way to the side of the bed, twisting yourself to come onto your hands and knees. Kiseok’s rough hands grasp your hips, dragging you backwards towards his body, wasting no time to guide himself to the entrance of your already wet core. Your back arches as he slips slowly inside you, every inch teasing your velvet walls. A cute popping gasp slips from your mouth, Kiseok faltering his movement at the sound.

‘That’s it, Sweetheart. That sound.,’ His hips propel forward, his erection hitting your g spot and eliciting the same sound as he paces himself slowly. ‘It’s sexy as shit.’ His movements speed up, smoothly pumping himself inside you as his fingernails dig into your hips to steady your moving body. Your body quivers at his voice, his words coaxing you closer to your orgasm despite only having begun. He had an effect on you that no other man had been able to produce. His rough accent, coupled with his swift, smooth movements, had your toes curling instantly every time you were intimate. His fingers grip tighter as a lengthy groan passes his lips, his thrusts lingering deeply inside you. You clench around him, his presence sparking inside you.

‘Oh, Kiseok… Faster, please. I’m almost…’ Your words are a mess of pants and fast breathing as your head dives into the softness of the sheets.

‘Not yet.’ He pulls out, his hands remaining on your hips to flip you over. ‘Daddy’s still wants to fuck you, baby. Not yet.’ You roll, your eyes meeting his as you come to face him for the first time since he’d entered you. His hands reach up to cup your flushed, red cheeks, running smooth circles over your skin before brushing your damp hair off your forehead.

‘Kiseok, please.’ You whine again, a smirk growing across his face as his tongue skips briefly across his bottom lip. He reaches across the bed, grasping a pillow and tugging it towards him. You lift your hips, allowing him to slip the pillow to elevate your waist higher. He shifts between your legs, pressing them apart to create more space, before slipping inside you again, your wetness allowing him to do so with ease. Another popping breath leaves you, and he leans forward, his lips pressed into yours.

‘I’ve never heard another girl make that sound.,’ He thrusts strongly into you, the sound spilling from your lips. ‘I love it.’  He hits you perfectly, the popping echoing out of your mouth. Your hands grasp his back, your legs wrapping around his waist to drive him deeper into you.

‘Kiseok, kiss me please.’ Your hands move to his head, mingling into his hair as he brushes his lips against you, his pace quickening. The additional stimulation pushes you over the edge, your orgasm coursing through your whole body as he moves inside you, his quickness not relenting as you tighten around him. Your breath moans uncontrollably against his lips.

‘Aish… I told you not yet.’ His laughter tails as he takes in your blushing, flustered cheeks and laboured breathing.

‘It’s not my fault you’re so good at this.’ You mumble shyly at your inability to control yourself. He slows, pausing inside you to ruffle your hair before pecking the tip of your nose.

‘Say that again.’ He raises his eyebrows, his bottom lip tucking behind his teeth.

‘I said you’re good at this, you ass.’

‘I know I am. I just like hearing you admit it.’ You swat his chest, his cocky attitude one you were used to. His hips pick up rapid pace instantly, a whine leaving your mouth as he snaps into your already sensitive core. A second orgasm crashes over you, your body convulsing with pleasure. He pulls out, his hand coming to rub himself, fingers moving rapidly over his member before you feel the warmth of his load hitting your torso as a sharp growl leaves his lips. He collapses on the bed next to you after he has emptied himself onto your stomach, a sharp sigh leaving his body. Your fingers reach out to stretch towards his hand.

‘Thanks, Beautiful. That was amazing.,’ His palm clasps your hand, bringing it to his lips to peck the back of it. ‘Break time is over though. Back to work.’ He stands, grabbing his underwear and the t shirt of his that you’d been wearing, roughly tugging them on.

‘Can you throw me a tissue on the way out?,’ You request, curling yourself back into your sleeping position. ‘I have to clean up your gross mess.’

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I tried to comment on ur Ko-Fi page but id didn't work out; so I'd like to say that not only do I admire your art style, I also admire your work ethic and the way you treat your followers with such kindness ~ ❤️ As someone who really wants a creative job that is kind of artsy - you are everything I aspire to be. Keep working hard Jay - you're doing great!

