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For your first sentence meme - Shmi didn't need to use the Force to know her troops were up to something, they were acting just like Ani when he tried to hide sweets.

Shmi didn’t need to use the Force to know her troops were up to something, they were acting just like Ani when he tried to hide sweets. Too quiet, unusually bouncy, and inexplicably sticky.

… She really sort of wished she were joking about that last one, but no, somebody’s glove had gotten glued to the ceiling and there were two troopers trying to pull a third off the wall.

“Do I want to know what’s going on here?” she asked one of the troopers, looking at the general chaos filling the room.

“I’m quite sure we have no clue what you’re talking about, sir,” one of the troopers said cheerfully.

She looked around again, taking in the room - the blue liquid spilled all over the floor, the fire in the corner that one trooper was frantically trying to extinguish, and of course the overall stickiness.

“No clue,” she said. “Of course. There’s nothing going on here at all. My apologies, trooper. Please try not to break anything too vital.”

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with all this talk about mira, a smol question: she said she didn't "get" airport looks or nepotism but aren't shahid's parents actors...?

LOL yeah, that part made me laugh, especially since Shahid’s brother is about to debut as well (although I know he auditioned and he isn’t debuting with an Indian director). 

We’ll see how Mira feels about nepotism when Misha wants to debut as an actress lol there are differing degrees of nepotism, but Shahid certainly benefitted from having parents in the industry, and even worked in his father’s directorial debut. And I’m sure people in her family have gotten jobs from relatives too. I mean, she should understand the value of connections, it’s what got her married to a movie star in the first place…


Mira’s Mom & Dad

Estella Batsheba Orpington (née Vauxhall) is Charlize Theron
Neal Annaelise Orpington is Richard Armitage

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighbourhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered as the rightful property of someone or other of their daughters.” (Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice)


4R’s: Encantadia Season 2 (March 27, 2017 episode review)

Episode 181

(Iris-message: Listening to a shit ton of upbeat songs to lessen the heavy feeling while writing this whole review, last night’s ep was sick af)


E correi diu, Avisala meiste: Wahid and Lira

Lira mourned for the death of Mira.

Lira however didn’t even had the chance to give Mira a decent funeral, she had to getaway from the hands of Asval and Andora. She went ivictus with Mira’s corpse, Lira was remorseful and repeatedly asked for apology to Mira for failing to save her. Asval and Andora found her, fortunately before the two even lay a finger on Lira, Wahid came to the rescue, Lira was able to escape, Andora followed her, Asval fought Wahid. Though Wahid is a really skilled warrior despite being cowardly, Asval was much stronger and was able to inflict a fatal wound on Wahid, the barbaro fell, torned between life and death, but the excruciating pain did not hinder him from stopping Asval. The latter though gave him one last chance to live—that is if Wahid choose to surrender and become one of them, and as for love, he’ll find it in another woman. Wahid recalled all of times he spent with Lira and came to a realization how much he loves her, in the end, Wahid still chose to protect Lira. “Hanggang wakas!” those were his last words before Asval gave the final blow and finally taking Wahid’s life.

Andora caught Lira once again, and though the former was fully aware that she cannot kill Lira that easily, Andora was still free to hold her as captive and torture her as she pleases until she discovers a way to finally kill her. Amarro and Lila Sari appeared, Andora ordered the two other Mashnas to take her away, Lira begged Lila Sari and Amarro to let her go, but the two cannot be persuaded, there were hints of concern in Lila Sari and Amarro’s voices as they tell Lira to just surrender and go with them, but being stubborn is typical for any sang’gre, Lira was left with no choice but to fight for her freedom.

