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Bonding Over Injuries

First, just letting you know that this is my longest fanfic to the time and it has been a wild ride. At one point I was just thinking about giving up but well, I decided to continue and this is the result. Hope you enjoy it and every type of feedback is accepted! Thank you in advanced!

summary: Evan Lester and Millie Howell have hated each other for who knows how long and so do their dads; until Millie gets injured. How will the two adults adapt to their kids’ new friendship after being enemies for so long?

words: 13.6k

trigger warnings: hospitals, broken bones, descriptive nightmares, mentions of blood

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author’s note: i don’t really know anything about medical things and I have never experienced a broken bone either so probably this is inaccurate and i’m sorry

“Dad, c'mon, I want to go on the swings and if we don’t go fast the big kids are going to take them…” a 7 year old Evan Lester said as he dragged his father faster to the park.

“Evan, we aren’t in a hurry, see? We are already here. Now go, have fun!” Phil said walking towards one of the few empty benches that weren’t occupied by parents, relatives or nannies after seeing his son run rapidly to the only free swing that was left. 

He watched him swing carefree and happy for a while and reassuring himself that Evan was fine he took out the book he had brought to read. It was going to be a relaxing day.

He was engrossed on his book when he spotted a shadow next to him, knowing it was Evan. “You tired?” he chuckled, knowing his son was such an energetic child he never got tired.

“Dad, you know I never get tired!” Evan huffed, “just coming here to tell you that I will be playing cops and robbers with other kids and… Millie.” he pulled a disgusted face when he said her name.

Millie Howell was Evan’s classmate. They both had been in the same class since they were babies and never got along well. Phil and Millie’s father, Dan, had often ended up at the principal’s office after his son and Millie had pranked each other in some way or another, getting on a fight that ended up with both of them being scolded by their fathers.

As stubborn fathers they both were, they always thought the fault it was the other’s child, so they often ended up also arguing and never tried to get along either. They were often worse than their children to be honest.

“Oh Millie,” Phil rapidly scanned the park around to spot her father, not really wanting to see the other parent, but relaxed when he didn’t see Dan. He guessed Millie was here with a nanny so he didn’t mind it much. “well, don’t worry about her, okay? now go, be the best cop you can and catch all those robbers!”

And with that Evan ran toward his team, who were probably conspiring on what to do to catch the other kids. Phil put his book aside and decided to follow the game, it was entertaining to see his ginger munchkin run around to catch the other kids. That when he heard a loud sharp cry.

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Time for a story - Meaningful names

A thrill of anticipation took hold of her when Felicity unlocked the front door and stepped into her house. With bated breath, she waited for the sounds of pattering children’s feet and squeals of happiness to welcome her home after her first day at home. She responded to the nonappearance of the desired reaction with a slightly disappointed sigh. After months of being with the kids almost every hour of every day, she had hoped they had missed her a little more, at least enough to properly welcome her at the door now that she was home again.

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Different anon but- Force sensitive Millie promising to take care of Omega Hux when Kylo is away on a mission and then waking Hux up a few weeks later mewing frantically and pawing at his lap. He can't understand her and tries everything to get her to calm down but its a whole week of this drama until Kylo finally comes home. Kylo turns white as soon as he steps in the door- Millie goes crazy at him too but he can understand "Hux she thinks you swallowed 3 tiny humans" who needs pregnancy tests?

Awwwww! How frustrating for Hux though that he can’t understand her and can’t comfort her regardless of how much he pets her and strokes her, and she darts over to Kylo once he returns and tries to climb on him, telling him that she’s really worried about Hux!

Millicent, the living pregnancy test.

Time for a story - Worlds colliding

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“I still don’t think taking the kids with us was a good idea.” Oliver shot a short look into the rearview mirror, probably to check on the sleeping kids instead of the traffic behind them. “We don’t know what to expect here. I mean apart from S.T.A.R. Labs not exactly being adjusted for kids-“

“-which our lair wasn’t either when we brought the kids there the first time-“

“-I just don’t think letting an alien anywhere near them is a good idea,” Oliver continued without replying to her objection. His hands tightened around the steering wheel of the SUV they had rented for as long as they were in Central City. “What if she hurts them?”

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Time for a story - Proposal No. 2

With a deep sigh Felicity turned from her side onto her back. She stared at the ceiling for only a couple of seconds, cursing whatever higher power stopped her from sleeping, before she turned her head to look at Oliver. He was lying on his stomach, his arms hugging the pillow that his face was buried in for the most part. He was snoring softly, telling her that he was very much sleeping deeply.

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Time for a story - A second of forgetting

Trigger warning for depression and child absuse(?). It’s not really child abuse, but I don’t know how else to describe it.

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How could she have hoped that the depression was ceasing already? She had felt a little bit better, a little less burdened and she had just thought that this had to mean that she was getting better and the depression was fading already. She had been so stupid about it! Really, really stupid!

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