;___; OH!! MY HEART IS BLOOMING INTO A SUMMER FLOWER!! thank you so so much, dearest anon!! please know that i’m cheering you on 100% and believe in you!! thank YOU for your kindness! youre wonderful!! :”)

Ignoti Nulla Cupido (3/20).

Prompt: Nat came to you in order to keep her and Tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the secret you’ve been keeping since you left Bucky’s side?

Word Count: 1 144.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Oops, I’m sorry for the angst. Well, not really sorry.

A/N: This is not a drabble, but I needed to finisht this part like this. On the bright side, more for you to read.

Previous Part - Next Part.

Originally posted by adeles

It’s been a few weeks since your little road trip started, it seemed that Nat had all the time of the world getting to the Avenger’s Compound. Something that really stroke a nerve within you because, if there was an imminent danger, why would she take so long to get there?

After all, she had made you come out in the clear after three years. You were now in the real world, the safety that your bubble town provided no longer existed. You and James were out, in a much bright and scary world than what you remember.

There had been multiple stops along the way to the east coast: dinners, museums, amusement parks, Nat took care of everything. She and James became friends surprisingly fast earning the aunt tittle in a matter of days.

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“Why are you such a dick, Dick?” (Jason Todd x reader ft Batfam)

Hiya! my little ‘wings!!! How are you doing? Hope you okay.

Today I may publish one story more! I felt inspired… Also I loving the request that I’ve been receiving! I can’t wait to do some of them :)  They’re still open btw! ;)

Also, WE’RE 180+ LITTLE ‘WINGS, NOW!! 💘💖

Requeste said: 

nothing but gonna say I love you and I love your writing 💘💖💝💙✨🌚💗 have a nice day / night 😹 I don’t have anything to ask for… but can you imagine Jason or Y/N get mad it dick and tell him to stop to begin a dick cuzi think that could happend 😹 anonhamster✨

Requested by Anonhamster!

Hope you enjoy!

You and Jason have been in love with eachother for years, but either of you decided to confess, Jason has afraid od heartbreak and you were a bit shy. The batfamily thought the two of you were sooo cute. Steph screeched everytime you or Jason wiped eachothers face, or hugged or breathed.

She was such a fangirl.

But she wasn’t the ultimate fangirl.

That was Dick Grayson.

He had been trying for one of the two of you to confess for years. He had tried everything.

Jealousy? Black eye

Pushing you toward Jason? You falling face first and Jason shooting at him on patrol. (He didn’t hit me :D)

Kissing you himself? You slapping him, and he getting the beating of his life.

Well, okay we has a bit of a Dick.

But you do anything to get your OTP together.



Jason and you were sitting together on your conch playing videogames. Jason was sticking out his tongue in concentration, you looked at him as his spiky black hair was falling on his eyes, expression so concentrated he didn’t notice your starring.


“HEYAA LOVEBIRDSS!!” Shouted Dick as he entered thought the windows. He had scared the two of you so much your characters died before you could have won.


The only thing that could be heard was Jason’s jaw clenching.

“YOU F*CKING DICK! CAN YOU ENTER LIKE THE NORMAL PEOPLE  DO?” Jason thrower his glass at Dick’s head and Dick almost couldn’t avoid the hard glass.

“Wow, jaybird. Calm down! I just wanted to see my favorites person on the world!”

“Then why are you here?” Jay deadpanned. Dick came forward and before Jason could avoid his loud big brother Dick had pushed you and Jay towards his, His face been squeezed against Jay’s and yours.

“You two are also my favorite persons! You are family!”

“Dick please, my jaw is aching” You mumbled as Dick had been using to much force.

“Whoops, sorry (n/n). It’s just… the two of you are so cute!” You and Jay blushed.

“No were not!” You disagreed.

“Yes, you are!!!” Dick said in his baby voice making you blush more and making Jay clench his fist.

Damit, Dick. Stop trying to be our matchmaker! Jay thought You will scare her away!

“NO WERE NOT!” Jay shouted and you looked at him a bit hurt.


“Just get away from here!” Jason pushed Dick out of your apartmen “He is such a Dick, sometimes”.