Ariana and Muyak took a different direction just like Pao Pao and Luna. Ariana remembered Lira and became worried about her, something told her she had to go back, despite of Muyak’s disagreement, Ariana went on her way. She found Lira, single-handedly fighting the vidaljes, Ariana quickly hid herself behind a huge rock and witnessed everything. Lira would have taken down the two Mashnas, but a shocking turn of event led her to an inevitable fate. Lira was shot by a foreign weapon, a weapon that the goddess Ether ordered to get from the mortal world, a weapon that is beyond what Lira’s blessing can shield—a gun. Lira held on to dear life as she tried to escape from her perpetrators, Asval shot her, again, and again, and again, Lira’s life was slowly ebbing away as her body received more bullets, Lira saw a vision of her mother…in Devas. Lira smiled as Asval shot her for the last time, she accepted her death to finally be reunited with the mother she always longed for. Ariana saw everything and was pained at the sight of Lira’s dead body, when the four Mashnas left, Ariana cradled Lira’s body, and mourned for her death.

Imaw and Wantuk were thankfully alive, terror struck the two as they saw Gilas’ corpse, they had to seek help to save the remaining guardians, using his balinatataw, he sent a message to Hara-Durye Cassiopeia to let her know what is happening.

The monster from Etheria

The humongous monster is called Kubur, a beast created from the air, spirit and earth gems. It was as tall as Lireo’s towers, and a very dangerous animal, it’s strength can break anything even the barriers of Lireo. Pirena tried to defend the palace by using her fire gem and blasted infernal flame to it’s body, but the monster seemed unaffected. Alena used her water gem to create a tidal wave, it shook the Kubur, but it wasn’t enough to drown it to death. Alena and Pirena tried combining their gems’ powers but it did not even affect the beast. The diwatas sensed that Avria must have created the monster from the three gems in her possession which is why it cannot be killed using the fire and water gems. Pirena proposed to fight the monster using sheer force and weapons, Ybrahim and Cassiopeia agreed. Aquil and Hitano were tasked to facilitate an escape route for the other encantados, while Ybrahim ordered Mayca to get an airship and prepared to attack from above. All of a sudden, Pirena felt something strange—her daughter’s presence. Pirena was relieved that she wasn’t there and hoped that Mira and the rest are safe.

Pirena, Cassiopeia and Ybrahim simultaneously attacked the Kubur. Ybrahim accidentally got swatted by the monster but was saved by Alena’s water gem, they noticed that they seemed to only inflict light scratches to the animal. Alena noticed that the monster seemed to have no power or skill on it’s own, it only mimicks their actions and counterattacks by returning to it’s enemies whatever is inflicted on it, the diwatas thought of using their powers once again, if they shoot tremendous amount of energy towards the monster, like continuously filling a glass with water, it will overflow thus it will be too much for the Kubur and will eventually die. But two gems weren’t enough, Alena quickly retrieved Adhara and Mine-a’s staffs from the armory and used it along with the gems, with the scepters and the brilyantes’ powers combined, the monster was taken down thanks to Alena’s quick thinking. It was a success for the diwatas, but then Cassiopeia saw a floating energy ball, she knew it was from Imaw and felt something was not right, Hara-Durye immediately left Lireo leaving the sang’gres puzzled and having a very bad feeling about it.


💎 So many character deaths tonight, but for their final performance, Andre, Mikee, Jake and Kate deserve a huge shout out for portraying their characters so well. It was very touching how Wahid’s love for Lira turned him into a brave man, ready to defend his beloved until the end, I would love to see the more badass side of Wahid, and development with his relationship with Lira, but sad to say I will no longer see that. I’m gonna miss his comical and idiotic stints, thank you Andre for being one of the show’s happy pills. Lira, Encantadia’s ray of sunshine, I’m going to miss your contagious smile, your stubbornness, your havey punchlines, kudos to Mikee for making me love Lira more than ever. I rooted for Mikee since her first appearance and although there were some days where she disappointed me the most, Mikee proved that even a newbie like her can be a stand-out performer. Mira, I haven’t gotten over your death, I haven’t gotten over all of your deaths, but I’m gonna miss you big time, at least you’re still with your bessy right? Keep on slaying Kate! And Jake, your stay might be too short, but it was sweet, you showed Gilas’ bravery and determination and it’s very inspiring especially to the young viewers. I have no idea what’s gonna happen next, Lira and Mira really died in the original series, but Lira returned from Devas in the final saga so I’m kinda hoping it will be the same for Lira ’16. Maybe, just maybe Lira, Mira and Gilas will permitted to return to Encantadia even just to fulfill their roles as saviors of Encantadia.