“This isn’t over! I’ll come back! Sonner than you think.!!”

And he did.

A few minutes later you had received an email form Mr. Wayne, inviting you and Jason to have dinner with them tomorrow on the household. You showed the email to Jason, who grabbed a pillow and threw it towards the door where Dick had been just a few moments before.


“Dick….” Jason whispered with his fist so clenched they were white, and teeth so clenched they were screeching.

You didn’t know if Jason was insulting him or calling him by his name.


“Okay, batfamily! We’re all sick of Jay’s and (y/n) being in love and no confessing!”

“Yeah!” Steph  yelled and Cass nodded.

“I got the bestes of plans!”

“I don’t know why but I fear from my integrity with this plan of yours…”

“Don’t worry, Luke! Jay won’t hurt us!” Dick smiled.

“ You can’t be more wrong there, Dick” said Tim. But no one heard him because they didn’t care. “I love how invisible I am for this family.”

Wow, don’t worry Timmy. I heard you and I love you, they’re just assholes.

“Thanks person I don’t know.”

You’re welcome.


“Alfred, do you know whats going on with Jason, Dick and Miss (Y/N)?” Said Bruce sitting in front of the batcomputer in  the batcave. Alfred stopped wiping one of batman’s trophies as he raised an eyebrown  at his master.

“I’m aware of Miss (y/N) and Master Jason being in love with each others and Master Dick trying to act like a matchmaker for them to confess.”

“Hmmm…Dick just used me to get what he wants, right” Bruce said as he facepalmed. He was the best detective ever and couldn’t see his kid taking advantage of his obliviousness.

Alfred didn’t say anything and began cleaning the trophies again.


“Okay everyone, (y/n) and Jay are almost there! Don’t forget our plan!”

“No sir!” Dick was walking in front of his sibling that were in a military position. All looking at the wall behind their commander-I mean Dick.





Bruce was looking at his children actin like they were crazy and wondered if he did something wrong when raising them.

Well Bruce, if bringing them at young age to the vigilante life is being a good parent, you are the #1 Best Dad ever.

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated” Bruce batglared at me, the voice that tells you all that happens in the story.


I leved the Batman speechless.

I’m the best voice off ever!


Jason and You had just arrived at Wayne manor. You had to beg to Jay to go, because you would feel bad if you didn’t go. Jay couldn’t resist you puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, (n/n).”

“Jay, nothing will happen. It isn’t like they’ve planed something to hurt us.”

“I’m not so sure about that-“


“(Y/N)dove? What?” You looked at Dick weirded out.

“Yes! It’s you new nickname! Welcome to the family.!”

“But I’m not a member of this family!” Dick hugged you and squeezed you faces together.

“But you will…”



“So, Miss (y/n) how did you meet Jason?” Asked Bruce.

“Well, Jason saved me multiple times of a stalker that tried to kidnap me.”

“Oh, I see.” Bruce looked at his son, pride in his eyes. Dick frowned.

“I don’t remember being like that” He scratched his head as Jason looked at him scared. S*it, Dick was gonna tell.

“No, Grayson! Don’t you ever dare!” Jason got up of his chair and ran towards his brother but he was late. Dick’s mouth was  faster.

“I was with Jay the first time he saw you, and It was love at first sight! Jay made Timmy, here “Tim waved at you before turning to his plate to avoid Jason’s rage “ Search for your name and everything. I swear I’ve never see Jay look at anyone as he looked at you, no! looks at you! Not ever Wonder Woman! He was scared to approach you, the guy has his own insecurities, But I’m here to tell all the thing he is afraid of telling you! Like that he’s in love with-bfhsfiksnf” Jason put a slice of bread in Dick’s mouth to shut him up.

There was so much tension that Damian cut it with his katana before Alfred grabed it and Dami pouted.

“I-I think I need a minute.” You said before getting up and going to the balcony.

Oh no.

Thought everybody when they saw Jay’s face turn in the definition on the dictionary on “Rage”.

“YOU F*CKING DICK! CAN’T YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH?! NOW I’VE LOST HER FOREVER AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! I’M NOT SURPRISED YOUR RELATIONSHIPS NEVER LAST-“ Jason  stopped talking when he saw his older brother face. He looked hurt, and when Jay tried to say something Dick got up, excused himself and went to his room on Wayne manor.

“Hope you’re happy now, Todd. The two people that love you may not love you anymore.” Said Damian before following his older brother.

Jason could stand the looks on his family and barked “WHAT?”

“You know Dick was just trying to make the two of you happy, right? He traced an infallible plan for one of you to confess.” Tim said, before following Damian.

“Go with her, Jason. I’ll talk to Dick.” Said Bruce before going up himself.


“Sorry…” Jay said as he exited the dinner room. “I’m sorry if what Dick said scared you, I-“

“It’s true?” Jason did a double take as you weren’t afraid, or disgusted, no. You had a bit of a blush on your cheeks.

“Yes.” Jay was surprised as you hugged him. And kissed him.

He kissed you back, passionately. You pinched Jay’s ass and he opened his mouth, surprised. You took advantage of that and deepened the kiss.

Jason moaned and his hands clawed at you waist.

“WOHOO GET IT JAYBIRD!!!” Dick shouted form his balcony, scaring the living daylight out of you.

“WHY ARE YOU SUCH A DICK,DICK?!” You and Jay yelled at Dick who laughed.

“Does that mean you are dating?” Steph said form the dinner room.

“Yes!” You and Jay shouted happily before Jay grabed you and kissed you again, meanwhile Dick clapped, Tim and Alfred smiled, Bruce proudly looked at his family and Damian gagged like the kid he is.

“Hey! I’m not a kid!”

“Yes you are.”

“SAY THAT TO MY FACE * Katana in hand*”


“Master Damian, no. * Alfred grabs the katana*


Anyway, back to the story.

“Aren’t you mad, Dick?” Jason asked his brother.

“Mad? NO! I was a bit hurt and surprised but seeing as you asked for forgiveness I’m not mad anymore-“

“It was part of his plan.”


“Look, I’m not going to get mad anymore. I got everything I want.” You kissed  Jay’s cheek sweetly.

“Really? Did you know Dick has been monitoring the two of yours movements? Thanks to your friends. That way we traced all the times the two of you meet. It was him all along”


“How is called nowadays?….ah…oh yeah Dick is your #1 fangirl.”

Dick is me. I am Dick.


“YOLO” Said Dick before jumping off the balcony and towards his bike.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!!!” You jumped behind him and Jay followed you.

Tim recorded everything and tomorrow it was top trending in YouTube.


It was called….

The Dick games.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The end.


Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 5)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, parenting angst

A/N: I think the panicked expressions on Eric’s face are incredibly accurate for this series lol also, if you want to be tagged in any dauntless updates, let me know! I don’t always post consecutively, sometimes there might be a few weeks in between chapters, and I don’t want anyone to miss out! Don’t forget to check the masterlist for the rest of my Dauntless, and where all parts of this series are tagged.


I leaned over the crib, watching the infant sleeping in his blue blankets. Camille had him wrapped up like a burrito, still wearing his little blue hat, his face scrunched in his sleep. It was late, I’d just gotten in, but I’d wanted to check on him before I went to bed.

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This Is My Story

Written for @impalaimagining​ 300 followers song challenge.  My song is Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Word Count: 3233

Warnings: Death of a family member, drinking, fighting, cursing, Jensen being a drunken dick

A/N: This is a work of fiction. No disrespect to Jensen or his family.

Originally posted by supernaturalgifscollection

Hello. My name is Jensen Ackles and I am an alcoholic. I am what some people might call a celebrity. I co-star in the television show Supernatural with Jared Padalecki. I think I am just an ordinary guy, a goof, that got lucky and loves what he does. I have a fierce love for my family and that is what drives me to do better each and every day.

My wife is the beautiful and talented Y/N Y/L/N. But don’t be fooled, folks. She is so much more than a pretty face with a talent. She is inspiration and beauty, she is smart, like scary smart. She is a believer in the human soul and her faith in me is astounding. I am incredibly lucky that she allows me to be a part of her life.

This is my story.

My story started when I first met Y/N on the set on Supernatural eight years ago. I knew we were bringing in a few new actors with this angel arc that the show was taking and we needed some regular guests to fill those spots. What I didn’t expect was to fall head over heels in love with this woman, who really is an angel.