💚 On a lighter note, I am very surprised at how Alena is becoming so witty and snappy when it comes to battle strategies, yay Leny! So happy that she’s finally owning it. That aside I am having this feeling of where this whole Lira death arc is going—Ariana will become guilty for not being able to help Lira thus she will carry this burden and do everything to make it up to Ybrahim, I don’t know in what way is she going to do that, but it will pave way for them to become closer, sharing the same pain of losing their daughter for the second time, although Ariana is still unaware that she is Amihan version 2 OR Alena will sympathize with Ybrahim and will become his friend and some sort of spark will rekindle thus making way for a possible AleBarro reunion which I’m praying to the gods not to happen, I would rather see them maintain a friendly relationship with each other, and Alena seemed to not care anymore and Ybrahim is still thankfully uninterested af, but yeah, “love” will take advantage of Ybrahim’s fragile state big time, and with Manik as the asa boy in this whole love square thing, this will surely drive everyone nuts.

💜 I’m comforting myself with the idea of Lira returning to Encantadia, in book three she broke Emre’s rules and escaped Devas thus making a huge comeback in Enca. Maybe Lira will do the same especially when she finds out that Ariana is Amihan’s sarkosi and Encantadia is once again in great danger, knowing Lira, I have high hopes for her comeback, preferably with Mira and Gilas…and Wahid.


😢 I am really, really disappointed at Ariana! How can she just watch Lira die in the hands of Asval? I’m so sorry but I am beyond disappointed and angry. It was implied in the earlier episodes that she felt some sort of connection between her and Lira yet it didn’t surface in this episode, it was the perfect time for her to feel that urge to protect Lira at all cost yet she did NOTHING, absolutely nothing. At this point, I have lost all hope, and all the enthusiasm with the story. The cast was splendid, but like I said in my previous post I don’t like how the story is “progressing,” nakakawala ng gana, why choose Lira and Mira as gem keepers if they’re just going to die anyway? Why did Cassiopeia hailed Lira as the savior of Encantadia if she hasn’t really proved it yet? She reunited the four sang’gres, but it was Amihan who saved Encantadia. I was kinda hoping during the first week of season two that Lira will become a sang’gre that is of the same level as her Ashtis, but seeing her being mercilessly killed, without being able to properly defend herself is NOT something heroic. She’s a heroine, born from a clan of the most powerful diwatas and Sapirians who are masters in combat. Her death was pathetic, and nothing is more painful than seeing her in that state. I am angry, so angry. I feel bad for both Pirena and Ybrahim for losing their most treasured daughters because of Cassiopeia’s stupidity. How can she not remember that big mistake? How can fate be so cruel to Ybrahim? He lost his father, his beloved Amihan, and although she returned she had no idea who she was and worse is that she is betrothed to someone else, and now his only reason to live is gone. How can destiny be so evil to Pirena? All she ever wanted was to be with her daughter and guide her all the way, and maybe watch her with pride as she ascends the throne of Hathoria or even Lireo if Lira becomes queen of Sapiro. I don’t like this twist, I am shook in the worst way possible.

Best performer/s for this episode:
Everyone 💎

Rating: 10 out of 10💎s (that’s for the cast!)

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Me gustas, me gusta tu cabello, tus ojos y tu sonrisa, me gusta tu mirada, tu risa discreta y esa manera en la que siempre eres amable con todo el mundo. Me gustas, me atraes, pero aún no te amo porque no te conozco lo suficiente, pero me atrae tu manera de ver la vida. Me encanta que me mires, me encanta que crucemos miradas y me encanta que te ruborices cuando te hablan de mí. Me gustas, me encantas, pero detesto que ninguno tenga el valor para dar el primer paso…

La sinfonía del alma.