Then about six months ago, the unthinkable happened.  I was in Vancouver shooting and I received a call from the Texas State Patrol. My parents and my younger sister had been killed when a drunk driver hit them head on. They were on their way to the airport to catch a flight to see me.

I thought a lot of things. This was my fault. If only I had not asked them to come this weekend. Why couldn’t it have been a different weekend? It doesn’t matter what the questions were, there was only one answer. It was my fault. My wife, Y/N, supported my throughout it all. She was by my side every step of the way, from calling my brother, to booking our flights home, contacting our lawyer to deal with my parents affairs. There was nothing she didn’t do for me. I needed her more than I needed air during that time.

I can clearly remember sitting in the my father’s office after the service. A glass of his favorite Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniels, in my hand. The bottle now half empty as I sat at his desk, drinking, trying to think of what I was going to do now.  Three members of my family gone, leaving a huge hole in my heart and soul. My mother was my biggest fan. My loudest cheerleader. My fiercest supporter. With her and Y/N by my side, I knew I could do anything, conquer the world, if I so desired.  That is how strong they made me feel. Even with my wife still here, waiting for me  upstairs in my childhood room, I felt weak and vulnerable without my mother there to guide me through this excruciating time. Mom had always known what to say to get you through anything. Now she was gone. I finished another glass and then another. That is where Y/N found me, passed out in my father’s office at 3 in the morning. And that is where I woke at 6 covered with a blanket, still in my father’s chair. The bottle now empty.

We headed back to Vancouver to finish filming the last few episodes of the season. Even though Y/N was not in these episodes, she always stayed in Vancouver with me when she wasn’t working any other shows at the time and right now, Supernatural was her only recurring role. I was grateful to have her by my side. Remember how I said earlier how important family was to me. Well, it seems over the course of the next few weeks, I slowly forgot that. If there is one thing that this show has taught me, is that family don’t end in blood, and it doesn’t start there either.

And this is where my story continues.

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Ben and Mal

  • Drinks all of the coffee:

Both are heavy coffee drinkers. Mal’s addiction started long ago, she turned Ben on to pot–the coffee pot that is–when she noticed how tired he was having to rise early for his kingly duties. Mal limits him to one cup a day at most, he gets too hyper otherwise.

  • Brings up adopting a pet:

Ben. Ben is a total animal person and pleads with Mal to let them get a dog. Dude, the school dog, had been adopted by Carlos, and Ben wanted one of his own. Finally Mal breaks down and gets him one, a rambunctious black lab who always keeps the two on their toes. When he was a puppy and teething, he’d chew on everything–from Ben’s slippers to Mal’s leather jacket–so the couple had to constantly keep an eye on him. Ben, being busy with ruling the kingdom, had to leave Mal alone a lot, which is a huge variable in his want for a dog. The dog is totally a momma’s boy, and is very protective of Mal, much to Ben’s satisfaction. He feels alright leaving Mal home while he goes to meetings knowing there’s a good guard dog watching over her. When Mal sits in on important meetings she’s forced to go to as Queen of Auradon, she brings the dog along. He sits at their feet as the two rulers go about running the kingdom.

  • Kills the bugs:

Mal would, but Ben’s a cinnamon roll, and doesn’t believe any bug should be killed. Mal thinks he’s just cute dork with a hero complex and complies with his wishes, letting Ben pick up the small creatures and place them back into nature.

  • Cooks the meals:

Mal, but she’s more of a baker. Ben likes to help, but he burns toast, so Mal only gives him simple tasks like fetching the ingredients or stirring. She doesn’t trust him with a knife.

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should:

Ben, his eyes light up like a child around the holidays. It gets Mal into the spirit.

  • Initiates the couple selfies:

Ben does, but he doesn’t overdo it. A few here or there, but nothing too much. Mal hates the camera, but always instantly gives in when Ben says, “I just want the world to see my beautiful queen.”

  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries:

Ben, he’s always really busy with Auradon, Mal makes sure to keep him up to date as much as possible.

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping:

Mal’s got a wicked sweet tooth and so does Ben, they share the blame for this one.

  • Nicknames the other:

Mal had started calling Ben “Benny-bear” sarcastically because he’s “like a big teddy bear”. It kind of stuck. Ben calls Mal “m’lady” and “my queen” and “babe” and when he’s mad he calls her “dearest”.

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I will fight Hunny's manager with my bare hands. But I'm glad you, him, and dearest are doing alright. I realized I missed Bumlets, but I guess I'll see him around campus. - Jay

race: please don’t i don’t him to get fired

Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 9)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, Violence, Angst, Smut

“There we go,” I grunted, setting Kai’s carrier on top of the counter as I entered the daycare. “He’s all yours for the day.”

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My favorite albums/ALBUMS THAT CHANGED THE COURSE OF MY LIFE, tagged by missjaneherself

this is long as fuck but bear with me…in no order of importance:

Section.80- Kendrick Lamar (2011)

The Fame Monster-Lady Gaga (2009)

1999-Joey Bada$$ (2012)

Live.Love.A$ap-A$ap Rocky (2011)

Confessions Of A Dancefloor-Madonna (2005)

1991-Azealia Banks (2012)

Beam Me Up Scotty-Nicki Minaj (2009)

Pure Heroine- Lorde (2013)

Laws Of Illusion-Sarah McLachlan (2010)

B'Day-Beyoncé (2006)

Jagged Little Pill Acoustic-Alanis Morissette (2005)

Days Are Gone- Haim (2014)

Heavier Things- John Mayer (2003)

Body Talk- Robyn (2010)

Mommie Dearest-Big Momma (2013)

The Blueprint- Jay-Z (2001)

VII- Teyana Taylor (2014)

Hard Candy- Madonna (2008)

RockaByeBaby-Cassie (2013)

Ray Of Light-Madonna (1998)

In The Sky With Diamonds- Lucille Ghatti (2012?)

Diva-Annie Lennox (1992)

High Grade-Lucille Ghatti (2012)

Culdesac- Childish Gambino (2010)

The Naked Truth- Lil Kim (2005)

Playtime Is Over- Nicki Minaj (2007)

Wreck Of The Day-Anna Nalick (2004)


Music- Madonna (2000)

Bedtime Stories- Madonna (1994)

Kaleidoscope- Kelis (1999)

Take Care- Drake (2011)

2014 Forest Hills Drive- J. Cole (2014)

Dreams Are Worth More Than

Money-Meek Mill (2015)

Fantasea- Azealia Banks (2012)

Sucka Free- Nicki Minaj (2008)

Honorable Mentions: 

Macadelic- Mac Miller (2012)

Taylor Allerdice- Wiz Khalifa (2012)

Shake Ya Body (single)- Tyra Banks (2004)

I tag labrujamorganfemmewitch chrysalisamidstminiaturemistakes nagual-de-la-garra twinkwitch69 proteinpills cleophatracominatya varsityqueerleadercaptain

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Thanks for the advice, Jack Love! You and sweetheart have fun on the blog, I have to go mentally prepare myself for my date tomorrow! Tell Dearest and Sweetie I say hello. - Jay

jack: i will. go have fun

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I'm going to force my kids to call me daddy dearest and nothing else. If they slip up even once, I'm gonna send them into the basement where I have Suicide Squad playing nonstop, only, every time a top 40s song starts playing, the movie gets 20% louder and the neon glow of the film is increased by 40%. They start playing the last track of the film and it's deafening and it's just a blob of pink and green. And they'll try and call me daddy dearest again, but no. Jai is their daddy dearest now.

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Well, Dearest, I love and hate her. I hate her because I asked her to not mention my crush EVER, but love her because now I have a date tomorrow. - Jay


always he holds himself tense, a tight coil ready to spring at need- or command- except that of course there’s none among the oresoren who would command him. nor is there anyone to fear. still, his hands clench and unclench in unconscious rhythm, closing in long formed habit and opening again after finding no well worn hilt under his fingers.

A MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT BABY JAY THE UNSEEN FOR MY DEAREST DARLING WIFE EFFIECAKES because for some reason we still have feelings about this ridiculous game and its ridiculous characters